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Files added last Monday (2016-12-05)
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(42K) /TheTechnician/Blizzard.txt
(58K) /Psiberzerker/Pedofiles/Mystery Dance/Zula Dancey (fm Cons Roma Myst).txt
(2K) Nifty Archive: blackmailed-by-a-frat-boy
(11K) Blackmailed by a Frat Boy - Chapter 7
(2K) Nifty Archive: meeting-daddy-series
(36K) Meeting Daddy Chapter 8
(8K) Staying in Shape
(384K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth
(1K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/my-brasilian-dad
(11K) Are you?
(3K) Nifty Archive: sg4ge
(11K) SG4GE (17)
(6K) Nifty Archive: make-mine-to-go
(23K) "Make mine to go " Chapter 42
(8K) Nifty Archive: sf-fantasy/the-survivors
(36K) The Survivors (Revised) Chapter 61
(7K) Nifty Archive: come-christmas-steve
(41K) Chapter 42 of Come Christmas Steve by Hans Schreiber
(291K) Nifty Archive: celebrity
(2K) Nifty Archive: perry-hotter-and-the-vanishing-virginity
(62K) Perry Hotter and the Vanishing Virginity 7
(1K) Nifty Archive: guest-services
(7K) Guest Services (4)
(32K) Nifty Archive: no-sex
(4K) Nifty Archive: no-sex/this-is-seth
(66K) This is Seth 21
(40K) Viral Goes to Father's Day - Part One
(43K) Incestuous Harem Chapter 8: Mom's Soapy Tits
(37K) Haunted by the Futa Ghosts Chapter 7: Princess Double-Teamed by the Futas
(42K) Haunted by the Futa Ghost 6: Banging My Gender-Swapped Girlfriend
(9K) My Pen Name 3000 XXX Stories
(40K) Haunted by the Futa Ghost 7: Princess Double-Teamed by the Futas
(71K) /Psiberzerker/Pedofiles/Mystery Dance/Vignettes.txt
(87K) /Psiberzerker/Pedofiles/Mystery Dance/Mr. E.txt
(235K) /VeryWellAged/mobi/Trifecta -
(111K) /VeryWellAged/ePub/Trifecta - VeryWellAged.epub
(202K) /VeryWellAged/azw3/Trifecta - VeryWellAged.azw3
(1M) /VeryWellAged/PDFs/Trifecta.pdf
(47K) Trifecta
(57K) The Diary
(56K) The Diary
(1K) Deleting My Loli Stories -- Announcement
(11K) Christmas Stories and poems from the Chris Hailey Erotic Story Web Page
(30K) Wildflowers (part 12) by Chris Hailey
(39K) The Girl Who Talked too Big by Chris Hailey
(50K) The Little Teddy Bear by Chris Hailey
(115K) Just Say Uncle by Stepdaddy
(15K) Gloryhole Surprise, part 1 by this guy
(8K) /Nepi_Stories/NEW SUBMISSIONS/My Life With Maddy - Chapter 8.txt
(12K) Little Model Annie Story Universe Summary Page
(6K) Summertime at Grandpa Dicks by Ole Crannon
(4K) Solitude Interruped by Ole Crannon
(4K) Ellen's Tech Toy Boy by Ole Crannon
(75K) What's New in Ole Crannon's Twisted Mind
(11K) The Perverts Club Stories by Ole Crannon
(6K) Twisted Stories by Friends of Ole Crannon's
(13K) Home of The Twisted Mind of Ole Crannon
(27K) Ole Crannon's Story Notes and Ideas
(26K) Summertime at Grandpa Dick's- Chap 4 by Ole Crannon
(53K) Summertime at Grandpa Dick's - Chap 2 by Ole Crannon
(27K) Summertime at Granpa Dick's - Chap 3 by Ole Crannon
(88K) Summertime at Grandpa Dicks- Chap 7 by Ole Crannon
(113K) Summertime at Grandpa Dicks- Chap 6 - by Ole Crannon
(116K) Summertime at Grandpa Dicks- Chap 5 by Ole Crannon
(146K) Summertime at Grandpa Dick's - Chap 1 by Ole Crannon
(55K) Ellen's Sex Tech Lesson by Ole Crannon - Ch 1
(32K) The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Chapter 5
(51K) The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Ch 1
(82K) The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Ch 2
(105K) The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Ch 3
(84K) The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Ch 4
(30K) Histoires taboues - envoi
(8K) /Spandexlover/Ambushed.rtf
(22K) 1-on-1
(136K) Little Timmy Rides in the Cockpit
(21K) Massage from str8 Jay
(1K) Nifty Archive: chubby-cherry-popping
(22K) Chubby Cherry Popping 3
(61K) /Amanda_Serve/Taylor Swift/39 Taylor.html
(34K) THE RUNAWAY by Art Martin (Mf, exhib, inc)
(83K) A TRUCKER'S CHRISTMAS (MfF, oral, inc, bi)
(27K) BABYSITTING WITH BENEFITS by Buddybear (Mf, interr, oral, anal, voy, exhib, lang...
