1. First Contact

She was beautiful. She was French. She was on the next sun bed to the left of mine. Dark shoulder length hair, olive Mediterranean skin and dark mysterious eyes. She was with her parents and baby brother. The baby was clearly taking all of the parents time and attention and the girl was obviously pissed off. She looked about 11 years old and must have been the center of her parents world, until baby brother arrived. Now she had been reduced to the family maid having to do this or fetch that to help mama and papa.

She wore nothing but a bikini bottom. Last year's judging by the tight fit. She was lathering suncream onto her arms and chest and what a gorgeous chest she had, almost boyishly flat except for a pair of delightfully puffy nipples pushed up by the smallest cone shaped bumps. She thrust the bottle of suncream at her mother and said something in a whining voice. My schoolboy French was limited but I guessed she was demanding some suncream be applied to her back.

Mama passed the baby to papa and snatched the bottle from the girl who turned towards me to sit on the edge of the sun bed whilst mama applied the lotion. The girl sat with her legs open, the fabric of the tight fitting bikini bottom moulding to her pussy creating the most delightful camel toe I'd seen in quiet some time! It was fortunate I was lying on my stomach, my excitement would have been very obvious.

Motherly duties done, mama returned her full attention to the baby. The girl slumped dejectedly onto the sun bed. I gazed at her superlative half naked preteen beauty from behind my sunglasses and gently flexed my hips, pressing an almost painfully stiff cock against my sun bed.

Suddenly the girl lifted her butt up and yanked her bikini bottoms off. I was stunned! I must have flinched because she looked right at me. I froze, careful not to show any kind of expression on my face. Papa noticed too and rattled off some quick fire French in her direction.

"Sabine! Mettez-vous bikini sur à la fois!" I had no idea what he said but now I knew her name. Having a real name always makes the wanking session later that much more realistic than having to make one up.

Sabine replied with a sullen "Non! Je ne veux pas!"

"Faites ce que je vous dis!" Papa said angrily.

"Non, Je veux obtenir un joli bronzage" Sabine whined.

"Il va bien Pierre, laisser seule. Ce n'est pas important." Mama said. Papa settled down muttering something under his breath.

Battle seemingly won, Sabine lay triumphantly on her back with her hands behind her head. My view from side on was limited but tantalising non the less. All I could see was the gentle rise of her bald mound as it rose from her flat belly then dip suddenly between her skinny thighs. I found myself wishing I was on the next row of sun beds along with a view up from her feet. Like all kids, Sabine couldn't stay still for long and she soon started to fidget. It started with her hands which came from behind her head to fuss with her hair, scratch the occasional itch or dance in the air to some imagined tune in her head. Then her legs joined in, twitching, opening and closing and her feet tapping to the same imaginary tune.

Sabine then rolled onto her right side facing me and my view increased one hundred percent. Her perfect preteen pussy lips formed a deep crack from which the tiniest hint of clitoral hood protruded. As she continued to move her lithe legs her pussy tantalisingly opened and closed offering brief glimpses of the treasure within. She idly slipped a finger between her plump pussy lips giving herself an exploratory caress and giving me the show of my life! Then realising where she was, she suddenly snapped her legs closed and removed her finger from her little cunt and looked around to see if anyone had seen, particularly mama and papa.

She also stared at me for a good minute or so presumably trying to decide if I was asleep or actually watching her. I kept absolutely still, concentrating on keeping my breathing slow and steady and hoping I hadn't been rumbled. Once again Sabine opened her legs but this time only partially. She slipped her right hand back between her legs and my exclusive show resumed. For several minutes I enjoyed the spectacle before I noticed she was staring intently at me. Every now and then she would pause and look around then look back at me and continue caressing herself. I realised then she knew I was watching her! The little precocious brat was teasing me!

