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The Halloween Costume Contest

- by Alvo Torelli

(Mg, mg, mc, inc, oral, nc, magic)


There were few girls in Leah Sturm's school who were more competitive than she was. No, strike that, if any girl tried to be more competitive than Leah, then Leah would just have to out-compete her at being competitive! She was, quite simply, ruthless.

Leah won at everything she put her mind to, and she put that mind to almost everything. She had the best grades in the seventh grade, the nicest clothes, the fanciest phone, the most admirers. She was the striker on her soccer team, scored the most goals and her team always won. She was the first girl to kiss a boy, the first to have a boyfriend and the first one to dump one. Leah did everything first, best and with more pizazz than anyone else and woe be to the poor girl who got in her way.

It didn't seem to occur to Leah that much of her success could be attributed to being born the prettiest girl in her school, with the richest parents - parents who would do anything for her including bribing anyone necessary. As far as Leah was concerned, it was all her doing - she was simply better than everyone else.

And so it was that Leah found herself, as usual, intent on winning - winning at any cost - winning no matter how small or inconsequential the contest. But just this once, there were no parents to help her out. And just this once, her charming smile and gorgeous face weren't going to help her out either. For this particular contest was, in fact, the costume contest at her middle school Halloween party. The contest required wearing a costume that hid the contestant's identity completely. Leah's father had been talked into being one of the judges for the contest, while her mother was chairwoman of the decorations committee, and so her parents refused to help her with the competition. It just wouldn't be fair, they'd said. And to make things worse the other judge for the contest was the mother of a girl from Leah's seventh grade class - a girl who hated her.

But it was a contest, and Leah ALWAYS WON CONTESTS! Always.

So pretty little Leah, for she was both very pretty, with her fine features and striking long red hair, and quite little, at barely four feet seven inches and about 70 pounds, set out to find the perfect costume - a costume guaranteed to get her first prize at the party. But to her infinite annoyance every costume shop, every thrift store, every retail outlet had the same tired, boring, and oh so not-first-place costumes. Princesses, witches, zombies, robots, ghouls, cheerleaders, she-devils, mummies - all of them useless!

Another girl would have given up, but not our dear Leah. She scoured the city for days, until finally, on the eve of the party, she stumbled onto a tiny Halloween shop squeezed between a McDonald's and a Starbucks at the very edge of downtown. Almost desperately, she jumped out of the family town-car and pushed through into the near-deserted shop. She ignored the gaudy cheep Halloween decorations and looked hopefully for a rack of interesting costumes. But there was nothing. Not a costume in sight.

"Damn it!" Leah swore in her little voice as she stomped her tiny foot.

"Excuse me, dear."

Leah whirled around, gasping and startled to find a wizened man towering over her - with the most amazing long bushy white eyebrows. "Oh! Gosh, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. Uh, do you work here?"

"This is my shop, dear. Professor Imrash West, at your service. I'm sure that whatever you desire, I can help you." The Professor put a spooky emphasis on the word 'whatever' as he stared into Leah's bright green eyes. But at once she felt like she should trust him and maybe he really could help her.

"Uh, do-do you have any costumes?"

"But of course, my dear young lady. Please tell me, what do you need a costume for?"

"Um, for Halloween? You know, tomorrow?" When the old man just looked at her, waiting, Leah felt compelled to fill the silence. "I mean, well, I want to win the costume contest at my school and I have to have the best costume, the very best! Because I have to win. I always win, every time. I just do." Leah suddenly closed her mouth, wondering why she'd gone on like that.

"Ah, I see," the gentlemen answered. "Let me see, let me see, yes, yes, I'm sure I have just the thing. Oh yes." He paused and frowned, looking intently into Leah's pretty face. "Hmm," he said pensively, "but I'm afraid I couldn't just sell you such a costume, a costume guaranteed to win a contest. No, no, no, I couldn't simply sell it."

"Really, you have a costume that's guaranteed to win? Oh please, I want it. I have to have it. You HAVE to sell it to me." Leah's voice rose rather rudely, but then she'd spent far too much time listening to her father speak to clerks and servants in just that tone.

Professor West arched his amazing eyebrows at the little girl and stepped aside, going behind a long counter. "I'm quite sorry, Leah, but I simply can't sell you this particular costume. You'll have to get it another way."

"What other way?!" Leah demanded.

"Well, it's simple enough - you have to give me your wish. Tell me your wish, and if it's a good enough wish - with enough substance - then you can have the costume."

"That's stupid," Leah said rudely. But at no point did she think to question that the elderly man actually did have the perfect costume for her to use to win the contest. At the look of annoyance on his face she realized her mistake and she quickly backpedaled. "Oh gosh, I'm sorry, that was rude. I'm just, ah, confused," she said. "But, um, if that's really what you want, a wish, then I guess I could try?"

"Of course, Leah, my dear, of course," the Professor said with a renewed smile. "Please, tell me your wish."

"Uh, okay, let's see - well, I want to win the contest, more than anything, so, I guess... I wish I could win the costume contest at my school tomorrow and win everything always!" She nodded her head with confidence at the end of her statement, then turned pensive, wondering if it was a good enough wish and why she'd added that bit at the end. What had the old man said - a wish with enough substance?

Professor Imrash West's eyes glowed and the corner of his mouth curled up in a smile that suddenly made Leah shiver. He spoke quietly as if to himself, "Let's see now, a rather simple wish - easily formulated and easily fulfilled - but does it present one with enough to really make it worth the while - yes, yes, I see, oh yes, that's quite nice, quite nice indeed." He fixed his burning eyes on Leah's small frame, looking her up and down once in a frightening way, but then he seemed to shrink back into his older gentlemen form and he said kindly, "Why, yes, Leah, that's a lovely wish and quite sufficient. Let me get you your costume."

Leah looked at the old man with a confused and startled expression, watching as he rummaged around behind the long dusty counter until he produced a simple cardboard box which he handed directly to her.

"There you are, my dear, just as you wished. And remember, Leah, don't open it until it's time to get dressed for your party. I quite guarantee you'll be completely satisfied. You must win the contest - you must. Now, if you don't mind, it's about time for me to be closing up, it's getting late."

And with that, Leah found herself standing on the street, cardboard box in hand. She was nearly home, driven by her father's chauffeur, before it occurred to her that she hadn't paid for the costume, looked at the costume, tried on the costume or had even the slightest idea what kind of costume it was. And how in the world did that man know her name?


Leah stared at the box. It was time to get ready for the party, but she was a little bit afraid. Why had she put her entire plan for winning the contest into this one small box - a box with lord only knows what inside. Why hadn't she opened it this morning, when she might still have time to do something about it? The box could hold a gorilla suit for all she knew. And she didn't have any other ideas. What had made her think that some old man in a grubby little shop would know how she could win her contest? But oh well, it was this box or, well - lose. Unthinkable!

