"Young Cleopatra"

by Candy


Part 5 of my life in So. California

Ó 2008



Did I have a dilemma! 


Mr. Ibanez was ready to shoot his big “Cleopatra” video the week that was to be my first full week in the Eighth Grade.  How was I going to manage school and my homework and still get out of the house to do the movie?  Ed Ibanez and I were counting on Glory being the solution to me getting to the house on S. Catalina, but she wasn’t answering the phone or returning messages.  I was more worried about Glory than Mr. Ibanez seemed to be.  I knew Glory was upset I was making the video, saying I was “throwing my life away” and I would always regret the decision.  I didn’t see it that way; I was going to be a young Cleopatra and have some great sex with hunks like Alan and make a lot of money.  Where was Glory, I wondered?


Obviously, Jimmy wasn’t too happy about the whole thing either when he found out.  Because he just turned twenty-two he couldn’t actually be thought of as my boyfriend, though he was the only male I spent any time with.  Our dates were sneaky and infrequent at best.  I made up a lot of lies about friends who weren’t really friends in order to go out and see him.  We had lots of fun, and he was, after all, my main transportation provider.  I knew more lies to my parents were forthcoming if I had any hope of being in Ed’s video; I didn’t like it but that’s the way it had to be.


The weekend prior to the start of school I was at his house playing in the pool with his daughter, my friend Suzie.  We were both naked and we fooled around in the water a little, but no sex this time.  Mr. Ibanez sat at poolside and watched us. 


After a while he stood and before going into the house, said to us “Why don’t you two go take a shower and join me in the theater.  Candy, I need to speak with you about how we’re gonna schedule all the shooting and what your scenes will be like, okay?”


Suzie climbed out of the pool and went inside.  I followed her into the shower.  “You’re really gonna be in Dad’s video, huh?” She said while we lathered each other with soap.


“Yeah, it’s gonna be great.”


“I wish I was in it but he said you were better,” she answered, and I couldn’t miss the envy in her voice.  She left the shower first and after drying off, pranced naked toward her father’s theater.  What the hell, I shortly followed, naked as well.


Mr. Ibanez had a home theater in his house, with a big screen and gazillions of speakers.  He had several plush armchairs along with one large sofa in the room.  When I entered, Ed was naked and sitting on the sofa, Suzie beside him, with a porn movie playing on the screen.  He asked me to sit next to him, opposite his daughter.  Suzie was watching the video and lazily stroking her father’s huge cock, which was already semi-erect and swelling.


“Are you still okay with being in the movie?”  He asked me.  I said I was, and he began explaining the plot and how everything would work.  He motioned toward the screen and said, “See that girl?  That’s Boo and she’s gonna be your co-star.”  The girl was a petite brunette, who at the moment in the video was enthusiastically riding this guy like a horse in a rodeo.  Mr. Ibanez continued explaining how she was going to play young Cleopatra’s maid or something and she would secretly be conspiring to get rid of Cleopatra. 


He told me about an actress named Lupe who I would make love to in my first sex scene.  “The big finale will come after Cleopatra has sentenced her handmaiden and her accomplice to death.  Alan, Derek and Big Rod will be some of your lovers.  You okay with that?”  The last said with an audible moan as by now Suzie had stroked his amazingly large cock to its full length and thickness.  I was hoping they wouldn’t have sex right there in front of me.  I realized long before then that Suzie’s need to have sex with her father when I was around was an expression of her insecurity and her jealousy of me working with her dad.  I understood, but that didn’t mean I wanted to have them fuck there on the sofa.


Between moans, Ed explained the schedule to me, and how most of my work would come on two successive Saturdays so as not to interfere with school—and homework.  Again he asked me if I was okay with the whole thing.  I thought of Alan, and I thought of the reason for Big Rod’s stage name.  I shuddered, but answered him with a “Yes.” 


After I acknowledged my ‘working’ hours when I needed to be at the house, he took a long look at me and sheepishly said, “I have to take care of somebody, I think.  You got a way to get home?” 