I smiled at her and nodded my head, letting her know I was indeed watching and that I approved. Sabine closed her legs. Her face had turned bright red, she closed her eyes and nibbled her bottom lip. She lay like that for several minutes refusing to look at me but eventually she opened her eyes again. When she did, I was ready. I put on a theatrical sad face which made her giggle. It had the desired effect, turning an embarrassing situation into a naughty little game. She opened her legs revealing her pussy to me once more. I responded with a big beaming smile. When she closed her legs again my response was the sad face.

This fun game continued for a few minutes until Sabine added a new twist. She pushed a finger into her slit and I responded with a thumbs up and when she removed her finger I gave her the thumbs down. After another minute or so of this new element I considered it was my turn to up the ante.

I turned onto my side facing Sabine revealing the obvious tent in my swimming shorts. Her eyes went wide and there was a short pause in our little game as she pondered the effect her naughty actions were having. I surreptitiously moved my hand to my cock and used it to cover myself from her view. Caught up in our little game, she made a sad face. I returned the sad face. She looked confused for a few seconds but quickly caught on and opened her legs. I moved my hand away. When she closed her legs I covered myself again.

Sabine then slipped a finger back into her slit and eagerly awaited my response. I rewarded her boldness by holding my cock between thumb and forefinger and slowly sliding them back and forth along my stiff shaft, contriving to pull the waist band down so the head of my cock peeked out. Sabine gasped and stared wide eyed. The naughty game continued in this vein for several more minutes only pausing briefly as someone walked past when we would both cover up.

I was finding all this incredibly stimulating! If we continued for much longer I was going to cum in my shorts. I was thinking it was time to go to the bathroom to finish myself off when an idea popped into my head. It was bold and very, very risky but something told me Sabine would go for it. If she didn't, I'd still be in the bathroom and wanking furiously.

I sat up and made a show of stretching my arms and sipping from my water bottle. Sabine watched me intently. I was waiting for my some of the stiffness in my cock to subside so I could walk around the busy pool area without an obvious tent sticking out front! Finally I judged I was decent enough.

"I'm just going to the toilet" I said to my wife in a voice loud enough for Sabine to hear. I would normally have said something very English like 'I need a wee' but used the word 'toilet' because I had no idea if Sabine understood English. Toilet sounds very similar to the French word toilette though the meaning is a little different I hoped she knew what I meant.

As I stood up I curled my finger at Sabine in what I hoped was international sign language for 'come with me'. The poolside toilets were housed in a small building on the other side of the pool. I made my way slowly, heart thumping and stomach churning. At the first corner l glanced back to see her pulling her bikini bottoms on and taking to mama. When I looked back again at the far side of the pool Sabine was threading her way through the ranks of sun beds in my wake. I arrived at the toilets feeling both excited and scared shitless!

The entrance was around the back of the building. There were four cubicles, all labeled as unisex toilets. Three were standard sized rooms containing the pan and a sink. The fourth was by far the largest and additionally labeled with wheelchair, baby changing and shower symbols. All four cubicles were empty so I waited by the door to the largest one hoping no one else would arrive before Sabine.

My good fortune continued. Sabine came around the corner and stopped. She looked a little pensive and unsure of herself. I smiled encouragingly and stepped into the cubicle. A moment later she appeared in the doorway. I smiled again and waved her in. She hesitantly moved across to the other side of the cubicle and with my heart thumping and head spinning I locked the door.

We stood staring at each other neither of us knowing what to do next. I hadn't planned this far ahead. I hadn't expected her to come at all! I said "Hi, my name is Al."

"Je m'appele Sabine." She almost whispered.

"Can I... err, can I see your, err... pussy again?" I asked lamely.

"Je ne parle pas l'anglais." She said with a little shake of her head.

Oh well, I didn't think this was going to be easy. I pointed first to my eyes, then to her pussy and ended with a thumbs up. She giggled and her face turned very red but she pulled the front of her bikini down for me. "Très bon , il est très bon." I said, testing the limits of my mostly forgotten schoolboy French. She laughed. I held my hand out toward her pussy and mimicked rubbing up and down. "Je.. toucher vous?" I tried. Sabine shrugged and I figured she either didn't understand me or she didn't mind if I touched her. I chose the latter interpretation.

