One Hell Of A Summer


                                     by Candy

Part 9 of my life in So. California

© 2008


I’d finished my middle school life and now I was off to Redondo Union in September.  In the meantime, as promised, my mom set me up with some babysitting jobs so I could “save money for school” and “learn responsibility.”  What I made babysitting was a pittance compared to what was in my special bank account but I could never let my mother and father know that.  In late June and past the 4th holiday I spent a lot of time at the beach hanging out with friends. 


Jimmy and I were still cool, but nothing like before.  No sex, in fact I hadn’t been with anyone in a while.  Some of my Internet ‘friends’ were still working at hooking up but so far none had fulfilled my ‘rules’ for meeting.  Gerry and I were still planning on hooking up and going to Huntington Beach later in the summer.  He backed away from his late June ‘date’ and I think he’s still nervous about being with me, probably worrying about traps even after doing it with me and having probably the best day of his adult life (the girl humbly declared, hee-hee).


Cassie had called Mr. Ibanez and sent him some pictures, and he agreed to have her act in his video.  She was thrilled.  I mean the girl was a time bomb of horny hormones.  I pictured her cumming as soon as one of the porn actors just touched her.  I hadn’t hung with her the past few weeks but I figured she was fucking any guy that looked at her.  Brian’s cock was probably sore by now (and maybe Jimmy’s too, though I didn’t want to think about that).  My pussy was itching too, but for now was well rested.


I called Mr. Ibanez and we planned all my stories to get away for a week to make videos.  I’d never been to summer camp or anything like that so I was both nervous and gripped with anticipation about being away from home for a whole week.  Memories of Alan and the other guys added to my anticipation.  I called Cassie and we put our story together.  I won’t go into details, but when Cassie visited my house and explained our “camping trip” my mom and dad bought it all.  Ed Ibanez had set up a cell phone number that we would give my parents and Cassie’s mom for a contact, that way if they called someone at the ranch (that’s what Ed called it when we first spoke) would answer discreetly and not give anything away.


My mom recited her “be careful” speech, you know, the one about not being lured into drugs and sex and being good, etc.  I assured her I wouldn’t touch drugs ever.  I never explicitly said anything about sex.


On the day we were to leave, Cassie pulled up in her old Corolla and we loaded my stuff.  I waved to my mom as we drove away.  We went to Cassie’s apartment where we parked behind her building and transferred our things to Jake’s big SUV.  I introduced Cassie to Jake and explained who he was.


“He’s the real boss, don’t let anyone else kid you,” I said.  “The director tells you to spread wider or suck deeper and you better do it.”  Jake and I laughed.  It took a few seconds for Cassie to get it and laugh with us.


Jake kissed me on the cheek, and said, “A good one!  I’ll have to remember that,” and then in a fake voice, shouted, “Suck deeper, NOW!”  He and I laughed again, Cassie staring at us like we were nuts.  “My, oh my, Candy. You sure you’re not a 25-year-old hiding in a 14-year-old body?”


“Just your basic teenager.”


“Nothing basic about you, Candy girl.  Nothing basic at all.”


We settled in for the ride, me in the front passenger seat and Cassie in back, as Jake drove and answered our questions (mostly Cassie’s) about how the video shoot would go.  He told us that actually there would be two videos made during the week, one “legitimate” as he called it, and one black market.  Of course I knew which one I’d be in.  Cassie had been instructed to bring along her birth certificate as proof of age now that she was eighteen.  She was as excited as she always was when sex was the subject.  She quizzed Jake on how many scenes she would be in and how many guys she would fuck with. 


Jake laughed and warned her not to get too giddy about the sex.  “Just ask Miss Cleopatra here,” he said, pointing to me. “It’s not all fun and games, screwing on demand in front of a gang of people and the cameras.”


Cassie scoffed at his comment.  “I’ll be fine.  I’m sure I’ll love it…all those hunks with great cocks.”


Jake glanced quickly from the road ahead to look at me.  “What do you think, Lin?  I bet she’ll freeze up and we’ll have to pry the first guy’s dick out of her.”


We both laughed again at Cassie’s expense.  She sort of pouted a little and said that she’d show us.  We rode a while in silence and I thought about Jake calling me by my name and not my nickname.  It made me feel like I really was part of a whole new family.  I couldn’t wait to see Alan and Ed.  I also thought about Glory but doubted she’d be there.


After the street we were on became the 91, I didn’t really pay attention to the roads we took.  As we left the cities behind and switched to I-15, I saw signs for Las Vegas and Barstow.  Jake told us the house was close to Barstow.  I’d never been out this way except for when my parents and I took the vacation trip earlier this year to Utah’s national parks.  As we got closer to Barstow, Jake got off the interstate and we drove down a series of rural roads until we were driving on rutted dirt.  I grew a little worried, thinking that nothing nice could be out here in the middle of nowhere.  I was wrong.


We came upon a big, ranch-style house, shaped like a big L.  When we pulled into the circular gravel driveway, there were already several big SUVs and a couple of expensive looking sports cars in the yard ahead of us.  While we climbed from Jake’s SUV, Alan and another guy came out to greet us.


Alan said hi to Jake and then walked up to me and picked me up into his arms.  “I wondered if I’d ever see you again, my Candy girl.”  He gave me a loud kiss.  I can’t explain how his greeting made me feel, but it sure was special.  He lowered me to my feet and I introduced him to Cassie, who was standing there gawking at the hunky porn actor.  “So, this is your friend who wants to be in the movies,” he said.  “Well, you’ve come to right place to learn.  Nice to meet you Cassie.”  They shook hands.  I thought Cassie was disappointed she didn’t get a kiss like the one I got, hee-hee.


