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Dirty Words: Angela's Revenge

- by Alvo Torelli, 2017

(Author's Note: This is a sequel to two unrelated Mesmer's Bauble stories: Dirty Words, Part 1 and The Persuasive Perversions of the Paisley Princess. You might want to read those first. But this story will make sense even if you don't.)


Angela waddled into her first class of the day, trying not to see the other students as they stared at her, some of them openly sniggering. At least Holly was already there, barely able to fit behind her desk. Angela slid into the desk next to her, her belly pressing against the edge of the desktop. Almost immediately Lilly slid in just behind Holly, her large, swollen breasts straining at a school blouse never intended to handle huge breasts on such a small girl. At least her belly was a bit smaller than her two friends. The last of the quartet of pregnant seventh-graders, Amanda, slid in behind Angela, barely able to get into her seat and looking glum. None of the girls were particularly enjoying being the center of attention, but they were used to it. Since when could four pretty thirteen-year-old girls, each of them eight and a half months pregnant, keep a low profile? They were pretty hard to ignore.

"Oh, I think I'm going to explode if this baby doesn't come soon!" Amanda whined to her friends. "Why does it have to be so hot?"

"Give it a rest, Mandy," Holly sighed. "You know we're all due in two weeks. And it's June, June is hot. At least we'll be out of school soon. I hate the way everyone looks at us."

"But once school's out, what will we do for sex?" Lilly asked. "I don't want to try the street corner again. I can't?"

"OMG, Lilly," Angela sighed. "We've been over this before, it'll be fine!" Angela really didn't want to have this conversation, yet again. What she wanted was to understand why Candace, a pretty brunette in the middle of a gaggle of girls, kept giggling and looking over at the quartet of pregnant classmates. It wasn't the first time Angela had caught Candace smirking at them and a new suspicion was growing in her brain.

Maybe, just maybe, after all this time, Angela had found the source of the horrifying Dirty Words.

The Dirty Words had started like some kind of juvenile prank - the word "Tits" texted to Angela's illicit phone back in the late summer, just after school had started up. It appeared in a fancy rainbow font that quickly changed color as you stared at the word, and Angela had stared and stared at it before the word seemed to take over her life for a day. Her day-long obsession with tits, tits of all forms, real tits, internet tits, her own tits, had exhausted her.

But "Tits" was just the beginning. The second day brought the word "Cock" in the same mesmerizing, ever-changing, colorful font. It was just bad luck that Angela's three best friends, Holly, Amanda and Lilly, had witnessed the arrival of the text on Angela's phone. All four of them had had the most horrific day, mesmerized by the idea of cocks - cocks on boys, cocks on their teachers, cocks on their daddies and their brothers and cocks, cocks, cocks everywhere! They were so desperate for cocks! Lilly had talked one of the boys in her math class into letting her touch his cock and the poor, stunned boy had cum all over her hand and chest. She'd been forced to wear a coat for the rest of the day to hide the stains, despite the heat. Amanda sneaked into the faculty men's bathroom and watched through a peephole while her Civics teacher took a long leak, stroking her sopping little pussy the whole while. Holly, poor Holly, unable to control her incredible desire to see a cock, touch a cock, smell a cock, had attacked her ten-year-old brother, tearing his shorts down and fondling the terrified boy's little pecker until she was caught my her mother and banished to her room with no supper.

But Angela had the worst day with the word "cock". Her incredible obsession with tits had mostly waned, but only mostly. She would soon discover that she still had a heightened interest in all things tit-worthy and her new obsession for cocks, however strong, did not entirely wipe out her interest in tits. She wanted to see a cock! She wanted to see a cock fondled by tits, enveloped by tits. She lost hours and hours trying to find the perfect internet image of a cock nestled in the soft, perfect cleavage of a porn star. Nothing was good enough. She wanted to wrap her tits around a huge cock - but she had almost no tits - and she had no cock available! She was desperate! Finally, in the middle of the night, Angela slipped out of her room and into the room of her older brother Jason. Horrified, but insane with need, she slipped under his sheets and rubbed her flat little chest against his groin, desperately trying to arouse his manhood. Of course it worked, and a sleepy Jason grabbed the young girl in the dark, ground his cock into her warm chest and came, hard, spewing her with his seed. Angela screamed and ran away before Jason could get a light on. But she knew that her brother had no doubt who had been in his bed that night.

