By Candy

Part 8 of my life in So. California




I awoke on a Sunday from my dream, thinking how much I hated ones where I’d been falling and falling, with no one to catch me.  Why was I having more of those lately? 


I still hadn’t had the courage yet to ask Jimmy about the day I returned from my date with Gerry to see Cassie’s car pulling away from in front of Jimmy’s apartment.  Yes, the more I thought about it the surer I was it had been her car I saw.


The day before, I hung out with Jimmy most of the afternoon and evening.  Since I’ve been getting mostly A’s in school all year, my parents had been more liberal, letting me spend good time away from the house with friends and hanging out.  Of course, little did they know who I was hanging out with.  Since Jimmy loved to play pool almost as much as he loved to surf, we went to his favorite pool hall/bar.  Most of the servers knew I was underage but were all friends with Jimmy so they let me hang out there while he played, sometimes even letting me have a beer or two.  It was a cool place.  Jimmy was always trying to teach me how to play but so far I’ve been pretty lousy at it.  Yes, he tried, bless him, but the result wasn’t any more successful than teaching me to surf last summer.  I loved soccer and softball, but proficiency in other sports eluded me.


Every once in a while some guy would make a play for me, so it was cool to see Jimmy get all protective and territorial, chasing the guys away.  I’d always chuckle inside, thinking that’s my man!  Jimmy’s friend Brian, Cassie’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, was still trying to get into my panties in a bad way.  I kind of enjoyed the attention of these other guys, since I never considered myself very pretty, with my too-big nose (to me) and too small boobs (also, to me).  At times like that, I was apt to start thinking of Alan and Rod, and Gerry, and Ed Ibanez, and bask in the warmth of knowing how THEY felt about my looks and me.


On Sunday afternoon of the next weekend, Jimmy and I went to the beach.  It was a beautiful sunny day, unlike the smoggy and overcast days we were having so far this spring.  We found the “crew” as Jimmy called them—his circle of friends.  Many were the same that had gone to Pete’s house and participated in what I now thought of as the ‘hot tub orgy’.  Cassie was there with Brian.  She had on a new bikini, which wasn’t much more than a few strings, and she was fairly spilling out of it.


She called over to me, “Hey kid, haven’t seen you in a few.”  She walked over and in a whisper said, “You gonna meet any more guys from the ‘net?”


Jimmy heard her, and I knew it would piss him off, but his face didn’t betray anything.  Maybe it was how he was looking at Cassie, or perhaps that was just what my overactive imagination saw.


Brian walked over and gave Jimmy one of those buddy-fist-bumps I thought were silly.  Before I could stop him he grabbed my ass.  “Ooooh, firm as always,” he chimed.  Jimmy gave him a dirty look and Brian backed away with his hands in the air like he was surrendering.


Cassie gave Jimmy’s ass a pinch and said, “This one’s pretty tight too,” and stuck her tongue out at Brian.  He didn’t seem to mind, but I sure did.  Cassie chuckled a little when I got closer to Jimmy and put my arm around his waist.


She said to me, “Ok, ok, I’m sorry,” as she too put her hands up as Brian had.


We hung out on the beach for a while, talking with our friends.  As it got late, Jimmy and I took off.  He had to get me home since the next day was a school day and I had to finish some homework.  On the way, I decided it was time to ask the inevitable question.


“Sweetheart (yes, I called him that), you had sex with Cassie, didn’t you?”


“That’s stupid.  Where did you get that idea,” He replied, but then he looked at me and he knew that I knew.  “How did you…?”


I told him about seeing her car and figuring out the rest.  He pulled the Xterra over to the side of PCH [that’s the Pacific Coast Highway for you non-Californians, though around here it’s just a city street and not some big highway] and after a huge sigh told me about his seduction, his temptation, his weakness.  As he told me though, I heard another motive—retribution—one that bothered me much more than the others.  I won’t bore you with all the details of what he said, since they’re probably pretty common I’m finding out as I experienced more of life.  Basically, how could he avoid temptation when I was fucking other men?  Cassie had come on to him and he succumbed; end of story as far as Jimmy was concerned.  From what he told me Cassie had gone to his apartment to tell him I seemed to be ok with Gerry.  She told him she was surprised he didn’t already know of my adventurous tryst.  The rest was predictable.  Even with the best of intentions Cassie couldn’t pass up a good fuck.  I practically invited her, since I was always saying how good a lover Jimmy was.  Well, I suppose I couldn’t be mad at Cassie, and under the circumstances I couldn’t be mad at Jimmy either.  I had no claim on him.  I was still in middle school, for God’s sake!


