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September 19, 2015: I wanted to respond to an anonymous comment sent to me earlier today:

With the understanding that you're the author (and a terrific one, too) and we're your readers and therefore subject to what you want to write, I'd like to offer a suggestion.

You were away" for a relatively long period. You have acknowledged the two readers's favorites, but since you've returned you've spent much more of your efforts to writing new serials, than moving these two onward.

I can't speak for any other readers, but I wish you'd take care of those two before writing new material.

Up to you, of course.
This is a fair suggestion and one to which I wish to respond. First, as I've said many times before, I cannot help the periods when I cannot write and publish. I don't get paid to do this, this is a hobby, and I can only give so much time to writing erotica. I've been writing since November 2013, and I've already published almost 1.5 million words online, for free, from this hobby. Personally, I think that is a pretty solid amount of content.

Second, I only publish what I am proud to have read by others. I have another 500,000 words written in other series I've considered working on, but have never published for a variety of reasons. The short story is that I don't feel satisfied enough to put them online. That is what happened with What the Night Whispers. I'd been working on that story off and on for almost a year. I wasn't comfortable with the quality until I had sorted out the nature of the paranormal aspects, but once I had that settled and the ending matched what I wanted, I went through the editing process and put it online. There are other series which may just 'show up' one day even though I've had them in my reserve roster for months or years. It doesn't mean I've spent my recent days/weeks writing the story from scratch, only that I felt the story was finally mature enough for me to own and be satisfied with.

For Semper Fi: The story came to me one afternoon. Anyone who has felt the rush of excitement which comes from a new idea with legs can understand the need to put the story into words. I wrote it over a period of a week or so. It flowed out faster than anything I'd done previously. I couldn't not write it. Nothing else was going to get done in any other series until I had the ideas for Semper Fi fleshed out. I won't apologize for the muse striking and taking me out of other series for a short time. That's how it works, for me at least, and I personally find that it helps me develop other stories to work on something new from time to time.

As to Shipwrecked and Flower Petals specifically, first about Flower Petals: I put out 5 new chapters of Flower Petals in July, another new one (#61) about a week ago. This story has no end point, it is open-ended and I intend to tell the story of this family for many, many more chapters spanning several years of their lives together. I can't simply bring the story to conclusion because, in many ways, I need time to let the next steps play out in my head, not quite in "real time" but with enough distance to understand the way the relationships and plot twists will impact the characters. I'll continue to put out new chapters of this series over time, but I will not be in a rush to finish it because, again, there is no finish line planned at this time.

For Shipwrecked, I have been writing more content for this series over the last few weeks. However, I am working towards an end point with this series. I'm expecting another 15 or so chapters to get to the final major scenes and a handful additional wrap up chapters beyond that. As has happened before in this series, that 15-20 chapters might become 30 or more, I just don't know yet. Unlike Flower Petals, there is a finale in store. I've written enough additional story here for 5-7 new chapters, but I have not published them for one reason: there are some plot considerations I need to flesh out more first. I don't want to put the most recent content up only to change the plot from under it and then need to revise the story. Once I know for sure how some of these key aspects will turn out, I'll put the chapters online. Only then. I know this is not something readers can 'see' but I have not abandoned the story simply because I haven't put anything up recently.

Plus, writing (for me, at least) means doing more than pounding a keyboard. I think about the plot, the characters, the context, and the story goals a lot, and even when I'm not putting words into a text file, I'm still working on the story. Again, you can't see this, but work is taking place behind the scenes to bring you the writing you enjoy. It isn't effortless, it takes a lot of time, and while I really enjoy doing it, I make no money for this effort and I cannot spend fifty hours a week producing erotica (as much as I wish I could).

Sorry for the rant. I appreciate the anonymous suggestion. I know it is from a genuine affection for my writing and I really, humbly, appreciate that. I do. It means a lot to know that readers care enough to want more from me, and I'll do my best to get the content out as I can. But I will not sacrifice quality for quantity. I'll only put a new chapter up if it is something I think adds to the narrative and is polished (as much as an author/editor/proofreader of 1 person can do).

I don't know when the next Shipwrecked or Flower Petals chapters will be out. I just don't know. I've explained, as best I can, why little has come forth on each. I hope you'll be patient as I do my best to finish Shipwrecked and forward Flower Petals.

