Jimmy and Me

by Candy

Part 6 of my life in So. California



I wasn’t looking forward to the appointment.  This would be my second time examined by a gynecologist, though the first time with my mom’s new California doctor.  The exam was no big deal, but now that I’m not a virgin anymore I wasn’t sure what she would see, or say to me. 


With my legs up in those silly things, spread like I was ready for sex, the doctor examined me.  She made these funny “Hmmm” sounds, which annoyed me to no end.  Just say something I kept thinking.  Eventually she did.


“You’ve been a very active girl.”  I wasn’t sure if it was a statement or a question.


“Er, what do you mean?”


Her stern look softened.  “You’ve been having intercourse, and by the looks of your vulva and vagina walls I’d assume it’s been with some—shall I say—rather endowed individuals, or possibly with some too large, ah, objects.”


I didn’t know what to say.  I simply nodded, leaving her to guess which one.


“I’ll also assume it’s been your choice and there was no force involved, and that your, ah, partners were boys close to your age.  I’d have to report abuse, you know.”  So, she chose to assume the first suggestion rather than I was shoving soda cans up my vagina.


I tried to assure her it wasn’t that kind of abuse. 


“Did they use protection—a condom?” 


I nodded again.


“I know it’s a personal thing young lady, but it is a health issue too and I think you need to know all the risks.”  She went on to explain STDs and something called human papilloma virus (I looked it up after) and herpes and the possible unreliability of condoms in preventing pregnancy.  I got a lecture about the psychological consequences of teenagers having sex.  She said she’d prescribe birth control pills but warned me to still use condoms for protection from diseases.  Panic set in.  She would have to tell my mother!


I was so thankful she was tactful in explaining the prescription to my mom.  She said she prescribed the Pill to all her teenage patients since “Though she’s a good girl” (ahem) all teens face “sexual decisions” some day and she wanted girls to be safe.  She told my mom stuff about hormones and things, which I thought sounded like doctor-bullshit, though my mom seemed to buy it.  This lady doctor was a gem.


I was on The Pill!  Just wait until Jimmy finds out! 


Thinking of Jimmy got me thinking of Glory for some reason.  Why was she ignoring me?  I tried calling Glory practically every day.  No answer, and no voice-mail.  With school taking up all my time and making it difficult to get out of the house on weeknights, I didn’t have an opportunity to go to her house and check on her.  She’d been really pissed I made the Cleopatra movie, but is that why she ignored my calls?  Why no voice-mail?  Even my mom wondered, “What happened to that nice teacher?”


Finally on a Saturday I made an excuse to go out, and called Jimmy to come get me.  He picked me up around the corner from my house and drove me to Glory’s house in Rancho Palos Verdes.  As he drove up P. V. Boulevard I silently wondered not about Glory, but about Jimmy and me and our strange relationship.  He couldn’t possibly be my boyfriend at 22; I mean I wasn’t even in high school yet.  But he WAS my boyfriend if I thought about it.  We spent a lot of time together.  We made love.  I know I drove him a little bit crazy.  Well, maybe a LOT crazy, since my age made him a criminal, I guess.  He could go to prison if we were found out, yet we still hung out together whenever we could.


Since I couldn’t spend my money on things for me, I bought things for Jimmy instead.  I just bought him a Wii console (which is a lot of fun), and a fairly expensive diver’s watch he coveted.  Was buying him things why he took the chance to be with me—besides the sex, of course?  How did he really feel about me?  And what about my feelings for him?


When we pulled up in front of Glory’s house, the “HOUSE FOR RENT” sign in front told me what I needed to know.  I got out of Jimmy’s truck and walked up the walk anyway.  The house looked empty so I didn’t expect an answer to the eerily echoing doorbell.  She was gone.  First Suzie Ibanez and now Glory.


I was crying.  I didn’t realize Jimmy was next to me until he hugged me.  “Maybe she’ll call you or e-mail you sometime,” he said, but I doubted she ever would.