He got back on the road and we went to his apartment instead.  No sooner were we in the door we started getting out of our clothes.  He took me right on the living room floor.  Though I’m always a fast cummer, this one took some time, probably with all the emotions swirling through my mind.  Didn’t matter, Jimmy sensed it and kept a nice rhythm going until I arched my back and screamed.  He kept thrusting until he wrung every last spasm from me, then pulled out and unloaded over my belly and breasts.  I ALWAYS love to have hot, gooey cum to play with.


Jimmy went to get a towel.  “Don’t want cum stains on my carpet.”  I cleaned up while Jimmy lay next to me on the floor and sulked.  “I fuckin’ don’t know what to do,” he said suddenly.  “Any time I’m with you I’m one step away from a prison cell, and I can’t help myself.  Shit, if you felt the same way I do maybe you’d be only with me and then when you’re older…”


I interrupted him, “Oh Jimmy, sweetheart, I do care for you.  I’m just, I don’t know, like learning…”


His turn to interrupt, “Yeah, I know, you’re ‘so young and innocent and learning’ all about sex and you’re ‘too young to know what love is’ blah-dee-blah-blah.  That sure doesn’t stop you from making porn and acting like a whore with all those pedos you chat with.”


“Oh yeah, they’re ‘pedos’ huh, if they are then what does that make you?”  I saw the hurt on his face and knew immediately it was the worst thing to say.  He turned away, and I started to cry.


We got dressed and he took me home, all in silence.


I got home later than I wanted so I had to stay up late to do my homework.  That night in bed I fell asleep crying.  I looked like shit the next morning in the mirror while getting ready for school.  I guess I didn’t sleep that well.  The whole school day was equally shitty.  I thought I loved Jimmy but maybe it wasn’t going to work anyway.  I turned out to be a wreck all week long. 


Come the next weekend, and not hearing from Jimmy, I gave Cassie a call and asked if she wanted to hang out.  She was the only one who could actually pick me up at my house in a car and not get me grounded.  My parents were gaga over her, which I thought was very funny.  Here was this blond nymphomaniac, who wouldn’t think twice about taking on five guys at once, who was over three years older than me, and who went to high school and DROVE, and my mother thought she was a “perfect” friend for me.  Holy shit!   My dad was more typical, practically salivating when he talked to her.  Let me tell you something: my mom may be older now, but I bet she’s still hot in the sex department.  I’m not naïve to think my folks don’t still fuck, and I always imagined my petite mom was the ‘on-top’ type, at least I pictured her that way ever since I had sex myself and learned about different positions.  My father’s not a big man but he was still fit, so I could easily imagine him fucking my mom with fast thrusts of his hips.  (OK, I admit it—the thought did turn me on—Daddy’s Girl for sure!).  Oh yeah, back to Cassie; whenever she would stop by my house and talked to my dad, the same night I’d hear my parents pounding away down the hall, their headboard slamming wall and my mom screaming even though I knew she was trying not to make that much noise (my innocent ears, hee-hee.)  Cassie had that effect.


When Cassie came to pick me up, she charmed my mom and dad as usual, and I thought, how can I be mad at her for doing Jimmy?  She doesn’t do anything to be mean or cruel.  She is who she is.  No sooner were we in her car, she told me how horny she was.


Her sexual aura even affected me.  “Do you want me, or are you talking guys?”  I asked.


She looked over at me and ran her tongue around her lips.  I wasn’t sure if it was done on purpose or not.  “You HAD to say that, Candy-girl, didn’t you?”  She took a deep breath, and then said, “I didn’t think of you, you have to believe me, but damn, your tongue would do the trick.  Holy fuck, I think I just squirted into my panties!”


The thought of having her lying next to me, her aura enveloping me, her touching me and me touching her in return, and I practically squirted into my panties too.  I croaked, “Ok, is your mom home?”


“She’ll be going out later.  Let’s go hang out at the mall or someplace, and if this…ah…heat…still has us, we’ll go take care of it, ok?”


It still had us.


