The Correction
by Trololololonoob

Cold sweat was running down my strained, nervous face. I can't believe I didn't listen to them. They had always warned me to never get caught up in something like that, but I didn't listen. I knew something terrible was about to happen to me very soon and every second that passed only made my stomach twist more and more as I thought about what might be approaching. "This must be a nightmare!" my mind spouted off as I took a nervous glance towards the large steel door. "This definitely isn't real. How could it be?" I reassured myself. I tried to make myself be more relaxed, but nothing I tried to think of or do calmed me down. No matter how many times I assured and reassured myself that nothing bad would happen, my entire psyche was on edge. The room I was held in was about 12' by 12' with all white padded walls. In the front of the room loomed a large steel door heavily secured with metal locks. In the very center of the room stood a small, round hard plastic table and on either side of it were two simple wooden chairs. The room actually had no discernible smell, funny enough, and I found that to be very ironic. The actual place in which I was located was called the "Ministry of Correction." Not much was known about the Ministry of Correction other than the fact that most wolves who are brought inside either never return, or if they do return, they aren't quite the same. From what I understand, there are three different levels of "correction" within the MC. There is the level of "Minor Corrections", the level of "Major Corrections", and the the level of "Extreme Measures", which just so happened to be the level that I was assigned to. There were many rumors surrounding the MC, but people mostly preferred to talk about the department of Extreme Measures. The many horror stories that I had heard about this place as a child gave me chills as I stood in my stark white cell. They didn't bind me to a chair or chain me to the wall like the stories told, which was a major relief. Actually, they let me move around the room however and whenever I wished. I thought perhaps this was so they could laugh as they watched me anxiously pace my room using a hidden surveillance camera. Or maybe it was so that I would quickly tire myself out and lose the energy put up a fight when they came in for me. Whatever the case was, I tried to enjoy any liberty I still had before my time came and the cold steel door opened.

As the hours rolled on, my shivering anxiety started to lessen and I began to look for ways to entertain myself. "Distractions, distractions," I mused, pacing from wall to wall. I scanned all of the walls up and down. "Yep," I thought, "still just as white and uninteresting." I plopped back into my wooden chair and rested my arms atop the table. "Oh!" my head sprang up, "why don't I see how long I can hold my breath." I remembered Mom always used to test how long I could hold my breath whenever I was bored and needed to occupy myself with something. I took in a deep breath, filling my lungs until they felt as if they might burst, and then began to count the seconds. "One-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand," I counted. The counting soothed my brain and brought back memories of good old days. I remembered the sweet smell of mom's homemade apple pies and my bursting excitement when she was finished baking it. "How did it go so wrong?" I thought, losing count of the seconds. I exhaled all of my pent up breath in one long sigh. "It's all because of that crapping sk--" My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of the large metal door's locks clicking. My whole body tingled in my renewed fear. "No... No, no, no..." I whispered. After a short pause, the door's big handle suddenly turned and the door was pushed open. A single dark outline stood in the doorway. "Ah! Lucas Taylor, I presume?" sprang forth the voice of a young lady. "Oh, I really don't even have to ask. I've been preparing for you all day," the voice said sweetly. As soon as the sweet feminine tone hit my ears, my heart began to pound and my stomach started to turn. "I-I can't believe it! The voice is just like the stories say!" my mind raced, "gosh no!" Before I could even think another thought, a fair-skinned, long black haired skunk girl no older than 20 gracefully stepped into the room. Her fluffy white-striped tail stretched out from the top of her behind for about eight feet and curled at the end, forming a tight, furry ball. I nearly had to catch my mouth when I first saw her--she was absolutely stunning. She had beautiful hazel eyes and a faint blush written upon her cheeks. Situated in her beautiful flowing hair was a simple white headband that crossed just behind her two black ears. Her top was simple enough: She was dressed in a plain white T-shirt that ended just below her waist. What truly surprised me, however, was what she wore on the bottom--a pair of frilly-edged white panties. "Wh-wha?" I whispered in shock as my