Many thanks for reading my rant, and many more for reading my stories. I appreciate all of you and hope you continue to enjoy my work.

As of September 15, 2015, I've published 378 chapters / stories in 14 different series, or about 1,456,000 words.

My most popular series to date (by far) are Shipwrecked and Flower Petals.

Stories by Chase Shivers:

Primary Themes Launched Last Update Status Chapters Complete Chapters Planned Word Count Primary Story Codes
Coming of Age
Adult Female / Teen Sexuality
September 11, 2015 September 14, 2015 Complete 13 13 54000 ff mf Ff Fm Ffm FFfm f1st m1st paranormal inc mother/son mother/daughter brother/sister sisters
Penelope is a divorced mother of a fifteen-year old son and fourteen-year old daughter. Beyond her family, she has little more than her job, but for many years that had been enough. She discovers secrets her children have hidden from her, and when her own secrets are brought back to her from an unfathomable source, she faces questions of sanity, pleasure, guilt, and incest. For more, please read the Author's Introduction to this series.
Redemptive Romance
Teen Sexuality
Adult Male / Teen Female Sexuality
Anal Sex
August 31, 2015 September 3, 2015 Complete 20 20 139000 Mf MF mf f1st anal creampie rom voy exhib viol
In the late years of a global war, a Marine officer named Hitch who had wearied of fighting and chosen to live alone for five years meets a small family who change his life. Through the love of a young woman in her middle teens, Hitch finds old emotions he thought he'd lost, and is drawn to rejoin the world he thought he'd left behind. Note: This story contains acts of violence (NOT rape or NC content, but battle and hunting), as well as descriptions of mental illness. For more, please read the Author's Introduction to this series.
Preteen Sexuality
Teen Sexuality
Adult Male / Young Female Sexuality
Anal Sex
January 22, 2014 August 30, 2015 Actively Writing 123 ~140+ 438000 MFff Mfff Mff Mf MF f1st anal creampie rom
A married man survives a cruise ship disaster and finds himself alone on a Pacific island with a twelve-year old girl. Together, they fight for survival and turn to each other for comfort. As the two battle the difficult situation, they find an unexpected closeness growing between them and soon discover they aren't alone on the island. For more, please read the Author's Introduction to this series.
Preteen Sexuality
Teenage Sexuality
Adult Male / Young Female Sexuality
February 6, 2014 September 11, 2015 Actively Writing 61 70+ 206200 MFfg MFg MF Mf Mg ped inc anal creampie mother/daughter father/daughter
Brent is a divorced father of a thirteen-year old girl. He meets a mother and her young daughter at a secluded campsite, where a pair of the girl's dirty panties sets off a process that leads Brent to a new relationship with his daughter. For more, please read the Author's Introduction to this series.
Teenage Sexuality
Sexual Development
Emotions / Romance
May 29, 2014 May 4, 2015 Actively Writing 27 40+ 83400 mf Mf ff MF FF anal creampie condom voy exhib
Diary of a Loose Girl follows a woman named Carrie. From her earliest sexual experiences through her adult life, her first time, her kinks, the men and women she fucked and loved, she recorded it all in her Diary. Follow Carrie's retelling of those personal notes as she details what she tried and liked, what she tried and hated, the people she loved and lost, and what turns her on beyond imagination. For more, please read the Author's Introduction to this series.
Preteen / Teen Sexuality
Adult Male / Teen Female Sexuality
Adult Female / Teen Male Sexuality
May 29, 2014 September 9, 2015 Actively Writing 38 50+ 194300 MF Mf Fm fm MFfmm anal creampie inc mother/son father/daughter sister/brother
Husband and wife Gene and Tamara share an open marriage with rules, and their sexual lives are satisfying, their relationship together strong. Their children, fifteen-year old Lauren, fourteen-year old Finch, and twelve-year old Logan have all the normal curiosities and urges as other teenagers. Together, the five of them are forced to take flight when an international anarchist organization targets Gene and Tamara, and much of the rest of the world. For more, please read the Author's Introduction to this series.
Teenage Sexuality
Adult Male / Teen Female Sexuality
Anal Sex
