"Lunch With Suzie’s Dad"

                     by Candy

Part 2 of my life in So. California

ă 2008


I never wondered before that day how my new friend Suzie Ibanez’s relationship with her father differed greatly from the relationship I had with my dad.  Whenever I saw them together, they looked more like friends than father-daughter.  I envied Suzie.  She was a dark beauty even at our awkward age, the prettiest girl in school I thought, and I envied her relationship with her dad because since my family moved to Redondo Beach from Massachusetts, my dad has been very busy in his new job and I missed spending time with him like I used to do.


One Saturday, Suzie told me that her father wanted to take us both out for lunch.  She mentioned a nice place in Hermosa Beach.  Sounded like a good idea to me.  Suzie’s dad was a handsome man who looked younger than he was.  He had dark, curly hair and nice hazel eyes.  Mr. Ibanez was some kind of big shot in television or movies, though I didn’t know what he actually did.  One day at the beach, I saw he had a lot of chest hair too, and I thought it was kind of neat even though my other friends thought it was gross.  What else I thought was neat was that he didn’t have the belly that all the other dad’s had, including my own, so he looked younger and physically fit, which was cool.


Mr. Ibanez was very sweet as he suggested all kinds of good food for me to try at the restaurant.  My family tended to go to chain restaurants (like the ones named after days of the week) if we went out at all, so this was a unique experience.  I even tried some sushi, though I didn’t care all that much for it.  What was strange was that every time Mr. Ibanez paid attention to me I saw that it made Suzie mad.  I was hoping she wasn’t mad at me.


During dessert, Mr. Ibanez said to me “You’re a very pretty girl, Candy.  You must have lots of boys chasing you.”


I know I blushed.  “No, Mr. Ibanez.  I don’t have any boyfriends,” I answered, with memories of Jimmy the surfer dancing in my mind.


“How about you call me Ed, okay?”  When he said that, Suzie shot him another of the angry looks.  “Plenty of time for boyfriends later anyway, right sweetie?” When he turned toward his daughter she looked away.


I thanked him for the great meal.  He invited me over to their house for later in the afternoon.  One thought of their pool and I said yes.


They dropped me home so I could put on my bikini.  My mom drove me to their house, all the way making comments about how rich the Ibanez’s were and how I should watch myself and not be alone with Mr. Ibanez.  When I got there I knocked on the front door but no one answered.  I knew I was earlier than they expected, but I saw their car so I knew someone was home.  Maybe they were out back by the pool.  I walked around back to find the gate in the tall privacy fence ajar.  I went into the pool area but saw nobody, so I walked to the patio doors, which were wide open.  A shout of “hello, anybody home” brought no response, so I took the liberty of entering the house.  As I walked from the kitchen into the living area, I heard sounds that up until a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have recognized.  Sex sounds.  I took another step but before I could turn to leave, I spotted the reflection in the large wall mirror.  Suzie was lying on her side on a bed in the next room with one leg up in the air.  Lying behind her was her father, and though I only had a partial view, I saw that he was doing her hard.  There was too much light in the room for some reason I couldn’t figure out.  Suzie’s mouth was open and she looked ready to cum when she saw me reflected in the same mirror.  Her orgasm looked half exhilaration, half sorrow.


I tiptoed back out to the patio and wondered what to do.  Everything was clear to me: Susie’s angry looks at her dad in the restaurant; their chummy relationship; even a few of my mother’s comments to me in the car on the way over.  I also wondered if Mr. Ibanez would try to have sex with me.  The idea scared me a little but I also felt a few of those butterflies dancing in my stomach and groin.  I figured I would just jump in the pool, make a ton of noise, and hope they heard me.


I did, and they did.  Mr. Ibanez was overly cheerful, and oblivious to the fact of my discovery.  Suzie on the other hand was skittish around me since she didn’t yet know what I would do or say.  Suzie joined me in the pool, wearing a new bikini even skimpier than mine, mostly strings.  Mr. Ibanez stared at us—actually mostly at me—while we swam.  He was wearing a tight black bathing suit not like the board shorts all the boys wore.  When we swam to the farther end of the pool, Suzie came close to me like she was going to tell me a secret.


In a half-whisper she said, “Please don’t tell anyone about it.”


I whispered back, “You’re my best friend.  I won’t tell anyone if you don’t want me to.”


“He’s going to make me a star, you know.”


A star?  “Suze, I wouldn’t let my dad do that to me, but if you’re okay with it what can I say?”


“You don’t know who my dad is, do you?”  When I looked at her questioningly she continued, “He’s Raul Huge.”  My dumbfounded expression probably didn’t change.  “The big porn star and director—you never heard of him?” 


“No, duh, my mom and dad won’t let me watch porn” I said sarcastically.


“You know I don’t do very good in school, so my dad says I’m a natural, and can make millions in the ‘industry’, which is what he calls the porn movies.”


I couldn’t believe all this.  My best friend, only a girl, is having sex with her father and talking about becoming a porn actress!  I asked what makes her a ‘natural’ and she said because she could take him in her mouth and in her cunt.  Mouth?  Cunt?  I needed an explanation and she sure gave me one!


