Raping Ramona

by Magman

Nine year old Ramona woke up when she felt the pressure on the bed. She turned her head around to see her father behind her. She tried to move but he was pinning her arms to the bed. She could see that he had pushed her nightgown up around her waist, leaving her private parts exposed. She could also see that he was naked.

"Daddy, what are you doing?"

"Shhhhh...Daddy needs a little relief, baby, just be quiet."

She felt him poking around her private area with his -thingy' until he found what he was looking for. She drew in a sharp breath as her father's hardness entered her vagina.

"D...d...d...daddy...stop. You know you're not supposed to do that."

"Yeah, but I just gotta fuck you, Princess."

She felt the hard shaft drive all of the way into her.

"Ow...ow...ow...stop, daddy, it hurts...please stop hurting me, Daddy."

"Shut up and take your fucking like a big girl!"

He started to stroke his hard cock in and out of her pussy. She continued to cry out.

"Ow...ow..ow...please stop, Daddy, it hurts so bad....why, daddy, why are you hurting me?...

"Cuz your cockwhore mother left me and you're the only cunt left in the house, so I need somewhere to ram my cock."

"Please stop, Daddy...please don't rape me again, Daddy."

He didn't reply, just kept pounding his hard on into his pre-teen daughter. He was holding her tight to the bed so she couldn't move. She had her face turned to one side and saw the blank expression on his face as he drove himself into her.

"You say you don't like it, but I know you enjoy having cock in you...all you sluts like having your cunts full of meat."

She didn't respond, just laid there, feeling his hard cock violate her immature pussy. The air was full of the sounds and smell of sex. You could hear his hips slapping against her and the creaking of the little girl's bed got louder and louder as her father penetrated her harder and harder.

"Please take it out, Daddy...it hurts so bad...please stop...please?"

"You want me to take my cock out of your cunt, you little whore?"

"Yes, please, Daddy, please take it out."

She felt him withdraw. The hard thing was no longer in her. She could feel her vagina contracting at the sudden emptiness and felt relief at not being violated any longer. She tried to get up but her father was still holding her down. Suddenly, she felt his weight come down again and felt his hardness enter her again...but this time, it was not in her vagina.

"If you don't want it in your cunt, I'll just shove it up your ass!"

"Ow...ow...ow...daddy, not in my butt. Please don't put it in my butt, Daddy...ow...ow..ow...it hurts so bad, stop, Daddy, please?"

"But I love to fuck your hot little ass....don't you like being daddy's little fuck-whore?"

He started to stroke his cock in and out of her tiny little asshole.

"Ow...ow..ow....no, please stop, Daddy...please don't rape my butt again."

Ignoring her pleas, he kept ramming his nine inch cock in and out of her tight little butthole.

And the sounds of sex just kept getting louder and more intense. Her butt cheeks slapping, the bed creaking and pounding against the wall, her father's panting and moaning.

"Please stop, Daddy, please, please, please please, please...it hurts so bad, Daddy."

"Just....about....done...bitch....Oh, God, Baby...here it comes...Daddy is gonna fill your hot little ass with his semen."

"Ow...you're hurting me, Daddy, please, please, please stop."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!" he cried out as the first of his wads entered her. He kept stroking his still erupting cock deeper and deeper into her, spraying the inside of her bowels with his cream.

She carried it through all the way to the end. She kept crying and begging him to stop.

She had to work real hard to not show how much she was enjoying this. She had to fight back the cum that she so desperately wanted. He fucked her ass until he was completely drained. At last, his spent cock plopped out of her and the remnants of his semen ran out of her ass and onto the bed. He collapsed on to the bed, thoroughly spent. The camera zoomed in on her ass, still leaking her father's cum.

You could still hear Ramona sobbing.

"And Cut!!!"

"Great job, you two. You two are naturals. I suppose it helps that you really are father and daughter but that was about the hottest rape scene I've ever seen. This video is really gonna sell."

"Well, I do like to please." Ramona said, sliding off the bed, leaving a streak of cum from her butt. She grabbed a bottle of water and headed off to the bathroom.

"Let me take a piss, a shit, and a shower and we'll do the 'Sneaking in on Daddy and giving him a blowjob' scene."

"If I can get it up again, maybe."

She stopped and turned her head around, her pretty little butt still exposed for all to see.

"You never have trouble getting it up for me, Daddy."

Ramona smiled as she walked out of the room. Looking back, she could already see her father's cock start to get hard again from watching her ass.