by Candy

Part 1 of my life in So. California



In early summer, 2007, we'd just moved cross-country from the Boston area to Redondo Beach, California, because of my dad’s new job.  I had to get used to the idea of being a beach girl for the first time, and I found that idea extremely cool.  My mom helped me buy a new bikini but when my dad saw it he looked like he would have a stroke.  It was like pink cotton candy (my favorite!) without much cloth.  I didn’t think it was such a big deal since I didn’t have any breasts yet, though I couldn’t wait to grow them.


I would stand naked before my dresser mirror at night and study my body.  Because I have dark hair, I was just beginning to see some faint pubic hair, though it really wasn’t much yet, just a little fuzz.  I didn’t like it; I wished I could stay like, just skin down there forever.


The next day I went to the beach for the first time in my new suit.  We lived in a condo only a block from the ocean (Dad said it cost five times more than our house back east—“We’ll have to go without food for a while” he joked, though Mom and I knew he was making a lot more money out here too), so it wasn’t far to walk to the beach.  When I got there I was enthralled by the surfers.  They told me it wasn’t always good surf but there was usually someone out there on most days anyway.  I loved to talk with them.  Most of them were hunks, and I liked the way they looked at me.  My mom explained about sex so I knew that’s what the surfers wanted when they looked at me like that, hee-hee.  The really cool part is that a lot of them changed into their black wet suits right there on the beach.  They draped a blanket around themselves and they took off their clothes under the blanket before putting on the wet suit.  A couple of them knew I was peeking so they like pretended to slip and let me see their penises.  That was REALLY cool!  When I saw them it made me feel all goosepimply and warm.  I liked that feeling.


That first day with my pink bikini I saw a new guy I’d never seen before.  He was maybe a little older than a teenager but not by much.  He had blond, kind of spikey hair and was very cute.  When he began changing under his blanket, he saw me looking and smiled.


“Hi there cutie,” he shouted over to me.  “You shouldn’t be sneaking like that; you might see something you’re not supposed to see.”  While he said that he moved the blanket aside just enough for me to see him. 


Oh my!  The goose-flesh was back and my stomach did a flip-flop for some reason.  Unlike the other guys, he didn’t have any hair at all anywhere except on his head.  His penis looked longer than the other guys’ too, and I saw it twitch!  He finished pulling on his wet suit and went out to surf.  I watched him, but the waves weren’t so big right then and he didn’t get to stay up on his board very long. 


When he quit and came back on the beach, he walked up to my blanket and asked, “How did I do?”


I answered “Okay, I guess.”


“Just okay?  I should never have tried to surf with an expert here on the beach,” he said with a big grin.  God is he cute, especially when he smiles like that, I thought.


“Huh?  Expert?”


“I look at you in that cute bikini watching me and I figure ‘She must be a surfing judge or something’.”


“Er, silly, I’ve never been surfing, ever.”


“How would you like to try?”


I was thrilled and scared at the same time.  He wasn’t looking at me like the other guys with sex on their minds, but he WAS paying attention to me.  A chill went up and down my spine when I realized he’d have to touch me if I said yes.




He had me practice getting up on my feet on the board, there on the beach.  He then had me paddle out a little ways in the water with him beside me.  The first time he put his hands on my side I nearly fainted.  I couldn’t believe a man besides my father was actually touching me for the first time!  He spent a long time helping me learn but I wasn’t very good at it.  I could see he really was disappointed but at least he didn’t seem angry with me for not being a good pupil.


We sat next to each other on my blanket while I dried off.  I was very self-conscious since the bikini was clinging to me and I saw him looking.   His name was Jimmy.  He had a funny look on his face when I told him my nickname was Candy, like he didn’t believe me or something.  We gave each other brief explanations of family, where we came from, etc.  He was single and lived in an apartment in Torrance.  When he said it was time for him to go, I surprised myself by asking if I could help carry his other stuff to the car while he carried his board.