“My dad isn’t known as ‘Raul Huge’ for nothing,” she said, stifling a laugh.  “He’s REALLY big and most girls can’t take him, you know, like, all the way.”  I tried to imagine ‘huge’, but I only had Jimmy as a reference.  Jimmy stretched me out and stuffed me almost until it hurt.  Suzie’s a little bigger than me but I couldn’t picture a penis much bigger than Jimmy’s going into her.  She giggled a little and said, “He also cums like gallons and I know how to swallow and still get some to leak from my mouth and he says that’s sexy and a talent worth thousands in the industry all by itself.”  She was beaming with pride—I still couldn’t believe it.


When we got out of the pool, Mr. Ibanez was looking at us with the look I always thought of as ‘I want sex with you’, hee-hee.  Our bikinis were wet and clinging to us so I knew we showed a lot, though I didn’t think we had much to show.  Suzie at least had boobs, even if they were still small; I only had puffy nipples, though Jimmy liked playing with them anyway.  When we went to sit on the chairs next to Mr. Ibanez I couldn’t help looking at the front of his suit in curiosity.  He did seem to have a big lump there.  He saw me looking!  I must have blushed, but it wasn’t the only reason my skin felt hot—I wondered what his penis looked like if it was so big he was famous for it.  He reacted to my flush by smiling at me and tilting his head sideways a little like he was thinking about something.  Yeah, I knew just what he was thinking, since I saw the front of his swimsuit expand outward.  My curiosity was taking over.  Oh, those stomach flip-flops of anticipation I was learning all about!


In a few minutes, Mr. Ibanez went into the house to make a drink.  He actually asked me if I wanted one but I said, “Silly, I can’t drink.”  He said anyone can drink in his house and he was going to fix me something he knew I would like.


While he was in the house, I asked Suzie about a revelation I had a little while ago.  “I saw lots of light in the bedroom when you were, er, you know, doing it.  Was he videoing you?”


Suzie blushed.  “Yeah, he makes big money with those because of my age, and he gives me almost all of it.  I have a big bank account already,” she said proudly.


There it was again—I should have been scared he would try to have sex with me, and video it, but instead I was wet and tingly down below.  The anticipation of orgasm was a powerful draw now for me.  I began trying to imagine again what his penis looked like if it was supposed to be so huge. 


Mr. Ibanez came back out to the patio juggling three tall glasses of liquid.  One was kind of yellow, one was reddish, while the third was a light aqua-blue.  He handed me the blue one, saying it was a Barbados Breeze.  I didn’t know what that was but it tasted real good to me.  Suzie had the red one, which Mr. Ibanez said was a Strawberry Daiquiri.  He told me his was a Margarita, whatever that was.  We must have all been thirsty because before I knew it we were all done and Mr. Ibanez was back in the house making more.  After the second glass was half finished, I started to feel really light headed, and I knew this was from the alcohol.  I felt relaxed, and maybe a little giddy.  Suzie drank her second one faster than I had, so she was even giddier by then.


“Did I tell you two what a pretty couple of girls you both are?”


Suzie said, “C’mon, dad,” and laughed.


I laughed in spite of myself, hiccupped, and said, “No, Mr. Ibanez, not until now, silly.”  I hiccupped again and thought that was hilariously funny.


“Please call me Ed.”  He took a sip of his drink, and then said, “That’s a great drink, isn’t it?”  When I agreed he surprised me by asking, “Have you ever gone skinny-dipping, Candy?”


“No, er, Ed.  I’ve never been at a lake or anything like that but it does kinda sound neat,” I said, then giggled again.  I loved these Barbados Breezes!


“Well, come on then.  Suzie and I swim naked all the time, don’t we dear?”


Suzie giggled and got out of her lounge chair.  “Oh yeah (giggle) we do that (giggle) all the time (giggle) and no one can see us (giggle).”


With a few pulls on strings, her bikini was on the patio.  Her boobs were really neat.  They weren’t round but instead like pointy cones, with her nipples dark brown, unlike my more pink ones.  Her pussy looked neat too.  It was pudgier than mine and the inner lips were more pronounced.  I wondered if they looked like that because she had sex earlier or was that how those lips looked all the time.  I kind of tingled looking at her, which surprised me a little. 


When I turned to look toward Mr. Ibanez, I nearly fainted.  His suit was down by his ankles and his penis was hanging there.  He was almost twice as long as Jimmy, but it sure twitched and grew like Jimmy’s did!  I looked again at Suzie and couldn’t imagine that his penis had been inside her a short while ago.


Mr. Ibanez kicked aside his suit and walked to me as I too got out of my chair.  Whoa, I could barely stand up I was so woozy from the drinks.  When he was beside me I couldn’t take my eyes off his penis.  It was so amazing close up.  My stomach didn’t just flip-flop, it somersaulted as he said, “Let me help you with your suit,” before pulling on its strings.  He whistled when I was naked.  “You are the picture of loveliness, Candy dear.”  All kind of sex thoughts were in my head, and I really, really, really wanted to touch him.