Suzie was already pulling on his arm to get him off the sofa and lead him to the bedroom when I asked if I could use his phone.  They were out of sight when I rang Glory.  Still no answer, so I tried Jimmy next.  I could hear how pissed he was even as he agreed to come pick me up and take me home.  I got dressed and let myself out, as the noises grew louder from the bedroom.


The beginning week of school was interesting for sure.  The novelty of being the new kid from the East Coast wore off after only a couple of days.  I met some new friends.  I missed Suzie, since she went to a different school.  My teachers weren’t too bad.  In Algebra class I realized again why I hated math.  I wasn’t the prettiest girl but I was far from the ugliest.  Some of the boys were interesting.  All in all I guessed it would be okay.


When I went to the Redondo porn house on the following Saturday morning, video cameras were already rolling.  I slinked quietly through the house and into the big room to see several couples screwing in an orgy scene.  Checking out the men, I saw Derek fucking a big-breasted brunette doggie-style with long, deep strokes accentuating his size.  He was going to be one of the men who did me in my big scene.  I watched him, and shuddered at the thought, imagining Big Rod and knowing that he was more endowed than Derek.


When Mr. Ibanez saw me, he motioned for me to leave the room so we could talk.


“Hey, my favorite piece of Candy, you ready to do some sexy acting today?”  He asked with a chuckle.  I nodded.  He went on, “See Peter in the back for your clothes; I think you’ll love the costumes.  I know you’re gonna be great, I just know it.”  A slender girl, maybe 18 or 19 and naked except for a thong, walked up to Ed, calling him Raul, which was one of his stage names.  Ed Ibanez turned to me and said, “Candy, I’d like you to meet Lupe.  She’s gonna be part of your first scene.” 


Lupe was probably Mexican, with caramel skin and wavy black hair.  Her breasts were firm and pointed with chocolate brown, cone shaped, hard areolas very different from my pink, puffy ones.  The way she looked me up and down made me wonder if she was a lesbian.  That didn’t matter to me anyway, especially since I was going to have sex with her.  We exchanged a few words and she said she was looking forward to working with me.  Her gaze confirmed her anticipation.


Mr. Ibanez didn’t miss her look.  “My, my.  I think she’s gonna be perfectly hot when she gets to do you.  What do you think?”  He laughed and hugged me.  “I don’t know what I’d do without you, Candy.  I never dreamed I’d find someone your age who was as good at this as you are.”  He reached over to an ice bucket and removed a bottle of champagne.  “You want some?”  Of course I did.  I loved champagne and how the bubbles tickled and how it made me giggle.  He popped the cork and poured us some in old-fashioned goblets I figured for props. 


“To my Cleopatra, the sexiest girl in the world,” he toasted, and we drank. 


Did I tell you how much I loved champagne?


Peter, who worked for Mr. Ibanez as a sort of prop man and jack-of-all-trades, gave me a long, sheer nightgown and a purple robe decorated with symbols someone I guess thought were Egyptian-looking.  This was to be my costume.  He showed me the chair that had been modified to be a throne, one that could be carried aloft by four people.  The ‘throne’ was set up in another bedroom of the house I figured for my bedchamber.  I undressed and put on the see-through nightgown and the robe over it, as Jake the director came in to see me and go over the scene and what I was supposed to say.  I’d finished my goblet of champagne and was feeling tipsy; though Jake didn’t let on he noticed anything.  He explained how the scene would work with Lupe.  She was a slave girl, who was going to sneak a peek into the young queen’s chambers, and I—the queen—would invite her in and we would make love.


I went and filled my goblet with champagne again while Jake, Peter and another guy readied the cameras and lights in the room.  When they were ready, I sat in the ‘throne’ and sipped my champagne.  Soon we were ready to begin.  If for some reason Jake said “Action” right then I would have burst out laughing for sure.  He never used words like “Action” and “Cut” as directors on TV did; he just said “Go” and “That’s it” and swore a lot if people didn’t fuck like he wanted them to. 


