Andi, Mom & Dad



This is a true story.

As a family we lived in a north east suburb of Adelaide for most of my childhood life. Dad had a franchised food outlet and mom was a housewife. We used to entertain a lot and always had people coming and going. Mom was only about 5'4" size 6 dress, very small and petite figure but it was all put together in the right places. They had a lot of parties and it was not until later in my years I understood what they were all about. Mom and Dad built me a self-contained room in the large back yard on the other side of the pool, which they called AA, Andi's Apartment. I moved in when I was about 9 years old. I could stay in there for long lengths of time, as it was air-conditioned, my own TV and VCR, stereo, games, toys and anything else I wanted. Mom & dad had lots of friends around and often used to go swimming in the nude and I watched from AA, so seeing naked people did cause me any great concern as I grew up. I often used to swim and walk about naked myself. Dad was really keen with his video camera and used it all the time at parties and any other time. I was nearly 11 when during one party I sneaked up to the back window very late and watched what was going on inside. I had seen mom and dad make love before so I knew what was going on. Mom was on the couch with one guy eating her pussy and she was sucking off two other guys. Dad was with his camera and another woman sucking his cock. There were naked bodies every where. I watched for a while but then went back to my room. I noticed during the school holidays dad would often bring a friend home and all three would chat for a while and then dad would come out to talk to me for about 45 mins and then go back inside. This happened a couple of times in the one week and when I asked he said that mom had some business to discuss with his friend. On some of his friend's visits I was asked to go to the store to get something that was needed for diner or such. On one afternoon mom was out shopping and dad was having a nap, I sneaked out a couple of the videos that he made and watched them in my room. They were of mom getting fucked in every conceivable way by over the length of the tape by maybe 20 or so guys. There were ones of dad fucking other women and guys sucking guys and women with women. Some of mom were with women also I was a little aroused by this but not knowing why. I kept one tape in my room that I swapped for another each time I got the chance. Boy did I learn about sex and what to do. A fter these visits when mom was discussing business she would often looked a little flustered but happy when dad and his friend left. I loved my mom and as long as she was not upset I was not worried.

It was a Friday when dad was dropping me at school like always when he asked for my diary and wrote a note to be excused at midday as the family had some business to attend to. He picked me up from school at midday and we went home. Mom was not there and dad said she was in town shopping for something special for me. It was nearly my 11th birthday so I understood. We both changed and dad said would I like to play a game. Ok I said. He said we were going to play, "mom for a day". I was going to do what mom does during the day. Dad said we would look at a video to see what mom does. He put one in the machine and mom was preparing food, so we went to the kitchen and put a pizza in the microwave. Back to the was getting dressed..short skirt, blouse, frilly sox and high heels…off to AA and the best we could do was plain sox, a pair of little heels,
shirt and skirt…back to vid…mom putting makeup on…into the bedroom and use moms makeup…back to vid…mom meeting someone at the door…dad said we had to miss this bit. We were on our way back to the vid
when the door bell rang…we were both excited. Dad was videoing all of this he said to show mom. At the door was dads friend Tim. I greeted him as mom did and gave him a kiss. Dad explained to Tim what we were doing and he asked if he could join in. I was pleased and said ok. With dad still taping Tim and I watched the next part of the tape. Mom was doing a little dance and taking off her clothes. I started to dance and took off all my clothes just like mom. Next showed mom dancing with a naked man. Dad asked Tim if he would help, so Tim disrobed and danced with me. He crouched a little but his cock was at my chest height. Next on the vid was mom putting a mans cock in her mouth. Dad said it was ok and mom would be real pleased. I licked Tim's cock a little and tried to put it in my mouth but it was too big. Dad said ok and we would try later. Next part showed mom on the couch with three fingers in her pussy and sucking one man and holding another man's cock in her other hand. Dad led me to the same couch. Told me to put a finger in my pussy and and did a lot of close-ups of my finger in my pussy. He mounted the camera on a tripod and stripped and positioned himself so I could hold his cock like mom
was. There I was, finger in pussy, sucking a strangers cock, and jerking off my dad and not even 11 years old.

The front door opened and in walked mom. The two guys froze, and I, in my innocence, said, mom look at me, I am doing what u do on the video. Well I am not really sure what happened but I was dressed and mom sent me to my room and I could hear shouting and all sorts from the house. When it quieted down I went inside and mom was alone. I asked where dad and Tim were. She said that dad had left and we would not see him again. She asked me to tell her everything that happened and I told her and we watched the vid that was in the camera still and what I said was true. I was confused, but a little later that year mom told me everything. Dad had been forcing her to have sex with men, women and anything else for a couple of years now and selling the vids on the black market. She had tried to get him to stop but he threatened to do kiddy porn with me in it if she did not keep up the screwing. The guys who came around during the day paid dad $250.00 to have anything goes sex with mom!
. She had to do oral and swallow, anal sex, get spanked, fisted and even tied up and tortured while dad did the video. Dad had some 120 4 hr tapes that he had kept. I asked if I would see him again and mom said not if she could help it.