The other guy was a muscled Hispanic named Santiago who was also one of the actors.  The two men helped us drag our stuff into the house.  Jake sheepishly told Cassie and I that we really didn’t have our own bedroom, though our things would go into one room, we could sleep anywhere we wanted.  I wasn’t sure if I liked that idea but imagining sleeping with Alan smoothed over any misgivings I might have had.


Cassie whispered to me, “You think I’ll get to pick who I sleep with?”


I whispered back, “Don’t worry about that now, it’s more important to think about who you’ll be with on camera.”


Jake, Alan and Santiago walked us out back where there was a big pool, with a whole bunch of people lounging around.  Some of the men were nude, while most of the women were at least topless.  They introduced us.  The group of cast and crew (it was easy to differentiate between the two, hee-hee) gathered around us in greeting, some shaking hands, some hugging and kissing us on the cheek.  I knew a few of them but many were strangers.  I could tell Cassie was warmed up already as she inspected the dangling salamis on display around us.


Jake said to us, “Why don’t you two get comfortable?  Ed will be here shortly and we’ll have a planning meeting to talk about the scripts and schedule.


“Meeting?” Cassie said.  “Don’t you already have a script or something that tells us what were doing?”


“Yeah, we have outlines, but Ed wants everyone to know who’s doing a scene with whom so they can kinda get to know each other…ahem…before we video them.”


I said to Cassie, “If you have a scene with Santiago for example, you can maybe fuck him first to see how it is, right Jake?”


He laughed.  “That’s not exactly what I meant, but I think that would work.”  He laughed again, shaking his head, “You amaze me, Candy, you really do.”


The fact he didn’t use my real name like before told me that we were back to business.  Cassie and I changed into our bikini bottoms and went to join the rest at the pool.  I thought it would have been hotter out there, but maybe because it was late in the day or something it wasn’t that bad.


I sat next to Alan at the pool’s edge, our feet in the water.  I told him about my school year and how things were going in general.  I talked about Cassie and how I knew her; Alan not looking surprised at all when I told him we’d had sex.  He talked about two movies he’d made over the winter and how they had just come out in DVD and were selling well.  He told me about hearing from Glory, and that she was out of the business and living somewhere around Albuquerque.  I didn’t say anything to him about how much I missed her.


Alan ran his fingers through my hair. “You haven’t cut it since last year; I love it long like this.  I have to tell you, Candy,” he said, his head down, not looking at me, “I’ve been thinking about you a lot since we made the video last summer.  I’ve even questioned whether I’m a pedophile for wanting to be with you again.  I’m so glad you’re here.”


God, he was so sweet!  I leaned against him and said, “I’ve been thinking a lot about you, too.  You made me feel so good, so welcome last summer; I loved it so much.  And never mind the pedo crap.  I may be fourteen but I don’t feel like a kid.”  I leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.  “So, that means I can sleep with you tonight?”


He blushed!  When he finally looked at me he said, “If you want to.”


“Yes I want to, silly.”


He pushed me into the pool and followed me in.  He swam to me, and before I could scold him he kissed me.  God, I couldn’t wait to sleep with him!  I noticed a few of the people at poolside were gesturing and talking—about us I presumed.  Let them talk.  We climbed from the pool and Alan pointed out the pool shower at the corner of the patio.


“Since I went ahead and messed up that beautiful hair of yours why don’t I wash it for you?”


He casually slipped off his shorts, oblivious as a porn actor would be to onlookers, and scooted me to the shower.  Under the tepid water, he picked up a bottle of shampoo there and began to lather my hair.  His hands were gentle.  His cock was hard.  I was hot.  He came up with a bottle of conditioner and did that too, rinsed me while occasionally touching and caressing other parts of me.


“Let’s go join the others,” he said.  I see Raul’s here and ready to give his usual coach’s pep talk.”  Raul was one of Ed’s porn names.


We walked over and sat next to each other on a big towel spread out on the patio.  I heard bits and pieces of what others were still saying about Alan and me, mostly about me.  Cassie was in another world, surrounded by some of the guys who seemed to want to get a piece of the porn “virgin.”  She looked like she was enjoying all the attention, as I had last summer.  Ed Ibanez was dressed all in white, linen pants that looked like pajamas, topped by a silk shirt.  He asked for everyone’s attention.


“I thank you all for being here on time.  We’ve got a very busy schedule this week.  No time for screwing off, only for screwing.”  Everyone laughed at that.  “We’re gonna be doing several scenes outside in the desert, so pay particular attention to the makeup folks and what they tell you about sunscreen.  I want the movies to burn, not you all.”  More laughter.  “Remember, everyone, Jake’s the man.  He’s in charge and what he says, goes.”


Mr. Ibanez then surprised me by walking up behind me and asking me to stand.  Putting a hand on each shoulder, he said, “Not everyone has met Candy, though you all were briefed on her situation so you all know her age, and the risks that poses for all of us.  No one will bother us out here, but still, discretion is a must.”  He gave me a kiss on the cheek.  “This girl is very special to me, and I know how the people here who worked with her last summer think of her.  The movie we make this week will really be two movies, one with Candy and one without.  Your contracts all stipulate how that’ll work as far as differentiating between the two.  I expect each and every one of you to treat this girl with the utmost respect she deserves.  You’ll love her, just as I do.”  I got another kiss, and I was sure I was blushing a deep red, and my naked nipples tingling, stiff with gooseflesh.


Ed introduced a few other people, including Cassie, who were new to this crew.  Just then a big truck pulled in out front.  Ed joked about good timing, identifying the truck as belonging to a caterer who was going to set up a barbeque for us.  “Clothes, folks,” he announced, reminding us to get dressed before eating.  “We don’t want to give the folks in Barstow something to talk about, do we?”