It turned out he didn’t have a car but an old pick-up truck.  All I kept imagining was the memory of his penis and how his body looked for that tiny moment he let me see.  Strange feelings were going through me and for the first time in my life the idea of sex took on a more concrete texture.  I knew I couldn’t have sex with him being so young and all, but I wondered what it would be like anyway.  My mom always said I had an active imagination.  Instead of saying bye, Jimmy asked me to hop up into his truck with him so we could still talk.  In the passenger seat, I asked him if it was uncomfortable to be still wearing the wet suit.  He said it was.


“I’m itching to get it off.  Literally itching,” he laughed.  “You think your mom would mind if you rode along with me to my place so I can change?  I enjoy your company, Candy, and I’ll be a good boy and spring for a burger after, since I’m starving and I bet you’re hungry too.”


Going to his apartment!  Should I, I wondered?  “I don’t know if it’s a good idea.”


“Yeah, I guess you’re right.  Probably not a good idea for a girl your age to be with a strange man; tell me where you live and I’ll take you home.”


Why did I feel so disappointed?  I mean, I didn’t think he would hurt me—and I liked him a lot so far—but really he was still a stranger.  I felt safe going with him for some reason.


“A burger sounds pretty good though,” I said, bringing on one of his great smiles.


“So, do we have a date, pretty Candy in the cotton candy bikini?”


I said okay, and off we drove.  His apartment complex was a nice one.  After parking his truck in the underground garage, he stored his surfboard in an adjacent locked cage and we proceeded up to his apartment.  I joked with him about the funny noises he made while walking in his wet suit.  He laughed and said something about “walking farts” which made me laugh harder.  Jimmy’s apartment was cleaner than I imagined it would be.  He went into his bedroom to change while I sat in the kitchenette with a can of Coke.  We kept talking while he changed, speaking in a half-holler.


“I’m surprised your mom and dad let you wear a bikini like that at your age,” he said.


“You make me sound like a baby.  I’m old enough to wear a suit like this one, though my dad did have a little bit of a fit over it.”  I laughed.  “Besides, I don’t have any boobs yet.”


He peeked half way out through the doorway and said “I don’t know, I see some boobs starting to grow under those little pink triangles; they look okay to me.”  Oh, that smile again!


I felt red hot from embarrassment, but maybe it was more from seeing him with nothing on from the waist up than him talking about my nonexistent boobs.  I didn’t know exactly what thought process got my feet moving, but before I could think consciously about it I was walking toward his bedroom.  I stood in the doorway and stared at him.  He was naked and turned away from me, reaching for something in a dresser drawer.  I never saw a naked man before.  My stomach flip-flopped again like it was full of butterflies.  When he turned and I saw his penis again, I gasped.  Unlike before at the beach, it was sort of swollen and wasn’t hanging down.


He pulled a pair of boxer shorts out of the drawer and clumsily covered himself with them as he said “Damn it, Candy.  You shouldn’t have come in here while I was undressed.”


Just like the internal puppet-master who got me to the doorway, something made me decide that I wanted to touch him.  I wanted him to touch me.  “Do you really think my boobs are growing?”


His look changed.  Now I saw what I see when other men are looking at me.  He kind of moaned and walked toward me still trying to shield himself with the boxers.  “Ah, Candy, please don’t do this to me, it’s not right.”


“What’s not right?  That I saw your penis is swelling thinking about me?  That I want to know what you see in my boobs?”  I started to untie the strings to my top.  “...That I want you to touch them?”


He moaned again and this time I noticed the boxer shorts starting to rise up, making it more difficult for him to hide behind them.  “Candy, dear, you know I can’t touch you.  Shit, I’m in trouble just having you here while I’m naked.”


The words flowed from me without even thinking about them.  “Don’t worry, Jimmy, I like you and I would never like, tell anyone about this, ever.”  I let my top fall to the floor and walked up to him.  I reached around his draped shorts and touched his penis.  It was hard and sticking straight up!


“Shit, shit, shit” he said, but he let go of the boxers and lifted me into his arms and kissed me.


He slipped his tongue between my lips while we kissed.  I liked that.  Between kissing and feeling his penis rub against my thigh and my bare chest against his hot skin, I felt light-headed, and that butterflies in the stomach feeling was back big time.  He carried me over to his bed and we laid down next to each other.  I wasn’t scared at all, even though I knew I was going to have sex for the first time!