Lights were on and cameras were running.  Time for my monologue.  I spoke my thoughts out loud, complaining to the gods that it wasn’t fair I couldn’t have sex like everyone else simply because I was the queen, along with more stuff like that.  That’s when Lupe, who was supposed to be a slave girl, peeked around the doorway into my chambers.  She was dressed in a short white top like a tank top, that someone had sewn more of the ersatz Egyptian symbols on, along with black, extremely pouffy pants. 


“Come here young woman.  Why do you spy on your queen?”  Next to my ‘throne’ was a bowl of fruit including a large bunch of grapes.  “Come, share some juicy grapes with me,” I commanded.  Lupe did an excellent job of shyly creeping into the room.


In the room was an ornate divan (another new word I learned when Jake explained what the sofa-like thing was called).  I invited the slave girl to sit on the divan, as I rose from the throne chair and let my robe fall to the floor.  I loved the way the silky, see-through nightgown felt on my skin as I offered grapes to Lupe’s character and reclined on the divan next to her.  She said her lines well and I only heard a slight Spanish accent while she told me how much she worshipped me and envied the things I have in the palace that her family can never have, like the grapes.  She greedily sucked one after another down, allowing some of the juices to dribble from her mouth.  Now it was my turn—the role of seductress.


“Girl, do not waste any of the sweet nectar.  You must learn to savor every bit of the juice,” I said, bending over and running my tongue around her chin and the corners of her mouth.  That wasn’t my scripted line but Jake gave me a thumbs-up so I figured he liked my ad-libbing.


We kissed long and deep until I arose from the divan and pulled the sheer gown up and over my head.  Lupe hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her pants and pulled them off.  I was still very tipsy from the champagne, and I was as horny as I’ve been in a while—so I was very ready for this.  I sat back down next to her and we kissed again while each of us caressed the contours of the other’s body.  I slipped her top off over her head, revealing her breasts.  As I said before, they weren’t huge, but they were exceptionally firm to my touch.  As I played with her breasts, she more or less took over the scene.  She kissed me all over, first sucking on one nipple then the other before slowly running her lips and tongue down my belly to my pussy.


Suddenly Jake yelled, “No, no, no, stop, that’s not the way it’s supposed to go.  Lupe, she’s the queen.  You’re supposed to be the slave girl and let her take you, not the other way around.” 


Lupe kind of looked embarrassed being chastised like that.  She said, “I’m sorry, I like got carried away—I mean, she’s so cute.”


Wow, this sexy porn actress with a great body said I was cute!


Jake asked me “You know what I mean, Candy?  She’s for you to enjoy, okay?  Let’s try it one more time.”


We went back to work under the strong, hot lighting.  My champagne-fueled heat had me all over her.  I pawed her.  I kissed her.  I licked her.  When my tongue penetrated the folds of her pussy lips, I was greeted with a rush of sweet wetness.  I looked up into Lupe’s eyes and saw lust, not acting.  I surprised myself with how much I wanted this.  I had eaten Suzie, but that was acting.  I had eaten Glory, but that was a tender sharing.  This was greedy need.  I wantonly assaulted her clit until she cried in ecstasy.  I was as proud of myself as I was horny—her orgasm invigorated me.  In the back of my mind I wondered if my desire for her release was something hidden within me, somehow loosened by the champagne.  I had things to ponder, but first—I had to get mine for the camera.


I said aloud, though I was acting like I was whispering to Lupe’s character, “You are as juicy as my grapes.  Will I be as fortunate to burst in juicy splendor as they did at your lips?”  I knew it was ridiculous dialog, but I didn’t write it.


Lupe had to be a lesbian; her lust was a dense fog that enveloped both of us.  I reclined on the divan as she moved between my thighs.  Her touch was electric.  Her lips were as light as feathers brushing against my hot skin.  She teased me with a flick of her tongue before saying her next line: “I hope I can pleasure my queen as well as she has me.”


She did.  Her tongue probed and flitted around and against my clit, which by this time was probably swollen and practically vibrating.  I didn’t need to act.  I laid back and let all the sensations of her tongue, her lips, her fingers deliver me.  I couldn’t help myself; I was making sounds someone could easily believe was a cat in heat.  I was moving my hips to an involuntary rhythm as she sucked my clit.


