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Files added last Saturday (2017-02-25)
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(7K) Real Frat Girl
(64K) 'Good Things Cum' by Admiral Cartwright
(26K) 'And the Girl Shall Lead' by Admiral Cartwright
(14K) When I Tied Up My Sister
(7K) Very Best Toy
(8K) The Little Whore
(12K) The Little Girl and the Baboon
(8K) Questions - Poems
(15K) Pretty Little Girls Part I - Poems
(7K) PreteenToBed
(9K) Pretty Little Girls Part II - Poems
(13K) Pimped Out Daughters Part I - Poems
(14K) Pimped Out Daughters Part III- Poems
(15K) Pimped Out Daughters Part II - Poems
(13K) Little Whores Part I - Poems
(6K) Little Whores Part II - Poems
(6K) Mary Had A Little Ram
(10K) As Kelly Grows Up
(9K) An Innocent Game
(7K) The Little Girl and the Great Dane
(6K) Have Yourself A Little Mary Christmas
(9K) Flashers - Poems
(8K) Flasher in the Alley - Story Poem
(9K) Daddy Dont Spank Me Please - Story Poem
(10K) Dogs, Girls and other Furry Things Part II - Poems
(18K) The Doggie Game - Story Poem
(12K) Dogs, Girls and other Furry Things Part I - Poems
(16K) Dear Daddy I Love You So Much - Story Poem
(15K) Daddies, Daughters Part I - Poems
(12K) Daddies, Daughters Part II - Poems
(32K) Little Cherry and the Anceint Bauble - Story Poem
(20K) Bondage Chronicles Part I - Poems
(8K) Bondage Chronicles Part II - Poems
(8K) A Fathers Love - Story Poem
(53K) Twelve Days of Xmas - Days X-XII
(28K) Twelve Days of Xmas - Days I - V
(55K) Twelve Days of Xmas - Days VI-IX
(6K) Twelve Days of Christmas
(37K) At The Wedding: Part V
(25K) At The Wedding: Part III
(39K) At The Wedding: Part IV
(28K) At The Wedding: Part I
(28K) At The Wedding: Part II
(6K) At The Wedding
(23K) Viral Goes to the Soup Kitchen
(80K) Viral Goes to the Beauty Pageant, Part II
(89K) Viral Visits the Island Paradise
(80K) Viral Goes to the Beauty Pageant, Part I
(33K) Viral Goes to the Dogs
(32K) Viral Goes to the Hospital
(28K) Viral Goes Hunting
(55K) Viral Goes to Father's Day - Part Two
(40K) Viral Goes to Father's Day - Part One
(42K) A Summer Of Wishes Part 5
(29K) A Summer Of Wishes Part 3
(39K) A Summer Of Wishes Part 4
(6K) A Summer Of Wishes
(24K) A Summer Of Wishes Part 1
(22K) A Summer Of Wishes Part 2
(58K) Puppy Girl Snow Part 4
(23K) Puppy Girl Snow Part 3
(6K) Puppy Girl Snow
(26K) Puppy Girl Snow Part 1
(37K) Summer's Day at the Waterpark
(26K) Rape Bait Sister One
(96K) Lonnie and the Volcano
(80K) Mixed Up Christmas
(62K) The Little Girl and the Police
(55K) The Little Girl and the Cop
(96K) The Halloween Slut Two
(32K) It Must Be Good If
(60K) The Halloween Slut Three
(72K) The Halloween Slut
(72K) The Halloween Costume Contest
(27K) Amy and the Alien
(70K) Bound for Christmas
(44K) A Christmas Nightmare
(23K) /William_and_Brunhilde/Episode 3 Acton.txt
(42K) Jeremy ch6 / pedo Fb / Janus
(41K) Jeremy ch7 / pedo Fb / Janus
(73K) Jeremy ch8 / pedo Fb / Janus
(98K) /Psiberzerker/Leslitas (Lolicons)/Video (Analog)/Crash Course.txt
(62K) /Psiberzerker/Leslitas (Lolicons)/Breast Wishes (Ffg Horr).txt
(9K) My Pen Name 3000 XXX Stories
(42K) BimboTech 9: Bimbo Wife's Big Black Mistake
(43K) BimboTech 8: Bimbo Wife DPed
(10K) /DoctorNotty/Slut Son Part 19.txt
(14K) [GP] What's New at Georgie Porgie's?
