Twelve Year Old Cindy's First Shit Orgy


Written by Phoenix Rising




                When Matt and Karen met each other at a swingers party thirteen years ago, they both realized that they had found a kindred spirit in the other.  No matter how depraved the sexual act, both kinky swingers found that they would enjoy it.  Being both exhibitionists and voyeurs the couple found themselves pushing each other into yet deeper realms of perversion.  And they loved it!


                It wasn't long after they met, that they were married.  They had two receptions.  One for the family and one for their swinging friends.  The swingers party they threw was one for the legends.  It was on this night that Karen got pregnant.   When she gave birth, the baby looked a lot like a cross between Matt and Karen, but every man at that party felt a little bit like it might be theirs.  Little Cindy never lacked for caring uncles and aunts.


                As time went on, Cindy's parents found themselves being pulled more and more into the extreme ends of swinging.  They found a small band of enthusiasts that went in for things like bondage, golden showers and even shit play.  Over the past several years, this group would get together several times a year and have a party.  Some had a theme, some were just anything goes, but they had their rules.  Everything must be consensual, nobody got hurt and nobody talked about what went on with outsiders.


                When Cindy turned nine, she was growing up to be a knockout gorgeous young woman.  In fact, she was a carbon copy of her mother at the same age.  Long willowy limbs, just a hint of the feminine shape to come and long brown hair, cascading down her back.  Her face held an intelligence and curiosity that was a mirror of her inner mind.  And, apparently, she had inherited her parents sex drive.  Even at the age of nine, she was continually fondling herself.


                Her parents found themselves constantly aroused, watching their daughter masturbate as she lay on the floor watching television.  She would put her hands on her mound and hump her hips, totally oblivious to the effect she was having on her parents.  Several times, they walked in on her as she played with herself in the bathroom, either in the tub or while sitting on the toilet.  Karen had a talk with her, telling her that it was ok to play with herself, but not to do it outside of the house.  It just wasn't polite to do it.  As far as they knew, she kept her diddling to the house.


                Karen had thought about telling her to only do it in the bedroom, but then, that went against her own personal philosophy about sex.  There wasn't anything to be ashamed of, in fact, sex was downright fun, and meant to be shared.  The thought stunned the woman!  Of course, sex should be shared.  That's exactly what her daughter was doing!


                That night, Cindy was laying on the floor in her night gown, watching some bland sitcom, while Matt and Karen were snuggled up on the loveseat.  Matt was reading the latest news weekly and Karen was trying to get into the latest novel.  Looking up, Karen realized that her daughter had started to play with herself, using her favorite method.  Karen watched the youngster masturbate for a few minutes, when she noticed that Matt, too, was closely watching his daughter.  Looking at his lap, Karen saw the growing cock of her husband.


                Quietly setting her book down, she reached over and pulled the zipper down on her shocked husbands pants.  His eyes were like saucers as she reached into his bikini briefs, pulling the erect cock out into the open.  She grasped it with her fist and began to slide her hand up and down the shaft.  He turned to face his wife with a questioning look, but she merely put her finger to her lips and continued to fist his cock.  He noticed that her gaze kept returning to little Cindy, as she lay on the floor masturbating.


                The thought that she was fisting Matt's cock, while her daughter masturbated only a few feet away had Karen's pussy soaking wet.  She could feel her panties getting very wet and her clit felt hard as a rock.  She shoved her other hand down her shorts to slide in under her panties and finger her slit.


                Cindy was on the floor, fondling herself, as she liked to do, her mind thinking of boys and kissing and being naked.  Her parents had told her all about sex, but it remained an abstract idea.  She liked the feeling of being naked and the thought of kissing boys made her cunny tingle.  As she thought about being naked, she heard a strange sound coming from the couch.  Her mom left out a soft moan.  Turning to look, the young girl was shocked to see her mother with her hand down her shorts, obviously playing with herself, while her other hand was wrapped about her dad's cock!  To little Cindy, it looked huge!  Then she realized that they were both watching her!


                As Cindy turned to face them, Matt's cock got even harder in his wife's stroking hand and Karen's cunt spasmed on her churning fingers.  Karen kept up fisting Matt's cock as the young girl got onto her hands and knees and crawled over to where they were sitting.  All the while, Cindy's eyes were locked onto her daddy's cock.


                "Mommy, what are you guys doing?  Why is daddy's penis so big?"


                Karen answered, "It's big, Baby, because your daddy is excited watching you touch yourself.  Remember when we told you about how babies are made?  A man's cock gets big like this when he wants to do sex play.  Just like a woman gets wet.  You were touching yourself just now, are you wet Baby?  Feel yourself and find out!"


                Cindy slowly pulled up her night gown, feeling all tingly to be doing it in front of her parents as they played with themselves.  As she raised the hem to her hips, she cupped her hairless mound with her palm and slid a finger into the tight opening.  She knew what she would find, she had touched herself too many times, not to.  She pulled out her wet finger, showing it to her parents.


                "Oh God, Baby, can I taste your finger?  Mommy wants to taste her little girl."  The horny woman leaned down, her mouth forming a tight O, as she took the little finger into her mouth.  "Ohh, that's marvelous.  You have to try it Matt!  Cindy, give your dad a taste!"


                Cindy was shocked by how good her mothers mouth felt on her finger.  She again dipped her small fingers into her wet crevice, eagerly holding them out for her father to lick clean.  Her young pussy had never felt so wet and aroused!  She realized that she wanted to see her parents, especially, her daddy, naked!  She felt a twinge in her young cunt at the thought.


                While her father licked at her fingers, the young girl asked, "Are you guys going to have sex now?  Can I watch?"


                Matt moaned in lust at the request.  Karen squeezed his cock so hard it hurt, as she stared at her daughter, her mind in turmoil.  Should they take the next step?  She knew she wanted to, but her daughter was so young, so innocent.  And that was a great turn-on she realized!  She reached out to her daughter, pulling the nightie off, over her head, leaving her kneeling before them, stark naked.


                Looking at her husband, she stood and began to strip.  Matt was only seconds behind her.  Once the horny parents were naked, they sat back down on the love seat, with Karen resuming Matt's hand job.  A blob of precum oozed out of the hard cock and she used her thumb to rub it around on the sensitive head, causing Matt to moan.  She noticed that her daughters eyes were locked onto the thick stalk.


                "Honey, would you like to touch your daddy's cock?  It's ok if you want to.  Just slide your hand on it like I am.  I'm sure your dad would enjoy it!  Right Matt?"


                Matt nodded, barely able to speak.  He had done many perverse things over the years, but he had never considered having sex with a child, or with incest, for that matter.  Now he was about to do both and the thought had him turned on!  As his daughter reached for his cock, it felt as if it would burst from the pressure.  Then her small hand made contact!


                "Ohh God! Cindy, that feels so good!  Oh yah, just like that!"  He watched her small hand jack on his cock, not even noticing his wife get off of the couch to kneel next to their daughter.


                Karen knelt by the young girl, watching her stroke the hard cock.  The sight of that small hand on an adult cock was intensely arousing for her as well.  She put her arm around her daughter, pressing her breast into the girls back.  She fondled the girls flat chest and smooth, hard stomach, tracing her fingers down into her hairless mound.  Cindy's slim hips pushed forward, silently begging her mother to touch her between her legs.  As Karen slipped a finger into the smooth slit, Cindy moaned at the touch.


                Encouraged, the horny mother slid a finger into the virgin pussy, feeling the tight, wet heat.  Pulling her finger out, she ran the slimy digit over the girls clit, smiling when Cindy bucked her hips.  She kept massaging the tiny clit, watching the girls face as the nine year old felt pure lust for the first time.  Cindy's mouth was open as she began to breath deeply, her eyes were locked on the hand job she was giving her father and her slender hips were starting to hump the probing finger.


                Karen realized that Matt was close to cumming.  His hips were writhing on the couch.  She could see the muscles in his calves and thighs contracting, his breathing was getting labored and he had a glazed look on his face as he took in the sight of his nine year old daughter fisting his cock while her mother fondled her hairless sex.


                She spoke quietly, but urgently into her daughters ear, "Remember when we talked about sex and the man shooting sperm?  Your daddy's about to shoot some sperm, so make your hand go faster on his cock.  Ok, Honey?  You'll make him feel really good, I promise you."


                As Cindy sped up the motion of her hand, so did her mother as she played with the young girls sex parts.  The little girl had never felt anything like what was happening to her!  The feelings just got better and better!   She could feel her little pussy leaking fluid more than she had ever felt before and her nipples felt tingly as well.  Her hips were rocking on her mom's fingers and she couldn't control them!  Nor did she want to!


                As Cindy's hand stroked his cock ever faster, Matt felt the first signs of impending orgasm.  "Ok, Cindy!  You're gonna make Daddy shoot!  Here it comes!   AAAARRRRGH!  SHIIIIIT!"  Spurt after spurt shot into the air.  The first dropped back onto Matt's broad chest, the next fell back onto his hard stomach, the third landing on Cindy's wrist.  She kept up a frantic pumping as the cock sprayed, sending the remaining drops all over Matt, the couch and her own smooth chest.


                As the young girl felt hot sperm for the first time, her young cunt contracted, sending her into her very first cum!  Her hips bucked and her head fell forward as her body convulsed.  She left out a wail as the cum hit her.  Karen continued to massage her daughters clit, helping her milk the last drop out of her orgasm.  As she came down, she rested her head on her fathers thigh, still grasping the now softening, sperm coated cock.


                Karen stood up, running her hands through her now sloppy gash.  "I've gotta cum.  Now!  Matt, please eat me!"  She threw herself down on the couch, spreading her legs, frantically mashing her hard clit.


                Matt gently pulled his daughter up onto the couch, next to the horny woman, then knelt down in front of her wide spread sex.  Winking up at his daughter, he leaned in and began his oral assault.  He was well practiced at oral sex and after all these years, he knew exactly how to push all of Karen's buttons.  In no time at all, he had Karen screaming out her release, as she hugged her naked daughter to her.


                Later that night, the two parents showed their daughter all about oral sex, bringing the young girl to another huge orgasm and finally, Matt took her virginity, while his wife masturbated alongside.  Cindy loved sex and was often found in her parents bed, enjoying all the delights they could teach her.


                The uninhibited couple had many sex toys and took great delight in showing their daughter how to use them.  They opened up their porn collection to the child and she watched countless hours of porn after school, while she masturbated.  Frequently, the couple would come home from work to find the young girl spread eagle, watching a video, with a group of toys surrounding her.  She would look up, begging them to fuck her.  Of course, she almost always got her wish.


                As the years progressed, Cindy developed into a real sexual expert.  She even got to join in, occasionally, when her parents did a bit of swinging.  There were a few "uncles" and "aunts" that were more than willing, and trustworthy enough, to enjoy having a young girl join in the festivities.  Cindy too, enjoyed all facets of sex, but she seemed to like her sex as dirty as she could get it.  It was when she turned eleven that she found her parents stash of golden shower and shit movies.  It would forever change her life.


                Her first reaction was shock that her parents would own something like this, but then, she knew her parents didn't have many boundaries when it came to sex.  She felt repelled by the pictures on the box of people pissing on each other, or in each others mouths, of shitting on someone, or even in someone's mouth!  She put the boxes back, and pulled out a gangbang movie that was one of her favorites.  She liked to imagine that she was the center of a gangbang, getting to feel all of those big, hard cocks and feeling all of that hot sperm covering her body.  She grabbed a few of her favorite sex toys and turned on the tv.


                Over the next few days, she kept thinking about those disgusting videos she had found, especially when she had to go to the bathroom.  She realized that every time she thought about the pictures on the cover, she got excited!  Even now, as she thought about it, she was getting wet!  She resolved that as soon as she got home, she was going to watch one, then she could get them out of her mind.


                That afternoon, she grabbed a couple of videos and put the first into the player.  It had the title of  "Pissing Afternoon".  The movie was a German import, her parents had quite a few of them and it began with coming attractions of other movies in the same line.  As the young girl watched, she got naked and settled in on her parents bed.  Scene after scene of people pissing passed by and all of them seemed to be enjoying themselves.  She hit fast forward to get to the first scene of the movie.


                A young couple was necking in what looked like a pool area.  They were naked and fondling each other, when a beautiful, full figured brunette walked into the picture.  They obviously knew each other as the brunette began to strip and talk with the naked couple.  She joined them on the lawn chair and started to make out with both the man and woman.  So far, this was pretty normal sex and the jaded youngster hit fast forward to see what the pissing was all about.


                Not much farther in, the brunette was laying back in the lawn chair and the first woman, a tall, striking blonde had her crotch on the brunette's face.  The brunette had an expectant look on her face and was holding her mouth open.  Soon, the blonde began to piss into her mouth.  As she did, the brunette began to finger her hairy pussy with one hand, while she held her tits up to have the piss fall out of her mouth onto her chest.  It ran down between her ample breasts, to trickle through her pubic hair and busy fingers.  She closed her mouth and SWALLOWED the piss she was holding there.


                The man walked up to the side of the brunette, holding his cock, and started to piss, adding to the stream pouring down her chest.  He aimed his cock for the pissing cunt of the blonde, spraying the inside of her thighs and cunt with his piss.  Both women had huge smiles on their faces as they pissed, or were pissed on.  When they were done pissing, the man jacked off into their mouths, as the two women kissed and licked the piss off of each other.


                Cindy realized that her cunt was steaming!  This stuff turned her on.  It was so perverse, so dirty!  She fast forwarded to another scene.  This involved four women pissing on each other in a doctors office.  One was on an examination table, with her legs spread wide, her feet in the stirrups.  She was pissing onto a red haired woman sitting below her on the floor.  She was alternately drinking the piss fountain and rubbing it over her chest and crotch.  The other two women were standing on either side of the table, fondling the pissing woman and kissing her breasts and nipples.  One of these women was a tall, exotic, dark haired beauty.


                She crawled up onto the table, straddling the prone woman and began to piss, aiming her stream for the woman on the floor.  As her piss sprayed out, she moved her hips back and forth, to cover the woman she was crouching over and the woman on the floor.  As she pissed, her head rocked back in ecstasy, one finger mashing on her clit.


                The remaining woman, standing to one side, now came around to the foot of the exam table.  Her stockinged legs staddling the redhead on the floor, she put her face into the stream of the exotic beauty and began to eat her pussy as she pissed.  While she did this, she left loose with her own torrent of piss, covering the redhead with her urine.  Cindy watched the woman's stockings getting soaked with piss, holding the pee next to her skin.   Cindy's thoroughly aroused pussy was clutching at her probing fingers, soaking them with her own sex lubricant.  The girl sniffed her finger, pretending it was piss, feeling her young cunt spasm at the thought.


                She kept fast forwarding through the tape, taking in scene after scene of people enjoying sex and pissing.  She finally came, when in the last scene, there was a piss orgy, involving about a dozen people.  They were all pissing on a threesome, involving two men having sex with the exotic dark haired beauty.  One man was fucking her in the cunt, the other was up her ass, while she was sandwiched in the middle.


                Cindy could tell by the expression on the woman's face, she was in heaven.  She was drinking the piss being sprayed down on them, while shoving her ass back into the two mammoth cocks spearing her holes.  She moaned as the redhead stepped up and began to piss directly into her face.  She drank as much as she could, the rest pouring out of her mouth to fall onto the face and chest of the man below her.  He too, was drinking the piss with great enthusiasm.