I was surprised she was wet! I had no idea what to expect of course but in my mind I figured she'd be no more than slightly damp from sweat between her nether lips. I slid my finger up and down the full length of her preteen slit feeling the little bump of her clitoris and the slight depression marking the entrance to her little cunt hole. Sabine pushed her hip forward and the tip of my finger slipped into the entrance to her wet hole. She sighed and I felt her cunt muscles tense as she pushed herself onto my finger.

"Monsieur Al , je peux voir votre pe-pe?" She asked with a shy smile.

Though I didn't understand the French I guessed from where she was pointing her finger and the word 'pe-pe' that she wanted to see my cock. I had to remove my hand from her pussy to undo the draw string on my shorts. I dropped the shorts and sat on the toilet lid with my stiff cock sticking up from my lap. Sabine was wide eyed and biting her lip as she stared at my manhood.

Whilst I was busy exposing myself, Sabine had let go of her bikini waist band and the garment had covered her pussy again. I put my hand on her ass and gently pulled her closer to me then tugged the bikini bottom down to her knees. I slipped two fingers between her legs and moved them around in a circular motion over her little clitty. With my other hand I took one of her's and pulled it towards my cock but I felt her resist. "C'est bon, vous toucher moi." I said encouragingly and felt her resistance lessen.

I guided her hand onto my throbbing shaft and let her explore. After a couple of minutes letting her inexpertly fondling me, I took her hand and showed her how to wank me properly. When I let go of her hand she continued the rhythmic stroking action by herself. It was strange having someone else wank me off, especially with such a small hand. I was in heaven! "Mmm, c'est bon, c'est tres bon." I murmured letting her know she was doing alright.

Someone entered the adjacent cubicle, banging the door loudly. We both jumped guiltily, both withdrawing our hands from each other. When we realized there was no danger of discovery we both giggled quietly then Sabine surprised me by being the first to resume the mutual masturbation. We continued pleasuring each other listening to the unusually loud sound of pee splashing into the toilet next door.

Sabine stood even closer to me and pushed herself onto my probing finger. 'Fuck me' I thought 'she's actually humping my hand!' I slipped a finger into her cunt hole again and found I could push it in up to the first knuckle. I guessed I was pushing against her hymen. Sabine gasped and I eased back, not wishing to hurt her. I concentrated on her clitty and she sighed contentedly.

I was close to cumming myself. "Oh yes!" I sighed "Mmm... oui, c'est bon!" I needed her to speed up but couldn't remember the French word for 'faster'. I tried "Vite, vite" and it seemed to work.

All of a sudden I was past the point of no return. My cock was throbbing with the most pleasurable feeling I could remember for a he'll of a long time. "Oh my god!" I panted as I urgently humped Sabine's hand. "Oh god, yes!" I gasped as I exploded. A thick rope of cum shot up between us and landed on Sabine's chest. Her eyes went wide and she'd have backed away if I hadn't anticipated it. I held her wrist and made her keep on stroking my cock until all my cum had squirted out over her hand.

"Il est dégoûtant, qu'est-ce que c'est?" Sabine held her hand up and inspected the slimy mess coating her fingers.

I only understood part of that and had no idea what the French word for cum was. "Il est cum" I shrugged. Collecting a wad of loo roll I cleaned the mess and pulled her bikini bottoms up. "Merci Sabine , il est très bon." I smiled.

"Oui , cela a été très agréable. Adieu monsieur Al." She grinned as she unlocked the door and slipped out of the cubicle, leaving me to clean myself up.

2. Second Chance

I walked out to the pool area, wife in tow. It was the following day and the pool area was busier than before. I was looking for Sabine. My keen eyes spotted her and her family relaxing on sun beds not far from where we were the day before. I could see some vacant sun beds not far from Sabine and headed that way, surprising my wife who usually selects our sun beds based on some unfathomable relationship to the sun and the number and type of people near by and was about to head off to the far side of the pool.

"Where are you going?" She asked with a puzzled expression.