After we walked around the Del Amo for a while—all nervous pent-up sexual energy (it’s a wonder boys didn’t follow us around the mall because of our scent)—we went to Cassie’s apartment.  Her mom was gone, so we went to Cassie’s room, stripped and went at it like two animals.  We were brutal.  I bit her clit and she yelped and thrashed and clamped her thighs around my head.  She sucked on one of my nipples so hard I knew it would be purple the next day.  We didn’t simply lick each other—we devoured.  We kept cumming one orgasm after another and completely lost track of time.  Thank God her mom didn’t come home.


We showered together, each of us with one more fingered orgasm.  What an afternoon!


Mellow from the sex, we went out to her car but instead of going anywhere we sat and talked.  She freely admitted fucking Jimmy.  She told me she was sorry; she figured I was off doing other guys so Jimmy was fair game.  Nothing personal.  I told her I wasn’t angry with her, though Jimmy was special to me and it did bother me a bit; a nagging bother I couldn’t quite define.


“You’re so much like me, and you don’t realize it,” she said, and then giggled.  “That’s why I like you so much even if you are a whole lot smarter than me, you silly chick.”


“What’s that mean…like you?”


“You know, sex drives you.  I’m like a 24/7 slut.  Every person I meet I wonder if they’re a good fuck.  I bet you’re the same.  You don’t hesitate to make it with anyone if they attract you.  You’re fourteen for Christ’s sake, and already you’re a fucking machine.  You take on these older men like a fourth-grader takes to recess.  My clit hurts like hell but all I want to do right now is go back to my room and have you suck on it some more.” 


She took a deep breath, adding, “See what I mean?  You’re like me!”


She was right.  I understood but didn’t want to face reality.  Was I really becoming a slave to my clit, a slave to my vagina?  Falling down a rabbit hole of sexual need that would bury me?  I shuddered at the thought, though I was thinking about her glorious pussy and fabulous tits at the same time.  Guilty as charged.


No, we didn’t go back to her bedroom.  Instead we went to the pier and hung out, talking about some of my Internet ‘admirers’ and wondering what they’d be like.  We watched the fishermen, and talked about her desire to explore making porn movies, speculating if I would get a call from Ed Ibanez or one of his cohorts.  I talked some more about the actors and their big cocks and how great it had felt, and she got hot and horny again, like she couldn’t help herself.  She was turning out to be a most improbable friend.


I did better in school that week than I did the week before.  I got some ‘confirming’ photos from a guy named Larry I’d been chatting with, so I began planning another liaison.  He was from Simi Valley, which I thought was kind of far away until I Googled it.  He said he would reserve a room at a hotel closer to LA, and “show me a good time.”  The jewelry he had dangling from his cock in one of the photos was exquisitely beautiful.  He wasn’t bad looking either for a guy in his 40’s.  He sent me a picture of his car—it had a turbo.  I wonder what it would be like to drive one of those?  I started making a list of places he could take me for that “good time.”


The school year was winding down.  I thought of the beach, summer babysitting jobs, Jimmy, and Mr. Ibanez.  What would this summer be like as I readied to enter high school?  At least my parents stopped talking about sending me to a private school.  I was going to RUHS and that would be neat, though not as neat as if I lived in Torrance and went to the same school as Cassie.  I wondered if not hearing from Jimmy meant we were through.  It hurt, but I maybe knew deep down that any plans for us as a couple were only dreams; I mean, I still had high school and college ahead and I wasn’t going to throw that away.


Larry was probably watching too many of those “trap a predator” TV shows as he kept stalling and stalling for a ‘date’ with me.  Not much I could do about that.


One school day I called Cassie on my (secret) Sidekick phone (the one from Gerry I can’t let my parents know I have – hee-hee) to see if she would be home after school.  I told her that maybe I would be over, with my mom driving me there.  She said she thought she’d be home and that if I wanted to come over and hang out it would be ok.  She figured we could plan for Larry whenever he came around, or maybe do some web surfing looking for cool sex stories to get hot over.  I finished our phone conversation by saying it wasn’t a sure thing I’d be over.  “Whatever, I’ll be home,” was her reply.


My mom had no problem driving me to Cassie’s, a weirdness I still can’t get over.  I assured my mom I wouldn’t be out too late and that Cassie would drive me home.  A kiss on the cheek and I was out of the car and up the stairs to Cassie’s door.


