My Mum's Hot Lesbian Anus


By Euphoria



                When I was ten my mum and the lady next door, Mrs. Court, were into licking each other's assholes. I knew that because I would hide in the bedroom closet and spy on them. I liked it when mum would remove her white cotton panties, get on her hands and knees and pull her ass cheeks apart so Mrs. Court could see her greasy hole; it was pink and slippery looking. Mrs. Court would sometimes take her own panties off and get on her hands and knees beside mum. They would rub against each other and mum would work her finger into Mrs. Court's asshole and Mrs. Court would kiss mum and stick her finger up mum's ass. They'd remain in that position for up to ten minutes sometimes - especially if another lady was in the room watching them. They usually sucked each other's fingers when they were finished.


                On Wednesdays mum would invite Mrs. Jansen (from up the street) to join her and Mrs. Court. Mrs. Jansen loved to watch mum and Mrs. Court fingering each other's shit-holes. Whilst they were doing that, Mrs. Jansen would take her panties off too and finger her own shit-hole as she licked mum's and Mrs. Court's. It seemed that mum and her friends liked eating assholes more than cunts, even though plenty of cunt fingering and kissing went on, too.


                I really got excited when mum and Mrs. Court and Mrs. Jansen formed an ass-eating daisy chain one afternoon. I was really young when all this happened and I'd never licked any person's asshole before, especially not a lady's. I was only ten when I started hiding in the closet. My own asshole and cunt didn't even have any hair on them. I started to learn that they weren't just made for pissing and shitting, though.


                When mum kissed me goodnight after she'd been licking lots of assholes, her breath smelt like those assholes. I liked that smell a lot and it made my own asshole twitch. Once I started kissing mum on the lips for longer than usual because I wanted to taste those assholes, too - especially Mrs. Court's. I liked Mrs. Court because she was a bit older than mum and always said "Hello" to me when I opened the door - sometimes she even looked at my cunt through my pants. She wore very tight jeans that showed off the shape of her ass and she had very nice, juicy tits. When I kissed mum, she acted surprised, but she didn't stop me kissing her on the mouth. I kissed her tongue, too, and she let me suck it for a bit.


                Sometimes when mum and her friends were having an ass-eating daisy chain, I would crawl out of the closet to steal their crusty panties, then I would crawl back into the closet to smell them. I liked smelling underwear a lot and I liked smelling crotches the most. Mum's panties were really strong smelling. Mrs. Court's panties were always very pissy and yellow. Mrs. Jansen's panties always had little shit stains on them. I always licked the stains off after I'd smelled them. Licking the stains off always made me think of licking the assholes of mum's friends. I knew that I'd like the taste long before I tasted one for real.


                There is a fan in the bathroom ceiling above the toilet. When mum's friends visit I climb up into the roof and spy on them through the fan as they go to the toilet. I hear the ladies fart, too, and I see shit coming out of their bum-holes. I watch them wipe, too. Once when I was watching, Mrs. Court did a poo and didn't wipe herself. Thirty seconds later, Mrs. Jansen came into the bathroom and wiped Mrs. Court's bum for her - with her finger! She wiped it very slowly and kissed Mrs. Court on the mouth as she was doing it. That made me want to kiss Mrs. Court, too.


                Once when mum went to the toilet facing backwards, she didn't wipe, either. She didn't need to because Mrs. Court came into the bathroom a minute later, dropped to her hands and knees and licked mum's bottom, even though it was shitty (!) When Mrs. Court had finished licking mum, mum kissed her breasts and kissed Mrs. Court's shit-stained mouth. I played with my slit while watching them. It felt good.


                That same night I pulled my panties down and poked my finger into my own bottom for the first time. I moved it in and out and it felt good. I tasted my bottom, too. It tasted good. I wondered if Mrs. Court's bum would taste like mine. I tasted my wee-split, too. I liked it. Then I wondered if all wee-splits tasted the same.


                I watched mum going to the toilet almost every day; it was easy to climb up into the ceiling because she always thought I was sleeping. When mum knew that her girlfriends were coming to visit she never wiped her asshole; she always kept it greasy. That was because Mrs. Court liked licking it so much. "I like your dirt-chute very dirty," she once told mum just before she started licking it. "The dirtier the better." That's when I started to make sure that my asshole was always dirty. I figured that girls who liked licking assholes probably liked licking dirty assholes the most. I made sure that mine was always smelly and filthy - just in case someone decided to suck it.