The barbeque was a nice treat.  We all got sticky from eating the great ribs and stuff.  Cassie was so hyper about the whole thing.


“Wow, this is so fantastic,” she gushed to me.  “Did you see the dick on that Santiago guy, and all those muscles?  And I can see why you’re always talking about Alan, what a stud!”


I joked with her, “Alan’s mine…you can take anyone else you want.”  We laughed.  I reminded her that to these people it was a business, and she had to understand that when the cameras were turned on.  She said she understood.


After the food truck was gone.  Somebody yelled we should clean off all the barbeque sauce and grease by jumping into the pool.  Clothed or not, everyone did.  I’d stripped naked before jumping in.


Alan swam after me, saying, “Does that mean I’ll have to wash your hair all over again?”


“No, but I’m gonna make you brush it for hours tonight before bed.”


“That’s a deal, sweet Candy.”


Everyone was goofing around.  A couple of the men, one being Santiago, were swimming around Cassie teasing her.  I heard them saying they were going to be her first on-camera fucks.  Whether that was true or not, I could tell Cassie was getting completely horny from their banter.  Before I knew it, three guys had joined Alan around me and began teasing me too.  They got close as if they were all hugging me, each one touching a different place.  I was feeling almost as good as the day I played Cleopatra.


“You’re pretty hot for your age,” one said.


“I bet your pussy’s as tasty as your name,” said another.


“I’m gonna be one of your partners, and I can’t wait to try out that tight pussy of yours.  Maybe get some of that little ass too,” the third man said, “by the way, my name is Alex, and I hope you know we’re all kidding you…well, maybe partly kidding.”


All four guys laughed at my expense but they all welcomed me to the shoot, Alex saying, “You took that well.  I believe Raul was right when he said you were special.  Pretty, and grown up too.”


Alan jumped in, “yeah, I worked with this little girl last summer, and let me tell you she’s a pro all the way, great actress too I might add.”


Wow, I treaded water in the pool, loving all the praise and attention from these men.  Alex said I was pretty, and I was learning more about how Alan thought of me too.  I didn’t think of myself as pretty, and here I was, some beautiful women surrounding me with perfect boobs and asses and everything.  It was funny how comfortable I was being completely naked in front of all these people.  I felt so special, and so grown up.


As we all got out of the pool, I heard some snickers, and looked over to see Santiago doing Cassie at one corner of the pool.  Her head was back, her arms on the pools edge as he fucked her hard.  She was moaning loudly, pretty soon crying she was cumming.  Santiago hollering like he was Tarzan, probably because he was cumming too.  I became aware there was more light at that corner of the pool, and looked to see Jake and Reggie filming Cassie and Santiago going at it.  I figured Cassie had made her first sex scene and she hadn’t even known it, hee-hee.  When Reggie shut down his camera everyone cheered.  Cassie looked surprised (to go along with the post-coital glow) while Santiago took an exaggerated bow in the pool.


A lady called Vixen had walked up behind me, and said, “Your friend’s not a ‘virgin’ anymore. Ibanez likes to do that—get the new girl to fuck without knowing a cam’s rolling.  I’m sure he put Santiago up to it, though your friend looks like a hot little number…like you.”  She’d pressed her substantial boobs against me.  They were hard so I figured she had implants.  “Would you sleep with me tonight?”  I told her I’d already committed to Alan, to which she replied, “then how about tomorrow night?”


I told her, “We’ll see.”  No promises, thinking about Glory and how she had made love to me last summer.


Mr. Ibanez approached me and scooped me up into his arms before kissing one of my nipples.  It tickled!  He laughed, and said, “I had to do that, I just had to, my sweetheart.”  He put me down on my feet again and led me to a far corner of the patio.  “We’re going out in the desert early tomorrow to beat the heat.  We need to film a few non-sex scenes to set the plot for the drug dealer thing.”


He pulled some sheets of paper from the pocket of his board shorts, explaining that these were my act and lines.  For a man old enough to be my father, he was handsome with beautiful hazel eyes, along with thick curly dark hair on his chest as well as his head.   He was lean, with a flat stomach—and of course I knew what was IN those shorts—twelve inches of the biggest cock I could ever imagine. 


He explained I was going to be the daughter of a drug lord who was kidnapped by a rival gang.  The filming tomorrow would be a ‘drug deal’ gone wrong, with a bunch of fake guns and guys shooting each other.  My ‘kidnapping’ would also be filmed so I had to remember the few lines I would have.


“Am I gonna do it with my father?  Is that the plot?”  I asked.


“No darling.  See that man over there?”  He pointed out a pudgy, hairy guy with a very thick cock.  “That’s your ‘father’.  You want to do a sex scene with my poor man’s Ron Jeremy?”


I didn’t know who this Jeremy was, but I certainly wouldn’t want to do it with the guy if I didn’t have to.  I looked back at Mr. Ibanez, “If not with him, then who will I be with? Alan? Santiago? Alex?”


He smiled wickedly, “Yes, you’ll have scenes with Alan and Alex.  Santiago’s character belongs to the other gang so he won’t do you.  You’ll also have a scene with another man…” that uncharacteristic smile became a mischievous grin, “—me!”


Oh my God!  I was finally going to make it with him!  I remembered the time at his house when we almost did but were interrupted by his daughter Suzie.  “Really?” was all I could say.  My mind tried to wrap around that image, wondering if my little pussy could wrap around it with less difficulty.


“Really,” he answered.  “You sure you can do this?”


“Y…Y…Yes, I think so.”