(41K) [GP] Sara's First Letters
(19K) [GP] The Ballad of Brownie Troop 432
(26K) [GP] Kiss The Girls and Make Them Cry
(39K) [GP] Sealed Envelopes
(25K) [GP] Mommy Nicole's First Letters
(15K) [GP] BR&T Magazine
(55K) Les Histoires Taboues - textes de 2017
(44K) - de nouveaux robinson - chapitre 3 fin.14 ans
(75K) alain seste - remboursement de dette - chapitre 17.13 ans
(10K) danieljunior - decouverte - chapitre 3.11 ans
(11K) valtour - le pensionat - chapitre 1.05 ans
(5K) strangelove - un amour de rouquin - chapitre 6.14 ans
(10K) relation069 - un sms - texte complet.14 ans
(11K) redorn - l incroyable aura du cpe - chapitre 1.14 ans
(24K) odile39 - dans le secret de ma boutique - texte complet.11 ans
(12K) kriket - sandrine - chapitre 2.10 ans
(18K) joueurmale - les joueurs - chapitre 1.14 ans
(6K) jidoki - famille sous influence - chapitre 3.03 ans
(6K) histoire74 - les experiences de marine ma belle-fille - chapitre 3.12 ans
(6K) gfappsp - une visite a l hopital - texte complet.11 ans
(7K) demale - julie - chapitre 1.06 ans
(6K) anonymous - orgie de bienvenue - texte complet.08 ans
(7K) argine - retour vers mon futur - chapitre 4.08 ans
(10K) argine - retour vers mon futur - chapitre 3.12 ans
(8K) anonymous - les jumeaux et moi - chapitre 2.10 ans
(7K) anonymous - gosse de rue - texte complet.10 ans
(6K) anonymous - enlevement - texte complet.10 ans
(42K) ...Psiberzerker/Leslitas (Lolicons)/Inspired (Authors')/Orphan Age (Girl Lover).txt
(24K) Red Bottom Lake
(31K) My Rotten Big Brother
(14K) Lamont's Terrible Day
(16K) Log: Day 1179.77 Through 1180.43
(9K) Metamorphosis
(16K) Responsible Boy
(21K) A Remarkable Youth
(12K) Report Card Day
(11K) Reunion
(10K) Redemption -- Part 2
(12K) Redemption -- Part 1
(16K) /nifty/index.html
(26K) Starting a new job
(7K) Ashley Madison 3
(84K) Ashley Madison 2
(85K) Ashley Madison
(1K) Nifty Archive: the-prisoner-and-his-guard
(17K) The Prisoner and His Guard Part II
(28K) Nifty Archive: college
(2K) Nifty Archive: dionysius
(35K) Dionysius chapter 9
(12K) First Taste of Cum Part 110
(3K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/curiosity
(17K) Curiosity chapter 15
(292K) Nifty Archive: celebrity
(4K) Nifty Archive: darklight
(16K) star wars: darklight chapter 23
(3K) Nifty Archive: young-friends/the-new-life-of-xander-king
(37K) The New Life of Xander King Chapter 15
(2K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/mud-lark-holler
(31K) Mud Lark Holler 6
(1K) Nifty Archive: adult-friends/danny-comes-to-stay
(25K) Danny Comes to Stay Part 2
(2K) Nifty Archive: steve-shows-his-new-ponyboy
(9K) Steve shows his new ponyboy
(6K) Nifty Archive: the-chronicles-of-trey
(53K) The Chronicles of Trey II: Chapter 8