gaze was stuck below her waist. "Well? Are you gonna ask my name, or are you... a little bit preoccupied?" She flashed a sultry smile as she closed and locked the door behind her. "Uhm--y-yes?," I stammered, unable to formulate an intelligent sentence. The skunk girl laughed at my ridiculous response. "Cute," she winked. She pulled out the chair across from me and sat down. "You know, I've always thought wolves were adorable," she confessed. "My name is Lacy." I found myself unable to keep from blushing at the gorgeous girl. "It's really a shame that you've been such a bad boy," she continued, "because now I'm gonna have to be harsh with you." Her stomach growled loudly and she blushed cutely. "Ow! I guess today's preparations worked pretty well!" she said mysteriously to herself. I shifted in my seat. "What in the world is going on?" I thought. "I always do feel a little bit sorry when I make a cute little wolfie like you suffer, though," she curled her tail around her body. "But once I see the wolfie's expression on his face, it always makes me feel so much better!" She giggled happily. After hearing Lacy talk I finally understood just why I should be frightened. Her apparent pleasure in talking to me like I was some sort of pet sent chills down my spine, and I realized the danger of being trapped in a small room with her. "Now h-hang on a second," I forced out, "I didn't do anything wrong! Or at least, anything wrong enough for something like, uh... This..." I said with difficulty. "I didn't attack anybody and no one was hurt! So can you please just tell your boss this was just a misunderstanding and just... Let me go?" I pleaded. Lacy considered my appeal for a moment, crossing her legs and tapping her finger on the table. "Well, Luke," she started in a serious tone, "as much as I like you, and as cute as you are, you still committed one of the most heinous crimes a wolf can commit." She flicked her tail coolly. "And that is assaulting a skunk." She put her hands behind her back and began to walk around the room ominously. "A crime like that is something that obviously should never happen, wouldn't you agree?" she asked dramatically. I wiped the fresh sweat off my forehead. "Of course you do!" she immediately answered for me. She stopped just to my right with her head facing the wall and her scantily clad bottom facing me. "And even if you didn't don't agree with me," she half-whispered as she combed her tail, "you're still just a little wolf in a skunk's world." My palms started sweating at the sight of her foreboding backside and I started to panic. "But that's not fair!" I exclaimed. "I was only protecting my little brother from this stupid skunk lady! She stole his toy from him and I only took back what was his!" I stood up and appealed to her with open paws. "That can't be the wrong thing to do, it can't!" Lacy turned and wagged her finger at me in disapproval. "Tsk, tsk, tsk," she taunted, "confessing to aggression against a skunk? Now you're definitely in for it," she said happily. "Troublemaking little wolves like you reason why sweet little skunk girls like me have to prepare our tummies with special care," she purred as she took a step toward me. "We have to make sure we're full of stinky skunk gas so we can Correct your bad behavior!" she explained with glee as a deep groan sounded from her tummy. My heart started pounding and my blood turned to ice. "Please... Just--please! I'm begging you," I cried, "I'll do anything! Just don't punish me!" Lacy took several more steps forward. "I think it's just about time for your lesson," she giggled. "No! Stay back!" I yelled as I stumbled over my chair. She lifted her tail higher and higher into the air and began to rub her tummy. "Awh! Don't run away from me, sweetie!" she cooed, "you're about to see what I've been working on all day!" She smiled really big. "You see, I'm a teensy bit lactose intolerant and if I have any milk, I get really gassy..." She wafted her hand in front of her nose for effect. "So just for you, I made sure to drink expired milk all day! And let me tell you, my tummy is cramping awfully bad!" she moaned as her stomach groaned even louder than before. My eyes widened and I took a couple more steps back. "I'd feel soooo much better if I could relieve some pressure..." she winked as she took a couple steps forward. "I could really use your help with that, sweetie!" She put her hands together in a pleading fashion. "Pleaaaase?" I ran backwards into the wall and started to bang on it, hoping to find some way out of the claustrophobic room. "Go away! Don't come any closer!" I cried. Lacy's hands dropped to her side and she smirked. "Suit yourself," she said softly as she pulled her tail to its peak. Suddenly, she tightly closed one eye and her face started straining. "No!" I begged, "not this! Anything but this!" I turned and scratched frantically at the wall, but it was in vain. I was backed into a corner--nowhere to run and no way to hide. Suddenly, I heard a small noise.