"There's some free beds over there near where we went yesterday." I replied. I kept going, forcing her to follow me.

"Are you sure?" She complained "There's a few more empty ones on the other side today."

This'll do fine." I said reaching the closest free pair of sun beds to Sabine and settling myself on the one best suited to watching the little cock tease who had already spotted me had given me a little wave and shy smile. My wife sat on the adjacent sunbed surveying the immediate vicinity, no doubt trying to figure out why I had insisted on these particular ones. She finally settled herself and began the tedious business of lathering on her suncream.

I was keeping an eye on Sabine who was lying on her sun bed wearing a different bikini, both the bottom and the top halves today. The top half was fairly pointless as she had nothing but puffy nipple tipped cones to fill it with. She had placed one foot either side of the sunbed so her legs were spread very wide and my view was from the feet up to her pussy. Nice though it looked, unfortunately I was too far away to discern any evidence of camel toe.

I was already sporting a nice erection mainly from memories of yesterday's events than any visual stimulus today. I had been particularly horny following my tryst with Sabine and my wife was quite surprised at the strength of my passion as I fucked her last night. Not easy pretending you're fucking a young child when you're actually pounding forcefully into a middle aged woman. The imagination is a wonderful thing!

Sabine and I began a little repeat of the previous day's fun with her pulling the crotch of her bikini aside giving me a glimpse of preteen slit and I stroking the rigid shaft tenting my swimming shorts. It was all a bit unsatisfactory as we both had to be very careful not to let anyone else see what we were doing. It wasn't long before we both got bored and Sabine went for a swim in the pool and I picked up my book.

Some time later my reading was disturbed when someone bumped into my sunbed. It was Sabine, fresh from the pool and dripping wet. "Pardon monsieur" She smiled and headed towards the toilets. My stomach twisted with anxiety and my heart was thumping. Was she trying to suggest another clandestine meeting! When she got to the corner of the pool she turned and gave me the same 'come with me' curled finger I'd used the day before. The message was unmistakable!

"Just going for a piss." I announced to my wife and set off following the trail of tiny wet footprints. Sabine was waiting by one of the small cubicles. The large disabled one was occupied as was one of the others. She smiled shyly then placed a finger across pursed lips, the internationally understood sign for shush, as she pointed to the two closed doors. I nodded and we both squeezed into her chosen cubicle.

There was so much I wanted to ask, so many things I needed to clarify, but given the language barrier and proximity of other people within earshot it wasn't possible. Sabine stood quietly next to the pan red faced and biting her lip, waiting for me to start. I figured she was bold enough to put herself in this obviously scary and unknown situation, probably from a need to find out about the burgeoning sexual feelings she must have been experiencing, but when it came to it she had no idea what to do. That left me in the unenviable position of being able to do pretty much anything I wanted.

I picked her up and stood her on the toilet seat. It looked strong enough to hold her light weight. I undid and removed her wet bikini top and began by rubbing and sucking her little nipples. They both popped up stiff and prominent and Sabine giggled quietly. As I sucked on her titties my hand slipped between her legs to caress the depression in the bikini fabric. She opened her legs and pushed her hips forward invitingly.

Then I knelt down and peeled the wet bikini bottom down her legs leaving it at her ankles. The hard tile floor was a bit painful on the knees but I didn't care, I had a delightfully beautiful preteen bald virgin pussy just inches from my face. I locked my lips around her little mound and sucked and licked her slit.

Sabine gasped "Monsieur Al , qu'est-ce que tu fais?" She pulled back in surprise.

I mouthed a quiet 'shush'. I'd heard toilets flushing and doors banging but had lost track of whether any of the other cubicles were currently occupied and Sabine had spoken out loud. I pulled her forward and resumed licking her pussy. After a minute or so I felt her first relax then push her pussy against my mouth. I stopped briefly and smiled up at her "Bon?" I asked.

"Oh oui, ce qui est très bon!" She gasped quietly.