(1K) Nifty Archive: young-friends/bobby-and-my-butt
(14K) Bobby and My Butt: Chapter 2 The Drumsticks
(7K) Nifty Archive: sf-fantasy/elf-boys-friends
(48K) Elf-Boy's Friends 44
(6K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/jakes-new-daddy
(15K) Jake's New Daddy 44
(31K) /Andres/ausserschulische_aktivitaeten/05_-_Herr_Doktor.txt
(19K) ENJOYING CASSIE Ch 1 by Art Martin (mf)
(22K) NEW!-ENJOYING CASSIE Ch 6 by Art Martin (MMff, voy, oral, inc, cons)
(12K) /Nepi_Stories/NEW SUBMISSIONS/Nigger Dick.txt
(27K) /Andres/ausserschulische_aktivitaeten/04_-_Entjungfert.txt
(18K) My first real "Gangbang" ... hubby wasn't there
(127K) Locked in Love
(68K) Pounding the Starfish
(26K) Alleen maar een knoop
(82K) Devon and the Club
(45K) Endsor Academy
(52K) From Vasia with Love
(113K) Sammy or Figure Studies & Seducing the Sitter
(13K) Vacation Doesn't Count 3 (Hot Wife)
(72K) Zoë's Story - BY TEMPEST
(119K) TARA - by Tempest
(31K) PZA: Poison Pen's Guide for Amateur Writers of Erotica
(6K) Boylove Story Clichés
(24K) Questian & Answers
(47K) PZA: 101 disclaimers
(6K) Boy Measurements 5-18 yrs
(20K) Boylove Story Clichés
(5K) JPP stories on PZA
(45K) The Rape of Christopher Owens
(33K) Into the Trap
(24K) Rajiv's Ride
(19K) The Library
(41K) Ari's Awakening
(34K) Football Camp
(49K) Busted on the Beach
(49K) Baldy
(28K) A Strange Arrangement
(302K) Winning The Lottery 8-15
(279K) Winning The Lottery
(177K) When You're At The Bottom 1-4
(286K) The Houseboys 7-12
(217K) When You're At The Bottom 9-13
(178K) When You're At The Bottom 5-8
(247K) The Arrivals
(247K) Flavius Aulus III, 8-14
(306K) Flavius Aulus IV, 1-8
(298K) Flavius Aulus IV, 9-16
(315K) The Houseboys 1-6
(285K) Flavius Aulus II, 9-15
(228K) Flavius Aulus I, 8-13
(266K) Flavius Aulus III, 1-7
(292K) Flavius Aulus I, 1-7
(301K) Flavius Aulus II, 1-8
(38K) Dealing With The Bully or The Auction
(66K) Dreams
(252K) Finding Refuge 1-3
(288K) Finding Refuge 6-11
(36K) Boy God Darren
(12K) Chip Shop Girls (Incomplete)
(145K) A Boy for Pleasure
(249K) The Gods of Babylon
(162K) A Boy for Pleasure
(177K) Sam's Saga
(70K) Pony Boy Racers 1-5
(281K) The Scrubs
(157K) From Son to Slaveboy
(38K) A Night at the Races
(225K) Personal Slaveboy
(61K) /Goldrush/Sleeping Beauty.txt
(8K) /Darth_Kalel/The Midsomer Worthy Sex Ring.txt
(17K) Stacy Lancaster - Wendy's Lament : Dull Transition
(22K) Stacy Lancaster - Wendy's Lament Part 2
(6K) Stacy Lancaster - Wendy's Lament Prolog
(33K) Stacy Lancaster - Wendy's Lament Part 1
(3K) /Inspired_Jerker/Inspired/All/Index of stories and linx.txt
(11K) /Inspired_Jerker/Inspired/All/Train Journey pt2.txt
(14K) Stacy Under the Covers {Boondocker} (MF)
(3K) Sandra Bennett Homepage
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