He leaned down and kissed me, then said, “I know you can, Candy.  There’s no one like you.”


By bedtime, I was so frantically hot and horny, juices were trickling down my thigh when Alan kissed me in ‘his’ bedroom.  I’d told him I was now on the pill, and that made him happy.


Alan made love to me!  I knew he did it with some of the hottest women in the business so all he really had to do was fuck me to satisfy me.  Instead, he kissed me all over, taking time to run his tongue in unusual places like between my toes and behind my knees.  I begged him.  I grabbed for his splendid cock, but he smiled and forced me to lie on my stomach.  He massaged me all over, sensuously stroking my thighs and my ass cheeks the most, until I was whimpering like a baby.


“Please…please!  Oh Alan, please do it, now!”


“You sure you’re ready?” he said, but I knew he was kidding.  He straddled my ass; his cock tantalizingly nestled in my butt crack.  I tried to reach behind me to put him in, but he swatted my hand away.  He slid his cock-head down, down past my anus to my wet pussy lips.  When I felt it I strained to raise my ass to him, and begged him some more.  He teased his cock around my opening before slowly wiggling it into me.  He didn’t just thrust it in, instead making a circular motion with his hips so it went around and around as it went in deeper.  The men I’ve done it with, beginning with Jimmy, have all said that I’m a fast cummer, meaning I guess I don’t take as long as other girls to orgasm.  This time was no different—within seconds I popped, squealing so loud I knew the whole house would hear me.




Alan knew I liked the feel of hot cum on me so even while I was still crying from my everlasting orgasm, he pulled out, turned me over, and squirted all over me.  I could never help myself, like always I rubbed his hot semen all over my boobs and tummy.  It was so warm.  I loved that feeling.  He cuddled me in bed after I wiped up the cum.  We spooned, him behind me.  I imagined someday lying in this position with soft whispers of “I love you” in my ear.  Hell, I shouldn’t fantasize like that with Alan or anybody now.  I heard someone scream in another room close by.  I recognized Cassie’s voice, but then who else would be crying out in climax in this house full of porn professionals except for Cassie or me?


It was an amazing experience sleeping with a man.  I was thankful he didn’t snore, and wondered if I did.  I awoke sometime during the night with my hand on Alan’s cock and it was hard.  I woke him up and tried to have him fuck me again, but he begged off, saying he had to save himself for the day’s upcoming sex scenes.  Strangely I was jealous that it wouldn’t be with me.  Stop it, I thought to myself.  I was so horny, I begged him.  Instead he went down on my pussy, and wham!  I came so quickly and easily on his tongue.  The rest of my night was peaceful paradise lying next to the warm body of a man I was stupidly falling in love with.


After breakfast early in the morning I got into an SUV along with Mr. Ibanez, Jake and two other guys.  A caravan of jeeps and big SUVs drove down roads no more than ruts out into the desert.  Cassie was in a jeep with Santiago and two actresses.  It seemed funny to me calling it the desert, since in my mind a desert was either endless sand dunes or a bunch of cacti.  The place we went to was a whole bunch of nothing; some straggly bushes, sand and rocks.


Good idea Ed had about doing this early.  I figured it would be real hot out here very soon.  They set up and choreographed a big shootout after they acted out the supposed drug deal.  My role as the ‘daughter’ was to be in an SUV and watch the whole thing unfold, and be “horrified” (Jake’s word).  They had me in obscenely short cut-off jeans, and braless in a white t-shirt so thin it was like gauze.  I had a few lines in a scene with my ‘father’ that would end up before the shootout in the finished movie (Jake had told me that everything else they filmed after the shootout scene today would happen before it in the finished product).


They worked to cool off the long hood of one of the bigger SUVs.  They filmed two couples in a foursome on that vehicle.  Vixen was one of the women.  I got tingly, my nipples stiff, watching her solid tits jiggle as she was riding her partner in reverse cowgirl.  What would it be like to touch those, I wondered?  Would I sleep with her tonight?  Who would Alan sleep with?


Cassie and I walked out of microphone range and talked about everything so far.  She would have her turn next, she told me.  She was nervous but excitedly horny too.  She was so obvious, hee-hee.


“This is so cool!” she cooed.  “I can’t believe this whole set up.  These people are all so sexy, and Santiago!”  She didn’t finish, but I got the drift—she slept with Santiago last night.


When they were done videoing the foursome, Jake called for Cassie and another guy whose name I didn’t know.  Reggie walked around with a big camera that was over his shoulder, tied with a harness of sorts.  There was a big thing, like an outrigger on a canoe, attached to the camera.  Jake explained that it acted like a stabilizer to minimize wobbling when the cameraman moved.  I still thought it was neat how much I was learning. 


Cassie was playing the girlfriend of one of the ‘drug smugglers’ and had to pretend she was high as one of the other gang members fucked her.  After that scene in the movie, the ‘boyfriend’ would kill his rival for doing it with her.  Cassie was good, but she kept looking at the camera too much and Jake had to holler at her a few times.  She pouted, and that only made things worse with Jake.  Her scene took a long time to video, but in the end I think it’ll look sexy.


We were done out there, which was a good thing—it was getting too hot.  Back at the ranch, they filmed a few scenes out front where some of the drug gang members ogled me and touched me, until the actor playing my father shooed them away, telling them “If any of you touch my daughter I’ll kill you.”  So cool!


My work was done for the day, but other sex scenes were being filmed around the house and out by the pool and I hung out and watched.  I took my ‘outfit’ off (saving it for tomorrow’s shoot with Alex), and decided I liked walking around naked, catching all the actors looking at me.  The attention had my nipples stiff and achy all day.


