The naughtiest girls in the world




            My name is Janet and I am 7 years old. I hate my name, I wanted it to be something cool like my friends like Christiana, Miranda, Andrea or my really closest best friend Ali who is really short for Alyssum but I call her Ali. I wanted to change my name but my daddy said no. he likes it he says DAMMIT JANET when I've been naughty and he tell me off. I don't know why but he says it and it makes him laugh and he sings this stupid song that goes dammit Janet! and I usually get away with it. Perhaps if I was a Hannah or and Andrea I'd get a smacked bummy a lot more often.


                Not that I mind the wallop on my bummy, but he did it once in front of my friends Ali's daddy and that made me feel funny. What he did was he pulled down my shorts and panties and bent me over his knee right in front of Ali's dad in our living room 'cos I was being cheeky and gave me 6 smacks with his bare hand on my little bare bummy. It did sting a little bit but he did do it really slowly and I thought I could see Ali's dad looking up my front bummy, at my vage bits.


                I don't mind being naked really, I like it and me and Ali we show ourselves to each other all the time and do doctors and nurses and stuff like that. We even did it with our babysitter, Marion who is Ali's cousin and is 14 and got tits and hairs on her vage. We all almost got caught one night by daddy when he came home and I was naked on my back and Marion and Ali was examining me and making me feel really nice down there and tingly and stuff and I didn't want them to stop. Ali heard the door go and said "its your dad Jan, get dressed quick or we be caught!" I grabbed my clothes and ran into the bathroom and Marion went into a real panic. Ali said she couldn't speak and looked all red in the face and stuff. I think she was more worried than me, but I was the one who was doing it and being naked so I didn't understand why she should be scared. Anyway I came out of the bathroom and I had just one sock and no knickers under my skirt which was like really short, yeah? Daddy came up to see us and Marion ran into the bathroom to hide a bit and Daddy asked what was going on as we were all rushing about. "NOTHING, Daddy!" we said, I was trying to push away my panties under the bed so he wouldn't see them.


                "oh yes, and what's nothing then? Dammit Janet, you're always up to some mischief!" daddy walked towards me and I thought he'd see my panties on the floor. Ali was giggling like crazy behind my daddy and was making googly faces at me and lifting her skirt up and pointing her bummy at me and then being all nice when daddy turned round.


                "OOH you two! What will we do with you? I don't know what your daddy will do with a saucy girl like you!" daddy went on like knowed what it was we were doing, but he didn't, but daddies sound like that sometimes.


                He wagged his finger at us and left to talk to Marion who had gone back downstairs.


                "Hee hee hee!, got away with that one!" I said to Ali


                "yeah! Really close, I hope Marion doesn't tell on us we'd better listen over the stairs!"


                We couldn't hear much just something about us all playing and getting excited and being noisy. This was all true, except the noisy bit 'coz we was really quiet when we were doing it. And then we heard her saying 'NO!' really loudly and my dad saying shhh! Or something.


                "he must be making her tell the truth!" said Ali looking a bit frightened.


                "I don't think he can torture her or anything" I said "no look she's going and Daddy's paying her. She's shaking her head and saying no and daddy sounds a bit upset. We'd better be more careful when we do games in future!"


                "yes" said Ali, those knickers you were hiding were my ones, I had yours!"


                "my eyes went wide and I opened my mouth in a big O. "NOOO!" I giggle "tell you what, lets put on each others knickers! It'll feel really funny." And checking that daddy was not coming up we quickly put on each other panties and showed each other. I could feel the little ridge where her panties were a bit different to mine coz' she'd worn hers and it tickled on my button. We sat on the floor with our skirts up and legs wide facing each other, pressing our new panties against our vages. I gently rubbed the fabric against my button and Ali watched me "It feels really naughty, doesn't it!" she whispered and I nodded feeling really funny down there, like when Marion was examining me.


                We heard daddy coming up the stairs and Ali jumped up to get her stuff.


                "OK, sweet Alyssum, time to go home" he announced " what a mess you three have made off this room!" there was toys and dolls and dressing up stuff everywhere. "I bet you don't do this at you mother's house!"


                "No daddy" I chimed. I didn't because mummy never let me out of her sight. I never had no fun there but at least it was only once a month because she took drugs and stuff.


                "look girls, Marion wont be able to baby-sit anymore so I need you two to be good as I might have to leave you on your own from time to time. I'm not supposed to leave you like that as it's against the law, but.."


                "we'll be good, we'll be good daddy we wont do anything, really, we don't need a babysitter anyway!" I said trying to look grown up in a frilly little pink dress a Barbie T shirt and just one sock.


                "Hmmm well lets just see, let me just take Alyssum back to her house and we'll see".


                Well we didn't see Marion again at home and we didn't get another babysitter at all, which was great. Ali and I found that we knew when we were going to be alone at home and could set an alarm clock so we could sort out stuff before we could be caught by daddy and that was really cool.


                One day I was with Alyssum and she looked a little upset.


                "what's the matter, Ali?" I said comforting her by putting my arm around her.


                "My daddy's gone," she sobbed "Mummy said the police took him"


                "oh migod!" I said what did he do? Did he murder someone or rob them ?"


                "no I don't think so, but mummy says I'm never to see him again! She said he was a part of the looking glass circle of files"


                "what's that? It sounds like a gang!" my eyes opened wide in concern and excitement at poor Ali's little story. "what's a looking glass?" I asked Ali


                "it's a mirror, you know, like Alice through the looking glass" she showed me my own book with the pretty little drawings. A little cog whirled in my head, "and Alice in Wonderland" you know, the police visitor told us about those men who lived in wonderland and had pictures of little girls doing sex. They were called files or something." My 7 year old head couldn't remember the words correctly. "but I think it was on the computers or something!"


                "yes!" cried Ali "they took away all the computers and stuff with them, I haven't even got my game computer anymore! Why did my daddy do it, Jan? if he wanted to look at little girls he could have looked at me, I wouldn't mind, you do it and Marion did it, I like it!" she was crying and the tears falling down her face. I didn't know what to do so I just hugged her and wiped her tears away and we just lay like that for a long time.


                After a couple of weeks Ali told me a little more about what was going on. She didn't feel bad anymore as she'd had some counselling she said from a lady in the social place. She still missed her Daddy but she came round and urgently whisked me up to my room.


                "Is your Daddy here" she whispered urgently


                "no, he's out shopping" I said " we're all alone!"


                "well I found out some more about my daddy!" she started, settling on my bed with me. "look mummy wouldn't tell me but I found this bit in the local newspaper. Look it's got a picture of my dad, well you can't see his face but its him! It sys he had hundreds of thousands of indecent pictures, that means rude, of children on his PC and was spending all his time in chat room and distributing, that means swapping pictures with other pedofiles!"


                "WOW! I bet if we played our games at your house you daddy wouldn't have got angry because he likes it too! I wish we'd have know"


                "yeah!" said Ali, and I bet he'd never get caught 'coz we're clever at hiding!"


                "it's a pity my dad doesn't like that sort of thing!" I said


                "I wonder what his willy looks like!" said Ali "and if he's all hairy all over!"


                "or if his bottom smells or if he does sex with anyone!" I added rolling around the bed in laughter trying to imagine my dad playing doctors and nurses with us.


                "I saw Gary Watson's willy once!" said Ali


                "EEUW!" I screwed up my face "what did it look like"


                "a little white worm with a red hat" she said, and he wouldn't show me again.


                "oh that's not fair!" I said "he should have let me see it too!"


                I was looking further down on the article while we were chatting and saw a bit that caught my eye "look here, Ali! It says that the typical person doing this offence is a middle aged man in his late 30 to 50s in a small family and from home. That's us, maybe all daddies do it"


                "I don't think so, or there would be no one to arrest them" answered Ali


                "Well, they're not daddies, they're Police!" I protested "we should have a look at my Daddies PC!"


                "YEAH! Lets do it now!" and we ran to the little room where the PC was kept and turned it on, but just then my daddy came back and we hurriedly turned it off.


                "Girls!" he called and we ran down to him "I need to go out for the rest of the day and I need you to be good!"


                "yes Daddy, we'll be good, daddy, Ali hasn't got her PC anymore and we need to do her homework! My lies were becoming quite accomplished, I thought. "Can we use your one?"


                "well ok, but I don't want you two messing about and DON'T go messing about with all my back-ups or you'll be in trouble and you two with have sore bottoms!"


                I giggle and turned round, bending over and presenting my bottom to him. "You'd better smack me now daddy just in case!" he gave me a playful slap on the bummy and a kissed me on the top of the head. "How about you Ali? Want me to smack your bum too?"


                She eagerly nodded and flipped up her short skirt and flashed her knickers at him. "AHA! A little bum for me to smack!" he said and gave her a few soft slaps on the bummy. "Ok girls, enough messing, I have to go, be good and be careful!"


                We watched him go and we slid the latch behind him so that we could not get disturbed. Ali was rubbing her bummy and said "I think he liked that! I should have pulled my knickers down too!" we giggled together and then ran upstairs to the PC and started it up.


                "Its asking for a password!" I said, disappointed.


                "no, just press return, as its got stars everywhere, that means the computer has stored it and you don't have to put them in" explained Ali who seemed to know it all as she had her own computer.


                The PC did its thing and then automatically connected to the Net and then something called ICQ started up as well and I had no idea what it was doing.


                "ICQ, it's a chat and email program, my daddy told me how it works once. Look you click here and it tells you all your contacts. Look there's my daddy's name! Your daddy must talk to mine when he was there" her voice trailed off a bit at the end.


                A message flashed on the screen saying "Hello, Peter"


                Peter was my dads name.


                "someone know we're here!" I cried.


                "no, it just knows we've logged on, we have to type back."


                We settled ourselves in front of the pc on some chairs and typed back.


                >Hello, who is that? I typed


                >This is Mikey, of course, this is peter isn't it? It's his ICQ#


                I decided to lie for a moment


                >yes its Peter


                >Good, do you have any more pictures like the last lot? I really liked them


                >No, I typed, what pictures?


                >Ok who is this, you're not Peter who are you, his wife?


                >No, I'm Janet, his daughter and with me is Ali my friend and were using daddies Pc while he is out.


                >OOOH I see, you're Janet, today. You're a little 7 year old girl with her 5 year old friend!


                >No, we are both 7 actually!


                >oh, really peter, you need to get a constant story in your chats!


                Really Ali and I were mystified by the dialogue. He typed back.


                >well you 2 saucy little girls, would you like to see some naughty pictures?


                We looked at each other with wide eyes and big O shaped mouths


                >YES PLEASE!


                >ok here comes one for you.


                A file transferred and I clicked on it and we saw a picture of a girl about our age kneeling and holding an old mans willy. Ali shrieked and pointed at the screen. "Wow! Look at that she's doing it the lucky cow!"


                >did you like that, girls?


                "Yes we did Mikey, can we see another


                >well I don't know, you might be the police trying to catch me out!


                >no were not the cops.


                >well I'm not sure. I think you have to prove it to me who you are


                >HA! You can't prove who you are so there!


                >you're smart for a 7 year old today, ill send a picture of myself and write on the date.


                "He's got a camera on his PC, look your daddies, got one too" said Ali pointing above the screen. She turned it on and a new window appeared and we could see ourselves on the screen. We made faces at it .


                >here comes my picture!


                We saw a man who was a bit fat and hadn't shaved for days and looked really untidy, in his hands he had today's paper "EEUW" we went, Ali grabbed the keyboard.


                >Show us your WILLY!" she clasped her hand over her mouth and giggled naughtily


                "ALI!" I exclaimed, you filthy cow, I bet he doesn't do it"


                >OK girls, but I'll want one of you too!


                >yeah ok. We typed sticking out our tongues at the screen.


                And he did it, it was little and hairy and didn't look like much.


                >of course I can make it bigger if you show me something nice.


                >yeah sure


                >go on, show me yours, I showed you mine.


                We looked at each other, "I'll do it! I said and stood up on the chair and pulled down my shorts and panties and raised my vest. "send him my naughty picture Ali!


                >OH GIRLS! You have a camera link, ill turn on mine too. You have a lovely body Janet, can I see you turn around?


                I turned in front of the camera and I could see now there were 2 screens, one with me posing and the other with the man called mikey with his pants down playing with his willy.


                >look its big now, girls can I see you as well Ali?


                Ali took my place and slipped off her dress and panties and pointed her bum at the camera. I could see her bottom hole and her vage between her legs on the screen and so could mikey.


                >oh ALI what a lovely bum you have, I wish I could be there but I'm in Australia!


                >wow, Australia millions of miles away.


                >yeah, millions! Can I see you two girls do something?


                >what? We had no idea of what to do of course.


                >could you move the camera in close on one of you and spread her legs so I can see up her pussy?


                >Ok but that's very naughty!


                >I know, I wont tell if you don't


                >you'll see our naughty private parts, even my daddy doesn't look at them


                >oh I bet he'd love to, you should show him tonight, tell him that you want to fuck him and suck his cock!


                >what does that mean?


                >daddy will tell you, tell him mikey told you to say it.


                >OK Ali is ready to show you her vage now


                Ali held open her legs smiling nervously as I moved the camera around to look at every bit of her hairless vage


                > can she open up between her legs now?


                We gasped at each other and Ali nodded to me and reached under her legs and pulled open her vage lips to show the moist pink lips inside.


                >OOOOH  ALI YOU are so sexy you made my willy get really big and hard look!


                We could see Mikey had a big long cock now sticking out and he was stroking it and feeling underneath it.


                >show me her cunt now, Janet and stick in your finger!


                >cunt what's that


                >her vagina hole, you can see it in her pussy


                >her pee hole?


                >ERR go on then!


                I could see what I thought was her pee hole and Ali pulled hard on her vage lips to open it up. I took in the camera so it pointed inside her and I could see up her. I gently pushed my finger in as Ali looked on nervously "It's nice but go gently" whispered Ali to me "it feels even better than it did before"


                >Oh well done that's amazing oh look what you girls have made me do!


                We looked and we saw something shoot out of his willy and saw him jerking wildly. He looked really stupid with his fat flabs jiggling around. He disappeared and the connection was down.


                "Wow! He must be like my daddy, but much fatter!" giggled Ali.


                "I think if he was handsome I would like to have seen him for real life"


                "he is real!" said Ali, still feeling her pussy which I could see was really red and puffy.


                "yes but, he's on a TV screen and not in real life!" I dissolved in girlish giggles onto the floor. And then found myself looking closely again at my friends vage.


                "look its all red and bigger than it used to be" I said "does it hurt?"


                "no, it doesn't hurt, but it tingles a lot, and it was really nice when your finger went in, I could feel it inside me, do it some more!"


                "ok lets go into the bedroom where it's more comfy" I said standing up


                "look it's doing some else" said Ali pointing at the screen "its downloading a big file and it says it will take an hour, wow, you should have a faster connection like we..." she stopped short and looked at me and I hugged her.


                "we have something called ADSL whatever that is."


                "oh that's really fast, this must be a huge file then!".


                We scooted back to the bedroom and Ali pointed to me and said "No fair I'm all stripped, get yours off too!" and in seconds I whipped off my pants and knickers and top and leapt onto the bed. "Look, my nippies are all hard" I said rolling the little buds in my fingers. Ali looked down, her boobies were starting to develop earlier than mine and she already had two little egg shaped mounds on her chest topped with hard nippies.


                "they feel really nice if you squeeze them really hard and then let go!" she explained pinching her nipples and pulling on them. Her eyes closed and her mouth spread in a little smile as she released her nipples and gently ran her finger over her developing buds. I tried on my pitiful little breasts and winced as I felt the slight pain. "no, like this" she said and circled my little pale nipples with her fingers and then firmly gripped them between her forefinger and thumb and firmly pressed and then really squeezed hard, but without pinching as I had done. She held me for about 10 seconds and my breath drew in sharply at the sudden pressure and then I felt the relief and a warm feeling travelling down between my legs as she released my breast. "Look! they're all pointy like mine now, said Ali." And I looked down to se my nipples pointing forward towards my friend. I moved closer to her and made our nipples rub together and felt a shock like electricity as we touched our tips. "OOH!" we groaned together and our hands involuntarily seemed to move over each other and we held each other in a loving embrace that now felt a lot more than friendship. "do that thing again to me Janet" she said, we were almost kissing.


                I moved back and my nine year old companion placed a pillow behind her head and another under her bum and lifted her legs up and wide. She covered her vage with her hand and felt herself before sliding her finger to the sides of her vage. "it feels different down there, bigger and swollen!" she told me. "I hope nothings wrong, but it feels really nice!" she opened her legs even wider and arched her back so her mound was pointing up and she could see everything I was about to do to her. She slipped her fingers back around her legs and pulled her outer lips open. I ran my fingers gently inside her pussy and watched her reaction. I took the inner lips between my fingers and slowly rubbed them. She groaned deeply "that's nice do it some more, you can do it on my button if you want!" we normally left that part of our examinations to ourselves, so this was a new experience.


                I gently rubbed along the outside of her button which seemed to be hotter and  growing under my eyes. Its end was growing puffy as I stroked it and I pulled back the outer hood to reveal the little button which lay underneath. Ali was breathing harder and looking sort of anxiously down her body, urging me onwards but not knowing what to do. I kissed her button and she went wild, her body jumped underneath me and she was arched into a bridge. "OOOOHHHH YESSSSS!" I did it again and her eyes rolled and she squirmed under my lips as I kissed on her hot spot and then I decided to suck it and feel her little girl button in my mouth. She was shaking on the bed "Don't stop, its amazing, now do finger thing up me again!" she begged.


                She got her legs wide again and I could see the hole inside her twitching as I played with her vage. "its opening and closing down there!" I said "are you doing that?"


                "No" she said but I can feel myself throbbing down there and inside me!"


                my eyes were wide and in awe of Ali's throbbing body in front of me, she was panting in hot breaths and her skin had become shiny somehow, and she trembled to every touch. I ran my hands down her legs and in between her thighs before returning to her vage which looked like an opening flower. It was red and very puffy and her button was peeping out of its hiding place all by itself.


                I held back her legs and I placed my finger at the new found hole between her legs. "this is your vagina I think, the real thing, not just a vage." I felt proud of my anatomical prowess as a 7 year old. I looked inside my friend and licked my forefinger and slowly slid it inside her. I could feel her grasp my finger inside her and hear her gasps gain in intensity as I probed her vagina. "its really hot and tight in your vagina! It doesn't smell of wee wee or anything, I don't think you piss from this hole!" Ali was making little grunting sounds and now holding her little budding breasts while I penetrated her vagina. I pushed in deeper, looking up to see if I was hurting my school-friend. I wasn't. I could feel a little bit of skin inside her and instantly I knew it was her virginity, her hymen, girls know this sort of thing somehow. I pushed my finger past it and I could see it gently giving way without being damaged. My whole finger was in her and I playfully wiggled it around in her. I could feel around in her and she throbbed on my finger. I rubbed her button as well and feeling around inside her.


                Her hips began to move in time with my movements in and out of her vagina, almost banging on my hand. She looked half in pain and half laughing as she encouraged me to put another finger in her and to really go hard on her button. I did as she told me, her breathing got wild and she kept shuddering and squeezing her legs together and then thrusting upwards towards the ceiling with her hips. He voice became more like a dogs and she growled more than said" GO ON GO ON GO ON < AAAAAGGGHHHHH< HARDER JAN!! HARDER OOOOOOHHHH!!!!!


                and at the end I felt her vagina fluttering on my fingers and something deeper in her opening and closing, her eyes were screwed shut and her whole body arched again into a bridge and a little jet of wee shot out of her. What had happened to her? I watched her breathlessly and she slowly came round and hugged me and fir the first time we kissed full on the lips. "that was the best feeling ever! Oh god you have got to do that, but I'm sorry I feel all shaky."


                "That's ok, you can do it later,"  I said to my best ever friend


                "I bet if we get good at it we could do it do each other at the same time!" said Ali "I wonder if that's what that Mikey bloke was feeling when that stuff shot out his willy!"


                "mmm, I don't think so 'coz it looked white and whatever you did it was wee wee!"


                "do I get you with it? I couldn't stop it, I felt this wave go all through me and I might have done anything, like poo poo as well!"


                I gaped at her and clasped my hand to my mouth "ALI!" I wailed


                "do you want to watch me do poos?" she said lifting her bum "I think I want to and I feel too shaky to move to the loo."


                "that's really dirty Ali, that's more dirty than what we did!"


                "I don't care, I feel dirty and naughty, I could do anything! Even play with Mikey's horrible fat willy!"


                "really?" I felt jealous of Ali's sexual awakening and wanted to have it myself.


                "Oh well don't then!" she said and staggered to the bath room


                "ALI!" I cried running after her. I'd upset her. "no come on I'll do it, go on I'm sorry!" I pleaded with my offended friend as she scampered to the bathroom. I stood and sulked for a moment and then see popped her head around and said, come on then!.


                She straddled the toilet bowl and faced the wall. She bent forward and pulled her bottom cheeks open so I could see her vage and bummy all together, I knelt behind her to get a close view. "poo smelly bum!" I said


                "its going to get smellier!2 she replied and let lose a real smelly fart in my face!


                "ugh, that's disgusting" I cried. Her bottom hole stayed open after she farted and I could watch her bottom pushing out as she tried to do her poo.


                "Ooh its coming out I can see it up your bumhole!"


                a gentle trickle of piss came out of her and for some reason I caught it in my hand and slooshed it against her vage. "oh yes she said that's nice! Taste some too!" I licked my fingers and tasted her pungent piss, it wasn't too bad! I cupped some more in my hand and then gave it to her to drink. She slurped it up. "Oh god I feel really dirty now! Here comes the poo poo Jan!"


                I got behind her and watched her shit drop from her bum and splash into the toilet. I caught the last little piece in my hand and showed it too her. She sniffed it and gave it an experimental lick. She thought about it. He face was really excited, her eyes were black and there was not a trace of blue. She licked it some more.


                "I dare you to bite it" I said "go on be really filthy!"


                her eyes got even wider and she took the little 1"turd from my hand and bit it in half, like a chocolate. She opened her mouth and showed it to me on her tongue and then swallowed it! Opening her mouth to show it had gone and then did the same with the other bit!


                She did a wiggly dance around the bathroom grinding her hips around and raised her arms over her head like some film star and announced in a low voice "I'm Ali Mitchell and I'm a dirty cow! Alyssum Mitchell, I eat it out my Bum" she chanted in a rap.


                "don't you feel sick?" I said "you just drank your own pee and ate your own poo poo"


                "NOPE! I feel sexy and I want to do it all day, I wish I could see my daddy and make him do sex to me! And anything else he wants. I bet when I do it to you you'll want it too."


                I shook my head but really I wanted to feel just like Ali, and we'd be doing it all day long, as long as no one ever found out! "well I'm not sure lets go back to the room and get dressed I'm feeling cold now, and you'd better brush your teeth, they're all covered in poo!" she smiled and showed her brown stained teeth and cleaned up. I flushed the toilet and watched her poo flush away.


                I stood behind her in front of the mirror and hugged her as if we were old lovers. "you know, when the feelings, when the good feelings gone, you don't feel like it so much, I suppose you have to work up to it!" she said and we slipped back to the bedroom to get warm. On the way back I saw that the PC seemed to be turned off. "the Pc's off, daddy must be back and we didn't hear!" I said in a panic, my heart pounding now from the real beating I might now get.


                "NO!" wailed Ali, what if he heard us, what if he heard me saying all that stuff! My mum will kill me, OH GOD!" she was weeping and crying and wringing her hands and looking at me as if I knew how we were going to get out of this. "maybe it's not off and it's the screen saver" she said hopefully.


                I sneaked round the corner and peered at it, still completely naked, I hadn't thought to get dressed. But no, it was off, and the little camera was back where it originally was. I reported to Ali. "so where is he?" she said, I can't hear the TV downstairs or anything!"


                "he must be in his room" I said, its at the end of the hall round the corner, he might have used the back stairs and not noticed us, his room has its own bathroom, we could be ok!"


                I crept along the corridor to his room, the door was slightly ajar and I peeked through the crack. My handsome daddy was laying flat on the bed and playing with his willy. I fixedly gazed at him and held my breath, hands to mouth as I stared wide eyed through the crack in the door. My daddy is not fat and flabby like that Mikey but slim and good looking, not too hairy and very strong! I was transfixed by his willy which compared to Mikey's looked twice as big, he was rubbing it up and down and looking at some pictures on his lap top computer. I felt uneasy and leaned a bit too hard on the door and it opened. In my full view was my daddy, naked on the bed, playing with his huge willy,  I stood stock still, with my mouth open, still completely naked. I wanted to hug him and to get really close but I was afraid. I stood their ashamed waiting to be walloped I felt my whole skin redden and I moved my hands to hang by my side as if waiting for execution.


                My daddy looked up, and closed the PC. "Come here darling, its all right, there's nothing to worry about!" he said gently, offering his arms. I moved and perched just on the edge of the bed. He made no effort to conceal his big willy and I couldn't stop looking at it instead of his face.


                "how long..."I began


                "I realised I'd not left you the password to the PC and made some other changes so I came back almost straight away. As you two minxes had locked the front door I came up the back way and discovered you, playing."


                "I'm sorry daddy, it wont happen again daddy!"


                "no? well that's a shame, I wasn't going to stop you, I liked watching you!"




                "really, and sweet Ali is a very sexy girl, too. It's a pity her father didn't know that, before he got silly and arrested!"


                "yes we read that. But daddy isn't it naughty to do what we did?"


                "Naughty? Well yes, that's part of what makes it feel nice sometimes."


                My eyes grew wider as I felt the reassurance emanate from my daddy.


                "but that doesn't men that you should go and tell everyone what you do, that's where Mr Mitchell went wrong"


                I thought about it a little while, my little fingers tracing along the bed sheets "Does that mean I could be naughty with you and if I don't tell anyone then it will be all right?"


                "well, 'all right' will not be the right way of putting it, but certainly no one will find out!" I visibly brightened and moved to hug my daddy, my little 7 year old naked body fitting easily under his arm, my little one over his chest.


                I bit my lip and tried to work out how to ask him.


                "daddy, Mikey said to tell you that I want you to fuck me in the cunt and to suck your cock!" he laughed "Mikey said that to you did he?"


                I nodded vigorously, "he told me you understand what it means." Out the corner of his eye, I saw that my daddies willy had shot back up in the air and was waving around. It looked really funny and I pointed to it


                "Look, daddy, your willy's waving at me!"


                "I think he's saying yes to your question, Janet"


                "your willy says yes?"


                "it does to wanting to fuck your cunt and to have you suck my cock! Look darling, willy is my cock, you can call it willy if you want, or cock, or prick or knob or whatever. And this..." he parted my legs and put his hand down there "is your cunt or vage or vagina or pussy. And if I fuck your cunt I put my cock in your cunt!"


                "and is that naughty?"


                "very naughty, its one of the very naughtiest things, and your friend Ali was enjoying some of the other naughty things."


                "so if I put my finger in my vagina I'm fucking it with my finger?"


                "that's right!"


                "oh so I fucked Ali's cunt with my finger! I was going to fuck her bottom too, but she went and did a poo poo"


                Ali had obviously heard us and was timidly standing behind the door. Her courage was returning and she indignantly stood in front of us and said "HAH, I dint just do a poo poo! I ate some as well!"


                My daddy clapped and said "BRAVO" and drew her to his other side. We must have looked really weird, two naked 7 year old girls being hugged by a man with a big willy sticking up. "but remember, if you want to play naughty games, you must keep this quiet!"


                "we can keep a secret! We're brownies!" and we gave him a little salute, I'm sure his willy wagged even harder.


                "would you like to see what I've got on my pc? Its very naughty!" said my daddy. We nodded eagerly and he raised the lid. In front of us was the same picture that Mikey had shown us of a girl holding a willy. "We saw this one already" I said "Ali said she was lucky girl!


                "A lucky girl?" Ali's hand was creeping down to see if she could touch my daddy's willy. She was disappointed when he caught her hand "OOH!" she pouted but then delighted when he spread his legs and placed her sat between them and put both her hands on his big willy. Her eyes almost bugged out! My daddy showed her how he liked her hands to move up and down his willy and the funny balls in the bag underneath." What are these for?" she asked "you see very soon" he said.


                He moved the pc so we could both see and put up another picture. The same girl now licking the mans cock. Before Ali could move I pounced and managed to get daddy's willy top into my mouth, the mushroomy bit. It felt soft and nice in my mouth, I thought it would be rough but it was lovely. "OOOH JANET!, that's lovely" said my daddy "now your going to find out what those balls are for girls!" he moved my head back a bit and a white jet shot out of the end of his willy and went over my face, into my mouth and all over Ali's hands. We watched his willy spurt out in amazement and then shrink back "AHHH, its dying!" giggled Ali examining the stuff on her hands, playing with the stingy bits.