I continued licking and sucking on her delicious little cunt until she gave out a barely suppressed groan. I felt her shudder and her legs went weak. She threw her arms out sideways hitting the cubicle walls with a thump as she sought to support herself. Soon after she was twisting away from my mouth panting "Assez! Pas plus s'il vous plaît!" I think she may have experienced some kind of orgasm, possibly her first.

I stood up and lifted Sabine down and sat her on the pan lid. Her face was flushed and she looked a little shell shocked but I didn't give her any time to think about what had happened. I tugged my swimming shorts down and brought her hand onto my throbbing shaft. She knew what to do and began stroking my cock. I let Sabine continue wanking me for a minute or so but I really wanted her lovely lips wrapped around my cock head. I pushed my hips forward until my cock came into contact with her mouth. She tried to back away but I was expecting that and held her head in place.

Sabine peered up at me, a questioning frown on her face. I stuck a finger up to my mouth and mimicked licking and sucking the end. A brief flicker of confusion crossed her face then a light obviously went on in her mind as she realized I wanted her to pleasure me in the same way I had just pleasured her. She began cautiously with a few experimental licks then grew bolder and wrapped her lips around the bulb and sucked. Time was getting on though, her parents might be wondering where she had got to and my wife may have been wondering why I was taking so long so I encouraged Sabine to keep on wanking my cock as she sucked it.

Fortunately I was well worked up by then. Knowing I was about to blow I placed both hands behind her head and began gently thrusting into her mouth. The feeling was almost indescribable! I could hardly believe I had a preteen girl's lips wrapped around my swollen cock, her little tongue caressing the head and sweaty hand pumping my shaft. With a low, barely suppressed groan I unloaded into Sabine's mouth. She predictably pulled back but as I was holding her in place she took the first two squirts of cum before I released her. The third hit her face leaving a long rope trail of sperm between her lips and forehead. The last squirt fell short hitting her chest between her little nipples then the final few drips oozed out to splat on her bald mound.

Sabine looked shocked and a little distressed. I pulled a wad of toilet paper from the roll and offered it up to her chin. "Spit it out." I encouraged and mimed spitting into the tissue. I cleaned the dribbles from her chest and pussy. "Sabine, err... c'est très bon, err... mercie beaucoup." I offered lamely.

She giggled. "Il était bizarre... mais il était agréable, je pense que je l'ai aimé." She shrugged.

I had no idea what she had said but I heard 'agreeable' and she didn't look too upset as she put her bikini back on. She slipped out of the cubicle bidding me "Au Revoir" with a little wave. I closed and re-locked the door because I was shaking with shock at what I had just done. I had to sit there and wait for several minutes until I felt calm enough to face the world again!

3. Third Time Lucky

Two days went by and I'd seen no sign of Sabine or her family. I was beginning to think their holiday had finished and they'd gone home. It was our last full day and I'd resigned myself to never seeing her again! Never touching her delightful little titties or licking her perfect preteen pussy. I felt both saddened and elated. I'd experienced something wonderful, something illicit but something very very wrong. I felt like the luckiest guy alive, not just because I'd had the wonderful opportunity to experience the delights of a sexual encounter with a child but because I'd got away with it. My only regret that I hadn't been able to fuck her.

We entered the hotel dining room for lunch after a long morning following my wife around the tourist shops. There was Sabine and her family sat at a table eating lunch. As luck would have it we would pass right by their table on our way to the counter. Sabine's eyes lit up as I approached. I smiled back. She stabbed a sausage on her plate and held it up to her mouth, licked it then slid it sensually between her lips and sucked it.

I was gobsmacked! Fortunately Sabine's father was busy feeding the baby and saw nothing. Her mom though, not only saw what Sabine was doing but also the look of surprise on my face. "Sabine! Arrêtez de jouer avec votre nourriture!" She slapped Sabine's hand. I didn't see any more, having hurriedly moved on to the food counter. So, she was still here! My mind was working overtime trying to imagine a way to meet with her again, to engineer an opportunity to fuck her.