A day went by with no new text and the four young girls breathed a sigh of relief. They were still interested in cocks, but they could manage their obsessions. Unfortunately, the next day Angela's phone received another word and she was instantly compelled to share it with her little friends. All of them groaned at the sight of the new word: "Pussy." This was not the worst possible Dirty Word to receive, for an obsession with pussy could be reasonably well assuaged by sharing one with another. An afternoon and night of four-way teenaged sapphic lust in Angela's bed had left it's mark, but mostly in the form of four exhausted girls with sore, overused tongues and tender little labia. Thank goodness the compulsion mostly faded away the next day.

The dirty words continued, torturing the quartet of nubile seventh-graders and slowly escalating in impact. The words arrived on Angela's phone unexpectedly, with one, two or three days in between. It was torture not knowing when the next terrible word would appear and with each new word Angela had an undeniable compulsion to show the nasty word to her three friends. Next up was "Ass," triggering a terrible day of fascination with asses of all kinds - male, female, young old, it didn't matter. Again the girls were able to help one another, but they found their mutual anal explorations could only partially satisfy their intense compulsions. The next word was "Suck," followed twenty-four hours later by "Lick" and the girls learned clearly that while the previous words had faded from their active compulsions, they hadn't faded completely. It was cocks and pussies and asses that they had to suck and lick, or get sucked and licked! They needed them all. Only Angela found any solace from sucking her three friends small breasts. And the small solace they'd found from helping one another was no longer helpful at all. Each of the girls had to seek out new partners with appropriate body parts. It was the beginning of the end for the four unfortunate young ladys' reputations.

Lick was followed by four full days without another colorful text message and the sweet girls started to have hope. Still, they were difficult days, because the previous compulsions continued to linger and all four girls had to go about their days with a constant, throbbing need. Holly, who had the least self-control of the group was caught sucking off Brett Hart, a well-endowed eighth-grader. No one knew that Amanda and Lilly had convinced Lilly's little sister Jenna to drop her panties and let them lick her front and back. Angela swore to herself she'd never let anyone know that letting her family's golden retriever lap at her pussy and ass, for hours, had become her favorite new pastime.

But the moment the girls all feared arrived. None of them were shocked to see that the seventh word was "Fuck." And fuck they did. There was no fighting the horrible compulsion. Amanda lost her virginity to Brad Swanson in the orchestra room, hiding behind a couple of string basses. Holly went straight for Brett Hart, who was more than happy to oblige the hot little thirteen-year-old in one of the stalls of the boys bathroom. Angela and Lilly were less fortunate. They were each so desperate to open their legs to a man that they couldn't wait to find someone appropriate. Lilly ended up riding the cock of her elderly math teacher. Angela, who'd been sent to the principal for her distracted behavior in history class, discovered that said principal was extremely well endowed and had an unknown penchant for little girls. By the end of the school day, all four girls had had multiple, bareback partners and still they weren't satisfied! It was Angela, ever their leader who came up with a solution: she shoplifted two double-ended strap-on dildos from a local smut shop and the four girls were able to spend the night together, fucking one another into near comas.

Later, it was firmly established that all four girls had been impregnated on that fateful day. But the identities of the fathers wasn't something that any of them really wanted to know.

Angela stared and stared at Candace. She become increasingly certain that she was looking at the source of all the terrible things she and her friends had been put through. Even now she felt the various, lingering compulsions to do unspeakable depraved things - but her burning anger helped to damp those compulsions.

"Holly, Lilly, Mandy!" Angela hissed in a low whisper and her friends all leaned in close to hear what she had to say. "It's time for revenge!"

Later, in the lunch room, Candace suddenly found herself flanked on both sides by extremely pregnant classmates. "Hi Candace," Lilly and Amanda each said in sickeningly sweet voices. "Oh gosh, I..." Candace said, startled. "We just thought we'd sit with you today," Lilly said. "It's like we never get to see you anymore, Candy! We all used to be such good pals, back in elementary. Whatever happened?"

Candace gasped, then said "You know perfectly well what happened, it was..." but she didn't finish as Angela sat down at the table across from her, pressing her enormous tummy into the edge. "So, Candy, how'd you do it?" Angela said sharply. "I didn't do anything!" Candace said all too quickly.

Unbeknownst to Candace, the frontal attack from her three former friends was a feint. She had no idea that Holly had come up from behind and stolen the illicit cell phone from her backpack.

"I knew it!" Angela yelled half an hour later as the four friends gathered around Candace's stolen cell phone. It hadn't taken Amanda long to guess Candace's password, her birthday. Now all four girls were staring with intense anger at the app with the rainbow words, the app that their former friend had used to nearly ruin their young lives and put them through the most depraved and humiliating experiences. "We have to turn the tables on her! There has to be a way. Mandy, you're the best with this stuff. Can we transfer the stupid app to my phone and then I can make her find out what it's like to be its victim?"