I had now turned 15 and mom and I were getting on very well. She was still seeing her regular clients and her add in the magazine was still creating a steady stream of clients. Mom showed me all the gear and set up that dad had
done in the bedroom. The whole of the inside of the canopy of the four poster was heavy duty hooks and in the dresser was a wide variety of ropes with hooks knotted in them for any style of restraint or suspension. Dad also had every type of toy, tool and accessory to be used on mom. We had hoods, solid ball gags, gags that forced your mouth open all the time, mom said guys liked that when they wanted to piss in your mouth. We had neck collars with spikes, rings, and chains, tit vices that clamped your tits flat, nipple clamps of different types, thick heavy waist belts with rings and clips, wrist and ankle collars, spreader bars, vibrators of every shape and size even pump up ones, duo balls in many sizes, anal sticks, anal beads from small to extra large, speculums for pussy and arse, plastic fists, and a heap of other stuff. We also watched most of the video's that dad left behind but mom said there were a lot missing and they were the worst ones.

The vids we had left were mainly of mom being fucked by single guys and up to four at once. Once she was the object of three guys who tried to all cum in her mouth at once and you could hear dad in the background urging them on. One showed mom suspended horizontally in the bed about 3 feet above the mattress with legs attached to each post, her waist supported by a rope and her head pulled back with a hood with a rope clipped to the top of the hood pulling her head back. Then two guys climbed in and each started at either end. One in her mouth and one in her cunt. The swapped about six times and when the pushed together you could see mom's body almost bend in two. They both came in her mouth and she told me that in that position that is very hard to swallow.
Another one showed mom having a spa in the bathroom and about 4 guys came in and each presented his arse for rimming and there cocks for jerking at the same time. Dad was pretty good with the camera and got real good sh!
ots of mom's tongue deep in their holes. After each had been rimmed and jerked off mom got out and lay on the floor of the bathroom. The then 3 guys squatted over her, one over her face, one over her tits and one over her cunt. They then started to shit on her. She started to cry as her face was covered by shit but was only abused by dad calling her to act like the whore she was. When they finished she got into the shower, but before she could turn on the water dad told her to smear the shit all over body. He wanted her to really do her breasts and really cake in on her cunt. He told her to sit in the shower and with shitty fingers fuck herself and fill her cunt with their shit. She was really in a state now, but complied. The vid finished with mom cleaned up and telling they guys she had a great time and please come and do it again.

Dad also had a thing about mom having sex with young teenager boys and many times he would bring home aybe 12-15 year old boys to fuck mom. Mom said she was about 22 at the time and was a nice looking lady. Dad made her shave all the hair from her crotch and even lets guys do it as we had a couple of shots of guys shaving mom. She looked quite young and dad really tarted her up to look like a real slut. Dad liked to video mom sitting facing the camera with a young one's cock up her arse as she spreads her pussy lips with one hand. The young
ones were very enthusiastic but mom said they need to be taught first, but she said it was ok. Mom said that she did enjoy a lot of this but when it came to the non-consensual part she objected. On warm days dad would take mom out in the car in a revealing top and dress, go to the malls, pick out a guy and see if he would follow mom and watch. If he was she would give him a flash of tits and say, "follow us". Dad then waited for the guy to get his car and he would then follow them home and the guy would get to fuck mom on video. There were only about 6 of those scenes. Dad once suggested that he bring a friend around who had a great dane dog to see if we wanted any puppy's as it was about to go to stud. Mom said she didn't but dad said it wouldn't hurt and he was a nice guy. He came on a Saturday morning and they sat and talked inside while the dog was one a leash. The guy let him go and he came straight over to mom, and she started to pat him. The dog placed his huge head on her lap. Dad said he wanted to video this so out came the camera. Mom was wearing a skirt and the dog's hot breath was blowing directly on her crotch. Not wanting to be rude she ignored it. Dad suggested that mom play with the dog on the floor and after a little prodding she knelt on the floor and started to rough house with the dog. The dog was
having fun jumping on mom and bouncing about the room. The dog then pushed mom's back and sent her to the floor and started to mount her. She tried to get up but this only let the dog into a better position. Mom tried to get up but when the dog weighs more that you it is a bit hard. The dog had mom crouched on all fours and all four legs were around her. If she tried to get up her body hit the dog. Dad laughingly joked that the dog was trying to fuck mom, and continued to say why not give it a try. Mom was shocked and protested loudly. She was told to
shut up and do as she was told. The owner came up and pulled some sox out of his pocket and put them on the dog's front paws. This had all been set up. The guy pulled moms knickers down but dad gave him a knife to cut them off. They did not want to disturb the dog's position . The owner gave a command and the dog mounted mom's back and started to poke his cock about her crotch. Dad said, "help the dog bitch, he cant find your cunt." Mom reached between her legs and felt this monster cock of the dog and inserted to tip into her cunt. The dog took over from there, and for the next 15 mins solid the dog pounded mom's pussy until he started to cum when he slowed a little and then stopped but his cock was still inserted. Mom said she had about 3 orgasms during that fuck but did not tell dad. She said it was very exciting. The dog withdrew and mom went to the bathroom to clean up, but before she could get to the door dad told her to clean up the dog's cock first as he could not leave with a dripping cock. Mom wiped the dog's cock with a tissue and dad said next time she would use her mouth. She left and got cleaned up. The vid ended as always with mom thanking the guy and asking him and his dog to come
back again. This was dad's way of proving that it was consensual and he was not forcing her to do something she did not! finish up enjoying.