                Mum brought a man home on New Year's Day. I hid in the closet and watched everything they did; it made my cunt wet and sticky. Mum showed the man her asshole and put on a show by stretching it open. She rolled around the bed with her legs spread and she buried her finger in it to show the man that she liked having her asshole filled (that's what it looked like, anyway). The man played with his penis while mum showed off. His penis was long and thick, a real fuck-pole. When mum was finished showing the man her shit-chute, the man jumped on top of mum and forced his fuck-pole deep into it. He then fucked it until he came. I didn't know what coming was back then, but I know now that that was why the man screamed a lot and started to shake. When the man pulled his cock out of mum's asshole, mum licked her juices off it and jerked it off until it got hard again. I felt, for the very first time, that I wanted to be fucked by a man, too. I wanted to know what having a man's fuck-pole inside my body would feel like. Mum drank the man's cum and rubbed some of it into her crack; the man liked her doing that and said something like: "I'd fancy knock you up."


                When the man was leaving the house, he passed my bedroom and stopped to look at me. I was lying on the bed in my dirty panties. I looked at the man and started to take my panties off for him; I wanted him to want to put his cock inside me. I showed the man my bum-crack, which was smaller than mum's, and pulled my cheeks apart to show him my anus - it was dirty and stinky. He smiled when he saw it and he sniffed the air, then he started to enter the room. Mum caught him staring at me. "Alright, show's over," she said as she took the man's hand, gave me a dirty look and walked him to the front door.


                When mum came back into the house, she walked into my bedroom and sat on the bed beside me. "What was all that about, Carrie?" she said. "Nothing," I replied. "You were showing him your bottom," mum said. "What were you doing that for?" I didn't know what to say. "I was just showing him how dirty my bum-hole is," I said shyly. Mum looked confused. "Why were you doing that?" I hesitated to provide an answer. I shrugged. "Boys like girls' bum-holes." Mum nodded, then she smiled. "So do girls." Mum looked down at my body. I hooked my finger under the hem of my panties, ready to pull them down. "Would you like to see it, too, mummy? Would you like to see my dirty bum-hole?" Mum nodded, then her gaze dropped to the bed. I slipped my panties down over my thighs and parked them between my knees. I lay on my back and opened my legs. I reached down and pulled my cheeks part. Mum saw my slit and asshole for the very first time; I hadn't wiped it at all that day, so it was very greasy and shitty looking. Mum smiled. "That's very pretty."


                Mum touched my hole with her pointy finger. "Do you mind?" she said. "I like 'em dirty."  I nodded. "I know. I watch you with the ladies sometimes." Mum pushed her finger into my asshole and left it in there. Our eyes met. "I know you do, sweetie. I sometimes think of licking your shit-hole when I'm licking theirs." Mum kept fingering me. "That feels great, mummy," I said.


                My sphincter tightened on mum's finger. Mum pulled her finger out and put it in her mouth. "Tastes good, too. I haven't tasted your shit since you were a baby."


                Instead of putting her finger back into my bottomhole, mum pulled my soft cheeks apart and began to lick my asshole. She licked inside it and around it as if it were a sweet. It felt so good that I suddenly wanted to pee. It made my whole body tingle. Mum poked her tongue around inside me for fifteen minutes and let me put my hands down the front of her panties. I touched her cunt for the first time. It was all sticky and squishy. It tasted salty on my fingers. It tasted delicious. My first cunt and it was mum's! Mmmm. "I came from there," I said to mum. "Yes, sweetie, you came from there after your daddy came IN there." Mum laughed; I laughed, too. "I want to have a baby one day," I said. "A little girl just like me." Mum nodded. "I'd like that, too. Perhaps we'll have to get you knocked-up when you're old enough." I nodded my head eagerly. "That'd be fun." Mum nodded in agreement. "Being knocked-up is lots of fun," she said. "Trying to get knocked-up is even better."