Amanda, who really was quite the little computer geek, led the other girls to the computer lab in the science quad. They huddled around her, making sure that no one else could watch what was going on as Amanda deftly transferred the app from Candace's phone to Angela's.

"Yes!" Angela said. She could barely wait. Holly and Lilly were sent off to slip Candace's phone back into her backpack before she missed it. It was agreed they would wait until the next morning to start getting their revenge.

It was nearly impossible for Angela to wait over night and she was forced to look to her golden retriever for distraction. The girls all arrived at school early and they put themselves where they'd be able to see Candace when she read the multi-colored text on her phone.

Angela carefully typed in the Dirty Word they'd all agreed to. They'd fought at first, two of them wanting to start slow and build up to nastier and nastier words - just like they'd lived through. But Angela and Amanda wanted to start strong and crush Candace like a bug. Eventually they compromised and agreed to start in the middle - with the word that had sealed all of their fates: "Fuck."

They were so excited. They planned to shadow their nemesis all day and make sure she knew that they were aware of her humiliation as she was forced to find men to open her pussy to. Revenge would be so sweet! Angela pressed send on the app and they all held their breaths. Four wide pairs of eyes watched Candace. But nothing happened. And then the phone in Angela's had buzzed and they all looked down.

"We're sorry, you have exhausted the available number of super-texts for this application."

"Nooooo!" Angela screamed.

Angela was despondent. She lay on her bed feeling defeated. The horrors of the Dirty Words swirled through her young mind, unbidden, and drove her to despair.

After their day of fornicating like wild bunnies, the four young girls had been given a break of nearly a week before the next awful, colorful text message had arrived. And the next word was horrible. All of them had shaken with fear, knowing they couldn't resist the power of the awful word: "Nude." They'd fought and fought the horrible compulsion, but it was just too strong! Amanda broke down in the middle of math class. Lilly and Holly lost their cool together in the middle of a civics pop quiz. And poor Angela, as usual, had the worst of it when she tore all of her clothes off in front of the entire eighth-grade boys soccer team. All three girls were extremely attractive, but that didn't keep them all from being expelled from school for a week. If their reputations hadn't been bad enough before, they were certainly ruined by the time they returned. And worse - while they no longer absolutely needed to go out in public in their birthday suits, none of the four girls could stand to wear underpants under their short school skirts. For Angela, Holly, Amanda and Lilly it was a daily battle not to purposefully flash their male teachers. A battle they each, occasionally, lost.

Two days after their suspensions ended, Angela found the next Dirty Word on her phone. She nearly fainted. But she immediately sought out her friends, who didn't even try to keep from looking at the terrifying message. They knew it would be no use. Poor little Lilly actually did faint as she understood the enormity of what she was seeing. For the rainbow-flashing word on Angela's screen was "Incest."

Angela shuddered on her bed as the horrible memories washed over her - seducing first her father, then her brother Jason and then her father again! Poor Amanda couldn't get her daddy to cooperate at all and he'd spanked her severely for her wanton suggestions. But she'd taken her red, hot bottom to her mother and convinced her mother to assuage her need- all night long. Holly was a bit luckier. She had three randy younger brothers and they were all more than happy to help her out with her problem. Lilly, and her small, but ripe body, had the hardest time of all. Her father had left her family years earlier and her mother was a strict woman of upright religious morals. Poor Lilly, in her desperation, stole her mother's car and drove to her Uncle's house, where she practically raped the surprised man. All night long.

Angela walked slowly towards the library wishing once again that every person on the street didn't look at the pretty little thirteen-year-old pregnant girl with pity or disgust or, in the case of certain men, open lust. The pity and disgust were bad, but the lust was much worse - because it caused the bare little pussy under her short skirt to spasm and fill with her juices. It was all she could do to stop from throwing her young, gravid body at the men. She knew well just how much some men liked to fuck a pregnant teenager. She knew how much she would enjoy it too. Especially if she could get one of them to pay her for...

Stop! Angela screamed at herself. Concentrate! She looked up just in time to see a very pretty young woman with long platinum hair, texting madly on her cell phone and about to step off the curb in front of a bus that was barreling down Main Street. "Stop!" Angele screamed for real and jumped forward, grabbing the young woman by the arm and jerking her back to the curb. The bus screamed by inches from the curb, causing the woman's amazing hair to whip around her.

