Doing Movies

By Candy


Part 3 of my life in So. California

ã 2008


Mr. Ibanez solved the dilemma about what to do with all the money I earned by taking me to the bank and helping me start a new savings account.  I already had a small account there where I was supposed to be saving my allowance toward college, so I knew if I got mail from them my mom wouldn’t snoop.  A branch was right there on PCH, so it would be convenient for me to make deposits and keep it secret from my parents.


I was having a lot of fun.  Ed Ibanez (I had to call him ‘Raul’ when we were working because that was one of his stage names) rented a small house on S. Catalina in Redondo where we did everything. I heard Mr. Ibanez say to some man that with everyone else working “in the Valley” nobody would ever bother us there.  I got to meet so many neat people.  The clothes!  Even when they didn’t need me, I went there anyway as often as I could after school to try on all the neat clothes he bought just for me.


My favorite was what Jake the director called my “schoolgirl” outfit, which was funny since that’s what I was and I would NEVER wear something like THAT to school.  It was white satin bikini panties, white silk stockings with a garter belt, white high-heeled platform shoes, a short-short red plaid miniskirt, and a white silk camisole top that was too small so it showed my bellybutton and showed off my puffy nipples, even if that’s all I had to show, hee-hee.


Glory called me the “best fluffer in the world.”  She had to explain what the word meant, but I agreed mostly that was my job.  While they were making video movies, the men would lose their erections sometimes.  I would talk to them and tease them in between scenes, wearing a thong and something lacy, or maybe just go topless and let them see my just-starting-to-grow boobs.  Mr. Ibanez and Jake would kill any one of them if they tried to have sex with me, but the guys would never fail to get big hard erections again after I teased them.  And boy, were they all big, maybe not as big as Mr. Ibanez, but big anyway.  They all treated me like a princess.


After my first couple of times with Jimmy, I thought I understood sex, but whoa, the things I saw in that house!  Glory would laugh at me when she would catch me watching with my mouth hanging open, amazed at the positions and the different ways they would do it.  I especially loved to see the men cum.  Some would splash out the white stuff in big gobs, while others shot it out in long streams like they were peeing.  I couldn’t understand why they all had to do it all over the woman’s face—I thought it was silly—but that’s how Jake always told them to cum.


Oh yeah, I learned all new words too.  I taught myself to say cock instead of penis.  I now knew all about cumming, cunts, dildos, anal (gross!), blow-jobs, and of course, fucking.  I had to have them explain “doggie-style” to me one day.  The all laughed.  Hey, I never saw dogs do it so how would I know?


I made one video so far with my best friend Suzie Ibanez.  Mr. Ibanez said that we had to be careful since it was very illegal.  He made a lot of money for that one selling it to some men in Europe.  He wrote a big check (hundreds!!) to me and I put it in my new account.  He even took a still photo of me for the box it would go in.  I wasn’t worried since duh, nobody knew me in Europe!  He was going to make another one with me and an older blonde teenager named Caleigh that he said would make tens of thousands.  Wow!  He said when I was “ready” he would make one with me and some of the guys that would make me rich.  I didn’t know if I was ready for that yet.  Those guys certainly had big cocks and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for them.


My friend Suzie and I had a blast making the movie in that bedroom at her house.  The only other people there were her dad and Jake who ran the camera.  Instead of Jake giving directions like he always did, it was Mr. Ibanez who told us what to do.  After we kissed and touched, we took turns licking each other’s pussy.  While I licked Suzie first, Mr. Ibanez got as close as he could to me and still not show up on the video, and whispered to me how to do it better.  I began getting the hang of it since Suzie was shivering and making funny sounds while I licked her.  When it was Suzie’s turn to lick me, I got all fidgety because she did it really well, making me feel so good.  I knew if she kept doing it I would orgasm.


I felt my stomach shiver and do the flip-flops and then my whole lower body shook as the orgasm sort of exploded inside me.  I yelled a long “Aaaaaaayeeeeee” and pulled Suzie’s head closer trying to pull her tongue deeper into me at the same time.  When my orgasm was done, Mr. Ibanez shouted, “Jake, my man, I hope you got that!”


I guess I did a good job, though I didn’t really have to think that much about it.


Glory, whose real name was Melinda, was like a mentor to me.  She was so pretty, but it was her big beautiful boobs which got her all the roles.  I could tell that most of the guys liked making videos with her.  I asked her once if she got tired of having all those guys fuck her but she said she liked sex so much and besides, she couldn’t make the money she made in any other job.