She opened the box. What was she seeing? Lots of gauzy light green material, some silk, pearls, a bottle of liquid, some jewelry. It was confusing. But there was a bracelet, in the corner of the box, that wasn't confusing, although it was an odd bracelet. It was several inches wide, and hinged, with a tiny clasp - not just a bracelet, she realized, an ornamental wrist cuff. At least it was pretty - golden and set with sparkling little stones. It was lovely and it tingled in the palm of her her hand before she placed it around her wrist and snapped it closed.

Suddenly Leah was standing in front of her mirror. What had happened? She stared into the mirror in fascination. She was frightened, but the vision in front of her - herself - was compelling. Her hair! It was platinum blonde! Even her eyebrows had gone blonde. She thought of the box and remembered the small bottle of liquid she'd seen there. Her long, suddenly blonde hair was pulled into a high ponytail that arched gracefully upwards and then fell far down her back. And she had bangs covering her forehead - she'd never had bangs before!

Leah's face was almost completely covered by a veil of emerald green silk, rimmed with beautiful pearls, that hung gracefully from a bejeweled tiara entwined in her hair. Everything below her bright and sparkling green eyes was covered by the opaque green veil. It made her eyes, peeking out between the veil and her new bangs, look huge and sultry and, well, downright sexy. Her eyes were darkly lined with black liner and her eyelids were brilliant green as well. No one was going to recognize her! She hardly recognized herself.

Leah's face was completely hidden behind the veil. But the rest of her? The rest of her was either bare or barely hidden behind gauzy green material. Her top was little more than a brassiere made of transparent green gauze and it clearly showed off the gentle curves of her small young breasts - breasts that had only recently become distinct, rounded orbs. Leah noticed immediately the way the thin material managed to hold her tight, lifting up her small boobs to accentuate them, and yet still be completely transparent. Her little nipples stood out clearly, begging for attention. Her arms were bare, as was her midriff - all the way down to the hip-hugging pantaloons of gauze she wore. A lovely green jewel, pressed into her small belly button, twinkled in the light as she twisted to examine it.

And the pantaloons that hugged low on her hips were lovely - the thinest of pretty emerald green gauze that covered her hips, thighs and legs, all the way down to her little feet - without actually covering anything at all. Her nearly hairless slit, so tiny and delicate, was made so much more obvious by the transparent fabric. The curves she had just begun to grow into were accentuated by the flimsy garment. Twisting to see her backside she saw the alluring roundness of her own ass through the green haze. She might as well be naked!

Finally, there was a pair of sparkling green sandals with five-inch spiked heels that gave her legs an amazing, curvaceous look and made them look so much longer.

There was no question that the girl looking back at Leah from the mirror, peeking over the sultry veil, a girl Leah hardly recognized, was incredibly sexual, immodest, erotic and slutty. The slutty harem-girl costume she wore was outrageous and inappropriate and also stunning. Leah was thrilled to be so alluring and horrified at being so exposed and vulnerable - emotions that warred in her young, inexperienced mind.

Staring into the mirror in horror, Leah couldn't remember anything about dyeing her long red hair blonde or putting on the outrageously inappropriate harem slut costume. The last thing she could remember was snapping on the wide wrist-cuff, and looking to her wrists now she saw that both of them were encased in such cuffs. The golden metal and inlaid stones glittered in the light. She tore at the cuffs, but neither would come off. For just a moment both of them seemed to tingle on her wrists. Looking closely she realized that neither cuff had a clasp, nor a hinge, they were both wide, single bands of metal completely encircling her wrists - as if they'd been forged there.

With fear, Leah looked into the mirror again and then tried to pull off the terrible costume. But her hands and arms wouldn't move to pluck at the tiara and veil, or to try to pull off the humiliating semi-blouse. Instead, she saw herself turn and lift up a short cloak of beautiful green silk, with more of the pretty pearls sewn along the edges. She pulled the cloak around her shoulders and buttoned its single button, about an inch below her nipples. Releasing the cloak it settled low on her shoulders, nearly but not quite falling off. She stared in the mirror again. The cloak hung low, barely covering her small breasts enough to hide her nipples. And it fell just barely long enough to cover her ass and her small slit. With the cloak sitting steady on her shoulders she was barely decent. But when she moved from side to side, twisting, the cloak flounced about seductively and opened slightly in the front, just enough to reveal glimpses of forbidden treasures, just enough to hint from front and rear that the cloak was hiding something delightfully lascivious. Leah was completely aghast. And she realized at once that she wouldn't be able to bring either of her arms out from under the terrible cloak without opening it up and revealing her near nakedness to the world. The cloak was the only thing protecting her modesty, but it was also a trap! Her hands might as well be tied behind her back.

She wanted to scream, but she couldn't. She wanted to tear the costume off and cover her nakedness, but she could only stare at herself. She wanted to crawl in her closet and hide, but she could only walk towards her bedroom door and turn the handle.

No contest is worth this! Leah thought to herself. I'll just stay home. I don't have to win this. But even as she thought this, she was walking out the door, calling for the chauffeur to drive her back to her middle school for the Halloween party. As carefully planned, the chauffeur had delivered her parents to the school earlier so that they wouldn't see Leah's costume in advance.


It was a disturbing drive to her school. Leah saw the way the middle-aged chauffeur kept sneaking looks at her in the rear view mirror and the way his eyes widened at what he saw. Seated, her cloak was too short to fully cover her and she was certain she was giving him occasional flashes of things she should never show a man. She was certain she blushed deeply from her embarrassment. But she wore her ridiculous opaque veil and perhaps he couldn't see the humiliation plastered on a her face. Small solace.

Leah walked into the gym where the Halloween part was already in full swing, noisy and filled with silly, spooky decorations. Music played over the loudspeakers, a few preteens danced awkwardly and everyone shouted their conversations to be heard over the music. Leah desperately wanted to be anywhere but there - but her feet carried her slowly, but directly, to the registration table where the assistant principal was taking names for the costume contest. As she passed by, knots of young people stopped speaking and stared at her in amazement. She heard furtive comments from behind her - exclamations of surprise and derision - even a couple of whistles. Since half the party goers wore some kind of mask, as required if you wanted to enter the contest, she often couldn't tell who was ogling her. Every stare and every whispered comment made her feel more vulnerable. She wanted to run from the room, but she just kept gliding to the registration table, compelled by some unknown force.