I turned around and saw Lacy grinning proudly with one hand on her hip. "That one sounded cute, didn't it?" she laughed. For some reason, her cheeks seemed a little redder than before. "Huh? What was tha--" it didn't take long before a sharp stench reached my nose and dropped me to my knees. "Ack!" I choked as I quickly covered my nose with my hands. The stench smelled like a couple dozen rotten eggs had been sitting in car for a week. For a while, I couldn't stop gagging because of the terrible smell. When I finally caught myself and recovered from the stench, I pulled my head back up to face Lacy. But right as my face was pulled back up from looking at the ground, I felt something soft and furry rub across my face. "Shh! Just take a whiff of my tail's special perfume and calm down," Lacy instructed softly. Lacy was standing over me and her long tail was slowly wrapping around my mouth and pushing against my nose. My eyes widened as the potent aroma of her pungent tail entered my nose. I grabbed her tail and tried to pull it off of my face, but the unwavering aroma of her odorous "perfume" made me feel sick to my stomach and sapped me of my strength. "Just let my perfume do its work, sweetie," Lacy said sweetly. My legs became wobbly and they buckled beneath me, bringing me to the floor. The next thing I knew, I was on my back and Lacy's tail was slowly unwrapping from around my mouth. "Did you like my sweet perfume?" Lacy asked cutely as her stomach groaned a deep sigh. "Ooh, ooh!" she moaned in pain, "just stay riiiight there!" I regained my wits just in time to see Lacy's butt descending towards my face. I tried putting my hands up to block her, but she was took quick for me. She rested her soft, cushy bottom down directly against my nose. When the natural stench of Lacy's butt first hit my nose, my whole body shivered in agony. The stench of her earlier fart still strongly lingered in her panties, bringing the same eggy stench as before back to my nose, but this time, even stronger. I struggled with all my might against Lacy's deadly hold, but it was no use: She firmly pinned down my arms with her legs and forced my hips still with her hands. I was defenseless, forced to watch Lacy's tail slowly lift into the air as a warning of her impending gas. "Finally we can start the Correction!" She smiled over her shoulder at me. I pushed and kicked this way and that, but at every turn, Lacy co tinier overpowered me with her strangely strong arms and legs. "Tick, tick, tick," she suddenly repeated in a sing-song fashion over her shoulder, "I wonder when it'll come?" My face turned pale white and I forced my arms to push harder when I realized what was coming. "Tick, tick, tick..." she cut off. "This can't be real, this can't be real," my mind spewed, "this is all going to be over when I wake up. And I'm going to wake up right... Now--" Lacy's cheeks turned bright red and her tail twitched sharply. "Boom."
A warm stream of thick sickly yellow gas flowed from her butt and swirled into my nose. "MMMMMMGH!" I screamed, trapped beneath her deadly butt. I gagged uncontrollably and frantically flailed my arms. "Ahh!" Lacy said with a pleasurable smile, "that's nice..." Lacy's cloud of suffocating gas spread around my face, filling my nostrils with its sickening stench. "Let me up! Let me up!!" I blubbered, "I can't breathe--I need air!" Lacy turned patted my head with her dainty hand. "You poor thing! It really is horrible under there, isn't it?" She pulled her tail around and wagged it this way and that in catlike pleasure. "Mmm!" she groaned in serious pain, "but I can't let up now or else you won't learn your lesson." She said with fake regret. "Besides, I feel an even more painful cramp I can use for some serious Correcting." On hearing the word "Correcting," I found my second wind and I started to shake my head violently to try to throw her off balance. "Get off of me!" I shouted, "I can't take any more of this! It stinks! It stinks!" Lacy ignored my muffled cries and tightly squeezed her tummy with her hand. "Ohhhh," she cried out in pain. "That did the trick... Good luck back there, because this lesson is going to be a little more rough than the last one!" I recklessly threw my arms and legs around, trying harder than ever to escape from her terrible hold. Her tail began to slowly lift once more, threatening of even more unbearable gas. Against my face I felt her butt cheeks squeeze together and I noticed her tail start to shake a little. "Please! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I promise!--" Lacy's butt cheeks suddenly relaxed and her tail quickly twitched.