“I like having you around, Candy sweetheart, but you’re going to college and get a real job, not working in this industry ‘til you get old and they toss you out like they’ll do to me some day,” she told me one afternoon between scenes.  I liked watching her get it.  She acted like there were no cameras and that she was really making love to the guys.  I didn’t know if she was really cumming every time, but it sure sounded like she was.


The other thing Glory did for me was to help deflect the worries of my parents.  My mom was always questioning where I was going and who I was with.  I could only go to the beach or the library so many times, so I needed help if I was going to spend so much time at the house on S. Catalina.  Glory hatched the plan.  She went to my house with me (dressed very conservatively, of course) and explained to my mom that she was a teacher at what was going to be my new school, and they had a program where new students were assisted in their “transition,” something like a tutor.  Glory knew all the right words to say, and I could see my mom bought it all.


One day I explained to Jake about how Jimmy had rubbed oil all over me before we made it my first time.  I could see him get all excited like he was imagining some good ideas, though I think he was already excited since I wasn’t wearing much and he kept looking at me up and down like.  After a few moments, he said “I might use oil in the babysitter scenes tomorrow,” and off he went.


I got a kick out of all the babysitter story lines they put in their videos.  I told Glory once that I was glad I didn’t baby-sit because I’d have to let all the dads fuck me.  She laughed so hard, but then told me how sweet I was and gave me a kiss.  I thought how much that kiss was like how the guys kissed me and not like my mom or dad’s goodnight kisses.


The babysitter this time was a girl named Megan who was twenty but looked like she was sixteen.  She put on some fake braces and was shaved smooth to make her look even younger.  A guy named Alan played the dad who would be alone with the babysitter.  Alan was a hunk, so he sure didn’t look like any of the dads I knew, hee-hee.  He had curly brown hair and lots of muscles, and his cock was long and very thick.  Megan looked more nervous today than usual so I didn’t know if she was just acting like a scared teenager or what.  I had on my favorite ‘schoolgirl’ clothes with the short plaid skirt but without panties.  I watched and got horny (Glory taught me that word too) as they played out the first scene in several takes.  I didn’t know why, but today for some reason I was hornier than usual.  As Megan got on top of Alan and he slid into her, I watched his shiny wet cock and I felt trickles of moisture on my thighs.  Brock was standing next to me watching but all of a sudden he looked at me instead.  He was one of the big stars, and I do mean big; I wasn’t sure but maybe he was the same size as Ed Ibanez. 


Brock kept looking at me like he was studying me, until he leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Damn, Candy girl, I can SMELL your heat.  You want some of that, don’t you?”


Like I was coming out of a trance I looked up at him.  Smell?  Heat?  I realized how funny I was breathing.  He was right, I did want some.  He snuck his hand down past my ass to between my legs and touched me.  He grew more excited when he felt all the wetness and my quiver.  By that time Megan was bouncing up and down on Alan and she was starting to moan (Megan wasn’t a good screamer, so I knew they would overdub someone else’s cries into the video later).  Brock took me by the arm and began leading me away from the action.  With everyone’s attention on the fucking going on, nobody paid attention to us slipping away.


He took me to a spare room at the back of the house.  He slipped my top over my head and then kissed and sucked on one of my nipples.  I just stood there at the side of the bed and enjoyed the sensation.  The next thing I realized was he was mostly out of his clothes.  I mean, I had touched his cock before but that time was certainly different than now.  He was mostly erect, and as I looked at it I wondered how it would fit in me.


“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”  He said as he leaned me over the bed on my stomach and pulled up the skirt to expose my ass.  He spread my legs and then got on top of me and put his cock at my pussy.  When he pushed in I screamed but it surely wasn’t from an orgasm this time.  It hurt!  I whimpered from the pain.  It felt like he was splitting me in two.


He kind of laughed and said I shouldn’t complain since that’s what I wanted all along.  Just when I thought it wouldn’t hurt any more he went deeper and I cried out again.  I was crying harder as he started fucking me.  I’ve never felt this much pain before.


“What the fuck?”  I heard someone shout behind me.  It was Glory.  She came into the room and punched Brock hard and pulled him off me.


He yelled at her, “Hey, what the fuck is wrong with you, bitch.”


I rolled over and with teary eyes watched the two of them go at it.  Glory hit him again, yelling, “Don’t ever call me a bitch again, you asshole.”  He made a fist but she stopped him with the most insane expression I have ever seen someone make.  “You hit me and I’ll see you never work in this business again, and if you don’t think I have the clout then just try me.”  He backed off.  “You better hope she’s not hurt bad or I’ll see you get charged with rape,” Glory said, practically spitting with anger.