                "no it's not dying" laughed my father, just filling up again!"


                "what's it filling up. Daddy?" I said taking an experimental taste of the white stuff, and liking it and giving some to Ali on her lips which she lapped up and gobbled up her own.


                "my balls, the white stuff is sperm or spunk and when a male person cums it shoots out like that, well, sometimes it doesn't shoot but its always there when a man cums"


                "what's cums, daddy?"


                "oh I think I know, said Ali, its that big feeling you get when you do it down there, like on my button"


                "that's right, and its not really called a button, it's a clitoris or just clit or clitty!"


                "yeah! I loved it when Jan sucked on my clitty and fucked my cunt!"


                "yeah I need a turn soon! I'm feeling really naughty now!" I said, feeling left out.


                "AHA my horny naughty daughter!, you'll have to wait a bit as my cock takes a little while to fill up again, lets look at another picture!"


                he pressed the button and now the man was licking the girls pussy


                and then he was sticking his tongue in her pussy hole


                and then in her bum hole


                and then he was cumming over her as she laid down and it was all over her front.


                Then there was another man and a younger girl who looked only 5 he had her legs back and was opening her cunt


                Then he pushed his finger in


                Then another in her bum hole


                Then he stuck his willy into her cunt and it sort of all pushed in


                Then he stuck his willy into her bottom


                 And then all his spunk was all over her cunt and bummy


                I was panting and scratching at my pussy while watching this all.


                "daddy, what was the big file you downloaded? Will it make you willy fill up quicker? And then you can do it to me like that!"


                "oh yes, honey, you may be right, I've not got that one yet on the laptop, but I have another it's a film! Ill stick it up on the screen so we can watch easier." And he plugged in something and turned down the light and again we were either side of him, our legs open, his fingers gently rubbing our clitties. We read the opening words.


                Pedo Phil presents....the horny family


                A little girl is sitting at a table in just her vest, she is probably only 3. she is rubbing on her chubby little pussy down its slit. A lady comes to her and shows her some porno books. We see the names, little lolly, lolita lover, kinder, sex children, kiddie fuckers. She opens it and shows the little 3 year old the pictures showing other little girls having sex, opening their legs and showing themselves, sucking cocks and drinking the sperm and being fucked. She opens up some more called, kiddie farm, young dogs, little ponies and we see pictures of small girls with animals, feeling the dogs willy and sucking it and even getting fucked by it. And a girl and boys under a horse and stroking its really long cock and having the horse do its cum over them both.


                I can see daddys willy is rising up, both Ali and I have widen our legs to let daddy finger us better and I'm feeling really dirty.


                Then some more books called dirty kids and toilet training and we see nappies full of poo poo, girls and boys watching each other do toilet and catching it in their mouths.


                Ali sat up to watch that part and my dads cock was almost straight up.


                The little girl gets lifted up on the table and the woman spreads her legs and licks along her pussy slit and pushes her finger into the little 3 year olds cunt. She takes her finger out and the little girl pisses in front of us and the woman licks it up and then puts her own hairy pussy over the 3 year old face and get hers to lick her pussy, its all wet and shiny and the little girl sucks on the ladies clitty. The girl gets carried to a man and put on his lap he holds her up and the woman directs his cock between her legs and they make his willy go up the little girls cunt, we can see the spunk pour out down his willy which could not go in far as she was so small.


                The film stops.


                "even a 3 year old can do it!" says my dad and now I think it's your turn


                "Ok daddy! I hope it doesn't hurt!"


                "it wont, ill put some slippy stuff on my cock and it will make it easier for your first time"


                he took out a jar a clear jelly and put a little dab on his willy and in my pussy, and then got me to lay on my back with my legs up. I rested my hands behind my head so I could see what he was doing and he put some pillows under me bum so my pussy was higher up. He kneeled behind me and rubbed his willy over my pussy, it was lovely and I could feel him rubbing his willy inside my pussy lips and over my clitty. Ali I could see was still transfixed to the screen and watching the naughty film.


                My daddy pushed his cock along my slit and them opened my pussy lips wide and then took aim to push it into my hole, my cunt hole. I felt him enter and I felt a sharp pain and I yelped! "its ok Honey, its just your first time! Ill go slow for a second. It soon passed and I nodded for him to go on and I felt this enormous willy going into me and I felt like I was being opened up, except it was horrid opening up , it was fucking incredible! I closed my eyes and felt my daddy's weight descend on me, and I loved it. I could feel my pussy trying to open and close like Ali's had done but daddys cock was too big.


                "OHH my darling baby. That's wonderful, you make daddy feel so good in your cunt!"


                "OOOH daddy you make me feel good! And you've only got half your cock inside me!"


                "little by little darling"


                he raised him self so it almost came out of me and then sank in again, and there was no pain this time and I was asking him" do it quickly up me daddy, you can go faster and press on me, I like it I think!"


                nothing loath my daddy withdrew again and pushed down harder into me, I could feel my insides pushed around as his fat big willy thrust into my 7 year old vagina and my tummy bulged with every stroke. Daddy was going quicker and quicker into me and I could feel something building inside me and I was moving up and down in time with daddy. "AAAAH< I love it Daddy really fuck me daddy, Fuck my cunt daddy, fuck me I want to cum daddy" I was shaking underneath him and daddy himself was panting hard above me pushing his willy up me, his balls banging about. I could feel his cock seem to get even bigger and daddy gave out a huge"OOOOOOOOOHHHHYYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! And even though his willy was in me his spunk squirted out of me. As soon as I saw it I felt my own body, twisting and every muscle seemed to lock and I couldn't catch my breath!


                Ali told me I'd passed out completely, it must have been bigger than mine she said.


                "Oh girls that was good, that's killed me that has!" Said my daddy.


                "OOH! I hoped that was just the start!" I said


                "it is, but we don't have to do it all today.


                "Mr George" said Ali "can we do the things in the film next time?" she was pointing to the screen. An eight year old girl was peeing into another girls mouth.


                "if you want " said my daddy


                "and this too!" she grabbed the pc and ran it backwards


                a girl was doing full toilet right into a woman's mouth


                "I  know a woman who would do that"


                "and this too?"


                a girl of 11 was under a horse and sucking its penis while a woman, masturbated the girl with a dildo


                " I know a man with a special farm! Anything you naughty girls want, you can do! So long as we keep it to ourselves!"


                we giggled and all cuddled up together


                "I wish my daddy was here to do it to me" said Ali, sadly


                "well you never know" said my daddy "wonders do happen and he's not actually gone to court yet"


                Ali perked up and looked at my daddy very seriously and said, "if you save my daddy, I'll be the naughtiest girl in the world and do anything for you and make lots of films like that one and make you rich!"


                "I think you'd enjoy all of that anyway!" said my daddy hugging us up tight to him. "you two are already the naughtiest girls in the world and we are going to have such fun!"


                After that day, I started to sleep in with my daddy in his bed and we did sex a lot and stuff.  "DAMMIT JANET! you've stolen the duvet again, you're worse than your mother!" and he would grab me and tickle me and pull off the covers and leave me cold while he rolled up like an Egyptian mummy. "HAA! I've got a 'Gyptian Daddy" I cried, trying to roll him off the bed, but he's too big to move, so I'd sit on his head and try to do farts onto him and make him give up.  "DAMMIT (cough) JANET! What have you been eating, more beans! No more baked beans, no more Brussels sprouts! What a smelly bottom!" and he made burps onto my clitty which was nice and made me feel sexy.


                We were playing like that and Ali jumped on us, she has a key to get in. She likes it being with us 'coz her daddy is still away and we don't know where and her mummy is all moody and she gets the wallop a lot.


                "AHA! Two naughty girls! Went my daddy and whipped off Ali's panties and did her a clitty burp too!"

"are you going to fuck me Mr George?" said Ali, pulling her vage wide so my daddy could lick in her.


                "MMM I'd love to, but I have to do important things today, something for your daddy as a matter of fact! But maybe tonight if you are all sexy and naughty later! And anyway, you'll get late for school don't you have games today?"


                We did and we liked games, especially hockey. But also afterwards it that meant all us girls had to shower together and I thought it was very rude and naughty. Actually all we did was we all had to walk through as the hot steamy water spurted down. What Ali and I did was we went slowly and everyone had to squash up round us and it meant we were all close to all the other nude girls, some older than us and we could see their titties and hairy vages. The teacher, Mrs Smith, always had to tell us to get a move on, and sometimes she'd come in and check to see what was going on. But she couldn't 'coz she'd get wet. "Oh you GIRLS! I don't want to have to get undressed and come in and get you!" she would say and we'd just laugh like it was a big joke. Sometimes she'd give us a wack on our bare wet bums as she shooed us out back to the changing rooms and stand over us until we got changed again. I think I'd like her to come and get us!


                Ali got her clothes back on and asked if after school we could use the PC again.

"Of course you can, just don't mess it up!"


                "we wont daddy!"


                "oh, and if someone comes on line called Mandy, say hi for me. If that Micky man calls, turn him off, he's trouble." We looked mystified, we'd had fun with him before.


                "he talks to the police sometimes, I've cleared him off and he shouldn't come through."


                "what if..." I tried to think of some other eventuality "what if Mandy doesn't come on line but someone else does?"


                "ah, well in that case, you can say hi for yourselves!"


                We brightened up then and my daddy got dressed while we decided to rush home later and get nude and turn on the PC and be really naughty!


                My daddy went to do his work and we took the school bus and the boys flicked with rubber bands bus tickets what they had chewed in their mouths. We threw them back and there was a big fight on the school bus and the driver got really upset. He told the teachers and we all got told off and told to be good little nice boys and girls. But we had another war at lunchtime and we attacked the boys with our juice boxes. As Ali and me were the baddest, we had to just sit and watch the games so we didn't play our shower game.


                "I'm sorry girls, but you have to be good to play games with the others!" said Mrs Smith, crouching down in front of us as we sat on a wall doing our homework assignments. "oh well, at least the showers won't get blocked up today!"


                "I'm really sticky, Mrs Smith, can I have a shower, a boy got me down the neck with a juice and it smells funny now!" said Ali making it look like she had a sticky bit down her neck.


                "oh Ok, but be quick as all the others are coming in now!"


                We didn't of course and we got another smack bummy.


                We couldn't wait for the bus to take us home and we raced in, laughing about our fights and pulling the shower trick. Ali stuck out her bummy and I pretended to be Mrs Smith and giving her a slap on her bummy "oh you naughty girls, I don't know what I'm going to do with you!"


                We took off our school clothes and threw them in the air laughing as they floated down and we played with our nippies and looked at each other doing it for a  bit. Then I caught Ali's eye and said "RACE YOU" and we ran to the Pc and tried to bump each other off the chair, although there was room for us both.


                I turned it on and it seemed to go on forever as it started up "COME ON!" I shouted at and Ali giggled "can't hear you!"


                "s'got a microphone!" I replied pulling up a metal stick with a speaker thing on the end.


                "hello you in the computer, go faster I want to see naughty things, thank you very much!" I said putting on a deep voice like the principal or someone on the news. Ali hooted and grabbed it too and did her funny voice "yes please Mr computer, SHOW ME YOUR WILLY!" we couldn't stop laughing but at last it was all done and the ICQ flower was done and we just sort of looked at the screen.


                Well nothing happened and we looked really pissed.


                "I wonder if Mandy was like Mikey and is your daddies contact?" said Ali and clicked to get up the lists. Yes there she is, but she's not logged on look you can tell because the little picture has a red line" she said pointing at the screen. "lets send her a message and she can read it"


                "what shall we say?" I said


                "I dunno, hello? Mr George says hello?"


                I shrugged "OK"


                She Ali typed it in and we sat back and a few seconds later


                Mandy>hello, peter? I thought you were at work today and couldn't play.




                Peter>no its not peter


                Mandy>oh its Jenny! We haven't chatted for ages, I loved our last chat with Peter, has he shown you the last lot he got! So hot!


                "Jenny?" said Ali, "My mummy, this Mandy must know her


                >no its not Jenny I'm Janet


                Mandy >OH!, well I've heard a lot about you, you naughty girl! And that that sexy Ali! Is she there too?


                > yes I here too; typed in Ali


                Mandy >oh lovely then we can have a good time together. Did your naughty daddy show you his pictures?


                >yes , we saw some and a film called


                Mandy >was it dirty girls?


                >no the horny family I think


                Mandy > oh that one! Its very sexy isn't it!


                >yeah we liked it we liked the girl looking at the magazines but we never seen one like those, I looked in a shop when the man wasn't looking up on the shelves


                Mandy > no, you wouldn't find those in many shops


                >have you got one?


                Mandy >oh yes I have them all!


                >oh wow! Can we see them.


                Mandy >well I don't know, your daddy keeps promising to send me pictures of you but I never seem to get them, frankly I think you're just peter trying to pretend that you are 2 naughty girls.


                We looked puzzled, why would we pretend?


                >no, it's me and Ali really


                >we can send a picture, we have a camera on the PC!


                Mandy >really, you said you didn't...well ok, send me one like this! This is me!


                A file came through and when it opened we could see a lady bent over putting her finger in her bummy hole and one in her hairy vage!




                Mandy >yeah sure, I bet that'll take you ages to find something like that in your files


                >no we can do it now


                I stood up on the chair and did the same thing and Ali got the picture sent over of me with my fingers up my holes and then I did the same for Ali


                >see we did it!


                Mandy >oh YES well that changes everything, you must have a good index for your pics. So is Peter there?


                >no, he's not here he's out 'til late on business or something


                Mandy >oh REALLY!


                >can we see your titties and you hairy cunt? Types Ali and I gape at her and giggle putting my hands to my chest like I had big titties.


                Mandy > well I don't see why not!


                Ali had clicked the camera link and as a picture of Mandy's great big tits with long red nippies came over we were in the movie window on the screen. I pointed it at Ali's little tits as she has some.


                >Ali's boobies: I typed


                >my boobies; the camera looking at my totally flat chest.


                Mandy >oh my god you're real. Yes girls you are lovely, does Peter know what you are doing on his pc>


                >oh yes, he said to say hi to you if you came on line.


                Mandy> I didn't know you had a cam there, this IS fun. Here you are girls.


                Her side of the screen went down her titties and she played with them and then it went down to her hairy vage and she showed us all inside it


                >it's all wet !


                Mandy >it gets wet when I feel horny


                >when I feel horny I feel tingly and I rub my clitty


                Mandy >do you, that's good, show me you playing with each others clitty


                we put the camera down and stood over it and diddled each other. Mandy's cam showed her doing the same and poking out her bean.


                Mandy > I bet you 2 do some dirty naughty things!


                > yes I fucked Ali in the cunt with my finger and she went all sexy and hot and then...


                Ali grabbed the keyboard


                >I DID A POOPOO


                Mandy >oh that's nasty what did you do then?


                >Ali ate her POO! And drank her wee wee!


                She was sticking her fingers into her vage and it looked all red and puffy.


                >are you having  a cum miss Mandy?






                We saw her finger all sticky and stuff and it looked really nasty.


                Mandy >thank you girls; that was lovely, can I see what you look like, I mean all over head to toe?


                We realised then that we didn't know who she was really either, just all her naughty bits we'd seen.


                >well, only if you show us those magazines?


                Mandy >oh of course, but they are really nasty!


                >GOOD! We like it to be naughty and nasty and real rude.


                she held up a book and we saw her turn the pages it was called KINDERGARTEN and we saw these really little girls, like half our age girls showing their vages and sucking cocks


                Mandy >do you want to see another?


                >yeah! Something really dirty!


                Mandy > oh ok, for a girl that eats her own poo poo


                she showed us one called dirty kids and we saw pictures of girls and boys doing wee and poos, standing up and on their knees


                >daddy showed us one of some one eating it too!


                Mandy >oh really!


                She opened another and a lady was on her back with a boy over her mouth, Ali laughed and pointed to his little willy which was sticking out. And in the next a poo was dropping into her mouth.


                >BRILLIANT we want to do that!


                > and we saw dogs and horse willies too and things up girls vages and a boy getting a spanking with a willy up his bum.


                Mandy >oh girls, if I could be there, I'd do it all. But of course you probably live miles away like Australia or somewhere.


                >no we don't live there


                Mandy >oh well let's see you then!


                So we moved the camera and she could see our faces


                And the connection went down


                "Oh that's not fair" I said . "We showed her our faces,"


                "yes but we got to see her titties and stuff and she did a cum. I wonder what all the wet stuff was?"


                "don't know, maybe she was peeing in her pussy!" we giggled together


                "lets leave this thing until daddy tell us more, we'll just sit here and get messed about if we don't!" I said pushing away the mouse.


                "yeah, let's go get a juice!" and we slipped on our panties and tops to go downstairs and get a drink, and we watched some cartoons.


                The doorbell rang


                "huh someones there!"


                "don't let them in!" said Ali, pretend we're not here!"


                I went and peeped around the drapes to see if I could see who it was.


                "ITS MISS SMITH"


                "she's probably come round to tell daddy that we were naughty at school!"


                "maybe she'll go away!"


                it rang again


                "I bet she knows we're here as we've left school, we're not supposed to be on our own. Daddy will get told off unless I get her to go away"


                we sighed and looked fed up and I went to the door and opened it on the chain so she couldn't just come in.


                "hello, Janet. Can I come in?"


                "My daddy's upstairs and not well, can he call you?"


                "Are you sure? I thought he was working. He must have got home quick"


                I was struggling to find another excuse not to let her in when she slipped in a little folder.


                "perhaps this will open the door?"


                I opened it and in it was a magazine called kindergarten like we'd just seen from Mandy , I rushed and showed Ali, "look! Miss Smiths got one of those books like Mandy!" Ali's eyes went wide and she held her mouth and tears sprang from her eyes and she ran upstairs. "she found out! We'll get wacked and never see each other again!"


                I was really scared when I went back to the door and handed it back.


                "there's no reason to be scared, Janet, you said you wanted to see me."


                I was puzzled, like I want a teacher to come visiting!


                "you know, we were talking on the computer!"


                OHMIGOD! Miss Smith, was MANDY!


                I slipped the chain and she came in smiling. She didn't look like a teacher anymore in sweatpants and top and she looked... friendly. She closed the door and put the chain back on. "I've come to show you the books and to have some fun!" she said and kneeled down and pulled me to her by my panties in front. She peeped down them "now I want some closer looks!"


                I pulled her top to me and I could see she had no bra under and I could see her titties just there in front. I gave her a big smile. She picked me up and we went up to my room, Ali hadn't heard a thing and was hiding in a closet. I went into it and gave her a hug and a kiss.


                "its all right, it wasn't miss smith at all it was MANDY!" she recognised us and come over!"


                "no you're lying , it was her, I heard her" she was hitting me with her fists to get me off.


                "no it was! she's up here and on the bed, you can see her naked in there, miss smith wouldn't  do that!"


                her sniffing stopped "Really?"


                I nodded


                "no your lying still, there's NO ONE THERE!" and she stuck out her tongue and opened the door and there was Mandy on the bed, naked.


                "Miss Smith!"


                "that's ok call me Mandy, but not at school I'm miss smith there!"


                She waved us over and got us to sit beside her. We just sort of looked at her and she rubbed our backs nicely and we got to calm down.


                "I seen my mums titties before but I've never really seen them up close" said Ali


                "no me either! I don't even think I saw my mum naked except when she floats in the bath when I stay there, and she's out of it then" I said


                "well, now you have your chance" said Mandy, "do what you want!"


                 Miss Smith, Mandy was laying back resting on her elbows  with her legs both bent and wide with her feet together, know what I mean?


                Ali and I each took one of her big titties, I mean they are big I can't hold one in both my hands. They felt really heavy, but all soft and spongy and cooler than I thought they would be.


                "I thought they'd be, like hot!"


                "well you girls are going to make them hot, I bet!"


                "look! Your nippies are going all crinkly and going dark!" cried Ali


                "my nipples? Yeah feel them around girls, run your fingers over my hard nipples" her voice was all shaky.


                we did! And they felt hot and hard and springy and I pinged my one and it boinged right back up and Mandy went "mmm" so Ali did it as well.


                "there's all bumpy bits around your nipple too, Mandy" said Ali, running her finger around the bottom of her nipple,


                "yeah do that, oooh, yes!" she was all turned on by us "they do that when I'm feeling really horny!"


                "are you feeling really horny now?"


                "I sure am!"


                "so am I , look my titties are coming through too!" said Ali, pointing out her chest, still covered by her top as we hadn't  changed.


                "yes, I've been watching them grow on your sexy body!"


                "have you? When did you do that?" I said


                "when I watch you in the showers!"


                "OOOH!" we did together


                "I love seeing you trying to get the other girls around you, I knew you were sexy! I didn't think you were...naughty too!"


                "well I was hoping you would come and get us one day and we see you in the nude, but you didn't"


                "no, I don't think the headmaster would approve of that"


                "I think he'd approve of seeing you naked, you're lovely and sexy!"


                "you're right girls!, but he's just a naughty old man and I don't like him!"


                "no I said, he's a smelly nasty man, he smokes a pipe and his fingers and beard go all yellow!"


                we all giggled about that.


                I was still playing with her titty and making a cone with my fingers and letting my fingers go up over her nipple from bottom to top.


                "OOHH, that's nice Janet, do it some more!"


                "miss Smith"




                "Mandy, do you have any milk in your titties?" asked Ali.


                "I don't know, do you in yours?"


                "no, I don't think so, how do you find out?" said Ali


                "well first lets get your clothes off so we're all comfy" said Mandy, her voice had gone all quivery and sexy. And she watched us get off our panties and tops and she fingered in her pussy while we did it.


                "oh yes girls very sexy, very naughty girls! OK now each put a nipple in your mouth and suck as hard as you can. Really, really hard!"


                and we bent over her big titties and I saw Ali stuff her mouth on it and was sucking in her cheeks and pulling her head up making her titty stretch up. So I did it too, but I didn't taste no milk.


                Mind you her nipples looked even longer, one was longer than my little finger!


                "No milk girls? oh that's a shame I'd have liked to feed you milk from my boobies. Let me see if I can get out a drop like this."


                She took her nippies by the bottom and really squished them hard, she closed her eyes and was going "ah ah!" so she must really have done it hard.


                "look!" said Ali, "there a drop coming out the end!"


                "oh yeah! Girls lick it up from me!"


                so we licked the little drops of nearly clear milk stuff from her big long nipples and Mandy just sort of shook on the bed.


                "was that nice, Mandy, did you have a cum when we did that?" I said


                "very nearly, you make me feel really naughty!" she said still rubbing her nipples.


                I think I'll find out if...Ali has any milk now!" and she grabbed her and started sucking hard on Ali's left tit!


                "OOHH! Went Ali, she's licking her tongue around my nippie!, that's nice"


                well of course Mandy was bigger so she could get her whole thing in her mouth. Actually so could I and so I clambered over Mandy and sucked on her other tit and now hers were all much puffier. Her left one was bigger 'coz, Mandy had more puff than me, but Ali was pleased and twiddled her now bigger titties.


                "give them a squeeze like I  did and get out some milk"


                She copied Mandy and pressed and pressed but nothing came out and she shook her head, but her nips had gone really red!


                I looked down and Mandy ran her hand over my chest. "Sorry, Janet. You'll just have to wait for yours, but you wait, mine didn't start until I was 11. Ali's lucky to have little titties and only 7."


                She lay back again and rubbed her nipples up so they were long again. "I bet I can poke your pussies with these!"


                Our mouths were open, "THAT'S NAUGHTY"


                "YEAH," she said, "lets see how NAUGHTY we can be!"


                 we cheered and got our vages over her titties and she held her nipples as we tried to poke them up our holes.


                "Oh yeah girls wiggle your pussies over my big titties!"


                and we wiggles and I could feel her nippie going up my cunt hole and it really felt nice. Ali got fresher and tried to pop it into her bummy hole, but it was not hard enough to go in her.


                "shame!" said Mandy and we got off her.


                Mandy really got her legs wide and lifted her big bummy in the air and pulled apart her hairy vage. "Who wants to have a look at my cunt?"


                "YEAH!" We both went and we zipped down and looked into her pussy.


                It was just like ours, but bigger with loads of wiry curly hair everywhere, her clitty was huge and her vage lips were all poking out and I took one of them in my fingers to feel it and it was all hot and sticky and had a funny smell.


                "whys it all sticky and smell funny?"


                "when you grow up your pussy gets wet when you get horny, and the wet it makes has that special smell. It turns me on, I love it. And I like nice hairless little pussies like yours, I like them a lot!"


                I reached into her bright pink slippery wet pussy and I coated my hand inside with it all. I gave it a sniff and a lick. "s'nice!" I said and I rubbed it over my little pussy to see how it felt. "AHHH!" it makes me feel really nice down there." I said so Ali copied me and we rubbed her wet stuff over us, dipping in our hands to her vage. She kept it open for us and I saw her big bean peep out of the hoody thing. I let my finger go over it softly 'coz I knew that it was very, very sensitive and she lifted up her hips.


                "oh girls, fuck me!" she went and Ali stuck her finger into her cunt hole and it just disappeared! Mandy grabbed her wrist and stuffed her whole hand in her cunt. "make a fist in me Ali and fuck me hard !" Ali's face went really red and she smiled like she was really turned on and her fist thumped in and out of our games teachers cunt, all the wet stuff slooshed out and my bed was soaking with it. I thought I had to join in and I sucked on her clitty and she got really wild and trembly, like Ali did with me, but Mandy was stronger and I had to hang on hard but I still got a banged nose.


                "I can feel you doing it" cried Ali still stuffing her hand up her pussy.


                "oh you bet you can!" she said back and grabbed her clit and really did it and made a huge "OOOOOOOOOOH AAAAAAAAAH!" and then flopped back.


                "mmm girls, now I want to suck you off too!" and she grabbed me and I felt her tongue go right up my cunt hole and she twiddled my clitty with her fingers. I could feel like her nose was going up my bummy and I felt really sexy. Her mouth was really hot and she knew all the little places to make me feel really hot and horny and I felt my cum feeling going up and down until I spread my legs wide on her, sort of standing up, but so her long tongue went up my cunt hole like a willy. And then I  did a big "OOOOH AAH! NNNGG!" like her and I felt all floaty and like it was quiet.


                "woah, that was a big one" said Ali can I have one now?


                "mmm, you bet!" said Mandy, "but lets do you different" and she reached into her bag and got a vibrator out and turned it on so it made a buzzy bee sound. "Lets try this on your sweet little pussy" and she put Ali over on her knees and rubbed the vibrator over her bean. And Ali bounced up her bummy as she did it. Mandy was rubbing it all over her pussy lips and she got down and licked over Ali's bum hole, poking her tongue in.


                "yeah" I said "taste her poo in her bummy!"


                Mandy smiled and then poked the vibrator up her bummy and rubbed her fingers onto her bean. Ali's bummy all tightened up and she was breathing all hard and funny, but I could see she liked it up her bottom.


                Mandy pulled me over to do what she was doing and got out another thing which she sort of put on so it looked like she had a willy except a bit of it was up her cunt hole and then she had another long thing that looked like willy except at both ends. As I fucked Ali with the vibrator up her bummy she poked the long thing into her cunny so Ali had 2 things in her. Ali really grunted and I could see her going off into a cum.


                "she's doing it! Mandy. doing her cum!"


                "that's good, then she can have another!"


                "ooooaahhh!" went Ali and she couldn't speak but her bottom was opening and closing and her legs were all shaking.


                Mandy poked the long thing a bit deeper up Ali and then pulled apart my legs and stuffed the other end in my little cunt hole after getting it wet with her sticky wet stuff.


                "oooh that's like daddies cock" I said "that's good!" and I tried to move so my bean rubbed against it.


                "daddies cock? Well you girls are naughty! I never fucked my daddy! Right Janet, keep doing her like that and try to go in and out with the dildo in your cunt and fuck with it, yeah that's right!" she gently pushed my bum as I fucked Ali up the bum and also with the fat thing joined to our pussies. We were both feeling really good.


                "what's it like with it up your bum, Ali? I said


                "agh, agh, agh, huh!" she said. I think she liked it.


                Mandy had got behind me and was pushing me with her hips and then I felt the thing that she had put on at my bottom and I knew what was going to happen.


                "NNOOOO! It's too big. I'll die you'll break my bottom"


                "you'll love it" she said and I felt my bottom stretch bigger than it ever has and my eyes went wide as well. I tried to pull away and so my cunt thing went even harder up Ali and soon she had stopped pushing in and I felt the big cold thing up my bummy, I felt like I had to do a huge poo. Then she slipped back and went back in again and I started to feel nicer and get a tickly feeling up my bummy, and really deep up it.