Mr. Ibanez sat and watched one of the poolside scenes with me.  He’d surprised me a little earlier by diving into the pool naked, and now here he was sitting beside me with his fabulous cock enticingly draped over a thigh.


He said, “I know I’ve said this to you before, but you’re a natural actress, and I don’t mean in sex scenes.”


I know I blushed, my skin suddenly turning hot.  Looking down at his cock, I thought my skin isn’t the only thing hot.  I didn’t know what to say.


“Yeah,” he continued, “you should try out for the high school drama club or whatever they call it nowadays.  You’ll be the lead in all the plays in no time at all.”


I thought about writing all the time, but acting?  “Maybe I will.”   What a lame answer, but when THAT cock is so close to you it is hard to think straight.


He explained tomorrow’s schedule.  I was doing a ‘rape’ scene with Alex, then after that my ‘father’ would catch him and Alex would be ‘killed’ as an example to the rest of the gang.  As we watched two actresses doing a 69 scene across the patio, Ed asked me what I thought of the people I’d met.  I said that everyone was nice, but I missed Glory.


“I miss Melinda too.  She’s a special woman.  I heard she’s doing okay since she got out.”  We sat in silence for a while before he said, “I like your friend Cassie.  She’s a hot shit.”


“I think she’ll want to be a porn actress full time.  I mean, like she’s not gonna go to college or anything.”


“If that’s what she wants, I’ll make sure she meets all the right people.”  I flinched a little when he suddenly put his arm around my shoulder, saying, “You know, you’re the one I wish I could entice into the business when you’re old enough.  I’m serious when I say I’ve never met anyone like you.”  


He pulled me to him and I saw his cock twitch, immediately thinking of Suzie the day last summer I saw him fucking her.  It was amazing to me how the idea of making it with him both revolted and exhilarated me, and it had absolutely nothing to do with his size.  He asked me who I was sleeping with.  I told him about sleeping with Alan and how Vixen had asked about sleeping with her later that night.  He made an “Hmmm” sound but that was it for commentary.


I hung out with Cassie during and after dinner.  During that time I called home to assure my parents I was having fun and being good.  Cassie talked to them too, working her ‘magic’ as only she could.  After, Cassie admitted she was sore, but otherwise she seemed to like doing porn.  Several of the guys wanted us both to sleep with them, but we begged off.  I told Cassie about Vixen’s offer, and when I pointed out to her which woman she was, she perked up and said we should both sleep with her.  “A threesome with her would be cool, don’t you think?  Look at those tits!”  So that’s what we did—we slept with Vixen in one of the bedrooms that had a king bed.


Cassie and I spent a long time playing with those tits of hers.  We asked lots of questions about implants.  She immediately figured I was interested (since mine were small) but I told her I wasn’t, it was simply curiosity.  Cassie’s didn’t need them, but she was intrigued by the solidity, the firmness of Vixen’s.  All our questions didn’t get in the way of playing with them though, hee-hee.  Vixen was an incredible pussy licker; her tongue got Cassie off like a firecracker with a short fuse.  Vixen turned to me, and was ecstatic when my lightning quick orgasm squirted all over her tongue and chin.  I thought my patented squeal scared her for a second, getting Cassie to laugh.  “She’s always loud like that,” Cassie told her.


While we were eating Vixen’s shaved-smooth pussy, Cassie’s tongue and mine were so close to each other that before we knew it we were kissing each other.  Vixen sputtered, “Hey you two, that’s not fair, you’re supposed to be doing ME.”


Cassie and I were so connected, I guess, that we instinctively went from kissing to making love.  We were in a different world, and Vixen just let us go at it, resigning herself to be a spectator.  I don’t remember how many times Cassie had me screaming and cumming but I knew she came several times.  I also don’t remember falling asleep, until I awoke in the morning tangled up with Vixen and Cassie in the big bed.  My pussy was still soaked, as were the sheets.


I ate breakfast with Alan, wearing my ‘costume’ of the flimsy tee and the short-shorts.  The way he asked me about what I did the day before solidified the realization I had that he was falling in love with me.  He was acting like Jimmy did around me.  It wasn’t just sex or movies anymore.  I was as flabbergasted as I could be at how these grown men felt about me.  Maybe it was a ‘daughter’ thing—I didn’t know.  Alan, along with everybody else, moved off to do his or her thing. 


Alex and I didn’t have anything to do until it was our turn to do our scene, so we sat and watched some other scenes being filmed, including one with a lady named Missy, who I told Alex I thought was the most beautiful woman there.


“She is gorgeous, that’s for sure, but she knows it too and that makes it difficult to like her,” Alex said.  “Besides, she always goes crazy when they want her to do an anal scene.”


“I’ve never done anal,” I admitted to him.  “I bet it would hurt a lot. Why would a woman want that?”


He thought for a second, and said, “Girls have said it feels good…different somehow…but I suppose you have to be lubed up good, and you can’t be uptight.”


“Uptight,” I echoed.  “I’m not uptight, but I bet I’d be TIGHT back there.  No way I’d be able to take one of you guys.  I don’t even want to think about it.”


“Someday, Candy, someday,” he said, then laughed.  “Are you ready for today, and me?”


“Of course I am.”  I nestled against him, to let him know I trusted him.  “I know how to act…like it’s a rape…so if I seem to be hurt you know I’m only acting.  You don’t have to worry about me.”


“How old are you again?”  He laughed.  One of the crew walked by and called him Fabio and chuckled.  I didn’t get it.  Alex must look like somebody else since I knew that wasn’t his real name either.