"Oh my!" the assistant principal, Mrs. Gould said, looking up from her paperwork. "Oh my, oh my. That is really not an... Oh." Her jaw dropped and she didn't seem to be able to speak over her shock at seeing Leah's costume. She clearly wanted to take action, remove the outrageously dressed child from the room and return decorum to the Halloween party, but she didn't - she couldn't. Instead, mechanically, she found herself saying, "I'll need your name to register you for the contest."

Oh god, Leah thought. I don't want anyone to know it's me in this costume! She tried not to answer, but it was no use. Leah flushed with embarrassment as she said "Leah Sturm, Mrs. Gould."

"Oh my, really, Leah! I would have thought you ..." The woman's blustering petered out and then she simply spoke exactly what she wrote on the registration form, "Leah Sturm - Slutty Harem Girl. There, dear, you're all registered. Please remember the rules."

Of course Leah knew the rules - Leah always knew the rules to anything she wanted to win, and she always wanted to win at everything. A flash of anger flared in her at the woman's stupid comment, but it was instantly damped down by sniggering from behind her, reminding her of how outrageous and wanton her costume was. Again, she wanted to flee, but her body wasn't cooperating with her mind, and instead she turned and approached a small group of boys who were standing together, staring at her through the eye-holes in their masks. A Frankenstein, a dead president, a Spider Man and a zombie all admired her form as she walked towards them, swinging seductively on her high heels.

Leah couldn't recognize any of the boys, although she thought perhaps the boy costumed as Frankenstein was an eighth grader named Devon, a boy she'd once kissed on a bet - which she won, of course.

"Wow, who are you, girl?" Frankenstein said. With her blonde hair and extra height, he really had no idea who she was.

Leah could practically see the smirks of the boys behind their masks. The way their eyes moved over her body trying to see inside her cloak here and there gave her the shivers. Once again she desperately wanted to leave, but her body wasn't cooperating. Neither was her mouth. "Oh, you know I can't tell you that, you naughty boy," she said in a crazy, flirtatious manner. Her voice sounded sultry and little-girl at the same time, and it clearly penetrated into Frankenstein's brain that she was flirting. "But if you want to know me better, we could have a private conversation." And with that she turned her back on the boys and sashayed through the doors into one of the school's empty hallways. She was surprised to see, when she turned around, that all four boys had followed her from the party.

Frankenstein stepped close to Leah's small frame, towering over her. She realized she was being flanked, quietly, by President Reagan and his zombie accomplice. Spider Man pressed in behind her. She was tightly surrounded by the older boys and fear flared in her tiny body, but she didn't flinch.

"So," she said in that same flirty, naughty voice, "are you going to vote for me?"

"I don't know, why should I?" Frankenstein replied trying to sound suave and uncaring - but his voice broke on 'should' and he didn't quite pull it off.

Ignoring the gaff, Leah heard her flirty voice softly pronounce, "I'll make it worth your while. You too," she finished, glancing quickly at all the boys pressed close to her.

"Uh, how? Frankenstein said, all flirtation gone from his cracking voice. He was plainly out of his league with the curvaceous vision in front of him.

Leah felt herself carefully reaching up under the cloak and unbuttoning the sole fastener that kept it closed and kept her half-way decent. No! No! She thought to herself, but no amount of silent screaming in her mind would stop her fingers from working the button. "Wouldn't you like to see what's under here?" she heard herself say.

"Whoah! Yeah!" Frankenstein said in a shaky, excited voice.

"You have to promise you'll vote for me," Leah's voice said, "all of you have to promise."

"Hell yes," Frankenstein said and the other boys echoed him at once.

No, please no! Leah screamed silently at herself. You can't do this to yourself! Stop it!

But despite what she screamed in her mind, she could do it to herself. Her fingers unhooked the button of her cloak and she opened it wide enough for Frankenstein to get a view of her wonderful small round breasts. Even through the small holes in his plastic mask, Leah could see his eyes nearly pop out of his head. And then she turned to President Reagan, Spider Man and the zombie in turn, giving each boy a nice long look at her naked body through the thin transparent green fabric.

Leah had never felt so humiliated and vulnerable in her life. She hardly understood those emotions for what they were. But there was worse to come.

"Damn, you sure are hot, little girl," said the zombie, who seemed to be able to speak without having his voice break.

Leah whirled to face him, trying to get her hands to close the cloak - which they refused to do. Listening and looking closely, she didn't think this boy went to her school - in fact she realized he was probably Devon's older brother, a sophomore at the near-by high school. High school boys had been known to crash the middle school's events in the past and Halloween was the perfect opportunity.

"But, you know, I'm not sure a simple peek at that hot body of yours is enough for my vote. I think maybe I need a little more intimate contact than that," the zombie continued.

Oh my god! What does he want? Leah's mind whirled at the boy's suggestive manner. But she heard herself say smoothly, "Oh really, well, I like intimate contact. What did you have in mind?"

"Oh, I don't' know, maybe this," zombie boy said as he reached inside Leah's open cloak, cupped a breast in one hand and ran his thumb roughly over her sensitive nipple - all through the thin gauze of her costume."

"Ooooh!" Leah exclaimed, and even she couldn't tell if she'd said it, or the terrible entity controlling her body had made her say it. Nor could she tell which of them caused her to arch her back and briefly rise on her toes. But either way the unexpected contact with one of her most intimate parts caused her intense feelings and left her breathless. She exclaimed, "Oh, god!" as the boy rubbed her breast even harder, put his other hand on her bare side and then slid it down inside her pantaloons, pushing his fingers between her legs and cupping her small bare slit. "Oh, oh, oh!" she moaned and she let him grope at her for several seconds until one of the other boys broke in.

"Hey, dude, give the rest of us a chance," said President Reagan, and the next thing Leah knew she was spun around and a dead president was clumsily pawing at her. He too groped at her little pussy and he managed to slide a finger between the puffy mounds. "Whoa!" he exclaimed, "she's, like, wet!."

Spider Man was next, his gloved hands not quite as rough and intrusive as the other boys, but he pulled Leah closer and reached behind her to run a hand up and down her round, young ass.

All the while, as her humiliation climbed, Leah fought for control, fought to run away. Her body wouldn't respond to her wishes, it only responded to the groping of the boys - encouraging them.

Finally, Leah was turned back to face Frankenstein, who looked shocked even with his face covered by a mask. "Go for it D," the zombie said, "come on bro, touch your first titty, you can do it." And indeed, despite his obvious nervousness, Frankenstein stretched out his shaking hands and place both of them directly on the pretty little girl's breasts.

"Whoa!" Frankenstein exclaimed. He squeezed Leah's breasts clumsily and with vigor as she gasped.