                The man in her ass, suddenly screamed, "Mein, Gott!  Ich Cumma!"  He pulled out and shot a huge load on her ass, the sperm dripping into the gaping ass hole and dropping down to coat the balls of the guy rutting underneath.


                The man fucking her in her cunt, pulled out, spraying cum over her ass and back, frantically jacking on his huge organ.  All the while, piss rained down on the group.  A short, dark haired woman dipped her head down, licking up the sauce of piss and cum.  She turned to the camera, licking her sperm coated lips.  Little Cindy's hips heaved as her cum erupted.  Her whole body convulsed as the orgasm raged through her, leaving her spent and breathless.


                She rewound the tape, to give herself time to come down from her explosive orgasm.  She was incredibly surprised how that tape turned her on.  She was sure she was going to watch a few minutes worth and put it back.  Instead, she had one of the biggest cums she'd had in quite some time.  She decided she would watch a shitting tape, just to see what it was about.


                It was another German tape.  "Boy, those German's must be some kinky people," she thought.  It was tape number two in a series and it was set in a restaurant.  Four very good looking women were sitting at a table.  There were two men at another table nearby.  The chef walked in and introduced himself to the group of women.  They all ordered.  The camera went back to the kitchen, where the staff, all good looking women wearing waitress outfits, with very short skirts and garter belts with very tall heels, was set to prepare the menu.


                One by one, they hiked up their skirts and shit onto a plate that the chef held.  Once they had all taken a dump, he piled some fruit on each plate, then a waitress took them out to the waiting women.  After she had served them, she stood next to the table and talked with her guests.  Cindy figured it must be sexy talk, because she soon began to finger her pussy under her skirt.


                One of the women seated at the table motioned for the waitress to climb up onto the table.  The customer sitting next to the waitress, stood up and helped her take off her uniform, leaving her in her garter belt, stockings and heels.  She got up onto the table, laying on her back.  Now, all of the women seated at the table stood, taking off their clothes as well.  Once naked, the first woman crawled up onto the table to squat over the chest of the waitress, her puckered ass plainly visible to the camera.  As the camera zoomed in, Cindy was treated to the sight of the pucker slowly opening and a turd inching out.


                She had never seen anything like it before and instead of being repulsed, she found herself intensely aroused!  She held her breath as she waited for the inevitable.  The shit extended out a few inches, then dropped onto the waitresses heaving chest.  A few more pieces of shit followed, leaving a small pile heaped between her breasts.  As the woman stepped back off of the waitress, the other women began to smear the foul leavings over her breasts, stomach and legs.  Some spread the excrement over themselves, and each other as well.  Another woman got up, crouching over the waitress.  This time, she shit onto the woman's face, causing the other women to moan and increase their frenzied spreading of the shit.


                Cindy had never seen such depravity!  She began to frig on her clit, her eyes glued to the television.


                On screen, yet another woman was shitting on the waitress.  This time, she was aiming for the woman's cunt.  The long, brown log, the consistency of soft serve, drooled down over the woman's pubic hair, covering her inflamed pussy lips.  A hand reached into the picture, rubbing and mashing the shit into the woman's aroused crotch.  The hand began to shove two shit-coated fingers in and out of the messy cunt.


                A tall, thin man that had been sitting at the other table came over, stripping as he walked.  He stood between the waitresses widespread legs, fisting his thick, hard cock.  One of the shit covered women came over and began to give him a blowjob.  She smeared a handful of shit onto his dick, jacking him off with a shit lube.  Once his cock was thoroughly soiled, she resumed her oral ministrations.  Watching, Cindy felt nauseous, but still totally turned on, impatient to see what would come next.


                Satisfied that she had the man aroused enough, she stopped sucking on the "chocolate" coated cock.  She grabbed another handful of shit, to recover what her sucking mouth had removed, them pushed him into the waitresses waiting cunt.  As his shit covered cock speared her equally shit filled cunt, the four women diners all grabbed their pussies and stood around the table masturbating.  The man picked up the waitresses shit covered hips and began to fuck her with animal intensity.


                Her head flew from side to side, she grabbed her shit stained tits and mauled them, screaming like an animal.  One of the watching women, crouched down, shitting on the floor, as she masturbated.  She picked up a handful of her own turds and mashed them into her cunt, screaming out her cum as she did.  One by one, the other women came, clutching their soiled sex parts with equally soiled hands.


                The man yelled something in German, then pulled his dick out and sprayed his cum all over the stomach of the shit covered waitress.  He pumped his cock for all he was worth, bellowing out his orgasm.  She rubbed his sperm into the mess already coating her body, her face a mask of lust.  Once he stopped cumming, the man lay down on the waitresses excrement covered body, covering it with his.  They exchanged a long, kiss, sharing the shit coating her lips.


                Cindy came again, in a shattering orgasm.  This was as big a cum as the first, just minutes ago.  She knew this was a side of her she just had to explore.  As she rewound the tape, she found herself thinking of ways she could play with her piss or shit.  The young girl still wasn't too sure she could actually do something like she just watched, but the thought intrigued the hell out of her.


                She put the videos back where she found them, and found herself wandering into the bathroom.  The thought of what she was about to do, had her still at a fever pitch of lust.  She locked the door, something that was virtually unheard of in her house.  Turning to the mirror, she looked at the naked body, noticing how her aroused cunt was leaking cream down her thighs.


                Looking in the mirror gave Cindy an idea.  She hopped up on the counter, her feet straddling the sink as she squatted,  her pussy facing the mirror.  Her hairless lips were swollen and her pussy was spread wide and bright pink as she looked at her reflection in the mirror.  She used her fingers to probe her very aroused cunt, loving the feel of her hand job, and excited to watch herself do it, only inches from the mirror.  She looked up, making eye contact with herself.  It thrilled the youngster to think of the depravity she was about to try!


                Spreading wide her labia, she relaxed her sphincter, and watched herself start to piss.  The stream landed in the sink with a soft hiss and as it began to gain volume, the piss angled higher, spraying against the mirror.  Cindy gave a gasp as she saw herself pissing in the reflection.  She put a hand into the stream, coating her fingers.  She looked down at her hand playing in the pee, then brought her hand up to her lips.  She hesitated for just a second, before plunging her fingers into her waiting mouth.


                It had a slightly bitter, salty taste, certainly no worse than eating sperm.  She had eaten enough sperm over the past two years to know that the turn on was far greater than the lack of eating quality.  She dipped her palm into the flow to capture more of the gushing piss.  She carefully drank the larger sample, realizing that the taste wasn't all that bad.  Her hand returned to her pissing cunt, to rub at her aroused sex.  The piss sprayed out, covering her calves and upper thighs with hot liquid, arousing the youngster even more!  As her pee trickled to a stop, Cindy was aflame with lust.


                She just tasted her first drink of piss and was about to embark on an even darker journey.  She moved down the counter a few feet, so that her ass was over the counter, not a sink and crouched down.  She wrapped her arms around her knees for support and leaning forward to get a better view, then she bore down on her bowels.  As she felt her sphincter opening, her cunt spasmed at the thought of what she was doing!  She watched the turd emerge from her hairless ass, slowly growing longer, eventually dropping onto the white counter top with a plop.


                Her cunt was leaking cream so heavily, it was dripping onto the counter top, not willing to let her ass do the work alone.  Another glop of shit soft-serve landed on top of the other.  The smell was pungent and earthy.  Her pussy, already in a maximum state of arousal, throbbed.  Crouched as she was, with her legs and cunt spread wide, Cindy reached under her ass, to actually touch, her own shit.  She began to frig her cunt with one hand, while the other dove under to explore her leavings.  As her fingers touched the hot, soft pile, she gasped and began to groan.  She picked up a dollop on her fingers, bringing them up in front of her face as she frantically masturbated.  She brought her fingers up to her nose and took a delicate sniff.  She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, looking at her reflection in the mirror.


                She watched, partly in horror and partly in lust as her fingers brought the piece of shit to her mouth, all the while her other hand was stabbing two fingers in and out of her cunt, moving in a blur.  Then, it happened.  The shitty fingers and her tongue made contact, sending her pussy into another massive orgasm!  As her cum hit her, she shoved her poop covered hand down to smear her cumming cunt with the hot shit.  The feel of steaming shit on her hairless cunt, kept her cum going strong, her vision narrowed down to the view of the pile of excrement between her legs..  The cream was pouring out of her pussy, drooling down her frigging fingers.  She kept up massaging her sex, milking as much out of the cum as she could.


                It took Cindy quite a while to clean up the mess and to give herself a shower, but in the end, she knew it was definitely something she was going to do again.  And she also wanted to find out how far her mom and dad went into piss and shit games.  She figured that they might really get kinky together.  Little did she know how far they would go.



orgasm happened when she actually brought a sample of shit to her mouth and tasted it!


Part 2


Phoenix Rising



                After Cindy had watched the videos of pissing and shitting, she had gotten so turned on, that she went into the master bath and had continued to explore piss and shit games.  She masturbated, while watching herself piss and shit in the mirror.  Her final, massive

                Over the next several month, several things happened.  Her breasts began to grow.  At first, they were just tiny, hard little knots, but as the months passed, they began to form small cones on her otherwise flat chest.  She was very proud of them and loved to show them off.  While she was excited to get her first real bra, she often went without it, enjoying the feeling she got when men, boys and the occasional woman would look at her chest.


                The other thing that happened was that she got more into shit and piss play.  She would often grab a video that had pissing or shitting games, masturbate herself to an incredible orgasm, then go into the bathroom for more solo fun.  Many times, she was so horny after these games, that she would practically rape the first parent to walk through the door.  She figured that her parents must be turned on by this type of activity, since they had dozens of tapes.  True, they were all buried in the back of their vast collection, but there were enough to convince the girl she was on to something.  The trick was how to find out.


                A plan worked itself out in her perverted eleven year old mind.  She decided to put it to work the next weekend.  She knew her mom and dad didn't have any plans, so if she played her cards right, they would all be having some incredibly perverted sex on Friday night.  She made sure that she was busy all week, so that she couldn't have sex until then.  Cindy also made sure that she had eaten quite well for supper Thursday night and had a big breakfast the next morning.


                Gym class was the last class of the week, and the young girl could barely finish.  Her bowels were so bloated, from the need to shit, she kept farting, causing riotous laughter from some of her classmates.  She hurriedly showered and hopped on her bike, farting all the way home.


                She ate a light supper, barely able to keep from running to the bathroom to take a massive dump.  Fortunately, her willpower was strong enough to get her to the evening.  If her parents were as horny as she was, Cindy figured she wouldn't have to wait much longer, anyway.  Cindy was right!


                After the dishes were in the dishwasher, Matt and Karen settled down on the loveseat, where young Cindy's sex education began two years earlier.  She ran up to her parents, jumping into her mothers lap, kissing her full on the lips, her small hands rubbing her mothers ample breasts.  In just moments, her mother was running her hands over the small girls taut ass, moaning into her mouth.


                Matt moved his hips to adjust his growing cock.  He too, reached out a hand and began to fondle his young daughter.  As the two women petted heavily, Matt pulled his hard cock out of his pants and stroked it.  He never tired of watching the older woman and young girl make love.  And so far, they never seemed to tire of his hard cock.


                Cindy broke the kiss she was exchanging with her mother, "Oh, mommy, let's do a sixty nine!  We haven't done that in a while.  Then daddy can fuck my ass.  Ohhh, let's mom.  Wanna?"


                Karen's grin went from ear to ear.  She just loved the way the young girl felt as she lay on top in the sixty nine position.  She was an experienced bisexual, having had too many women to count, but the young girl was a completely different trip than having a adult woman.  Her slender young legs wrapped around her head as she slurped at the hairless pussy and now the feel of those delightful young boobies, just beginning to grow as they pressed into her stomach aroused her powerfully.  She stood up, took off her clothes and extended her hand to her daughter as she headed for the bedroom.


                Cindy got naked, as did Matt, and they all climbed onto the king size bed.  Cindy and her mother again started to fondle each other, taking pleasure in touching the other.  The girl and woman kissed hungrily, hands roaming the others body.  Matt sat off to one side, slowly stroking his large cock, enjoying the show.  Cindy started to lick and bite her mothers breasts, while her small hand found the woman's slit, fingering the moist opening.


                From where Matt was sitting, he could plainly see his daughters aroused cunt, her lips full, pink and wet.  He stuck out a finger, probing the wet crevice, getting a small grunt from Cindy as he did so.  Karen watched her husband finger her daughter with one hand, while he fisted his hard cock with the other.  His hand looked so large against her daughters slim, rounded butt.  She knew that when he cornholed the young girl, she would have her face just inches from the action.  His cock seemed way too large for the young girl, but experience had proved otherwise.  Cindy loved a cock in any hole!


                Karen was turned on at the thought of the perverted three way they were about to perform, so she pulled Cindy's slender legs over her head to get things started.  The girls vagina gaped wide, wet and totally hairless, begging for the woman's tongue.  She licked up the crevice, from Cindy's hard little clit, all the way past the crinkle of her ass hole, repeating the procedure over and over.


                Cindy, feeling her mothers tongue on her crotch, shoved two fingers into her mothers juicy cunt, lightly licking her clit.  The young girl shoved back with her pelvis to give her mother the perfect angle to eat her pussy.  Cindy was terribly turned on, knowing what she had planned.  She was sure her parents would be equally thrilled.  The smell of her mothers aroused cunt adding to her excitement.  She felt the bed move as her father crawled around behind her, knowing it was now only seconds before he shoved his big dick in her tiny, shit filled ass.


                Matt reached for a bottle of lube they always kept handy by the bed, spreading it thickly on his fingers.  He rubbed a goodly portion onto his cock, fisting it, until the whole organ was good and slimy.  He repeated the procedure on his daughters ass, sliding in first one, then two fingers, opening the passage for his large member.  Cindy's young ass was so tight, it took some probing to relax the hole enough for him to slip three fingers inside.  He looked down at his wife's face as she ate the girl and watched him prepare to bugger her.  Her eyes had a hunger as she took in his digital sodomy.


                The horny father moved up behind Cindy, until the head of his cock touched the puckered ass hole.  Cindy moaned as the hot tip made contact with her sensitive flesh.  As his large hands grabbed her slender hips, she felt her mother reach up and position her daddy's cock.  He slowly pushed forward, until the tip popped through the tight sphincter.  Cindy cried out with pain and pleasure as she felt the mammoth organ invade her bowels.


                Matt held still for a few seconds to let the young girls ass relax a bit.  He knew from past experience that Cindy would soon be screaming out her cum as he rammed into her ass without mercy, but for now, he needed to go slow to let her adjust.  Cindy took deep breaths to relax, helped by her mother licking at her cunt and soon, she was shoving back at her daddy's hard cock.  It felt so hard and hot in her ass.  The feeling of getting ass fucked, always turned on the little girl and this time, it was going to be even more perverted!


                Matt picked up the tempo as he sodomized his daughter, noticing an unmistakable smell as he did.  Looking down at his plunging prick, it was covered in shit!  If possible, it felt like his dick got even harder at the sight.  "Cindy, do you want to go to the bathroom first?  We can pick up where we left off if you want."


