Weekend Party


Twelve year old Jeri packed a weekend bag. School was out for the summer, and Jeri was going to spend the weekend with Christine, her girlfriend. As she packed her bag, Jeri imagined her girlfriend's budding figure. Her breasts... maybe half grown with tan nipples that stood up erect when Jeri touched them. OR SUCKED THEM! Her hips were already flaring out into womanhood, and between her well formed thighs... oooh, Jeri shivered at the thought of her girlfriend's beautiful pussy, adorned with it's silky blond hair, sparsely adorning that juicy spot!

Jeri's mother, 36 year old Carrie, drove Jeri over to Christine's house and with a kiss, quickly drove away. Jeri thought it was strange that her mother didn't hang around to see her in the door, as she had done each time before, but quickly Jeri's mind turned to Christine. The door opened and the girls went into a hug..."Are you ready, honey?"

Whispering back, "Careful baby, we have to wait until my mom goes to sleep!"

The Friday afternoon went slowly for the two girls, anticipating the thrills that each would have much later. And naturally the two girls locked themselves in Christine's bedroom, kissing and fondling each other, working each other up to a boiling point.

"Does your mom still go to sleep around ten?" Jeri pinched at Christine's nipples.

Before Christine could answer, a knock sounded on her door. "Honey, I have to go over to sis's house for a while, uncle Frank is very sick. Will you two girls be all right? Don't answer the door if anyone should come by."

"Yes mom, we'll be OK. You go on over to your sister's house. We'll be OK, and we won't answer the door," Christine answered.

When the girls heard the front door close, they immediately began ripping their clothes off. Almost at once, Jeri slithered between Christine's legs and began kissing and licking the inside of Christine's thighs, teasing herself and Christine. Closer and closer Jeri's tongue worked towards Christine's wet pussy until her tongue was licking between the outer lip and the inner lip. Up and down her tongue slipped, on each side, driving her girlfriend crazy with a heated lust. Jeri was drooling as her tongue worked up and down. Christine pushed her hips up into Jeri's face and tried to twist her hips in the direction of Jeri's tongue, so that her girlfriend would be licking her more sensitive spots.

Sucking the left lip into her mouth, Jeri started tugging on it as she sucked. Although her girlfriend didn't have much of an inner lip, what she did have drove Jeri mad with lust. But remembering that Christine's mom would return, maybe quickly, Jeri released the lip and her tongue found her girlfriend's erect clit. How she loved this little spot.

Christine was moaning as she felt Jeri's tongue roving over her clit, sucking at it as she licked. The pussy seemed on fire. Releasing Christine's clit, Jeri drove her tongue up into Christine's virgin cunt. At times like this, Jeri wished her tongue was at least eight inches long, so she could really explore this virgin cunt... lick the walls. Christine's pussy was oozing cream now, and Jeri lapped it up and went back up to her clit. Jeri felt an orgasm coming from the way her girlfriend was heaving her hips up into her face... and then she started a steady moaning, as if she was really in pain... but far from it. Christine was coming off in her mouth!

Christine then pulled her legs up high, exposing her asshole to Jeri. With a soft moan, Jeri sank her mouth to this puckered hole. Her tongue flicked out and began licking and she licked it several mi 1000 nutes before Christine dropped her legs and rolled to her feet. Squatting down, Christine reached behind her and began pooping in her hand - it wasn't a big poop, about six inches long when it fell out of her asshole.

Jeri lay back and Chistine straddled Jeri's breasts and inserted one of Jeri's nipples in her pussy, right on her clit and began hunching her pussy on Jeri's nipple, feeling the firmness rubbing her clit. Then, breaking off a small piece of the turd, she pushed it into Jeri's mouth. At once Jeri began chewing it, tasting that nasty bitter taste as she chewed. She chewed it about seven times and she swallowed, then opened her mouth to Christine. Christine broke off another small piece and pushed it in Jeri's mouth, not once stopping the hunching her pussy against her girlfriend's nipple. Piece after piece was pushed into Jeri's mouth, with Christine coming to another orgasm. When her orgasm started, she leaned down and shoved the last of her turd into Jeri's mouth.

Rolling over, Christine rubbed her pussy, "Baby, that always is so kinky!"

"I know it is, that's why I like it so much!" Jeri answered.