"Yeah, yeah, way to go D!" Zombie boy was clearly the leader of this impromptu gang of young testosterone and he was getting more and more excited as he watched his gang manhandle Leah's hot young body. "You know, guys, I think we ought to move this into that classroom over there. I think maybe the little one here is asking to get a lot more than a feel-up in the hallway. What do you say, guys, anybody want a little warm, tight pussy?"

Oh god, no! Please no! Leah screamed to no one but her own mind. Please! She felt two of the boys take her by the arms and move her in the direction of the first dark classroom when all of a sudden there was a noise down the hall.

"What's going on here?" came a booming voice. "You children know this area is off limits during the party. Come on, get back to the party immediately."

"Shit!" Leah heard zombie boy whisper near her ear. And then they all reversed direction and headed back towards the party, the boys still surrounding Leah. She fumbled with her cloak as she stumbled along, desperate to re-button it and regain a tiny bit of her modesty. She felt so dirty and humiliated

Leah was thrust back into the milling crowd of middle school (and older) students. Thankfully her cloak was securely closed again, but still she drew stares from every quarter. She moved through the crowd, wishing she could be anywhere but there, but she couldn't force herself to leave.

And then Leah heard Mrs. Gould's voice over the loudspeaker: "Attention, attention everyone. It's time to start the costume contest. Those of you who are signed up for the contest need to head up here to the stage."


Leah's blood turned to ice. She couldn't possibly go up on the stage in her horrible costume! Everyone would see her. But she immediately found herself walking to the front and mounting the stairs to join the eight or nine other students who'd decided to compete in the contest. She stood in line with them, shivering in fear of what might be coming next.

"Please don't make me take off my cloak! Please don't make me take off my cloak!" Leah muttered to herself over and over as Mrs. Gould announced each contestant by their costume and had them step to the front and center of the stage for the audience to examine.

"Frankenstein!" Mrs. Gould said and the boy Leah had identified as her classmate Devon staggered to center stage, arms out in front of him. He got a good round of applause. A female Mummy was next. Then a masked, but curvaceous little Fairy with striking red hair took her turn and Leah realized that she might have some actual competition. The realization sent a further chill through her bones - she knew the costume was going to force her to compete even harder! How many boys would she have to show her body to?

It was Leah's turn, last of the competitors. "And finally," Mrs. Gould said with great disdain, "the Slutty Harem Girl." Leah didn't want to walk out to the edge of the stage, with every eye in the room fixed on her small form. She didn't want to turn her back to the audience and unbutton the cloak that was the only thing sustaining her modesty. She didn't want to open the cloak wide, revealing her fantastic young, curvy body and she didn't want to turn, ever so slowly back towards the audience, looking over the edge of her veil with bedroom eyes that promised untold amorous adventures. She didn't want to do any of that - but of course, she did it all anyway.

The room erupted into jeers and catcalls and gasps and wolf whistles. Two of the several mothers who were chaperones for the evening fainted and two fathers, also chaperones, bulged their eyes out like every other male in the junior high school cafeteria. But even with all the pandemonium, Leah continued to turn, ever so slowly, as she dropped her cloak all the way to the floor and revealed every inch of her essentially naked body.

"Oh! OH! OHHH!" Mrs. Gould screamed in horror once she'd recovered sufficiently from her shock. She darted forward, as well as a matronly woman of her size could dart, and scooped up Leah's cloak. She threw the cloak around the child's body and forcibly buttoned it in place and then pushed Leah back behind the other children. Turning back to the audience, red faced and out of breath, she used her microphone to outshout the crowd. "Calm down, calm down, everyone!"

Leah was certain that Mrs. Gould was going to stop the competition - she desperately hoped she would. At the very least her elderly principal would surely throw Leah out of the competition and make her leave the Halloween party. This nightmare could finally be over! She watched as Mrs. Gould gave Leah a vicious, angry glance and then lifted the microphone to loudly expel Leah from the cafeteria. But it wasn't too be! With a look of confusion, Mrs. Gould simply announced, "and you now have one hour to cast your ballots for the winner of tonight's costume contest. Remember - the audience vote is worth one third of the judging, with the other two thirds determined by our two honorary judges: Mr. Sturm and Mrs. Murdstone. Now enjoy the refreshments, games and dancing and don't forget to get your ballots in!"


As soon as Leah was back down in the crowd of young partiers, and despite her humiliation, she felt herself compelled to seek out the attention of the various groups of boys in the room. She started flirting shamelessly and quickly flashed open her cloak here and there as she worked to get the boys to promise to vote for her. It was so degrading! But she'd barely started before she felt a hand on her shoulder that propelled her out onto the dance floor.

Leah looked up into the face of the zombie boy, Devon's brother, who'd been molesting her just a few minutes earlier. Before she could say a word he put his arms through the front of her cloak, opening it to reveal her hot body, then pulled her close to slow dance. His hands played over her back and her small ass. She felt herself put her arms around his neck, lifting and opening her cloak even further. As they danced she was fully exposed to all the watchers.

"Don't bother trying to drum up votes with your flirting and flashing, slut," zombie-boy whispered in Leah's ear as he pressed tightly against her little body. She gasped, but she couldn't force herself to push him away no matter how much she wanted to. "These little boys will vote for whoever we tell them to vote for - if they know what's good for them, and they do."

"Oh, but I need them to vote for me," Leah purred back in her best attempt at a sultry voice. "Won't you tell them to vote for me? Please?"

"Only if you do what we want, slut," zombie-boy replied.

"Of course! You're so strong. And I like older boys. What DO you want?" Leah couldn't believe what was coming out of her slutty mouth!

"Just come with us and I'll show you!" zombie-boy said and immediately started leading Leah away from the dance floor. He didn't seem to care who might be watching them.

"Us?" was all the wide-eyed girl managed to say as she was whisked along.

A few seconds later Leah found herself in the dimly-lit boy's locker room, once again surrounded by boys - and by the size of them they were mostly high school boys. Zombie-boy and President Reagan were there, along with Devon/Frankenstein. Those three were joined by a Ninja Turtle and a regular ninja. It was clear that zombie-boy was the leader and he'd marshaled his high school friends to the party in the locker room.

"So, slut, if you want all the boys to vote for you, then show us that hot body of yours again," zombie-boy began. "Let's get close and personal."

"Yeah, slut, let's see it up close," the ninja chimed in.

Leah was terrified, but she couldn't get herself to run. What were these awful, handsy boys going to do to her? Despite her fear, she unbuttoned her cloak and dropped it to the floor around her feet. Everything but her pretty face was on display for the awful high school boys.

"Fuckin' A," Ninja Turtle said and he took Leah by one arm, turning her to face him. Then he started to reach for her veil, but zombie-boy lashed out and knocked his hand away.