                Cindy just bucked her hips back at her dad even harder.  "God no!  Fuck my shitty ass.  I want you to cum in my shit.  Then when you do, I'll suck the shit right off of your cock!"


                Matt stopped moving for a second, in shock at what his daughter just said.  Karen, too, was in shock at her daughters perverted request.  Shocked, but very aroused!  She looked up at Matt, their eyes meeting, both grinning widely at each other.


                Matt couldn't take it.  His daughters request was just too filthy and perverted for him to stop now.  He began to slam into the girls ass like a pile driver, hammering away at her shit filled rectum.  With each stroke, his cock got a little bit messier, turning him on even more.  His breath started to come in ragged gasps as his lust built higher and higher.


                Karen was also in the throes of lust.  Her daughter had now inserted her small fist into her cunt as she licked her clit.  The feeling of being fisted and eaten by the girl, while watching her husband sodomize Cindy was overwhelming.  As his cock flew in and out of Cindy's ass, just inches from her face the rank smell of shit was exhilarating!


                Buried to the hilt in his daughters shit filled ass, Matt knew he was going to cum, and cum big.  He grabbed his daughter by the hips and smashed her against himself time after time as he approached his climax.  Her small body was being tossed around as he strained to cum in her excrement laden bowels.  Matt felt his sperm burst down the shaft and into his daughters filthy rectum.  He screamed as he came, "Cindy, I'm cumming in your ass, Baby, AWWWWW!  TAKE IT!  OHHHH SHIT, I'M cumming in your shit!   AHHHHHHH!"


                Cindy felt her fathers cock expand as he began to cum, spewing sperm into her bowels, mingling with the pile of excrement she'd been saving.  Her pussy was so aroused, it almost hurt to touch it.  After the ferocity of her fathers cum subsided, she renewed her assault on her mothers sex.


                Karen was beyond excited.  Watching her husband cum in her daughters young ass, as the girl begged him to cum in her shit had the woman on the verge of climax.  She would have, but Cindy had stopped sucking on her clit as Matt ravished the girl.  Now, Cindy was back licking her clit and fisting her cunt, putting the woman right on the edge of orgasm.  That's when Matt slowly pulled his now deflating dick out of Cindy's abused ass.


                As the tip popped free, a large dollop of gooey brown filth followed it, oozing down over the girls widespread cunt, dropping onto Karen's cheek.  As the shit made contact with her face, Karen's cunt went into convulsions, tightly gripping Cindy's fucking fist.  Her hips leapt from the bed as a crushing cum slammed into the woman.  No sound left her throat as her head rolled back and her pelvis arched up, her hips shaking in release.


                As Karen's orgasm subsided, Cindy pulled her greasy hand from her mothers pussy and licked off the creamy woman-cum.  Looking back at her parents, she giggled.  "I guess you didn't realize I'm a shit and piss lover, just like you guys, huh?"  She crawled off of her mother, kneeling between her legs, looking expectantly at her mom and dad.


                Matt tried to talk first.  "Cindy, where did you get the idea?  How?  I mean, wow, I never expected…"


                Cindy told them about finding the videos and her experiments the past several months.  She figured that they would be into it, if they had all of those videos, so she decided to find out.  Then she finished with, "And I still have a belly full of shit and cum, mom, how about I shit on you, then we can figure out what we want to do with it!"


                Karen was more than willing.  She scooted into the middle of the bed, looking hotly at her daughter.  She beckoned the girl to straddle her just below her tits, so that the girls cunt and ass were facing her mother and fathers intense gaze.  Matt's cock was already getting hard again at the thought of what his wife and daughter were about to do.  He fisted his shit covered cock while he watched Cindy squat down until her ass was just six inches from her mother's heaving chest.


                The young girl bore down and soon was rewarded by the feeling of her sphincter opening for the hot turd.  It was extremely soft, after being churned by her fathers pumping cock, so it poured out of her, the same consistency of pudding.  It was all the more thrilling for being mixed with her daddy's cum.  Cindy leaned back, putting her hands on her mothers thighs as she pushed out the massive dump onto her mothers chest and stomach.


                Matt and Karen were staring at Cindy's naked cunt and ass as she squatted down.  When the head of the turd emerged from the girls ass, both parents left out a gasp of lust at what was taking place.  Karen cried out when the hot, soft stool landed on her belly.  It coiled, forming a pile, then as Cindy shifted position, the shit trailed up onto her chest.    The last of the shit fell with a plop, right on Karen's left nipple, burning it with it's heat.


                Karen moaned, an animal sound, as she grabbed handfuls of her daughters excrement, rubbing it all over her body.  She slathered up her breasts with the brown mixture, then using both well soiled hands, dragged a lump down to her cunt, mashing it into her wet gash.  With two filthy fingers, she began to frig her cunt, rubbing the shit into her hard clit.


                Matt, reacting to the depravity before him, picked up a handful of his daughters shit from his wife's tits and used it as lube to fist his cock.  He had been part of some very perverted sex, but his daughter always seemed to be able to go to the limits and beyond, reveling in the extremes of sex.  He was very proud.


                When Cindy finished shitting, she stayed crouched over her mother, watching both of her parents go wild with the shit she had laid down.  Her young pussy throbbed with desire, eager to join them in this new perversion.  She sat her slick pussy down into the shit pile on her mothers stomach, rubbing her crotch back and forth in the brown goo.  She leaned forward, laying on her mothers filthy body to give her a kiss.  Mother and daughter kissed each other as their bodies luxuriated in the hot, creamy shit.  Sitting back up, her young body was now covered in its own layer of filth.  She grabbed her developing breasts, and watched her father jack off with her shit.


                "Why don't you put that somewhere daddy.  My pussy is nice and wet.  Maybe we can clean it off in there?  Of course, if you don't want to get it clean, maybe my little cunt is still a good place to put it."  Cindy picked up a handful of turds, then stepped over her mother, laying down on the bed, with her head on her mothers shit covered body.  She spread her slim legs wide apart to show her father her shit covered cunt, rubbing the handful she had just picked up into the soiled region.  Using two fingers, the horny little girl shoved some of the shit into her tight cunt.  Looking into her fathers eyes, she begged him to fuck her young, shit filled cunt.


                With a growl, Matt picked up his daughter by the hips and impaled her on his equally filthy organ.  He speared into her at a blistering rate, too far gone to do anything other than rut!  His strong arms held the young girl as his hips battered her immature sex.  Cindy's head rocked on her masturbating mother's stomach as Matt pounded into her cunt.  He threw his head back and bellowed, while his cock sprayed the young girls womb with his seed.  His large, shit covered cock spewed again and again as he came into his daughters filthy vagina.


                Cindy too, was cumming.  The past few days had her lust bottled up and the perverted sex she was now part of was causing her to cum continuously on her fathers rampaging dick.  A constant stream of creamy shit was leaking from her spasming pussy, coating her daddy's cock, as orgasm after orgasm rippled through the young girl.  She clawed at her small breasts, watching the shit covered cock slam into her over and over.  She felt and heard her mother cum, her body bouncing under her head.


                Several minutes later, as they all relaxed, Karen looked at her hands.  They were covered in shit and cum, as was most of the rest of her.  She noticed that her daughter and husband were equally shit stained.  Laughing, contentedly, she said, "You know, I just washed these sheets."


                Matt and Cindy both broke up with laughter, launching themselves onto Karen,  all of them rolling around on the bed.  Later, when they got up and were stripping the bed of the soiled fabric, Cindy said, "It's probably a good thing I didn't pee on anybody, or we'd all be sleeping on the floor!"


                Karen looked at Matt, then Cindy, "Well, let's get in the bathroom, I need to piss and we all need a shower anyway."


                Karen had to hurry to catch up with her husband and daughter.  They both needed to piss and thought Karen had an excellent idea.


                The next several months found Cindy getting more involved in kinky sex.  Her parents taught her about enemas, both getting and giving and the games you can play with them.  They invited Cindy to take part in a fourway with a friend of Karen's that enjoyed both watersports and young girls.  Cindy was the star of the show.


                One day, just weeks before Cindy turned twelve, Matt and Karen sat her down, with very serious looks on their faces.  "What's up, am I in trouble or something?"  She couldn't think of anything she had done wrong.


                "No Baby.  Your father and I have something to tell you.  If you're interested.  We talked it over with some of our friends, and there's going to be an orgy in a few weeks.  Since it's almost your birthday, we thought, if you want, for your present, we'd bring you with us."


                Cindy jumped into her mothers arms.  Burying her face in her mother's neck, she started to cry.  "That's so great.  I have the best parents in the world."


                Matt added, "And Cindy, this isn't just any old orgy.  This is one of a rare handful.  It's an anything goes orgy.  Shit, piss and bondage are what we mean.  There will be about a dozen adults there and you.  Anything goes, as long as it's consensual.  You can fuck anyone there, you can play piss or shit games.  These people are some of the kinkiest you will find.  They might even go too far for you.  If they do, it's ok.  Just have fun."


                Matt got a huge hug too.  Of course, to celebrate, they all ended up in the king sized bed.  It was a worthy celebration.


                For Cindy, the next three weeks took forever.  Her birthday party was ok, but she knew the real party was coming up in a few days and she couldn't wait.  Her parents were equally anxious to go to the orgy.  They looked forward to these events, as they were completely wide open.  They did and saw things there that would keep them horny for the next six months.  They were usually held on Friday nights, because it was too difficult to wait for Saturday night.  People had to work on Fridays and so were distracted enough to make it through the day.  Most ate a substantial meal on Thursday night and had a good breakfast to make sure there was an ample supply of ass fudge for the party, drinking lots of tea or lemonade on the trip over to supply the piss.  Cindy and her parents were no exception.


                After a light supper, Karen took Cindy into the bedroom to get dressed for the party.  She put a touch of makeup on the young girl and to accentuate just how young she really was, a very short plaid skirt, a white top, unbuttoned almost to her navel and long, white knee socks.  Cindy didn't wear a bra or panties.  She had to be careful how she moved or she would flash her hairless crotch or small titties.  Karen bought her a pair of strap-on heels that were about four inches high, giving the girl a very sluttish walk.  Cindy's hair went into a ponytail.  That way, it was out of the way for the messy play, but if Cindy wanted to get her hair dirty, she could easily undo it.


                Matt wore a pair of leather shorts that left little to the imagination and a leather vest, with lots of studs.  He wore a pair of boots, but figured he'd just leave them in the car, rather than have them get dirty.   Before he put on his shorts, he had Karen and Cindy insert a four inch butt plug up his ass.  For most of the ride over to the party, his hard-on was plainly visible.


                Karen went with a classic look.  A one piece knit dress in black with no bra, or panties.  She had a black garter and stocking set on underneath and a black pair of heels.  She was adjusting herself in the mirror when Matt and Cindy walked in.  She turned, and all three examined each other.  By the looks on their faces, Karen rightly assumed they were pleased with her outfit and she was raring to go!


                On the ride over, Karen and Cindy pulled up their dresses and played with themselves.  Cindy was thrilled to be in such a blatantly sexual situation.  This was to be her first official sex party!  Her mind was racing with the thoughts of what she might do there.  Her mother had to remind her several times to slow down, there would be plenty of sex play, so why waste it on a hand job in the back seat?


                When Matt pulled into the driveway, there were several cars there already.  Cindy practically flew out of the door and was sprinting up the steps when Karen told her to wait for her father.  He came running up shoeless, having left his boots in the car.  Karen rang the bell, putting her arm around her daughter as she waited.


                The door was opened by a tall, attractive woman named Nancy.  She was a friend of the family and she warmly greeted them and ushered them inside.  Standing in the foyer, was her husband, Ross, a powerfully built man in his early forties.  He came up to Karen and gave her a kiss while he groped her ass, then he stepped in front of Cindy, giving her a kiss while he cupped one of her small breasts.  Meanwhile, Nancy was Frenching with Matt as her hand caressed his leather covered cock.


                Cindy was disappointed to see they were wearing clothes and she said so.  They laughed, telling her that they could take their clothes off in one of the bedrooms.  Normally, the participants removed their clothes as the party got exciting, but in light of the festivities planned, the hosts had set aside one of the bedrooms for clothing.  They had their clothes on to greet people at the door.  There was one more couple to arrive and when they did, they would all join in the festivities downstairs in the family room.  There was plenty of beer, pop and lemonade in the kitchen, along with some snacks, have to keep those bladders full!


                After quickly disrobing, the family wandered downstairs.  Cindy had left her white knee socks and heels on and as she entered the room, she felt nervous and excited, not really sure what to expect.   When she saw what awaited her, her pussy creamed in arousal.  The entire room was covered in sheets of clear plastic, even the furniture.  A large screen television in one corner of the room was playing a shit video.  Scattered around the room were ten people, all naked, engaged in light petting and conversation.  Most of the men were sporting erections and the women showed their arousal with pointed nipples and wet thighs.


                Hanging in each corner of the room, was an enema bag, connected to a clear hose, dangling down, like some obscene sculpture.  Two of the hoses ended in a regular enema nozzle, but the other two had small dildo's on the end, through which the enema was delivered.  There were several buckets and the floor, with squeeze bulbs inside.


                Cindy quickly realized that every eye in the room was on her as she stood, staring at the enema bags.  Several of the men and a few of the women spread their legs and began to masturbate as the young girl made her entrance.  They were used to seeing some very disturbing sex taking place, but the idea of a preteen girl getting off on such perversity turned on many in this room.


                She took a seat between her mom and dad, automatically grabbing her fathers erect cock, stroking it as everyone introduced themselves.  A striking young woman in her early twenties asked them if they wanted anything to drink.  She brought Matt and Karen a beer and Cindy an iced tea.  She winked at the young girl, "Drink up!"  then went over to sit by a tall, thin man with a large cock.  She looked at Cindy, winked again and started to stroke his cock.


                Karen leaned down to Cindy, "She likes you.  I can tell you from past experience, she can eat a cunt with the best of them!   Her name is really something like Mary, but everyone here calls her Veronica, after the shit film star, because she loves to eat and play with shit!"


                Minutes later, a naked Nancy and Ross escorted the last couple down to the family room and introduced them to everyone present.  After a few minutes of pleasantries, the owners of the house, a middle aged couple, got up into the center of the room.  "In case you don't know, there's plenty of snacks and drink in the kitchen, just help yourself.  If the tape ends on the television, there's a whole stack of 'em, right on top, just pop another in.  No shitting or pissing anywhere but in this room, or the bathroom down the hall.  We can't afford new carpets after every party!"  There was general laughter at this remark.


                "We'd like to welcome our guest, young Cindy.  For those of you that don't know, she's Matt and Karen's daughter.  This is her first party, so be nice, although, from what Matt tells me, she could show us all a thing or two.  Now, to get things started, Nancy and Ross have asked if they could get the ball rolling.  I said, what the hell, so here they are, Nancy and Ross!"


                They padded out to the center of the family room to polite applause.  Ross looked around the room, his eyes stopping on young Cindy, for just a second, before he said, "Just to loosen everybody up, we thought we'd fuck around a little.  Also, to add to what Gene just said, there are a few boxes of toys scattered around, feel free to play with them too."