He stared at me, like he was trying to decide something, then he said “Are you sure about this, really sure?”  I nodded.  He began playing with one of my nipples, which grew strangely stiff.  “You may not think so, but you are growing breasts.  I can feel the flesh underneath, like a bump, and your areolas here are puffy; you’re going to have nice boobs, young lady.”  He took my hand and had me touch my chest.  “See what I mean?”  He made me rub and squeeze them to feel what he was talking about.  I felt it, and I was feeling a lot of other things inside too, like how I felt wet down there.


“Can I touch you again?”  I asked.  I didn’t really wait for an answer, as I put my head on his tummy and studied his amazing penis.  I knew guys called it their cock, but I felt funny thinking that word, which was silly in itself since I was now holding a very stiff one.   It had a funny hat-shaped end with a hole in it, which I knew was where his pee came out.  The rest was lined with veins and was kind of purply. 


As I rubbed my hand up and down, touching him, he groaned and said “Keep doing that and I’m gonna cum.”


I turned to look back at him.  “Come?”  I felt his penis like, throb and all of a sudden streams of white stuff shot out of him all over my head.  He groaned some more as more of the white stuff sprayed out.


That’s when we had our little talk.  Jimmy explained about cumming.  He explained about how sex worked and about how he was so excited he knew he “couldn’t last” and how good it felt.  I asked him about real sex and putting his penis in me.


“Will you squirt the cum in me?”


“Well, no Candy.  If you still want to I’ll wear a condom for protection.”




“You don’t want to get pregnant, do you?”  Oh yeah, I forgot about that.  He laughed when he saw all his cum dripping down my head.  “I think we better get into the shower and clean you off.”


While he adjusted the shower water, I realized I still had my bikini bottoms on.  For some reason I wanted him to take them off, not me.  “Jimmy, I don’t need these, do I?”


His penis started to twitch again and rise up as he reached over and slipped my bottoms down my legs.  It twitched and rose some more when he saw my pussy (hee-hee, I knew that name).  We got into the shower and he washed my hair for me before he took the soap and began lathering my body.  I gasped for air when his hand went between my legs and touched me down there.  He didn’t linger but kept washing me all over.  I felt like I was burning up and I knew it wasn’t from the hot water.  As he rinsed me off under the shower spray, he asked me in a croaking voice if I had done it before.  I told him, “Of course not, silly.”  I couldn’t tell if the look on his face was excitement or fear.  His penis was maybe harder than before and it stood up straight.


After we dried off, he picked me up and carried me back to the bedroom.  He kissed me again like before as he carried me.  I really liked this kind of kissing.   As he carried me he had his hand under my butt, and maybe more than when he touched me in the shower I realized what was going to happen and my whole body shivered.  He felt it, and stopped kissing me to look into my eyes.  “Are you ready, Candy?” he asked me.  I was!


He set me down on my back upon the bed and said, “Just like the sweet candy you are, I’m going to taste you first.”


He spread my legs apart and put his face down between them.  When I felt his tongue lick in my pussy, I thought that’s gross, but the thought didn’t last long when I realized how good it felt.  As he licked he whispered things like “Mmm you’re so sweet,” and “Oh you taste so good,” before he pulled my pussy open and moaned “Oh God, I can’t believe you ARE a virgin!”  Later I’d have him explain what he saw, but for now I simply enjoyed the sensations.  As he licked the butterflies came back, though by now they felt more like honeybees buzzing in my insides.  I liked this feeling more and more and I began to make funny sounds in spite of myself.  All at once my stomach flip-flopped again only this time it was much more intense.  I never felt like this before, like a fire from heaven instead of hell was burning inside me.  I yelled out, and that surprised me more than feeling the ripples go through me.


Jimmy smiled and said “How was that?”


I couldn’t speak I was breathing so hard.  When I finally calmed down I asked him what had happened.  He explained oral sex and orgasms to what must have appeared to him to be a hypnotized girl.  I asked the dumb question: if that was sex.  He laughed and explained that if I was still willing, that would be next.  I was willing.