We filmed our scene in the living room of the ranch house.  He ‘caught’ me alone and tried to get me to go on the sofa with him.  I told him no, warning him my ‘father’ would be home soon.  He grabbed me and ripped off my shirt before pulling off my shorts as I yelled for help.  That was one take.  As Reggie and crew rearranged cameras for the next part, I rubbed some lube into my pussy so when Alex ‘raped’ me it wouldn’t hurt.  One of the ladies in the crew was playing with Alex’s cock to keep him hard, though I believe he was hard enough already as he watched me lubing up.  When Jake said to go, Alex pushed me onto the sofa and put it in me and fucked me very hard.  I made all the requisite yells and screams, like “It hurts, stop it, oh it hurts.”  When I knew they were focusing on a close-up, I winked at Alex to let him know I was okay.  He winked back.  Next, Alex lifted me from the sofa and tossed me on my stomach, draped over the sofa’s arm.  He did me from behind, pounding violently into me.  I was feeling thankful for the lube, otherwise his manic thrusting would have hurt for real.


The scenes with Alex were surreal in a way.  It was one time where I indeed had to act, since I certainly wasn’t supposed to like it.  So when I came the first time I had to fake I wasn’t having an orgasm.  Almost made me laugh.  The second wave of my climax was even more difficult to suppress.  By the time he pulled out for the money shot all over my backside, I was really acting, trying like hell not to squeal my delight.


Jake was ecstatic about how it came out.  As the director, he would look over all the video later in preparation for editing, but we all knew that he knew we did great.  After I got cleaned off, I felt proud as many of the crew hugged me and applauded. 


Alex was happy too.  He took me aside and told me “Candy, you were fantastic!  I’m kinda new to this business but I’ve worked with some pros who couldn’t pull off what you just did.”  He then said softly, a little more than a whisper, “You came more than once, didn’t you?”  I nodded, and he whispered, “Sweet Jesus, you are some hot girl, I’ll tell you.”  He gave me a kiss while squeezing one of my breasts.  “Who knows, someday we might work together again.”


I wasn’t planning on it being a career, but it was a gratifying comment anyway.


It was time for them to film Alex being ‘caught’ and ‘killed’ by my ‘father’ so I stuck around to be in the scene for a minute (acting all painful and humiliated from being ‘raped’) before getting dressed and going to look for Cassie.  She was by the pool talking with a bunch of the actors.  When I walked over, I thought she looked a little jealous because most of them turned their attention to me.  I still can’t believe this shit—Cassie’s so pretty but they were interested in me.  Alan and Santiago were there.


Alan asked me “Why don’t you put on your bikini and join us for a swim.  After, we’re all going four-wheeling.  Exploring the desert a little around here—wanna come?”


I said I did and went to change.  After being naked around here for a couple of days it seemed funny to actually have my bikini on.  We swam for a while, as a couple of the guys propositioned Cassie and me to sleep with them.  We mulled the offers, making no commitment.  When Cassie and I were alone at one end of the pool, she gushed about seeing Ed Ibanez’s cock.


“You told me how huge he was, but like, I never really believed you.  I saw it!  The fucking guy’s cock IS a foot long!”  She grabbed both my arms, and said, “You’re gonna make it with him, dammit!  I can’t fuckin’ believe it.”


“Yeah, and I think he wants me to sleep with him tonight, sorta get used to him or something.”


“Christ, he’ll split you in half!  You sure…?”


“Don’t worry about me.  I mean, you never saw me in the “Cleopatra” movie.”


“I know, THREE men at once.  You’re fuckin’ amazing, you know that?”


“Cut it out, I’m no such thing.”


All the guys who swam around us, and began playing with us, ‘saved’ me from her persistence.  I was okay with their obvious teasing but Cassie was getting horny—to her the teasing was foreplay.  Santiago and a guy named Karl soon had Cassie’s bottoms off and took turns fucking her right there in the pool.  The rest of us were the cheering section.  Water splashed and Cassie keened.  I heard the telltale change in the volume of her wailing so I knew she was cumming.  Santiago had already cum and now Karl did too.  Another guy who I thought was crew got behind her and began fucking her too.  It didn’t matter to Cassie—she just kept cumming and cumming.  As other guys swam up to her I got a little fearful for her.  I knew it was difficult to stay lubricated underwater.  This was turning into a gangbang and I knew it must be like some sort of initiation for the ‘new girl’, but I also knew she’d pay for it later, both physically and psychologically.  I was thankful in a way it didn’t happen to me.


After a while the action slowed down and everyone got out of the pool.  Cassie was like in a trance and didn’t speak to me at all as she went into the house. 


Ed joined us out by the pool and walked right to me.  “Candy, darling, you going with us?”




“Didn’t Alan ask you about trucking out into the desert?”


“Oh yeah, I’ll go.”


“Great!  I may have Reggie bring a camera along, in case we find a good spot to do some shooting.  You up for a scene if we do, maybe with Alan?”


He didn’t have to wait for my answer to that question.  He knew how I felt about Alan.  A whole bunch of us piled into some jeeps and SUVs with big tires and headed out to explore the desert.  Cassie was not with us.  I was still a little worried about her.  We ended up stopping by some big rocks.  When I looked around I saw nothing but ugly brush and sand in every direction.  Some of the people decided to climb the rocks (no big deal to me—they weren’t that big). 


Mr. Ibanez put his arm around me and said, “You know, this looks like a great place to shoot my scene with you.  You feel okay about doing it out here?”


“Yeah, maybe it would be neat to do it outside.  You’re supposed to be the rival drug lord so maybe this would be even better for the movie than at the house.”


“Candy, you’re too smart for me.  I know someday you’ll dominate this business if you ever decided to make a go at it.”  When he talks like that it gets me all tingly inside, I admit it.  I got even tinglier when he asked me his next question.  “Will you sleep with me tonight?”