                Ross got onto his hands and knees, while Nancy dropped down behind him and began licking his ass.  She reached under him to fist his hard cock as her tongue wormed its way into his shit hole, meanwhile, working one finger into her juicy cunt as she worked on her husband.  After a few minutes of orally reaming his ass, she pulled her head back and using the finger she had buried up her pussy, slid it up his ass, causing him to groan.


                Cindy looked around the room, watching the reactions of the people there.  Most had now begun to get more serious about what they were doing.  The couple across from her was now on their hands and knees, watching the couple next to them masturbate.  The owners of the house were sitting off to the side, with the wife sitting on his erect cock.  They weren't fucking, just sitting like that, watching the show.  Cindy's cunt felt hot and it throbbed with desire as she watched the adults around her.


                Karen went over to where "Veronica" was sitting, fisting the tall man's cock.  They exchanged a few words, then Karen knelt down in front of the man and began to suck the tip of his cock while Veronica fisted the shaft.  Karen, who still wore her garter and heels, slid a hand under her slit and began to play with herself as she sucked cock.


                In the center of the room, Nancy was fingering her husbands ass at a faster rate and his moaning increased, causing some heads to turn and look at what they were doing.  It was very plain to see that Nancy's finger was now getting coated with a layer of brown scum.  She pulled it out, holding it aloft for all to see, before she plunged it into her mouth, sucking it clean.


                Cindy was now openly fingering her cunt as she watched the sex around her.  Matt had taken over the fisting of his cock as he watched his wife blow another man and his daughter playing with herself next to him.


                Veronica kissed Karen and came over to kneel down in front of Cindy, asking if the young girl wanted her to kiss her cunt. In answer, Cindy spread her legs as wide as they could go, pushing her cunt out to the edge of the chair.  Veronica smiled as she buried her head into Cindy's gushing cunt.  Her mother had been right.  This woman could eat pussy!  In no time, little Cindy was bucking into her mouth as Veronica shoved two fingers into her cunt and sucked on her clit.


                Matt knelt down behind the woman and shoved his cock into her wide open cunt.  He put his hands on her hips and set up a slow, gliding motion as he watched her eat out his daughter.  The young girl sat with her legs spread lewdly as she watched her daddy fuck the woman.  Cindy grabbed her small breasts and squeezed them as she looked around at the fucking taking place.


                On the floor, Nancy was now sitting on her husbands prick, her cunt exposed to the group, her ass stuffed with dick.  She sat facing him and as he gently rocked into her ass, she spread her cunt wide open and began to piss.  The stream landed high on his chest and worked its way up to his open mouth.  After it filled to the rim, he quickly swallowed the golden nectar, hurriedly opening it again to catch every drop.


                That was the final straw for young Cindy.  Watching the couple piss while she had her pussy eaten sent the girl into her first orgasm of the night.  Her hips bucked, her cunt gushed and her head flew back as she moaned out her cum.  "Ohhh God, you eat cunt so good!  Ahhhh!"


                Veronica looked up, her face smeared with Cindy's cunt cream.  "Your cunt tastes delicious!  I'll bet you have something else that would taste good too.  Something golden, perhaps?"


                Cindy relaxed her sphincter holding back the pee.  Looking the depraved woman in the eye, Cindy grunted softly, then let loose with a blast of piss that landed squarely in the woman's face.  Veronica immediately put her mouth over the girls pissing cunt, drinking all she could catch as Matt slowly fucked her from behind.  With some difficulty, Cindy cut off the flow after a few seconds.  She wanted to save some for later.


                A couple over on the couch was ass fucking.  A middle aged woman was getting her ass pounded by a portly man, with a very long dick.  He was positively flying in and out of the woman's rectum, and as he did, his cock was getting soiled and shit was seeping out around it, dripping down through her cunt to land on the plastic covered couch.  Another woman came over, picking up the small pile of shit and rubbed it on the mans ass as he butt fucked the woman.  She slid her finger into his ass as he shoved his cock into his partner.


                Cindy wandered over to this group, watching and masturbating.  This was all so thrilling, to have a bunch of people that liked to play with their shit and piss as much as she did.  She stood in front of the woman getting her ass reamed and played with her cunt.  She loved it that the man and woman watched her masturbate as they fucked.  Slipping the fingers of her other hand into her juicy cunt, she lubed them up, then slipped her middle finger up her ass as she played with herself.


                After a few thrusts into her ass, she brought her finger to her lips and licked it clean.  The woman getting ass fucked moaned as she watched the youngster lick her soiled finger.  "Let me have a taste, honey!  God, but you're a hot little thing."  She grunted as the man fucking her ass added to his already blazing speed.


                Cindy dipped her finger back into her ass, spearing herself several times on the digit, then presented it to the woman on the couch.  Cindy felt the woman's mouth engulf her finger in a hot, wet cavern.  "Mmmmm, that's delicious.  I'll eat your shit anytime you want."


                "Thanks.  I'm going to look around first.  I've got lots of shit in me right now.  I'm gonna have to shit soon, I think."  Cindy looked around the room.  Her mother was now sitting on the thin man's cock.  It was buried up her ass and she was shoving a large vibrator up her cunt.  Across from her, her father was on his hands and knees, licking out the crotch of some woman.  Cindy couldn't see who it was, all she could see were two legs waving up in the air.  The sounds of moans and groans were ever increasing in the room as the sex play got more intense.  The smell of piss and shit was getting a bit stronger, too, which turned on the young girl.


                She jumped as a hand landed on her shoulder.  It was Ross, the man she first met when the came in.  "It looks like you're having a good time.  Is there anything you wanted to do?"


                She smiled at him, an idea forming in her perverted brain.  "Yes there is.  I want to fuck your big cock, but I want to fuck it when it's covered in a huge pile of shit.  I want to slide down onto it and sink into a gooey mess.  What d'ya think?"


                "I think your folks were right.  You are one little pervert!  I like that in a girl!  Nancy, come here.  Cindy has an idea!"


                Ross lay back in the center of the room, his dick standing hard as granite over his muscular stomach.  His wife Nancy squatted over his cock, concentrating on relaxing her bowels.  Cindy knelt off to the side, fingering herself as she watched the woman shit on her husbands dick.  The turd emerged and slowly grew to about six inches, dropping onto his pubic hair.  She followed it up with several more, that landed on his balls and thighs.


                Satisfied she had shit all that she could, Nancy stood and examined her handiwork.  She beckoned to a man that was watching the show and had him squat over her husbands cock.  Cindy was only slightly surprised to see a man willing to shit on another mans cock, but with this crowd, it really wasn't a shocker.  It was, however, quite arousing to the young girl.


                After the man added his load to Ross's pubic area, Cindy got over his cock and bore down.  She had to take a dump badly and within seconds, she was shitting onto the mans cock.  The combined total of three good dumps, produced a fairly large pile of shit around his hard cock.  Cindy shifted her feet to better position her hairless cunt over the filthy rod.  Looking up, she realized that most of the people in the room were watching her little show.   She spread her legs wide apart, in a lewd display of lust.


                Cindy sank down the shaft of the shit covered cock, until her loins hit bottom, deep in the hot, mushy shit.  She groaned at the feeling of the hot excrement coating her inner thighs and covering her hard clit.  Sliding back up the shaft, she sank back down into the pile, repeating the move over and over again.  As she speared herself, her white stockings were becoming stained with the shit she was playing with.


                Ross stared at the joining of his cock and Cindy's hairless cunt.  Her young hips were spread wide apart and his cock looked huge as it entered her preteen pussy.  The hot shit covering his balls and thighs added to his delight.  Cindy's hips and thighs made a splat sound as she bottomed out in the shit pile.  The look on Cindy's face was that of pure lust, her mouth hung slack and her head tossed back in her ecstasy.  Ross grabbed a bit of shit and spread it on Cindy's immature tits.


                Around the room, every head was watching the spectacle taking place on the floor.  A preteen girl was engaging in the most perverted of shit play!  This was something few in the room had ever seen before.  Several got up and stood around the fucking couple, masturbating as they watched.  Matt and Karen exchanged big smiles as they watched their daughter become the center of attention.


                Cindy noticed that there were several men and women watching her fuck and it added to her excitement.  She was humping onto the hard cock in a frenzy, close to cumming, when a man standing off to the side yelled out, "I'm cumming!  OHHH JEEEEZ!"  His cum splattered out to land on her shoulder and thigh.


                The feel of the hot sperm sent her over the edge, her cunt creaming as came.  Her hips flew over Ross's cock, squeezing it as she rode out her orgasm.  The feel of the young girls cunt spasming on his cock sent his cum rushing up the thick member, in spurt after spurt.  His hips heaved off of the plastic lined floor, in an attempt to shove his cock even deeper into the tight hot cunt.


                Cindy sat still atop the leaking dick as her cum subsided.  She knew that he had shot a huge load up her shitty cunt adding to the mess.   She giggled.  "Anyone want a pussy full of shit and cum?"  She pulled off the softening cock, laying back and spreading her legs, to show all there her totally soiled young cunt.  The sight was especially arousing since she still had on her knee socks and heels and the socks were also very shit stained.


                The woman that had tasted her finger called her over.  She was now on her back, having her pussy eaten by another woman.  "Honey, I'll suck your pussy clean, if you just squat down over my face.  That's a good girl!"  Cindy placed her filthy cunt over the woman's mouth and watched her get eaten as she got her own tongue lashing.  As the woman began to suck out the filthy contents of her snatch, Cindy noticed her father was now covered in shit.  Apparently, the woman he was eating before had now pooped on him and the two of them were rubbing it around on each other.


                The woman eating Cindy's cunt began to convulse as she went into an orgasm.  The combination of eating the filthy preteen cunt and having a woman going down on her sent the woman into a big cum.  She stopped licking the girls cunt as her own cum made her moan incoherently and buck off of the floor.  Cindy got off of the woman, giving her a kiss on her dirty mouth and went off looking for a place to piss.


                In one corner, Cindy saw Veronica on her hands and knees.  She was crouched below one of the enema bags sliding a finger in and out of her ass and massaging her clit with her other hand.  Around the bag, three men and two women were taking turns pissing into it.  Cindy was floored!  "A piss enema!"  She began to finger her cunt at the thought.  Without conscious effort, she made her way over to the group, massaging her slit as she walked.


                When she walked up, she saw that the bag was about three quarters full.  Looking up at the adults standing around her, she asked, "Can I add my pee too?  God, what a sexy idea!"  On the floor, Veronica moaned, hearing the young girls request.  A piss enema was exciting, but the thought that the preteen would add her pee to the mix was almost too much.  Then Cindy added, "After Veronica, I want one too!"


                One of the men held the bag open for Cindy to piss into it.  She pushed her hips forward and relaxed, sending out a stream of piss to splash into the hot, steaming enema.  By the time she was finished, she had the bag just about filled to the rim.  The tallest man hooked the bag back up on the ceiling, where a plant would otherwise be hung.  Meanwhile, one of the women had greased up the dildo shaped nozzle and was inserting it in Veronica's ass.  The rest of the group stood by, playing with themselves as they watched.


                Once the nozzle was in, the woman opened the check valve on the hose and watched the golden fluid flow downward.  All of the hoses were clear plastic so that they could watch the piss drain into Veronica's rectum.  As her bowels filled with hot pee, she rubbed at her clit, moaning at the feeling of fullness she was experiencing.


                Cindy watched the enema with wide eyes.  She had done piss enemas with her parents, but to do it in a group was so perverted!  Veronica moaned as a cramp hit her, turning the little girl on even more.  As she played with her soiled crotch, a man stood behind her and fondled her breasts.  She leaned back into him, feeling his hard cock stabbing her in the back.  "Mmmmm, that's a nice hot cock you have there."  She reached back to touch it as they watched the erotic enema taking place at their feet.  As they fondled each other, the man slid his hand into Cindy's ass, probing her tight backside.  After a bit of thrusting, his finger wormed its way into her shit filled rectum.  It immediately encountered a soft, hot barrier.  He moaned into her ear.  "Oh Baby, your ass is so full of shit.  I thought you shit on Ross earlier?"


                "Oh, I did.  I'm stuffed full tonight.  I didn't shit it all out.  Not yet, anyway."


                "Can I taste it?  I've never eaten young girl poop before."  He sniffed his finger.  "It smells incredible.  Why don't you shit on me while we watch Ronnie here get her enema?  Then when we're done, we can work on getting you your piss bag!"


                Cindy didn't need to be asked twice!  The man got down on his back, so that he was below the hose from the enema bag, that way he could watch the piss flow down the tube into Veronica's ass.  Cindy squatted down over his face.  Looking up, she was surprised to see her father a few feet away from her.  A woman was pulling out the butt plug he had inserted at home, hours before.  It was covered in his shit.


                Cindy watched the woman suck the plug clean, then finger her fathers ass, briefly, before she lay down under him.  He squatted down over her mouth, preparing to shit.  Cindy called to him to get his attention.  She thought it would be really fun to shit into this mouth at the same time her daddy was shitting into that woman's mouth.


                Matt looked up, seeing Cindy squatting over a mans mouth, her legs wide apart, her aroused little cunt spread wide.  She was obviously about to shit into his mouth.  He spread his legs wide, to show her his cock, rock hard and leaking precum.  He heard her say, "Daddy, let's shit in their mouths together!  Watch me!"


                Matt saw the look of concentration on his daughters face and he too, bore down.  He felt the shit sliding out of his ass at the same instant he saw the turd poke out of Cindy.  He knew his daughter was staring at the shit worming its way out of his ass, just as he was staring at Cindy's lengthening stool.  He watched the man eating his daughters shit as the woman below him ate his.  He had never been so turned on.


                Cindy watched the shit coiling on the woman's face as her father unloaded a massive dump.  She didn't know how the woman could keep on breathing through the mass of shit covering her face.  Cindy envied her.  As the last of her shit exited her body, she slid down to the mans chest and began to fist his cock.  It was rock hard and leaking precum, making it easy to slide her hand on it.  She was about to go down on it, when she heard Veronica say she was about to shit.


                Two men and the two women who had added their piss to the enema, now sat behind Veronica.  They were all obviously aroused and masturbated while staring at the puckered ass, waiting for the inevitable.  Veronica pulled the tube out of her ass, it dangled free, coming to rest just above one of the women's thighs, dribbling out the last of the pee left in the hose.  Ronnie's ass opened and a huge spray of filthy piss rained down on the watchers, splattering them in a mixture of piss and shit.  All four were masturbating furiously as they were covered in the vile sauce.


                Veronica bore down again, sending a stream blasting out, hitting one of the men in his chest.  The woman sitting next to him leaned in, putting her face into the rancid stream.  As the stream petered out, a large, soft hunk of shit plopped out of her ass, to fall on the floor between her widespread legs.  One of the men and one of the women reached down, picking up a fistful of the piss soaked shit and began to use it as an aid in jacking off!


                Watching the debauchery in front of her, had Cindy standing with her young legs parted wide as her fingers flew in her slit.  She noticed other bystanders also fingering themselves as they watched.  One of them was her mother.  Karen's hair was plastered to her head, the result of a massive piss shower, while streaks of shit coated her abdomen and legs.  She was plunging two fingers into her cunt, while the other hand was busy in back, probing her ass.  They briefly made eye contact, then went back to watching the show.