There were about 3 other doggy sessions with one of mom having her cunt licked by a German shepherd. On one vid it showed a very young girl resting her head on one of our ottomans and a large white dog with its paws on the ottoman and its cock in her mouth. A man was straddling her and had a riding crop in his hand and her legs were held apart and two clamps were holding her pussy lips apart. Dad got some very close shots of her open cunt. We heard the word "dribble" shouted out and the riding crop with a full force strike hit her cunt, right on the opening and exposed clit. Next shout, "big dribble" got two hits on her cunt. If she dribbled anything from fucking the dog the crowd called out and the guy inflicted his punishment. The dog came and cum went everywhere. He just kept beating until he could no more. Her cunt was red raw. The guy bent down and shoved the big end of the riding crop in her cunt and the dog jumped off and they both left. A shot of her face showed a degree happiness about the whole deal. Maybe she liked the pain? There were vids of both guys and girls having candles dripped onto their bodies mainly on the breast and genitals.

Most of the vids were of mom in some form of suspension or restraint with guys and women doing things out of the ordinary. Once she was hung in a sitting position about 12" off the bed, arms up and supported by the waist and legs spread wide. The guys would then just slid under her, rock her a couple of time and slip their cocks in and fuck away. When finished they slid back out and the next guy takes your place. She was fucked in both pussy and arse in that position. The vid showed about 8 guys in that one take. Where dad got these guys from I don't know but we only saw the same guy a couple of times. Mom was suspended spread eagle upside down with her bald cunt facing the sky. Each guy was allowed 3 strikes with a cat-o-nine tails whip and could hit anywhere except the face. Some hit her breasts, some her arse but most took three shots at her pussy, about 12 guys in that shot. Mom said that really hurt and she was out of action for about 3 days.

One particularly long vid showed mom on all fours in the empty spa with her butt facing outwards. The camera had been set in one position to show mom's face and along her back. Dad came in with a funnel that had a bend in the thin end and on the very end was a lip about 1" in diam. The funnel was about 6" wide. I saw dad lick his finger and insert it in mom's arse and then insert the funnels lip and as it popped in her butt closed around the lip. He adjusted the angle so the open end was level. That's what the 45-degree angle on the funnel was for. She
remained there for a few seconds and one lady came in, squatted over the funnel and pissed into it and all of her piss drained into mom's rectum. Next another guy pissed in the funnel. Someone bought in a beer and poured it in. Mom was starting to get uncomfortable with this fluid in her bowel as you could see it on her face. Some one bought a can of cola; down in the funnel went its contents. One guy jerked off and his cum was washed into her gut with a glass of iced coffee. A lady scooped out about half a can of mayo into the funnel and poured her scotch and crushed ice to wash it in. Mom was now feeling the effects of this treatment, more guys jerked off into the funnel and other pissed into it also. One very big man squatted over the funnel and let go a big dump of shit and pissed it into her bowel. Mom's tummy looked like she was pregnant. Someone bought in a half bottle of champagne and it was slowly poured down as mom was getting quite full and things were entering her gut more slowly now. A big bowl was bought in and the look of relief on mom's face was incredible. The funnel was pulled out only to be replaced with a sizable butt plug. Mom was told to stand up so everyone could see her extended and bloated tummy. She looked about 9 mths pregnant. The pressure was so intense that she started to wee herself uncontrollably. She was pleading to have relief, so one guy jumped in the edge if the spa and plunged his cock into her mouth and started to fuc! k he face. Well that blew it, butt plug and the entire contents of the doings plus moms contents splattered all over the spa and it came in about 5 or 6 waves of varying intensity. Two ladies' took the shower hose and started to spray down the walls and wash everything down the drain. They took the shower rose off the handle and inserted up mom's rectum and washed out her insides. They did this until only clear water was being expelled. Mom was exhausted. After getting cleaned and dried she went to her bedroom and fell asleep. Out cold. Dad not wanting to miss a video shoot, changed the batteries, hitched mom's legs up and apart and said anyone could fuck her. About 8 guys fucked my mom without her even being conscious. Mom never knew until we watched this that day.