I screamed “AAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” as I fell over the orgasmic cliff.


Later, several of the guys said I “squealed like a stuck pig” when I came, whatever that meant.


Lupe and I kissed and fondled some more before I made my last speech about how I, the Queen, would look out for her family, and that she could visit me in my chambers again and “taste my fruit” whenever she wanted.


Jake hollered “Great” which was his version of “It’s a wrap” or some such thing, and everyone watching clapped and said we did a great job.  My fantastic orgasm and the lingering taste of my pussy juices still on Lupe’s lips during our final kiss was what I was thinking about, not the “job” we just finished.  


As the crew moved away to get ready to tape another scene in the big room, Lupe offered me the decorated robe to put on before whispering, “I can’t believe you’re doing this at your age.  Maybe we can get together some other time?”  She cupped one of my breasts as she kissed me on the cheek.  Was that like asking me for a date?  I was noncommittal, saying that maybe we would work together again sometime.


I followed everyone to the large room where they were setting up.  For the first time, I saw the actress Boo, who was basically the main female star of the movie (regardless of what Ed Ibanez said) getting last minute instructions from Jake.  This was her big scene of the movie as she plotted with her sex partner, a huge black actor I didn’t know, to get rid of the young Cleopatra.  I watched their scripted conversation as it led to foreplay.  After Jake had them shift positions a little, they started having sex.  The sight was making me horny again, so I slipped away from the room.  It was time for me to get dressed and go home.


Mr. Ibanez stopped me before I got to the back door.


“Will you be able to get over here after school on Tuesday?  I want to tape some of the non-sex scenes between you and Boo and some of the other characters then, so we can concentrate on the big scenes next Saturday.  That okay?”


I knew what he meant by “big” scenes.  I told him I thought I could get here without a problem as long as I didn’t get a mountain of unexpected homework.


When Tuesday rolled around, I was at the house on S. Catalina.  It was obvious that Boo didn’t like having an underage girl in the cast, and I was sure it wasn’t simply the plot that kept me from a sex scene with her.  They videoed me with several characters; I only flubbed one of my lines and had to do it over again.  I confirmed the Saturday schedule with Mr. Ibanez while I mentally worked out all the excuses I would use to get here.


I didn’t do well in school that week.  You could understand how my concentration wandered away from the classroom and thought ahead to Saturday, and big men.


I was a little late getting to the house Saturday, but Mr. Ibanez and Jake didn’t seem upset.  Most of the remaining scenes were captured, leaving this day mainly for me.  I hadn’t slept well and I guess it showed.  Both Ed and Jake asked me if I was okay.  I was nervously anticipating what today would be like, but I told them both with a smile that I was ready.  Ed Ibanez seemed to bring a bottle of champagne from out of thin air and asked me if I wanted some.  It may have been morning, but would I turn down a glass of champagne?  As I was sipping the bubbly liquid courage, Ed hugged me and once again asked me if I was still okay with doing this.  I watched gorgeous Alan approach, and nodded vigorously in answer to Mr. Ibanez’s question.


“Here’s my Candy girl,” Alan said with a broad grin.  He wore only a pair of gym shorts.  I caressed his muscled torso and legs with my eyes as he walked up to me.  Soon he would be in me, and I moaned involuntarily at the thought.  When he was at my side, he said, “You know I’ve been waiting an eternity for this day to come.”  He winked.  “Candy honey, me and the guys will take care of you.  You’ll remember this day forever,” he said with another big grin.  He walked off, whistling.


Mr. Ibanez, who heard what Alan had said, told me, “I heard Big Rod say the same thing yesterday.  These guys really can’t wait—hey, I’m jealous I can’t be one of the guys today!”  He leaned over and gave me a kiss.


I answered, “I wish you were one of the guys too.”


His facial expression told me everything I needed to know.