                Veronica pushed again, spraying the onlookers with more piss and shit, but this time, there was far more shit.  Others reached into the pile to grab a handful.  Some were smearing it on themselves or others, some were using it as a filthy lube and one man was licking it off of his fingers.  A man standing near Cindy yelled out, "I'm gonna cum!  Ronnie!  Where should I shoot it!"


                "Cum in my ass!  I'll shit it out again for you!"


                He flopped onto his knees, directly behind the crouching woman, stabbing his cock deep into her piss coated bowels.  Grabbing her hips, he immediately set up a fast, pounding stroke, screaming that he was cumming after only a few thrusts.  He slowly pulled his stained dick out of her ass and sat down on the floor, right in the middle of the shit pile she was creating.  He scooted back out of the way, leaving a wide shit trail as his ass moved across the plastic.  A woman bent down and began to suck off his piss, shit and cum soaked cock.  Cindy came at the sight!


                As the young girl came, others came too, both from watching the filthy spectacle taking place in front of them and from watching the young girl get so turned on by it.  One of them was her mother.


                As the contents of Veronica's bowels emptied themselves, Cindy began to get impatient for her own enema.  She tugged on the arm of the man standing next to her, the one she had shit on just moments before.  "I have an idea for my enema.  I'll do a piss enema, then when I shit it out, we'll save it and put it up the ass of someone else.  When they shit it out, I'll be in back to catch it, getting my own piss enema plus someone else's.  Isn't that kinky?"


                She knew it was, because she saw his cock arise to full staff and Veronica begged to let her be the one to take her expulsion.  Cindy had hoped she would.  The man now started to call for volunteers to piss for an enema.  When he pointed out it was for young Cindy, almost the entire room volunteered!


                He took the enema bag down from its hook and held it open for the first person to piss into it.  While the bag was being filled, Cindy got onto her hands and knees, right in the middle of the filthy pile created by Veronica's enema.  She felt a hand on her ass, massaging her puckered butt hole, gently pushing a slippery finger inside.  Looking back, she was pleased to see it was her mother.


                "Having a good time, Baby?  You seem to be a hit with our friends."


                "Oh Mom, this is the greatest!  I've already cum three of four times.  I could do this every week!"


                "We'll have to see about that!  Now, I've got to piss in your enema.  Enjoy!"  Karen stood up, tilted her pelvis forward and gushed out a heavy stream of piss.


                Cindy whimpered as she saw the bag swelling to full capacity.  She was about to take the whole thing into her ass as the group watched.  Her young cunt was powerfully aroused and her cunt cream dripped down over her clit.  She reached under herself, fingering her clit, tilting her ass high to give them a good target for the nozzle.  She saw the man reach up and hang the bag, then felt a woman's hands on her ass.


                Slowly, the greasy nozzle slid into her sphincter, until it was lodged several inches deep in her rectum.  She heard the woman say, "Ok", and seconds later, felt the first hot drops of piss enter her bowels.  She moaned at the heat and stroked her clit even faster.  She felt her stomach begin to swell as the hot piss invaded her intestines.  She was vaguely aware of others standing around her, masturbating, but she was too into the enema to really notice.  Cindy dropped her head to the floor, laying it in the shit and piss pooling there, making sure she could take in all of the enema.


                As a cramp hit her guts, she moaned in pain, fingering her clit to help her adjust to the hot piss invading her rectum.  She heard the woman in charge of the nozzle say, "Almost there, just a little more."  The bucket and squeeze bulb was brought over and made ready.


                "There, it's all in!"  She slowly pulled out the nozzle, patting the young girl on her ass.


                Cindy got up into a crouch, holding her ass over the bucket.  Her stomach was distended with piss and cramping, while her cunt was leaking cream in arousal.  She looked around and virtually everyone in the room was watching her as she started to shit into the bucket.  As she relaxed her ass, a burst of air and piss sprayed out in a gush.  Then a more steady gush of piss, mixed with shit filled the bucket.  Time after time, Cindy grunted with the effort, adding to the contents of the container.


                Soon, she couldn't produce anymore, no matter how hard she pushed, so she sat back down on the floor, proudly looking around at the faces of those watching.  Most wore a mask of lust and were engaged in some form of sex play as they looked on.  Veronica was fingering herself, frantic with arousal as she pushed her ass into the air, to take in the shit and piss from Cindy's ass.  One of the men stirred the contents of the bucket, mixing the piss and shit into a slurry.


                He filled the bulb to capacity and inserted it into Veronica's ass, squeezing out the filthy contents.  He repeated the process again and again, until the bucket was empty.  She moaned in arousal as her rectum filled anew with a piss/shit enema.  Knowing she was about to shit it all over a cute twelve year old girl had her cunt leaking cream down her thighs like she was pissing on herself.  Knowing she was about to be shit on, had Cindy's cunt reacting the same way.


                The man filling Ronnie's ass nodded at Cindy as he put the bucket away.  She sat behind her, with her legs widespread over the tops of Ronnie's calves.  She fingered her hot little cunt as she waited for her partner to expel the contents of her ass.  She didn't have long to wait.  She saw the woman's asshole pucker and as Ronnie grunted, a stream of brown filth burst forth, smashing into Cindy's chest.  It splashed up to hit her chin and poured down through her hairless slit to coat the outside of her vagina.


                A second blast added to the contents of the first.  As she bore down, Ronnie produced a strong stream of shitty pisswater that Cindy dipped her face into, plastering her hair with it.  She opened her mouth to taste the vile concoction, hearing many in the room groan in lust at what she was doing.  She smeared the contents down into her crotch, fucking herself with the mess, cumming from the sensory overload.


                By the time Veronica finished shitting over Cindy, the girl was completely covered in a coating of shit and piss.  Cindy flopped onto her back, exhausted from the cums she got while under the stream.  She lay on the plastic covered floor, soaked from head to toe in excrement and she loved it!  As Ronnie backed away, Cindy looked up at the aroused adults around her and begged, "Fuck Me!"


                The big dicked man her mother had sucked earlier was the first to fuck young Cindy, filling her shit filled cunt with his sperm, but he wasn't the last.  Men took turns fucking the young child, and women took turns sucking up the contents of her hungry young pussy until everyone was too tired to go again.  By then, Cindy was in a daze, barely able to tell what was happening, but in an almost constant state of orgasm.  She could barely tell when she was gently placed in a bathtub and cleaned off by her mother and father.  As they put her to bed in the guest bedroom, she smiled as she heard the hosts tell her parents that little Cindy was welcome back anytime she wanted.  In her sleep, she dreamt of orgies, where her friends came over and joined in with her parents.  She smiled in her sleep.


Part 3


It had been several weeks since Cindy's parents had taken her to her very first shit orgy and the horny twelve year old had thought of the event often.  She would be sitting in class, bored and daydreaming, as many of her classmates were, but her thoughts weren't of crushes on boys or clothing she wanted to get at the mall.  No, her thoughts were of orgies with other kids and adults, all indulging in acts so depraved, that only a handful of people would even think of them, much less try them!


                As gym class finished, most of the other girls hated the daily ritual of the shower, but Cindy really liked them.  She could get naked with all of the other girls and she often wondered who else might be having sex?  She was sitting naked on the bench before her locker, thinking about going home after school and watching some of her parent's porn videos.  She'd been horny all day and the idea of shoving a fat, buzzing vibrator up her hairless cunt, while she watched a golden shower video had her so hot, she wondered if she could make it through the rest of the day.


                While she sat there, thinking about sex, she realized that a girl standing a few feet away was staring at her.  The girls name was Meagan.  She had transferred to Cindy's school just a few weeks before.  Cindy hadn't really noticed her before, but now she realized that Meagan was a very pretty girl, with long blonde hair, and a slim figure.  Like Cindy, she still hadn't begun to grow pubic hair, but her tits were just beginning to bud.  Meagan gave Cindy a big smile, then turned to finish dressing.


                Cindy made it through the rest of her day, and as the last buzzer sounded, she practically ran to her locker.  As the other kids milled about, Cindy grabbed her books and headed for her bike at the other end of the school.  She had to go out the doors near the gym to get to the bike rack and as she passed by the boy's bathroom down the hall, she thought she saw Meagan slip inside.


                Curious, Cindy cautiously opened the door, looking inside.  Along one wall was a row of sinks and a mirror, behind them a row of urinals and three stalls with doors.  There was no sign of Meagan, but one of the stall doors was closed and there were no feet visible below the door.  Quietly, Cindy entered the washroom, her heart pounding.  The last thing she wanted was to get caught snooping around the boys washroom.  She tiptoed up to the stalls and she heard the unmistakable, squishy sounds of a girl's pussy getting rubbed!  Meagan was inside the boy's washroom giving herself a handjob!  Cindy's already overheated pussy began to throb.


                She knelt down on the floor and peeked under the stall.  There she saw Meagan crouched on top of the toilet seat, her legs spread as she fingered her aroused, pink pussy.  Meagan was making quiet, whimpering noises as she rubbed herself.  Cindy knew she just had to join her!  She stood and opened the adjoining stall door, smiling as she heard Meagan gasp in surprise.


                Cindy stood on the toilet seat and looked over the top of the stall at a shocked and frightened Meagan.  "So, you just had to get off too, huh.  I never thought about fingering myself in the boy's washroom, but I like the idea.  Can I join you?"


                After Meagan realized who it was that was looking down at her, she smiled.  "I thought you might be a hot chick.  I saw you today after gym class, and boy, you sure were horny!  You sat there with your legs spread and your cunt was getting wet, so I knew you were thinking about sex.  I've been horny ever since.  If you want, get over here.  We can do a finger fuck together!"


                Cindy quickly slipped into the other stall, standing before the other girl who continued to crouch on the seat.  Meagan's panties dangled from one ankle as she slowly rubbed her wet cunt with her fingertips.  Giggling quietly, Cindy stepped out of her white cotton panties and put them into her backpack.  Hanging the pack on the hook protruding from the door, she stepped up onto the toilet, facing Meagan.


                Both girls giggled as they jockeyed for position on their precarious perch.  Cindy touched her moist cunt with one hand, while holding onto the wall with the other.  Meagan was the mirror image, holding herself up using the other wall.  Soon, the sounds of young girls heavy breathing and the wet sounds of fingers in juicy cunts came from the cramped stall.  The girls were heading into the home stretch of their mutual masturbation session, when the door to the washroom opened.


                Both girls immediately froze, barely breathing.  The sound of a zipper could be heard, followed by the heavy sound of a man pissing into one of the urinals.  Cindy's cunt throbbed as she listened to one of the teachers peeing.  Without thinking, her hand began to stroke her inflamed cunt, right in front of Meagan.  Cindy pictured herself naked on the washroom floor as her favorite teacher, Mr. Adams pissed all over her.  She almost gasped out loud as the orgasm struck her.  As it was, she nearly tipped off of the toilet seat, and would have, if Meagan hadn't reached out and steadied her.


                When the sound of the door closing told them that the teacher had exited the bathroom, Meagan looked into Cindy's face and asked, "Listening to him piss really turned you on!  Isn't that disgusting?  I mean, he's peeing.  What gives?"


                Cindy stepped off of the toilet, groaning as her legs stretched from their cramped position.  "Peeing can be real sexy.  My folks have some videos that show pissing.  Why don't you come over to my house?  My parents won't be home for a couple of hours and we can watch some of their movies.  My mom has some really cool sex toys.  I'd love to show them to you.  Besides, it's got to be easier to cum, laying back on my folks bed, watching a porno movie, than trying to get in a finger fuck here."


                Meagan only thought about it for a few seconds.  She hopped off of the seat, stepping out of her panties.  "Can I put these in your pack?  I want to go out without them!  Maybe we can flash a few boys on the way!"


                In moments, Cindy and Meagan were on their way.  Cindy walked her bike as she and her new friend talked.  Meagan and her mother moved to town just three weeks ago.  Meagan was hesitant to explain why they had to move, but it seemed to Cindy that was some secret behind it.  But then, Cindy thought, she wasn't spilling her guts about her sexual experiences with adults, orgies and piss and shit play either.  Both young girls agreed that the feeling of walking out in public, without underwear was a very big turn on.  Cindy wondered what it would be like to not wear them to school!


                Walking into her house, she gave Meagan a quick tour, then, took her into her parent's bedroom.  She turned on the large screen television at the foot of the bed, and got them both a tall glass of iced tea.  She selected one of her favorite videos involving pissing games and grabbed a couple of vibrators.  Settling back on the bed, she hit the remote and started the movie.


                The credits came up, along with short clips from the movie.  Meagan cried out, "Hey, it's in German!  How do you know what they're saying?"


                Cindy laughed.  "Who cares what they're saying, all I want to see is the fucking."


                The first scene had a three way with an attractive, slim brunette, a very curvy blonde and a well-hung dark haired stud.  The two women were taking turns blowing him while they fingered themselves.  The blonde sat back in a chair, spreading her legs and holding open her creamy cunt, beckoning the large-cocked stud to fuck her.  Both girls thrilled to see the large cock drill into the moist cavern.  Cindy began to massage her cunt as she watched.


                The brunette climbed onto the chair, presenting her furry cunt for the blonde to snack on.  The guy was fucking into the blonde with great gusto as the blonde ate out her friend.  Meagan noticed Cindy fingering herself and immediately, pulled her skirt down, kicking it off.  Cindy helped her pull her shirt off over her head, leaving Meagan wearing only her shoes and socks.  Cindy too, shucked all of her clothing, standing at the foot of the bed naked.


                Cindy grabbed Meagan by her ankles, pulling her until her smooth, wet cunt was sitting at the edge of the bed.  Cindy sank down to her knees, putting her face inches from her friends aroused crotch.  Meagan's pussy lips were swollen and parted, leaking out a clear fluid.  Cindy could hear the girl's rapid breathing as she leaned in with her tongue sticking out.  As she made contact with the aroused cunt, Meagan's hips jerked up off of the bed.  Cindy grabbed her tightly around her slender thighs and began to eat her out in earnest.  Meagan was in heaven.  She watched the sex  taking place on the screen as Cindy expertly lapped at her cunt.  Looking down, Meagan laughed, "You've done this before, haven't you?"


                Cindy replied in a muffled, "Mm hmm."


                The sensation kept building in Meagan's cunt as the televised fuck headed towards its conclusion.  The stud was banging away at the blondes cunt as the brunette cried out her cum on the blondes mouth.  The blonde had her finger shoved up to the second knuckle in the brunette's ass, adding to the visual delight.  Soon, the stud bellowed out his cum, pumping his load deep inside the cunt he was fucking.  As he pulled his large cock out, the blonde's pussy gaped open, drooling out a flow of creamy white sauce.


                Meagan groaned as she felt the first stirrings of her cum.  Cindy picked up the pace of her tongue-lashing as she concentrated on the hard nub of Meagan's clit.  Meagan was just about to let loose, when the stud grabbed his thick cock and aimed it at the wide-open cunt of the just fucked blonde.  He let unleashed a heavy stream of piss, soaking the woman's crotch instantly.  The blonde cried out and pulled her cunt wide open, tilting her pelvis up to catch even more of the golden stream on her cunt.  The brunette hopped off of the chair, kneeling down next to the pissing cock, directing the spray onto her firm tits.  When she aimed the stream at her wide-open mouth, Meagan screamed out her cum!


