When I was younger, my older sister had one of her best friends over
for a sleepover. Her friend was a very sexy girl about 5'8 with long
blond hair and a medium complexion and a curvy build with a nice
chest and nice butt. Every time she came over I would stare at her
and try to sneak a peak at her through the wall. Well this day I took
it a little too far.

I heard through the wall when they were talking just gossiping and
talking about boys and clothes like all girls do. But I heard my
sister say, "hey Katie, I think you would look so cute in these

"Well let me try them on," Katie said. The panties they were talking
about were white with flowers on them with a silky material. God
isn't that cute? I thought to myself and I just had to catch a peak
of her taking her other panties off to try the ones my sister wanted
her too. How would I be able to sneak a peak? Well threes a small
hole in the wall or a crack in the door I thought to myself. But I
had to go all out. What I was going to do was wait until they get out
of the room, hoping they will get a drink of something, then hide
under my sister's bed and enjoy the show.

"Hey Katie, im thirsty, lets go get a drink and a snack," my sister
"Good idea, said Katie, I feel like having some fruit anyways" Yes!
My golden opportunity to sneak in so I could get the show of my
dreams. Well I wait until they go and go in the room and I decide to
do the old under-the-bed trick. My sister's bed is big and nice so I
have room to see while hiding myself. So the girls both come back
into the room with a fruit and veggie bowl and a few sodas'
"God Candice, says Katie, you shouldn't let me eat these veggies,
you know how they make me so gassy and I know you don't want that"

(Giggles and laughter)"Don't worry Katie, well fart together I
guess, plus we do need our fiber," says my sister as she chews on a
piece of broccoli. They both laugh and finish the food and drink and
then they decide to try on some clothes, including those panties my
sister was talking about. God, im starting to get anxious.
I m under the bed waiting for my personal show to arrive when my
sister says;
"Katie, here, these are the panties I know you will look so cute in,
plus brad will love them."
"Give me them, im going to try them on." Katie now bends down and
takes off her pants, treating me to one of the nicest ass that I have
ever seen. She then is in her plain cotton panties and proceeds to
take those down to her ankles and throw them on the bed. Now she is
standing naked, ass facing me, as I see her little pussy lips shaved
and her nice perfect fat ass. She then on accident lets out a fart
that sounded like this brrrraaappttt

"KATIE! my sister yells, couldn't that wait!" (Fanning her butt and
laughing)" im sorry Candice, I told you about that broccoli, it
really gives me killer gas" They just pinch their noses and play it
off. While I am under the bed watching in awe as this hot girl tries
on these sexy panties and bends down to see how they look on her.
"What did I tell you Katie, those are sooooooo you girl"
"Yea, they are cute, but I don't know if brad likes these soI wont
take these from you." She then bends down and takes them off, her ass
wide open now and I accidentally let out an "ooohhhhhh yeeeeeaaaa."

"Candice, what was that, it sounded like something from in here."?
"Hmmm..Im not sure Katie, oh wait, don't even tell me."
"Tell you what," said Katie. My sister had caught me. She goes to
look under her bed
and sees my laying there with a surprised look on my face and her
face gets angry.
"Mike, just what are you doing under there," says my sister
"Uhhh…I am just looking for something."
"Yea right, I know what you were doing, you wanted to see Katie
naked didn't you."
"I guess, im sorry please don't tell mom I did this."
"I wont but you must be punished," my sister barks as me and she
hears Katie's stomach rumble. This seems to give my sister and Katie
an idea. They both have been feeling gassy and thought they could
punish me but making my sniff their farts. So they told me to go into
my room for a minute and that in a few they would be in to serve my
punishment. I get a little exited not knowing what they would do. To
make me more excited, I heard my sister and Katie talking and I heard
Candice say "I think those are the tightest pants you can find," as
Katie puts on a pair of really really tight white jeans.

So they come into my room and my sister starts to lecture me.
"Now young man, I don't appreciate your immature behavior today, and
I wont let it go unnoticed. Katie has prepared a punishment for you
out of the ordinary, that will make sure you never disrespect her, or
any other girl for that matter." Then Katie instructed me to lie on
the bed face up.

"Now mike, I have been really gassy all day and I have to get rid of
all this gas, so what im going to do is sit on your face and facefart
you until ALL of my gas is gone, and if you try to move or not
breathe all my stinky farts I will do something that none of us
want." My sister just sits back and watches, thank god my sister
isn't doing the farting I know that my sisters farts are the worse
ever! But then Katie asked me if I understood and I said yes and that
I am ready to inhale all of her farts.

Katie then starts to stand up in front of me, looking down on me and
I have a good sight at her thick thighs and ass. She then proceeds to
sit on my face with my nose right near her asshole through her white
jeans. "Im going to fart on your face for 20minutes with my jeans on,
then 20minutes with my panties, then for the finale you will suffer
20minutes with your nose up my stinky butt hole, do you understand?"