The girls lay there a few more minutes, got up, sprayed the room with a deodorant, and opened the windows further before they heard Christine's mom return.

"Honey, I've got some bad news for you - uncle Frank is almost dead. Come on, get your things so you can see uncle Frank one last time... and Jeri, I'm sorry... I have to take you back home."

The girls replaced their clothing and kissed one last time before opening the door.

"Jeri, I know how much you like to spend the night with my daughter, but I have to take you home," Christine's mom added, "Maybe next weekend?"

"I understand, and I'm sorry for your brother," Jeri politely said.

On the ride back to her home, Jeri wasn't thinking about Frank, she was thinking about Christine and what they had done. The girls hugged at Jeri's home and kissed each other's cheek before saying good-bye.

Jeri opened her back door and was immediately met by Judy, a lady who lived down the street. She had a big towel wrapped around her body. "What are you doing here? I thought you were spending the week-end with a girlfriend," Judy asked.

"Christine's mom brought me home, her brother isn't supposed to live... where's mom?" Jeri asked.

"A bunch of ladies have your mother in the kitchen," Judy grabbed Jeri's arm. "You can't go in there!"

"Why?" Jeri asked. "Are you and these ladies playing dirty games?"

"What makes you think we're playing dirty games?" Judy smiled.

"I've suspected mommie doing that. That's what made ME experiment too," Jeri answered.

"You've been experimenting? With other girls?" Judy smiled. "Nasty things?"

Jeri blushed, "Yes."

Judy kept hold of Jeri's arm a few moments, smiling down at the girl, then asked, "What kind of nasty things?"

"Miss Judy, I can't tell you," Jeri tried to hide her face.

"Would you like a peek in the kitchen? See what we're doing to your mother?" Judy asked.

Jeri looked up at Judy, "... You're doing to my mommie?"

"We're just getting started. Every time you go over to your girlfriend's for the weekend, your mother calls each of us up and has us come over. Your mother really likes to do nasty things for us. Would you like to see?" Judy pulled Jeri over towards the kitchen door and opened it a crack, then whispered in Jeri's ear, "See for yourself."

Jeri peeked through the kitchen door, now standing open about three inches, and her jaw dropped open. Her mother was tied hand and foot over the end of the table, her legs tied to each leg of the table. She was standing on the floor and leaning over the table and her arms-were tied to the front legs. Another woman was driving a very thick dildo into her mother's body. Her mother had a gag shoved in her mouth and a blindfold over her eyes.

1000 "Do you know what that woman behind your mother is doing?" Judy whispered in Jeri's ear.

"That's Beverly, from just down the street! She's fucking my mother!" Jeri remarked.

"Yeah, she's fucking your mother all right! Right up the ass! She's cornholing your mother! Do you girls cornhole each other?" Judy fondled Jeri's breast.

"No," Jeri whispered back.

"Why do you have a gag in her mouth? And that blindfold over her eyes?" Jeri asked.

"Your mother LIKES us to degrade her this way, make her do all kinds of things for us ladies. Would you like to check for yourself? Feel how wet your mother's pussy is?"

"Mommie really gets hot doing this?" Jeri could not believe her eyes.

"Come on in and check for yourself," Judy swung the door open and dragged Jeri in, placing her finger to her lips, telling the other ladies to not reveal Jeri's identity. Judy took Jeri over to the table and thrust Jeri's hand down to her mother's pussy. It was wet, very wet.

Jeri looked about the kitchen and saw five other women, besides Judy and Beverly, who was still plowing the big dildo in and out of her mother's ass. Only one of the ladies she didn't recognize, but there was Connie, Nicki, Jean and Tamara and the one unknown woman.

Jeri watched Beverly fucking her mother, really humping her... until she pulled the dildo out. It was covered with streaks of shit and a big lump right at the tip. Beverly walked around the table and grabbed Carrie by the hair, lifted her head and shoved the dildo in her face. It was so big that she couldn't take it in her mouth, but she started licking the shit stains off the dildo. Jeri, seeing this, shoved her hand down between her legs and squeezed her legs together, closing her eyes.

Judy whispered in her ear, "Do you like what you see? You must, you're playing with your pussy!"

"That looks so hot!" Jeri groaned. "MOMMIE LIKES THAT!?"