                Later that night, I hopped into bed with mum for the first time in years. "I used to love getting drunk and fucking lots of guys at parties," mum told me as we laid in the dark together. "When I was fourteen, every guy wanted to get into me. I never asked them to wear condoms, so they always wanted to fuck me. One night I fucked twenty boys and a few of their fathers. They fucked my cunt and my asshole; I didn't care where they put their cocks. I just wanted them inside me. I wanted their sperm. When I fell pregnant I didn't even know who the father was."


                "Was I the baby?"


                "No, petal." Mum squeezed my hand. "That was ten years later. I had an abortion back then, back when I was thirteen. That's the great thing about abortion. You can fuck all you want and get rid of the baby if you don't want it. It's better than contraception and lots more fun."


                Mum turned over and started to poke at my bottomhole. I raised my leg to give her greater access. She inserted her finger inside me, then she kissed my neck. I angled my face towards her and allowed her to kiss me on the lips. It was a long, beautiful kiss. I wanted mum so badly. I sucked mum's tongue into my mouth and licked it slowly. Mum's finger traveled all the way up my rectum. "You like that, sweetie?" she asked. "Yes," I sighed. "It feels funny, but it feels good." Mum began to pull her finger out of me. "That's what a cock feels like in your asshole," she said. "Only difference is it doesn't stay hard like a finger."


                Mum giggled and began kissing me again. "Mummy, can I put my finger in your bum-hole, too?" Mum pushed her finger back inside me. "Sure, sweetie. I'd like that. Why don't I make it easy for you?"


                Mum removed her finger from my asshole, then, turning away from me, she lifted a leg over my face and squatted over my mouth. She lowered her bottom onto my face until I could almost lick her bum-hole. "Why don't you give it a lick, sweetie?" she smiled. I hesitated. I was nervous. I'd dreamed about licking mum's and Mrs. Court's assholes, but I never thought I'd really get to do it. Suddenly, mum's hairless, pink, greasy asshole was an inch from my face. I could feel its heat. I could smell it. "Go on, Carrie, kiss it like you just kissed me on the mouth." That helped me to get my head around what I was about to do. That was how I could lick mum. I could kiss her asshole. I could pretend I was kissing her mouth. Afterall, mum's asshole did look like a mouth up so close. How hard could it be?


                I placed a hand on each side of mum's cheeks and, taking a big sniff, I opened my mouth and placed it completely over mum's furnace-like anus. Almost immediately, mum let out a cry of pleasure and sat hard on my face. This meant that her asshole was pushed hard up against my mouth. All I could do was kiss it. And since I liked kissing with tongues, I moistened up my own tongue and slipped into it into mum's greasy shit-hole, the greasiest and tastiest shit-hole I ever tasted.


                It was amazing; it was so hot inside mum's asshole and the flavor was delicious. Mum moaned loudly as I licked her and began to move up and down on my face. I felt suffocated and I had trouble breathing at first, but it didn't seem to matter. Licking mum's steaming, stinky shit-chute was what  mattered most. Licking ass-juice and kissing the muscle around mum's anus. Although I'd seen mum licking and kissing lots of assholes, nothing compared to having one to lick myself. The wetness from mum's ass and cunt, too, smeared my face and made my mouth smell like the inside of her asshole. The only thing I could compare it to was the thrill of smelling mum's underwear and her friends' underwear - except licking an asshole properly was much better because the taste and smell were stronger. I didn't want to stop licking mum once I'd started. It seemed so natural to lick her; it was natural because I'd been made inside her and I'd come out of her when I was a baby.


                I licked mum's cunt, too, because it was where I had come from. As I sucked and tongued mum's vagina, it was strange to think that I had once lived inside her. I liked the smell and taste of my first home. I liked the way mum's cunt looked; I liked the way her lips came together and formed a beautiful, pear-like organ. I felt grateful to mum that she'd allowed me to grow inside her. I felt grateful to mum that she'd given birth to me and given me a good life. I felt grateful to mum when, without warning, she began to pee. Though it started as a trickle, it quickly became a torrent that splashed my face and filled my mouth and nostrils. I pushed my face as far up between mum's legs as I could as the piss rushed out. I wanted to catch it all in my mouth. I wanted to drink it. I wanted to taste every part of mum, every part of where I had come from.