The drive back to the beach was mostly silent—silent of conversation, that is—but not completely silent since Jimmy’s truck was making a lot of strange banging and clanking noises.


“Ah shit.  This thing’s about on its death bed,” Jimmy muttered with a few extra swears thrown in for good measure.  I hoped we could make it back to my house, at least.


We did.  Parked around the corner from my house, Jimmy asked me if I’d like to go to the beach the following day.  I asked which one and he told me Hermosa.  I liked that beach, and the weather had been warm enough.  When I lived in Massachusetts, I thought Southern California was always sunny and in the 90’s, though I’ve learned otherwise since.  This fall weather was still beach weather though, and I could take it.  Jimmy told me about some friends he was meeting there, and said something about a house with a hot tub where everyone was partying after.  I had to ask—was he okay with me being with him?  He assured me he was.


My parents would allow me to go to the beach with friends as long as the beach was Redondo.  Hermosa Beach was a different story.  I wouldn’t correct their mistaken impression of which beach I was talking about going to.  The next day I put on my pink bikini with shorts and a t-shirt over it, and headed out.  Jimmy was waiting for me around the block.  I heard his truck before I saw it.  When I jumped into the passenger seat I gave Jimmy a big kiss, which for some reason surprised him and got me thinking again of how he felt about me.  Heading north, he told me all about his friends and sort of what to expect from their reaction to meeting me.  The only one I had met before was Brian, who I thought was an asshole even though I knew Jimmy liked him as a friend.  Brian was the kind of guy who always had to be better than everyone else.  You know what I mean: if you did something great twice, he’d done it four times—that kind of egotistical guy.  I also remember that when I first went to the beach and was checking out the surfers changing into their wetsuits, Brian was one of the guys I checked out and he did have a fantastic body.  Too bad his personality didn’t match.  Oh well, there would be others to hang with Jimmy and me, and I was sure they’d be okay.


We had a hard time finding a place to park but eventually we were on the beach and walking toward a group already there.  Blankets and towels were spread out and everyone was laughing.  My first impression was that I was certainly the youngest.  Second impression was that boys outnumbered girls.  Third impression was that the blonde girl talking to Brian—okay, maybe just listening to him—was by far the prettiest of the group.  Fourth impression was that Brian was being his usual, loud self.


“Hey, it’s about time you show up,” Brian said to Jimmy when he saw us.


Introductions were made.  The blonde girl introduced herself as Cassie, and as Brian’s girlfriend.


“How old are you anyway?”  When I told her, she looked at Jimmy and said, “Shit, are you fuckin’ NUTS?


Jimmy smiled and said, “I guess I am.”


Cassie asked me “Is Candy your real name?”  I told her no, and explained the nickname.


After that, we sort of laid around on towels and beach blankets, slathered sunscreen on each other and talked.  The boys were kind of in one cluster and the girls in another.  Cassie sunned next to me, and turned out to be a chatterbox; which made me wonder how she got along with a bigmouth like Brian.  She went on about school and how much she hated it.  She was 17 going on 18 and a sophomore at Torrance High (she “stayed back some” was her explanation).  She continued to make comments about my age especially when I told her where I went to school. 


As she rambled on I studied her.  She was everything I wasn’t, which was a strange thought to me.  She was kind of soft and curvy but not in a ‘fat’ way, and had big round breasts I envied since mine barely challenged my bikini top.  Her bikini was white; balancing her tanned body and her long blonde hair nicely, though up close I could tell she dyed her hair.


I asked anyway, “You a natural blonde?”


“Naw, mine’s like really brown if I don’t color it.  See?”  She hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her bottoms and pulled it forward.  I saw the trimmed light brown strip of pubic hair.


“Oh, you don’t shave it.  I do,” and showed her my bald pubic mound the same way.


“Mmmm, that would be neat.  I think I’ll do that too.  Maybe you could help me out some day?”  She was looking at me the same way the actress Lupe had only a few weeks before.  Did all girls have a lesbian part inside them?