We scanned a lot more of the vids and mom said to take note as if I was going to join her in her callers visits I would need something more than just a young body and being a good fuck to part these guys of their money.
Well mom and I sorted out that I would be allowed to join her in a few of her liaisons with her client base, as long as my grades at school did not slip. I agreed to not let that happen, so we set up the deals and started on my first exercise in building a business. Mom sent me to have my hair done, a little shorter and a little softer, also my nails done and off to make up school to really learn how to tart my face up. Mom made me some very horny outfits to wear, if you could call them that. They were all made from ¼" wide, silver and black stretch lace and silver stretch cord. One top was made of two steel rings that had to have my tiny breasts pulled through and the lace made up the bra structure. The other top was a bra structure but had two smaller rings around my nipples. The bottom was only a band around my waist and the silver cord went from the front to the back under my legs, but on that cord were 6 dimpled beads about1/2" in diam. threaded to run free from front to rear. Mom showed me how to insert these into either my arse or pussy in whatever numbers I wanted. All in one or some in each. She said that guys liked to see things go in and out of girl's pussies.We set up a fee structure also. We only had 2-hour sessions. For mom alone $250.00, for me alone $350.00, and for both of us $500.00. This included oral, vaginal, anal sex, fisting, fantasies, foreign object insertion, constraining of one of us only, light b&d, golden and brown showers, BI act, rimming, and with or without condoms. We were now set and ready to go.

Our first client only booked for mom, but when I answered the door in my new outfit, he soon fronted with more money and took us both. He showered and stretched out on mom's bed and waited for the onslaught. I stepped

onto the bed and stood with one foot on each side of his head about 3'apart. He was looking straight into my pussy. Mom was playing with his cock and balls. I pulled in the cord of my bottoms and one bead popped out. He could not believe it, I pulled some more and he groaned as mom took his balls into her mouth. I then popped all the beads and they dropped some juice onto his face. I was wet and hot. I pulled the beads to one side and sat fair on his face with my pussy and he started to munch away on my bald pussy. I lent over and said quietly that I was only 15 and to that, he squirted a load all over my back and butt and mom had not even sucked his cock yet. I lay down beside him on my front and mom came up and said she would clean me up and proceeded to lick all the cum from my body. He was hard as a rock again. I turned over and gave mom a big open mouth kiss to show him what it was all about. Mom then pushed meback and started to lick my pussy. Our client knelt beside my face and offered me his cock to suck. I opened my mouth and teased him with my teeth as he watched mom bury her tongue into my pussy. He came over my face a few mins later. He said he needed a rest so we suggested we go to the lounge room and watch some of dad's vids. With cum still on my face we walked and mom set up a vid as he sat down. It was one of mom being ganged by about 6 guys. Our guy got rock hard. I went over and straddled his lap and rested the tip of his cock into my pussy lips and we watched the TV to one side. I wiggled every now and again and before he knew he was into me up to the hilt. I then used my cunt muscles to squeeze his cock and made him blow in my pussy. I jumped off and lay back with legs spread apart and mom came over and sucked out his cum. She bought her mouth to mine and we swapped his cum back and forth as he looked on jerking his cock to hardness again. He raised himself up and placed his cock close to our faces as he watched the snowballing of his cum between our mouths. He then blew his load onto our faces. Mom and I cleaned each other up with our mouths and even though he had about 30 mins left he hit the shower. He asked for mom to come and scrub his back and whilst doing so asked her to fist his arse whilst in the shower. Mom asked me to come and watch as her little hand vanished up to the wrist in this guy's arse. I was fascinated. The guy finished showering, dressed, kissed us both and then left saying he would make another appointment for next week.