Lacy's butt puffed out another sickly-yellow stream of gas that slowly rolled it's way into my nose and over my face. I screamed for mercy as the deadly fart slowly filled my nose with fumes that smelled two times smellier than the last. "AAAGGGH! STOP, STOP, STOP!" I howled as I tried to pull my nose out of the crevice her panties formed between her two butt cheeks. Lacy wafted her hand over her butt. "I can't believe you'd put your nose in such a deadly place!" she giggled, "you must be some daredevil!" Her fart slowly spread across the whole room, tinging the air with yellow highlights. I whined submissively as Lacy's tail moved toward my face and rested against my forehead. "Uh-oh," Lacy said grimly, "you're not feeling so well, are you, cutie?" She took back her tail from my forehead and stood up, releasing me from her inescapable grip. I gasped at the less-contaminated air, taking deep breaths through my mouth as I frantically belly crawled away from the corner. "Well, before you go and pass out on me," I heard her say from over my shoulder, "I suppose I owe it to you to give you something really special..." From behind me, I heard a small noise that sounded like like a piece of fabric had dropped onto the floor. "Hey, sweetie!" Lacy called, "take a look!" I turned my head to face her and I nearly fell backwards. Lacy beamed at my terrified expression with joy from over her shoulder. The noise I had heard was the sound of her panties dropping off of her butt, and now her totally naked butt was facing me in its gorgeous yet terrifying entirety. "For your final lesson, I'm going to let you experience some panty-less poots!" I crawled backwards on my hands to get farther away from her natural weapon. "Don't run away, sweetie," she said comfortingly as she gracefully walked to stand over me, "I just want you to smell my pretty bottom!" I shrieked in terror as I scraped at the floor to escape her grasp. "Somebody save me! Help me! Please!!" She caught me around my torso with her tail and pulled me around onto my back. I screamed as I watched her horrifying butt crack descended towards me, producing a natural yellow stench that lingered like fog around her butt cheeks. I was far too weak to struggle against her this time so my body fell totally limp when she finally took her seat atop my nose. "And there we go!" Lacy proclaimed triumphantly as her bottom jiggled above my eyes. My eyes turned blood red as my nose was drowned in the overpowering stench of Lacy's uncovered butt crack. "I've got one last fart for you," said Lacy as she patted my head. "And this one's a real stinker, so make sure to sniff it as hard as you can!" she instructed as she lifted her fluffy tail once more. I screamed my final pleads just as she started squeezing her volatile tummy. Just when I had all but given up on escaping Lacy's approaching gas, a final idea popped into my head. I breathed in as much as I possibly could, pushing through the rotten smell of her butt crack and held my breath. Lacy felt my deep inhalation against her butt cheeks so she turned to see what had happened over her shoulder. "Ooh! The little wolfie is trying to outsmart the skunk!" she said brightly, "but what the wolfie doesn't know is that the skunkie can simply gas the wolfie's nose until he has to breathe!" She lifted her tail, squeezed her stomach, and then she looked back over her shoulder with a cute turn of her head. "How long can you hold your breath, cutie?"
Lacey sighed as a toxic fart rushed out from between her butt cheeks and covered my face. "I just have to hold my breath, I just have to hold my breath," I told myself as I felt warm gas trying to press into my nose. "Oh gosh, please, please, please!" I shut my eyes and held back tears. "And another!" Lacy purred as her tail twitched wickedly.
The nasty fart that hissed from her butt was so thick I couldn't see through it. Her tail shot straight up into the air and started to bend and twist rapidly. "No matter how hard you try to escape from my sweet gas--"
"It's deadly stench always finds a way in--"
"So just let go of your breath, sweetie--"
"Let it embrace your nose and cover your senses..." She trailed off and started to audibly strain. "A minute and 30 seconds," I thought as the whimsy of light-headedness started to take over. "Huh. That's longer than I've ever held it before..." Lacy forcefully pushed and pulled her tail around and leaned her whole body forwards as she prepared for something that was brewing within her. "Maybe I should go tell mom about my new record!" I thought with childlike delight, "But why can't I get up?" I tried to remember what was happening, but for some reason, my brain simply couldn't connect the dots. "I think I finally need to take a breath," I thought. I let out all of my held breath, making sure I left not a single molecule of air in my lungs. Right before I could breathe in a long, deep breath through my nose, a girl's voice sounded from above in quiet pleasure, uttering only three words:

"Got ya', sweetie."

The confusion that dominated my mind lasted for a half a second before everything clicked. But it was too late: I was already breathing in when I realized where I was. "W-what?!--"
The skunk's naked butt released a gassy hell directly onto my face. After each fresh blast came a new unbearably torturous stench that was forced down my nose. Lacy watched and giggled in pure joy as my whole body writhed in agony. The horrific stench of Lacy's concentrated fart cloud was too much for me to handle. At first, I screamed and cried at the torturous gas's unbearable stench, but after about 30 seconds, I lost my ability to scream and simply shook and cried in agony underneath the cruel skunk's bottom. Black spots started to appear over my vision and my hearing slowly started to fade. Before I was fully incapacitated, I heard Lacy utter a few words. "That was a good first session, Luke," I heard faintly. "I think these next few months are going to go by fast!" My eyes rolled up into my head and my mouth fell open as I finally passed out.

Lacy watched as her prisoner finally lost consciousness and she turned to rest her elbows on her knees and place her chin upon her hands. "Wellp," she spoke aloud to herself, "I guess I need to go get my panties." She sighed in contentment. "But first..." she smiled.
Her butt squeaked loudly. "One last toot just for you!" She laughed as she jumped up, put on her panties, and skipped to the large steel door to return to her living quarters, leaving the poor limp body of Lucas to lie there until the tomorrow afternoon's session.