                The shit came next. Again, without warning. A single, thick, curly log that emerged slowly from mum's poo-chute and dropped downwards towards my face. Smelling it before I saw it, I pulled my tongue out of mum's steaming piss-stream and looked up to see mum's shit almost on top of me. I angled my head back quickly and opened my mouth to catch it, then I packed it into my mouth and ate my way up it, swallowing it as I went, until my mouth was fully covering mum's dirty anus and the shit was going directly into my mouth and down my throat into my tummy. I licked and cleaned mum's hole once she finished shitting. In return, mum reached down and played with my cunt and asshole until we both were too tired to continue. We hit the shower at 3.33 am and were asleep ten minutes later.


                That night changed everything.


                No longer did I wipe my asshole after I shitted. Mum now licked it clean every time. No longer did I sleep alone. I slept between mum's warm thighs most nights (when she wasn't being raped by a man she'd met at the bar down the street). No longer did I wake in fright thirsty and irritated. Nights were spent drinking hot piss from mum's cunt and playing with her feces under the covers. We played with each other's feces and ate each other's feces almost every night. I loved smearing them on my clit and mum loved taking my shit and cramming it into her own asshole. Mum also encouraged me to eat directly from her anus and spread her feces up and down my own ass-crack.


                Mum and I also had pee-staining parties. We'd lie in bed with our legs spread wearing white panties. Mum would say "Now!" and we'd both start pissing. Big pee stains would appear on our crotches. The one with the biggest pee-stain would win and would get to shit in the other's mouth.


                I started to molest the other girls at school in the toilets. Most girls were eager to learn what two girls could do together. I had a friend named Rose; she was a year younger than me. At lunch time we would lock ourselves in a cubicle and explore each other's cunts. I liked showing my cunt to the prep girls when they came in to take a piss. I'd bend over and spread my ass-cheeks in front of them. I'd give them a good view of my shitter and pisser, then I'd grab them and hold them while Rose finger-fucked their tender openings. After molesting them I'd shit into my hand and put the shit down the front of Rose's panties. I'd rub it into her slit and kiss her hard on the mouth.


                Once a teacher caught us licking a first year girl's delicious asshole. The girl's name was Alice and she was my favorite. She loved to shit for us. She loved letting us clean her asshole with our tongues. When the teacher caught us licking Alice, she threatened to tell the headmaster about us. "We'll lick your asshole, too, if you don't tell anybody," Rose told the teacher. The next day the teacher joined us in the toilet cubicle at lunch time. She took off our panties and kissed our cunts; then she sat on the toilet and shitted while I straddled her and sucked her tongue. Rose played with her shit as it came out. I sucked Rose's fingers and then said to the teacher: "Stand up and bend over, Miss Brack." Miss Brack, who was very cute and tall, stood up and bent forward to touch her toes. I knelt on the floor behind her and stuck my face in her ass crack; it was stinky and hot and I couldn't wait to taste it. I stuck out my tongue and pushed the tip through Miss Brack's muddy asshole until my tongue was right up her back passage. Then I started to suck her shit out as Rose fingered my cunt and asshole.


                Miss Brack never bothered us after that.


                When I was twelve mum invited me to join the daisy chain she had every week with Mrs. Court and Mrs. Jansen. I made sure that the asshole in my face belonged to Mrs. Court because I had always liked her the most. As I ate her opening and slipped most of my fingers into her pregnant baby-hole, Mrs. Court began to shit into my mouth. Taking her cue, I then began to shit into mum's mouth. Mum, of course, began to shit into Mrs. Jansen's mouth and Mrs. Jansen gave Mrs. Court her stinky "gift". We all chewed the shit and swallowed it until it was warm in our belly's. I cleaned Mrs. Court's shitty opening and wondered what cum would taste like after it had been in Mrs. Court's cunt or asshole for a while. Mrs. Court was pregnant because she'd let a dozen local boys unload inside her on three Friday nights in a row. Most of them were my age - about twelve. She had a husband, but she didn't care about him anymore; she only cared about fucking and getting knocked-up.


                I'm going to start fucking very soon. I'm going to try and get knocked-up and have babies. Then, mum and I will have babies to suck and fuck. All I want now is to eat shit from older lady's assholes, get fucked (or better, raped) by boys and clean Mrs. Court's anus whenever it gets dirty.


                Mum says I'm a woman now. That means I always get what I want.