                Mandy and I were sort of moving our hips against each other and I was getting fucked up my bummy and cunt hole and so was Ali!


                "how's this girls for being naughty" said Mandy all dirty sounding and we just went "YEAH! We like naughty and dirty!" and then inside I felt my cum cumming and I let Mandy know.


                "just let it carry on" she said. I felt it and it went, and then I felt it again and I really started going back and forwards and Ali was just going crazy and stuff but she was underneath us both and was stuck. I was going "aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" and shouting a bit and it got even more cummy inside and I felt everything go wooshh! And Mandy grabbed my nips even though there weren't  any and twisted them and I didn't care coz my cum was so big and throbby.


                We all just flopped with the bits still up us. Ali s hair was all sticky-up and her face looked liked she'd been knocked out. Well I felt like that anyway.


                We sort of laid there and then Mandy pulled the long thing out of us. I could see Ali's cunt hole all open from the big thing and felt down and mine was the same. I could finger up myself and showed Mandy and she looked right up me and said she could see my womb where babies come out of when they're ready. And she stuck her fingers in us and had a feel around. It was nice.


                Then she took out the big willy thing from my bum, she had to go slow, and it was all covered in my poo poo.


                "ugh dirty!" she said and sniffed it then poked it in my face and I looked at my poo poo on the thing. "look a bit of corn!" I said and she laughed.


                Then she took out the one from Ali and it was all clean, no poo poo.


                "there must be some 'coz I need to go" she said holding her bottom.


                "that'll just be the feeling of the dildos I put up you, you will want to go soon, I know I do." Said Mandy and she pulled out of her bottom hole a dildo too and like mine it had a big blob of poo poo on it.


                "cor! I never seen grown up poo poo," said Ali


                "well here it is, have a closer look!" said Mandy and handed her the pooey dildo thing and Ali gave it a close look and sniffed.


                "smells the same" she said and swapped it with mine and I agreed. "no corn though" I giggled.


                Mandy looked at us. You are naughty you too, I love you to bits, you are going to be my favourite naughty friends.


                "did you really have all those naughty books?" I said


                "of course! Do you want to look?"


                "you bet!" we shouted and she took out a big bundle from her bag and we looked at them.


                There was Inga and Rachel and Theresa it said and they were going to have sex with loli. Rachel was only 3 and we could see a huge willy going into her cunny and then doing a huge lot of sperms over her mound and the other girls rubbed it in. Another girl was dressed up all nice and a man was shooting his spunk into her mouth and it went down her chin, and then she was laying back with 2 big willies, one in each hand and they both did it all over her face and she was smiling.


                "I wish I could do that!" said Ali, "I'd like to have a lot of willies doing it over me and watching it shoot out of them."


                "mmm," said Mandy, "I'd like to see that too"


                I picked one up that said "lolita lovers" and it looked really old and there were lots of pictures of 2 girls and 2 boys all doing it, sucking willies and pussies and fucking. Another that had a girl with a pretend willy like Mandy had and was putting it in a lady while a man put his willy in her mouth and did his spunk.


                Mandy showed us a really dirty one. Toilet training it said. And it was the one where a woman was eating poo poo from a boys bum and a man was drinking his wee wee right off his willy. Then he was sitting on a toilet and the man did his wee all over his face and he was drinking it up and the lady was sucking his willy. There was a picture of a girl trying to twist around and watch her poo drop from her bottom hole and Ali really liked the one with a girl and a lady kissing with a poo between them in the mouth!


                "I see you girls really like being dirty!" said Mandy. We both nodded and smiled at her. "we want to be really dirty and the naughtiest ever!"


                "show me how dirty you are then" she said and rubbed her pussy again with one leg up in the air and stuffed her other hand in her vage hole.


                I did it first, I had the thing from Mandy's bummy  and it had lots of her poo stuck on it. I rubbed it on my nippies so it made them all dirty and brown and the pushed out my lips and put it on like lippy. Mandy clapped me "very nasty, Janet" then Ali had the one from my bum and licked it like a Popsicle and showed her tongue go all brown and had the bit of corn on her tongue which she bit into and it went all yellow brown on her teeth!


                "that's yummy girls, come closer you too and let me have a go too." And we got right beside her and we painted her nipples all over with the poo and I did her lips. She got out a mirror and we looked at ourselves and we was all giggling. She licked it off my nippies and  then we both got it off of hers and her tits were all hard again. She took the one from Ali and said it was hers and she would have it while we had to share hers. I didn't know what she meant but Ali did. Mandy licked all along the dildo thing and then popped it all in her mouth! She pushed it in and out and soon the dildo didn't have any poo and she opened her mouth and we could see it all in there on her tongue.


                So we put her one between us and rubbed it on our lips between us, sliding along on each half until we had it all over our mouths and then we licked it into our faces and showed her. The she swallowed it up and we had to do the same! It was quite icky but nasty and horny and I rubbed my clitty when I did it and it felt good even though I had butterflies and my tummy was turning a lot.


                Mandy dragged us down and kissed us both in the mouth and her tongue went right in. "mmm, very nasty tasty girls!" she looked at Ali. " didn't you say you really had to go?" Ali nodded and looked like she would go off to the bathroom. Mandy held her hand, "where are you off to? Not the bathroom I hope, its much more fun here!"


                I  sort of made a sound of excitement and I didn't believe it and Mandy just said "and I thought you girls were really naughty!"


                "we are we are!" we sang together "show us how!"


                "ok, but no running away and being scared, coz this is very dirty!" she said, and we promised and did the brownie salute.


                "brownies, cute" said Mandy "ok Ali," and she lifted Ali onto her tummy and got me to get on Ali with my cunt over her face and her legs tucked in under my shoulders and my head right down looking at her cunt and bottom. Mandy could sit up and Ali was like in a curl with her bum hole over Mandy's tummy. Mandy spread open Ali's cunny and got me to put my mouth over it and told me to suck and keep on sucking and to watch. Then she put a finger into Ali's bum hole and wiggled it about and then sort of spread the hole open. A poo appeared and Mandy stopped it coming out and she pushed it back in. Ali could feel it as she gave out  little "oooh, mmm"


                "ok Ali, I'll count from 3 and you push as hard as you can!" said Mandy "ready?"




                And Ali pushed and she did her wees into my mouth and it went right down me and I swallowed it all. Right in front of me her bottom hole pushed out and she pushed out a big hard one and it sort of shot out and rolled around on Mandy's titties. Then she did a really long soft one that just sort of poured out and curled around like a doggie poo and it all landed on Mandy's tummy and moved up and down as she breathed.


                "keep pushing Ali!" she said and we watched her bottom pushing out and opening and doing squirty sounds but just a few little bits of poo came out.


                "Well done Ali!" praised Mandy "that was very hot! A lot of nasty poo from such a pretty little girls bottom and its all over my nice tummy. Do you want to see it Ali?"


                Ali wriggled out and we both looked at Ali's toilet just laying on Mandy's tummy. She picked up the hard bit and poked it into the soft bit so it sort of stuck up like an iceberg or something. We all looked at it and waited for Mandy to say what to do next.


                "I'll tell you what, lets see if Janet can do a bigger one! Come and lay beside me with you feet at my head, Ali. Janet  you get over her so your pussy faces me, with your bottom over Ali's tummy like an upside down crab. " I did as I was told and there I was with my legs wide over Ali and I was ready.


                "ok Janet,3....2....1.....GOOOO!"


                And I pushed and pushed and I felt a huge long poo slip out of me and my wee shot out in a long stream over  Ali's feet and onto my bed, but I didn't care! I was peeing right onto my pillow.


                "Go on! push harder Janet" she called to me and I could feel like my bottom was dropping out and I felt Mandy's finger circling my bummy hole and rubbing it. Ooh it felt nice. Ali was going "ugh, ugh, ugh!" as my horrid poo poo landed on her tummy and bits dropped over her vage, but I was just laughing and pushing out my bottom hard as I could and making it all go onto Ali.


                Ok turn around and look Janet.


                There on Ali's tummy was my pile of poo, mine was all steamy still and was more lumpy and had a really long skinny bit that looked hard and still had bit a corn and pips like tomato that I'd had for tea yesterday. "I think mines bigger!" I said.


                Mandy nodded; she was looking my poo perched on Ali's white belly and had her hands fiddling with her cunt and was really breathing hard. "you nasty naughty dirty little girls! I love you, that's nearly the naughtiest ever" she said licking her lips.


                "Guess what now?"


                Ali guessed and went "you got to do your poo poo now Mandy!"


                That's right and where do you think I should do it.


                "ooh you've got to do it on top of JANET!" cried Ali making my poo wobble on her making her careful so it didn't fall off.


                "UUUGHHH!" I went "Mandy's poo will be massive!" I cried and Ali just giggled.


                Mandy lifted herself up so her legs were wide like I had just done and she was high up balancing on her hands and feet but on her back like I just did and my poo still wibbly-wobbly on her tummy and I went feet first underneath her. I was right next to Ali and I turned my head and Ali had a big smile and her tongue was all pointing out at me and was all shaky in my tummy.


                "ok, I ready under your bottom, Mandy!"


                and I watched and Ali watched and Mandy's bottom hole opened like a mouth and we could see a huge poo start to come out. It was as big as my arm and was as long as my foot and looked really soft and squelchy and was darker than ours. It felt all hot on me and I felt a bit like icky-sick but I didn't want to puke 'coz it was a sexy sick feeling and I wanted to be really nasty and naughty!


                She did 4 great big poos  on my tummy and it looked as much as what Ali and I had done altogether! Her wee wee shot all over my face and sprayed everywhere like a grass waterer thing in the garden and wetted all over Ali and my face and went onto the floor and everywhere. I was just laughing and giggling and had to use my arms at my side to stop her poos from falling off me.


                I slid back when she had stopped and we all sat up a bit so we could see each other with the poo on us not falling off. We were all giggly and Ali and I looked at each other all pie eyes and couldn't stop laughing.


                "you did the biggest!" I said "Mandy has the biggest poo poo!"


                she did a great big smile then and said "then I have to go first then!" Ali and I turned to look and wondered what she meant and we looked at Mandy and she was picking up my hard long poo in her finger and had put it into her mouth like it was a wiener or sausage and she bit and chewed it and showed it to us in her mouth and she SWALLOWED IT! "mmm nasty dirty poo poo" she said and licked her lips.


                "you've got to do it too girls, you promised!" she said. And Ali giggled and tried to pick up mine  on her fingers but it was really soft so she scooped it up in her hand and brought it to her mouth and I watched as she put out her tongue and licked it like an ice cream or something.


                "GO ON Ali!" I shouted "do it!" and she closed her eyes and stuffed it in her mouth so she was full and sat there her tummy going all up and down. Mandy was rubbing Ali's clitty real hard and had her mouth full again and it was making me feel hot watching them. Eventually Ali closed her mouth and she took ages moving it in her mouth before she opened wide and showed she had swallowed it all. "yeah I did it!" she said and her breathing was all hard and shivery. And she picked up a smaller bit and swallowed it and soon it was all gone. Ali had eaten all my poo and Mandy  had done the same with hers. Mandy was rubbing up Ali's clitty and doing  her self with Ali's foot in her hairy pussy and I could see they were all feeling cummy and I was getting left behind.


                "your turn now, Janet! Do it slow and eat it all up like a nasty little naughty girl." Said Mandy.


                I picked up her poo which was all bendy and thought "ok I'll be the best!" and I put on my face so it started on my forehead covered my nose and went into my mouth and i used my lips to bring it in and I ate it and its tasted the worst thing ever. But I could feel someone sucking on my cunt hole and making me feel good so I suck it all in and it was bitter like eating a lemon skin and smelled like the trash when I've forgotten to move it and my tummy was turning over and over.


                "go on Janet! That's sexy, sexy and naughty, eat up my nasty plop plops" soothed Mandy using baby words and I made little baby goo goo sound as I scooped up some more and then it didn't taste so bad and I was eating it quicker and stuffing it in my mouth before I could throw it up. "ALL GONE!" I said. My tummy was full of miss Smiths poo and I had watched her do it and had gobbled it up! Mandy went crazy rubbing her hand up her juicy cunt hole and we watched her do a massive cummy right in front of us and it was really cool or hot or something, really horny! And then we hugged up to her and I said I was feeling sick a bit in my tummy from all the poo in it.


                She rubbed our tummies which felt nice and the feeling of being sick went away. "you girls are the best. Now I have to go now, but another time we can read all the books together and we can do some thing else"


                "yeah!" we went "and my daddy can be there too"


                "well lets hope so, girls, and maybe your Mummy too?" she said and slipped on her trackies without even getting washed.


                I was doubtful. "I don't know about my mummy, I don't know if she wants to be naughty like you and daddy and me and Ali do" my head was down and I felt a bit sad.


                "well your mummy had a bad spell and she and your daddy fell out over it, you were probably too young to know, but your mother - at least I hope its your mother I talk to on the pc - is a very sexy and naughty lady!" I perked up and smiled when she said it.


                "my mummy's very pretty, I'd like to do some things with her but I wouldn't know how to ask" I said


                "no, don't worry, I'll sort that out with your daddy"


                Ali was looking very put out. "huh! My daddy's gone away and my mummy's pretty but she'd go mad if she knew I did this!"


                "no," said  Mandy. "I'm afraid your mother is a tight assed bitch!" Ali laughed to hear Mandy swear about her mother. "you can't say that!"


                "well its true! But everyone has their little secrets and I know some about your mother to keep her tight assed mouth shut! Don't you worry Ali, you're going to have a lot of naughty fun from now on, and be a very popular pair of girls! But don't forget, I need you two to not talk about this in school  and be good there. I can't make you my best girls in the class but I'll help you get good grades if you behave!"


                and us only in the second grade too!




                Me and Ali were lazing around for the rest of the afternoon after our sports teacher Miss Smith left. We couldn't move.


                "I'm stuffed" said Ali her belly was sticking up 'coz it was full of smelly poo from my bummy what she eaten. Miss Smith made us do it and then I had to eat all of hers! And she did much bigger plop plops than me. We lay on my bed all in the nudie still and with our hands on our tummies. It was a dare to see who could last longest without sicking it all up. I already done it a little bit and some came back up into my mouth.


                "aha! its you, you lose Janet I win I win!" Ali was going. But I showed her and I did a big swallow and it all went back down again but my mouth then all tasted of sick as well as poo. "huh, this is going to take a long time" said Ali. "I know we'll wait and it'll come out our bummy again and we can do it again! "That'll be extra dirty and naughty, eating your poo twice over".


                I was looking at the books that Mandy had left. "I think we did a lot more dirty than the kids in these books" I said. "Look, all they do is do it on each other and a man eats the poo from their bottoms and he squirts his wee wee in their mouth."


                Ali did a big "HMMMM! - maybe Mandy got us to be extra naughty 'coz we like to do it, or because we a lot more dirtier than the books"


                That made us feel good because then we were especially naughty. "oh, no look at this one." I said and handed Ali the book and pointed at a lot of pictures with a boy and a girl of about 10 on their back and a man and a woman were putting their bums over them and a great long poo sausage was dangling into their wide mouths and you could see them chewing on it.


                "yeah that's really naughty, you can lick poo from your dad's bottom and…" Ali stopped again "I'll sneak in on my mummy and catch her poo when she sits on the toilet!" we laughed at that but I knew Ali was still sad about missing her daddy.


                "oh wow, Ali! look at this one this girl is in the bath and the people are doing the poo all over her and she's rubbing it in. It's all over her face and over her legs and she doing it between her legs."


                "EEEUUUWWW! That's nasty!" said Ali pretending to rub poo all  over herself "I know what I want, I want to open my legs and have someone do a big wet poo on my vage and rub it all over me". And we laughed and hugged each other and I got my legs up in the air and Ali pretended to poo on my vage. When I straightened up I felt my tummy going topsy-turvy and a did huge great burp right into Ali's face. The sick was going to be up in a minute and we knew it.


                Right then we heard my daddy come in.


                "Hi girls, I'm home!"


                I didn't dare rush down 'coz all the sick and poo would just go everywhere and that might be dirty and naughty BUT I'd have to clear it up off the carpets for the next YEAR! "Lets go to the bathroom, Ali just in case we have to, you know!" Ali agreed and we held our mouths and walked with our bulging tummies to the bathroom. Daddy came up the stairs and saw us.


                "oh look, my favourite two naughty girls all in the nudie and waiting for me! What the matter are you sick? What have you been up to?"


                We sat down in the bathroom and daddy got us a glass of water and we felt a bit better.


                "it was Mandy" said Ali.


                "oh you talked to her, did you, she was hoping to talk to you, I talk to her a lot, she's a very sexy lady. What did you talk about?"


                "poo poo!" I said and daddies eyes went wide.


                "oh yes! Mandy likes that, she's very dirty and likes shit and stuff, we talk about it a lot!"


                "have you done poo poo games with Mandy, daddy?" well on the computer of course we talk about it and she's sent me a picture of her poo and I send her one of me back. What did she get you to do?"


                "I ate all of Janet's poo! I had to lay down and Janet did a huge wet pile of her poo poos and Mandy made me eat it all up. So now I feel all sick but I'm trying to keep it down so I don't do sick first.!" I nodded while Ali did the explanation for my daddy. He cheered "oh yes Ali, that's really, really nasty! I can't believe she made you do it! What did you do then, did Janet have to eat you up too and that's why you both have big tummies and need to be sick?"


                "well sort of, daddy" I explained "I didn't eat Ali's poo because Mandy did but I had to eat all of Mandy's big huge poos, and it wasn't really fair because…"


                "how… how could you eat Mandy's poo, it's a computer, how…" I'd confused daddy.


                "no, no, no we WERE on the computer and chatting and saying hello and saying naughty stuff and Mandy showed us her pussy on the screen and we sent her our picture and she saw us and it was Miss Smith from school and she came here! We thought she came here 'coz we didn't know it was her and she came to the door and I thought we would be told off!" I think I was making sense.


                "so you're telling me that Mandy, who I talk to on the computer, is your Miss Smith from the school" we nodded. My daddy went "uh huh. Cool"


                "but you must have known that, daddy, or you wouldn't have wanted us to talk to her!".


                My daddy looked a bit put out but he gave us a kiss and said "My, my, that is something, I guess we'll see a lot of Miss Smith from now on because I find her very sexy to talk to."


                "YEAH!" we went "Mandy says that we can have a good naughty time with you and her and mummy!"


                "We sure can , but not mummy, I'm afraid"


                "but Mandy said that she talks to mummy and that you all do things together and have fun and stuff!"


                "well girls the thing is, except at school, I've never met Mandy, and Mandy has never met me or mummy. I only know Miss Smith as a teacher, a very pretty teacher and I really fancy her but I'd have never guess she was interested in little girls like me and… ".


                "but Daddy…"


                "darling listen, one the Internet, people sometimes pretend to be and do things that are just pretend. I pretended that I lived at home with mummy and had two very naughty and dirty little girls who would do lots of sexy naughty things. I do it and other people do it because little girls turn them on and they like other naughty dirty stuff also. We pretended to do them on the Internet and we show each other pictures of what we said we had done, but no one really believes that it is true, we just hope it is. I have a lot of pictures in my boxes of girls and boys doing all sorts of this and I'd pretend they were you. I never really thought you 2 would turn out to be so sexy. The last thing Mandy could ever expect to see was that you 2 were real, and now it turns out she's your sports mistress. I thought she was a man living in Arkansas."


                "ARKANSAS! Is that a state daddy?"


                "some people have called it that, honey. Now its time for you 2 to clear out your systems, or you might get really sick. Now the trouble is that your story has got me feeling really naughty myself and now that Mandy had done something so naughty I need to think of some even more naughty and dirty! Will you two hold on for a minute while I get changed?"


                we nodded and he went and we just sat there looking like we were going to have a baby any minute.


                My daddy came back, all nudie with his willy all sticking out and wiggling and he had the pc camera on a tripod thing and pointed it in the bath. "I turned on the Pc girls and got a message from Mandy! It said, 'I never believed you were for real, but now we know we both are and I want to visit lots, but first you have to top what I did with the girls'


                "what does that mean, daddy" I said burping up another poo breath " do we need to eat up your poo now, I don't think I got room for that and we haven't even had our real dinner!"


                "no, you've done poo eating for today, we'll maybe do that another time. Mandy means that she thought I was all bullshit and I was lying about you two. Actually I was but in the meantime things have changed and now its all true, well except about mummy and I just messaged her that back. Anyway, I hope we all do meet up, I think a trip altogether to the cabin sometime will be a good idea?"




                "no one to see what we're doing up there, eh girls?" my daddy said and he stepped into the big bath and told us to get in with him. He sat with his back in the bigger roundy end and plonked me on one leg and his willy stuck right up in front of me and touched my vage. The camera looked like it was pointing right down at us. Ali waved at it and my daddy got her to sit on his other leg so that his willy was right between us and we sort of faced each other.


                "ok you two, each take hold of my cock with both hands each and start to rub it up and down and don't let go! Were going to be really dirty now and I want you 2 to do your naughty dirty best."


                He gave us a little brown capsule each and made us swallow it with a bit of water which he held up for us. He rubbed our fat tummies and sort of bunched in with us.


                "uuggh!" I went. "my tummy's really going now daddy. It was and I could see Ali's tummy sort of squishing and folding and she was sort of shaking and a little bit of stuff come out of her mouth and she screwed up her face in a big "EEEUUUWWW! I can't stop it mr George I sorry I can't stop it its going to come NOW!"


                A HUGE load of puke shot out of Ali's open mouth and went straight into my face like really hard and hit me and all dripped down me and all over my tummy and onto daddy's cock. I tried to move back but daddy held me and I couldn't get out the way.


                The smell was DISGUSTING all poo poo and mixed up with puke and I saw a bit of carrot (where does it come from?) but I never eat carrot and it landed on daddy's willy. Ali jus kept on choking and her tummy was really going in and out and she was bringing up everything from her belly and it was all shooting over my face and going down so we all sat in a pool of Ali's puke which was all brown and stinky yucky. Ali just sort of shivered as her tummy settled down and she opened her eyes and saw me all covered in poo poo puke. She laughed and said that it made me look good!


                My daddy laughed and said "keep rubbing girls don't stop playing with my cock!" so we did and we rubbed Ali's puke in his cock and it was all sticky and daddy really liked it.


                I felt my tummy start to roll just like Ali's did and my daddy pushed us together and said keep your mouth open girls and made our faces go together like we would kiss. Then my puke rushed up my throat like it would spurt out the top of my head except it shot out my mouth and went right in to Ali's mouth! She tried to get away but daddy keep her from moving so she shut her mouth and I puked up huge great spurts of my puke made from Mandy poo and it covered her hair and dripped down like that gooey crap they do in kids game shows. I was laughing and puking but Ali had a mouth load of my puke and was holding her breath and started to choke a bit and it shot out her nose and she vomited up some more.


                The whole bathroom smelt worse than the school bus after we all have chilli for lunch. The bath was all coated with bits of puke and mashed up poos and me and Ali were just laughing and rubbing daddy's willy and he goes "OOOHH YESSSSSSSSSS!" girls that was more nasty than the nastiest nasty thing that had ever come from the school of nastiness with a masters in applied naughtiness.


                I had no idea what he meant but we felt his willy throb and his sperms all came out all white and shot up in the air and made little snowflakes in the brown smelly stuff we were all sitting in.


                "did you like that girls?" he said.


                "IT WAS EEEEEEEUUUWWWWWWWWW!" said Ali, "but it was fun and can we do it again sometime and surprise Mandy with a huge puke right down her mouth!".


                "Yeah" I said and I picked up the runny puke in my hands and poured it over my daddy's head and rubbed his face with it and we just messed around and rolled about in the bath like the little piggies we saw once at a farm.


                "right girls, that was fun, but now I'm getting all cold so its not fun now and so its time to wash up!" so we all stood up and daddy turned ion all the water jets and we washed it all off. It took nearly half an hour or longer and we had soap bubbles everywhere and daddy had trouble making the brown water go down the plug hole 'coz of all the bits which were big and he had to fish them out with his hand. We got dry and we put on some nice smells like BO spray and stuff 'coz I could still smell the poo smell.


                When I saw Ali the next day going to school she looked all red and stuff like she'd scratched herself all over. "what's happened I said, have you got something like a rash?"


                "no!" she pouted at me and sat with her arms cross looking angry. "when I went home mummy said 'what's that smell, did you step in something?' and she sniffed me and said like I've been sprayed by a skunk or something and she took me to the bath and scrubbed me with a scrubbing brush 'til I was raw all over me, even over my vage and it really hurt! And then, this morning she comes in to my room and sniffs me again and say 'you still smell like a pig' and did it all over again!"


                I just hooted with laughter at the back of the bus and everyone turned around to look and see what we were up to.


                "only good thing is…"




                "I smell like a bunch of flowers and you still STINK! POOEY!"


                I did too, people noticed it all day at school and called me smell bum and poo breath and a boy called me Miss Piggy so I went "HIYAH!" and knocked him down and he ran off crying so I was in trouble again.


                My class teacher sent me Miss Smith to get taught about 'feminine cleanliness' as she was in charge of hygiene and stuff. And she just laughed at me and handed me a bar of red soap. "Coal tar soap, best thing to hide the smell, along to the shower with you, in fact, as you've been sent to me you can use my private shower, and I'll make sure you get nice and clean".


                She locked the door and put a sign up saying 'private meeting do not come in' and said, "for the next 30 minutes I'm Mandy again, and then its back to class for you!"


                She took me into a room next to her office here there was a little changing room and a shower room and I had to get naked and go in there. When I turned around Mandy was there all naked and came in with me, I was getting all cold and shivery and getting the Goosebumps and so did Mandy, even her big titties had them and her nippies were all hard. I asked if she would hug me 'coz I was cold and she did and she said "ooh you do smell a bit, Janet! lets get that water going!" and she turned on the taps and we were standing under a lovely hot spray and got warmed up. She washed me everywhere with the red soap which smelled all clinicky like at a doctors and rubbed me everywhere with her hands, not using a flannel or anything. She rubbed right up my slit and up my bummy hole and all over my face and in my ears and hair and everywhere. She let the water run the soap all off me and gave a good smell everywhere and then did it all over again until she said it was all gone.


                "you going to give me a wash now, Janet?" she said. I giggled and said "you too tall I can't do it all" so she said just do my middle!


                So I soaped up my hands and I washed into her bummy and over her vage. "all the hair has gone!" I said. She was all smooth like me and her clitty stood out in front of her vage and not all tucked in like me.


                "I decided now I have a couple of real girlfriends like you that I should be more like them and had it all waxed away and killed off some of the roots. Am I nice and soft down there?"


                "feels soft" I said, running my hands under between her legs and feeling where the hair used to be on her front.


                "try your face, its more sensitive" she said and parted her legs. So I pushed my face between her legs and mussed around and smelled her pussy juices and I sucked her pussy a little bit.


                "mmm that's good Janet, but if we do it now we'll be here too long and we'll need another shower!" she said. "am I nice and smooth?"


                "there's a couple of spots of bristly bits but its mostly lovely and smooth on my face" I told her.


                She was happy and we rinsed off another time and she towelled me dry, just like mummy used to do and checked I was all dry in my secret places and gave me a sniff all over which made me tickle. "mmm lovely and clean now, get dressed" I got dressed and watched her dry herself and how she got her bra back on and she became like Miss Smith again and we went back to her office.


                "your daddy sent me a movie of what you did last night, no wonder you came into school smelling like that, I'll tell him off for you, he obviously doesn't know much about keeping little girls clean after those sorts of games!"


                "he sent it to you! I didn't think daddy could be so gross but he was just as naughty and rude as us" I giggled and Miss Smith said to be quiet as someone might overhear from outside.


                "your daddy is as rude as anyone, I been talking to him on the internet for years and never suspected who he was, I've been interested in him as he's a very handsome man!"


                "is he? I never really notice, he's just a daddy. Why didn't you ask him out?"


                "well I like to do all the naughty things and I like to find a man, or a woman who likes it too, and you can't just ask someone to do it. But now I know, I can ask him!"


                "daddy says he's planning a trip to our cabin where he goes sometimes, I bet he'll ask you t come with us"


                "he already has, I have to check with Alyssum's mother so that I can be her responsible adult when we go, but I get on OK with Mrs. Mitchell so I'm sure it will be OK. Anyway, you're all spruced up now so back to class with you!" she gave me a kiss on the head and patted me on the bummy and I shot off back to the class where they gave me a cheer and I said sorry to the boy who I had hit.