"Oh my god! Oh my god!" the woman said and she spun around and grabbed a startled Angela by the arms. "You saved me. Oh my god! Oh thank you, thank you." Then she got a really good look at the hugely pregnant teen and her beautiful eyes flared in surprise. "Oh my, look at you, dear." Gathering herself, she said again "Thank you, thank you so much. Please, can I do anything for you? Let me at least buy you some lunch, please."

Angela was intrigued with the beautiful young woman. She was so curvaceous and pretty and she seemed so nice. She envied the woman's large, perfect breasts! Like her friends, her own breasts had grown substantially as her pregnancy progressed, but this woman's breasts were even larger, and perfectly formed. They were such nice tits! Angela loved tits. Tits were... STOP! Angela screamed at herself yet again.

The woman was a stranger and Angela should be wary of strangers. But looking into the woman's pretty face, she suddenly felt that she wasn't a stranger. It was so odd. Of course the woman was fine. Angela nodded enthusiastically and she didn't hesitate to hold the woman's hand as they crossed the street, safely now. They entered a hotel's fancy restaurant. Angela felt completely comfortable and for the first time in ages her compulsion-laden worries seemed to temporarily fade away.

"My close friends call me El, Angela," the sweet blonde woman said to Angela, taking her hand across the white linen tablecloth. She smiled, and Angela smiled back. "Tell me about yourself, sweetie."

Angela poured her heart out to her new, pretty companion. She told her the whole story of the Dirty Words, in hushed, breathy tones over their lunch - from Tits to Incest and beyond. She felt so comfortable with El! She didn't even blush as she described riding her own father's short, fat cock until he filled her with his cum.

"But she wasn't done with us," Angela continued. "My blood turned to ice when I saw the next word on my phone, and I had to show it to my friends. It was 'Bugger.' Lilly didn't even know what it meant and when we explained it she turned white as a sheet. Bugger came right on the tail of Incest, so Holly and I just went back to our kin and let them do it to us. I didn't like having daddy's fat cock up my ass! Lilly knew she could count on her math teacher, elderly or not and I guess he took care of her, a bunch of times. Amanda, remembered what I said about our principal, so she purposefully got in trouble in history class until she was sent to his office.

"Almost a month went by before the next awful text arrived. It made me cry and cry. Holly threw a fit and Amanda just stared vacantly at a wall. The word was 'Gangbang.' It was so scary! But what choice did we have? Lilly, who was starting to enjoy being a slut, suggested we should get it over with as quickly as possible. She said it kind of sounded like fun! Can you imagine? The idea was humiliating and terrifying. But we followed her. We cut school and headed to the high school just down the street, where Lilly knew the boy's football team would just be ending morning practice and heading into the locker room. Lilly was right - a whole football team and four little girls really can turn into a gangbang. Oh, but El! I could barely walk the next day. Especially since we met the team at Lilly's house laster in the afternoon for round two."

Angela paused in her story and looked around her. Why was it darker? Where was the restaurant? What time was it? Oh goodness, why did she feel so good? She was on her hands and knees, her massive baby-bump hanging down and brushing against the soft silk sheets of a huge bed. "No, no, don't stop your story, sweetie." Angela heard her new friend El say and she looked up into El's pretty face. El stroked Angela's cheek and it felt lovely and soothing. "Please, go on, tell me the rest." Then Angela felt hands grip her hips and a nice fat cock slowly slid up into her soaking pussy and started stroking into her from behind. She arched her back and moaned. Her mind blurred and she went on to finish the story of the Dirty Words, her breathless words punctuated with orgasmic moans.

"By then we all knew we were pregnant, even if none of us knew who the daddies were," Angela continued. "Our family members were all horrified, even the ones we were fucking on a regular basis, but they all got used to the idea. Oh gosh! That feels so good! The compulsions from the awful dirty words faded, but they never completely went away. But, as slutty as we all were, especially Lilly, we still had some level of dignity. That was shattered when we got the last word in the late fall. I tried so hard not to look at my phone, but it was no use. All of us gathered around and saw what is said: 'Whore.' Oh gosh, El, you have no idea how terrible that moment was."