I knocked and rang the bell but nobody answered.  She said she’d be home, so what was going on?  After several more minutes of knocking and ringing, I tried her on my phone.  Her phone was off as I went right to voice mail.  I kind of chewed her out on my message for leaving me hanging like that.


Dejectedly, I stood on the street corner and pondered whether to call my mother for a ride home.  I thought Jimmy’s place isn’t that far away from here.  Maybe I could walk over and see him.  Try to patch things up.  Maybe have him take me to the pool hall for game or two.   If Jimmy wasn’t home, then I would call my mom.


When I finally got there, I knocked on his door.  No answer, but I did hear sounds from inside like the TV was on.  Maybe he couldn’t hear the door, I thought.  He’d given me a key so I figured I’d let myself in.  Maybe I could catch him in the shower and I could join him—that would be a great way to make up!  I unlocked his door and entered the apartment. 


The sounds I heard weren’t coming from the TV; they were coming from the bedroom.


I tiptoed closer, my brain still not registering the sounds.  Maybe I simply refused to acknowledge what they were.  When I got to the open doorway, I saw Jimmy between Cassie’s legs and his ass swinging like a pendulum in a short arc.  They weren’t alone, as Brian was lying next to Cassie and tweaking her nipples and playing with her bouncing breasts.  In and out, in and out, Jimmy like the piston I knew he was, Cassie moaning, cheering him on. 


“Yes…yes…yes…harder…yes…yes…YES…arghhhhhh,” she cried, urging…urging.


And I stood in the doorway and watched.


And put my hand in my pants and started my own tweaking.  The whole scene was wrong, but there I was fingering myself instead of breaking it up.  Maybe I WAS worse than Cassie in the sexual hunger category.


Cassie was growing louder when suddenly Brian spotted me.  He muttered something like “Oh shit.”  The other two went on fucking, not hearing him, or paying attention as he jumped off the bed and hustled out to me, his semi-erect cock bouncing.   He grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the bedroom door.  Crap, I thought, I didn’t get to cum like Cassie would.


“What are you doing here?”  Brian asked.  I could see he was already into his macho posturing even before he said, “No matter, Candy sweet, now that you’re here maybe we could go join the love birds in there and get it on.  What do you say?”  He put one arm around me while the other went to my groin, his cockhead pressing into my side.


I pushed him away.  “This is all so stupid.”  I fought back tears.  “Why do you ALWAYS have to be such an asshole anyway, huh Brian?”


He scoffed at me for crying.  “C’mon, I heard all about what you’ve done, these men you met on-line and the porno.  What’s so different about us having a little fun in there?”  He laughed and grabbed for my ass but I pulled away from him.  “A foursome would be nice, wouldn’t it?  It’s not like you haven’t made it with BOTH of them already,” he said, pointing at the bedroom door.  “Maybe it’s my turn to get a little of that tight little booty.”


I said, “See, you’re such an ass.”  I paused as we heard Cassie’s orgasmic cries and Jimmy’s moaning as he came.  “If you had half a brain you’d realize that with them going at it in there I might have been willing to let you, but you’re always playing the macho jerk-off, and I can’t stand it.”


He stared at me, and surprised the shit out of me by actually looking like he was sorry.


We overheard Cassie say, “I bet I can get that thing hard again, what do you say?”  This was followed by slurping-like sounds—I bet I knew where Jimmy’s cock was right then.


Brian glanced at the bedroom doorway, and then turned back to me, saying, “Yeah, I know how I am sometimes.  I bet it’s not easy listening to…them…is it?”


“I guess there’s not much I can do about it.”  I chuckled, and added, “…and I guess you didn’t see what I was doing by the door, did you?”  His expression told me he hadn’t seen my hand in my panties though he was figuring out what I meant. 


I said, “I mean, Cassie’s like horny 24/7.  How can you stay her boyfriend when she’s always doing it with other people?”


“Hey, who knows?  Maybe I want to just be around her, like pick up the crumbs or something…”




“Yeah, like I get to have a piece of her every once in a while, and I don’t mean sex, just to have her pay attention to me, you know.”


“Is that all you want?”


He looked sad when he answered, “What I thought I wanted was to have a girl look at me like you look at Jimmy.”  He sighed.  “Maybe that’s fantasy too.”