He got a condom out of a drawer and unrolled it onto him.  Just like the jolt of his hand under my butt coming from the shower, another shiver went through me as I realized his penis, looking so stiff and long in the condom, was going to go in me!  I thought he was going to put it in me right then, but instead he got a bottle off the dresser and laid down next to me on the bed.  He told me it was massage oil and he was going to rub it on me to make me feel “like a woman.”  He poured the liquid on me and rubbed it all over, especially my chest, belly and thighs.  More butterflies and bees.  He whispered in my ear to remind me because it was my first time it might hurt a little when he went in, since it would break my hymen.  (That’s when he explained about his earlier “virgin” exclamation.)   All I thought about was the orgasm from before, so I didn’t consider pain; I just wanted more.


He fell onto his back and pulled me on top of him.  Because of the oil, I was slippery on him; I guessed that was the idea.  I liked the feel of my boobs (yes!--he said I had them!) rubbing against his chest and belly.  I slid up then down a couple of times until I felt the end of his penis at my opening.  My breath caught in my throat as I pondered what would come next.  I slid down again and wiggled to get his penis to go in a little bit.  It felt so big!  And he wasn’t even in very far yet!  When I pushed again I felt the tug and then the pain he warned me about.  I must have made a noise because he whispered “It’s okay, slow down, let’s take our time, the pleasure will come...”


My hair was all sweaty and fell over him as I moved.  I was determined to get him in me so I pushed again and felt him go a little deeper that time.  I felt so full I wasn’t sure if he could go in any more, but in he went.  A little more, a little more.


He moaned and said, “Candy, you’re so tight so maybe this won’t work.  You’re driving me crazy at this pace anyway.”


He turned me over onto my back and at the edge of the bed, spread my legs and got between them.  This way was going to be different because now I could see him!  He held himself up by his arms as he inched back into my pussy.  No pain now, just a ‘full’ feeling like he was stuffing me; and maybe that was what he was doing.  Jimmy moaned again and began gently rocking his hips to go in and out of me a little at a time.  He groaned “I can’t believe this” and “You’re so tight” as his hips started to rock faster.  I was staring at his penis going in and out of me.  The condom was all shiny-wet—from me!  I looked up at his face and his eyes were closed and his head back, making me think it could be pain or it could be pleasure.  I voted for pleasure since his penis was rubbing against some good places and I was hot and sort of itchy in my vagina and the bumblebees were buzzing in my tummy again. He was going faster and deeper and he was hitting something deep in me—I could feel the ‘bump’ every time—as he grunted and moaned and groaned.  I was making noises of my own like when his tongue was down there, only this time I was louder because it felt ten times better.


Jimmy got faster and faster until he made a loud groan and shook all over.  “Candy, I’m cumming” he said, and I felt his penis jump inside me.  He must be squirting!  In the meantime the whole lower half of my body was getting those flip-flops, not just my stomach.  It would have happened anyway I think, but when his penis started squirting in me the orgasm happened again and I cried it felt so good.  If I hadn’t felt so amazingly warm and contented then I may have laughed at all the strange noises we were still making.


Jimmy and I lay together on his bed and we kissed some more.  I told him how happy I was that he was my first, and how great it felt.  He said something about his “giant load” and when I asked, he showed me the condom and how full the end was with the white cream he squirted—his cum.  I assured him I’d never tell anyone about this because I didn’t want him to get in trouble.  I also naively asked if I could be his girlfriend; I wasn’t a virgin anymore, but I guess I could still ask dumb questions.


“I promised a burger, but I didn’t think I’d have dessert first,” he said with a new grin on his face.


We kissed a whole bunch more while he played with my nipples, proving again that I really had boobs to play with.  It felt really good and I wished for another orgasm.  Instead, we showered again and got dressed. 


We ate take-out burgers and fries in his truck.  I sensed he was nervous about someone finding out about what we did, but I saw he was also still hyper about having sex with a virgin my age.  When he dropped me off at the beach, I was disappointed we couldn’t kiss again but I understood.  I knew he wanted to ask me for a “date” so we could do it again, but his nerves got the better of him.  I would see him at the beach in the future, so who knows what might happen?


Before walking home, I looked around at the other men.  I wondered what it would be like to have sex with some of the hunkier ones.  I sure liked orgasms and was ready for more.



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