“I, er, I don’t know, like, we’ll see,” was my stammered answer.


A few of us went in the water, but we mostly just laid around until one of the guys asked us all to go to his house for “round two” as he called it.  His folks were away and they had a hot tub.  Jimmy wanted to go so it was okay with me.  He knew my ‘curfew’ limit and would make sure I was home in time.


We drove in a procession up Artesia to what I thought was North Torrance, but I wasn’t sure.  Jimmy kept swearing at his truck; he thought it was going to die en route, but we made it.  His friend’s house was big but not like a mansion or anything.  I found out the guy’s name was Pete.  While we all piled in he fired up the hot tub and pointed out the beer stash in a fridge in the garage.  Everyone grabbed a bottle or two, including me.  We figured it was Pete’s problem to restock it all before his folks got home from vacation.


In a while a bunch of us were drunk and crammed into the hot tub.  A couple of the girls, including Cassie, removed their tops.  Jimmy whispered to me, “You don’t have to take yours off if you don’t want to.”


Before I could even think about it, Brian, who was next to me, was teasing me to go topless too.  I thought no big deal, so off came my bra.  All the guys were checking me out, but I think it was more curiosity than anything else.  They wanted to see what a thirteen-year-old’s boobs looked like, and after their curiosity was satisfied they went on to ogle the other girls who had bigger ones.  All except Brian, that is.  He kept staring at me, ignoring his girlfriend.  Cassie noticed.  She started getting closer to the guy to her left who didn’t seem to be with any particular girl.  In addition to how he stared at her boobs, I thought he was touching her underwater.  She appeared to be touching him too.  Brian was oblivious as he moved a little closer to me. 


When I felt a hand at my thigh, I said, “Don’t.”  Just the one word, but my look, and Jimmy’s menacing glare stopped Brian.  Others were watching our little drama, but Cassie and the guy who I thought was named Hunter were too busy to notice.  Finally Brian took his eyes off me and noticed them.


“Hey!”  He practically yelled.  “What the fuck?”


Cassie pulled away from Hunter and hugged Brian like nothing had happened.  “You didn’t seem interested so I kept myself busy.  YOU should know about my sex drive, after all.”


I’ll keep you busy,” Brian said before they locked lips.


Pairing up had begun, with Hunter and another guy looking to be the hot tub odd-men-out voyeurs.  Every couple was making out, including Jimmy and me.  Pretty soon the water was churning more from moving bodies than bubbling jets.  As we momentarily caught our breaths between kisses, I looked up to see Cassie not only getting out of the tub with Brian but also pulling Hunter and the other solo guy out as well.  The four moved into the house and out of sight, Cassie’s ample breasts bouncing all the way.


Jimmy said, “I bet that’ll be interesting, three on one.  Did you see how goddamned horny she is?”


We went back to kissing and touching in the bubbling water of the hot tub.  I wondered if my ‘acting’ for Mr. Ibanez was on his mind and the reason for Jimmy’s comment.


“I think we’ve been in here long enough.  Don’t want to shrivel up.  Why don’t we get out, get another beer and check out the rest of Pete’s house,” Jimmy said.  As we climbed out I realized the only couple still in the hot tub were close to fucking.  Jimmy must have noticed too; he had a hard-on straining his swim shorts, probably not just from kissing me, I thought.


It felt funny walking around strangers topless.  In several places around the house couples were in various stages of necking toward copulation.  Cold beers in hand, we walked around and kind of watched.  After all I’d done, both at the Ibanez house and the house on S. Catalina, the whole scene didn’t faze me much, but I could tell it was turning Jimmy on.  When we entered the big living room, a porn movie was playing on the big flat-screen TV, and Cassie was getting pounded on the sofa, with erections gathered all around her.


I wasn’t looking at Cassie; I was looking at the TV.  “Oh my God!”


Jimmy looked at me quizzically.  “What’s the matter?”


In the video a woman was sucking off a guy with a monster cock.  Just then he gave her a facial with several squirts of cum.  I didn’t need to see his face—though I had—his monster had stretched me real good.  I knew him as Big Rod.