                Later when we were going home he came up to me and said I smelled nice now and he wanted to be my friend. So before the school bus came I took behind the school and said "show me your willy and I'll be your friend" and he said "Ok but I want to see yours too" so I pulled down my panties and lifted my skirt and showed him my vage he went "wow! Can I touch it?" and he fiddled around my vage but he didn't know what to do. "My turn I said and whipped back up my knickers and he dropped his pants and his little willy sprung up. Without asking I held it in my hand and his bummy shot back "tickles!" he said, so I was softer and rubbed his willy like I did daddy but no sperms came out and his willy looked a bit different to my daddy's. "I like it, it feels all nice" I said "you wont tell anyone, or my mom will beat the shit out of me" I shook my head. "no, I do lots of things that are naughty and I never tell anyone who doesn't do it with me too". We can be friends if you like to do naughty stuff.


                "mmm I dunno, I used to do stuff at my aunt and uncles place, but I never go there anymore even though I liked it a lot, my mummy tells me never to talk about them. But I used to do all sorts…"


                he was going to tell me but I heard someone coming and he quickly got his shorts back up. "call me on the phone, Gary tonight and we talk about in private, can you do that?"


                "mm ok, I tell mum it's about an assignment and we working together?"


                "yeah!" I said and we rushed back to the bus and I sat net to Ali as usual and she gave me a queer look. Gary just sat at the front all by himself as he always did. "I tell you when we get home!"


                as usual we rushed up to my room and I told Ali first about my shower and she went all giggly and reckoned it was a lot better than a scrubbing brush. And then she went all opened eyed when I told her about Gary Watson!


                "ooh he showed you did he? I saw it first 2 weeks ago so there, miss Janet!"


                "yeah but I let him touch me too and he was sorta nice like he was…"


                "thinking naughty?"


                "yeah!" I rolled around the bed laughing with Ali and then I told her about what he said about doing stuff, with his aunt and uncle and that he never told anyone before and that his folks go all weird on him if he says about it.


                We sat and thought about "my mummy says never to talk about daddy, now he's gone, perhaps Gary's folks tell him to be quiet because of the same?"


                "that could mean he can be like us and we can play games with him too!"


                "well he's gonna call, maybe if he can do it in private, lets go get a juice and watch the cartoons in the meantime. I think my tummy's still all wobbly from yesterday, I had the squits in the toilet!" and we hopped down the stairs and watched scooby doo and wacky races and some weird thing called roobarb and custard and cow and chicken and IR Baboon.


                The phone rang and it was Gary! I put it on the speaker phone so Ali could hear but told her to be quiet as he didn't know I would tell her.


                "hello, Janet? It's me Gary. Mummy said I could call you but not to be too long. She's out in the garden doing the plants so we can talk ok"


                "yeah!" I put up my thumb for Ali.


                "I liked you saying sorry and being nice behind the school. It was very sexy"


                "yeah it was cool Gary, I liked touching your willy it was all nice and smooth and hard too. I'm sorry if it tickled"


                "its ok, its just my balls, my testicles are very sensitive and it tickles when someone plays with them, 'cept me of course"


                "I'd like to feel them again, maybe someday you can come here to my house and we can do it in secret here"


                "ooh I dunno, what about your mummy and daddy finding out?"


                "I don't have mummy that lives here and I'm normally alone or with Ali."


                "Ali? Alyssum? I'm not sure about her, I showed her mine and she never showed me hers like you, but I like her too, she's pretty too like you!"


                alli leaned over into the mike and said "I'll show you mine next time, I'll show you everything and let you touch and do anything!"


                "ooh Janet!" he cried down the phone, "you told!"


                "no its all right, Gary Ali's my bestest friend and we tell each other everything.


                "oh no did you tell her my secret about my uncle and aunt? I'll get whipped if my mum finds out, I will!" he was really crying now.


                "listen Gary, said Ali. "I'll tell you something and it'll make it even. I've done stuff as well and I don't tell, and my daddy's gone to prison as well for doing stuff too, but he didn't do it with me"


                "you did stuff?"


                "yes, naughty stuff and I had all my clothes off and so did they too, and I really liked it, and Janet did it too! And we're going to do it lots more!"


                "Ali!" I whispered urgently "he might tell on US"


                "no I wont! I don't tell anyone unless I think they're ok, and I think you're ok. I'll tell you I used to watch rude films with my aunt and my uncle, not like you get on TV but the ones you can't even rent at the video coz they're special naked films. Then we did all the stuff together, and lots more as well and we did it everywhere in the house and outside and in the barn and… it might gross you out so I won't say!"


                "wow, Gary, that's cool. But nothing grosses us out. We even ate poo poo!"


                "cool! I sort of guessed something because I remember the smell from when I did it before but I done lots a other gross things too. Look my mommas coming back, I try to come visit you this weekend your not far are you and I can get my bike and come over? And we can talk about it, if your daddy doesn't know of course!"


                "no, of course it's our secret! He works anyway on the Saturday so we can be alone!"


                "cool! See ya at school, and err thanks for the help with the assignment, Janet?"


                He finished all polite and nice so his mum must have come back into the room.


                "do we tell your daddy and Mandy?"


                "of course, we need them so Gary can join in with us all".




                When daddy came in he said he had a surprise for Ali. He had got the permission from a judge so he could see her Daddy! A responsible adult had to go as well so a lady police person would be there as well but they could still talk privately as long as my daddy could be there too.


                Ali went mad and she jumped up and down on the bed and hugged my daddy. "oh thank you Mr. George I love you nearly as much as my daddy!" then she got quiet "hmmm what do I tell my mummy, she gets all angry when I talk about daddy"


                "well we are going to go round right now and tell her. The police woman is already there and actually she already knows, Alyssum. But I have to tell you this is just the once and if your daddy does have to go to prison it may be the last time until you are a lot older".


                Ali was not impressed "huh, I wish my mummy would go to prison and I live with my daddy".


                My daddy said that wasn't very likely as she hadn't broken the law. We went with him and sat in the bathroom while did his shower and when he got out we told him about Gary Watson.


                "daddy, I saw a willy today, it was Gary Watson, and he touched my pussy too!"


                "did you really, honey. That's quite naughty, did anyone see you do it to him?"


                "no, we hid behind the school where no one could see us" I said, my daddy just laughed.


                "isn't that naughty, dad why are you laughing?"


                "lots of boys and girls do that, honey, its just growing up. Not many do it with grown ups and that is a naughty thing to do".


                "oh" I said, a bit disappointed. "actually Gary used to do it with his aunt and uncle but his mummy told him to shut up about it".


                "oh, well that's different then" my daddy seemed more interested now "did he tell you any thing else?".


                "yeah, he called us up here and we talked and pretended we was doing our homework so his mummy didn't guess. He said that he watched naughty films with them that his aunt and uncle got special, not from a shop and they did stuff with him everywhere, even in a barn. We told him that we had ate some poo poo and he said he had too, and done other stuff that was too gross to talk about and he liked it. He wants to come this weekend and tell about it".


                "well well, little ladies, now I'm not going to be angry but you can't just tell people what we do together as I'll get into trouble and Miss Smith, you need to be secret…"


                "we didn't tell about you or miss smith, daddy he wanted to make sure you didn't know so he could tell us, but I bet if you could hide you could hear him and surprise him and he could know then and we all have secrets then and we don't tell"


                "you're very cunning for a 7 year old, Janet!"


                "what's cunning daddy?"


                "like a fox, all secret and clever! Do you think that and might like to be secret too and listen in?"


                "yeah!" and daddy got off and sent a message on his PC. When he got back he was dressed and he took off with Ali so I was all alone.


                I went to the PC and saw that Mandy had written back a message I turned on the camera thing and I could see her face as well.


                Mandy >hello, Janet. Did you enjoy your shower?


                > yeah


                Mandy > I saw the message from your father. It sounds very interesting about this boy, how did you meet him?


                > he showed Ali his willy and I wasn't there so we sneaked behind the school and I asked him to do it for me and he did.


                Mandy > OH, he's at the school is he?


                > yeah he's Gary Watson and he has done stuff all naked with his aunt and uncle.


                Mandy > OH REALLY! Well that is nice, does he know what his aunt and uncle are doing now?


                > no, his mother tells him never to talk about it.


                Mandy > well I certainly want to hear his little story. Tell your father I'll be at Arthur's diner at 10 tomorrow, as I don't work Fridays"




                Chat closed


                Nobody else came on line so I looked at some of daddies CDs but I couldn't make them go as they needed a password, so I turned it off and went to watch the cartoons. I fell asleep in the chair and didn't hear my daddy come in. When I woke up I was in his bed and cuddling him which was very nice and didn't have my nightie or anything on.


                "morning pumpkin!" said my daddy. He had a big tent down near his middle and he was doing something under the sheets.


                "are you playing with your big willy, daddy?"


                "uh huh. Daddy always wakes up with a hard on"


                "what's a hard on, daddy?"


                "that's what its called when a man's cock get stiff and big. It's also called an erection, and normally I get it when I get feeling sexy and in the morning. Some men call it a piss hard got they think its because they need to piss in the morning. I think its because I have my sexy daughter right here beside me".


                I that that sounded good, I made my daddy feel sexy in the morning and that made me feel sexy and sort of grown up. "if I made your willy go hard, daddy, then I should be playing with it and not you!" and I stood up in the bed and pulled the covers right off and daddy was there holding his big willy and rubbing it with his hand.


                "well dammit, Janet! Look what you've done! You found me playing with my willy like a naughty boy. I think you should be a naughty girl and lick my willy while I rub it!"


                I bounced between my daddy's legs and I put my mouth on his willy hat and licked it. He had his clear sperms coming out and tasted all salty. He squished it and a big blob of clear stuff came out and I licked it right u and then he pulled back to make his willy all tight in the skin and his willy hole opened up like a mouth and I could see down his willy. I put my tongue in the hole and daddy did a big OOOOHHHH YESSS! So I did it some more and licked it all over. He made his hand go up and down and rubbed his willy over my face.


                 I played with his balls too and I put my finger on his bummy and I dared him that I put my finger in his bottom hole. He just lifted up his bummy and I put my fingers up him, 3 whole fingers and made them go in and out. He was going really hard and fast on his willy and he pushed my head onto his willy and made me suck it and it filled my mouth and then I felt his bum hole go hard on my fingers and he did his sperms into my mouth and they dribbled down me 'coz there were so many.


                "oooh BABY! You are the sexiest and the naughtiest girl! Did you like your breakfast?"


                "mmm I like your breakfast daddy, I get your nice willy milk and also some chocolate!" I held up my fingers what were all brown from his bum hole and I licked them.


                "ooh you little sex pot! Let me help you" and he put my fingers in his mouth and licked them clean of his own poos. "mm tasty fingers, do you have any in your bummy for your daddy?" he said and turned me over and put a finger right inside my bottom. "ooh yes! Baby has to do a big one let me see you do it for daddy right here"


                and I was laying over him and my bottom up in the air and my daddy open up my bottom cheeks and I pushed out for him and I could feel it poke out my bottom and fall off. I turned over and there daddy had my long poo in his mouth like it was a lollipop and was sucking it in and out. It was very naughty I think but then I took the other end and sucked and we went in the middle till I touched his nose with mine and we half each, nearly.


                "mmm tasty Janet poo!" Said my daddy and I saw him gobble it up so I did to and showed him my empty mouth. I


                "am I going to have more daddy poo too?"


                "not just now, or you'll be sick for school"


                "oh yes, I got a message from Mandy daddy! She's going to meet you at arfers diner tomorrow at 10"


                "Ar-THURS" my daddy corrected me


                "yeah, she wants to her what Gary has to say! I hoe he can come. Did Ali meet her daddy?"


                "yes, poppet they were both very sad. But we told him about your games and he was happier then, but unless a miracle happens, he will go to jail for a few years and not be able to see Ali"


                "do miracles happen, daddy?"


                "not for naughty reasons, my love. You have to take things into your own hands to do that".




                School dragged but Gary said he could come tomorrow and could get there about lunch if my daddy called his mummy to check it was OK. He said he got a card from his auntie and had to hide it from his mommy. It didn't say much except that they were sorry not to send him a birthday present but there was a little piece of paper in the card with a $20. the note just had a long number and webgroups:garywat on it. It was really odd he said coz he didn't know what it was but figured that his mummy better not see it.


                "I know what it is I think, but I don't know what to do with it, I thinks its to do with the internet." Said Ali. "give it to us and we can check it and give it back on Saturday"




                AT LAST SATURDAY and Ali came round and we had our breakfast with my daddy before he went to meet with Mandy.


                "I think you're right Ali, this is an ICQ number and this is a web site, sort of. I don't think I know it".


                "so are you and Mandy going to listen to us and then jump out and surprise us? You don't want to make Gary too scared and die though coz he is a bit of a scaredy cat".


                "well I think you should all be in the big bedroom as them I can hide with Mandy and come in without you hearing, and you can use the PC in that room if you need to."


                "OK daddy! HEY, I wanted to look at a file on the cd and it had a password and I was feeling naughty and couldn't watch it! I gived the naughty books back already to Mandy"


                "oops sorry darling, but it would be better to watch them altogether? No?


                oh OK you naughty girl the password is…DAMMIT JANET!"


                "HA HA HA!" I went and threw a rice crispy in his face and it landed on his nose! Then he went off and we tidied up and a bit earlier than we thought Gary was at the door parking his bike.


                "is it ok, no folks here?" he whispered.


                "no, its all clear he's gone out and wont be back for hours" I lied and whispered back. "Come on, let's go up to the big room upstairs"


                we ran up to the big bedroom and I pulled the drapes over so no one could see in and we all jumped on the bed.


                "cam I see your willy again, Gary?" said Ali and he said "well only if you show me yours too!".


                "HA!" I said "cowardy custard!" and I took off everything and rolled on my back and opened my vage and bottom hole! "see, just do it Ali!" I said and she did the same and Gary did as well and we were all naked. Ali was on her back and Gary kneeled up and looked right into her pussy hole and his willy was all hard and pointing up so I held it and felt it and it was all smooth and nice.


                "that's nice Janet" he said "you're not tickly now, feels sexy. Look I can see Ali's cherry!" and he pointed in Ali's open hole.


                "what's that?" said Ali.


                "it's a bit a skin inside that has to break and you're not a virgin anymore".


                "oh well Janet  wont have one of those as her daddy has…"


                "oh you did it with your daddy, Janet! You didn't tell me, that's cool"


                "I wanted to too" said Ali, as we felt in her pussy in the skin inside. " But I wanted to have my daddy do it 'coz he likes little girls and stuff, but the police took him away before I got to know".


                "oh shame, Ali. It's a lot of fun when you do it with a grown up".


                "well we wont to hear all about it but first I want to have a good look at your willy 'coz its different to my daddy's".


                "OK" he said and we got him on his back so his legs were all wide and his bum hole up in the air.


                Ali and me looked at it really close. He didn't have any hair except really tiny ones like me and Ali and it was about as long as my middle finger but fatter. It was all white and the same colour as his tummy and didn't have a red hat like daddy's. Look he's got a line down his willy underneath" said Ali and held his willy and there was a darker line going down and went all the way to his bum hole and like his little ball bag was in half and could open up like a zipper. I ran my finger down it and then my tongue.


                "ooh Janet I like that!" I giggled and Ali said "what's the line down your willy and on the bag it looks like it opens up or something.


                "I don't know its made that way, I don't think its suppose to open up but it would be cool to see inside and see my balls! OOH CAREFUL!" Ali was feeling the bag and pressing a bit hard.


                "I like balls" said Ali. "They feel nice in there and I can feel little strings on them"


                I was interested so I had a feel too and it was nice. His ball bag was all crinkly like a brain and kept moving about in my hands.


                I decided to ask why his willy looked different to my daddy's. "Gary, I know my daddy's willy is bigger 'coz he's a grown up. But his willy has a sort of red hat which is sort of soft and spongy and under it half his willy is sort of darker but yours is all white and you have a floppy bit of skin at the end". I did feel a bit embarrassed and I didn't want Gary to think he was a mutant or something.


                "oh, its just that I still have my skin on, some boys have it taken off like jews and Moslem boys but I still got mine."


                "a skin?"


                "mmm, look" and he held his willy and he pulled it back and there underneath he had the red had and it looked the same but like with a little blanket!"


                "cool!" said Ali and started to rub it up and down covering and uncovering his willy top.


                "I got a bit like that too!" I said and rolled back again and showed him my clitty hood and pulled it back to show him the bean inside.


                "oh yeah! I haven't seen a clitty for ages he said and gave mine a lick and Ali went "YEAH! Gary give her a lick and make her do it!"


                and I felt him suck me and he tickled around my pee hole and put his finger up my pussy hole.


                "you're not a virgin I can feel. My finger goes right in up there! I could put my whole hand inside my auntie and she loved it. I bet I could do it to you too but we need to make it wet or it will hurt you"


                "really! Ooh I bet it was sexy putting your hand in your auntie"


                "yeah we did lots of stuff and I put my hand up her bum and my uncle and…" his voice went quiet.


                "oh go on Gary, you got to tell us!"


                "I'm scared to tell, they told me I should never tell and my mum beats me if I mention it and it is very naughty. I bet you'll hate me if I tell you and you'll call me names at school".


                "no we wont, we like naughty things and being really dirty and stuff".


                "yeah well its different 'coz I done it and you just want to hear about it!"


                "HUH!" Said Ali. "we done stuff and Janet  did it wither daddy too and I sucked his willy and all this stuff came out his willy and I swallowed it up AND I ate up lots of poo poo!"


                "and me too"


                "huh I don't believe you!"


                I was getting angry at him 'coz it looked like we were falling out already. "I know, we got the film daddy did of in the bath!"


                "UGH ! YEAH Janet try and find it that's really dirty!" and she laughed "this will show you!"


                I turned on the PC and daddy had saved the movie on the disc and Ali helped me turn it on and we got it to go on the screen.


                There we were getting in the bath with my daddy and sitting there holding his willy. Gary looked amazed "cool, you really did it and it was the other day too I can see the date. Why are you all fat like that?"


                "coz we had a lot of poo we ate!"


                "wow, really? Makes you feel really sick doesn't it".


                As he said it we saw Ali's puke shoot all over me and his eyes really bugged out "oh wow that's really dirty!" Ali and I just turned around and buried our heads under the pillow, we couldn't watch but I could peek out and Gary was rubbing his willy hard and watching.


                "that's really gross Ali you must have eaten a lot"


                "yes she ate all my poo poo and did it all on her tummy"


                right then you could see me really chucking up in Ali's mouth and absolutely covering her in brown puke with all sorts of stuff dripping everywhere. It looked even more nasty than when we did it.


                "OH YEAH!, you must have eaten tons too Janet, you must have done a ton of shit Ali!"


                "oh it wasn't my poo that Janet ate it was Mandy's"


                "Who's Mandy?"


                "I am" we all turned and there was my dad and Mandy at the door all naked.


                Gary freaked when he saw Mandy. Miss Smith! and his face went all crying and his wee just spurted out and he lost it so I hugged him and Mandy just calmly got down and sucked his willy and drank his wee.


                Then Mandy picked him up and Gary just sort of looked all confused. Mandy kissed him and Ali and me just felt sort of silly.


                "now, now, Gary, there's no need to worry. Janet's dad and me are just like your aunt and uncle. Don't worry, its all right, there are no secrets here. Your mommy won't find out and we're all friends here.


                Mandy hugged and kissed Gary and wiped his tears away. He was settling down and getting more used to it. "Miss Smith, I thought you were friends with my mummy".


                "well not friends exactly but we play tennis at the club in the same team. She does tell me things and she told me that you had had a nasty experience with someone, but she didn't tell me what. She told me it was a family thing and families stick together, just like friends do, Gary. I'm your friend and so is Peter and Ali and Janet and I think we can have some naughty fun together".


                "absolutely!" said my daddy. He was on the bed now and Ali was holding his stiff willy and was sucking on the top bit.


                "did you really eat Miss Smith's poo Janet?"


                I nodded hard.


                "that's right she did, I got on her tummy and did my shit on her and it was a great big pile and she gobbled it all up. And that's not all, I myself had to eat all of Ali's poo! But I wasn't sick like the girls! What do you think of that, could you do something like that Gary?"


                "EASY! I used to have to eat all of aunts poo and uncles and they used to make it a competition to see how long I would take to puke. One day I lasted all night".


                "I bet you did a lot of things at their house, didn't you?"


                Gary nodded and reached out to see if he could touch Mandy's nippie and she held his hand and helped him rub her. "you got nice titties, Miss Smith".


                "Mandy, call me Mandy. Miss Smith is at school!"


                "ok, we did lots of things but I still think it's a secret, but I still want to do stuff with everyone".


                "well that's very honest of you Gary, I can see that you're a good and trustworthy boy. But if your aunt and uncle said it was ok, then you could tell us?"


                "yeah but I don't know their number or anything and I'm not allowed…"


                "mummy wont know, Gary, don't worry".


                "Well as it happens we don't have their number either but you have this $20 and it has a couple of interesting things on it, tell you what you have a nice new one and we'll keep this one so your mummy doesn't think its odd" said my daddy and made sure that Gary had his money back.


                "now this number here is an ICQ address and all we have to do is type it in once we connect and see what happens.


                 We watched the big screen coz daddy had turned it on and he tapped away.


                "they have controlled access, peter, said Mandy, try to chat with them"


                and the screen said


                > hello, I think we might be interested in the same things.


                > how can that be, I don't know you, how did you get this number.


                > from a $20


                >well people find $20s


                >we're good friends of its owner


                >well, you would say that, well it's been nice talking to you, unless you have anything more interesting to tell us?


                "they're playing games peter, they not going to say anything unless they know for certain that Gary is ok and that they are safe too"


                "and we don't want to be too stupid either, what can I say now?" said my daddy.


                And Gary took the keyboard and typed


                > I want to play the really naughty games please Jeff  and Anne.


                He was really slow typing and something happened on the screen about contacts being added or something.


                "good boy, Gary!" said Mandy and kissed him and they sat back with him on her lap and she played with his willy.


                Dirty duo> well, well, how did you come to find that out?


                > our mutual friend told us, he's right here with us now


                Dirty duo> well lets see , you could have made him tell you that, or just made it up and we'd be bound to answer a message like it, wouldn't we? Well, Muriel, I know you hate us but we'll keep away from you if you keep away from us. You have some nasty secrets yourself that I suspect you wouldn't want the council to hear about!


                "Muriel," that's my mummy's name said Gary.


                "hmm they're still being very dodgy" said my daddy


                > I'm not Gary's mother, I'm a nude 28 year old man with a hard dick sitting with a young nude lady teacher on a bed with 2 naked 7 year old girls and their friend Gary whose cock has just been sucked.


                "might as well go for it" said my daddy. "I don't think a trap would give their sort of responses, they'd tease a lot more".


                Dirty duo> now that's what I call interesting. Ok check this out, send one back like it.


                A file came through and we could see it was Gary standing between a man and a woman. We could tell it was Gary but the grownups faces were covered but they were all naked and the mans dick was all hard and he was putting it in his mouth.


                Mandy got Gary between her and my daddy and I had to take the picture. Gary got his mouth on daddy's dick and looked into the camera. Mandy held his willy and the $20 so I get it all in the picture.


                My daddy sent it off


                > that should do it


                Dirty duo>sure does. You lucky people, we miss Gary from our soirees, but you probably know his folks don't take to us.


                > Gary has been very secretive about what you have done other than a little bit about scat. We hoped you might let him tell us some more.


                Dirty duo>well sure thing, but we like a few things in return any files etc, home made especially.


                >we don't have much home made, but I do have a particularly dirty one I can send now.


                Dirty duo> ok


                It zoomed off


                Dirty duo>ok we got it, just wait a minute and we'll check it out.


                Dirty duo>oh yes. That's fine, Gary -  tell them everything they want to know. Oh my god that's excellent what a fine pair of naughty girls there OH FUCK YESSSS!!! You fine people. God I wish we were there, we could do so much Gary.


                > well, I'm planning a trip to a rather secluded spot, maybe you could join us, but we need to be a bit more open and tell each other who we are.


                Dirty duo> yes I suppose we got to that moment, wait on a second.


                Another file came through and this time Gary was still in the middle but all you could see was his middle and two faces smiling either side of him while he did a wee.


                >Jeff and Anne Harvey, I know you, you have a cabin near mine, I've seen you packing supplies in the depot at Montague.


                "wow, its all coming out the woodwork, peter!" said Mandy "half the people we're meeting are virtually neighbours!"


                "how do you know them , daddy? I never see'd them"


                "well I know who they are but I don't really know them. I saw them filling up their pickup with enough to last 6 months when I went to do some fishing near there with the boys. They got a big place and its well fenced off and they seem to keep to themselves".


                "well, to use their words, they would wouldn't they?" said Mandy. All this talk was all to grown up for me. "I'm getting a bit bored now" I said.


                Dirty duo> ah that was when we went to ground for a while, in our hidey hole. Maybe you should visit us instead?


                >maybe, sounds good. The kids are getting fidgety, how about we talk between us and sort out something and build on our relationship a little.


                Dirty duo> that sounds like a smart move. You had a look at the address on the bill?




                Dirty duo>you should, Gary will know the password, ask him to ask for what he likes. We'll be back on line at 6. BYE Gary, we love you and miss you kisses from us both!


                End chat.


                "well aren't they some characters!" said my daddy.


                "did they ever have other boys and girls to play with you, Gary?" said Mandy.


                "sometimes, there was a girl she was in the 5th grade she was there a few times and she had a sister and we did everything, but just before I got found out they stopped going there too. They were nice!"


                "ok well lets get a look at this what is it webgroups?garyw?"


                "I know, said Mandy, it's a web site for special interest groups, you can put up what you want and if you restrict access then no one can snitch on you. Not too safe though for a long time".


                Mandy typed in and it came and asked for a password. "so Gary tell us what you like, for the password"


                He hid his face "OOH!!" he went and then sat with his legs wide and he had a big dirty smile "fuck my bottom please!"


                "yeah!" I went and stuck my finger in him and wiggled it up his bum and then Ali did the same and we had 2 fingers up him and was wiggling them up.


                "oh yes, that's right Gary here it is"


                right on the screen was a picture of Gary and he had a big willy up his bum and he held a sign that said FUCK ME!


                "ooh there's a few files here, Gary me boy" said Mandy.


                "come on!" I said getting impatient


                here we go, garyassfk.mpg


                we saw a movie and Gary was getting his bum poked by his uncle and he was going real deep and we could see his bum hole all open. The man did his sperms and his bottom hole was all full of white stuff and the man went round and made him suck on it and then this girl with little tits…


                "that's Tina"


                … sucked out the sperms from his bum hole. Then a lady appeared with a pretend willy and fucked him up the bum as well and took it out and did a wee wee right into his bottom. Then the girl drank out all the wee wee.


                "that was cool Gary!" I said


                Then there were just some pictures of Gary with a plate in front of him and a lady doing her poo on it and then Gary eating it like for dinner with a knife and fork! And then the girl was there too and she had a plate full and was doing the same except her arms and legs were tied back behind the chair and the lady was feeding it to her and a thing was up her pussy.


                "Tina went crazy when we did that, she didn't like it at all and puked it up and I had to lick it off her. She did a big cum though when I licked her"


                Mandy was rubbing her pussy against Gary's back and Ali was rubbing her slit so I did the same. Daddy couldn't do much as he was on the keyboard but his willy looked happy so I licked it a bit.


                Then there was a movies again called garyani.mpeg and we could see Gary putting his finger into a dog behind.


                "that's Elsie dog"


                and then he put his willy in into Elsie and was fucking her. Tina was on her hands and knees and a bigger dog was on her back and doing something then "omigod!" I said "the dogs got a willy and he's got it in her! Very naughty doggy!"


                "oh fuck yesss!!!" said Mandy and was really going hard with her pussy against Gary.


                And then the dog got off the girl and her pussy hole was pouring out stuff and Gary sucked it up and licked her clean. Then Gary was with a horse, a little one and he was underneath it and Tina was rubbing the horse cock on him and a load of sperms or something shot out and he was covered in it and then the lady and man pulled him out and licked it off him and the man rubbed his willy and did his sperms into his mouth while the lady sucked on him.


                "no more films or piccies, but that was great stuff, Gary, you really do have some nice folks. Perhaps we can all meet in secret." Said Mandy.


                "hmm I dunno, I don't think my mommy would let me go anywhere unless she knew what I was doing all the time"


                "well, maybe there's a way" said Mandy looking secret and gave my daddy a wink. "no I think we need something on daddy's cock, as its looking very hard and its crying 'coz it hasn't had any fun look!" she pointed and daddies clear sperms were coming out and dripping down his willy. Mandy licked her lips and then really fast picked up Gary from between her legs and put him over my daddy's willy. "I think you know what to do?"