"It was so humiliating and degrading and awful to stand on a street corner, with barely anything on, offering ourselves to complete strangers. And the men, oh god, the men. There were so many. They were more than happy to pay. Hand jobs, blow jobs, a lot of fucking, some ass fucking. We did it all. Oh El, it was so awful. But even now, months and months later, with this baby about to burst out of me, I still want to proposition half the men I meet on the street. I'm such a cheap slut! Oh god, yes! YES!" Angela finished pouring her heart out to her new friend just as a lovely big orgasm overwhelmed her young mind. She couldn't believe she'd told the entire story - every sordid, disgusting detail, no matter how embarrassing or humiliating. But El had never judged her or made her feel bad and Angela realized she felt better than she'd felt in ages. And it didn't hurt to be having such a nice, hard fuck from some stranger with a fat, throbbing cock.

"And you're sure this Candace girl is the one who did this to you?" the gorgeous blonde El asked Angela. "Why would she do it?"

"We were all friends, 'till the spring of fifth grade, "Angela gasped out. "There was this boy she liked..."

"Ah! But he liked you better," El finished for Angela. "You can't be blamed for that. And now you want revenge."

"But I told you, El, the app didn't work any more! There's no way to get back at her. I hate her! But I'll never get my revenge."

"Never say never sweetie, never say never. Now just nestle that pretty face down here and give me a nice hard lick while Carlos finishes up. Oh, yes, yes, right there! Oh Angela, you do that so well!"

The baby shower was Angela's mother's idea - at least she thought it was her idea - one huge blowout baby shower for the four pregnant thirteen-year-olds. And she invited so many people! More than half the teachers from school, most of the girls' classmates, their families and extended families and even a fun group of football players from the nearby high school. The four pregnant girls were flabbergasted when they walked into Angela's back yard and were surprised by the huge party.

There were SO many presents! The girls were all due in a week and they'd been worried sick about all the things they needed to take care of the their little one. Now they didn't have to worry at all. Diapers, clothes, bedding, high chairs, cribs - everything they could need was provided to them by their adoring guests. They were overwhelmed with joy.

Everyone was having a wonderful time and the girls felt happy for the first time in ages. Of course they still had their simmering compulsions. Angela felt wonderful, but she couldn't resist having a quick fuck with her brother Jason in the laundry room. Holly snuck off for twenty minutes with Brett Hart who she was secretly seeing on a regular basis anyway. Then there was Amanda, who saw Lilly's little sister Jenna and couldn't resist dragging the ten-year-old back into Angela's bedroom to have her way with the cute child. Everyone would have heard their moans of lust if it hadn't been for the screams of ecstasy that were coming from a downstairs bedroom where Lilly was having a fast four-way with three burly football players.

All of the girls were back outside, enjoying the party with their guests when there was a loud fanfare of horns that stopped everyone in their tracks. Angela's mother clapped her hands and declared with absolute glee, "Oh, oh, she's here, she's here. This is so exciting!" There was a second loud fanfare and then a voice boomed over the startled crowd. "Presenting Princess Paisley!" And out stepped the most beautiful, voluptuous, curvaceous creature anyone had ever seen. With her diamond-topped scepter, her tight, shimmering gown, her glittery makeup and her long platinum blonde hair she was stunning. Every guest at the party took a little gasp when Princess Paisley smiled.

"Hello Holly, Amanda, Lilly, and especially you, Angela," Princess Paisley said to each of the girls, addressing them like long lost friends. "It's so wonderful to be at your party. And I think you all look like princesses today. But princesses need tiaras!" Out of nowhere, Princess Paisley produced beautiful, glittering tiaras and one by one gently fixed them on the heads of the four pregnant guests of honor.

"El! Is it really you?" Angela squawked as Princess Paisley placed the tiara on her head. El leaned forward and kissed Angela gently and rather longingly on the lips before she answered, "of course it is, sweetie." Then Princess Paisley turned to the mesmerized crowd and waved her wand and every guest but the four girls fell to their knees, holding their hands up in supplication. "As many of you know, these four fine young princesses have had a rather difficult year. And yet here they stand before you - beautiful, amazing and glorious - about to become women and mothers. Is there anyone here amongst you who can deny the wonder and joy of these four - your princesses?"

The entire crowd murmured "they are beautiful, they are wondrous, they are our princesses!" Then they all lowered their hands.

"And is there any one amongst you who has taken advantage of these poor young girls' in their time of need?" Princess Paisley boomed over the crowd with another wave of her scepter.

Over half the guests at the party raised a hand, sheepishly. Three fathers, several brothers, most of a football team, even a ten-year-old girl - all of them admitting to their part in the debasement of the lovely princesses before them. Princess Paisley smiled wickedly and turned to the four girls. "And what would you have me do with these guilty parties my dearest ones. Your wish is my command!" But Holly said "It's okay, Princess Paisley, they didn't mean any harm," and Lilly added "How could they possibly have resisted?" and Amanda said "We forgive them, Princess Paisley." Princess Paisley, El, or Lilith, turned to Angela who simply smiled in agreement with her friends. "You are truly wonderful my beautiful princesses," Princess Paisley said.