"No peeking under the veil, man," zombie-boy commanded. "Don't you know, it's against the rules! But the rest of her you can sample. And believe me she likes it!" To prove his point, zombie-boy pulled Leah away from the Ninja Turtle and press her near-naked body against his. Then he caressed one of her round little breasts and rubbed her nipple while he also cupped her perfect ass and thrust her against the prominent bulge in his slacks. Leah's gasp was easily taken to be a gasp of pleasure.

Leah was handed from one boy to the next in a never-ending whirl of grabbing, probing hands and fingers. Someone kissed the back of her neck, sending electric currents slashing through her innocent body. Hand after hand was stuffed down inside her gauzy pantaloons to run rough fingers through her sopping young pussy and probe at her tight asshole.

It seemed as if the horrible boys would never let up as their molesting got worse and worse. Leah wanted to scream at the top of her lungs but she couldn't. Instead she moaned and gasped as if she enjoyed every humiliating abuse. She arched her back and leaned into one boy after another, mewling at every touch. Then she heard terrifying words.

"Push her down onto her knees!" Zombie-boy commanded the two ninjas who were enjoying tandem explorations of Leah's breasts. With a laugh, the two boys complied.

Leah looked up in fear as the two ninjas held her down on her knees, arms outstretched. Zombie-boy towered in front of her and then he pulled his cock out of his torn, blood-smattered pants. To Leah, it was huge! Massive. She'd never seen a cock in her life and she was appalled at how big this one looked as it flared rigidly out from zombie-boy's front. Her eyes flared in shock and the sight of her fear excited her zombie tormenter.

"Here's the deal, slut," zombie-boy said with an evil grin. "We'll get all the little middle school boys to vote for you - right after you blow us all! Otherwise no dice. So, do you want to win or not?"

"Yes, yes, I want to win!" Leah heard herself say. "Do you promise? I'll do it - if you promise."

"Oh yeah, slut, I promise - we all promise. Don't we guys?" All the young men nodded enthusiastically. Then zombie-boy grabbed Leah by her long high blonde ponytail and pulled her veiled face towards his throbbing cock. He positioned his throbbing cock under her veil without lifting if off of her face.

No! No! No! This can't be happening! Leah tried to scream. But instead she opened her mouth and leaned her head forward to flick her tongue out at the boy's nasty rod. It was salty and warm and it jumped around at the touch of her wet tongue. But then the head of it was in her mouth and she was swirling her tongue around and around it. No! No! Please! Please! NOOO!

"Oh god, oh, oh, fuck! OH! Yes, yes, fuck!" zombie-boy groaned and thrust his hips forward. His head jerked back and his eyes nearly rolled back in his head.

For all his bluster and machismo, zombie-boy was just a sixteen-year-old boy and his hard cock was in the warm mouth of the hottest twelve-year-old girl imaginable. There was no chance he was going to last more than a few seconds. He groaned again, loudly, and his thick hot cum erupted into Leah's mouth.

Oh my god! No! No! Leah screamed in her mind as the flood of hot cum filled her mouth. She choked and spluttered, but she started swallowing the viscous output to keep it from spilling out onto her veil and the rest of her costume. The boy shoved his dick deeper into the back of her mouth as he squirted the hot seed again and again, until she thought she would drown.

But finally zombie-boy was done raping little Leah's mouth and he pulled out. He had a huge shit-eating grin on his face. His first blow-job had blown his mind! "Fuck me that was awesome!" he said to his buddies. "Who's next?"

President Reagan jumped in before anyone else could. "My turn!" he said as he pushed zombie-boy aside and bent his knees to bring his big, angry cock down to the level of Leah's face. She audibly gasped at the size of the dead president's manhood, easily thirty percent bigger than his undead friend. Grabbing her by the ponytail, President Reagan wasted not a second sliding his big erection underneath Leah's veil. But unlike zombie-boy, he pressed forward, pushing the underside of his cock against her face. It was so big that the head of his cock stuck out over the top of her veil. "Lick it, harem slut. Go on, I want to feel you lick it. All up and down. Oh yeah, oh god, yeah, fuck me!"

No, no, no, I can't do this! Leah screamed to herself. But she could do it, and she did. Her tongue lashed out and coated the underside of the boys big dick with her saliva. She moved her head up and down, twisting to one side, as she licked the full length of the hot tube of flesh.

"Oh jesus, fuck, fuck, she's good at that!" President Reagan cried out. "What a fucking tongue slut. Yeah, yeah, oh god! Put it in your mouth! Put it in your mouth! Oh jesus, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna... OHH!!"

The boy's cum filled Leah's mouth and threatened to spill out and drip down all over her. She could barely swallow fast enough to keep up with his amazing output of semen. And like his friend, the boy rammed deeper and deeper into her mouth until she was choking on his meat. But she did everything she could to swallow - horrified at the thought that anyone might see cum stains on her ridiculous costume once she was back at the Halloween party.

President Reagan finished and quickly traded places with the Ninja Turtle, whose cock was fat but short. Ninja Turtle wasted no time pushing his cock into Leah's mouth and demanding that she suck and suck as he raped her mouth with short, fast strokes. But he lasted even less time than his friends and in only a few seconds Leah was swallowing another huge load of hot, pungent jism.

Leah's next abuser added substantially to her rapid education into the variations in male anatomy. The young black man who was dressed as a real ninja, a senior at the high school, had a cock that put the other three boys to shame. It wasn't as fat Ninja Turtle's, but it was fully ten inches long erect and the sight of it sent Leah into complete panic.

Like the dead president, the ninja wanted his long, throbbing cock to be licked from base to tip - again and again - as he moaned softly. Leah could barely move her head far enough to lick the full length of him, and his big black cock stuck out through the top of her veil each time she went back to the base. But this boy knew what he was doing, how to take it slow and really enjoy the sight of a hot preteen white girl giving him pleasure. He let her lick and lick, pressing hard against her little mouth, until he was fully ready for her delicate lips to mold around his erection.

Leah couldn't believe what she was doing. She couldn't believe the feeling of trembling yearning and fire that had taken root in her sopping little pussy. She was disgusted and desperate at the same time. Please, please make it stop! she screamed in her mind.

"Let her go," the ninja demanded of the other boys, who let go of Leah's arms and stepped away from her little body. "Hold it, slut!" he demanded. "Stroke, and suck it, and use your tongue you fucking hot little slut! Show me how much you want it!"

"Ummmmm! Ummmm!" Leah moaned around the boy's big cock. His demanding, humiliating voice sent a chill of fear and desire through her small frame. She grabbed his long cock with one hand and stroked the base of it rapidly, as if she'd done it a thousand times before. And she redoubled the energy she put into running her tongue around and around the head of his manhood. The boy arched his back in response.