“I know my size scares you a bit.  You’re a small girl and all.  I figure you can play with the big guy…get used to it… get used to me…before tomorrow.”  He then did the unexpected.  He lifted me into his arms and kissed me.  A passionate kiss.  Those hazel eyes.  My bikini bottoms were instantly wet.  The front of his shorts bulged obscenely; if I hadn’t known what he had in there, I’d be wondering now for sure. 


We didn’t film anything there, mostly because it was way too hot, and soon got back in the vehicles and we drove crazily all over the place (probably something that was ecologically illegal).  Boys will be boys!


All during dinner, people talked about some of the scenes still to be videoed.  Cassie was quiet, and I speculated she might be questioning the whole porn thing.  She looked to me like she was second guessing herself.  I left her alone but vowed to keep an eye on her.  I ate with Alan, and he talked my ear off throughout dinner.  It was easy for me to fantasize a life with him, much more so than with Jimmy.  Shit—in love with a porn actor?  I overheard a couple of the women talking about Ed and me and our scene set for tomorrow.  I rather enjoyed being the subject of that gossip.


The pool was where we had an after-dinner party.  Either nude or topless, plenty of flesh was touched.  Plenty of alcohol was consumed as well.  I tried a few different cocktails, and by the time Mr. Ibanez and I went to bed I was pretty smashed. Of course I was touched a lot in and around the pool, so lying next to Ed had me extremely horny too.


True to his word, he didn’t force himself on me.  I tried to suck his cock but had too difficult a time getting enough of it into my mouth.  I guessed Suzie’s mouth was bigger than mine.  He said something about “finally eating Candy” and began to taste me.  His tongue and lips had me squealing in no time.  After I’d relaxed from the orgasm I played with his cock again, absently stroking his full length until he was very hard.  I asked him what he wanted me to do.


“No, don’t make me cum.  I’d rather save up a big load for our love scene in the morning.”


Wow!  I thought about having him spray a big load all over me and I think I had another, smaller orgasm.  Okay, maybe it was his finger in my pussy.


My sleep was restless, probably because I was thinking about what today would hold.  Ed even made a comment about me looking tired, and he had me drink a boatload of orange juice at breakfast for energy.  A whole bunch of us, including Cassie and a couple of the actresses climbed into some SUVs and went out to locate the same spot with the rocks we’d found yesterday.  As the crew set up lighting reflectors and cameras, a make-up lady got me ready for the scene.  Ed barked out some orders, which was really Jake’s job, but he was probably just as nervous as I was, I mean, since he was going to be having sex with an underage girl on camera.  Everything was ready when Jake gave the signal.


“Hey, Maria, you know you belong to me now,” Ed’s character said.  They put some stuff by my eyes and it made me tear up so I looked like I was crying.


“You killed my father,” was my first line.


“Not me, little one, not me, but ah yes, he is dead.”  I fell toward him and cried as he put his arms around me and hugged me.  Seemed silly but that was the script.


“You are so beautiful, so much like your mother.”


I looked up into his eyes and said, “You knew my mother?”  According to the script she was supposed to be dead.


“Yes, she was my lover and first wife before your father stole her away from me.  And now I have you to take her place.”


“Take her place?” was my question.  His answer was to slip my tank top over my head and kneel down and begin kissing my exposed nipples.  When I first read this part of the script I figured it was somebody’s idea for some suggestion of incest, like he might be my real father or something, but we ended up not going there.  Anyway, would some Russian guy even understand while he jerked off to the underground video?


Jake yelled to stop the scene, and crewmembers spread out an old-looking blanket on the ground near a big rock as make-up girls did their thing on Ed and me, mostly powdering us to keep us dry in the quickly warming morning air.  It tickled getting my tits powdered.  When we were ready, Ed picked me up and carried me to the blanket and slipped off my shorts and panties before he stood and pulled off his clothes.  When I saw his big cock spring from his pants I gasped loudly as I was supposed to.  Jake hollered “Great” and we got ready for the big scene.


This time the make-up lady spent more time lubing my pussy.  She apologized for what she had to do, but she explained they used a special lube that wouldn’t show up on camera.  I was cool with that.  She was professional about it, yet I could see she was nervous like everyone else about touching someone my age. 


Our first go round would have me on my back with my legs in the air and Ed lying on his side next to me and entering me that way.  That way the close-up camera could get a good shot of him going into my pussy while I whimpered.  He said lines like “You’re so tight” and “relax, Maria” while I first whined for him to stop before crying out to keep going.  (I know—a lot of this stuff seemed corny to me, but what did I really know what turns people on watching porn?)


He did me for a while like that, only going in maybe a third of his length.  Even at that, I was stretched to the limit, a little pain mixed in with the pleasure.  I didn’t cum but I did make enough noise to satisfy Jake.


While we got ready for the next act, which would be doggie style, I breathed deeply trying to relax.  Jake and the make-up gal knew how crazy-nervous I was so they spent some time talking to me, encouraging me.  I looked over at Ed getting ready and he winked at me.  He was very hard, and I thought Oh God, I can’t.  But of course I would.  When ready, Ed got behind me while I was on all fours and everything began.  He pushed me down so my head was on the blanket and my ass was up in the air.  He made me spread my legs wider, whispering for the microphones, “I can’t believe this…you’re so tight…I’m gonna split you wide open…get ready, my little conquest.”  Silly, but I knew it would sound hot.