Jimmy’s quizzical look suddenly became a perceptive one.  “He’s one of them, isn’t he?”


I didn’t answer.  He kept after me.  “So that’s one of the men who fucked you for the camera.  How did that fuckin’ thing feel?  Jesus, he’s gotta be a foot long.  I guess I don’t stack up to that.”


“Don’t be like that, Jimmy.  I don’t have any feelings for those guys like I do for you.”


“And what ARE those feelings?”


Did I know?  My hesitation was like an answer to him anyway.  He shook his head sadly and looked at Cassie getting banged doggie style by one guy after another in the opposite corner of the large room.  It looked to me like an assembly line.  When one guy came—either in or on her—another took his place and fucked her.  Guys came in under a minute, no apparent thought to Cassie, even though she was moaning and groaning at each of their thrusts.  Some of them weren’t even at the beach earlier, like they heard what was happening and came over to take part in all the fun.  Every once in a while a stiff cock went into her mouth and she got fucked there too. 


As Jimmy and I stood and watched and drank our beers in voyeuristic awe, Brian took his turn behind Cassie, but his plan was for an up-to-now unused hole—he pushed his cock into her asshole and started fucking her there, ignoring her yelps of protest.  He came in about 20 seconds, and another guy took his place, filling her ass again.  Another cock shoved into her mouth drowned out her cries.  Pain or pleasure; who could tell?


A flushed-red, obviously drunk Brian walked over to us, cum-dribble still evident on his cock-head.


“Hey Jimmy, my man, why don’t you drop the shorts and get a piece of that,” hooking a thumb in Cassie’s direction.  “I’ll take care of the kid.”  I guess by ‘kid’ he meant me.


“Knock it off, Brian.  How could you let this happen?  I thought she was your girlfriend.”


“C’mon pal, Cassie likes cock too much to just have one boyfriend.  I don’t mind sharing—how about you?”


With that, Brian reached over quickly and pulled the string ties of my bikini bottoms, and just like that, poof, I was naked.  He whistled and grabbed for my pussy, but Jimmy just about threw him across the room, even though Brian was physically the bigger man.


Jimmy picked up and handed me my bottoms, walked over to hover over a prone and shaken Brian, and said, “Your girl may be a gang bang slut, but mine is a lady no matter how old she is.”


It wasn’t amazement really, but I couldn’t come up with another word to describe my reaction to what Brian did, or for Jimmy’s response.  I was scared for Jimmy since I wasn’t sure how Brian would act once he realized he had a room full of ‘friends’ to call on. 


The orgy had stopped.  Cassie looked in shock, though I wondered if it was from the all the sex, or from Jimmy’s characterization of her as a “gang bang slut,” which I knew she heard.  I was happy to see all the fight had left Brian; he stayed on the floor.


Jimmy turned to me and said, “Why don’t you get dressed and we’ll get outta here.”


Since I was naked and standing in front of a group of sex-wild, equally naked males, I became the center of attention again.  They ogled my young, puffy girl-boobs and my bald pussy, and I saw a few limp cocks begin to rise once more.  I said to Jimmy, “I can’t go home now anyway.  Gotta get the beer out of my system.  Why don’t we hop back into the hot tub and soak some more, okay?”


Jimmy said “Sure,” and we walked out to the tub.  I surprised myself again—walking around naked in front of people felt good—got me aroused a little.  Mmmmm.  Good, no one was in the hot tub.  Jimmy kicked off his shorts for the first time today and we both climbed in naked.  When I sat down on one of the jets, the stomach-butterflies I felt because of my nakedness intensified, as the pulsing water was spraying directly on my clit.  Jimmy figured out what was happening to me, and he began to stroke my neck, chest and tummy the way he knew I liked.  I was a quick cummer and this was going to be no exception.  I had an image in my mind of a newly horny gang of guys (from fantasizing about me) jumping Cassie one more time.  I thought of her writhing and moaning body penetrated from every angle, and my climax hit.


“AhhhhhhhhhhEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” I screeched, hoping neighbors wouldn’t hear me.  Hearing myself, I remembered what Alan said about me squealing like a “stuck pig” when I climaxed.


My idea of what I thought was going on in the house was dashed when I looked up to see a topless Cassie standing by the rim of the hot tub looking at me.


“Jesus, you are a hot little number, cumming like that.”  She turned to Jimmy and said, “What were you DOING to her?”


Jimmy grinned ear-to-ear, saying “Who me?  I didn’t do a thing,” holding his hands in the air.


She shook her head then asked “Mind if I join you two?” and climbed in.


“That was some kinda, er, performance in there,” Jimmy said with a laugh.  “You all set now?”


Cassie smiled.  “I guess you could say I’m taken care of.  How come you didn’t want some?  Don’t you think I’m pretty, or is it just ‘cause Lolita’s like here with you?”


“Naw, you’re hot.  Didn’t you see my hard-on before?”  Jimmy laughed again.  “Seems I’ll be the only one not getting off here, though.”


She slid closer to Jimmy.  “There’s still time for that to happen.  I’ll volunteer if someone else doesn’t want to.”  She looked at me as she went for Jimmy’s cock below the bubbling waterline.


I wasn’t going to let that happen, time to act grown up.  “I think I can handle this myself,” I said as I motioned for Jimmy to scoot out of the water and sit on the hot tub’s rim. 


I got between his legs and mouthed his cock.  He was very hard and leaking quite a bit of precum, which tasted good to me in spite of the added chlorinated-water-flavor, hee-hee.  I thought he’s my man, which was a strange thought indeed.  I wanted to show Cassie I wasn’t a kid, and I wanted to show Jimmy how proud I was he protected me from Brian.  I took him as deep into my mouth as I could, wetting his shaft with my saliva.  I went faster until I felt the telltale swelling.  He moaned, and came in several spurts.  I swallowed most of it.


Cassie clapped and cheered.  “I couldn’t have done it any better, girl,” she said.  “You deserve a kiss for that.”


Before I knew it she was in my face and her tongue was flicking around in my mouth, as our lips danced together.  Much to Jimmy’s post-orgasmic amusement, Cassie was actually licking the remains of Jimmy’s cum!


She pulled away from my lips and turned to Jimmy.  “Yum-yum; you sure you can’t get that back up for a threesome?  Damn, this girl’s hot.  You’re a lucky fucker, you know that?”


Jimmy looked for a brief moment like he was seriously thinking about that threesome—and I couldn’t blame him, she was a horny babe—but then he smiled and answered, “I know how lucky I am.”  He reached down and lifted me to him, and then kissed me himself.  It was long and deep.


Two guys came out to the hot tub while Jimmy and I kissed.  By the time we climbed out, Cassie and the guys were in a wet tangle, making it so frantically water was splashing from the hot tub in waves.  She truly was a sex machine.  I wondered if she would do movies—she’d be good at it, wouldn’t be acting.


The party was over.  “Let’s get outta here,” Jimmy said.


“You know you could’ve done it with her.  It woulda been okay.”


He looked at me funny as we got in his truck.  “Why?  I’m not special enough to have me all to yourself?”


“That’s not what I meant and you know it.  I think you’re very special.”


“I hope you know I love you, and I’d do anything for you, even go to jail if you reject me someday.”


As he started the truck, I looked at his face.  So sad looking, and was that a tear at the corner of his eye?  “Jimmy,” I said.  “Except for my mom and dad, like I don’t really know what love means, but you’ve been so good for me and I would never say anything—ever—to get you in trouble.”  I told him we could never predict the future but for now he was my boyfriend, and that he was special in my heart.  I didn’t use those three special words though, like he said to me.  Maybe I wasn’t ready yet.


As he drove down Hawthorne, he got worried again about the sounds the truck was making.  He told me about a three-year-old yellow Nissan Xterra on a used car lot in Long Beach he had his eyes on.  Even with his two jobs he wasn’t sure if he could afford it.