And all the boys watched as Leah plunged her other hand inside her transparent pantaloons and began to rapidly rub two fingers against her screaming clit.

"That's it, bitch. Blow me, blow me hard. Oh fuckin' jesus, yeah, blow me!"

Leah was overwhelmed. She no longer knew if it was the costume making her do these horrible things or her own young mind. But she bobbed her head on the boy's long cock as fast as she could, stroking his shaft just as fast with her little hand.

"That's it! That's it, fuck, take it, take it down your throat you little slut," ninja cried out and he thrust his hips forward and gripped Leah's ponytail harder, pulling her against him. "Swallow it down that pretty throat, bitch. Swallow it all." He forced his dick against the back of Leah's throat, causing her to gag, but he kept going. She had no choice. Desperate and terrified, Leah swallowed. She swallowed the huge long cock down her throat until her lips were pressed firmly agains the boy's black ball-sack. She felt his hot cum erupting down in her throat, searing all the way down into her stomach. Jet after jet of the hot viscous liquid was added to the other boy's deposits.

Finally the ninja was done. But the sensation of him slowly pulling his long cock from the depths of Leah's throat pushed her over the edge. The orgasm that had been building up crashed over her - a sensation she'd never even imagined. As the boy's cock came free from her mouth she gasped and then moaned. She heard herself crying out, "oh god, oh god, yes, yes, yes, ohhhhhhh!!"

All the boys stood back, amazed. The little slut was cumming from having her mouth gang-raped. Her humiliation knew no bounds.

"Go on, D, get in there!" zombie-boy said to his little brother, Frankenstein. Frankenstein looked hesitant, but with some more ribbing and encouragement from the older boys he finally stepped forward and prepared to pull his sizable cock from his pants.

Suddenly there was a loud noise as someone slammed open the locker room door. All five of the boys froze in place for one microsecond, then darted away into the dark recesses of the locker room, leaving Leah gasping on the floor on her knees.


Leah staggered to her feet, still reeling from her first orgasm. But she desperately wanted to run away from whoever was coming. The idea of someone finding her in her awful condition was terrible. But her costume seemed to have other ideas. Instead, she simply scooped up her cloak and quickly buttoned it back in place. Even as she recovered her modesty she had to lick a stray glob of cum from the corner of her mouth.

"That was quite the performance," a deep voice said from behind Leah and her blood turned to ice. "You must really, really want to win that contest, little girl. Sucking all those boys - wow. But I think you might need my help if you really want to win."

Leah gasped and she trembled. She knew that voice! But no, it couldn't be. Please, please let her be wrong. She'd give anything to be wrong! But she wasn't wrong. Slowly, Leah turned around and looked up, up, into the eyes of her handsome daddy. Her daddy who had clearly watched her sucking the dicks of those boys.

"I was planning to vote for my daughter," Leah's daddy said. "She makes a very convincing little red-headed fairy - don't you think?"

Oh god, Leah thought, he thinks that girl in the fairy outfit is me! Oh thank goodness - he doesn't know I'm his daughter!

"Yes, I really should vote for my daughter," Leah's daddy went on, "but, well, I guess that wouldn't be fair, would it? And you seem to want to win the contest so much, little thing. You certainly showed those boys how much you wanted to win! Even my daughter wouldn't go that far." Leah's daddy smiled down at the pretty harem slut. "So tell me, little girl, how much DO you want to win the contest?"

Leah heard herself say "Oh, s-sir, I'd do anything to win. Anything at all" in a little girl's attempt at a sultry, sexy come-on. This was too much! How could the horrible costume be making her proposition her own father?

"Yes, I thought maybe you would," Leah's father crooned and then he stepped up to his daughter and lifted her face by the chin. "I'd love to see how pretty that young face of yours is under there," he said, "but that would be against the rules. And we wouldn't want to break the rules now, would we? Ha!"

Leah just shook her head slightly, staring up into her daddy's eyes with terror. What could he possibly want to do with a little girl, like her? Why was he looking down at her that way? Why was she so sure that this was not going to end at all well?

"I suppose I could promise to vote for you, little thing. There aren't any rules against that, are there? I mean, if you really want me to. If you want to show me just HOW much you want me to vote for you. Why don't you take that cloak off and show me how much you really want me to vote for you, little thing?"

Oh god, no, no, please! Leah screamed internally, even as she unbuttoned her cloak one more time and let the fabric drop to the floor again. She heard her daddy's fast intake of air as he took in her fantastic young body up close. And then, despite her terror, she slowly turned all the way around to let him take in every inch of her perfection.

"Oh yeah, that's quite nice, little thing," daddy said. "But you said you'd do anything to win the contest, didn't you?" He grabbed Leah by the hand and swept her along into another room, the coaches office. "Oh yes, this will do," daddy said as he forcefully brushed all of the papers and books from the coach's desk, then grabbed Leah by her tiny waist and lifted her to sit on the desk with her legs dangling down.

Leah gasped as her father pressed her shoulder and eased her down onto her back on the cold, hard desk. He looked down on her hot, vulnerable body with hunger. She wanted to scream and fight and run. Instead she heard herself say "Do you promise to vote for me in the contest?" Even to her ears, her attempt at sultry came out as frightened and confused. But daddy's eyes flared with excitement. Leah gasped again as daddy grabbed the top of her pantaloons and forcefully pulled them down over her hips, then lifted her legs up to strip them from her completely. Despite the fact that the gauzy material was completely transparent, the loss of the lower half of her costume caused Leah's alarm to double. She'd never felt more vulnerable in her life.

Suddenly daddy was pressing between Leah's legs, spreading her wide. His stomach pushed against her sex and she couldn't stop herself from wrapping her legs around his strong body. Even as she screamed No! No! in her mind she ground her hips against him. Daddy reached down and pushed the gauzy fabric covering her perfect little breasts out of the way, scratching the fabric across her sensitive nipples as she moaned. And then he leaned down to take one nipple between his teeth as he kneaded the other breast and nipple with his hand.

"Oh! Oh! Oh god!" Leah cried out. Her daddy was molesting her! But it felt so amazing. Her little nipples were on fire and they stiffed rock hard. She wanted to push him away, but she also wanted to arch her back into him and throw her arms around his neck. Instead, she gripped the edges of the desk as if her life depended on it and just moaned.

Daddy nibbled and licked at Leah's perfect nipples until she was going wild, thrashing about underneath him. Then he quickly slid down her body, trailing his tongue along her sensitive skin. He grabbed her thighs and pushed her knees back towards her shoulders, opening her even wider. Then his tongue found her sweet young pussy.