                Gary nodded and he sat down, and do you know what? He put my daddy's willy at his bum hole and slowly it went inside his bummy!  His mouth was all open and as he went down his own willy got hard and stuck right up!


                He sort of stayed there and panted, "much bigger than uncle Jeff's!" its really up me and I can feel it!"


                My daddy held him and pushed him up and down so we could see his willy going in and out and sort of pulling Gary's bum out with it and then going in. "OH YES Gary, what a lovely hot bottom you have just right for my cock". Said my daddy so I guess it felt really nice and then he pulled him back so his willy was right inside Gary and he laid there with his willy sticking right up in the air and his legs wide.


                "well I can't waste that lovely little cock!" said Mandy  as she got over Gary and sat on him and his cock went up her pussy hole!"


                "MMMPPPFFF" went Gary coz Mandy just put her whole weight on him and really rubbed her self on him and I could see her juices drip down all over garry balls and over my dads so I moved in and I licked everything from my daddy's balls. Gary's balls and his bottom hole and on Mandy's bottom hole when I could see it 'coz she was pinching in her bottom a lot.


                Ali was going mad rubbing herself so my daddy moved her over Gary's face and got him to suck on her, and he did his tongue really licked hard on her and her face went all scrunched up like she's going to cum. My daddy was pushing his dick in and out and poor Gary was groaning and sucking  coz he had two people on him pushing him into my daddy and a big willy up his bum. I wasn't getting any so I went and sat on my dads face and he gave me a nice licky too and then I started to tingle in my cunny.


                "oh shit, I'm gonna blow!" said my daddy.


                "do it you kiddie fucker!". Said Mandy "fuck this 7 year old fuck boy's butt while I ride his little dick, it feels good slopping my cunt over this tiny kids cock and AAAGGGGHHH YESSSSSSSSSS this little fuck's going to get me off. OH, OH, OH, OHHHH" and Mandy  was really banging down hard and Gary was kicking his legs but he couldn't  move as he was trapped and my daddy held him still.


                Ali was getting her feelings too and was pushing her pussy hard down on Gary's face and Mandy  had stuffed her finger up Ali's bumhole too and I could see that she was going to do it. Real soon. And I was too. I was twisting on daddy face his tongue really far up me and I could feel something really wet like something was coming down out of me and that I want to pee at the same time.


                Suddenly daddy moved his hips up hard and went "AARRRGGGHHHHH! Right on my clit and we all nearly fell off. Mandy rammed her fingers deep up Ali's bum and Ali screamed and shook as Mandy gritted her teeth and went rigid and pressed down even harder so Gary was really squashed.


                "OH FUCK GOD I'm CUMMMING ON THIS TINY COCK AAAAGGGHHH SHHHIITTTT!" shouted Mandy and Ali and me held onto each other and we shook as we got our cum, but I think that Mandy and daddy got the best ones. I don't think Gary did. He was just breathing heavy and when Mandy got off him his dick was all covered in white froth and gooey pussy juice.


                "have you ever cum, Gary?" said Mandy?


                "a little bit" he panted "I didn't do it then , but I liked you fucking me"


                "well lets just have a little try for my fuck toy boy" said Mandy and lowered her face to his slimy cock and started to really nicely lick him and rub his cock.


                "oh yes, you're an expert Mandy" said my dad.


                "this is not my first little cock, Pete, and a boy needs to come as much as a girl"


                Gary just looked like his face had slipped into a dream and he was loving it. I kissed him on the lips, I never done that with a boy before and he kissed me back, and it was even nicer than when I did it with daddy. Gary stated to move his hips and so he was actually pushing daddies dick in and out coz he was still up his bummy. "ooh I can feel something, my willy and balls are all tingly and I can feel something inside going funny AH… AH… AAH… AAAAH!" He arched his back and Mandy held his willy and as we watched a little jet of stuff shot out and hit Mandy in the face and I think she did another cum as she rubbed Gary's sperms into her pussy with her hand.


                "I think you cum a lot!" I said to Gary and I gave his willy a suck too and so did Ali. Then daddy took out his willy and there not a spot of poo.


                "how can you have a clean bummy hole?" I  said


                "I like to put a hose up there and clean it, auntie Anne showed me and it feels nice so I do it when I take a bath with mummy's  hose thing and all the poo comes out".


                Mandy laughed. "that's neat, ass fucking yourself with your mothers douche, very tidy. Well I think that's enough fun and games for the moment. Lets get dressed and get some food, my treat so we'll go out" and she okayed it with my daddy and we got washed up, especially Gary 'coz he smelled of pussy, and we got into Daddies big car.


                 "Now Gary, my little sexy 7 year old lover boy, does your mummy approve of Macdonalds?" asked Mandy.


                "no, she says he is the spawn of the devil!"


                "well she's not all bad then. Hmm, the colonel?"


                "KFC? No she says it's made from the rats that come out of the behind of Satan!"


                "oh dear, a most perceptive woman if not a little evangelistic, Burger King?"


                "no, something about being a republican"


                "taco bell?"




                "that's a reason?"


                "it is for my momma"


                "how about the KKK democrat Klan Christian science tea room?"


                "never heard of it"


                "rib shack?"


                "no teeth see! Waiting for my new ones"


                "old dutch pancakes?"




                "noodle bar?


                "Chinese or Japanese?"


                "does it matter?"


                "Japanese attacked pearl habor, Chinese are commies"


                "hmm thought not"


                "we like real American food like Pizza"


                "pizza, that not foreign? Made by mafia dons who force people into prostitution and give them all drugs so they steal from the shops that the mafia force to take protection from them"


                "ahem" said my dad and we was all laughing coz it looked like we would get a sub from some horrid shop.


                "no but my mummy went to Italy once and she said they had pizza there and she was happy to get American food. And she went to Spain as well and said it was funny coz she didn't expect them all to speak Mexican."


                "she's a real mid-westerner your mother aint she Gary, finest kind" said Mandy "Pizza it is, lets hope they do an all American beer like, Budweiser. Probably served by a Stepford daughter too".


                (BTW this was an actual conversation I had with a colleague from Omaha. He went on his first ever business trip to Europe, which was his first trip out of the state. Sad fuck. Omaha is on the state line with Iowa, he never even crossed the Plate until he was 50. Also despite anything that Anhauser Busch will tell you, Bud originally comes from what is now the Czech republic from a town near Pilsen, the true home of pilsner beers, buy it if you can, its called Budvar and actually tastes of something).


                "what kind of pizza do you like, Gary?"




                "finest American kind"




                Well my daddy and Mandy met up quite a lot and we did sex with them at home a real lot and we read all of Mandy's books. They said now we had seen Gary doing it with the dog and the horse we could all look at those together and we did. Ali said she wanted to see it for real and see a horse willy and suck all its huge sperms down and I said I did too and a doggie and do as much naughty stuff as we could with grown ups. All they said was to wait and see and wait for the trip to the cabin. But we don't have animals there just some rabbits and wild dogs and bears in the woods high up. I don't think a bear with be sexy although it is very cuddly I think and rabbit is just cuddly and I wouldn't want a wild dog to get me.


                My daddy and Mandy seemed to be getting along really good and I think they are girlfriend and boyfriend now but Mandy still lives in her own house. She says she likes ladies too and doesn't want to stop it just because she likes my daddy. I asked her if the other ladies she knowed would like to do it with us too, but she said they blow a fit because doing sex with kids was the naughtiest thing ever!


                Ali and I did go over to play at Gary's house. He had an older sister who was 11 but she stayed away and just watched us. She was very pretty and didn't seem to have any friends come around and she did lots of reading and helping her mum. Gary Ali and me mostly ran around in their big garden he has swings and slides and stuff and tyre on a rope hanging from a tree right away from the house and we took turns to ride it, and when no one looked we did it naked and watched each other do toilet in the bushes.


                Mandy would normally take us round and she would spend the time talking to Mrs Watson while we played about. One day when they were talking I went to get a juice and I overheard them and I hid round the corner so they didn't know I was there.


                'The girls seem to be getting on so well with Gary, its nice for him to have some good friends'.


                'does he find it difficult to make friends, he does seem a loner at school and he's always last to be picked for teams at soccer and such.'


                'well I try to encourage him to mix with the right sort of children. Its so nice he is mixing with young Janet there and your seeing that nice Peter George, he's a lawyer isn't he? Such a good profession'


                'yes, peter and I are good friends and Janet and Ali have become very special to me, and your Gary its lovely to watch them play'.


                'may I ask what happened to his father, Muriel?'


                'I really don't like to talk too much about it really, I mean we play at the club together so you know I don't have a partner, I guess I'm too set in my ways to find someone else after…'


                'maybe you could tell me, not just as a friend, is it anything to do with what happened to Gary, you said he had a bad experience'


                'yes, its partly to do with that. Listen please I'm so ashamed I feel so much less than a woman because of what has happened to my children. I wonder if I attract the worst sort of men. There seem to be a lot of them about. I mean I heard about little Alyssum's father and I wonder if he and Jeff were in on things, but Jeff left a long time ago'.


                'oh I see, Jeff was your husband?'


                'yes I divorced him seven years ago, I was nursing Gary, he was just born of course and I found him with Gemma. She was only 3 and he was touching her. Of course he pretended to be doing something else, but a man doesn't  need an erection to do that!'


                'I guess not!'


                'I threw him out, I didn't tell anyone, I couldn't live with that shame; that I was so unattractive and so awful that a man would prefer his own daughter than me. Now every time a man looks at me I wonder if he's looking at me, Gemma or even Gary.'.


                'not all men are like that, listen Dennis at the club holds a torch for you, and he's a fine man'.


                'well that's true, in fact he says he doesn't even like kids at all so I can't win'.


                'he probably means that he doesn't have much in common with them and prefers the company of adults, that doesn't sound like a man who is trying to molest children to me'


                'so what happened to Gary, you said he had a shock of some sort?'


                'well Gemma never went to see her father again, I kept them apart and from then on daddy had gone, lost, died. From then on we had Uncle Jeff. Uncle Jeff wanted Gary to come and see him. He said I couldn't object very well as he was his father and in any case, he was a boy, not a girl. After some persuading I let him go. He went quite a lot of times and always seemed to be happy about it so I felt OK, maybe Jeff had changed, I never really wanted to see him again, but at least Gary was getting some fatherly help, a boy needs that I think'.


                'so what happened, did he touch him?'


                'no, at least I don't think so. He came home one day and I was in the tub and he just walked in on me, cool as a cucumber, well I was naked in the bath and my son walks in I said 'don't you do that, I'm not dressed boy!' Well he said that Uncle Jeff and auntie Anne walk around the house half naked all the time!'


                'you found that upsetting did you? Gary was how old then?'


                'six, six and a half or so. I told him it was most unseemly and that god would punish him for looking at naked bodies. That wasn't the worst part, Anne is actually Jeff's sister, he went to live with her after he left me. Imagine that, walking around half dressed in front of your own kin. Isn't that incest or something?'


                ' I don't think walking around naked constitutes incest, Muriel. But your kids do seem to have had some problems in their formative years'


                'yes, I try to protect them and with the grace of god I will. The number of times I have to tell Gemma! It took Gemma ages to stop asking about her father and I often find that she, well does dirty things with herself. I can't bear to have all that dirty stuff around my house'.


                ' I'm sure that's right. Maybe Gemma and Gary need to get out more, if they were not turned inwards to find something to do maybe you would find that there are more… regular'.


                I was all hid away in the corner and I was feeling all funny listening to it. I didn't understand a lot though but I did feel sexy and naughty listening to them and I had my hand in my panties feeling myself down on my vage. They seemed to stop talking so I figured I could go in and get my juice but then I saw something on the other side of the door, someone else was hiding and looking through the door. It was Gemma! And she had her hand in her panties too! I didn't know what to do but if she was listening and feeling all sexy like me then I figured I could show her I was too. So I checked that no grownups could see me and I dropped my shorts and panties and walked round the corner feeling myself. Gemma didn't really notice 'coz she was still listening and feeling herself but then she saw me and just froze.


                'I like to play with my pussy lots Gemma, will you play with me and I'll play with you!'


                She broke into a big smile and pulled down her panties too and showed me her clitty, then we heard the grown ups coming so we got dressed and she ran off and I just got my juice.


                When I went back to the swings with Ali and Gary I passed by Gemma and she went all red. I stopped with her and gave her a kiss, "come and play with us, we can tell each other secrets, secrets your mummy doesn't have to know".


                She nodded and did a big smile I think she was bored and was fed up with us playing and having fun and she was all alone so she came after me.


                "hey look who I found" I said "we were both being sneaking and listening to Mandy and to Gary's mummy and I pulled down my panties and showed Gemma my vage!".


                Gemma gasped and looked like she might run away.


                "its all right Gemma we all do that here, even Gary!" I said and then we all showed Gemma our pussies and Gary poked out his willy.


                "come on now you too, Gemma" said Ali I bet you got a nice pussy and its not fair if only Gary and Janet have seen it!"


                "I never seen it, ever!" said Gary "I try and look sometimes through the bathroom door but I never seen her".


                "mummy doesn't like it, she goes mad if we don't close the bathroom door or our bedroom doors when we get dressed".


                "HAH! Well we like it so your mummy doesn't have to know our secret!"


                "ok then" she said and peeped out to make sure that no one was coming and dropped her blue shorts and white panties and lifted up her top and we looked at her pussy coz her clit wasn't hidden away like ours but you could see it and her titties were starting to grow and she had real bumpy bits. Ali's got sort of tits but really its just bigger nipples, and I got nothing. But Gemma's bigger than us anyway.


                "can I touch yours?" I said and she didn't say anything so I reached out and felt her titty bumps and down over her pussy. Gemma went all red but didn't stop  me so Ali did the same and Gary was going all red and lined up behind Ali.


                "Can I Gem? You can do me too!" and Gemma let him and her titties really stood out and she was rubbing her legs together like she was trying to get off and then Gary rubbed her clit and she shot her bottom away from his hand.


                "you can't go there, its naughty!" she said.


                "let him, Gemma, he really knows what to do!" I said and Ali and rubbed each others clitty right in front of her and her eyes nearly popped out, and Gary did it again to her and rubbed his finger along her slit and really got into her clit. Gemma opened her legs more and winded her pussy with her fingers so Gary could feel her clit better


                "ooh Gem, your pussy is wet, just like Mandy's"


                "Mandy? Ooh Gary don't stop I'm going to do it , its cumming go on do me harder!"


                and Gemma was really rocking while standing up and Gary s fingers were going fast on her clit when suddenly she just shook and panted. She opened her eyes and we were looking at her as her legs sort went rubbery and her tummy shook and she made little crying sounds.


                "ooh I'm doing it I'm really cumming OH, OH MMM OOOHH!" she went and pushed Gary away and finished her self off, grabbing her clitty and pulling it back, her finger rubbing on her bean. Her cum got even more strong and her face went all tight and she looked down at her pussy and did a pee right out in front of us.


                "oh Gemma that was a good one!" said Ali and gave her a kiss and a hug 'coz she looked a bit unsteady.


                "I never did one as good, except when I think about daddy sometimes" and she went all red again.


                "I like to think about my daddy too doing me!" said Ali "and Janet already has!"


                "wow you did it with your daddy?" said Gemma I remember my daddy doing me but it was a long time ago and he's dead now says mummy.


                "well not from what we heard at the door!" I said "I think your daddy is Gary's uncle Jeff!"


                "well he's my uncle too, then. Well I don't think we can ever see him or talk to him. Mummy doesn't even have his picture about. Gary used to go to Uncle Jeff's but now he can't go either. I think my mum thinks he's a dirty old man"


                "no he's not!" piped up Gary "he's not old, but he is very, very dirty and naughty and I did a lot of naughty stuff with him and with auntie Annie and some other people too and I really liked it. I should have not told mummy that they go round in the nudie".


                "I think your mummy's a weirdo" I said "you should come to our house with Gary and we can really have some fun, and with my daddy and with Mandy too!"


                "I'd like that, we can come tomorrow as there's no school. Who is Mandy?"


                Right then Mandy showed up and Gemma went white and fell down in a faint.


                We all got dressed and Mandy held Gemma and pulled up her panties and shorts. She came round in her arms and said "Miss Smith! I'm so sorry ill never do it again ill be good and…"


                 "shhh2 said Mandy and kissed her on the lips. "your mummy will never know, and I want you to be my special friend just like Gary, Ali and Janet. And we can have as much fun as we want and maybe you can see your Daddy again if I can work it out! But you need to be our friends and keep our secrets."


                Gemma looked amazed and hugged Mandy "really? But my mummy is sure to find out!"


                "no, she won't if we don't tell her! Now unfortunately we need to go now, but I hope to see you tomorrow with Gary?"


                "yes" she said


                "good, I'll make sure your mother is ok with it, and it's a date!"


                The next Ali and Mandy couldn't be there because Mandy had taken Ali to see her daddy. My daddy fixed it with Ali's mummy. He must be very clever to do that. Anyway Gary and Gemma came round and I was there with my daddy. Daddy was very pleased to see Gary and Gemma and he said he had a big surprise for them.


                Gemma was very shy and we all went into the big bedroom. She was quite shy of my daddy even though he said she was very lovely and sexy.


                "Janet tells me that you used to do naughty things with your daddy before he went away or whatever really happened to him. You must have been quite little then." Said my daddy and we all lay about on the bed.


                "yes, I think I was about 3 or 4 when he went away"


                "can you remember anything about him or what sort of things he did to…you did with him?"


                "Not very much. I remember he was very big and hairy and he used to play with me in the bath and I used to like it, also he had this big thing that I would play with and suck on which must be his willy". Gemma spoke quietly and very slowly coz I think she didn't know how we would take it, but I was getting a very itchy clitty and I started to play with it through my panties.


                "did you like it?" I said


                "oh yeah, I always felt nice when I was with him, I remember he showed me how to play, you know down there".


                "like this?" I said and I pulled off my little panties and spread my legs and rubbed on my clitty spot and along my slit.


                "yeah just like that he used to do it to me when I played with his thing and it made me feel nice he said I could do it whenever I felt like it. Mummy just gives me the wallop if she catches me so I do it in the bath or in bed".


                "mummy tells me off too if I touch my willy in the bath or if I touch myself, even if I just got a itch". Explained Gary. But I like to feel it and rub it feel nice and I always could at uncle Jeff's and he would help me too, and auntie Anne".


                "you're lucky Gary, I wish I could go to theirs"


                "you can do it here too!" said my daddy, in fact I'd love you too!"


                "yeah!" said Gary and I helped him pull off his shorts as he took off his t shirt and he held his willy and asked Gemma if she wanted to touch it.


                "ok" she said and sort of just touched it on the top as it stuck out.


                "go on" said my daddy, "have a real good feel with both hands and look up close, you can look at mine too".


                Gemma took Gary's willy and started to feel all over his dick and his balls and watched hard as my daddy stripped off. When he lay back with his willy all big and waving in the air she put one hand down her short and felt her self at the same time as feeling Gary and looking at my daddies big willy.


                "come and look close at me" said my daddy, maybe you will remember what you used to do with your daddy. But first why don't you take off your things so we can all be in the nude together?" I whipped of my dress and socks and helped her undo her top buttons and we could see her tittie bumps were all sticking out, she tried to cover them up but I just lifted her hands and licked over them and she just let me.


                "ooh I like that Janet" she said and then Gary came and licked and sucked on her other tittie at the same time as me. My daddy was laying right in front of us and was rubbing his willy.


                "that's lovely, that looks so sexy and naughty, Gemma, no wonder your daddy liked to play with you, your are so lovely and sexy".


                "I'm not as naughty as you are, Mr George you're playing with your cock right in front of me!" said Gemma.


                "mmm, well that's because you make me feel so naughty, Gemma. I think I should see you play with you're pussy right in front of me too!".


                So we stopped sucking on Gemma's titties and she took off her shorts and then slowly pulled off her panties. We could see that her pussy looked all sticky and had a nice smell too, just like Mandy but not so much of it.


                "ooh Gemma, you're all sticky down there" I said.


                "that's because Gemma is feeling horny and naughty" said my daddy. I liked the horny it made be think of just how I felt and I rubbed my self on my clitty some more but it didn't go sticky. "Gemma's old enough to get wet when she feels horny, that makes it a lot easier to fuck".


                Gemma really drew inher breath when daddy said fuck.


                "mummy would ground me for a month if I said that, all year if I actually did it!"


                "well mummy doesn't have to know, does she?" said my daddy. "Now come here and try to remember what you did with your daddy".


                Gemma went over and we could see she was trying to think and then she put her legs over my daddy with her bottom in his face and took his willy in her hands and started to rub it. "I remember being like this, but it also felt really nice down there and something else…OOHHH!". Gemma went "ooh" just as my daddy kissed her on her bean and started to lick into her vage slit. "oh yes, that feels nice that even better than I remember. Mmm!" and she moved her hips as daddy poked his tongue into her vage hole and even over her bum hole. Gary and I moved in close to watch Gemma getting her pussy licked and then daddy suddenly went "OOOH!" too. Gemma had put his willy in his mouth and sucking on it and trying to put as much of his cock into her mouth. Shw was really getting into it and so I went round to help her and we licked daddies cock between us. Gem had his mushroom bit in her mouth and I licked all p and down and over his hairy balls, and even got them both in my mouth and then we swapped and she licked up and down while I licked over the top and down his pee hole.


                Gary was helping my daddy and was licking and sticking in his finger in her bottom hole and I could see that gem was really liking it 'coz she went "mmm ooh that really nice I like it that's much better than when I do it to myself. Then Gary got over my daddies head and I could see he was going to put his willy into her bottom!


                "ooh what's that?, what are you doing Gary?" she said.


                "I'm fucking your bottom!" he said I like doing it; it makes my willy feel nice in your bottom hole!"


                Underneath, my daddy was still licking up Gemma's cunt hole and was now licking over Gary's balls and his bottom too and Gemma was moving her bottom around and I could see she was really enjoying it as she had this big sleepy smile even though she was suck on daddy's cock.


                 My cunny was feeling really itchy now and so I decided to be really naughty.


                I whispered in Gemma's ear "do you want to see me fuck my daddy, you now, stick his willy up my pussy hole?".


                Her eyes went wide and she took a look at daddy's willy "its huge! You could never get it down there!"


                "I've done it loads of times (about 6), your pussy stretches and it goes in, hurt just the first time or if you do it too quick, come on, he wont notice as he's licking you up"


                "I know I'm feeling all gooshy down there and up my bum, it better than doing it yourself!".


                "ok, well hold it up so I can sit on it!" I have instruction to Gem so I could get myself so I was sitting on dads willy and Gem was licking it so it was all nice and slippy and I got it so I could feel it right at my hole and I was balancing on it without it going in much 'coz it was so big.


                "Here I go Gem. Watch it go  up me it feels like the bestest thing ever!"


                I closed my eyes and I let my whole weight go between my legs and I felt daddy's willy push me apart inside. Oh it was lovely feeling him in me and I felt all lovely and full and he touched every nice place up my cunny hole and my clitty was all pushed in and rubbing in him". "OH GEM, this is the best!" I could feel my cum starting to build in me and I started to lift up my bottom and go up and down, because it feels even better them. My cunny was feeling all lovely and warm from daddy's cock going in and out my me and making my tummy bulge. Gemma watched and was panting hard. Gary had stooped fucking her bum and was now in her cunt and she was feeling a little bit like me 'coz Gary's willy a lot smaller than my daddy's one, but daddy was sucking her clit too.


                I could feel my pussy begin to throb and my cum was all feeling like it was going to explode. My legs were all twitchy and I sank further down on the willy than I did before and I could feel it right up inside me and I loved it!


                "Gemma was groaning and panting fast and I could see her bottom was getting shaky and she sort of stopped and started a lot so I knew she was about to do it too.


                "OOHH I'm GOING TO DO IT!" she cried and it did look like she was going to cry as it was so nice! I can feel it Gary, I can feel your willy in my cunny, its making me cum on your willy and on Mr George's tongue and I can't stop it … oh, oh, OH, OH OOOHHH, OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! MMMMMMM!!  MMMMMMMM!! OH, OH <OH, OH, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"


                I thing Gemma I'd it twice! Seeing her cum made me do it too and my whole body all scrunched up specially between my legs and I felt like I was going to pee and poo and be sick all at the same time and I couldn't breathe coz I was shaking and squeezing on the willy all the time I could only go "HHUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH AAAAAAHHHHH!". But my cum was my best one ever and I fell on top of Gem who was on daddies tummy coz I couldn't move and daddy I don't think had done his cum so he was all hard in me still. I liked that. I lay still and I could feel like his cock was breathing inside me.


                Gemma wriggled out from under me and I stayed stuck on daddy's pole.


                "wow that was really nice Mr George, and I liked Gary putting his willy in me that was cool. Mommy would go mad if she knew!"


                "we don't tell her then Gem!" said Gary who laid back feeling his willy which was all hard still. "and we can do it when she's not there too and have fun all by ourselves!"


                "ooh yess, we'd have to be really sneaky tho,"


                Gary laughed and was sitting there doing something that made his willy waggle about like a dogs tail and Gemma laughed. "have you got a string on that, how can you do it? Its all floppy most the time!"


                "Ah Gemma," answered my daddy "the penis, which is the proper name for the willy…"


                "I KNOW THAT!" said Gemma indignantly "but I don't like penis it sounds all nasty. I like to say cock and dick"


                "well in that case , when it gets hard, or erect, Gary's cock, and mine fill up with blood and a muscle at the base of the penis can be contracted and it forces in a bit more blood so it gets stiffer, you can only do it for a couple of seconds and so it goes down again".


                "I think, Janet did a big cum Mr George an your cock. Am I allowed to do that too?"


                ooh yes, I'd hoped you would say that Gemma, I'd love you to sit on my cock and cum on me as I fill your cock with my hot cum!"


                "do you mean you might put your sperm in me? I might get pregnant and have a baby!"


                "well unless you have had periods for a while its unlikely you can get pregnant".


                "I haven't ever come on yet, so I will be o then. It still looks huge and I can't even get a finger in most times unless I do it for ages".


                "well the first time your hymen breaks and your vagina will adjust for size easier after that has been done".


                "What does sperm look like, Mr George?" she said "does Gary have any sperms?"


                "no Gary doesn't have any sperms as he is too little, but sometimes he might shoot out a little liquid from his cock which will be mostly pee but there might be some stuff from his other glands too. I think that it would be very nice for you to see my sperm but I'm afraid little Janet will have to get of me first!"


                I think I fell asleep a bit and didn't hear all they were saying but I knew it was time to get off. So I sat up and tried to lift off and it felt even bigger than before and I really had to go up hard and I could see my vage almost pulling inside out as I pulled up. I'll remember to use that cold KY stuff next time.


                "Well done Janet!" said my daddy, you had a good cum didn't you I could feel you all lovely and throbbing inside you pussy hole!"


                "yeah, but you didn't do a cum, it would have been easier to get off if you had!" I grumbled.


                "ahh I was saving it for Gemma!"




                "ah behave, there always more times! Now Gemma to see my cum I have to have a cum, just like you did, and Janet did".


                "can I do it for you? I can show Gem for you!" said Gary.


                "mmm OK! I've not been sucked by a boy for years!" said my daddy and Gary got in front of him between his legs and took hold of his willy and put the head in his mouth and started to lick over the red bit.


                "Gary!" cried Gemma, "isn't that a homo thing to do?"


                Gary frowned at her but didn't stop licking dads cock and I could see him licking under the pee hole and getting some clear sticky cum on his lips.


                "that sounds like your mother speaking, Gem" said my daddy. "a homosexual is some one who only likes one sex, like boy and boy or girl and girl, that doesn't make you a bad person, if that's what you like. I like girls and boys, and men sometimes, so long as I enjoy it that's all that matters".


                Gemma said sorry but my daddy just gave her a kiss and said it didn't matter. We watched Gary sucking hard and rubbing his hands up and down daddy's big willy and sometimes feeling his balls and rubbing hard just behind them.


                "ooh Gary, you've done this before, you're an expert!" said my daddy rolling his eyes upwards and shifting his cock up to sort of fuck Gary in his mouth "OOOH YESSSS, suck my bell end nice and hard and rub my cock nice and tight mmm mmmmm mmm AAHH!"


                the ahh was when Gary suddenly pushed in 3 fingers into daddy's bottom hole and wiggled them inside him, Gemma looked really amazed and started rubbing her clit again and holding her little tittie.