After lunch we headed for the pool. No sign of Sabine though and we settled down on sun beds of my wife's choosing. It was around half an hour before Sabine and her family came out. Unfortunately they chose sun beds at the opposite end of the pool, so no perving opportunity for me. Adding to my disappointment was the fact she wore a one piece swimsuit, dashing any hopes I might have had of seeing her topless. For the next hour I kept an eye on her as she played in the pool with with some other kids. She knew where I was, I saw her looking over at me several times. I thought about heading over to the poolside toilets again and seeing if she'd follow. I figured she probably would but a small cubicle wasn't the best place to fuck.

Sabine climbed from the pool on my side and gave me a shy smile before calling across the pool to her parents. "Mama! Je vais au aire de jeux, d'accord?" My school boy French couldn't interpret what she had said. Her mother gave a dismissive wave in consent and Sabine headed over to the hotel's playground. This was probably going to be my best opportunity to engineer a tryst with the young girl, but where could I take her? There were toilets in the hotel but they were in view of of the reception desk and were gender specific so not really an option.

Then an idea popped into my head!

I left it a minute or two before telling my wife I was going up to our room to get a book to read. The playground was a small area containing swings and other kiddy friendly equipment close to the hotel's poolside entrance. Sabine was on a swing along with some other children as I strolled past and smiled at her. I tilted my head towards the hotel and hoped she'd follow me.

As I got to the hotel door I heard her call out "Je vais à la salle de bain" to the other kids. Once inside, I turned towards the stairs, walking slowly so Sabine would see which way I'd gone. At the top of the first flight I paused long enough to confirm she had followed me in. At the top of the second flight I waited again until Sabine's head peeped around the corner before heading off down the corridor towards my room.

I unlocked the room door and waited outside until I was sure Sabine was still coming. The sound of her bare feet slapping on the cool marble floor echoed down the corridor as I entered the room leaving the door ajar and sat waiting on the bed.

She appeared in the doorway, shyly looking in. "Bon jour Sabine." I said "Come in and shut the door." I added in English because my French was inadequate. Not sure if she understood me, I waved her in and patted the bed. She must surely know where this was going and remained by the doorway, red faced and hesitant for one very long minute, nervously glancing left and right along the corridor. Then, suddenly making up her mind, she stepped inside and closed the door.

Time was very short, we'd both soon be missed so I couldn'n waste it on niceties. Sabine stood in front of me fidgeting and looking very embarrassed. I pulled the top of her wet swimsuit down to her waist and she dutifully hunched her shoulders allowing me to do it. I fondled her gorgeous little titties which were just dark puffy nipples sat atop tiny cone shaped bumps. They felt deliciously soft. I sucked each one in turn, twirling my tongue around the nipple and teasing the teats into hard little nubs. What I found a delightful turn-on was being able to suck an entire titty into my mouth. This made Sabine giggle.

Whilst sucking her titties both my hands were busy groping her ass. One caressing her soft globes, the other between her legs, gently fingering the outline of her preteen crack through the wet cloth. I impatiently tugged the swimsuit down to her ankles and Sabine shuffled it off, kicking it to one side.

At last I could appreciate her naked preteen beauty up close in the bright sunlight streaming in through the balcony doors instead of the dim yellow glow from a cubicle bulb. I caressed her soft, hairless pubic mound, still cold and clammy from the pool. My finger slipped between her pliant virgin lips, circling her tiny clitoral nub. Sabine sighed and pushed herself onto my hand. Her crack was quite warm in contrast to her cool mound.

When I got up and quickly removed my shorts, Sabine's eyes went wide at the sight of my already hard and throbbing cock. I lifted her onto the bed, lying on her tiny body with my rampant cock resting on her little slit. I felt her body stiffen under me but I wasn't going to violate her virginity just yet... she wasn't ready. I slid down, helping myself to another mouthful or two of preteen titty before kneeling between her open legs to lick hungrily on her bald pussy. The faint odour of chlorine from the swimming pool mixed with little girl pussy musk filled my nostrils.