Jake called for me to get dressed—it really was undressed, since I was going to wear the sheer nightgown again, this time with a different robe over it.  I finished my glass of champagne and poured another.  As I sipped, and stripped, I practiced my lines in my head.  Before the sex part, I had a lot of speaking dialog in the big scene.  I didn’t want to screw it up.   With my glass of champagne I went and sat in the ‘throne’ chair, still silently practicing my lines. 


Soon, Big Rod came by, already naked.  He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.  “Hi Candy.  You ready, sweetheart?”  He asked, every moment the professional.


I couldn’t help but stare at his manhood—the reason for his nickname—hanging between his legs in all its glory.  “Oh yes, I’m ready,” I replied, surprised by my tone.


Derek and Michael greeted me as well before they began surveying my ‘throne’ and figuring out how they would lift and carry it.  They didn’t have to tell me that they were both nervous about my age.  Alan came back and told me again how much he was looking forward to fucking me.  I realized his teasing was like foreplay—he knew how I thought of him and his great body.  It was working; I knew I was wet.


When Jake yelled at everyone to get set, I’d finished my champagne and put the glass aside.  The four men got into position to lift my throne, Derek and Alan in front, Rod and Michael in back.  I was still wearing the nightgown and robe.  They were wearing nothing.  They lifted me effortlessly and on cue began walking while chanting some nonsensical song someone must have thought sounded Egyptian.  As they carried me, the memory games I was playing to remember my lines was being confused by both the champagne and the sight of four swinging cocks.  I stared for a few seconds down at Rod’s big, swaying member and I moaned loud enough for Alan and Derek to glance at me.  Alan snuck a wink at me.  I hoped it wasn’t caught on camera and ruin anything.


When we entered the big room, Boo and her partner had just finished fucking.  The big black actor had sprayed a good amount of cum all over his costar’s chest and face.  That’s how I was supposed to find them.


“You will not betray me again,” I shouted, as the duo sprang to their feet at the same time several toga-clad ‘soldiers’ ran in and grabbed them.  One camera zoomed in to my face as I closed my eyes.  Jake told me they would edit in a few scenes of me and Boo, like I was remembering them.  The ‘soldiers’ tied them up as I kept saying my lines about how I, the queen, had trusted Boo with my most intimate secrets and how she had hurt and betrayed me.  I finished by shouting for the soldiers to take them outside and execute them.  Jake had explained that they already filmed a scene in the desert where the naked couple would die some gruesome yet sexy death.  I couldn’t imagine what a ‘sexy’ death would look like, but that wasn’t my concern.  As they left the room, I sighed loudly and commanded the four men to lower my chair.  Jake yelled “Cut” for the first time ever.  If it wasn’t for what was coming next, I would have laughed for sure.


The crew shifted lighting and got ready.  Was I ready?


Mr. Ibanez loudly said, “Have condoms ready, people.  She’s not on birth control, so if I see anybody bareback in this girl’s cunt you’ll never work in this industry again, you all get me?”


Oh God, he meant when the guys fucked ME!


Alan knelt next to me and whispered, “It’s gonna be great, Candy-girl.  We’re all gonna be gentle.  If anything hurts just let Jake know to stop, okay?”  He had a hand on my thigh.  He slowly moved it up my leg to my pussy and lightly slipped a finger in between my pussy lips.  “I don’t think we have to worry about lubrication,” he said even more softly, holding his finger up so I could see how wet it was.  “I’m going first, you know.”  His smile was mischievous, and captivating.


Jake hollered for everyone to get into place.  In one corner of the room was a large, ornately decorated bed.  The lights were bright.  Three video cameras were ready.  On my ‘throne’ I said my line about the sadness in my life and how I was being denied pleasures because I was the queen. 


I yelled, “I have flesh too—flesh that needs to be satisfied.”