"Of course she does, your mother is a real slut!" Judy expressed. "Would you like to help her?"

"No, I don't want her to know that I'm watching," Jeri answered.

"Maybe you'd like to lick her dirty ass... I saw how her licking that dildo affected you... are you a dirt freak too?" Judy steered Jeri over behind her mother.

Carrie's ass was covered with streaks of shit, brownish yellow in color.

Judy began undressing Jeri, who was soon pushed to her knees behind her mother. Judy spread Carrie's ass cheeks. Jeri swooned as she gazed at her mother's dirty asshole and sealed her mouth to that dirty anal ring. Her tongue was instantly out, caressing the filthy hole, lapping up the film of shit.

The other ladies all gathered around to watch this young girl licking her mother's dirty ass.

"Who's licking my ass?" Carrie questioned.

"Someone who is just lubricating it up for a DEEP fisting," Judy laughed.

Satisfied with the answer, Carrie started licking the dildo again. Tamara began lubricating up her hand and arm beyond Jeri's sight. When she had greased her arm up to her elbow, she pushed Jeri down and turned her around so that Jeri was looking upward into her mother's cunt, just below her asshole. Unable to control her emotions, she started licking at her mother's cunt until she caught the attention of Tamara, who was starting to fist her mother's ass. This she had to see.

Tamara had already pushed three fingers in her mother's ass and was starting her fourth finger when Jeri pulled her mouth away from her mother's cunt. Evidently, her mother had a real slack asshole from this happening many times before because, in no time at all, Tamara's hand was completely buried in her mother's ass. Her mothers asshole clasped the wrist tightly, it seemed. But Jeri was in for an even bigger surprise... Tamara was going deeper, MUCH DEEPER! Jeri watched in fascination as Tamara's arm went up her mother's ass, almost to the elbow before she stopped, but only for the moment. Tamara 1000 drove her fist in further and buried her elbow as she heard her mother moan.

When Tamara pulled her fist back, it dragged along some shit. In and out Tamara's fist went, gradually building up crap on her arm. Jeri reached up and scooped up a big handfull and smeared it on her mother's cunt, then began licking it off.

"Ooooh, who's licking my cunt now?" Carrie moaned. "It feels wonderful!"

"You really want to know?" Judy laughed. "It's your girl... Jeri."

"Is that really you, Jeri? Get away from my cunt!" Carrie struggled in her bounds.

"Yeah, Mommie, it's me... and I love your cunt, especially after I smeared your shit all over it!" Jeri licked some more.

"Honey, it's not right for a girl to lick her mommie's cunt, get away!" Carrie pleaded.

"Mommie, I don't think you have much choice now," Jeri giggled, "with you all tied up the way you are. These nice ladies have let me eat your big cunt. I think I'll stuff your shit up your cunt and suck it back out!"

"NO! NO, baby! Don't eat shit for these ladies!" Carrie flung her head back and forth, only to feel a mushy substance being pushed up her cuntal cavity. Handful after handful Jeri shoved up her mother's cunt.

"OK Mommie, I'm going to seal my mouth up to your cunt and suck your shit out... AND EAT IT... ALL OF IT!" Jeri plastered her mouth up to her mother's cunt and began sucking. She only had to suck a little before she sucked out a slimy gob of crap, which she started chewing.

"This little girl is as nasty as her mother is! She's actually sucking shit out of her mother's cunt, AND EATING IT!" Nicki moved close to watch. "EAT IT LITTLE CUNT! EAT YOUR MOTHER'S SHIT RIGHT OUT OF HER CUNT!"

"Like this?" Jeri sucked out a big mouthful, turned to the ladies and began chewing.

"She's a SHIT-EATER, just like her mommie!" Connie watched close.

Jeri stopped chewing for a moment, "Mommie, are you a shit-eater too?"

Carrie didn't answer her daughter.

"Answer her, slut!" Judy demanded.

"Yes baby, I'm a shit-eater too!" Carrie answered, "but however did you get to like to eat shit too?"

"Oh, I've been eating Christine's crap for about two years now! Grow up Mommie. Can't us girls have some fun too?" Jeri began chewing again, brown scum trickling down her face.

"This is precious ladies!" Jean uttered, "a mother/daughter team, a shit-eating team!"