"Ahhh!" Leah screamed. Her daddy's tongue explored her virgin cunt with incredible force. He flicked across her clit and then pushed inside of her. He circled her opening, scraping his rough tongue along the puffy mounds, then dipped inside again. "Oh, oh, oh, oh," Leah panted, unable to control herself in any way. She felt the amazing tide of lust building up in her pussy - ready to explode at any moment. "Oh god, oh god, please, please!" Leah cried out with passion, but in her mind she was screaming No, No, this can't be happening. You're my daddy! NO. PLEASE STOP!

Suddenly daddy was on top of Leah again, pressing her down into the cold desk. He nibbled on the side of her neck and she could no longer keep from arching her back into him. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him tighter.

Daddy's cock entered Leah's virgin, sopping pussy and slammed forward. He tore away her cherry as she screamed in combined pleasure and pain. Daddy slapped a hand over her veil, covering her mouth and screams before he pulled out and thrust into her again. His cock completely filled her small tunnel and rammed into her cervix. The agony and delight were overwhelming.

Daddy fucked Leah with a measured, methodical pace. He pulled his cock out of her very slowly, relishing the leisurely and incredibly tight sensation, until just the tip was poised at her tight lips. Then he would ram forward brutally. He sank three-fourths of his thick length into her in the blink of an eye. Again and again he fucked her like this and with every vicious thrust Leah tried to scream past his hand.

Not content with simply fucking the amazingly hot little girl, daddy had to torture her with his words as well. "Fuck me, you're so tight, you're so fucking tight and small and ... oh god!" he said. "And you like it! Don't you, little harem slut? Tell me you like it! OH!"

Leah tried to scream NO! NO! Daddy, please stop! But instead she nodded her head, vigorously, even as another brutish thrust filled her insides. Daddy took his hand from her mouth for a second and she heard herself say "yes, yes, I like it, I love your big cock! Fuck me harder!" Then daddy's hand covered her mouth again and he did fuck her harder, and he doubled the speed of his barbaric thrusts.

Daddy's words were in Leah's ears again as he raped her harder and harder. "Oh god, yes," he panted. "Do you know what they call a girl who fucks a man so he'll do something for her - for a vote in a contest? Do you, little slut, do you know what they call her? Oh fuck, fuck, yes." Daddy didn't pause to let Leah try to answer his question. He was too close to his climax. "They call her a whore, little slut! That's what they call her - whore! You're a fucking, hot, little, WHORE! Oh god! Yes! Yes! OHHHHHHH!!"

Hot, thick cum erupted into Leah's tiny womb. Daddy thrust into the little girl as hard and fast as he could as his climax made his whole body shake. And amazingly, Leah was shaking underneath him just as hard as her own climax claimed her body and her mind. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Every thrust and every hot spurt of her daddy's cum sent another incredible wave of electricity through her tiny body. She moaned loudly, now that daddy's hand no longer covered her face, "OH, OH, OHHHH, OHHHH!"

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!" came an unexpected, angry deep voice.


Leah's father lurched backwards at the abrupt interruption. He pulled out of Leah and twisted away to look into the face of Leah's elderly middle school principal. "Oh shit, Hiram! This is, this isn't, this..." daddy stammered.

"Jesus Christ, Sturm! Are you out of your mind? Did you just fuck that child? Jesus Christ!" Leah's principal was goggled-eyed with shock at the sight of his friend, Leah's father, with his glistening dick waving about in the air and the almost naked child on the desk. "Oh my god, I have to call the police! I have to stop the contest, the party, get the other children out of here. Oh my god, what have you done?" The principal was so shocked he could barely speak. And he also couldn't tear his eyes away from the sight of Leah's fantastic, naked and recently fucked little body.

At the words "stop the contest" Leah suddenly came out of her own shock and sat up abruptly. In her mind she screamed Yes, Yes, stop the contest! Get me out of here. Let me go home before anyone finds out who I am - especially my daddy! But the words that came out of her mouth were very different. "No, no, please. You can't stop the contest. I have to win, I have to. I'll do anything, ANYTHING! Please." She saw how her principal was looking at her and she jumped off of the desk to press her naked body against his front, where she craned her head back to look up into his shocked eyes. "Please, don't stop the contest." She rubbed her small body against the growing bulge in his pants then she carefully unzipped him and reached inside to find a half-inflated erection.

"There! You see what a little slut she is, Hiram?" Leah's daddy said, quickly. "How could I resist that? It's the little whore's fault - she practically forced me. Go on Hiram. I won't tell anyone. It can be our secret - the whore wants it! She wants to win the contest so much she'd do anything! Go on Hiram!"

"Oh my god, oh my sweet Jesus!" the principal moaned as Leah fished his cock out of his pants and stroked it up and down with her delicate little fingers. And then she pulled it under her veil and slipped it past her lips. It was disgusting, with wrinkled, leathery skin, but she sucked it into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head. The cock rapidly inflated to its full size in her mouth. The old man groaned loudly and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her against his crotch. "Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, oh, oh!"

"That's it, Hiram. Use the little whore," daddy said, desperate to get his elderly friend to be just as guilty as he was. And besides, watching the little girl blow his friend was incredibly erotic. Watching her get fucked would be even better! "Don't you want to fuck her, Hiram? She's incredibly tight - believe me, you'll love it. And she likes getting fucked. Don't you, whore?"

Leah had no chance to answer daddy's humiliating question. Her principal went wild with lust. He pulled her away by her ponytail and she gasped at the pain. A second later she found herself face down on the desk, with her short legs dangling in the air. The old man scrabbled at her thighs and pushed between her legs. He was desperate, breathing fast and shallow and his face turned red even before he managed to thrust his old cock into Leah's wet cunt. But thrust he did, going deeper and deeper until he was slamming her cervix without a concern for her comfort. "Jesus, Jesus Christ!" the old man moaned as he raped the little whore with surprising vitality and speed. "She's so tight! So fucking tight. Oh my god, my sweet, sweet lord. OH! OH! YES! YES! FUCK!"

It had hardly been more than minute since the old principal rammed his thick cock into the twelve-year-old, but she was just too tight, too hot, too erotic. The way she grunted with lust and pain with every stroke was just too exciting. The old man came and came hard, shooting wave after wave of thin, hot cum deep into her insides. And as soon as he was done he collapsed over her back, pinning her to the desk.

Leah panicked at the feel of the weight of the old man but she was saved from the terror as her father pulled the old man, who'd nearly passed out and looked like he was close to a heart attack, off of her. Daddy helped her principal into a chair and made sure he wasn't going to collapse. But then he immediately turned his attention back to Leah. His cock was rock hard again. He wanted her more than anything he'd ever wanted in his life.