With that, my four menservants came to me, lifted me from my chair and slowly stripped off my nightgown.  They stroked every inch of my body as they carried me to the bed.  Derek and Michael were on each side of me, caressing my legs, belly and breasts.  Big Rod was off to the side, stroking his cock to full erection.  Alan was at my feet.  Outside of the camera’s view, a naked woman was rubbing Alan’s cock—which was pretty hard already—before unrolling a condom onto him.   Their cocks were right there!  They were all so close and so big!  A shiver ran up and down my spine; the guys knew exactly what they were doing to me—and what they were going to do.  I had difficulty breathing.  Derek easily spread my legs apart as Alan moved in between them.  His cock was so neat when it’s all the way erect; it had a bend in it like the letter “J” with the head sticking straight up.  I watched in awe as he moved in closer to enter me.  When he did it was like an electric shock going through my body.  He didn’t hesitate; he laid down on top of me and fucked me.  Oh the sensations!  Alan was only minimally holding his full weight off me by his elbows.  My breasts were rubbing against his muscled chest as we both moved to his set rhythm.  I realized I had wrapped my legs around his heaving midsection, and I had a stiff cock in each hand besides the one pounding into my vagina.


Derek was whispering comments to Alan, like “Man, just LOOK at her legs twitch!” and “LISTEN to her!” and “She’s cumming ALREADY!”


I WAS making noise, first “Ugh—ugh—ugh—“ on each of Alan’s thrusts before turning it into a constant wail.  I was cumming, and cumming hard.


Derek muttered “Holy shit.” 


Alan groaned “Oh fuck.”  He was about to cum.


I felt his squirting cock jerk inside me.  I squealed again, knowing that without the condom Alan would be filling me with his semen.  You see, Alan was supposed to pull out, strip off the condom and cum on my tummy.  No wonder he swore, but no matter, for at that moment my stranglehold on Derek’s cock got him to cum all over me instead.  Jake would still be pleased, I guessed, even if it didn’t happen as scripted.


After Jake halted the videotaping, Alan whispered at my ear, “I can’t remember the last time I lost control of my orgasm on set like I just did.  Candy, you’re so cute and so tight and so hot and so, so, so—loud. “  I smiled up at him though I was too out of breath to say anything.  Damn, he was going to kiss me!  Certainly not in the script, (and I knew he’d be teased about it after by the other actors) but the kiss took away whatever breath I had left.  When I opened my eyes I caught sight of Rod’s massive erection in my peripheral vision.  I was still horny and now I was going to get Big Rod.


A crew girl came to me and cleaned up the cum and tamed my damp, sweaty hair as everyone else got ready for the next scene.  Rod asked me if I was okay, which translated to “Are you ready for my cock now?”  He was rolling on a condom. 


When the cameras rolled, the men propped me on my hands and knees on the big bed.  Big Rod was behind me and was about to test the ability of my vagina to stretch and my cervix to ascend.  Derek and Alan were reclining beside me and Michael was in front of me, his erection looming inches from my face.  When Rod put his cock head at my pussy and pushed, I yelped, but Michael’s cock muffled the sound as he snuck it into my open mouth.  Oh God, I felt like I was being split in two by Rod as he buried himself in me.  Not really pain, but it wasn’t pleasure yet either.  The cock stuffing my mouth threatened to choke me and muffled any sound I was making.


Big Rod was slow but relentless in his rhythm.  His size wasn’t altogether unpleasant.  His thrusting was beginning to give me more pleasure than discomfort.   Of course I couldn’t see him but I heard him. 


Rod was in character, groaning, “My queen is so tight.  I hope I am pleasuring her as much as I am being pleasured by her.”  Like Lupe’s lines last Saturday it was hokey, but I liked it. 


This position was new to me, but I was beginning to like the sensations of where his cock was rubbing and having his strong hands firmly clutching my hips.  I will have to get Jimmy to take me doggie-style next time.


Alan whispered in my ear, “Push back, Candy-girl.  Big Rod’s being cautious but you need to feel his full length—go back all the way.” 


I didn’t even think about what Alan said.  I pushed my ass back hard into Rod’s crotch, and the assault on my womb caused me to cry out so loud that even Michael’s cock down my throat couldn’t quite stifle it.  In a while though we had this natural tempo thing going.  I was rocking backward and forward to meet each thrust of the two men.  I felt Michael’s cock swell so I knew he was ready to cum.  I was getting there too—this was everything I had dreamed about and more. 