Jeri had sucked all the shit out of her mother's cunt and was now licking Tamara's arm as it went in and out of her mother's ass, dragging a little shit every time Tamara's fist came back. Her whole face was now covered with slimy crap.

"Fist your mother's cunt!" Nicki said.

Jeri shoved her fist easily into the slippery cavern and began pounding it in and out.

"Do you like that feeling... SHIT-EATER. A hand in your cunt and another in your ass?" Judy questioned.

"It's going to make me cum!" Carrie groaned.

"Jeri, would you like to shit in your mother's mouth?" Judy asked.

Jeri crawled out from between her mother's legs and up on the kitchen table. Slipping the blindfold from her mother's face, "Mommie..."

Carrie batted her eyes several times to get used to this sudden light.

"Mommie... you want to taste something real nasty? Long... fat... smelly? I'll dump in your mouth, if you want it," Jeri held her mother's face in her hands.

"Ladies, I'm gonna come if you don't stop that!" Carrie grunted.

"Mommie, when I was a little girl... did you ever eat my shit?" Jeri gazed into her mother's eyes.

"No!" Carrie answered.

"See what you missed? During my short life, pounds and pounds of shit has come out of my turd-hole. Sometimes hard, sometimes soft, but it always smells... open your mouth if you want to taste my shit!"

Carrie hesitated a moment, parting her lips slightly.

"Go on, Mommie, ope 1000 n your mouth wider, show me and these nice ladies that you want to EAT MY SHIT!" Jeri urged her mother.

Again Carrie hesitated, then opened her mouth.


"We could have told you that," Judy remarked.

Jeri traced her mother's lips with her finger tip, "Between these lips, a nice, juicy turd will crawl. Soft... creamy... but you already know about that, don't you Mommie? POOP! SHIT! CRAP! TURD! Do you think it will taste sweet?" Jeri laughed. "No Mommie, it won't be sweet, it will taste rotten... but that's what you want, isn't it Mommie? Dirty, rotten CRAP!"

"Hurry sweetheart, feed it to me!" Carrie pleaded.

"It will get all over your teeth, besides, that is incest!" Jeri reminded her mother.

"I don't care darling, feed me that delicious shit you've been bragging about," Carrie pleaded.

"OK Mommie," Jeri turned her back to Carrie and, hunching down, spread the cheeks of her ass. "Here it comes... and it won't be delicious!" Jeri's asshole slowly opened and a big, fat turd showed itself. It crawled out slowly. "It feels soooo good to shit! I wish I could shit ten times a day, it feels so good. Has she still got her mouth open, ladies?"

"Yeah, she's still got it open! She's salivating now!" Nickie observed. "Push it out into her filthy mouth!"

"She just closed her lips around your filthy waste!" Nickie watched close. "This has got to be the most forbidden thing I've ever seen... a little girl shitting in her own mother's mouth!"

"Don't chew it till I turn around! I want to watch my OWN MOTHER eating my shit!" Jeri urged her mother. "Bite it off, Mommie, bite it off!"

Carrie bit off a mouthful and Jeri turned around, "OK Mommie..."EAT IT, see what you've been missing all these years!"

"She's eating her own daughter's shit! What a despicable thing to do!" Jean stated.

"Does it taste nasty, Mommie? Real nasty? Pull your lips open, I want to see you chewing it between your teeth... oooooh, that's looks sexy. My own mother eating my waste!"

"Your mother eats our shit every weekend that you go over to your girlfriend's house," Judy said. "She gets off eating our shit!"

"Every one of you ladies dump in her mouth?" Jeri couldn't take her eyes from her mother's mouth. "Aren't you going to swallow it?"

"Mommie LOVES the taste of your dirty poop, I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!" Carrie grunted lewdly and then swallowed.

Jeri at once sealed her mouth on her mother's and drove her tongue into her mother's mouth. Carrie drove her tongue out into Jeri's mouth and the two of them kept licking and slurping up the chewed-up brown scum.

"Tamara," Jeri looked up at her, "would you cornhole me like you were doing to my mother?"

"Baby!" Carrie gasped. "Don't ask Tamara to cornhole you. That big dildo will tear you up!"

"But you enjoyed it!" Jeri argued. "I want to know just what you were feeling."