                The depravity of the act sent the young girl into a massive orgasm!  Cindy could barely hold on as the girl's hips thrashed about, totally out of control.  A long series of moans and screams came from the girl's throat as she hit the crest of her climax.  Eventually, she was able to regain some control of her muscles and she lay there, panting heavily, staring at nothing.  Cindy slid up her body, until she was lying on top of her naked friend.  "So, you liked that, did you?  My parents have hours of this kind of thing.  Wanna watch some more?"  Meagan could only smile and nod.


                Cindy kissed her new friend passionately on the lips, giving Meagan a taste of her own cunt cream.  The kiss was returned with equal passion and the two naked preteens rolled around the bed, kissing and petting the other hungrily.  Eventually, Cindy remembered the scene that was coming up next and she rolled off of Meagan, grabbing a couple of flesh colored vibrators.  Handing one to her friend, she hit fast forward until the scene she was looking for began.


                Six naked women were in what appeared to be a doctors office.  One of them was on the exam table with her feet in the stirrups when a tall, exotic dark haired woman wearing a strap-on dildo stepped up to the table and began to fuck the woman with it.  The other four women stood around the table, playing with their own pussies or licking and sucking the two fucking women.


                One of the women got up on the exam table and squatting over the face of the woman laying there, she began to piss.  The other women began to groan and shove their hands into the stream, using it to wet their pussies or rubbing it on their tits.  One of the women leaned over and began to lick up the urine streaming over the woman's tits and stomach, the piss hitting her in the back of the head, wetting her hair.


                The exotic woman stepped back, the flesh-colored dildo wiggling obscenely in front of her.  Another woman hopped up on the table, to replace the first.  This woman assumed the doggie position as she fingered her aroused cunt for all to see.  The exotic woman reached out of camera range and retrieved a shiny silver speculum, already well greased.  She slowly inserted it into the ass of the woman kneeling on the table, while a short, full figured blonde knelt down and sucked the pussy cream from the strap-on cock she was wearing.  The other women began to finger themselves a bit more attentively, as they anticipated what was to come.


                Cindy and Meagan had both begun to use the vibrators on themselves.  The two young girls were laying on the bed with their slender legs spread wide as they rubbed the buzzing toys on their smooth, hairless cunts.  Their hips and legs twitched as the humming toys did their work on the girl's hot, wet pussies as they watched the lesbian piss-orgy taking place.


                Once the speculum was inserted, the exotic beauty turned the knob, opening it to its maximum diameter.  The woman, in who's ass it was inserted, groaned loudly as she shoved two fingers into her own cunt.  Another of the women climbed onto the table, positioning her cunt over the wide-open ass and began to piss into the speculum.  A dribble at first, then her pee began to pour out, directly into the open ass of the woman below her!


                Meagan cried out, seeing the perverted act.  Her legs bounced off of the bed as she came again, humping hard into the insanely vibrating sex toy.  Next to her, Cindy came just as hard, enjoying the feeling of cumming with another young girl.  As the two preteens drifted back to earth, Meagan confided, "I never would have guessed that watching someone piss would make me cum.  When I watched my mom….".  A look of horror crossed her pretty face.


                Cindy propped herself up on one elbow, looking at her friend.  "You watch your mom fuck?  Neat.  I've seen my folks do it too.  I really get off on it.  Don't worry.  I won't tell anyone about it."


                Meagan started to get up and put on her cloths.  "I shouldn't have said anything.  I'm sorry.  That's why we had to move.  I got my mom in trouble and we had to leave town.  I gotta go."


                Cindy grabbed her by her arm.  "It's ok, you can tell me.  I'll tell you something secret if you tell me?  I've had sex with grown-ups - relatives, in fact.  Want to know the dirty secrets?  Come on, tell me what's up."


                Meagan shrugged and let out a breath of air.  She slumped down on the edge of the bed, totally deflated.  "I never knew who my dad was.  Mom got pregnant at sixteen and pretty much got thrown out of the house.  She went to college and got herself a pretty good job, but she never got married.  A new career and a baby didn't give her much chance to date, I guess."


                "Once I got a bit older, she started going out on occasion.  She picked up guys and brought them back to our apartment and she'd fuck ‘em.  About two years ago, I stayed up and waited for her to come home.  She brought this cute guy in and they started to fool around on the couch.  I watched from the hallway where they didn't see me.  It was the first time I saw a naked man and the first time I ever saw anyone fuck.  I got turned on watching my mom get fucked and I played with myself while I spied on them.  I started to watch her whenever she brought a man over."


                "One night, my mom was on the floor, getting fucked by this really cute guy.  She was on her back, with her legs stuck straight up in the air and he was just slamming into her.  I came for the first time watching them.  Unfortunately, I grunted or groaned loud enough for them to hear me.  They both jumped up and caught me with my nightgown around my waist and my hand buried in my pussy.  Instead of getting yelled at, my mom laughed and said something about like mother, like daughter.  She said it was ok to watch and they took me into the living room and started having sex again.  I remember getting so hot, just being in the same room with two naked people.  I got naked and played with myself while they fucked each other."


                "Of course, they were watching me, too.  They both came real quick, then, we all sat around talking for a bit.  My mom whispered something to her boyfriend and his cock got hard instantly.  She asked me if I wanted to try fucking!  I jumped up and gave her a big hug.  Feeling her naked body against mine turned us both on.  She gave me my first real, grown up kiss.  I learned how to suck a cock and then I got fucked, while my mom watched.  It was really hot!"


                "After that, my mom would always know I was watching and she would let me get in on some of the fucking, if the guy wanted to.  I got to use her vibrator and mom and I would play around with each other too.  Of course, some asshole she let me fuck went around bragging to his buddies about screwing an eleven year old girl.  Social services started snooping around, so we had to move."  Meagan looked at Cindy with a defiant look.  "If you tell anyone, we'll just move again.  Mom says that nobody can tell you who to fuck!"


                Cindy hugged Meagan to her, "Oh, Meagan, nobody here would ever turn you in!  I've been having sex with my parents since I was about nine.  I've had sex with some of their friends, both here and at orgies.  I learned about pissing and even shitting during sex.  A few weeks ago, I got to go to a shit orgy, where everyone shit and pissed on each other.  I got to fuck about ten people that night!  When you saw me in gym class today, that's what I was thinking about.  I was going to come home and watch a piss or shit movie and cum my brains out!"


                Meagan's eyes showed the shock she felt.  "You play with shit?!  Yewww, that's gross."


                Cindy smiled back.  "That's what you said about pissing.  You came pretty hard when you saw them pissing on tv.  Before you go, wanna try some pissing games?  I gotta pee pretty bad right now, how about you?"


                Meagan thought about it.  The iced tea she'd been drinking had done it's job and she really did have to pee quite badly herself… and those videos did make it look like fun.  But could she piss on another girl?  Would she want another girl to piss on her?  The throbbing in her cunt gave her the answer.  "Ok, but if I don't like it, I want to stop."  Cindy quickly agreed and pulled her naked friend into the bathroom.


                Cindy had Meagan step out of her shoes and socks and both girls stood facing the other completely naked.  Cindy ran her hand through her aroused cunt, anticipating pissing with her new friend.  Meagan, was apprehensive, but incredibly turned on by the forbidden act she was contemplating.  Cindy stepped forward and hugged Meagan.  When she did, she placed one leg between Meagan's legs, pushing her thigh against her friends wet cunt.  As she did, Meagan's thigh rubbed up against her own hot pussy.


                Kissing Meagan passionately, Cindy relaxed her bladder and a surge of piss flowed out and down Meagan's slim thigh.  The young girl gasped as she felt the hot liquid rolling down toward her foot.  It felt so hot!  "Oh Cindy!  That feels so good!  Awwww, piss some more!"  Cindy shifted her position slightly, putting her hairless cunt directly in front of her friend's hot pussy.  By standing on her tip toes, she put herself a few inches higher, so when she squirted out another stream of piss, it landed directly on Meagan's erect little clit.


                Meagan reacted by slipping her hand into Cindy's pissing cunt, cupping the fluid in her palm.  She brought it up and poured it over her puffy tits, reveling in the lewdness of the act.  Then she did something that only hours before she would have never done.  She brought her piss-wet fingers to her mouth and thrust them in!  Her first taste of piss sent her cunt into spasms of lust!  She shoved her hand back into Cindy's pissing cunt, only to lick them clean again.


                "Ohh, it doesn't taste bad at all!"  Her eyes gleaming, she looked hotly into Cindy's face and begged.  "Piss on me, Cindy.  Piss all over me!"  The horny girl sank down to her knees, showering in her friends piss.  Meagan frantically fingered herself as her friend pissed on her chest and neck.  The hot urine flowed down her naked chest to run, scalding over her clit, finally pooling around her knees.  As Cindy's flow began to lose strength, Meagan pushed her mouth into the stream, filling it for the first time with hot piss, directly from the source.  As she swallowed, she came hard, grinding her fingers into her piss-wet cunt.


                Cindy watched her friend riding out her cum, kneeling on the piss-wet floor.  Waves of fuck lust rippled through her young cunt and she knew just what depraved act she wanted to try next.  As Meagan lay down on the pee soaked floor, and rolled around in Cindy's waste, she knew Meagan was ready for the next step.  "Meagan, I'm so horny!  I wanna do something really perverted.  Wanna help?"  The look of lust on the young girls face was all the answer Cindy needed.


                Cindy sank down into a crouch.  Her face scrunched into a look of concentration as she pushed out on her bowels.  She grunted softly as she strained.  Meagan sat up, shocked as she realized what Cindy had in mind.  "Oh god, you're gonna shit!"  Cindy nodded as she bore down.


                Meagan lay face down on the piss wet floor, to get a better look as Cindy began to shit.  "Cindy!  I see it.  Here it comes!  I've never seen anyone shit before."  The brown shit slowly protruded from the hairless ass, eventually getting to be about six inches long before it broke off and fell to the floor with a soft "plop".  Cindy grunted again and another piece of shit appeared, adding another four incher to the log on the floor.


                Cindy knelt next to the two pieces of excrement, her eyes sparkling.  She reached out a hand and picked up the smaller of the two.  Meagan's face registered a look of horror, but feelings of lust rocked the young girl to her core.  Cindy touched the hot turd to her puffy nipples, moaning as she felt the contact.  She looked at her friend and commanded, "Piss on me, just like I did to you!  I'm gonna cum so hard!"


                Cindy mashed the pile of shit she was holding into her cunt, rubbing into her hairless pussy and over her aroused clit.  Meagan stood over her, her legs shaking from her high level of arousal and began to piss.  She had been holding back a bladderful of piss and she poured it out all over her friend.  Cindy masturbated with the shit while she took a piss shower.  The horny girl grabbed the remaining hunk of shit off of the floor and put it to her mouth, tasting it.  As she chewed, her cunt went off in a series of convulsions, each more powerful than the last.  The cumming twelve year old was covered in piss and shit, only able to focus on the spasms in her cunt and the hot piss raining down over her body.  Shit seeped out through her fingers as she squeezed the turd in her fist as she came.


                Eventually, Cindy came back down to earth and Meagan stopped pissing.  Both girls looked into the other's eyes, gauging each others reaction to what had just happened.  Cindy was grateful to see that Meagan wasn't showing revulsion.  Instead, she looked like she was turned on!  "Cindy!  That was sooo hot!  I mean, you came so hard!  Wow!  I wonder if I could do it, though."


                Cindy slowly stood, weak from the cum she had just experienced.  "There's only one way to find out."  She slammed her shit covered hand into Meagan's hairless cunt and began to rub the shit in.


                Meagan screamed, shoving her pelvis forward to give Cindy better access.  Within seconds, the young girl was crying out in orgasm as Cindy's shit covered fingers brought her off in one of the best cums she had ever experienced!


                After they had cleaned up the mess and showered, the two girls sat around talking.  They both thought that the math teacher they had was really cute.  All of the girls said he was gay, because he wasn't married and didn't date, but Cindy thought there might be another reason.  "Have you ever noticed the way he looks at us girls?  I bet he'd just love to get his cock into some young stuff.  Maybe we should see if we can help him out?"  Meagan thought it was worth a try, so they hatched out a plan.


                Mr. Adams taught math and Cindy had him for the last period of the day.  Her plan kept both young girls horny for the entire school day - they could barely contain themselves as the final hour approached.  Cindy and Meagan met in the girls washroom and removed their panties, shoving them into Cindy's backpack.  If all went well, they wouldn't be needing them any more today!


                Cindy sat in the second row, right in the middle of the class, which would be the perfect position for what she had in mind.  As Mr. Adams went to the board to diagram an algebra problem, Cindy pulled up the hem of her skirt, until it was at the top of her thighs.  This gave Mr. Adams an unobstructed view of her hairless, pink cunt, peeking out.  She spread her legs slightly, to make sure he got a good look.  She knew he had seen her when he walked into the side of his desk as he tried to sit down.  Cindy had all she could do to keep a straight face.


                Mr. Adam's face had turned bright red and he appeared at a loss for words for a few minutes.  Inwardly, Cindy was giddy, but she tried hard not to let any emotions cross her face.  For the rest of the class, the good-looking young teacher taught the class from behind the desk.  Somehow, whenever he looked up, he would glance at Cindy, his gaze always managing to check out the view below her desk.


                After the last buzzer, the class filed out, but Cindy found reasons to delay.  She put everything away, just so, then stood up, allowing her skirt to fall as she did, seemingly unaware of the show she had just put on.  She met Meagan outside in the hall.  Within minutes, the hallways emptied as the students left for home or after school activities.  The two horny preteens had planned on asking for a ride home from their favorite teacher, but he quickly left the classroom and looking around him, dove into the boys washroom down the hall.


                The girls waited for a minute, but when he didn't come back out, they cautiously opened the door, trying hard to be very quiet.  What they heard, sent their young pussies into overdrive.  It sounded like Mr. Adams was in one of the stalls, beating his meat!  They could hear the rhythmic sound of flesh slapping flesh and hear the heavy breathing of an adult male.  Plans changed!


                Cindy quickly dragged her friend with her into the washroom.  Here it was, just twenty-four hours after they had met in a boys washroom and now they were back, hoping to seduce one of their teachers!  Cindy grabbed Meagan, running a hand up under her skirt, cupping the hairless mound.  "God, Meagan.  I'm so horny.  After I lost my underpants in gym class, I've been running around school without them on.  I had to sit there in math class, in front of Mr. Adams without panties on.  God, I just wanted to reach down and frig myself off, right in front of him."


                Meagan replied, "Ya, he's hot, alright.  I'd just love to get a look at that cock of his.  Have you ever seen the bulge he has in his pants.  It gets me hot thinking about it.  Let's do it right here!  My pussies all creamy now anyway."  Both girls sat up on the counter, directly in front of the stall containing their horny teacher.  Lifting their skirts to their waists, they displayed their hairless charms to their teacher, hoping he was watching through the crack in the doorway.  As they touched themselves, they heard a gasp coming from the stall.


                Cindy jumped down, and ran to the side of the stall.  Peeking under, she was "shocked" to find her math teacher standing there, holding on to his hard cock.  Meagan followed, standing just outside the stall door.  "Who's there?  Spying on young girls!  You should be ashamed of yourself."