We had sweet timing.  As my orgasm hit, Michael pulled out of my mouth and gave me a facial just before Big Rod tossed me onto my back.  His condom was off and he let go an enormous spray of cum all over me.  Alan and Derek were jerking off I guess (I mean, I was oblivious to my surroundings by then as I screamed in orgasm once more) and their cum joined Rod’s in the creamy coating of my belly and chest.  I admit I was getting very fond of having men cum on me.


Jake cut the cameras and suggested we go shower.  He and Mr. Ibanez were thinking out loud that since they thought everything had been super so far maybe we could do another scene.  They asked me and I said yes.  No surprise to me how quickly I agreed.  The walk-in shower was really big, though it was tight with five of us in there.  The guys were playful, teasing me about having all this sex at my age.  As they lathered me with soap and washed my hair, they kidded me that since I had done it with them I wouldn’t be satisfied with boys.  Maybe they were right.  The luxurious way they ministered to me in the shower got me horny again.  These men were pros in more ways than one.


As we dried off and returned to the big room, they patted my ass and tweaked my nipples and otherwise kept touching me and teasing me like teenage boys would.  They told me they were having more fun than they had had in a long time making porn movies.  Could I have been any happier than I was at that moment?


Without hearing it from Jake, I knew the added scene would be with Alan.  They darkened the room a little to give the impression of nightfall, though the lights were still bright enough.  I was in my bed “dreaming” of the earlier sex (they would edit in flashback scenes as my ‘memory’) when Alan entered and whispered to his queen.  I sat up and beckoned him to bedside.  I was naked but he was wearing a toga-like tunic.  We said the hastily written lines they gave us before I stood to face him and began removing the draped tunic.  By the time he was naked, he was hard, and as before a lady assistant was rolling on a condom just out of the camera’s range.  He picked me up and sat me on his cock.  I had my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and he sort of bounced me up and down on him.  Before long I was doing the bouncing, not him.  He whispered for my benefit, not the camera’s, that he would always remember me, and he thought I was the most special girl in the world.  My screech as I came drowned out anything else he said to me.   There would be no pullout, no cumshot this time.  He was going to cum in me as if he wasn’t wearing protection. 


I was still bouncing and still cumming when he did.  He groaned, “Oh, my queen,” as he filled the condom.


I showered alone this time.  I was exhausted but in a good way, serenely basking in the afterglow of my orgasms.  After I got out of the shower, I dried and got dressed and went to watch the action that was being videoed.  My work was done.


Mr. Ibanez wanted to talk to me so we went to the kitchen.  He was smiling broadly, basking in his own glow—the glow of success, and money to be made.  He just watched some of the footage—my footage—and he said it came out great.  He thanked me again as he handed me four very large checks.


“I didn’t want to have it all in one check.  I figured the bank would question where the money came from when you deposited it.  These will be less suspicious if you deposit them at different times; you know, spreading them out a bit.”  As I looked at them and marveled at the total amount, he added, “And don’t worry.  They won’t bounce.  I’m going to make a lot of money from this movie overseas, and frankly I hope someday you’ll want to work for me again.  You’re THAT good, Candy sweetheart, you really are.”


He leaned over and gave me a kiss.  He told me that him and Suzie were moving away from the beach.  He said that making these movies was a risky business and that you had to keep moving to avoid trouble.  We talked about discretion.  He wanted to make sure I understood the danger he was in for having me in his movies and that I wouldn’t betray him.


Of course his name isn’t Ibanez and his daughter’s name isn’t really Suzie.  I wouldn’t hurt them.


Before I left, I asked him if he knew where Glory was.  He said he didn’t know why she wasn’t answering my calls, but said not to worry since “she’s a big girl and pretty good at taking care of herself.”


I walked home with checks for a lot of money in my pocket, remnants of orgasmic bliss still within me, and worries of Glory I couldn’t get out of my mind. 


OK, reality-check time: what was that homework assignment I had to finish by Monday morning?



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