“I’ll buy it for you.”


“Huh?  You what?  No—no—I couldn’t let you do that.”


“I can’t spend my money on me, why can’t I spend it on you?  Besides, you’re like my chauffeur anyway,” I said, and laughed.


He laughed too.  “I sure am that, Miss Daisy.  What else am I?”


I looked at him and said, “You’re my lover, surfer-boy.  How about we go to your apartment and I show you?  I mean, like, I have a surprise for you.”


“Surprise, huh?”


When we got to his apartment, we got undressed and I jumped onto his bed like it was a trampoline.  He reached into a dresser drawer, but I told him he didn’t have to.  “C’mon girl, you know I have to wear one.  Shit, if you got pregnant then I definitely would end up in prison.”


“That’s my surprise.  I’m on the Pill, so now you can feel me without latex, lover.  What you waiting for?”


Between being bareback and the novelty of doing me from behind—my new favorite position—Jimmy fucked me like a maniac.  His fast pace was fine with me; I was going to orgasm in record time, even for me.


“Omigod, you feel so good.  Sooooo good.  Tight.  Ohhhhhhhhhh.”  He moaned.


I croaked out, like I’d heard some of the porn stars do, “Is that all you…got…?  …Fuck me harder, HARDER!


Boy, did he!


I screamed, he groaned, and we came together.  I thought of his cum deep inside me and another orgasm shook my body to its core.  Nicely satisfied, we collapsed side by side on the bed.  After a few minutes, I teased him.  “I bet you were thinking of Cassie while you were doing it with me, weren’t you.”


He chuckled.  “You knew I was, huh?  I thought my hots for blondes was a well kept secret of mine.”


“Men are always suckers for big tit blondes, even if she gets her blonde hair from a box.”  I kind of jounced my little boobs.  “I mean, look at me—tiny tits and dark hair and a wide nose—what’s a girl to do?”


He laughed and hugged me to his warm, muscled, sweaty body.  “Why would I dream of her when I’m with the hottest girl in Parras Mid School history?  Besides, maybe she’s the one who’ll be dreaming of you.  I saw how she looked at you—and holy shit, that kiss!””


“What do the call it when an animal eats everything—an omnivore?  Maybe she’s omnisexual.”


We laughed together and kissed again.  I felt protected, and loved.  It was time, I knew it:  “I love you.” 


I thought he was going to cry.


On Wednesday after school, Jimmy took me to the lot in Long Beach to show me the Xterra.  After some negotiation, we went to my bank where I made a withdrawal and had them make out a check.  The yellow dream-truck was now Jimmy’s, and he was like a kid at Christmas.


“It’s like an early Christmas present,” was what I told him.


“How do I ever match this?”  I told him to keep putting up with me.  I joked that was a difficult enough thing to do all by itself.


“It’s still early.  Why don’t we go your place and fool around.”  I was especially horny for some reason.  I nearly ripped my new striped panties getting them off.  I rode my tanned stallion with my boobs bouncing frantically, until he held them. 


I grunted “Ah-Ah-Ah-Ugh-Ugh-Ugh-Ah-Ah-Ah,” matching each bounce until we came at the same time, both of us very loud in our vocal appreciation of a good orgasm.  He stayed hard, so I kept riding, and kept cumming.  Wow!


Before we got out of bed, he said, “You know, you’re always complaining how small your tits are.  Well, I think they’re growing.  In fact, I know they’re bigger since that first time.”  He pantomimed using his cupped palm as a measuring device.  “Definitely bigger.”


“First time, huh?  You mean when you took an innocent little girl’s virginity?”  I said, grinning.


“Innocent, my ass!  Sneaking around on the beach trying to see guy’s cocks.  Hardly innocent,” he said, before slapping my butt, “but still little, with a skinny ass.”


A very long kiss ensued.  Before he took me home, I said those three words again.


“I love you.”  I hoped I knew what that meant.



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