Brock grabbed his clothes and quickly fled the room, as Glory laid next to me on the bed and tried to soothe me.  She looked at my pussy and started crying.  “Oh sweetheart, you’re bleeding” she moaned.  I assured her it didn’t hurt too badly as she kept poking at my pussy to assess the damage.  I knew she was conflicted.  If I had to go to the hospital the whole story would come out and her livelihood would evaporate.  Nonetheless she told me that if I wanted to she would take me to the hospital.  I stood up on wobbly feet and told her I would be okay, and for her to stop crying.


“I can’t help it, Candy darling,” she said between sobs.  “I love you so much.”


Love?  I hugged her real tight as we both cried and cried; but the crying soon subsided and I was feeling better, though it was a little sore to walk.  She helped me put some clothes on, giving me a mini-pad to wear in my panties in case I bled.  My mom taught me to use tampons since I started my periods, but I knew it would be a while before I could put one up there and not hurt.  When I was “together” (as Glory put it) we went back out to the working room, where a shiny-wet Megan (Jake did get to use the oil idea!) was getting laid by Alan again under the hot filming lights.  Brock was standing off in a corner looking nervous, wondering I was sure if we would tell Mr. Ibanez about what happened.  I was also sure that if we told, Ed would fire him, even if he was a big star.


I told Glory I wanted to go home.  She said okay and we went out to her car.  “It’s early yet.  Why don’t I spring for dinner before I take you home?”


“I’m not so hungry,” I said, “and I really don’t know if I want to go someplace public like a restaurant.”


“Then why don’t we go to my place and I’ll fix us some food, and you can relax and we can talk, okay?”


That sounded good.  I didn’t want to face my mother yet until I was more composed, anyway.  Glory drove down the coast to a beautiful house in Rancho Palos Verdes.  I couldn’t believe this was hers, then I remembered how much money she made doing movies.  Once inside, I helped her in the kitchen and we made some pasta salad and whipped up some other stuff and we ate like slobs at her breakfast nook.  I felt a whole lot better now being with her.


As we were cleaning up, she hugged me and said, like she did back at the other house, “I love you, Candy.”  Like before, I didn’t know what to say.  “You’re the special daughter I’ll never have,” she said with a tear trickling down her cheek.  She leaned down a little and hugged me.  I wasn’t surprised at all when she put her lips on mine.  I wanted to kiss her all the time and now we were.


When we stopped kissing, I saw more tears, and she apologized. 


“It’s okay, Melinda, I think I love you too.”


I don’t really remember getting undressed but in a blur we were naked and in bed together.  We played for a long time with each other’s breasts.  Her big ones were neat to touch and squeeze and I knew she liked what I was doing.  She teased my nipples until they were as hard as rocks.  After a while I shimmied down between her legs and tasted her for the first time.  Her pussy was much different than Suzie’s, not just because she was older, either.  I licked and sucked on her clit like I’d been taught, and was soon rewarded with dripping pussy juice.  The taste was intoxicating to me.  I buried my tongue in her and lapped it all up.  By that time her legs were twitching and she was beginning to make a lot of noise.


She grabbed the back of my head and held it there as she screamed “Candy, Candy, I’m cumming, Oh, God, yes, yes, yes!”


My whole face was flooded with her juices.


Now it was my turn.  She was cautious at first but told me she didn’t find any bad sores or bleeding down there.  She licked me and in seconds I was having a squealing orgasm.  I said ‘squealing’ because she told me that’s what it sounded like to her.   We kissed some more and touched some more and hugged some more before I put my mouth down there and gave her another orgasm.  She was even louder and juicier the second time.


We showered together so I got to play with her beautiful breasts again, soaping and washing them until she said she couldn’t stand it.  “You do that any more and I’ll throw you back in bed.”


Well, we didn’t do it again that day.  We kissed and hugged before she took me home.  She made sure I had her private phone number in case I hurt later and wanted help, or “just to talk to someone,” she said.  “Please don’t go to the house on Catalina until you’re sure that’s what you want to do.”


I was nervous at home, thinking my mom would sense something had happened but I didn’t think she did.  Later when I got ready for bed, I stood before the mirror like I used to do and studied my body.  I spread my pussy lips apart but couldn’t see anything to worry about.  There wasn’t any blood on the mini-pad when I took my panties off.  I touched my boobs and relished that they were beginning to grow, even if still little bumps.  I closed my eyes and pictured the big cocks I saw every time I went to the movie house.  I remembered Mr. Ibanez and his huge cock and how nice he’d been to me, not just the money part.  Brock had been rough and he hurt me, but how much of the hurt was just from his size?  Maybe with some of that sex oil I could take one of the guys on after all.


“Mmmm” I moaned as I unconsciously began to stroke my clit with one finger.


I thought someday, as I felt all the orgasm feelings building within me.



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