"Yes, I reply hesitantly."
"Now, Katie order's, tell me you are sorry for what you have done
and that you want me to punish you by farting on your face."
"SAY IT NOW! Katie orders."
"Katie, I am sorry for what I did today and I need to be punished by
you farting right on my nose." I uttered those words and started to
take my punishment. I heard her stomach rumble and I heard her say
here it goes and the next second she let out a huge sbd that sounded
blublurb. "Whew, Katie says, my god that's nasty, you ok down their
mike haha." I had just sniffed the nastiest smell on earth that came
from this girls beautiful asshole. It smelled like veggies and was so
rank! My sister was just watching, laughing, and pinching her nose.

"You think that one was bad, sniff this bad boy
bbbbbbbrrrrraaaaaapppppppppppttttttttssssssss. A long, loud fart
rained down on me from her butt and went right up my nose. I started
to cry from the stench and from the pain of having all her weight on
my face. "Awwwwww, poor baby, are my farts too stinky for you?" she
chuckled evilly as she let out a series of sbd's that smelt like
cabbage and made my eyes water.

For the next 20 minutes I suffered some of the worst gas I have ever
smelt, and I thought to myself, this is only the beginning of it.
Katie let out one more loud rumble of a fart and then made a change.
"Now I am going to take off my jeans and sit right on your face in
these white panties and will fart with these on until I see a skid
mark on them."

Katie then gets off my face, letting me breathe some clean air and I
take a few deep long breaths, and takes off her pants and throws them
on the floor. My sister then picks up Katies pants and smells them.
"OH MY GOD KATIE! That stinks whew that's really nasty."

(Laughs and giggles between the girls) "What did I tell you, I have
really bad gas today, and your poor naughty brother is going to smell
It all," Katie says. She then sits back down on her personal seat (my
face) with her panties and wiggles around on top of me until my nose
fits tightly up in her butt crack. I try to scream but her butt
muffles it. "Here we goooooooooooo," Katie yells out as she pushes
out a loud squeaker fffffffffttttttbbbbbbbbbssss. "Ahhh, I was
holding that one just for you mike, I hope it's really stinky for
ya." Man did it stink. It smelled like rotten eggs the worst smell
you can find, pure sulphur.

During this time, she was very busy atop my face, farting, laughing
and trying to grind all the smell up my nose by wiggling on my face.
Most of her farts were loud and short with the occasional long sbd
killer that really stunk up my nose. "Oh boy, Katie tells me, your
going to LOVE this one. She then slightly parts her butt cheeks and
lets out a HUGE, LONG
sp ppfftt.I start to ball and scream, but Katie's huge ass muffles

"Katie, wow, I have never heard a fart that long," my sister yells
out to her while she is wiggling on my face
"I know, I was saving all my gas up for that one." The smell from
that fart was indescribable. A mixture of broccoli, cauliflower,
baked beans and rotten eggs. It stunk to high heaven as the room
quickly became filled with the stench and it offended all of us, me
the most being right under inhaling it from the source. My sister ran
out of the room because it smelled so bad and Katie coughed and
laughed due to her humongous fart that almost right out killed me.
Katie now gets off my face, and I gag and cough. I look up at her
butt and see her white panties with a huge brown skid mark down the
middle and Katie udders out, "I told you I would make a mark, and boy
is that a mark."

I know what is coming up next and I am so afraid of this butt like
no butt before. She takes off the panties and lays them on the bed
next to me. She is standing looking down on me, with her bare ass
right at my face. I enjoy this site, as I get aroused slightly, and
then she sits down. She spreads out her butt cheeks, and makes me
nose fit right up her butt hole. The smell is horrid, after 40
minutes of gas I still have 20 left. "Get ready, your punishment is
almost over mike, just try to make it out of my butt hole alive, "she
snarls at me.
pp pppppppp.The first fart, a mix sbd and loud stinker. I feel the
hot winds come straight out her asshole and they head right up my
nose. The smell makes me nauseous and I almost throw up. My god, I
think to myself, I don't know if I m going to make it out alive.
ppppppppppppsssssssssssssstppppppppppppppppp, a variety of farts come
out in the next 10 minutes that torture my poor little nose. Katie
now tells me she is going to save all of her gas for one last fart
that will make sure I learn my lesson. "I am sure after this mike,
you wont be acting so naughty anymore." She continues to lecture me,
even threatening to fart on my face again one day if she hears of any
misbehaviour. While she talks, I hear her stomach rumble and she
grunts but she wont let the farts out. So I am just sitting under her
face, being smothered by her big stinky butt, huge, smelly and dirty.

It is almost over, thank the gods I say to myself. Katie then says,
"OH BOY, here comes the finale, better get ready. I prepare my self
for the ass assault ahead. She grunts and strains and then it comes…
It lasted near 30 seconds and was so loud, I swear the house shook.
And imagine being under it all, your poor little nose suffering this
huge fart from Katie's gassy butt hole.

After its all over, she gets off my face, leaving a little brown
mark on my nose and a stench I will never get rid of, and she then
puts on a fresh pair of panties and jeans. "Here ya go mike, she
yells, keep these panties as a reminder of what will happen to you if
you EVER do any thing like this again." She hands me her filthy
panties and makes me sniff them and stick them up my nose. This was
one day I will never forget, as I still sniff the panties Katie left
me and remember the horror I experienced.

The End