Sabine gasped, "Oh oui!". I could feel her eagerly pushing herself onto my mouth. My tongue slid from one end of her crack to the other, alternately flicking her little nub then dipping into the tight hole of her honey pot. Once Sabine's pussy was nicely wet and slippery I gently inserted my index finger into her, finger fucking her cunt in preparation for the forthcoming onslaught from my cock. She was very tight at first but I felt her relax and open up allowing my finger ever deeper access until my whole finger was sliding in unimpeded.

I could tell she was close to orgasm but I didn't want to bring her off with my tongue. I just wanted her ready and eager for the moment my cock invaded her cunt. I climbed back between her open legs, resting my throbbing cock on her wet pussy lips. Sabine went stiff, anticipating what I was about to do, but as I rubbed myself up and down on her preteen sex rather than seeking immediate penetration, I felt her relax again and hump herself against my cock.

Finally I judged she was ready and positioned my cock at the entrance to her virgin cunt. "Sabine..." I gasped, "I really want to fuck you now, please let me fuck you!" She looked puzzled, not understanding me. "Err... je vous fuck s'il vous plais?" I tried with my schoolboy French. I made a circle with my thumb and forefinger and mimed fucking by pushing a finger in and out of the hole. Sabine looked pensive, biting her lower lip but she nodded, adding "Oui, d'accord" in a breathy whisper.

I flexed my hips and pushed in gently until just the head was enveloped in virgin pussy flesh. Sabine flinched so I paused. Once I felt she was ready for more I started a slow fucking motion, each forward thrust a little more forceful than the one before. Gradually I felt her pussy relax and my cock eased further in, centimeter by centimeter until suddenly her resistance gave in and my cock slid fully home.

Sabine's eyes went wide and muttered "Merde!" Her whole body squirmed under me as she rode het own orgasm. I paused once again, relishing the wonderful feeling of her hot tight cunt enveloping my throbbing flesh. I began thrusting again, slowly at first then getting increasingly faster and more forceful. My orgasm was building to an unstoppable conclusion. Even the tears welling up in Sabine's eyes as she realized the situation she had allowed herself to be in, couldn't dampen my need to cum.

My orgasm exploded with force. I continued fucking the child as I unloaded my cum into her little pussy. Finally I was spent and collapsed onto her. For a minute or two the only sounds in the room were those of her quiet sniffling and my panting. I rolled off, conscious my weight was probably crushing her.

Sabine got up and stood looking between her legs at her red pussy lips and the mess of cum dripping from her hole and running down her legs. There was a damp patch on the very crumpled duvet and cum drips on the tile floor. I had some tidying up to do! I had no idea long we'd been away from the pool so I'd need to hurry! I wiped the cum from Sabine's legs and the tears from her eyes. As I helped her put her damp costume back on I said "Thank you Sabine, you were wonderful." She looked at me with a puzzled expression so I tried "Er... merci, vous très bien, merci beaucoup."

This got a giggle from her "C'était bon monsieur Al, ça m'a plu." She smiled. "Je dois y aller! Ma mère va me chercher." Sabine waved demurly and slipped out of the door.


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br> No, I don't speak French. :-D
Anonymous 4/21/2017 Really, "Je suis appele Sabine."? A far too literal fail. Try "Je m'appele" instead.
Etranguer 4/23/2017 Tres bien!
Quackenspiel 4/24/2017 Great story. A good balance of story and sex I look forward to more of your work
Anonymous 4/27/2017 Wow this was a sexy story! I loved having it in 3 parts and not three separate stories. Although . . . having someone catch them, and then join in, . . .
Hodaka17 5/6/2017 Great story. Well written and very believable. I had to rub one out after finishing this all the while thinking of Sabine's 11 year old pussy. Well done!!
germannudist 5/7/2017 Wow! Nice, hot story. Hope read more of them or other stories from you!
Anonymous 5/11/2017 A really nice build up, though for the actual fuck I would have liked more detail to evoke the feeling of being inside this young girl and her responses. For comparison James Wellington and Rufusfugit write some of the best fuck scenes I know of, but I expect other people can suggest some more writers

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