                "MMMM do it deeper Gary, rub my cock inside my butt, aaaah yessss that's good mmm keep it going that's really good, Gary".


                Gary's fingers were going all brown as he got 4 fingers in and was trying to get in his thumb, so I spit down and helped him get it in so his whole hand was up daddy's bottom. Gemma looked disgusted and turned on at the same time and spread her legs and went at her clitty and now her bottom with her fingers even harder, checking to see what had come out of her bottom and sniffing her fingers and licking them before sticking them in herself again and looking hotter.


                "MMMM THAT'S GOOD Gary, press hard inside me that's good oh yess fuck fuck FUCK SUCK MY DICK YOU BOY PUSSY SWALLOW MY DICK DOWN YOUR THROAT!". Daddy was shouting and moving his hips up and pushing Gary down on his willy and it nearly all went in! I can only get the red bit in but Gary opened his mouth and his Adams apple was bulging out where he was swallowing the willy.




                 and he pulled out of Gary's mouth and his cock shot  10 big white blobs up in the air and they feel back on Gary's face and over his tummy and hands. Gary smiled and opened his mouth and some of the sperms went in it.


                "OOHH YESSS! THAT WAS GOOD Gary. Go see my spunk now, Gemma. Have a feel and a taste before it goes cold, lick it off Gary's face!"


                Gemma looked turned on to do anything and I think she had a cum as well when daddy had his as her bum shot up in the air and she did a little wee wee. She looked closely at the cum dripping down on Gary's smiley face and played with it with her fingers, watching it stretch. "I get some like this from my pussy, but it doesn't smell the same, mine sort of smells fishy and yours is more like pollen in the fields". She sniffed and give it a taste with her tongue and made a face like she wasn't sure if she liked it or not, so I went to Gary's hand and licked up a big blob and showed her it inmy mouth and squished it between my teeth before swallowing it.


                "UGH GROSS" she went and then licked up a load from Gary face and showed it us and then blew a bubble with it and it burst on her face!" "UUGHH!" but this time she was giggling and so we set to licking up my daddy's spunk off of his dick, which was shrinking a way and leaking out loads more clear sticky stuff, and Gemma licked mostly off of Gary's face and looking at him all sexy as she did it. Gary stuck out his tongue and she dropped some on it. With out warning Gary hugged her and made her kiss him, she looked really shocked but then got into it and kissed him back like he was her boyfriend. It was really sexy and dads cock gave a little wave like it was coming back to be stiff again.


                "where did you learn to that Gary?" said my daddy.


                "at Uncle Jeff's. I sucked all sorts of cocks there. I really like doing it and sucking girls and ladies too and other pussies".


                "what do you  mean 'all sorts' and 'other pussies'; isn't there just the one sort?" questioned Gemma looking mystified.


                Gary and I giggled.


                Well I think its time for the first part of your surprise" said daddy "you know that Gary has been to you uncle Jeff's and has been doing sexy things"


                "yeah, I mean I don't know what he done but I suppose what we've been doing now".


                We hugged each other and giggles again as daddy explained.


                "he did a lot more than that, but you need to keep the secret to see it"


                "guides honour!"


                "good enough for me! Lets turn on the PC and find their web site".


                "I could do this, I have a PC!"


                "yeah, you never let me use it" sniffed Gary.


                "I let you now but only…."


                "shhh" I went "look!"


                up on the screen was the picture of Gary holding the 'FUCK ME' sign and a willy up his bottom.


                "oh Gary, your even littler than me and you got a massive cock upo your bum! How did it feel?"


                "the first few times its not too nice as my bum couldn't stretch too big, but it did soon and Anne and Jeff used their fingers and things like dildos".


                Daddy just went through the pictures and we saw Gary eating poo and Tina being made to eat it.


                "UUUGGHH Gary EEEUUUWWW, how could you!" Cried Gemma, but she was rubbing her tits again and then sniffed her finger that had been up her bottom. "actually it doesn't smell too bad, but a whole plate! How long did it take you to eat it, were you sick?"


                "I used to be sick all the time but I got to like it and then I  used to make it go all running in my mouth like a slushy and swallow it easy. Uncle and auntie used to really like me doing that. Sometimes at home I don't even go to the toilet, I do it in my hand and eat it!"


                "really? Ugh! Can I watch sometime?"


                "if mummy doesn't find us! I'll eat your too if you want, but you have to try some too, its really horny when you do it 'coz its so dirty!"


                There was a new movie file, which dad started called Garycumbth.mpeg.


                Gary was on a bench all naked and was sucking a mans big willy who was standing over him and another was in his bottom fucking him and 5 or 6 men standing around and rubbing their cocks in front of him. Then all the men started their cum and loads of white sperms flew all over him and his willy was all coated and all over his tummy and chests and face and all in his hair! Then a dog came and licked all the sperms off of Gary and then Gary suck the dogs willy and it did its cum all over him again and his mouth was all full of clear dog sperms . the film went on and it showed Gary underneath the horse again with Tina rubbing it on Gary's bottom. Then the horse shoots out great whooshes of white sperm and he is covered from head to toe and Tina licks it off him but the horse decides to wee wee and Gary and Tina get showered in horsey wee wee.


                "my god that's really sick, Gary, you sucked a dog dick… is it nice?"


                "smells all doggy that's all, and sometimes they get really like they want to run about, but ts nice in your mouth. The horse is nice when its clean and not nasty coz you can really hold onto it and its like holding onto a warm throbbing log! And horse smell nice even their balls and pussy!"


                "oh yeah Gary, I said. I wish I could do that and be really super, super dirty and naughty and I bet Ali would too and we could be the really naughtiest girl in the world, ever!"


                "no you wont!" said Gemma who now had a finger up her cunny hole and was all wet. "I want to be the naughtiest and I want to suck dock dick and eat my poo and suck the horse cock and make him fuck me somehow and stick my hand up in a horse pussy too and lick it off me!"


                Gary and I cheered and my daddy gave a round of applause.


                "now for the next big surprise!". Said daddy and he did the icq thing and turned on the camera so we could see ourselves on the bed. Gemma saw herself and closed her legs and fixed her hair, which was really funny.


                > hello dirty duo, its peter here again with a real surprise for you.


                Dirty Duo> hello peter, been expecting your call. Is our little favourite boy there with you. Hang on trying to get the cam to work.


                The picture split in half and there was Gary and Gemma's uncle Jeff on the screen, he was all naked and his willy was stiff and he was rubbing it.


                Dirty Duo> as you can see I've been expecting you. Hang on, is that a new face I can see there? Hello little girl, I'm uncle Jeff, what's your name?


                Gemma took the keyboard




                Dirty Duo>Gemma! Are you Gary's sister?


                >yes. Will you tell me the truth?


                Dirty Duo> if I can, Gemma


                > are you my uncle, Or are you my daddy?


                Dirty Duo> hell Gemma, where did you get that wild idea?


                > I overheard mummy talking to Miss Smith our teacher and she said that she pretended you were dead to us and that you were not really my uncle.


                Dirty Duo> oh. She say anything else?


                > she said that auntie Anne was your sister and you were like doing incest with her.


                Dirty Duo> oh really that's a good one, anything else?


                >well, she said that when I  was little you touched me and that you had an erection when you did it. Will you tell me the truth?


                Dirty Duo>ok. I suppose in a way I am your uncle but that's not the point. I am your daddy Gemma, and yours Gary. Muriel, your mother would have caused a lot of trouble for me so we agreed I should go. I did touch you, I loved you then Gem, you were so pretty and you're even lovelier now and I felt all sexy towards you. I'm sorry if you don't like it now, but I can tell you that when you were a baby only 3 or 4 I think , you used to love it when we did it together. I'm sorry if you feel bad about yourself now.


                > I don't feel bad about it! Mummy tells me off when I touch myself but I have dreams sometimes of playing with a huge cock and it makes me feel all happy and I do myself when I think of it.


                Dirty Duo> oh that's a lovely thought to me, darling. I wish you could have come ~(sic) when Gary visited. But Muriel was understandable dead set against it.


                >so how come you can be an uncle and a daddy and what about incest with auntie Anne?


                Dirty Duo>ah well that's quite amusing in a sort of way. I have nothing against incest, in fact I would love to be fucking my sister except that I never had one. Anne is actually Muriel's sister and because she let me stay with her and we are now a married couple, she disowned her sister and pretended that she was my sister! I think you mummy needs something to help her but I don't know what.


                >a man I think daddy


                Dirty Duo>yes, she could certainly do with…


                > a fuck


                Dirty Duo>you dirty mouthed girl, I should spank you!


                > I'd like you to


                my daddy took the keyboard back.


                >high Jeff, peter again hows the arrangements coming along?


                Dirty Duo>most fine. The cabins stocked up and the corals full hem, hem. May have some surprise visitors to play with. 4 days do you reckon?


                > yeah over the long holiday period, only a few weeks to go


                Anne came on the screen and rubbed her boobies into the screen


                Dirty Duo>hey you'all. I got something to show you now, we got a couple of visitors right now! Follow me!


                She picked up the cam and showed it round their really nice cabin on the floor on a sheepskin rug in front of the fire we could see a lady kneeling over someone and a naked man in front of her with his head down but we could see what except there looked to be a couple of little legs.


                "oh wow, someone's brought a little girl or boy and they have some friends having sex with them" said my daddy.


                The camera got in closer and we could see someone's face under the ladies naked bottom and she was getting her face all covered with cum from the ladies cunt. The cam went round the front and a little girl had her legs wide open and a man was sucking between her legs and his tongue was up her bottom and her pussy hole. We couldn't see any faces and the lady held back the girls legs and so her bottom was right up in the air and her pussy was spread right open. The man stuck two fingers into her bottom and poked them right in and sort of spread his fingers so her bottom hole stayed open. He licked inside the hole and a little bit of poo came out and he swallowed it up and then another bit came out and the girl took it in her hand and it disappeared and looked like it went to her face, even though she was smothered by the ladies cunt. Then the man moved up his face and went to kneel up and put his cock at the girls open bottom hole and rubbed it around. The lady used her finger and helped to keep it open and then the mans cock went into the girls bum hole and he fucked her. A girl about the same age as me who we had never met I think was having her bottom fucked right in front of us!


                Gemma was frigging her cunt and my daddy had two fingers right up her bottom and she was really getting off on it. I was sucking and rubbing daddy's cock and Gary got behind me and fucked my bottom too.


                The man on the screen fucked the girl in great long slow strokes and every so often took out his cock and the cam looked up her open brown bum hole, which stayed all the way open and then he plunged right back in. The lady was fingering the girls cunny and was spreading he chubby pussy lips and had a middle finger jabbing in and out of her pussy hole and another rubbing on her bean. They rubbed in some jelly stuff like KY into her pussy hole and then the lady put in two fingers and poked in and out. The girl was probably feeling like she wanted to cum but couldn't  move an inch. The man now helped spread the little pussy hole and we could see a bit up the cunt hole and see something like a little dot up there, like another hole.


                "ooh that's her cervix!" said my daddy.


                "that's her womb, where the baby can grow!" panted Gemma "I can feel mine sometimes like its going to open and I can feel it when I cum!"


                "oo that's sexy, Gemma. Gary feel inside Janet's  pussy hole and tell me if you can find hers!" so Gary obeyed my dad and I felt his fingers open u my pussy hole and feel inside. "mmm I said, I like you opening me up!" and I opened my legs more to let him get his fingers in some more.


                On the screen we could see the little pussy hole being stretched and opened and there was no hymen so she had done this before. Then the man took his cock from out of the girls bottom and the lady licked it clean and then the lady put the willy at the girls cunt hole and it went straight in, well half of the willy anyway. It didn't move but they sort of played with the girls cunt and clitty all around and then the woman went away and we could see the cock going in and out, coming right out so we could see right inside again and to the little hole of the cervix which looked a little more open now. He fucked her in and out a few more times and then took it out again and the cam zoomed back in her pussy hole. It didn't look any bigger but we could see it sort of opening and closing a bit.


                "yeah" said Gary, I can feel yours Janet! And I can feel a little hole too but its not doing that.


                "rub it Gary, all over where the hole is, it's a hard lump there and should really feel nice to play with"


                "yeah it is, it's a bit more spongy around it and the hole feels like its really sticky!"


                "mmm good, really rub on Janet's clitty as well. Sorry Gemma but I think it best if you do this another time, Janet's used to having her vagina opened.


                The little girl was being fucked again and the lady came back and put a long rod into the girls open vagina and aimed at the little hole and then pushed it in!


                my dads cock really jumped in my mouth then! The metal rod went in and out a few times and then it was taken out and the hole looked bigger now like my finger could go in. I could feel Gary trying to make his finger go in and was hurting a bit.


                Now the girl was getting fucked again and more KY was poured in and you could see the man was really trying hard to push in his cock hard and get it all in but he couldn't of course. So he took out his cock again and the insides of the girls cunt were all sticky from the KY and the hole looked even bigger and was opening and closing a bit  and the lady put in a vibrator! A small thin one but a lot bigger than my finger! She pushed it in and maybe 3 inches went inside her and the lady made it go in and out and when she took it out we could see a hole about 1" wide and into her womb!


                My daddy blasted my mouth with his cum and  he made a huge "OOH FUCKING, FUCKING HELL THAT'S THE MOST FUCKING HORNY FUCKING SEXY PERVERTED THING I'VE EVER SEEN!" I think he liked it. Gary was making me cum too from rubbing my clit but I was getting fed up with him hurting me inside so I got him to stop, but it did leave me with  a sexy feeling right up me that I liked.


                The man stuffed his cock back in and now he really pressed in hard and this time he didn't stop pressing down. The big cock which could only go half way started going in ALL the way until we could see that he was in her up to the hairs on his belly and his ball bag covered her bottom  hole. The cam showed her cunt stuffed by the mans willy and then pulled back and we could see the girls face. She was crying and shaking and feeling down between her legs and over her belly like she was trying to figure how much she had inside her and it must have been all the way up to her chest! Then you could see she was rubbing her clit! And looking down at her pussy all cram packed full with cock and she smiled. And then I could see who it was.


                "Ali! Its Ali, but who is the man. Its Mr Mitchell, its her daddy! And Mandy!. Oh brilliant daddy you did it for Ali to be having sex with her daddy. Can he play with us too?"


                "no I'm afraid not, this was a special one off coup and I don think it can happen again for a long, long time!"


                "oh wow she's really getting fucked by her daddy!" said Gemma, "I wish I could be!"


                "well, very soon you can have the chance if we manage to convince your mother to go let you go away and we take care of you both! I think that there' a very good chance, but you two mustn't give the game away!"


                "OH WE WONT!" said Gary and Gemma.


                Ali's dad was fucking her really hard and slow and then you could see Ali go stiff and her dad sort of twitch while stuck deep in her and you could tell he was cumming really hard. He pulled out his cock and her pussy stayed open and his dick dripped sperms from the end and they feel into Ali's open cunny hole right down to the bottom. Many sucked his cock clean and then we could see all the sperms all filling up her vagina and down the hole of her womb as well. He cervix was all opening and closing and sort of shaking. Mandy took a straw and sucked out the sperms through the straw like it a was a shake or something! Then when her pussy was all cleaned out we could see her womb was close dup  again and now her vagina was also closing and they had finished.


                Dirty Duo> hey nice show eh?


                > the best. I hope to try that myself with Janet.


                Dirty Duo>me too!


                > be my guest!


                Dirty Duo> well thank you kindly, but I meant with Gemma, if you can swing it, and of curse if she wants to come here. Has she seen the Gary videos and pictures?


                >she's nodding her head here. Bit put off at first but she's decided she wants to eat poo and fuck a dog and suck off a horse and whatever else you've got going.


                Dirty Duo> fucking A, Gemma, you are your fathers daughter and you are going to have a fucking excellent time.


                >she says only if it's the naughtiest and the dirtiest.


                Dirty Duo>well we'll just have to make sure of that! Ok now many and Ali and Bill are getting cleaned up to go, its quite a ride back to yours so its best we close off now. Gemma and Gary I love you and I hope that all goes well and we'll meet up in a couple a weeks time and you can believe you will get your chance to be the dirtiest and the naughtiest.


                Chat closed


                "well Gemma, what do you think?" said my daddy.


                "I'm really happy its my daddy coz I always wondered what I was dreaming about when I felt sexy. But I'm really nervous too. Like doing what Ali did and doing what Gary did with the horse. It feels really sexy but it makes me nervous".


                "well you don't do it all at once, gem" explained Gary 2and you never get hurt and its fun to make people do things sometimes like when we made this girl Tina eat all of Jeff's poo. She was all feeing horny and just couldn't do it so we made her, she loved it in the end and I didn't like a willy up my bum but I do now and playing with animal willys. A pig willy is the weirdest one coz its all spirally like a corkscrew.!".


                "wow" I said, "you've done everything"


                "maybe, uncle Jeff and auntie Anne always seemed to think of something new! And I never saw that thing inside a girls vagina hole before".


                "no" said my daddy. "I think our Mandy was responsible for that. Horniest thing I ever saw next to you 3 kids, and especially you, you rascal!" and he picked me up and did huge burps on my bummy and then we all did it on him.


                "just 2 weeks kids, and then fun time!"



Wot I done on my holidays by Janet aged 7 and 4 months I week 2 days and a half hour.


                I know I write this in my diary and it's like a report what we must do for Mrs Wilson in English lessons, but I better not send this one in for my assignment as it's a bit rudie nudie and naughty and I don't think I'll get any merits for it. But my spelling is good I fink, although sometimes the letters wobble and get in the wrong order. Mrs. Wilson told off Ali for handing in a report that was 'blatant plagiarism' but all she did was copy an old one of Gems. "I told you to change the names!" I told her. "I know but it took ages to copy out and I forgot," she said. "Anyway, what does 'blatant plagiarism' mean ?" she sniffed. "No idea", " I said "I bet she read it in a book somewhere.


                It seems ages since my daddy talked to Gary's dad on the Internet thingy and arranged to go to his cabin up in the woods somewhere. I know it's somewhere near our cabin so it's a million miles away near the mountains and lakes and it's going to be really pretty like a Disney real life movie. Actually I hope it not boring like that coz we want it to be really naughty.


                Ali came back after her weekend with her daddy up at the cabin. I was in a real snot coz she done never told me but she said that Mandy surprised her . I said it was amazing what she did on the telly we saw her daddy fuck her and Mandy did something deep inside her so his big fat willy went all up her. She said it hurted a bit but that she liked her daddy being all inside her. Her did fuck her a lot and so did Gary's daddy and his aunt and Mandy with big pretend willies.


                My daddy, Peter, is I think getting on really well with Mandy who is Miss Smith our PE teacher at school. They met in an Internet somewhere, I think it was a cafe chat room or something where they have walls of fire so you can't see each other and you have to type out what you want. Anyway so they talked for years about dirty stuff and Ali and I founded out and we liked it too. Mandy played a game with us and we did dirty stuff on the PC and then she came round to my house and I was scared as it was Miss Smith but she said she was Mandy on weekends and after school. We got really dirty with her and gobbled up each other poopoo and when we told my daddy he wasn't upset and made us do sick on him and each other as we fiddled with his willy to make the sperms come.


                All the sick made me smell but it was lucky coz at school I got to know Gary Watson and he showed me his Willy. He used to do stuff with his uncle and aunt who it turns out is really his daddy that his mum threw out for fiddling with his sister when she was just 3. Anyway it turns out that his mummy is a weirdo who hangs out at the tennis club to get off with the pros and the local big knobs. Well that's what Mandy told me.


                We gotted to do dirty stuff with my daddy Ali me and Gary and as well Mandy and we went to play at his house. I caught his sister, Gemma, we call her Gem rubbing her pussy while listening to Mandy talk to her mummy. After that gem came to our house and my daddy did it up her so now she is a part of the naughty girl (and one boy) gang.


                Also now we are driving up to the cabin and it's taking forever and my writing's going all squiggly in the car and I'm feeling carsick. Mandy and my daddy are up in the front talking growed up things and Ali gem Gary and me are in the back. Gary is telling gem all the things he used to do with his daddy and his auntie...


                (Wavy line effect as the narrative switches from Janet's diary to an MPV travelling northwest to a town nowhere near normality)


                You mean you did it with a dog, Gary, in front of everyone, sucked his dick and everything!" gem was amazed at how much her young brother had done, and how much like her masturbation fantasies his life had been. "And I licked his bum too, and uncle, I mean daddies bum and ate his poopoo"

"eeuuwww! What was it like? Gemma turned up her nose, but still fiddled with her pussy.


                "I think we're going to find out soon, I bet it's going to be really rude, dirty and the naughtiest holiday ever!" I said and jumped around in the back of the car until my daddy said "DAMMIT Janet, sit still you might get hurt!"


                "HMM" I thought, "I'm going to suck animal dicks and get my little vage stuffed with big giant willies and stuff and he wants me to sit still!"


                "Go on tell her what was like" giggled Ali and stuffed her hand down the front of Gary's shorts to play with his willy.


                "Hey! Pull down the blinds if you're going to do that, there's still other cars about here and we don't want anyone to see!"


                "I think it's OK Peter, "said Mandy quietly "no one can see in with the smoked glass and all.


                I pulled down the side blinds anyway and stuck my hand up Gem's skirt and into her panties. "Janet!" she wailed in surprise and her eyes went pop and mouth gaped open like a fish "what?" I said with a cheesy smile and Gemma just giggled and said I had cold hands and moved her bum up and lipped down her white pants so we all could see me playing with her pussy. Then Gary did the same and kneeled on the car floor with Ali with is pants and shorts down and Ali holding his stiff little willy and balls.


                "Well I don't want to tell you everything otherwise the surprise will all be gone and you might make up your mind not to do it!"


                "Nyah! Chicken!" went Ali and rubbed his Willy playing with the bit of skin that covered his red hat on his willy.


                "Well tell me something at least" coaxed Gem and parted her legs so I could rub into her slit. Gary went "ok" and said he'd tell us some of it.


                "Ok, well the thing is you can't just do it with a dog or do really dirty things unless your all worked up and feeling naughty. We always played about a lot before doing stuff in bed and licking each other. I mean daddy and aunt Anne and me and sometimes Tina if she was there. She needed a lot of working up to it and then she went real loony. Daddy would put on films of us doing things from before and other dirty films usually with grown up people doing it with a horse or a dog or a piggy and doing it with poopoo and wee wees going everywhere. We would feel each other all up doing anything we wanted and saying all the dirty things we wanted to do. Daddy and Aunt Anne used to get me to say anything I wanted and they would let me fiddle with them as I told all my naughty ideas. I could stick my fingers up their bum holes and they wouldn't mind at all and they did it to me and we licked each other everywhere on the willy on the titties and up the bum hole!"


                Gary was getting all turned on and Ali was rubbing his stiff willy quite hard and pulling his skin back. Ali licked her finger and showed us them and then stuck a finger up his bum and he really liked it. Gem pulled her legs open on the seat with her bare feet on the seat so I could play with her pussy more better. It was all red and looking puffy and her clitty was poking up so I rubbed around it and sort of pulled it back so we could see her bean pop out from time to time like Gay's red hat. Gary went on with his story.


                "Once we got to playing up our bums we would be feeling really sexy and Anne would get out her buzzing things, er, vibrators and we'd stick them in her pussy hole and in her bum and them in Daddies and mine and we'd be stretching ourselves and feeling how nice it was being full up the bumhole. If we were gong to do poo games it would be different coz we'd all be holding it in a lot and if you stuff it up your bum then it makes you want to shit real bad and that would spoil the game. Anyway so daddy might go and get one of the dogs like a sheep dog that are all nice and fluffy fur and we'd have him up on the bed. Sometimes we'd have a lady sheep dog too. So Anne would be having a cum and want to kiss the dog who would always want to lick us on the faces and we'd all kiss the dogs like you would anyone else, on the mouth and his tongue goes in your mouth and its really sexy. Daddy would rub him up so his dick comes out and his red willy comes out and his hips start jerking and a stream of his stuff comes out. Dogs don't shoot like a man does they do it all the time and it just spurts a lot. Daddy would get me to suck on the dog willy and make me swallow it up he liked to see my mouth all fill up and them swallow it or spill it down me so he could rub it into me".


                "What's it taste like?" asked Gemma.


                "a bit like normal sperms but you can always smell that its doggie, its still sticky and it's a lot like pre-cum that dribbles out of daddies willy, and your dad's too". Gem screwed up her nose and went "eeuuw!" but she was getting off and her pussy was heating up and I could feel her getting sticky in her hole. Also she put her hands onto her titties and started to play with her pointy nippies.


                "Then usually aunt Anne would let the dog fuck her with her back on the bed so she could still kiss the dog and when he finished her cunt would all be slooshy with his cum and daddy and I would lick it out".


                "Didn't the dog willy get all stuck in her, I heard they had a thing which swells up" said gem


                "Oh the knot, sheep dogs don't seem to have one, it's only some breeds that do like boxers and Dobermans and pit bulls and great Danes. Anyway then daddy would normally get the dock up my bum too and the dog would get on my back and they'd put his willy in me and he'd go like crazy zooming in and out my bottom and filling me up with his sperms! Sometimes daddy would stick his willy in my mouth or even stick it into a lady dog and even sometimes into the dogs bum when he was fucking me! Then they'd suck all the dog sperms out my bottom!"


                Gemma was getting into it and was begging me to rub her harder and we could all smell her vage getting all wet. Gary was all shaky too and was making his hips go too as Ali rubbed is willy with one hand and fingered up his bum with the other. His eyes all shut and we could tell he was about top have his cum and he arched his back forward so his pointed his willy right out and we could see his bottom all pulsing but nothing came out his willy like sperms. So I suppose that as he was only 7 like us he wasn't old enough to do producing. That made gem really go for it and we could see her vage open and close and thick stuff cum out and dribble onto the leather car seats. Ali had a good idea and took out her fingers from Gary's bum hole and they were covered in poo and she scrambled up to Gemma's open mouth and as she came she stuffed them all covered in Gary poo and made her suck them as she had her orgasm.


                When she calmed down from her cum her mouth was all brown and she lay there sort of stunned and wiped the poo from her lips and stared at it on her fingers. "It tastes horrid, but it feels sexy and naughty when you do it!" she squealed, "yeah , that's it! The naughtier you feel the more good it is when you do it and I bet if you feel really naughty you could even do anything!"


                "Mm like lick a horse poo!" said Ali


                "Or a dog poo!" I chimed in


                "Or sit in a toilet and let people do it on you!" giggled Gary


                "Oorrr" Gemma was thinking "sit in a cow poo in a field while another one does it on your head"


                We all giggled like mad as we carried on thinking nastier and naughtier things like sucking on a horse willy and drinking up it sperms and being fucked by a doggie as our daddies pissed into our mouth or as we drink their sperms. We went on for hours and hours  and we were all feeling a bit sick from telling each other all the filthy stories so then we pretended to be sick over each other and making puking sounds so Mandy and daddy looked round to see if we were ok and pulled into a restaurant so we had to behave again.


                "Are we there yet? We've been going for ages," I moaned.


                "No, there still a few more hours to go, we're about half way, you lot should try and sleep in the back its boring until we get up in the mountains and then its very pretty".


                We went into the restaurant and we all sat together and had some burgers and chicken and juices and daddy let us have some wine. No one else was there except some ugly old lady who served us with a cigarette drooping out her mouth and the ash dropped everywhere. I needed to pee and I went off to the toilet but I couldn't go as it was really nasty in there. I sidled up to Mandy and told her my problem and she spoke to the old woman who just laughed and said that's all there was, no one else ever complained before. "Huh!" I said, "they probably all died from the fumes!"


                "Don't worry, baby, we'll make a game of it!" and she took me to the ladies loo and her mouth dropped open as she saw it. "Fuck me, it looks like that scene in Trainspotting! Lets look in the men's" it was just as bad in there but at least it wasn't covered in bloody tampons and sanitary pads although the pan was filled with a lot of old poo and not much water. The stench was unbelievable.


                Mandy whipped down my knickers and held me up in a seat made from her arms and told me to do want I wanted and pointed me at the pan. I let it go and said I had to poo too so she said, "well it doesn't matter where it goes, does it?" so she made me go and it dropped on the floor. "I don't suppose anyone will notice it there!" she said and wiped my bum with my knickers and threw them away.


                We crept out the loo feeling the floor all gooey under our feet and suggested to anyone else that we do as the bears do if anyone else wanted to go.


                "Grim?" said my daddy to Mandy.


                "Grimmer than the grimmest grim. You'd have to really need to go bad to even step into the room or get so turned on by the filth that you'd enjoy it somehow". My daddy just raised his eyebrows and Mandy just laughed. "Yeah sure, but who knows what diseases will be mixed up with it!"


