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Puppy Girl Snow

- by Alvo Torelli, 2017

Brief Synopsis: Inspired by a picture by Danaume Rook, this story beings with a young girl named Tabitha who finds a Master. As the child turns thirteen, her new Master completes her transformation into a Puppy Girl named Snow. Snow learns what it means to be a Puppy Girl, has some erotic and not always pleasant adventures and eventually becomes the best Puppy Girl ever. About 33,000 words.

(Mg, Mf, Ff, mc, inc, best, oral, anal, bond, Mdom, con, nc, tf, preg, puppy)

Puppy Girl Snow:

Part I - How to find a Master

Part II- How to become a Puppy

Part III - How to be a good Puppy Girl

Part IV - Why going home isn't always so great.

Part V - How to become the best Puppy Girl ever!

Image courtesy of Danaume Rook. (Thanks Danaume!)

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