"Honey, I started with a much smaller dildo!" Carrie recalled.

Tamara began strapping on the big dildo as Judy and Nickie started untying Carrie. They sat Carried right down on the floor at the end of the table and retied her. Then they took Jeri and laid her across the table and tied her down in the same manner that Carrie had been tied and greased up her asshole. Tamara began smearing grease on her big dildo and soon set it right up to Jeri's asshole.

No matter how or what Tamara did, the big dildo wouldn't slide in. Connie spread the cheeks of Jeri's ass real wide to help Tamara. Tamara took the dildo in her hand and began rotating the big head in Jeri's asshole; gradually she began to accept the big dildo.

"Damn, your daughter's got a tight asshole," Tamara grunted, "but it won't be tight long now, because the dildo head is starting to slide up into her butt-hole!"

"Put some grease on my ass 1000 hole!" Jeri suggested. "I want that fat dildo up my turd tunnel!"

Connie applied another liberal amount of grease to Jeri's asshole, even pushing some inside. Once again, Jeri felt the head of the dildo press up to Sodom's door and she pushed her hips back against the knob. Then the head slipped in. Tamara hesitated a moment before setting her legs and driving the dildo deep into Jeri's ass.

"Yeeeeeoooowwwww!" Jeri yelled. "MY ASSHOLE IS ON FIRE!"

"Ladies, please don't fuck my daughter that way!" Carrie watched with a mixture of delight and agony at the same time.

"YES! YES! FUCK MY ASS!" Jeri groaned. "It hurts, but feels good at the same time!"

Tamara set her feet and began plowing the dildo in and out of Jeri's ass.

"Look, Mommie, your lady friend is cornholing my asshole! I told you I could take it! OH, CORNHOLE ME, LADY!"

Tamara was sawing the dildo in and out, taking huge thrusts, her hips pounding into Jeri's ass with each thrust.

"My asshole is still on fire, but it's starting to feel really good!" Jeri pushed her ass up higher to meet each thrust of the dildo.

Judy crawled up on the table, "Would you like a taste of my shit while Tamara is fucking you. Your mother always does."

"OH YES!" Jeri excitedly replied. "MOMMIE... JUDY IS GOING TO SHIT RIGHT IN MY MOUTH!"

Judy got to her feet, turned her back to Jeri and squatted slightly, pressing her ass back into Jeri's face. "How bad do you want my shit?"

"I want it real bad, Judy... real bad," Jeri opened her mouth. "Use my mouth as your toilet... I'm a human toilet!"

Judy began grunting and she strained to empty her bowels. Several times her asshole rolled out as Jeri licked at the pink flesh. The turd finally started crawling out, inch by inch it crawled out slowly as Jeri's lips closed around the firm turd. Jeri had to draw her mouth back as the length of the turd went into the back of her throat. She began to think that the turd might suffocate her. She released the turd in her mouth and slid her mouth back up its length to settle again at a comfortable depth. Judy pinched the turd off and turned around to look at the young girl with a mouthful of her shit. Jeri had approximately two inches inside her mouth and another four inches sticking out of it. "Eat that nasty stuff!" Judy urged. "Carrie, look at your daughter with that turd sticking out of her mouth!"

"I want some shit too!" Carrie licked her lips.

"Not yet, you slimy bitch! Not until your daughter has got ALL she wants!" Nicki swatted Carrie's ass. "Your daughter is new to us, so we're all going to use her!"

Jeri started chewing, and gooey, slimy shit slid down her throat and into her tummy.

"See that, Carrie," Jean nodded her head at Jeri, "your daughter is as filthy as you are! And she loves being this filthy, just like you do!"

"My baby is dirty, isn't she?" Carrie nodded.

Jeri swallowed the last of the shit..."MORE! MORE!"

Jean crawled up on the table. "You're a messy eater," Jean pointed at a little piece of shit on the table. "LICK THAT UP FIRST!"

At once, Jeri began licking the messy shit up off the table, only smearing the mess out further and further because her mouth was so messy.

"That's enough," Jean turned her rump to Jeri. "Now for your snack!"

"Thank you, Ms. Jean," Jeri pressed her mouth into the cleavage of Jean's ass and began sucking at her asshole.