January 12, 2015 September 11, 2015 Actively Writing 18 25+ 109300 MF Mf MFF anal inc creampie father/daughter
Groundhog Nights is about a divorced father named Quinn who finds himself caught in a night that repeats each time he falls asleep. The story includes a long-teased incestuous rendezvous with his fifteen-year old daughter Tera. For more, please read the Author's Introduction to this series.
Teenage Sexuality
Lesbian Sexuality
Sexual Development
February 2, 2014 September 15, 2015 Sporadically Updated 13 ~25 37400 ff fsolo fff ffff f1st masturbation oral rom
Tender Box is a series that centers around the blossoming relationship between fifteen-year old Channa and her close, long-time friend, the fourteen-year old Urma. They explore a growing understanding of their bodies, of their sexual arousal, and of their feelings for each other. For more, please read the Author's Introduction to this series.
Magical Sexuality
Teenage Sexuality
January 10, 2014 January 15, 2014 Paused
Year 1 Complete
Year 2 Planned
15 40+ 44000 (MHFhfg combinations) magic anal teen inc preg ws hermaphrodite mother/daughter grandmother/granddaughter
Fen, a recently-widowed man has a sexual encounter with a thirteen-year old neighbor, and is quickly caught up in the girl's secret legacy. The girl must give birth before she turns fourteen to solidify her royal pedigree, and with the help of several of her female relatives, travels with Fen to Israel where they encounter strange and erotic magic. For more, please read the Author's Introduction to this series.
Adult Female / Male Dog
Adult Female / Female Dog
Adult Male / Female Dog
January 26, 2014 February 7, 2014 Sporadically Updated 4 10-15 10300 FF~dog+ FF~dog MFF~dog+ MF~dog+ F~dog+ F~dog best anal preg oral creampie
Gracie, a 46-year old woman down on her luck socially, finds out that her friend Nancy has a secret: She has sex with her rescued greyhounds. Gracie's shock turns to understanding when her own greyhound Charlie shows her what she is missing. A surprise soon has Gracie out to visit other women who have sex with their dogs, and Charlie joins her adventures. For more, please read the Author's Introduction to this series.
Dirty Anal
Dirty Ass-to-Mouth
Scat Sex
Unwashed Genitals
January 16, 2014 July 17, 2015 Sporadically Updated 12 15-20 33500 MF MFF MFff MFf Mff Mf anal atm scat ws rim teen creampie drugs
The Naturals is a story line which features experiences from the life of Case, a late-20s partier who has a fetish for the smell of unwashed cunts. He meets Breena, a mid-20s hippy chick and together they discover that they both get off on her dirty, full ass. As Breena and Case spend time together, they meet other women and teens who share their fetish and explore the feels and smells and tastes of unwashed pussies and loaded, dirty asses. For more, please read the Author's Introduction to this series.
Body Odors
Anal Sex
Dirty Anal
Mild Scat
February 7, 2014 February 7, 2014 One-off or Series?
1 1... ? 4700 MF+f+ anal ass-to-ass rim creampie prolapse mild scat
The mountains of Japan hold close many secrets, including the Juni-kwa, an organization training women and a few men to fight for a traditionalist way of life. Part of the training involves controlling one's body odor, and to become a full-fledged Juni-kwa, trainees must pass the sniff test. If you like me to expand this story into a a series, please let me know!. For more, please read the Author's Introduction to this series.
Lesbian Scat
Teenage Sexuality
November, 2013 January 20, 2014 Complete 27 27 86000 FFf FF Ff ff Fsolo fsolo f1st masturbation inc scat mother/daughter
A young teacher, Megan, discovers that she enjoys combining masturbation and defecation. A series of unexpected panty-pooping moments brings her close to a coworker, Chloe, and Chloe's fifteen-year old daughter Channa, and together they find they love filling panties and inhaling rank aromas. For more, please read the Author's Introduction to this series.
Various December 5, 2013 January 23, 2014 Sporadically Updated 6 18800 Various
I Never Saw Her Again (INSHA) is a collection of stand-alone stories which feature an encounter with a woman or girl who is never seen again. Each tale is told in a first-person point of view, and the narrator describes the one-off encounter as it was experienced. For more, please read the Author's Introduction to this series.


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