I did not get to see another client until the weekend. He said he had seen mom a year or so ago, but mom could not place the name. When he arrived, mom greeted him as if she knew him, but later told me that dad used to make her fuck about 8-12 guys a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. She even had guy's fuck her and she didn't even see their faces. This guy knew what he wanted. He took mom to the bedroom, stripped her naked, attached cuffs to her wrists and ankles. Her ankles were clipped to the end bed legs so her legs were wide apart and then he hooked her wrists to some rope and attached them to the opposite end corners of the canopy. Mom was bent at the waist and her arms stretched down the bed. He asked me to sit next to my mom as he took his cock out. He told me to suck it and get it wet, and after it was wet he plunged it up mom's arse. She whimpered with pain. He withdrew and told me to suck some more and make it wetter or mom would suffer. I got his cock as wet as I could, and he fucked her arse some more. He was brutal and fucked really hard. He blew in mom's arse after a few more sucks, and withdrew and told me to clean up his cock as he was going out tonight. He put his cock back in his pants and then left. Not a very nice man. I let mom down and we sat and talked about him for a while. Mom said she had bigger cocks in her arse but the guys were kinder than he was.When we wanted to have a little fun, we would play a little game. I would dress in a short school uniform that mom had taken in so it was tight across my now developing tits and my hips. If I raised my arms the skirt would ride up but was not loose enough to fall down by itself. You had to pull it down yourself. I would leave the top two buttons undone so you could see the curve of my breasts. I did not wear any underwear. Mom would wear a white flimsy blouse, lacy bra and short pleated skirt and crotchless pantyhose. We lived just off Lower North East Road, and we would drive not far and stop the car, mom would get out and lift the hood of our Honda, disconnect a couple of sparkplug leads and pretend we had broken down. I would stand on the footpath with my back to the oncoming traffic as mom bent over the car. My skirt was just showing a little bum cheek. If a guy stopped to help, mom played real dumb and said she knew nothing about cars. The guys just glanced at the engine and said "that's the problem", and plug them back, mom would then go all friendly and step on to the footpath with the guy as I got into the passenger side and made sure that I gave them a good view of my cunt and I got in. Mom would ask if he would they like to come back to our house just around the corner to wash up. Some said no, but a few came along. On one occasion, the guy followed us and as we went inside mom she excused herself and said for me to offer the guy a drink. Some had a beer or something harder or softer. Mom would come back and show the guy to the couch and ask me to put on some music. I would go to the CD stack and reach up to one at the top. My skirt would ride up and he would see I was naked underneath. I would then sort of pull my skirt down from the waist but it did not fall to cover my crotch. I would then walk past the couch to get to the stereo and I looked at the guy who was staring at my cunt as I walked by. I then excused my self saying I had to change. Mom was itting next to the guy, sitting with her foot under her knee facing the guy. By arranging her skirt properly he could see she was naked underneath also. I then ran quickly from the second bedroom through the living room to the laundry naked saying I had to get some clothes. Mom shouted that we had guests.

As I raced back through, mom shouted at me again. I stopped put my hand on my hips and said' "what's the problem, this guys had probably seen a naked 15 year-old girl before". Mom looked at him and he had a bulge inhis crotch a mile high. Mom said, "Andi, look what you have done. Now come a fix this. This kind man can't leave like this" I walked over like a slut and straddled his knees and lightly ran my fingers over his hard cock. Mom reached over to undo his fly and as her skirt fell to one side he could see her neatly trimmed cunt also. His cock sprung out and I knelt on the couch and tickled his cock with my pussy. He kissed my tits and started to try to plunge his cock into my cunt. I was very wet and it slid in easily. Mom lent down behind me and started on his balls and licking his cock as it stroked in and out of my cunt. He kept going for about 10 mins and finally blew his load into my pussy. I stepped back from him and mom placed her hand under my cunt to collect the dripping cum and the guy watched mom pour it into my mouth and we did a snowballing show for him. He was stoked. He said he had to rush now and asked if he could at a later date bring some friends around for a good time. Mom and he exchanged phone numbers and said we were going to organize a party later and he and his mates would be sure to be invited. When he left I quizzed mom on that and she said that she had not had a gang bang since dad left and it was time I learnt how to handle one.

Mom and I had a spa together as we often did and talked about things, and she said she wanted to have a bald pussy again as when she last gave me a pussy licking, she said it was so good being smooth. All that evening I was lying between my mom's legs with the electronic hair remover and made her smooth, with no body hair except for eyebrows and hair on her head. We stood and looked in the mirror together looking at both our bald cunts and arses. We definitely looked horny as a couple.

In my next part, part 5, I will tell you more about the sessions and the results of my first gang bang with mom.