                Cindy stood up.  "It's Mr. Adams.  And he does have a big cock.  Come on out Mr. Adams."


                "I think you girls should just go home now, ok?  You shouldn't be in here.  This is a boys washroom, you know."  The teachers voice sounded pretty shaky.


                "We know.  That's what makes coming in here and playing with ourselves so much fun.  The smell of all those boys gets me horny.  Since we're all playing with ourselves anyway, and since we've seen each other's bits, why not come out and play with us?"  Cindy asked.  "We won't tell.  If you do, maybe we'll put on a little show for you.  Wouldn't you like to see two young girls fucking with each other?  How about if I let Meagan piss on me?  Would you like to see that?  I know I'd just love to watch Meagan's hairless little cunt slide down your big old cock, while I play with myself.  How about it Mr. Adams?"


                Mr. Adams groaned.  The groan of a man who is admitting defeat after a long battle.  He had tried for years to deny his attraction for young girls, but the two hot little preteens standing just inches away crumbled all of his inhibitions.  "Call me Dean."  He stepped out of the stall, his hard cock leading the way.  "If we are going to do this, you might as well call me by my name.  Let's go to my house.  We can have a bit more privacy, if you like."


                The girls liked it just fine.


Part 4


Cindy and Meagan agreed to meet their math teacher several blocks away from school, where it wouldn't be likely that they would be seen getting into his car.  Flashing him their bare pussies, they ran from the boys room giggling with excitement.  Mr. Adams had a great looking cock, it was about seven inches long and uncircumcised, with a large flaring head.  Neither girl could wait to feel that dick spearing into one of their holes.


                Fifteen minutes later, they were standing at the prearranged corner, when their teacher pulled up in front of them.  They piled into the backseat and the nervous teacher sped off for his home.  It took only five minutes to get to his house, but to the horny man, it felt like it took hours.  It didn't help that the two girls laying in the backseat kept feeling each other up and telling him about what they wanted to do to him, once they all got naked.  As he pulled into his driveway, he punched the remote and drove into the garage.


                After the door closed, they all got out of the car and headed inside.  Meagan and Cindy both asked for a glass of water and smiling, gulped it down.  As Dean gave them a refill, both girls stripped naked, right there in the kitchen, shocking him with their boldness.  Cindy grabbed for his belt, while Meagan began to unbutton his shirt.  In seconds, they had their teacher as naked as they were.  Judging by the erectness of his cock, he was just as excited as they were.


                Since this was Cindy's idea, it was her honor to kneel down before him and suck the head of his cock into her young mouth.  Dean had often dreamed of fucking a preteen girl, but to actually have one sucking on his cock, while her girlfriend stood nearby, playing with her hairless pussy had him practically hyperventilating.  Cindy sensed that he was close to blowing his nuts, so she looked up at the handsome teacher and suggested that he beat off his cock into their faces.  Then, they would put on a show for him to get him hard, so that they could both fuck him.


                Meagan knelt on the floor next to Cindy and watched the aroused teacher grab onto his cock with a trembling hand.  Both naked girls spread their legs and fingered their pussies, lewdly begging the man to cum on their naked young bodies.  It didn't take him long, before he bellowed, "CUMMING!  AHHH!  Take it!"  His pumping hand sent load after load of cum raining down onto the two masturbating girls.  As Meagan felt the hot sperm landing on her body, she too, began to cum, moaning in a high, little girl voice.


                Dean slowed his stroking hand, milking out the last few drops of his cum, when Cindy leaned forward and slurped down the ropes of cum dangling from his cock.  She rubbed her hand over her chest, collecting the sperm that had fallen there, only to use it to grease her own frigging hand.


                Dean stepped back and regarded the two horny girls.  This was far more intense than anything he had ever imagined.  He wondered what else the girls might be up for.  "God, you guys are incredible!  I never dreamed of anything quite like this.  You said something about putting on a show for me?"


                Meagan's answer was closer to a growl.  She scooped up a handful of cum off of her own chest, licking it off of her hand and turned toward Cindy.  She practically tackled the other girl in her lust, pushing her back down onto the linoleum, sliding her cum covered body over that of her friend.  She kissed Cindy hard on the mouth, exchanging tongues and cum as they kissed.  Cindy's hands roamed over Meagan's naked body until they came to rest on her small ass.  She pulled the girls ass wide apart, exposing the crinkled ass hole and juicy cunt to the watching teachers hot stare.


                Without conscious effort, Dean's hand began stroking his cock back to full erection as he witnessed the preteen sex taking place on his kitchen floor.  Meagan slid back down Cindy until her mouth made contact with the other girls bare cunt.  With a growl, she shoved her face into the wet pussy, licking and biting Cindy, using every trick her mother had taught her.  Very soon, Cindy was crying out with her first orgasm of the afternoon.


                While Cindy lay on the floor recovering from her cum, Dean helped Meagan to her feet and kissed her passionately on the mouth.  He could taste Cindy's cum as Meagan stuck her tongue in his mouth.  By now, his cock was again rock hard and the horny girl began to fist it as they kissed.  She pushed him down, onto the floor, next to her panting friend.  Meagan stepped over his hips and settled down, crouching over his throbbing shaft.  "Help me put it in, Cindy!"


                Cindy rolled over onto her side and grabbed the thick cock.  She pointed it up, right at the hairless cunt of her friend, watching as Meagan descended toward the towering shaft.  Meagan and Dean both gasped in lust as the preteens cunt made contact with the hot flesh of the teachers cock, her young cunt expanding obscenely as it slid down the shaft of the adult organ.  Cindy kept her hand on the hot piece of meat, until she felt her friends wet cunt touch her fist.


                Dean and Cindy watched Meagan work her hips up and down as she got into a rhythm, fucking the cock spearing her creamy cunt.  The large cock looked far too big to fit into the slender hips of the young girl, turning on all of the participants with the forbidden nature of the fuck.  Deans eyes were focused on the junction of his cock with the hairless cunt of his student.  The feeling of his cock, buried in such a young girl had his balls aching for release.  He knew he would be filling her tight cunt with a huge load of his sperm.


                Cindy got up and stood behind her humping friend.  She knew that Meagan would be cumming fairly quickly herself.  She reached around and began to pinch the girls puffy little tit knobs, adding to the stimulation the young girl was feeling, Meagan moaned as Cindy squeezed her hard little nipples.  Cindy knelt between her teachers widespread legs and shoved two fingers into her own creamy, aroused cunt, working them in and out a few times, before announcing, "I just got my fingers all gooey in my tight little pussy.  Now I'm going to shove them up Meagan's ass!"


                Meagan groaned loudly and lay down on Deans muscular chest, giving Cindy total access to her backdoor passage.  Cindy was thrilled by the view of Meagan's tight, hairless cunt, wrapped around the thick, sausage-like cock of their teacher.  She slowly inserted her middle finger in the ass of her friend, feeling the hard cock, crammed up in the neighboring canal.  Sliding her finger in and out, had Meagan and Dean both groaning in lust.


                Cindy worked in the second finger, getting a gasp out of Meagan as she forced her way into the tight opening.  She worked both fingers in and out for a while, enjoying the gasps and moans she was getting from the two entangled lovers.  Cindy decided to add some verbal stimulation to the fuck.  "God Dean, you should feel how tight her ass is.  Mmmm, it sure feels good on my fingers.  Have you ever fucked a little girl in the ass?  I love to take a nice thick cock up my ass.  Maybe, after you've cum up Meagan's little pussy, you can fuck me in my ass?  Ooooh, I think I'd like that.  Meagan can let me lick all of your sperm out of her cunt, while you watch.  Then, when you get good and hard, I'll slide my ass right down your cock.  You can look at my little cunt while you fuck my ass.  How do you like that idea, Dean?"


                Dean made a loud animal sound, more akin to a roar than anything human.  He grabbed Meagan my her narrow hips and began to rut like a thing possessed!  The young girl bounced on his chest, totally at the mercy of the inflamed adult.  His long cock would spear her all the way to the hilt, only to pull almost all the way back out again.  Over and over, until Meagan's world focused only on the fingers in her ass and the cock in her cunt.


                Cindy felt her friends ass starting to contract and knew she was only moments away from cumming.  She waited until Meagan began to wail and pulled both fingers out of the girls ass with a "pop".  The resulting stimulation sent the girl into a shattering orgasm that caused both cunt and ass to resonate in a throbbing cum!  Meagan sobbed as the powerful contractions ravaged her lower body.


                Feeling the overly tight, hot cunt go off, while riding his cock, sent the teacher into the second cum of the afternoon.  He bucked up as hard as he could, desperate to shove his sperm deeply into the preteens sucking cunt.  He screamed as loudly as Meagan was, as both lovers slammed into an earth shaking orgasm.  He felt his cock pumping squirt after squirt of semen into the hot little girl and that thought prolonged his cum long after it would have subsided.


                Cindy stood and had herself another drink of water.  She knew that the two fuckers on the floor would need some time to come down from their fuck.  She stood over them, happily massaging her aroused pussy, eager to feel the heat of that big dick up her back door.  But first, she had promised him that they would put on a show and her bladder was getting full.  She figured that Meagan's was too.  It would be a much kinkier show than the perverted teacher was expecting!


                Eventually, Cindy nudged her friend with a naked toe.  Meagan sat up, bleary eyed from the experience.  "How about we put on a little show for our teacher?  I still want to feel that bad boy in my ass.  How about doing what we did yesterday?"


                Meagan's eyes lit up.  "Ok.  I'm kind of thirsty anyway.  Let's do it!"


                Dean sat up.  "I'll get you guys some pop if you're thirsty."


                The two girls giggled at the suggestion.  "We have our own beverage we brought along, just for the occasion,"  Cindy laughed.  She spread her legs and Meagan stuck her face right into her crotch.  A look of concentration crossed Cindy's face and then she let out a grunt and pissed, directly into her friends open mouth.  She looked up at Deans gasp of shock.  "Have you ever tasted girl pee?  Meagan and I both enjoy it."  Meagan backed away, allowing Cindy's piss to flow down over her body.


                "You really should try it.  It feels so hot on your skin!  Mmmmmm."  Meagan began to rub the pee into her skin with one hand, while she began masturbating with the other.  She cupped her hand in the stream, much as she did yesterday, only this time, she poured it over the soft cock and balls of her teacher.


                Dean sat there in shock!  He had no experience to guide him with these two perverted little nymphs.  Part of his mind told him to get off of the floor and put his cloths on and the other part of his mind told him to shove his face into the piss before it ran out!  Dean's mind snapped at that moment.  He didn't care what happened to him or what he did, he just knew that he had to go as far as these two depraved little sluts would take him!  He knelt down and shoved his open mouth into Cindy's little cunt!


                The taste of girl piss was intensely arousing!  He had never imagined such a thing until moments ago and with just one sip, he was hooked.  He drank as much as he could, then relinquished his place so that Meagan might get a drink herself.  All to soon, Cindy's bladder ran dry, causing her two lovers to simultaneously go, "Awwww."


                Cindy chuckled at the reaction, "Meagan, I'll bet you have to go pretty badly now, too.  How about a taste?"


                Meagan spread her legs, when Dean said, "I have to piss myself, now that you mention it, how about I piss on both of you?"


                Cindy smiled and grabbed his slowly hardening cock.  "I'm sure you do, but I have a better place to put it.  Just be patient."  She winked at him, causing his cock to rise once again.


                Meagan said, "Ready?", then let loose with her bladder.  This time, the horny teacher was on his knees waiting when the pale stream splashed forth.  Meagan swayed from side to side, pissing on her friend and on the handsome teacher, grinning as they took turns sipping her golden nectar, while at the same time, using it to lube their aroused genitals.  By the time she was done pissing, the floor was covered in urine and Dean's cock was as hard as granite.


                Cindy grabbed the hard cock, fisting it with her small hand.  "Ooooh, this is going to feel heavenly up my ass.  Do you have any olive oil?"  Dean stood on shaking legs as he grabbed a bottle out of a cupboard.  Cindy eagerly took it from him, opening it and pouring out a palmful.  She quickly jacked on Deans erect cock, covering it in a shiny layer of oil, then proceeded to shove her hand behind herself, generously lubing up her hot, waiting ass.


                Meagan, wanting to add to the perversion, cupped her hairless cunt and bore down, expelling a glob of girl cum and sperm.  She used this to add to the lubrication of Cindy's tight ass, using one, then two fingers to probe the backdoor passage.  Dean's cock had never been harder as Cindy got into the doggie position on the piss soaked floor.


                He knelt behind the small girl, holding his aching cock out before him.  Meagan squatted off to one side and reached in to guide the adults cock into her friends waiting ass.  Cindy rocked back, making contact with her teachers prick, groaning as the large, flared head pressed into her ass.  The head penetrated slowly, causing Cindy to cry out in pain and pleasure as Dean pushed forward, until most of his cock was buried in the preteens impossibly tight shit canal.  He had rarely indulged in anal sex and the thought of fucking this young girl in her ass had him in a state of animal lust!


                Cindy felt like she was impaled on a hot poker as she slid down the steel-like shaft.  She rocked back and forth slowly, getting used to the feeling, making little grunting noises as she backed down the shaft.  She knew the next bit of the fuck was going to be the dirtiest and her cunt was drooling at the prospect.  She only hoped her two friends would be willing to go along with what she had planned!


                As his cock pulled out of Cindy's ass, Dean and Meagan noticed it was streaked with her shit.  The smell of it filled the air.  That's when Cindy looked back and told her teacher to, "Piss in my ass!  Piss in my little ass and I'll shit it out all over your cock.  Then I'll slide my pussy down over your pissy, shitty cock and fuck you to death!  Does that sound like fun?"  Dean could only groan.  Meagan began to rub at her clit, mumbling, "Oh, god, that's so hot, oh god, fuck, fuck".


                Dean knelt motionless, willing his cock to piss, but the state of his hard-on wouldn't allow a drop to flow.  Cindy, bent over in the doggie position, looked back at the hapless teacher.  "Just relax, Dean.  Give it a few seconds.  Once you start, you'll piss your brains out."  Just then, the horny teacher groaned softly and Cindy felt the first trickles of piss filling up her bowels.  The heat of the piss caused her aroused cunt to leak even more slimy cream and it oozed down the insides of her slender thighs.  Once he began, Dean started to piss strongly, filling up Cindy's intestines with a urine enema.


                As she felt herself getting full, the horny girl began to fuck the pissing cock in her ass.  As she speared herself downward, she let out little grunts, uh...uh...uh...uh, over and over, the thick cock mixing up the shit and piss buried in her rectum.  As the two lovers fucked, brown piss seeped out from around Dean's cock and dropped onto his balls, dripping onto the floor.  Meagan flopped down on her back and scooted her head under Cindy's crotch, thrilled at the view of the brown goo dribbling down through those hairless lips.  A few drops landed on Meagan's face, causing the young girl to groan in lust.  She was masturbating furiously as she took in the depraved scene.