"ASSHOLE SUCKER!" Nicki watched close.

Meantime, Tamara was still pounding the big dildo up Jeri's ass. Each time she shoved it in, it drove Jeri's tongue back up Jean's asshole.

One by one, each woman shit right into Jeri's mouth until her tummy was just stuffed, with exception of the unknown woman, who hadn't shit yet. She came up to Jeri, "You don't know me, do you? My name is Valerie... the ladies here call me the Queen of SHIT! They call me that because I 1000 am able to hold my bowel movements for days. Right now, I haven't shit for SEVEN DAYS NOW, A WHOLE WEEK! Your mother has never been able to eat ALL my shit, but she's tried several times!"

Jeri looked at the big woman, she must have been six feet tall with a big, wide butt. Jeri swallowed hard just imagining this woman dumping.

Valerie laughed, "Scared? Your stomach would look like you were pregnant if I were to make you eat it all, but I'm going to have these ladies tie you face up on the table and then I'm going to SHIT ALL OVER YOUR FACE! These ladies will put a tube in your mouth so you can breathe. After I've dumped all my shit on your face, your mother will eat it off your face! You two shit freaks can share kisses if you want to... SHIT KISSES! We'll put your legs up high, you will continue to be cornholed! Your mother will get fisted in both her cunt and her asshole as she is eating my shit! She will get fisted until she finished ALL MY SHIT! And you will get cornholed until she finishes!"

Jeri looked over at her mother, who was now getting untied.

Valerie, the Queen of SHIT, climbed up on the table once the ladies had turned Jeri over, and squatted down, straddling Jeri's face. She blew out two tremendous farts as she flexed out her asshole. She grunted and strained to push out her firm turd. Her asshole opened up wider and wider and Jeri, looking up, saw the end of a tremendous turd. It had to be two inches thick! Slowly the turd crawled out, curling up at the end. The smell of the turd hit Jeri's nostrils. The firm end of the turd hit Jeri's forehead and started curling down, across her nose, across her closed mouth and over her chin. By now, twelve inches of turd and come out, but it was still coming out, all in one piece. Softer now, the turd came out faster and it went back over her eyes to her forehead. The turd then dropped free but that wasn't the end of it. Valerie strained again, and a smaller turd, about 3/4 inch thick, hit her in the eyes. That was all Jeri saw. She felt turd after turd hit her in the face as she began breathing through the tube. She smelled its raw aroma as it flooded her nostrils. Finally, the shit stopped, but Jeri couldn't see, her eyes were now covered with this smelly stuff.

Valerie got down off the table. "Carrie, you wanted shit to eat... now you have some! Think you can eat all that?"

"I'll sure try!" Carrie excitedly said and climbed up on the table.


Carrie started eating the filth right off her daughter's face. She wolfed it down in big bites, swallowing almost as soon as it was in her mouth. That is, the top coating of crap, but when she got down to the real turd, she had to chew each bite several times to keep it from lodging it her throat.

"Piss! Give me some piss to wash it down with!" Carrie begged.

"You don't need any piss. It will wash all that exotic flavor out of your mouth. Just keep eating!" Connie ordered.

Mouthful after mouthful Carrie swallowed until she had almost cleared her daughter's eyes of filth. She started licking to get as much as she could get and was rewarded when Jeri's eyes popped open. "Welcome back, honey," Carrie addressed her daughter and started licking her face again. Jeri spit out the tube because she could now breathe through her nose and mouth.

The ladies all started dressing now, the party was over. The fists had been removed from Carrie's ass and the big dildo that had been cornholing Jeri had been pulled out. But Carrie was still licking at Jeri's face and kissing her. Both mother and daughter were untied and the women left... but the mother/daughter shit-eating team kept right on kissing and licking.

"Mommie, how much shit did Valerie dump on my face?"

"Honey, she dumped over five pounds on your pretty face... but let's get cleaned up now and wash this table top," then Carrie giggled. "It's all covered with shit lik 25f e your face!"

"Mommie," Jeri hugged her mother, "shit is all over your face too."

Ten years later, Jeri is still seeing Christine and still eating her shit... but her main entertainment is still her mother. Women have left the group and women have joined the group. They both LIVE for that special afternoon when these ladies will come by and degrade them with nasty games...