(133K) ALICE IN WONDERLAND by Art Martin (MF, voy, exhib, M+F, oral, reluc, rough, 1st ...
(33K) /this_guy/What's New.txt
(47K) /Amanda_Serve/Taylor Swift/38 Taylor.html
(684K) Nifty Archive Prolific Authors
(87K) /Amanda_Serve/Taylor Swift/33 Taylor.html
(66K) /Amanda_Serve/Taylor Swift/32 Taylor.html
(518K) Nifty Archive Very Prolific Authors
(23K) /cannibal_land/cannibal land 2/cannibal_land 3/turkey girl.html
(80K) Viral Goes to the Beauty Pageant, Part I
(279K) Nifty Archive: young-friends
(1K) Nifty Archive: young-friends/boys-on-parade
(65) /nifty/gay/young-friends/boys-on-parade/.message
(172K) Boys on Parade 1
(1K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/adams-return-to-paradise
(37K) Adam's Return to Paradise III
(30K) /IncestDaddy/The New Reconciliation Day Series/Reconciliation Day 3.txt
(164K) Nifty Archive: incest
(7K) If You Insist
(1K) Nifty Archive: meeting-sam
(7K) Meeting Sam Part 3
(13K) New stories and updates
(4K) Nifty Archive: war
(40K) WebPlus
(69K) Nifty Archive: masturbation
(6K) Cum Rags
(2K) Nifty Archive: darklight
(19K) Star Wars: Darklight Chapter 10, gay, celebrity
(120K) Nifty Archive: relationships
(17K) Home Sweet Home
(11K) /nifty/gay/adult-youth/my-brasilian-dad/my-brasilian-dad-1.html
(35K) Hypnotized Submissives (Wives)
(35K) Little Girls: Our Town: Helen
(27K) Convention Town Girl, pt 4 (MMF wife toys)
(3K) The Play Date - Published 9/11/2013
(45K) Sex With My Two Daughters
(73K) Unintended Consequences
(7K) The New Valkyria - Our Day
(3K) The New Valkyria - Persephone
(17K) The New Valkyria - Teachers
(1K) The New Valkyria - P F Dill
(10K) The New Valkyria - An Afternoon Interlude
(11K) The New Valkyria - Marani
(7K) The New Valkyria - Homecoming
(178K) Young But Daily Growin' 1-7
(203K) Paradise Island 1-3
(37K) The Sitter
(37K) Clay and Tom
(5K) /Nepi_Stories/NEW SUBMISSIONS/Angela And Luke.txt
(249K) The Gods of Babylon
(185K) Cody's Companions
(146K) Caring for Cody
(93K) Understanding Modern Indenture Class
(202K) Try Boys 1-6
(164K) Try Boys 6-12
(37K) Baseball Camp
(227K) Baseball Camp 1-10
(53K) Switching Back
(19K) ... (2 stories)/Cuentos en TeX/Crucero (mf 1st rape inc bro sis impreg Spanish).tex
(56K) ...Cuentos en TeX/Corrupcion - Un Sueno (Mgg ped mc reluc impreg magic Spanish).tex
(16K) ...ich/English (1 story)/Stories in TeX/Cruise (mf 1st rape inc bro sis impreg).tex
(2K) /Tod_Naturlich/WARNING.txt
(2K) /Tod_Naturlich/ADVERTENCIA.txt
(538) /Tod_Naturlich/.message.ftp.txt
(248) /Tod_Naturlich/Spanish (2 stories)/Cuentos en TeX/.message.ftp.txt
(101K) ... (2 stories)/Cuentos en PDF/Crucero (mf 1st rape inc bro sis impreg Spanish).pdf
(258) /Tod_Naturlich/Spanish (2 stories)/Cuentos en PDF/.message.ftp.txt
(229) /Tod_Naturlich/Spanish (2 stories)/.message.ftp.txt
(17K) Crucero
(54K) Corrupción
(271) /Tod_Naturlich/English (1 story)/Stories in TeX/.message.ftp.txt
(99K) ...ich/English (1 story)/Stories in PDF/Cruise (mf 1st rape inc bro sis impreg).pdf
(242) /Tod_Naturlich/English (1 story)/Stories in PDF/.message.ftp.txt
(279) /Tod_Naturlich/English (1 story)/.message.ftp.txt
(14K) Cruise
(32K) /Acid/Uninvited Guest.txt
(12K) {ASSM} Luke's Diary: The Free fuck (inc, mf, oral, cons) story by Jimmy
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