                So we went back to the car after my daddy left the old lady a tip: "clean up you fat hag!" and everyone else nipped behind some trees to do toilet and it sounded a lot more fun than when I had to go.


                The wine went to our heads a bit I think and we dozed off, gem had moved to the front seat with Gary and Ali and I curled up in the back and went to sleep on Mandy's lap. We didn't wake up until we could feel the cooler air and smell the pine trees and when I looked up we were in the mountains and driving along an old track so we bouncing about inside the car. So I started singing "she'll be coming round the mountain when she comes..." everyone joined in and we started making up silly verses:


                She'll be wearing pink pyjamas...


                She'll be wearing pink bananas...


                She'll be wearing frilly knickers...


                He'll be wearing frilly knickers on his head...


                He'll be sticking a big dildo up his bum...


                She'll be sucking on his willy when she cums...


                She'll be sucking on a donkey when he cums...


                And on and on.


                Daddy pointed out a really lovely lake down the hillside. "Look, that's where our cabin is, it's down there for the fishing. We're staying up on the hillside where I think Jeff and Anne have about the only place". We trundled on around the mountain and couldn't see the lake anymore for the tall trees and there in front was a lovely 2 storey cabin with a load of barns and stables behind. We could hear chickens and other animals somewhere but it was all very smart and looked like a proper farm, without the ankle deep mud.


                Gary rushed in and took Gemma with him who understandably went a little slower as these were new people to her, even if they were family. Jeff came out of the house and looked at Gemma and we watched as they stood facing each other for a bit. Then she launched herself at him and jumped into his arms, legs wrapped round his waist and she started to cry. It was all lovely and I wanted to cry too coz gem was really happy. Gary came out with Anne. She was older than Mandy and looked a lot like Mrs. Watson, which sort of proved that she was her sister and not Mr Watson's sister. I was getting confused with all the names and I didn't see why it mattered anyway.


                Ali was a bit tearful too so Mandy picked her up. "I wish my daddy could be here too" Mandy just patted her head. It was getting a bit maudlin and so Anne called out, "come on you lot, lets make this a happy time, there's lemonade and snacks out on the deck out back so lets sort out the luggage later".


                We all went through their lovely house and went out back and I just had to run about and look everywhere spilling my lemonade from my glass and getting my sandwiches all over my face as I looked into bushes and windows. Something looked like a little swimming pool with a cover on it beside the deck. "Oh that's the hot tub! We went the whole hog and had a proper one built not just a wooden one. I got a generator working off a waterfall so we don't have to pay for much power around here!" explained Anne who took a napkin and wiped my face clean of sandwich bits. She lifted my dress and saw I had no panties. "Hey what's this, bare-backing already?" I giggled and told her about the dirty toilet and she made a face like she'd puke. "Well never mind, everything here is as clean or as dirty as you want it"


                Gem stayed clinging to her daddy and Gary tried to muscle in on them so he could get a hug too. It was only natural. It was a year or so since Gary was last here and Gemma hadn't seen her father since she was 3 or 4. Both of them had lots of naughty sexy urges and were forced to bottle them up by their very strict mummy. It came to me that all of us had mixed up families. Ali was just all breaking up coz her dad had been caught with all his dirty pictures and my mummy got into drugs and daddy made her go away, although I do see her once a month. If I have a family I'd want to make sure they all stayed together and had the bestest fun.


                I think you want to go all rudie nudie don't you" said Anne looking into my eyes. I made a little cute smile with my teeth, which looked funny as my front ones had gone missing and I lifted up my arms and ran off around the garden doing cartwheels and stuff and then Ali stripped off and we both rolled around in the warm summer mountain air as if we didn't have a care. And we didn't.


                "Looks good to me said Anne and slipped off her own dress. Mandy moved up to her and help up her own arms just like she was a little girl and Anne undressed her and told her to go play and patted her bum and all 3 of us jumped around like little baa lambs. My daddy got undressed too and his willy was all hard and big and he got behind Anne and it looked like was doing it to her as she bent over the decking rail and he was moving himself backwards and forwards.


                Gem and Gary had stripped off too and pulled down their daddies trousers and had sat back on him with his willy pointing up between them and gem was rubbing it up and down and Gary was holding his balls. Jeff had one hand in Gem's pussy and the other stroking on Gary's little hard willy. He was kissing them and telling them what to do. I pointed all this out and we arranged ourselves into a triangle so we could such on each other's pussy. I had my mouth in Mandy's wet pussy and she had her thumb in Ali's bum and her tongue going over her clit and Ali had pushed two fingers into my vage and was sucking out my bottom.


                I didn't know who came first and I don't care. I felt like this was the best ever. I could hear my daddy coming in Anne and Jeff telling gem and Gary to lick him clean. All I could think about was how good this was and how much naughtier and dirtier we were going to get.


We'd arrived at last at Gary and Gemma's dad's place up in a mountain somewhere well away from home. The sun was going down fast and the sky was all pretty looking with red wispy bits of cloud as the sun went to say goodnight. I could hardly keep my eyes open. And sat in a huge comfy chair after we had our dinner with Ali next to me. We were still all nude but I was feeling like I was all glowy like the room was fading away. Across the room I could see Gemma on Aunt Annie's lap and Gary curled up on his daddy with his hand around his big willy. Even if it was like a little slug now.


                "Look at the kids, Mandy, absolutely worn out by that journey!"


                "I'm not surprised, Pete. It did take us 6 hours and you weren't hanging around either. Add to that an hour of kiss chase on the lawn and that means a tired kiddie!"


                I didn't feel my daddy pick me up and hold my little body to him in a gentle hug or see Mandy do the same with Ali. I remember just the soft feeling of cool clean white starched sheets on a soft bed and snuggling up to my daddies hairy chest and listening to his heart beating inside. Through my half closed eyes I could see Ali laying on top of Mandy, her mouth around her stiff nippie and just sort of drooling like a little baby. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy and I sucked my thumb and went to sleep.






                "Mine are fast away too, we've left them in our bed, and I rather like them there!" said Jeff watching Peter George and Mandy Smith tucking two little 7 year old tired children into a huge cast-iron framed bed. "Annie's downstairs fixing a drink and firing up the PC, there maybe some other friends on line, if not perhaps you'd like a little movie show?"


                Peter George grinned and took the small framed gym teacher by the waist and she kissed him softly as they followed Jeff Harvey down the wooden stairs in to the well appointed lounge. A huge screen was on one wall, one of those really expensive Sony flat screens and was connected to a PC. Dotted around the room were video cameras and in a large plastic tub a wide variety of sex aids lay waiting next to a big tub of lubricant. Everyone was naked and feeling languid as the sun paid its respects to sky outside. Jeff went round the room and pulled the curtains so that the possibility of prying eyes was minimised. "We do get the odd visitor. I do have a perimeter alarm which is a motion detector, ostensibly installed for bears but it works just as well for humans!"


                Anne Harvey re-appeared carrying a bucket of ice and a tray of tall glasses and poured out a large JD and dry for her husband. "We got most things, anything special?"


                "I'll take a beer if you have one" said Mandy "I don't suppose you have any imported stuff?"


                "Well we don't usually, just some rolling rock or some Canadian beers but as we were shopping for a special weekend Jeff picked up some European beer. It's real pricey, just one bottle was $7, this ones called Duvel, says its from Belgique wherever that is" Mandy smiled as she remembered Gary's tale of his Mother's, Anne's sister, opinions of 'foreign food'. "Looks a little cloudy to me!"


                "It's pronounced 'doofal' and it's from Belgium and its live beer so it'll need to settle again, I'll take one of these if you don't mind?"


                "A bud?"


                "Yes but this is the real king of beers from Budceviska (that's close enough), the bud guys keep trying to buy them out but the people in the Czech republic wont let them!"


                "Really, why's that? This is one of the oldest beers in America and they own the name and all"


                "Yes, but Budweiser means it comes from Budceviska, and this stuff, Budvar actually does, not a chemical plant in New Joisey!" Anne looked at Mandy as if she was a potential Islamic terrorist plotting the overthrow of all things American, like the freedom to be what you want to be so long as it was Christian and capitalist and devoted to ensuring the economic subservience of the entire world.


                (NB the rest of the world don't realise the significance of the 9/11 date as most other places use 112 or 999 as the emergency services telephone number.


                Some of you might have heard the new version of the banana boat song:


                Hey! Mr Taliban, give me Bin Osama


                Daylight come and we gonna bomb you!




                (Enough politics - ed)




                "I'll take the same as Jeff, with some ice" said Peter and pulled Mandy away from the fascinating debate on beer and sensing that these people probably wouldn't mind if they had turned up wearing white sheets and white pointy hats. Fascinating but double plus un-horney he thought.


                They all sat down in a set of 4 deep padded armchairs covered in soft fabric which throw-over covers. Anne giggled as Mandy looked under the covers to see the soft kid leather of the actual seats and stroked the baby smooth softness. "They're lovely aren't they? We use the covers as when you're sitting around like this, well leather's a pain to get stains out!" she giggled and we laughed at the practicality and turned our attention back to the matter in hand (hem, hem).


                "Well Peter" started Jeff "we should get to know more about each other. Mandy came up here of course with the Mitchell guy but we didn't really have much time to talk, although I feel we got to know Mandy quite intimately!" Mandy chuckled "I think you got to know me inside and out, Jeff, both of you in fact!"


                "Well, that's a true fact but we still don't know too much about you except that you enjoy the little ones as we do and we are confident in your discretion" he sounded like a red neck politician as he angled to get information from his guests.


                Peter nodded. "That's a good idea, Jeff. Actually even though Mandy and I have been getting on really well we haven't truly done the communication thing and there's a lot about her life I don't know and she about me." Mandy nodded in turn. "Lets take it turns, shall we, do you want to take the stage first, Pete?"


                PETER'S STORY


                "Well OK, not much to say really". He leaned forward, nursing his JD and pushed up the drops of condensation as they ran down the side if the glass. "Lets see, I'm 32, I work as a criminal lawyer, specialising in family cases. Originally I come from Hamilton, Ontario, but moved into the states to my doctorate in law. I got married early; I was 24, to Jenny. A really horny sexy woman but she got into drugs in a really heavy way. I didn't mind the dope and hash but she went on to coke which started costing a lot of money and nearly drained us dry of cash, she tried to clean up, but lied to everyone and was scoring methadone off everyone, went onto heroin for a while and then freebasing and was going onto crack."


                "Shit, that's scary stuff, Pete" said Mandy and looked twice at a spliff that Jeff had passed her but still lit up.


                "That's not the half of it. I don't know what she was on when she got pregnant but we almost lost Janet a few times as I forced her to clean up. It was all a bit Jane Eyrish. I'd front as this totally eligible straight lawyer doing all good works and behind the scenes I had this half crazed woman, pregnant and swearing she'd cut out my heart unless I'd get her a fix. At the same time I was starting my law practice. I couldn't hate her, but I sure couldn't live with her. When Janet was born Jenny was clean. We were so afraid that she would be damaged, but amazingly she was perfect, not a blemish on her. We fell in love with her of course and I though everything was going to be great. The practice was doing well and Jenny seemed to be back to normal, well off drugs that is.


                A couple of years went by and I guess I got complacent. You can never get complacent with an ex addict. Any addict is an arch-manipulator, doesn't matter if its drink, drugs, thieving..." he grinned wryly "...gambling... abusing children, they, we learn to hide the symptoms so that even the closest to you is unaware of what's going on. I see that a lot in my practice and hear a lot from doctors and social workers. Yes I know that's hypocritical. Anyway, Jenny had secretly been back on drugs again. I didn't know because I was controlling all the money and I knew she wasn't spending it, so I thought it was safe. No needle tracks. She was injecting inside her rectum so I wouldn't notice"


                "Ouch!" went Anne "so where did she get the money from?"


                "Well I came home early from a conference, she wasn't expecting me and I came in the back way, we have a rear entrance with stairs I came in and through a crack in the door I could see her with a bunch of men and she was masturbating them over our daughter who was naked on the bed. Janet must have been 2 or 3 then."


                Peter paused and despite the fact that he was telling a terrible story of abuse he took in the fact that the other three adults had moved their hands to their genitals and breasts and were discretely fondling themselves, even his own cock was lifting.


                "I should have been outraged. But I stood stock still and I was fucking turned on! I felt sick to my stomach but there she was, my little baby, head to toes splattered in cum and I loved her like it. She just lay there with a blank expression and just smiled not really knowing what was going on. The men were all laughing saying things like 'go on get dirty with her, make her drink your piss, slut, eat out her ass, you know how she likes it really dirty, bitch' and so on. They made Jenny lick their cum off her and then she had to piss all over Janet and into her mouth, then the men took turns to piss on them both and then one decided to take a shit onto her face and push Janet's face into it. I'm sorry to say I came in my pants. I was turned on like never before. I'd seen pictures from the net, because I defended people that had been caught for doing it, so I knew what it was about. I denied to myself that it turned me on. I really should have kicked the lot of them out, but I was too turned on and they weren't doing anything to actually hurt Janet.


                Then the tone of the conversation in the room seemed to turn nasty. I heard Jenny demand her payment, heroin and crack and the men didn't want to give it her until she did something else. I heard a loud whack and knew Jenny had been hit but she still demanded her drugs. 'You know what to do girl, do it and you can have your shit!' 'you fucking bastards!' screamed Jenny but I guess she could only really think of her own needs. I managed to see what was going on. She was heating up some shit in a spoon and drawing the stuff into a hypo. It looked full of blood like it had been used a thousand times and I thought I was going to see her inject herself and the men would get off on her drug crazed body. But no. She tied a length of tubing around Janet's upper arm and put the needle to her perfect skin.


                Then I went mad. I picked up a baseball bat and I crashed into that room and I beat the living shit out of every man there and I smashed that syringe with every ounce of strength I had. They say you get strength from somewhere and there were some mean fuckers in that room but I got them beat before they could touch me. I wanted to beat the crap out of Jenny too, but at least she had the presence of mind to take Janet out as soon as the blood started to fly. I found her in the bathroom soothing Janet, by masturbating her.


                I got the police round and I got Jenny to agree that the men had broken in and forced her because she couldn't pay for the drugs and I had caught them and gone wild with a bat. I knew it would work. They had nothing to lose in their defence so they said that Jenny had agreed to do it and was a willing participant. Because of that the police had charges against her as well. It was tricky but Jenny got off with diminished responsibility but still had to do 2 years probation for having drugs and had to attend a rather vicious regime in rehab. Perhaps I didn't defend her too well. The men went down, dealing in drugs, supply and distribution, rape, but I can be sure they're going to have a poor time of it because I made sure that what they did with Janet came up so now they are all registered child sex offenders doing 15 a piece. Hypocritical but safe.


                Janet did get herself more or less straight and when Janet was six I agreed that she could have her for one weekend a month, supervised at a hostel. She still takes drugs but she gets tested regularly and at least its nothing hard anymore. But she knows I'll never let her back into our life completely.


                Janet went through a load of counselling, but she was only 3 and how do you counsel a 3 year old for potential trauma. She wasn't physically hurt and thought everything was a game and by the time she was 4 she never referred to it again. She asked where momma was and I told her she was sick and couldn't be seen for a long time until she was well. Eventually she stopped asking about her as well."


                "Didn't you want to take advantage of her abuse so you could do her as well?" asked Jeff. Mandy let loose a weary groan and Peter thanked her with a smile.


                "I did think of it, god knows it turned me on watching her covered in spunk and licking it up, even watching her smile through a mask of shit. But she was being seen regularly by social workers and I knew if they even suspected I was sexually attracted to kids then my life was over. Believe me, they make sure. One of the women counsellors was upset that I didn't attack the men as soon as I arrived home and couldn't understand why I waited. Her colleagues did the convincing, I professed not to understand either, I claimed shock, but that cow had her hooks into me for a year until she gave up and was finally happy. She got disciplined a couple of years later when she took some kids away from a couple because they claimed they had touched them. Little cunts were doing it because they blackmailing them for more pocket money. That's one of the problems with child abuse cases, a child is too young to consent but not too young to say no. Also a complaint from a child is always accepted by social workers because their rules of evidence are not the same as the law.


                Janet seemed to grow up as a normal kid. After the attention had gone I started to look for stuff on the Internet. I surreptitiously stole copies from my case files and made a huge collection of child porn. I found out how to locate contacts and started some chat room relationships, exchanging sexy stories, making up scenarios and masturbating to them in role plays. To be honest I was looking for a woman like Jenny, turned on by kids but not screwed by drugs. Jenny it turns out hated the pedo things she did; she said it was just for the drugs. She's become quite straight-laced about sex now and although she found Janet playing with herself always gets her to stop. Not nastily but as a proper non-pedo parent would. I hadn't even noticed, shows you how good a father I am.


                A lot of contacts pretended to be female. I did sometimes! In the end I became Peter with two horny 7 year olds who I based on Janet and her friend Alyssum, they were 7 even when they were 5. Most people didn't care about the continuity. I had a set of files that I used to pretend they were them which I had got from a client. They were on the net, but not that frequently available so I felt they were convincing".


                "Huh, I wasn't! I'd seem them before and knew you were fibbing!" laughed Mandy. "That's why I was always at you to get a camera, you had one all the time too and you didn't get me a shot of them! I thought you were just another saddo perve!"


                "Well I suppose I was! I certainly wasn't who I said I was. I exchanged pics with everyone I felt safe with and with a few people made up this fantasy life that I got off on. I also assumed that everyone I was talking to was they same as me on the basis that if I really was molesting the girls then the last thing I would do is advertise it to the world. Mandy was the best and we engaged in the most depraved chats, shit, piss, beasties anything. On my own I'd wank myself senseless, and yeah, I'd play with my shit and piss, if we'd have a dog I'd have fucked it or sucked its cock but I'd never have been able to look after it. I'd disappear up to my cabin and engage in some very solo pursuits with a load of porno and dildos and my pc connection. Somewhere along the road Janet had discovered her sexuality with Alyssum. Maybe her early experiences let her believe that dirty sex was fun, I don't know where Ali got it from, maybe Mitchell encouraged her more directly although he say's not. But wherever it came from they seemed to be the most complete perverts in the whole world and very happy with it and somehow very adjusted. It may be self deception but I don't feel that I am seducing them and that they are wholly willing. Of course if I wasn't sexually attracted to sex with them then I would have discouraged them, but I haven't. That's about it you know the rest. I wasn't molested as a child, nothing weird ever happened to me, my parents died when I was 18 in a plane crash. I just get turned on by pervy sex, especially with a child, but not exclusively."


                They gave him a round of applause and he took a little bow and downed the rest of his drink. It was dark outside now  and the temperature had dropped so Jeff chucked them all a long robe to wear.


                "Well that's a good story. I'm sorry to hear about your old lady, but on the other hand maybe she did you a favour," remarked Jeff.


                "I think the only thing I have to thank her for is Janet, I'm responsible for everything else" replied Peter noticing that Jeff was not entirely with him.


                "Maybe so, but you get to have a lot of fun now!" Anne joined in to support her husband.


                Mandy gave her opinion on how Peter was feeling, "Perhaps Peter means that he'd rather have had a non perverted life? If Jenny hadn't turned out to be a junkie they'd have been living the jet set life style with 2.4 kids a golf club membership and not feeling that he's being hunted by the cops".


                "I don't deny that the feeling of being hunted takes a shine off life sometimes. I can't say I enjoy the feeling of risking everything!" Peter looked guilty and melancholy as he rolled his empty glass between his palms and the room went silent for a moment.


                "Yeah, you do!" Jeff loudly smacked his lips finishing his drink and went to pour another "I know what you're saying but in the end it comes back to your little monologue about addictive behaviour. You're more attracted to sex with kids than you are to doing the right thing".


                Blunt but true thought Peter and hung his hypocritical head and went to refill his glass.


                "My turn now", called Mandy. "It's all getting a bit Tennessee Williams here, aint it?"


                "Well my, my, my little sweet what evah can you mean? You skittin' about like a cat on a hot tin roof!" sniggered Anne in a terrible southern drawl "Prick, you better keep this girl in hand!"


                Peter breathed in deep and his smile returned, "hmmm, Big daddy, I think I can smell the stench of mendacity in this here room, and the names Brick Big Momma, not prick!" Mandy laughed "Whatever, sweet baby!" but Jeff just smelled his armpits to see if he was wearing Mendacity for men.


                "I think that's enough of that" he laughed, "I don't know those things well enough to join in. Come on lets lighten up, we all know why we're here and its no use pretending. I'll stick on a film while Mandy tells us her story" he walked over the PC and pushed in a CD after rummaging through a huge set.




                Mandy's STORY


                "Well ok!" began Mandy and went to refresh her own drink "now my story is different to Peters. I was actually raised overseas in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands or Holland. My father was a major in the army and he had an office in The Hague. Fuck knows what he did. My mother was also in the services as a captain in the medical corps but she just had some sort of desk job".


                She paused to sip her drink and her eyes flickered over to the big screen which showed a woodland scene with boys and girls between 5 and 14 running about naked building a fire.


                "From the very earliest mum and dad would have me in their bed when they made love. They would position me so I could see everything. I'd be laying between them and dad would be kneeling over me and mum would be sucking him off         so his cum would drip onto me and then they'd lick it off together. They fuck with mum on her hands and knees and they'd put me so I was between her legs looking right up into them as they fucked. Its one of my earliest memories so they must have done it since I was in arms.


                They did group sex. They would hide me in a cupboard and let me watch them as mum got fucked by a load of men. They were all army officers so it was kept 'in the family' the last thing they could do would be to bring in any squaddies from the ranks. I'd see her get cum baths regularly. As a toddler I can't say it turned me on because I didn't really understand about being turned on. But I'd watch mum frigging herself and I'd copy her and get a nice warm feeling in my pussy which I loved.


                Mum was also into women. I was left with a local girl who babysat me and she often found me frigging my slit and mum came home to find her naked on the bed with me with a dildo in her cunt and sucking on my pussy and me loving it. Up to then my parents hadn't actually really done anything to me, it was more incidental like I was being prepared for a later date. Anyway my mum came in and I was on my back with my knees behind my ears and this girl's tongue up my holes. I remember how good I felt.


                The girl freaked when my mum dragged her off and she cowered in a corner but my mum just picked her up and kissed her on the mouth and then they made out on the bed next to me. They both sucked on my pussy and ass and it lasted for ages. My dad came home and all I remember about that time was him, standing over us and waving his cock all over us. I suppose he was cumming over us as we messed about on the bed.


                Mum told me later that they talked to Beatrice, Beattie I called her, to find out why she did it. She said that she had seen a lot of porn, some of it with kids mostly without but the more extreme forms of porn really turned her on. Mum and dad thought they had seen everything, as in most places in the States and around the world you can get porn quite legitimately. They hadn't seen any hard core bestiality, scat, amputees and freaks, womb penetration or stuff with a child.


                They went and bought a truck load of it and this was before stuff was on DVD so we had tapes everywhere. It was amazing. There I was. 4 or 5 and I was watching animals getting sucked off, dogs, goats horses, a tapir, a chimp, everything, people getting shat on and eating it up. I just thought it was normal.


                When I was 7 dad went on a mission, wasn't supposed to be dangerous he was just giving strategic advice. He was caught with a bunch of whores doing it with a horse somewhere in the Ukraine just before the wall came down. The Russians were furious apparently. Not about the sex but because the Americans were spying of course. They threatened to expose the whole thing and got a file on my mother as well and her activities with other senior army officers. It got covered up and a lot of Russian generals got sneaked out of Russia with a truckload of money. My dad was coerced into committing suicide. One way or another it hastened Glasnost because a lot of high ranking officials were no longer in a position to push the cold war, on both sides. Mum and I got nothing of course and she was quite bitter about that and threatened to tell the world. Some shit paper in Germany ran it, something like the national enquirer so effectively no one listened. But someone paid her off with a load of money and made sure she was allowed to retire from the army.


                In the meantime I was now getting off on the stuff I was watching. I'd sit at home with Beattie and we'd frig ourselves while watching all this nasty porn and then we'd have a go. We started with pissing games and then moved onto shit. Frankly I loved it. I was a pig in shit! Mum came home and I remember her gagging when she came into the bathroom and saw me plastered head to toe in our crap and she threw up all over us as we mashed our shitty lips together. Mum never joined in but liked watching us. I had dildos up me, cunt and ass, mum says from when I was five, and I was cumming!


                We moved back to the states a year later. Beattie came with us for a couple of years as an au pair and our games just went on. I got into dogs and somehow Beattie found other people, one with a horse, a man with a little girl of 5. And we'd fuck and suck get sprayed with animal cum. Even the little 5 years old. Mum didn't know too much about it actually I knew she wasn't that much into the really sick sex so I didn't think to even tell her.


                I was 9 when Beattie left and I cried for weeks. We wrote letters but I never saw her 'til much later, she said she was going into the porn industry in Belgium somewhere. I still met the man with the little girl and did it with the dog for a year or so but I didn't like the man with the horse so I didn't go there anymore.


                Mum got a good job so we had to move state to Arizona. I lost all my school friends and had to make new ones. Mum and I would have sex at home but it started to die off and I didn't like it so much with her anymore. Our sexual relationship died off and she met another man who thankfully never moved in, she went there all the time. I'd still be wanking off at night and watching porno. At school I made the usual friends but I think I was always a bit aloof. I was very good at school because I'd been taught at an earlier age in Europe and so was at least a couple of years ahead in just about every subject except American politics and I knew fuck all about the civil war. For some reason they don't teach that in Europe"


                "Why? Its one of the biggest things that ever happened?" queried Anne.


                "Actually, its one of the smallest things that ever happened, there were bigger events in Europe, America was a backwater. Historically, we're nowhere. Europe was more interested in the war of independence because it threw England into a panic over its territories.


                Anyway, I got the hots for one of the teachers. She was the history teacher, as a matter of fact, and she sure noticed me. I kept asking her questions and I must have beamed at her something rotten. She invited me to her house. Now even blah years ago when I was 11 it was not done to go to a teacher's house, although that rule was always directed at the men. People don't realise that most child abuse is actually done by women. Sexual abuse is predominantly men and then on boys as a matter of fact, and most of it gets done by a parent or guardian. The point is that nobody batted an eyelid when I went there although one of my girlfriends knew I had had a crush on her. I had an affair with Miss Stella Mason for 6 years, until I left for high school. She was nervous as hell the first time and couldn't believe she had my naked hairless pussy all to herself. She was absolutely paranoid about getting caught, about me blackmailing her. I never did anything like that; she was lovely, totally lesbian.


                I dated boys so as not to make myself seem a weirdo but they never got far with me. There was no chemistry. Maybe with Todd Daniels. He was one of the spotty nerds and I could see in him the latent pervert. He would sneak about and peep through cracks in the door and stuff. I flashed him quite a few times and he just about shit himself. He was real scared of me".


                "Didn't er, Stella want you to involve any other kids?" asked Peter.


                "No. I offered to do that for her. There was a younger girl, Debbie. I babysat her from when she was 5 'til 11 and I was going to make a move on her. I told Stella how I felt about her but she got really angry about it. So because I did really respect Stella I let her alone. I still took baths with her and got naked with her but as far as little Debbie would know, nothing sexual. I wanked off an awful lot to her. I decided that I wanted to be a teacher, and to use my special knowledge of kids to be able to inveigle my way into the lives of any horny kids. There are always some. I told mum I was off to college and this time I moved away from home. She got married to this man, an Air Force Officer and is as far as I know living somewhere in England as a special advisor to the UK strike command in some god awful place called High Wycombe. Sounds all English countryside but I visited and it's like nowhere.


                I also did a minor in child psychology with a special interest in abuse. Hem! Guess why! My major was in teaching sports. I located a town in the mid-west, well away from all my past and got a job at the high school. Kids from 6 to 16. Special assistant at the kindergarten as well. I've been about now for 2 years. It takes an awful lot of time to inveigle! I had fantasies about some kid like I was making all doe eyes at me but that didn't happen. In the changing room I'd hand around the showers a lot and I'd watch the girls. Sometimes even the youngest boys.


                To fill in for my missing sex life I advertised myself on and I met up with a couple of people. Mostly into bondage. A couple into doggie sex and toilet and swinging groups but nothing like I really wanted to do. So I started getting on line. Actually I'd been doing that a while by now, before I'd moved into the area. I got talking to a few guys and girls and what I was mostly after were people who actually had kids. I was prepared to do about anything. Be a replacement mother, a naughty babysitter to seduce their kids whatever it took. But as peter said, if their doing it they aint going to advertise it! So I indulged in the newsgroups and swapping as they call it. I bought tons of mags and CDs when I went abroad. I found out where Beattie had gone and she was wrapped up in a kiddie porn ring in Belgium so I got loads of stuff. She nearly got caught but they kept quiet about the women in the group as they were the chief procurers.