"OHHHH!" Leah cried out as her daddy rammed his long cock back into her abused pussy from behind. "OH! OH! OH!!" His onslaught was incredibly intense and unexpected and she couldn't do anything but hang on for dear life as he pounded into her.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" daddy groaned in time to his rapid thrusts into the little whore. Even after two hard fuckings she was the tightest thing he'd ever felt. He was completely out of his mind as he raped her as hard and fast as he could. She was just a little slut after all. And she was so fucking good! "Fuck, fuck, whore, slut, filthy, little, slut!"

For nearly ten minutes daddy stood behind Leah, ramming his cock into her from behind like a super fast pile driver. He was desperate to fill her with his seed once more. She groaned and screamed, but he just kept raping her. And all through her horrifying ordeal, Leah's unwanted orgasm wracked her body. She shivered and thrashed and arched her back, unable to control her body's reaction to her father's erotic abuse. She drank it in and her orgasm went on and on unabated.

But finally daddy came. He squirted his hot seed deep inside of his little girl, with no idea that the hot tiny blonde he was defiling was actually his daughter. He filled her womb and then he withdrew, panting and feeling like he'd run a marathon. He collapsed into a chair next to his friend and stared forward, overwhelmed from the experience.

For several minutes, no one moved. The principal and daddy were both still recovering from their intense exertions. Leah was still coming down from her epic orgasm and her body was stiff and unwilling to get up. But then daddy looked down at his watch.

"Oh fuck," daddy cried. "The contest - five minutes - the fucking contest!"


Leah, along with all the contestants, was back up on the small stage at one end of her middle school cafeteria with scores of pairs of eyes looking up at her small frame. She was at least covered up by her cloak, but she was in a state of nearly catatonic panic. She was horrified by what she'd done, and what had been done to her. What if anyone found out it was her? What if her daddy found out? And worst of all, she could feel thick goo squishing around in her pussy, trying hard to leak out and dribble down her inner thighs. It was disgusting and terrifying!

"Girls and boy, ladies and gentlemen," sang out Mrs. Gould over the microphone. "We hope you've all had a lovely, lovely tim and we hope that you have a wonderful time trick or treating on your way home tonight. Before we conclude the evening, just a few quick announcements. Eighth graders - remember, your graduation project plans are due in just ten days. And we're very excited to announce this year's musical production - Annie, directed by two of your favorite teachers, Mr. Knight and Mr. Penny. Tryouts will be held this Wednesday, with call-backs the following Wednesday. So good luck trying out for those wonderful thespian roles."

For just a moment, Leah forgot all of her troubles. Annie! It was her all time favorite musical and she would love love love to win the lead role. And with that thought she felt a strong tingling at her wrists. She looked down to see the two gold cuffs on her wrists as they briefly glowed and then faded back to normal. Every bit of panic rushed back into Leah's pretty head at the realization of what those cuffs must mean! The words of her wish to the old man in the costume shop came back to her as if written across her skin - "I wish I could win the costume contest at my school tomorrow and win everything, ALWAYS!" She looked again at the golden cuffs and she knew they were never, ever, going to come off. And indeed, as she looked at them, the two cuffs faded away until they were gone - and yet she could feel that they were still firmly clasped around her wrists. And she would never be free of them! And there were so many, many things to win.

"And now, it's time for the moment you've all been waiting for - announcing the winner of tonight's costume contest." Mrs. Gould shot a beaming smile at the red-headed fairy. Then she held up an envelope and ripped it open. She took a step closer to the red-headed fairy. "And the winner of tonight's contest is... Slutty Harem Girl? What? Oh my god, no, it can't..." She gave a sharp, angry glance at Leah's father who cringed under her look. But Mrs. Gould recovered quickly and motioned for Leah.

At Mrs. Gould's bidding, Leah walked to the front of the stage, trembling with fright. She'd won the contest, like she always did and like she knew she would, but she would have given almost anything not to be there at that moment. Looking out over the crowd she saw all of her schoolmates, the boys who'd molested her, even her mother! And there, in the back, standing next to her principal, who still looked like he'd only half recovered from their earlier encounter, was the old man with the crazy long eyebrows - Professor Imrash West, the man who'd given her her terrible, terrible costume.

And as she stood there, in front of everyone, Leah felt compelled, one more time, to unbutton her cloak and drop it to the floor, revealing her all-but naked body. Gasps and murmurs began to flutter around the room, forcing Mrs. Gould to speak loudly into her microphone. "Well, as I was saying, our unexpected winner is, Slutty Harem Girl - our own Leah Sturm!" As Mrs. Gould said her name Leah reached up and dropped her veil for the first time, revealing her gorgeous, blushing face to the crowd.

There was a huge gasp from the audience, but nobody gasped louder or with more shock than Leah's daddy, Mr. Sturm, who actually lost his balance and and fell from the edge of the stage into the crowd of children and other onlookers. Leah's mother screamed and then fainted into the arms of a surprised President Reagan.

Just about that moment, a boy in the front row of the crowd pointed at Leah and said loudly, "look, look, her pussy is leaking!" And it was true. In her shock, Leah had lost her fight with the huge deposit of cum from her father and her principal. The thick goo was dribbling out of her cunt and down her legs for everyone to see.

Chaos erupted in the crowd of partiers, many of them laughing and others screaming with disgust. But now that she'd won the contest and been identified as the winner, Leah was finally, finally free from the compulsion of her magic wrist cuffs. She was able to bolt from the room and escape her overwhelming humiliation.


A month later Leah Sturm found herself exactly where she found herself six nights a week - in the office of her teachers and co-directors Mr. Knight and Mr. Penny. This night she was on her stomach over Mr. Knight's ottoman, with her short skirt flipped up over her back and her panties around her left ankle. Her pretty blue blouse was open all down the front to reveal her rapidly developing breasts. And Mr. Knight was ramming his long skinny cock into her tight twelve-year-old pussy as fast as he could while Mr. Penny lounged in an armchair drinking a beer, enjoyed the show and waited patiently for his turn with the hot preteen.

This was their nightly ritual, every night after rehearsal for Annie and ever since Leah, under the compulsion of her golden wrist cuffs, had given her body to the two teachers for a promise that she could play the tittle role. Unfortunately for Leah, Knight and Penny weren't known for their honesty and once Leah had the role they made it clear they could replace her any time they wanted to. Hence the nightly trysts. Leah was the only one who understood why her awful co-directors had extended rehearsals for an extra eight weeks.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh," Leah grunted with each hard thrust up her cunt. She looked down at her arms, where they clutched the ottoman. The evil gold cuffs on her wrists glowed back at her, almost as if they were smiling.

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