Maybe he was right.  Fantasy—all of it.  Storybook bullshit.  I actually told Jimmy I loved him.  Bullshit coming from the mouth of a dumb kid, a kid falling…falling…falling.  The bedroom got louder.  They were fucking again, and I stupidly wondered in what position.


What the hell, “I’m sorry for taking you away from…that.  Willy looks like he lost his best friend,” I said with a giggle, gesturing to his now-wilted cock.


Brian shook his head and said, “Now on top of everything else you’re gonna start teasing me?”


“Who’s teasing?”  I got closer to him and brushed my hand lightly against his cock.  I never saw a man get hard and spring up so fast!


He moaned and muttered, “Oh Candy…”


“See how things go when you don’t act like an asshole?”  I smiled as I ran two fingers up the shaft of his rigid erection.


He kissed me.  No, he wasn’t the greatest kisser in the world, but when you want to be fucked, well…  I throatily whispered, “Do you want me to take my clothes off or do you want to do the honors?”  He wanted.


Brian was so horny he was practically panting as he began removing my clothes.  He was actually tender for a change, slipping my top over my head and then helping me out of my denim skirt.  When he unclipped my bra, he let it fall and began to kiss and nibble on my nipples.  He whispered that he liked “puffies,” though I barely heard him over the cries emanating from Jimmy’s room.  Cassie must have been riding him cowgirl, for she was yipping and groaning on each creak of the bedsprings.  Brian slipped my panties down my legs as if he was Indiana Jones uncovering a treasured object.  Another moan escaped his lips.  He stood up and kissed me again.


When we stopped kissing, he said, “Oh Candy, you’re so hot.  I can’t believe you’re letting me…you’re going to…” He couldn’t bring himself to say the magic words.


As he guided my naked body to the sofa, I wondered for the umpteenth time about this young-girl attraction that had all these guys breathless over me.  No matter what I think, I still see a skinny, awkward 14-year old with hardly any chest looking back at me in the mirror.  Hot?  Hardly.  Maybe someday I’ll understand it, but for now I’ll hang on for the wild ride.  Sex is sex, right?  With me on my back with legs spread, Brian spent many minutes worshipping my pussy.  He licked and touched and kissed and even stared when for a brief moment I felt nothing.  He told me how pretty my pussy was.  I figure that meant he was ready to penetrate my ‘prettiness’.  He was.  He fucked me like a madman.  I knew he’d cum much too quickly but that was ok.  My mind wandered to what I imagined Cassie and Jimmy were doing in the other room.  I pictured how each of them looked and sounded when they climaxed.  When Brian flung his head back and filled me, I was cumming too.


I must have squealed as I usually do, for Brian stopped and stared in amazement.  My hips were still bucking, squeezing as much out of the orgasm as I could.  I had tunnel vision, only seeing Brian’s astonished and physically spent face.  When my vision cleared and expanded I saw two more astonished faces looking at me.


“Oh my God, Candy.  How did you…?  What…?”  Cassie sputtered.


“Candy, sweetheart, I can explain…” Jimmy mumbled, like he was my husband caught cheating or something.


For some crazy reason none of us could ever explain we all started laughing, four naked, sweaty, post-coital friends.  The Brian persona that was new to me explained, as far as he was concerned, we all got something we were looking for, and laughing about it was a whole lot better than the alternative, which was jealousy and bitterness.  Where was ‘this’ Brian before?


Cassie sat next to me on the sofa and hugged me, saying she hoped I wasn’t mad at her, especially after we already talked about Jimmy.  Jimmy asked me if I was mad at him. 


I said, “No, but only if you still teach me how to play pool.”  That earned a grin from Jimmy and a guffaw from the other two.


Cassie turned to Jimmy and said, “You know, Jimbo, she’s doing a creampie all over your couch,” before returning her gaze to my crotch.


Jimmy rolled his eyes and said, “I guess I can’t take her anywhere.”  We all laughed again as Brian (whose ‘cream’ I was leaking, after all) got a few sheets of paper towel to clean up the ‘spill’.  Brian looked into my eyes and smiled before slowly wiping the paper towel between my thighs and over my pussy.  He silently mouthed Thank you and you’re beautiful so only I could see.


“I bet neither of you two bozos REALLY know how hot this girl can be.  She’s like a firecracker with a short fuse,” Cassie proclaimed while beginning to play with my breasts.  “You wanna see something awesome?”  She leaned over and kissed me, one hand still tweaking a nipple.