He entered me, with his legs planted between mine.  This time he thrust deeper and my gasp was not faked.  I cried, with some of the tears for real.  This was unlike anything I’d experienced so far sexually, yet I knew I was going to cum anyway.  His thrusts were going so deep I felt him hit my inner barrier—my womb?  He held an ass cheek in each of his big hands with his thumbs hooked into my crack, opening me wider.  They had a close up camera aimed at my face with another getting a close-up of my deeply penetrated little pussy.  I didn’t need to do much acting.  I think every time he went in all the way my eyes rolled up into my bobbing head, and I made loud “Ugh—Ugh—Ugh” sounds.  Jake would love it, I was sure.  True to my nature I started convulsing from head to toe as I came.  I squealed as Ed kept thrusting, getting close.


For the money shot, Ed pulled out slowly with his hand gripping the huge shaft.  He slid his wet length up my ass crack and started shooting rope after rope.  I felt every warm splash and drop from my neck to the small of my back.  It was so damned hot I think I came again, the camera at my face capturing every expression of my bliss. 


[Jake showed me the footage later.  When I saw Ed’s fantastic cock slowly slide so far out of me, all wet and glistening, and then his first sprays of cum shooting in a high arc raining on me, I had a small orgasm just sitting there!]


Everyone rushed to congratulate me while I put on a smock someone handed me to cover up with.  I was sore but otherwise fine, enjoying the comments and the praise.  Ed gave me a big hug and a kiss, telling me how fantastic I was, and wishing I were eighteen so that what we just did could go out mainstream. 


I overheard one of the cameramen tell Jake, “Christ, did you see that tiny ass of hers up in the air, that little pussy taking all of him? I couldn’t believe it; that’s gonna be some scene!”


Cassie congratulated me too, though she seemed a little reserved.  She was more interested in how I could’ve taken that much of Ed’s cock without hurting.  I told her I was sore.  When she asked me if I thought Ed would sleep with her, I responded that she should ask him and not me.  Since this was to be our last night here, I had my sights set on spending another night with Alan.  Unlike previous dinners and evenings, this one was muted and somber since it was basically the last night for everyone except Jake and his assistant who would begin the rough editing and organizing of all the captured footage.  Jake kidded that he’d miss all the beautiful bodies but he’d welcome the quiet so he could work and “not feel the need to jerk off all the time.”  He is such a cool, funny guy.


Alan and I spent a lot of time together during the evening, sitting by the pool and talking.  The last year had certainly opened my eyes to more than sex.  Talking with Alan, mostly naked and dangling our feet in the pool, I knew there was love between us.  This love wasn’t something that could possibly go anywhere but that didn’t change how I was becoming infatuated with him and him with me.  Jimmy had been my first and I loved him in my own way, but this blossoming thing with Alan was way beyond that.


When we went to bed, our lovemaking was nothing like I had experienced so far.  I had so many orgasms I lost count.  He was tender, and as a porn star, surely skilled at what he did.  I did my best to pleasure him.  He held back his orgasm to the point that when he finally came it was a fountain.  His cum was as warm as his smile when he pulled out and sprayed all over me, as he knew I loved it.  We fell asleep wet, squishy and sweaty and didn’t give a shit either way.  In the morning we made love again, this time with me on top.  I went wild and fucked him hard.  I rode him until I was screaming so much I was sure I woke anyone who wasn’t still sleeping.  Before we got out of bed, he asked if I would always remember him, professing his love for me while wishing our situations were different.  We cried.  We kissed.  I promised nothing, but wondered how we both would feel in four years.  If I was old enough, I think I would have run away with him.


At breakfast, Cassie looked happy but she sure was walking funny.  Ed Ibanez must have fucked her hard.  I almost wish I’d been able to watch them.


Saying goodbye to Alan wasn’t easy.  Cassie and I would ride home with Santiago, who lived in Long Beach.  Cassie was proud of her big, official paycheck from Mr. Ibanez’s company.  I got several checks from Ed, personal ones drawn from a special account like last summer.  I knew they wouldn’t bounce.  Now I could afford college regardless of how much the cost went up in four years.  Tearful farewells later, we headed off.  Along the way Cassie and Santiago talked about her new career.  Santiago seemed to like her.  I hoped they’d get the chance to work together again.  I was left out of the conversation so I spent the time reflecting on things, like my upcoming high school life—and Alan.  I realized what a broken heart felt like.


After Santiago dropped us off at Cassie’s and she took me home.  We didn’t talk much though she thanked me for getting her into the business.  With a strange realization, I knew our friendship—unusual as it was—wouldn’t be the same again.  I thought, she’s jealous of me and can’t get over it.  I wouldn’t hold it against her.  Mom and dad were curious of my ‘camping’ trip, but Cassie’s charm (as usual) deflected any suspicions they may have had.  I was home.


The next day I took a walk to the Redondo Beach pier.  I had a lot of things to think about and that was a great place to do it.  At the end of the pier but away from the fishermen, I pondered what high school would be like for me.  Could I be a ‘normal’ teenaged girl?  Could I actually fall for a boy?  Would I keep writing?  What would I become?  I mean, I wasn’t much like other girls my age.  I had posters of Jennie Finch, Cat Osterman and Hope Solo on my bedroom walls, not the Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus (God forbid!) like I knew other girls to have.  [A funny story:  when my dad first heard of Hannah Montana, he wanted to know if she was Joe Montana’s daughter—mom and I laughed heartily on that one, hee-hee!]  I daydreamed of what a life with Alan would be like.  I cried.  I felt alone.  Why?


My thoughts were back at wondering what being a ‘normal’ teenager would be like when my cell phone rang.


“Hi there, Candy, it’s Gerry.  You still want to go to Huntington Beach with me?”


Well, maybe one more older man before I start high school and try to be that ‘normal’ teen.



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