But then Princess Paisley wheeled again on the crowd. "But there is one amongst you! One who is responsible! One who is vile and loathsome and must be punished! Come forward, miscreant, and receive your punishment!

Out in the crowd, Candace found herself standing and walking forward, haltingly, wishing she was anywhere but there in the midst of the frowning, angry crowd of the princesses many admirers. As she walked, she began to remove her clothes, dropping them along the way until she stood in front of the crowd, naked, vulnerable and red with shame.

"So, Candace," boomed Princess Paisley, "before all these witnesses: Are you the one who so vilely treated my four sweet princesses, leading them down the path of degradation?"

Candace blanched and stammered before she answered "Yes, Princess Paisley, it was me."

Princess Paisley turned to Angela and asked the sweet child, "Do you and your fellow princesses still seek revenge on the author of your condition?"

All four of the tiara-clad girls nodded enthusiastically before Angela answered. "Yes, yes, we want her pay for what she did."

"And what is the revenge you seek?"

The four girls put their heads together for a minute, listening to their natural leader - Angela. They nodded their heads enthusiastically and then Angela whispered into the ear of Princess Paisley for a long time.

"Well, I must say, that's rather original!" Princess Paisley said with real admiration on her face. "I'll have to remember that one. I don't usually do transformations, but that's a rather easy one - I think I can manage that. Yes, a lovely idea!" And with that Princess Paisley turned and waved her wand over Candace's head as the child shivered with fear.

Candace picked up the mewling infant as quickly as possible, hoping he wouldn't wake up the other babies or any of their mothers. She was exhausted, but it was her sacred duty to keep the babies and their mothers happy. Nothing else in her young life mattered! It was nearly impossible to get more than two of the five the babies to sleep at the same time, and now, miracle of miracle, four of them were down at once. The fifth one, Angela's son, needed a diaper change before Candace could sit down and breast feed him. Candace felt like she went through fifty diapers a day taking care of the five infants!

With a clean baby in her arms, Candace sat in the rocking chair and pulled out one of her milk-laden breasts. As soon as little Braden latched onto her nipple and began to greedily suckle at her, Candace felt the familiar spasms in her young cunny. In no time at all she was moaning and pawing at her little throbbing, sopping cunt with her free hand - barely able to hold herself still enough to keep the suckling baby at her breast - desperate to achieve an orgasm that refused to materialize.

The four thirteen-year-old victims of Candace's Dirty Words prank had produced five babies, all on the same day, one week after the end of the school year. Angela's twins, Braden and little Annie, judging by their skin tones, clearly had different fathers. The four girls and their parents and siblings had all moved into one huge house with a big nursery and Candace moved in with them to be the multi-family's designated wet-nurse, child care provider and all around slut. Poor Candace now spent all of her time caring for all five of the infants. She had no choice. The compulsion to care for the infants was extreme. And worse was the need to feed the little beasts from her own, milk-laden breasts. Her breasts, miraculously, never ran out of milk! It was all courtesy of Angela's new friend and sometimes lover, Princess Paisley.

Little Braden sucked hungrily at Candace's tit as she writhed in her rocking chair, desperately trying to achieve the orgasm that she needed so badly. Angela's father, hearing the sucking and moaning, wandered into the nursery with a cup of coffee in his hand and a wry smile on his face. A few seconds later, Candace was sucking on the lucky man's dick, unable to resist his deviant advances. And she swallowed the hot cum he shot into her mouth, never pausing from feeding the baby or rubbing desperately at her sopping cunt. Oh! If only she could cum!

With every feeding, Candace was thrown into a massive, mind-blowing need for orgasm. And the breast feedings were addictive. She could hardly stand to go for more than an hour without one of the squirming babies latched on to her tits, suckling greedily. She would do anything, anything at all, in her anguished attempts to achieve release from the tormenting need. But only the babies, and their incessant hunger would help her.

Candace cursed Angela and her three friends as Angela's father wandered off. But in her heart she knew she was really to blame and her punishment fit the crime all too well. It had all started with that one, rainbow-colored, swirling word: "Tits."

Please, please, Braden, she screamed in her mind. That's it, that's it, I'm almost there. Suck my tit. My tit, oh god, yes, my TIT!

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