I wish I could describe in detail what happened next (that’s why you read these, correct?) but I can’t.  From the moment Cassie started finger-fucking me I was lost.  I was getting close to orgasm when I realized that I was entwined with not one, but three other naked bodies.  I came, and I screamed, and I kept cumming.  One of the guys came in my vagina while another gave me a facial.  No sooner did I feel the hot semen on my face then a wet pussy squashed into my mouth.  Cassie rode my lips and tongue to an orgasm all her own.


 We sort of collapsed to the carpet in a sweating and dripping heap.  What little conversation took place was about the four of us going forward.  When I told them I was done with this kind of scene, Cassie said I couldn’t do it, while the guys laughed and said “Yeah, right!”


I said that we could all be friends—in fact I WANTED to stay friends with them—but the sexual roller coaster I was on had to stop.  “I wanna be a regular kid.  I wanna be a regular high school girl, and not a slut.”


Jimmy said, “C’mon, you’re not a slut just because you…er…like sex.”


I told them I felt like a slut.  No amount of debate was going to change that.  “I’m going back to being that ‘regular’ kid.”


Eventually Cassie drove me home.  She kept kidding me about giving up sex.  She said I couldn’t do it.  “You’re too much like me,” she said once more.


We would see.


The last few weeks of school breezed by.  I did well on final exams so I knew my grades would all be great.  Possibly straight A’s, now wouldn’t that be neat.  I spoke with Jimmy on the cell phone, and he said that soon he’d be calling me for a date.  “Still gotta get you up on a surfboard.”


I began making plans for the summer.  My mom helped me get a couple of steady babysitting jobs that would keep me busy, at least when I wasn’t hanging out at the beach in my pink bikini.  My parents thought the babysitting would be a good life lesson about working and making money.  How were they to know I had nearly six figures in a bank account from ‘working’?  More than anything, I wanted summer to be my back-to-being-a-kid days. 


Then, two phone calls.


First one from Gerry: How would I like to go to Huntington Beach with him in a couple of weeks?  Maybe go to San Diego and visit the zoo?  He had a hotel room booked.


Second call came to my home: My mom answered and said the call was for me, a teacher?  I took the phone from her with much curiosity.  A man’s voice was on the line.


“Hi, my favorite Candy in the whole world.  You know who this is?”  It was Ed Ibanez.  He told me to just say yes a few times to what he had to say.  I said “Yes.”  He explained he told my mom he was an assistant teacher at my school reminding me about a book I’d left in a classroom.  “Call me on your cell phone first chance you get.  I’ve got a proposition for you.”  He recited the number a couple of times so I could remember it.  I said “Yes” again.


I wasn’t sure how well my mom bought the ‘lost book’ story, but she didn’t question me further.


When I was free to call, I punched in the number he gave me.  He answered after four rings.  He asked me how I was doing and told me a little about Suzie’s school year before getting down to business.  He wanted me to make another video.  He had a place rented in the desert.  “Almost to Barstow,” he said.  He told me dates and suggested some ideas on how I could get away from home for a few days to shoot.  The suggestions didn’t sound like they would work with my folks, however I had an idea.


“I have a friend named Cassie who wants to make movies too.  She’s blond and very pretty, and she likes sex a lot.”


“I don’t know, Candy.  Too many people, you know.  Might not be smart.”


“Ok, but she could also be my excuse to get away.  My parents like her and if we made up a story, like went camping or something with some other kids maybe they’d let me.”


“I’ll think about it.  I take it you’re saying yes.  You know, Alan’s been asking about you.  Jake too.”


I tried not to let my eagerness show in my voice.  “Alan’s gonna be in it?”


“Of course, why do you think I brought him up?”  I knew he was smiling, ever the salesman.


“Why don’t you give your friend—Cassie? —this number and have her call me.  Maybe I’ll have you take some candid pictures of her to e-mail me, so I can see what she’s got.  Sound ok?  I’m not promising anything, mind you, but I do want you, my sweet Cotton Candy.


He told me a few things about the movie.  Outdoor shooting—sex in the dessert—along with a loose plot of drugs and double-crossing.  He told me what I’d be earning.  I though college is paid for, easy.  Would I do it?  Falling deeper into this ‘secret’ life of mine?  What about ‘back-to-being-a-kid’ days?


Falling, falling, like in my dream.




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