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Dear Daddy I Love You So Much.

- by Alvo Torelli


(M/g, bond, rp, inc, oral, anal, reader participation, 38 Stanzas)


Oh Dear Daddy I love you so much.

But I don't understand when you touch

Where my pee-pee comes out

And you rub all about?

But it does make my knees want to clutch!


Do you know why I moan and I shake?

And Sweet Daddy, why do you make

That really strange face

Like you're running a race?

Oh my god, I am starting to quake!


Daddy why do you pull out that rod,

That gets longer the more that you prod

At my face and my lips?

In my mouth it then slips

And it shoots something out. Oh my god!


Oh Dear Daddy, why must I swallow,

All the nasties you left in my hollow?

I don't like the taste!

(I am feeling debased!)

All these things you do I just don't follow.


What's that Daddy, let's try something new?

Will I like it, will you like it too?

I'm a little bit scared.

Do I have to be bared

To your camera? Now what do I do?


Arms behind and my face on the bed?

Is this how far you want my knees spread?

Daddy why are you tying

My hands? Were you lying?

Daddy please! I am filling with dread!


Leave my ankles alone daddy, please!

If you tie them like that then my knees

Are stretched too far apart

(Hear my poor racing heart?)

And my butt is forced up in the breeze.


Oh Dear Daddy is that your long pole

Rubbing hard at my little wet hole?

Don't you know it's too giant?

I'm not nearly that pliant.

Uh! NO! DADDY! You're out of control!


Oh my god, Daddy, what are you doing?

Ow! Ow! Help! Ow! This is a misdoing.

You can't put that inside me!

Ugh! No! Ugh! Please, don't ride me!

Daddy why must I learn about screwing?


Daddy Dear are you starting to wheeze?

Did you pick up some awful disease?

Ugh, don't, ugh, thrust so fast!

Daddy, OW! You've surpassed

How far deep you can go, OH! OH! PLEASE!


What is happening now? Why'd you roar?

Why'd you scream out so loud, "Take that Whore!"?

Did I do something wrong?

Oh please do not prolong

This bad game! I can't play anymore!


It's too deep! It's too deep! Oh please quit!

Why're you grunting so loud as you hit

At my little insides?

What are those rising tides

Of hot liquid so deep in my slit?


Daddy Dear are you feeling okay?

Please say something, I'm feeling dismay.

You're so heavy on top.

Why did you just go flop

On my back? Can we please stop this play?


Daddy Dear can you please take it out?

Daddy Dear why're you jerking about?

What's that gurgling sound?

I'd help you but I'm bound!

Are you breathing? Oh no! I have doubt!


Oh Dear Reader, is my daddy dead?

He won't move and I'm trapped on the bed.

And his thing's still so big

I feel stuffed like a pig.

Reader please - I am so filled with dread!


Reader Dear can you help me to cope?

I can't move 'cause I'm tied with this rope.

Don't just sit there and smirk.

I need help you old jerk!

I'm so sorry! You're my only hope!


Oh Dear Reader, thank god that you came

To help me get out of this game!

I've been waiting so long,

I'm still stuffed with his dong,

With the camera still watching my shame!


Is he breathing? He is! Oh that's grand.

Pull him out of me! Now! I can't stand

It for one second more.

(I am terribly sore!)

Reader untie me now, I command!


Well yes, Reader, I guess I'm quite cute.

What's that mean, that you are 'dissolute?'

You like my blonde hair

And my ass when it's bare?

Oh please help me, my need's so acute.


Oh my god, do you have a rod too?

And you want to stick it someplace new?

You don't want sloppy seconds

But you think I beckoned

You here 'cause I wanted round two?


Dear Reader your pole's so much thicker

Than daddy's. It's quite the pig sticker!

Please untie me I beg.

Put away that huge peg.

I'm so scared and you just want to snicker.


Oh Dear Reader you're being quite crass

And not nice to this poor little lass.

Why don't you untie me?

No, no, no, you can't try me -

No you can't put that thing in my ass!


Oh! No! Help! Please let go of my hips!

You are squeezing me hard in your grip.

Pushing hard at my hole

With your long thick hard pole.

In my butt it is starting to slip!


Ah! No! Stop! I am so terrified.

Up my butt, I can feel it inside!

It is way too much mass

In my sweet little ass.

It's too long! It's too hard! It's too wide!


Oh Dear Reader I'm so tired and sore

I'm quite sure I can't take any more.

Oh please stop that fast thrusting

My tight bum you are busting.

Please stop yelling like Dad, "Take that whore!"


Reader Dear I think Daddy is moving!

He's alive and I think he's improving.

Oh! Oh! NO! Did you shoot

Something hot up my chute?

Daddy Dear will be quite disapproving!


Where'd you go, Reader Dear? I'm confused.

I'm still tied up and left so misused.

But I see Daddy rising

A bit agonizing

And looking not one bit amused.


Oh Dear Daddy why do you frown so

At the cum from my butt that does flow?

It isn't my fault!

'Twas his backdoor assault!

Don't say that, Daddy! I'm not a ho!


Daddy Dear oh please don't be so mad

Just because I was used by some cad

Who was reading our plot

And was given a shot

To abuse me and act rather bad!


Ow! Ow! Daddy, I beg you desist!

I am innocent, please, I insist.

Please stop spanking me now.

Ow! No! Please! Ow! Ow! Owwww!

Oh Dear Daddy why are you so pissed?


Oh no, Daddy, your rod's hard once more.

No you can't! No! Which hole will you bore?

I can't do this again!

What is up with all men?

Oh dear lord! I'm filled up to my core!


Oh my body's so sore and so weak.

But my Daddy keeps up his fast streak

Of thrusting in hard

In my slit and back yard

And he's taking much longer to peak!


Daddy Dear are you finally done?

Did you leave your seed up in my bun?

Can we finish this game?

Will you please end my shame?

There's nothing that's been left undone!


Oh please Daddy I'm so overcome

And my tied arms are totally numb.

Please untie me right now

Help me up and allow

Me to clean up my slit and my bum.


One last thing I must do, 'ere I'm freed?

I must smile at the cameras and read

From the words on his pad.

Oh no Daddy! That's bad.

Please don't make me announce that vile screed.


Daddy Dear says there's no other way.

So I smile at the cameras and say,

"If you want to see more

Of this young little whore,

Here's the number to call and prepay!"


Oh Dear Daddy I love your soft touch.

And I do understand why knees clutch.

Please always abuse me

And sexually use me!

'Cause that's why I love you so much.


Please let me know what you thought of this poem or if you have any ideas for other poems or stories. I really love to get reader feedback.

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