He took both of us by the hand and led us to the edge of the pool.  He said, “You two had a little too much to drink so I want both of you to hold on to me real tight in the water, okay?”  He scooped us up in his arms and he jumped into the shallow end.  He was holding me so tight.  I felt so hot I didn’t realize my eyes were closed and I was just basking in the feelings of my body against his.  When I opened my eyes I saw that Suzie and her dad were kissing and that below the water she was stroking his penis, which was getting harder and thicker—and amazingly longer.  I reached over and touched him myself. 


He stopped kissing Suzie and put his lips on mine.  Oh, what a kiss!  He danced his tongue around and in my mouth.  I was so hot and tingly all over and I knew now that my pussy would be real wet inside, though in the pool no one would know for sure.  I couldn’t help myself; I rubbed my chest against his and got even tinglier from feeling my nipples go through his chest hair.  I was struggling to catch my breath as we kept kissing.


Mr. Ibanez stopped kissing me and said, “I think my two special girls need something.”  Suzie and I were competing for ‘chest rubbing’ time as he carried us toward the ladder and helped us out of the pool.


I looked at Suzie and her skin was a darker shade and her nipples were hard and she was breathing in short gasps.  Her dad scooped her up in his arms and headed into the house, stopping to caress my butt and urging me forward as he walked.  He took us into the bedroom where I had seen them do it earlier.


Like he was reading my mind, he said to me “You’re maybe too small to take me so I won’t try.”  He laid Suzie on the bed and then scooped me into his arms like he did with Suzie out by the pool.  He put his mouth by one ear and whispered to me, “But Candy dear how I truly want to fuck you right now.”  As he said this to me, he slid his thumb into my pussy and began to move it around and around.  In a few seconds I felt the orgasm coming, maybe not as big as the ones I’ve had with Jimmy, but I knew that’s what it was.


“Ooooooooooooooh” I moaned as it washed over me.  I went limp as he set me on the corner of the big bed and turned his attention to his daughter.


“See, Candy, this is how a father should treat his baby girl.”  He kissed Suzie.  His penis was very hard and very big, and I saw Suzie eyeing it like a prize.  In the corner of the room was a video camera on a tripod and one of those light things that looks like an umbrella.  I was glad it wasn’t on since I was sure I didn’t want to be videotaped naked like this.


Mr. Ibanez lay on his back as Suzie got on top of him like someone would ride a horse, and lowered herself slowly on his stiff penis.  For the umpteenth time I couldn’t imagine that thing going into someone our size, but now I was going to see it first hand.  Suzie groaned as it went deeper.  She kind of went up and down a little and he went in deeper still, until she made a sound like “oomph” and groaned again, louder this time.  Her dad put his hands under her butt and began lifting and lowering her.  As he lifted and lowered her at a faster rhythm, she started making noise like a kitten.  As her noises grew more intense, I knew her orgasm was near.


When she cried out it was almost a scream.  If I didn’t know anything about orgasms I would have thought he hurt her; and maybe in some way he did.


He lifted her off his penis, turned to me and said, “Maybe you can learn to do this like my girl can.  I’ll make you a star too.”


He got on his knees and sort of pushed his penis in Suzie’s face.  Suzie surprised me by opening her mouth and letting him stick it in there.  She grabbed the shaft of his rigid penis and started bobbing back and forth like she was sucking on a popsicle.  I couldn’t believe how deeply she was taking him in her mouth; I mean, it must have been going down her throat, and she didn’t gag!


Mr. Ibanez shouted “Here it comes, baby!”  He must be squirting because I saw his butt tremble like Jimmy did.  Suzie was swallowing it!   I saw her throat undulate before some of his cum trickled in a stream from a corner of her stretched lips.  “Now, THAT’S my baby.  What a talent!”  He said before lifting Suzie’s head up to his and kissing her.


Suzie was smiling broadly, still drunk like I was but now also enjoying the aftermath of her orgasm and the love of her father.  Mr. Ibanez pulled me to them and the three of us lay on the bed holding each other.  I think I liked the feeling of our warm bodies touching as much as I liked the orgasms.  I was in between Suzie and her dad.  She hugged me and started touching my nipples.  When she moved to kiss me I was shocked.  Kissing a girl?  But I liked it a lot.  I liked the kissing and the touching, it seemed, whether it was with a boy or a girl.


Mr. Ibanez was up on one elbow watching us, as I surprised myself by touching one of Suzie’s breasts before moving my hand down to touch her pussy.  She felt so different than me in both places and I thought it was neat.  While we kissed and touched each other, he said, “If you want to make a lot of money, Candy, I have an idea.  What people will pay for girl-on-girl action between you two!”


I thought of how good it felt to be touched, and to be touching Suzie.  I thought about the proposition Mr. Ibanez just made to me.  I thought of having a lot of money and what I would do with it.  I thought of how I could keep this secret from my mom and dad.  My thoughts grew jumbled until my brain short-circuited while my body trembled.  Another fantastic orgasm, that time from Susie’s touch.


I screamed, “YES!”  Mr. Ibanez thought it was my answer to his proposition.


Maybe it was.  We would see.



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