                Doing chats and role plays really did it for me, especially when people were happy to send pics of themselves as real-time as possible. Peter was brilliant although I never believed his story about the girls or that the pictures were of him. Although I find now that they were so that's cool. I never figured the girls were actually real until that time they were on line, which I think was after your first session with them Peter.


                When I found out who they were, kids in my school I had a massive cum and fell on the keyboard breaking the fucking thing so I couldn't talk anymore. In a blind orgasmic panic I drove like a fucking maniac and got to your house, peter and frankly I indulged in the most perverse pleasures that those two would stand. They are fucking fabulous. They of course knew who was up for it of their own age. Us adults aren't aware we're looking for adult signs. A kid's never going to whisper their little secrets to an adult, even one they can trust implicitly, because you're not of their kind. Its not that they wont confide their sexual side, they just wouldn't think to do it for fear of getting told off".


                Jeff was nodding as he listened closely to Mandy's story. "Yeah! That's right. I was sexual with mine from the earliest time I could".


                "Well, that's just it, you're a parent and that's why you find most child sex cases involve a parent or guardian. You're the closest to the child in their formative years.


                So that's my story I don't think I missed anything out. I brought some of the CD's and the magazines with me but we haven't even been looking at the one you have on so maybe we wont need them! Oh just one thing. My name is Smith, but Mandy is just a name I used on the Internet. My real name is Gold, of all the fucking stupid names!"


                "That's a lovely name, Gold. It matches your hair!" crooned Anne.


                "Yes but you try going around saying your name is Gold Smith, they had me down as Jewish!"


                The room was full of laughter as the final scene played out on the screen of a 5 year old girl being plastered by the cum of a group of naked boys only aged about 12, hardly a hair on their scrotums and being licked clean by a Russian wolfhound.


                Drinks were empty again so Jeff went round topping everyone up as Anne started her story.




                Anne's Story


                I'll just do my story up until Jeff meets Muriel, my sister as the story are both the same then and he can tell you all that. I don't like to talk that much about myself! I get all embarrassed!"


                "Hey! Is that all it takes to get peace around here?" joked Jeff and getting an ice cube chucked at him for the insult.


                "Cunt!" said Anne sweetly and eloquently.


                "Well, like Gold..."


                "Mandy! I use it everywhere now!"


                " Mandy was saying, the hotbed of child abuse is in the home. It certainly happened to us, Muriel and me. Muriel is older than me by 5 years. Pa had started on her from when she was weaned. He beat the living shit out of our mother. She was scared to death of him. Apparently he'd always apologise after she got beat and bring her breakfast in bed, flowers, a trip to the movies, a new dress something nice. But while she was out cold he'd be messing with Muriel. My sister doesn't like to be reminded of it at all and somehow she survived by blocking it out. I think sex for her is means children only, not fun. A man that in anyway reminds her of her father sends her...cold, like a stone. I suppose like a child hiding its head under the covers or closing its eyes so it can think nothing scary is there. Muriel never told me exactly what pa used to do to her, but I can guess.


                I came along and while I was still on the tit Muriel clung to me like I was the most precious thing in the world. She bathed me and cleaned me and did my diapers. I think part of that was self protection. If she was with me, then I was with ma and so he couldn't get her hands on her. I don't suppose ma knew at all what was going on, and she will never speak of it, although she knew Muriel was frightened of pa.


                Then of course Muriel went to grade school. She missed out on kindergarten and was a little behind. Pa used to call her that around the house to tease her, miss little behind. Of course it meant two things, the other being that he wanted into her again. With Muriel out of the way in the mornings ma's life became a misery again and the beatings got worse, now he was messing about with me. Now I, it seems, was different. I responded to his molesting and got into it. I loved sucking on his big old cock and smelling him. He'd lick me everywhere and rub his sticky cock all over me and I'd love it. Ma stopped getting beaten so much as well. Pa encouraged her to go out and work. She flew at the chance to get out the house and made a career for herself as a secretary, as a PA. She still does it.


                At home, pa and I mess about. I'd make sure the coast was clear and then strip off in front of him. I must have been about 5 is suppose, just before grade school. I remember my first fuck; it was just about my last with him. He'd greased me up with baby oil. I love that smell! And we were in the bath and he slid right into me. I guess my hymen was long gone with all his fingering. He came right up me and when I stood up it dripped out me onto his cock and I lapped it up like it was the best thing ever. I sucked his cock and balls clean until he was hard again. I knew the routine by now, how to get him up. Then he fingered my ass and sunk balls deep into it. My shit squeezed out around his dick and floated around in the bath water. I wasn't expecting it of course and picked it up thinking it was some new soap and rubbed it into me. Pa egged me on and soon I had rubbed my own shit all over me and he was getting off on it! And of course he was buggering my poor little 5 year old asshole. He licked me clean and he made me frig myself as he did it. I came as he licked my shit off me and I jilled my clit. His come spurted up my insides and I loved it. I remember looking up at him as he dumped his load in me and hugging onto him and he kissed me with his shitty mouth and we did it with tongues too!


                We must have made a lot of noise because Muriel, now 10 came into the bathroom. She totally froze. No expression on her face. She stood like a statue in her bare feet a summer dress and her hair in plaits. We just looked at her and then I giggled and pa and I made fun of her but she just stood unblinking at us. Pa told me to go and see if she was still alive. So I got out of the stinky water and walked all around her, prodding her and laughing. Then daddy got out the tub and he walked around her, his dick was all covered in my poo. I said 'lets try and wake her up, pa' and I shook her. But she didn't move. I took the toilet brush and gave her a wack on the tail, but nothing. I said 'pa you could do anything to her like that!'


                Well that did it for him I think and he ripped of her dress and she just stood there in her panties. He ripped them off too and she fell like a sack on the floor. He took a wet towel and kept on flicking it at her little breasts and between her legs and at her face. Still nothing so he took her by the hair and plunged her head into the shitty bath water and she just made sounds like she was breathing funny and lay back on the floor and she just pissed and shat her self as she sat there. Pa pushed me down and made me lick it all up so I did and I rubbed it all into Muriel too. And we both rubbed in my sisters piss and shit to her and then we licked her clean.


                Muriel shivered but did nothing. Her eyes were like pin pricks and little tears fell down. I thought it was all a game and I slapped her face. I slapped her a lot. Daddy fucked me with the toilet brush handle and told me to do something to Muriel. I stuck the sink plunger up her cunt and a tube of liniment up her butt hole, smelled like ralgex or that muscle rub stuff. Now she was alert and her face went wild with pain. This stirred up pa as she tried to crawl away. He whipped her with his belt and messed her up as she crawled away to her room.


                Pa took me into his room and we had sex again. I asked pa how hard he could hit and he showed me with my big teddy. It's stuffing went everywhere and filled the room as it floated down.


                I fell asleep for a while and when I awoke pa was on the bed face down with a knife in his back. I didn't scream. I went into Muriel's room and there was ma holding onto her. Muriel was a mass of blood. She had marks and bruises everywhere, her hair had been cut off and there were marks on the walls where it looked like a body had been pushed or thrown, except they were half way up the wall. It looked like her arm was broken. She was crying and just kept repeating 'no don't, no don't'.


                I ran back to pa's body and I pulled out the knife like I thought it would save him but of course he was dead. I just didn't know about such things.


                With my prints all over the knife the police weren't sure who actually killed him. They knew I had been fucked and that Muriel had been beaten within an inch of her own life. But ma. They placed her at work at the time they reckoned pa had died. But how could a 10 year old girl, beaten half unconscious and with broken bones stab a 260lb man to death with a knife. The police had to do their duty and made charges against ma, but no one believed that a jury would convict. In the end the judge threw out the case because the prosecution couldn't tally up the alibi with their own evidence concerning the time of death. The police just couldn't make a case against anyone, and public sympathy was with us who were the real victims.


                We moved house after the case. But we were never really a family. Ma looked after us and we got on at school but the house was like death always. Pa I know now was a vicious abusing bastard who manipulated everyone around him either through lies or utter violence. But he made me feel wanted and at some level I miss him. I feel nothing for Muriel or ma. And that makes me really ashamed sometimes"


                "We learn in psychology what those responses can mean," said Mandy as the narrative paused for the rather shocking revelation. "Both are dysfunctional responses. Muriel went into shock and denied everything, compounded by the fact, maybe that she killed her own father, although I guess there are other possibilities about that. She now over-reacts about sex, pretending it doesn't exist and being utterly repressed about it, and putting her repressions onto her children. They react again by being more interested in it and actually making them more suggestible to sexual overtures. It's classic really. And you. I think that when you were young you were trying to protect your sister and mother by giving your father what he wanted. Somewhere along the line you managed to convince yourself that you actually did like it, probably a self protection thing. As it happened at such an early age it became a part of the way you think, and now as an adult you actually do enjoy it". Incredible really, a huge cycle of abuse created by love in a strange way and by an instinct to survive no matter what".


                "Whatever!" Anne dismissed Mandy's analysis and pointed to her shaven slot. "All I know is I like making THIS feel good and, in general, talk don't do it for me".


                Mandy shifted in her seat and looked a little uncomfortable. This time Peter came to her rescue as she had done for him. "I think that Mandy is just showing us how she sees thing, everyone is entitled to what they think. I think Mandy knows what does it for her too!" he moved over to her and joined her on her seat and kissed her, moving his hand between her legs to massage her lightly fringed blonde pussy.


                Mandy giggled and responded to her rescuer by parting her legs and revealing her moistened muff. "s'right, just coz its dysfunctional don't mean its not fun!"


                Anne seemed to be happier with the way things were and continued with her story.


                We moved well away after things settled down. I still played with myself as often as I could and on the way home I'd be playing with all the boys and we'd do the regular stuff like doctors and nurses. We had a real gang of us and we'd do all the naughty stuff we could. I of course knew about fucking and cumming and I had seen a grown man cum. I'd sucked my pa until he had cum although it was a couple of years since I had done it. I sucked the boys cocks and go all of the girls in the gang to do it and then had the boys suck us on the cunny as well. I asked if anyone knew what fucking was. Well we were in farm country by then and everyone knew it was mating and all the girls knew about being a virgin. So I said I'd take it up the ass and I got dares and I did it! It was fucking excellent, but I wanted a man's cock.


                Our little sex gang went on and the older kids left it as they got full time girlfriends and boyfriends and other younger ones joined in. Well we were all just 7 or so when we started and the oldest then was 9 and it wasn't me. The oldest was normally 10 by the third year and I was the except. I didn't stop in the sex gang until I was 16. In fact, I made it carry on as I did babysitting at some of the kids houses and we'd have little orgies in comfort and not in our little den in the woods. Everyone else was under 10.


                I'd lay on my back, totally naked and have all of them feel up my body, up my legs over my tits and I'd show then how to make me cum. Then I'd do it to each of them. I'd get them cigarettes, booze, anything they wanted. One of my best things was to have this drunk 7 year old boy sitting between my legs with his hand up my cunt and another little drunk girl sucking his dick as he pissed and I fingered her ass. I made games of licking each other's ass after watching them take a shit and then making sure we were clean inside by opening up their ass hole and pissing up it.


                I would always get a little upset as one of the gang moved on. I guess they grew out of it and I didn't. For some reason no one ever found out or complained, I think kids just forgot about it and as we weren't really of the same age group there was no reason to mix.


                Then we moved to where you all live now and a year later Muriel met Jeff, and so did I! So now Jeff can do the rest. Is it just me or is everyone feeling a touch horny after that? I'm all tacky down here. I just loved that sex gang!"


                "No, I don't think it's just you!" said Jeff walking to where Peter had Mandy on his lap and his cock buried in her ass as she played with her cunt. He kneeled down and gave Mandy a long lick from the top over her mons down to Peter's cock and then down over his balls and back up again. They both groaned in appreciation. Jeff looked jealous "no fair, I got to tell my story now!"


                "No problem, babe, I'll lick you while you tell it" and Anne settled down in front of Jeff's chair and nuzzled into his hairy organs when he sat back down.




                Jeff's Story


                We'll I'm actually a bit like Peter. I don't have anything specific in my childhood that you could say was pushing me to what I like to do now.


                I grew up in your city. Well on one of the farms around it. I had a good childhood as a matter of fact. I got into the usual trouble but no one ever messed me about. I guess I was always the ring leader. When I was a youngster we'd do all that doctors and nurses stuff of course, what kid aint curious about their body. I was more into getting people to do crazy stuff like jump from a bridge into a river, set fires on peoples porches and calling the fire department out to save them.


                I started being serious with girls about 11 years old, if you can call it serious. This girl, Amy I think was her name, called me into her house and gave me my first French kiss. Now she was 9 and knew about sex a lot more than me. She pulled up her dress and showed me her pussy and told me to do it her. I only had the basic notion and gave it her up the ass and she told me I done it all wrong but she liked it anyway. I found out that most of the gang did sex with the girls and that the girls seemed to pretty much call the tune. To be honest I wasn't all that fussed. I was having more fun watching bricks explode as trains crashed over them and putting stones into hubcaps. More than one corn head been found in a car muffler round our way.


                My best friend got sick with glandular fever and had to stay in bed. I went round there a lot but only got to see him a little. I did get to know his mother. Mary for some reason took a shine to me and liked to hug me a lot and show me a lot of boob. I had no idea she was coming on to me but one day I found myself in her bed with her lips around my cock and giving me the best feeling in the world. My ass shot off that bed and I had no idea what had happened to me. All the girls that had sucked me before made me feel good, but they didn't relly know what to do. I did it with her everyday for 6 months while Jimmy was recovering and I had a good excuse to be there. I believe that people these days might call that abuse, but people then, and a lot of people now, would consider that either the boys fault or that I had been shown the ways of love by an older woman".


                "I think you're right Jeff" grunted Mandy as Peter's cock moved deeper into her asshole. "People don't think of women as abusers, especially not of boys" if you were a man doing it to a girl then its Megan's law and a badge that says "beat me to a pulp everyday and burn the houses of my relatives"."


                "True enough" continued Jeff. "That Megan's' law is a farce. There's a lot more burglars, murderers and drug pushers out there doing a fuck more harm and they don't have to wear a badge that says, "look out I wont fuck your daughter but I might kill you". In Europe I hear they think it's a crock and even the police refuse to have anything to do with it. Some newspaper over there printed the pictures of known child abductors who had all finished their time and were on parole or licence or whatever it's called over there. People went crazy and tried to burn down their houses, even when they didn't even live there any more. A paediatrician was stoned by a mob as well. That's the trouble with democracy sometimes. Give people power and they will abuse it. Give a mob power and you get anarchy.


                Enough of that crap. Suck my dick a little harder dear I need to be harder for the next bit.


                So I move on, start up a little business venture after I leave school. Nothing too exiting, selling second hand motors. I did have quite a few stolen ones at the beginning just to get the seed capital going but after a couple of unfriendly police visits I made it go straight. The business did really well and I moved into auctions. You may have seen them about they're all over the state "A-Z Car Auctions" makes a packet and now just about runs itself. Muriel does get a share of the profits even though she pleads poverty, but most of the big money was made after we parted so she not quite as loaded as me. I don't begrudge her the money at all, it's all fair.


                Lets see I was now about 25 or 26 and getting a fair bit of free time on my hands. Money had become no object. I built a good house, bought this land around here and the rights to all the fishing and put up most of the luxury cabins along the lake for the fishing. I believe you bought one of them Peter! The cabin was my bolt hole and I used it to indulge in the things I'd missed out on. For me that was sex. I had those early experiences but after that. Zip. I decided to advance my sexual learning and I paid for orgies with girls every weekend. We'd ship in and ship out. Must have looked like an FBI convention with smoked glass vans going back and forth.


                I paid this man to show me what I'd been missing. He was a pimp of course and he supplied the girl. I loved it and I asked him to keep coming up with ideas. We had bondage parties, dope parties with girls out of their head on god knows what shit. Can't take it myself except the usual bit of hash but that heavy stuff? No way. Also at that time the old AIDS thing was happening and I got told that despite the fact that it was meant to be a gay plague, most of the infections were coming from the drug using community through sharing needles. The whole thing shook me. One because I did it with a few men, as an experiment you understand, but so what hey? And two because I'd been with an awful lot of druggies anyone of which could have had AIDS. Now safe sex is all very well but fucking latex is not the same as wet soft flesh. We did bestiality a whole lot, I got to love that and still do which is why we have animals here now, although some do work. Piss games we started and then one of the girls was into shit and asked if I wanted to watch her take a crap. I went for it and developed a taste for that. I decided that I would do anything that didn't mutilate me or kill me.


                The parties stopped but I still craved sex and got the pimp to bring me people who didn't do drugs. He said I'd have to go younger. Now I was breaking the law, in some states by having 16 year olds here and now that was nice. I asked if he has any 14 year old, or a 13 year old and he got them for me with a warning 'I don't do pedo'


                I wondered what he meant. These were young women, they had tits, not much fuzz and god were they tight they could really fuck. When I was screwing the 13 year old I asked her when she had started fucking men and she said 10. That interested me. She told me it was her dad and she ran away from home and went on the streets and now was working for this pimp. He made them pay when they were 13, but normally it was errand running, anyone that had done sex might get asked if a client requested it and if they had the cash.


                I started wondering if people I knew were fucking their kids. You read about it all the time:


                Father abuses own child for 20 years,


                Town mayor fined for taking indecent photos of cheerleaders asses.


                Priest accused of fondling boys on the cassocks.


                Organist entertains choirgirls after hours.


                Police crack down Internet porn ring.


                No state or country seemed immune and it wasn't dirty men in raincoats it was middle aged business men, bank mangers, teachers, accountants. The normal people. It seems like everyone was doing it and were just waiting to be caught. So I looked into child porn and used the office computers to do it. I used my disreputable contacts to get me a computer wizard and lo and behold we found a couple of people in the organisation who were up to no good. So we took copies of everything they downloaded and used their details to acquire stuff. If they bought cd's or videos we would know about it and arrange to intercept the mail and copy it. The cops caught some of them but of course none could be traced to us. That's how I started my collection. I went over to Thailand and Cambodia and scored a few 10 year old girls and boys over there but it was all a bit shitty and uninteresting so I stopped going there.


                One man I met told me about a group of people who acknowledged each other by placing a sign in their window. A naked Barbie doll of all things. Sounded crazy. Any way I'm glad I didn't pursue it as I read in the nationals that a big abuse ring got busted, or would have been except they all killed themselves by blowing up the house as the police stormed it. Just half a dozen people survived and they were all tied up and mutilated by these people. That all sounds too extreme for me so I didn't want to have an expanded circle unless I knew everyone implicitly.


                Then I met Muriel. She was 21 or 22 then. Really very attractive if a little plain. I was a little put out that she didn't put out but I decided to make it a challenge. Someone who couldn't be bought was appealing. She wasn't living with her family and after a couple of weeks she decided that I should meet her mother.


                Her mother was immediately taken with me and I suppose saw me as a catch. Someone who could make her girl happy bearing in mind that she of course knew at least some if not all of the girls past. I saw Anne and she couldn't have been more different to the other 2 women. Cropped hair, Goth make up and one of those slinky skin hugger body tubes finished off with huge leather biker boots. She looked weird as shit and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Now Anne says I looked at her and licked my lips I don't recall that. All I remember is that she lifted her skirt and she had no panties and she frigged herself right at me and then licked her lips. I was in love with her but she was 16.


                I started to court Muriel and then after I'd dropped her off at her flat I'd meet up with Anne. We'd go to my apartment and we'd fuck like crazy. I hadn't even gotten to feel Muriel's tit and there I was reaming the ass of her younger sister. We got know each other's nasty habits and moved on to piss drinking and then onto the shit. Playing with dildos and suction things and so on. She asked me how it felt to be fucking jail bait. I said it felt fine. She asked me what was the youngest I had was. I told her 13. Then she said would I like them even younger? I guess I nodded and Muriel just counted down as she rode my cock and all I said was yeah!


                That broke that ice and I figured it was time to try and get her to the cabin. So I invited them all to stay. I gave Anne one of the outlaying rooms, the one over the stable on the pretence of letting her do her own thing. In reality I could slip over there and we could fuck without waking the others. That was about a year into the first time we met. I gave Anne full access to all my illicit stuff and she went crazy! She fucked like a mad woman as we watched kiddies getting fucked, spunked all over, sucked licked. Dogs doing it with people and some with kids, not much of that I'm afraid and just about every perversion that I like she went crazy on. She told me about her babysitting exploits and that turned me on and I came like a fountain I can tell you!


                I wanted to marry Anne, not Muriel. We'd sort of made this plan to have kids and turn them on to sex. Sadly Anne can't have kids. Something to do with her ovaries. Women's things! Anne's a devious cunt though, she said marry Muriel, I can baby sit! So I popped the question to her and six months later she said I was allowed to fuck her as it was our wedding night. I tell you Gemma was nearly an only child.


                Anne doted upon Gemma, all a ploy I think! And got to be with Gem alone from a very early age, she took photos of herself naked on the bed with the baby latched to her clit, with a bottle full of piss, rubbing shit all over her little body and feeding spit into her mouth. She'd all be clean and bright as a button by the time Muriel collected her and then Anne would show me the pictures when we met up and we'd fuck like crazy on top of them. I didn't really see too much in a diaper clad baby, I loved the perversity of Anne getting off on it but I wanted her to be a bit more human looking and less like a grub.


                When Gemma was three Muriel had just dropped Gary and was laid up in hospital. We had little Gemma on the bed and Anne had her hairless cunt over her face and was rubbing her cream over it, Anne can ooze slime I can tell you and Gemma's face was thickly slimed. She was naked of course and so was I, stiff as a Bill Clinton cigar. Anne had Gemma's hands in her and was using them to rub up and down my cock, getting her to feel me. Eventually she did it by herself and Anne just went to fingering her baby slit"




                On the floor in front of him Anne was now fingering his anus and deep throating his cock. The story was obviously building to its climax. Across the room peter and Mandy were getting into it and starting to fuck in earnest.




                "Shit, honey that's good! Now Anne made Gemma rub my dribbling cockhead over her own little pussy so there I was watching my own little girl rubbing her twat with my pre-cum. Anne just said push and I slid inside her. Anne must have taken her cherry because Gemma was alarmed but there was no blood and I just spurted and spurted. Just like NOW AAAAHH YEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


                Jeff bucked and twisted his face as he came in a blinding orgasm spurred on by his remembering his first 3 year old fuck. The same effect was on the other two and they were contorting in their own ecstasy. It took a couple of minutes while Anne cleared her throat of Jeff's load and licked her fingers clean.


                "Muriel came home of course and now Anne started to train, I suppose you might call it, to train Gary. This went on for about a year. I'd be fucking Gemma with Anne and sometimes get her to suck on Gary as well and drink his pee. By now she didn't mind the taste of pee, or licking assholes. She got very expert and jerking me off over Gary's cock and sucking it clean. Anne or I would video all the action depending on who was doing what.


                Near to Gary's first birthday Muriel caught me with Gemma. I was in my shorts for bed and I had an erection and I was holding her with my hand under her nightie, I was kissing her on the lips and she was hugging me back with a great big 4 year old smile. Muriel didn't know what to think and was happy that I was being so good with her until she saw my cock. I've never seen a woman freeze. She looked frightening and I went cold inside. It takes a lot to put me off but that woman did it that day. I agreed to leave. She said she'd seen this sort of thing before and she would not allow it to happen again. I don't think we ever said exactly what IT was. It seemed superfluous. I left that night and went back to the cabin, back here. A couple of days later Anne showed up. She said she'd smoothed things over with Muriel and made her confused enough and they had a huge falling out as well, but she didn't think that any more would come of it as there was no evidence of any wrongdoing.


                2 years later Muriel served the divorce papers and I rolled over. Tried to keep things civil. By this time she realised that I was getting on with Anne and she just went blank, said she didn't have a sister. It all seemed a little crazy.


                A further 2 years on and I suggested to Muriel that he might want to get to know me a little better and visit the cabin. It was come to him one day, and Gemma of course but I kept her out of it. She agreed and I think you know basically the rest. We left porno around for Gary to find and pictures of him when he was little. He seemed to have some memory of when he was a baby and really took to having fun. For about 18 months he came up here every other weekend and we introduced him to ever more dirty stuff. Encouraging him to write all his naughty ideas down and dare us to do it. Of course we primed him and got him to do it as well. It helped because we found, well I say found. We bumped into this 11 year old walking her dog. She must have wandered in from the town which is a heck of a way but she had one of these three-wheeler motorised jobbies. I told her she was free to go anywhere she wanted, it was all very quiet and secluded if she was ok being by herself. I said we had security about our place so only to come up the main entrance if she ever wanted to visit.


                She took us up on that and our motion sensors detected her at weekends, I sneaked out just to see what she was up to. She'd found a clearing with soft grass and put down a blanket, stripped off and was engaged in some heavy fucking with her German shepherd. I mean sucking his cock, his balls, even over his asshole and getting the dog to lick her all over. She kissed the dog on the mouth and sucked his tongue in. She was the best. The next week I secretly got her on film and after that made a lot of noise coming towards her so she had time to get dressed before I accidentally bumped into her. I invited her to come in and see us, she wasn't going to, well I'd just interrupted her fuck, so showed her what was on my camera and she just fainted away. When she came round, Anne was there, stark naked as was I and she was sucking on her dogs dick as I gave him my cock to lick over. She became a most willing participant in our house of fun and really got into Gary. She loved everything, even though we had to push her, but she liked it, she just didn't want to go first ever.


                And that I think brings us up to date.


                Now I don't know about you but I'm going to join my little ones in bed along with Anne. In the bathroom in your room are some big viagra and zinc tablets. Viagra works on clits too I'm told. Anne tells me its true!


                Tomorrow well let's see how it works. I don't care so long as we have fun!"


                They walked back up stairs and Mandy asked Anne a question that had been burning in her since they met. "Anne, I hope you don't mind me asking this, but I have a little bit of a hard time reconciling your all American housewife image to the sex crazed pervert I know you to be. Sometimes I think I'm talking to Muriel!"


                "Shit, do you think so? Fuck me I'll have to watch that. I guess its being married an having some responsibility takes out some of the rebel and living around here... You know this area come out in favour of Ross Perot. Sorry Hun, I'll try to be more like the continuity suggests..."


                And with that self-conscious narrative comment they all disappeared into the rooms, leaving the door wide open.


                The story telling had been difficult for them all but it was the first time they had ever disclosed their most vilest secrets to anyone. In another situation it might have been a catharsis. This night, the naughty flames of dirty desires were well fanned.




                (Author's note: Sorry about the story development but I can't just go for the cut and thrust of penultimate perversion just like that. I have to build up to it! Yes I did mean penultimate I speak only of the story whose basic story line I am not fit to précis, the total depravity of which I am not fit to lick shit from its arsehole...


                I also apologise for the self-conscious narrator bit to bring the Anne character more in line. Shit and fuck eh? It's hard to keep the continuity going when you haven't really scoped out the characters within the plot. I create the plot line hooks but I'm a real novice, any one with more skill is welcome to write me and give me some hints!


                On the other hand most of you out there just want the sex bits and no story? Its actually hard to do that as, like most people, I like some foreplay and that means a story.


                The rascally rogue)




                "Ugh what's that hanging from your nose, Janet?" Ali woked me up and was pointing at my face and making yucky  faces at me. I crossed my eyes and tried to look at my nose but I couldn't see anything. I could smell something sort of flower like and when I put my hands to my face it felt all slimy. It looked like snot but there were no bogie bits. Look it's over your chest as well and LOOK! It's all over your pussy too! It looks like a big slug has slimed you!" Ali poked her finger in it and played with it  and rubbed it over my nippies and tummy. "Hmm. I bet I know what it is!"


                Now I was awake I noticed daddy and Mandy sitting on the bed watching us and I folded my arms and did a face at them. They were laughing at us and Mandy had daddy's willy in her hand and daddy was wiggling his hips like he was fucking her hand and had a determined look on his face. "Seconds are ready in a second! He said and then we knew of course what it was on me, so I started to lick it and put it in my mouth and blow spermy bubbles with it. Ali laid down under my daddy and Mandy made daddies cum spurt all over her face and over her titties and down to her pussy and it was a real lot!


                "I knew taking those pills would boost something!" giggled Mandy as she kissed my daddy on the lips and then she sucked the last few drops off his willy. I rubbed daddies slimy sperms into Ali's body and she wiggled all over the place saying it tickled.


                "Thank you daddy" I said and hugged him. "You have a better alarm clock than the one I usually have! What naughty things are we going to do today?"