                Cindy felt Dean picking up the pace of his fuck.  She knew he was about to rut in her ass and as good as that might feel, she had a better idea!  She stopped moving and instructed Dean to stretch out on the floor, supporting himself on his elbows.  With a groan, the horny teacher pulled his hard, shit stained cock out of the child and lay back down, eager for whatever Cindy had in mind.  "Meagan, lay back on top of Dean, with your cunt just behind his cock and your legs spread wide on the outside of his!"  When her two lovers were properly positioned, she turned around and stood facing them with a foot on either side of Deans hips.


                Cindy squatted down, and leaned backwards, supporting herself with her arms.  This put her in the classic "crab-walk" position, with her ass just inches from Deans cock and Meagan's cunt.  They had a perfect view of her hairless and aroused young cunt and puckered ass.  She bore down and they were treated to the sight of that ass pushing outward, then opening slowly.  The brown head of a turd emerged just an inch, causing both the teacher and young girl to gasp at the sight!  The piece of shit grew another inch, then the mushy contents of Cindy's bowels erupted, sending a giant blast of shit-pudding onto the aroused sex organs of the man and girl!


                The hot shit expelled directly from Cindy's ass totally covered Meagan's hairless cunt and most of Dean's hard cock.  Cindy pushed again, sending another large glob of shit onto the cock and balls of her teacher.  Again and again, Cindy pushed, expelling streams of piss and shit all over her friends chest, stomach and crotch.  Finally, she couldn't shit anymore and stood up, looking at her work.  Meagan and Dean both had a look of lust in their eyes that told Cindy that they had crossed over into a new threshold of sex and she determined to see how far she could take them!


                Cindy quickly positioned herself over Deans shit covered cock and lowered herself onto it.  The feeling of taking a filthy cock into her young cunt had her on the edge of cumming, when Meagan sat up on Deans stomach and pressed her shit covered body against her fucking friend.  The two girls hugged, rubbing the brown filth all over each other as Cindy went for her cum on Deans cock.  It didn't take her long until she was screaming out her cum, ramming herself down into her own shit as it coated her teachers cock, sliding her shit stained body against that of her equally shit covered friend.  When she was done cumming, her friend Meagan had her turn riding a shit covered cock, as she scooped all of the excrement covering her naked body and plastered it onto her teachers raging hard-on.  As she sank onto the filthy shaft, she too, came screaming, aroused by the perverted acts she was taking part in.  She wasn't alone.  Dean's sperm filled her dirty cunt as his mind exploded, overloaded from the depravity of these two preteen sexpots.


                It was sometime later, as the three regained their senses, that they sat around the kitchen floor and surveyed the mess.  They were all coated in a thick layer of shit and the floor was a pool of piss and smeared shit.  The look of horror on their teachers face caused both girls to begin to laugh hysterically, with Dean eventually joining in.  It took some time for the three of them to clean up the kitchen and then get themselves presentable.


                Dean suggested that if they wanted, the girls could stay for supper and perhaps, another round of sex before he took them home.  The girls were eager to get another romp in with the handsome teacher.  Meagan was the first to call home, but her mother wasn't there, so she left a message and said that she would be fine.  She figured her mom had to work and wouldn't be home until late.


                Cindy called home and her mother answered.  "Oh, Cindy, I'm glad you called.  Remember Veronica from the party?  She stopped over and we're all thinking about having ourselves a little party.  Are you up for it? "


                "Sure, mom.  I've got to finish up a homework assignment and I'll be home in less than a half an hour.  Bye."  She turned around with a smile on her face.  "I have a better idea.  Are you guys up for a party?"  Giggling at the confused looks she was getting, she merely said, "Let's get going.  I'll explain when we get there.  Oh, and don't bother with underwear!"


                Twenty minutes later, Dean was pulling up in front of Cindy's house.  Cindy led her two new friends up to the door.  Dean was VERY pleased to see that their house was situated well off of the street, where it was unlikely that his car would be seen by anyone that might know him.  Cindy burst into the house, calling out "Mom, dad, I'm home!"


                From her parents bedroom, she heard her mother yell, "We're back her, baby, get undressed and join us!"  Cindy motioned her friends to be quiet and to get naked like she was, then led them to the back of the house.  She gestured for them to stay outside the door for a second, then stepped inside.  What she saw, confirmed her most perverted suspicions.


                On the bed, her mother and Veronica were naked and  fondling each other, while her father was assembling all sorts of gadgets for the evenings play.  On the television, a shit video was playing.  It was a favorite scene.  A very attractive brunette, wearing red stockings was being held upside down by two well muscled young men.  Her cunt was held open with a speculum and another pretty woman was standing over her, shitting into the wide open cunt.  Cindy watched the scene for a few seconds, enjoying it when a six inch turd slid neatly into the open speculum, leaving an inch protruding from the woman's pussy.


                She jumped up on the bed, kissing her mother and Veronica as she did.  Both gave her a quizzical look, with her mother asking, "Cindy, your mouth tastes like shit!  What have you been up to?"  That's when Cindy motioned to the door, bringing in a very nervous, but aroused Dean and a now bashful Meagan.


                She got up and made the introductions, telling her parents about the past several days worth of fucking.  The scene at her teachers house had her mother and Ronnie playing with themselves as they listened.  Meanwhile, Dean and Meagan were fascinated by the shit video playing.  They were both new to shit-play and the thought that there were actually videos like this had them glued to the screen.


                Ronnie got off of the bed and took the teachers cock in her hands, as if weighing it.  "I never had a teacher like you when I was in school.  I'll bet if I did, I would have gotten better grades!"  This got a laugh out of the assembled group, and when she knelt down and began to blow the handsome man, she got groans of lust.  As Veronica sucked on Dean's cock, Cindy told him about how during the shit orgy several weeks ago, she took a piss enema, shit it into a bucket and then they used that to give to Veronica.  She shit it all out, all over Cindy, who then got fucked by everyone at the party.  When she was done, Meagan was moaning and clutching her hairless vagina as she imagined having the same thing done to her.


                The fact that Dean had already cum several times that afternoon was the only thing that kept him from blowing a load of seed into Ronnie's sucking mouth.  As it was, he had to gently pull her mouth off of his cock, since he figured there would be far more interesting things he could use it for, before the night was through!


                Cindy's father, Matt, asked Meagan, "So, how long have you been into shit sex?"


                The horny girl giggled, "Just since yesterday!  Cindy caught me playing with myself at school and we came back here and fucked around.  She showed me a piss movie and then we went into your bathroom and pissed.  She shit and it made me cum.  Then, this afternoon over at Deans house, she really got dirty and I liked it!"


                Cindy walked over and put her arm around her naked friend.  "She's a natural, but she hasn't eaten any yet!"  That got a shocked look from both Dean and Meagan.


                "Ewwww.  Eat it?  No way!"


                Cindy smiled.  "When you're horny, it's really easy.  I couldn't do it, say just for lunch, or anything, but when you're naked and fucking, it's so dirty.  You'll cum so hard you can barely breath, right mom?"


                Karen had been leaning back on the bed, fondling her hairless cunt as she listened in and watched the video.  "Mm Hmm.  But there's no pressure here.  In our house, you do what you want, with who you want, as long as everyone is willing.  If you want to eat shit, you will.  Just watch us.  Right, Ronnie?"


                Ronnie knelt before Meagan and said, "I never thought I could eat shit either, but just wait, if you get horny enough, you'll beg for some."  Then she looked up at Dean, "How about you sport?  Are you man enough to eat my shit?"  Seeing the crazed look in the teachers eye, she knew he would be.  "So, who has to shit.  Let's get this evening started!"


                Matt rolled out a huge sheet of plastic, which totally covered the floor and another which covered the bed.  Everyone helped by putting something on the edges to keep the sheet in place and when it was secure, Karen lay down in the middle of the floor.  Matt crouched down over her and all watched as his asshole puckered outward as he pushed.  Within a few seconds, a brown turd appeared and grew in length, eventually reaching about seven inches, before breaking off, landing on his wife's naked stomach.  Karen hissed as the hot log landed on her soft flesh.


                Ronnie knelt down, picked up the slimy tube and proceeded to rub it on the clit of the horny mother, leaving a brown stain on the top of her hairless gash.  Matt grunted and another pile of shit dropped out of his ass, this time, coiling on her stomach, the consistency of soft-serve.  Veronica gave the watchers a telling look, then leaned in and licked Matt's ass clean, all the while, massaging Karen's cunt with her handful of shit.


                Cindy pulled Meagan down to kneel next to her mother.  The two preteens began to play in the pile of shit, smearing it over the woman like fingerpainting.  As Karen moaned in lust, Veronica gave them both a big smile.  Matt looked over at Cindy's teacher, who was fisting his cock, his eyes glued to the shit covered woman at his feet.  As the host of the party, Matt asked, "Dean, would you like to fuck my wife?  My daughter would love to help put your cock inside, wouldn't you Cindy?"


                "God, yes!  Fuck my mom!"


                Dean was between the woman's legs in seconds, having the daughter of the woman he was about to fuck guiding his cock into the waiting, shit filled cunt.  Ronnie grabbed the head of his cock in her excrement laden hand, slathering it with Matt's fecal matter.  Then he pushed down and his cock was buried in the hot wet cunt of the depraved woman!  Dean fucked the woman as her husband and daughter watched, along with another preteen girl and a beautiful, perverted woman.  Karen was enjoying the same fuck, pleased to be the center of attention from all the horny fuckers in the room.  As the two rutted, they covered each other with a layer of shit, adding to the perversity of the fuck.


                After a few minutes of hardcore fucking, Karen cried out in her first cum of the evening.  Dean held back, barely, wanting to see what other depraved acts awaited him.  He didn't have long to wait.  As he looked up, he noticed Cindy's dad had slipped behind Meagan, and was rubbing his hard cock back and forth in her hairless pussy.  Ronnie had come around and was diddling Cindy with her brown-stained fingers.


                Matt had an announcement that left all in the room gasping for breath.  "Ronnie has an idea she'd like to try out on us.  She's been playing around with catheters and she wants to see if she can fulfill one of her fantasies.  She wants to piss in someone's ass, directly."


                Veronica grabbed a plastic bag out of her purse on a nearby dresser.  She pulled out a short length of clear plastic tubing, connected to a thick, yellow catheter.  The other end of the tubing, was fastened to an enema nozzle.  "I wonder, since Dean is a guest, maybe he'd like to take the enema up his ass, and Meagan, I wonder if you'd like to receive it?"


                Cindy jumped up, "Oh, Meagan, do it.  It'll be so kinky.  You're gonna cum so hard!"  Then she turned to her teacher, "Dean, can I put the nozzle in for you?"  She grabbed her cunt and just had to rub it a few times at the thought of what was about to happen.


                Meagan nodded, so turned on, her breathing was coming in gasps and she had trouble speaking.  She too, was sliding two fingers through her aroused young cunt.  Dean croaked out, "I guess.  God, this is too wild."  His cock leaked precum, which dripped off of the tip.


                Ronnie sat on the bed, her legs spread out as wide as they could get, giving everyone a view of her wetly aroused cunt.  She spread some lube on the tip of the catheter and slowly pushed it into her urethra.  She looked up and smiled as she realized all eyes in the room were locked on the catheter as it sank into her piss hole.  Eventually, piss began to flow out and she stopped pushing.  She locked a clamp over the plastic and then had Dean get into the doggie position.  His cock was hard as steel as he awaited Cindy's fingers on his ass.


                Cindy scooped a load of lube onto her fingers and swabbed them over her teachers twitching bung hole.  She eased first one, then two into the tight sphincter, laughing as it clamped down on them.  After reaming his shitter for a few seconds, she applied a liberal coating of the lube to the nozzle and gently inserted it into Dean's ass.  After getting a nod of approval from Veronica, she opened the clamp, letting the woman's golden piss flow into her teachers ass.


                As Dean felt piss in his ass for the first time, he groaned with the perversity of it.  This was so depraved, and he loved it!  Knowing he would soon be shitting all over a lovely little eleven year old girl, while all of these people watched him do it had his balls aching for release!  He groaned as he felt his bowels filling with piss.  Looking up, he watched Cindy's mom rub shit all over her husbands cock, then suck it into her mouth.  His mind reeled at the sight.


                As she pissed into Deans ass, Ronnie was flicking her clit, on the verge of cumming herself.  Pissing directly into someone's ass was so hot!  She had done it to herself, but it wasn't as good as doing it to someone else, especially, while everyone watched you do it!  When the piss trickled to a stop, Cindy pulled the nozzle out of Deans ass, licking it clean and sucking the last of the piss out of the tube.


                When Ronnie pulled the catheter out of her urethra, Cindy immediately buried her mouth in the creamy cunt, hungrily lapping at her piss hole.  The overly sensitive site sent Veronica into a smashing cum, her hips bucking off of the bed as she rode out her orgasm.  As she lay back, recovering from her cum, Karen and Cindy propped Meagan up against some pillows they placed on the floor.


                Meagan immediately began to finger herself, as she awaited her very own shit bath.  Cindy knelt at her side, licking her friends puffy nipples, when Matt got behind her and buried his cock inside his young daughter.  The sight of a father engaging in incestuous child sex turned on Dean and Meagan even more!  Dean got on all fours, with his ass pointed directly at Meagan and she slid her legs over the tops of his, allowing him to back up even more.  Karen and Veronica knelt off to one side, their eyes wide as they watched.


                Dean grunted and pushed his ass back and down.  He grunted again, and his ass opened with a whoosh!  A brown stream of filth blasted out, landing on Meagan's chest, splattering up to her chin, with some even landing on Cindy's face as she fucked her father off to the side.  A second hard shove, had another cascade of pisswater spraying out onto Meagan's chest.  The young girl had one hand buried in her cunt and the other rubbing the filth into her skin.  She began to wail as her lust reached new heights.


                As Dean bore down again, Meagan bent forward and put her face into the path of the brown stream.  The blast covered her face, plastering her hair to her head, shit and piss dripping down onto her already filthy body.  As he grunted again, a thick, creamy wad of shit came oozing out of his ass.  The aroused girl lunged forward, sinking her face into the foul mass.  She opened her mouth and took in a huge mouthful.  She leaned back against the pillows and sobbed, as she went through wave after wave of orgasmic shock!  Her young body was wracked with spasms as she came, over and over again, shoving three fingers into her cumming cunt,  chewing on her disgusting snack.


                When Meagan came, Matt howled as his cock spewed into his daughters tight cunt, filling it with her own daddies hot cum.  Meagan's performance and the feeling of her own fathers sperm in her hot cunt, pushed Cindy over the edge, as she too, came hard.  On the other side of the shit covered Meagan, Karen and Ronnie were laying back, finishing off their cums as well.


                As they all came down from their respective cums, they noticed Meagan laying back sobbing from the intensity of the powerful sexual experience she had just had.  They all gathered around the young girl, holding her until she was able to relax enough to sit up on her own.  They all knew she was back to normal when she giggled and mentioned that Dean still hadn't cum yet.  That was taken care of shortly, when Dean shit on Ronnie's cunt, then used his own shit for a lube and fucked the woman into several wild orgasms, before finally cumming all over Cindy's face, to the applause of her parents!


                As everyone got cleaned up, Meagan vowed she was going to get her mother into shit-play, so she could bring her over and introduce her.  Dean and Veronica had a date for the following weekend... after all, it isn't easy for a girl to find a good looking, well hung guy that likes to fuck young girls and play with shit!