Mommie Dearest

by Karen


Lisa watched the turd descend, straight towards her mouth. A big, fat piece of shit, tan in color. Maybe an inch in thickness and, so far, almost 5 inches had slid out of her mother's asshole and it was still coming.

All at once, Lisa woke up. Her pajamas were soaked with sweat and her fingers were stroking her clit. Why did she have this terribly filthy dream... but Lisa knew good and well why. Awake, she had seen her mother's big rump often as she bounced around between bedroom and bathroom, never covered. She would just die if her mother ever found out about her disgusting dreams.

But who could help dreaming about Cheryl? At 31, she was still a very attractive woman. She had blond hair, just like Lisa did, that hung down shoulder length. But it was her rump that set her apart from other women, it was full and shapely. Not a little tiny thing like Lisa had, a full, soft mound of flesh, just begging to be kissed and Lisa had dreamed of this often.

Glancing over at her clock, Lisa noticed it was five minutes of twelve. As it was a warm night, the windows were open and probably her mother was uncovered... nude as usual.

Tiptoeing down the hall, Lisa peeked in her mother's bedroom. A street light reflected off her mother's rump. Stepping into the bedroom, Lisa crossed to a chair and sat down in it and turned her attention to that beautiful butt. For several moments she just stared at it before she rose to her feet, crossing over to her mother's bed to stare down at Cheryl's upturned butt. Without thinking, Lisa's fingers dropped between her thighs and found her little button and began fingering it. Without realizing what she was doing, Lisa leaned over and planted her lips on the left cheek of her mother's ass before fleeing from the room.

Back in her room, she masturbated furiously for several minutes, bringing herself to three different orgasms. Still, she never got relief -- masturbation just didn't seem to pacify her desires. Getting back up, again she stole back into her mother's bedroom. This time she walked directly up to her mother's bed and leaned down to gently kiss that beautiful flesh. How she wished she might be able to spread those cheeks and pay homage to that sweet hole. Lisa just knew it would be beautiful, it just had to be... laying all tucked in between those gorgeous cheeks.

Gently, Lisa placed a knee up on the bed and slowly lowered her weight. It didn't stir her mother and this brought forth more confidence from Lisa. Gently, she lifted her other foot and placed her knee on the bed, very gently, a little at a time. Still no response from Cheryl. Leaning over, she gently kissed her mother's ass all over, maybe two dozen times before her mother stirred. Cheryl didn't waken though, she just turned completely on her tummy and spread her legs out wider.

Lisa stared at her mother's ass a few minutes more before she placed both her hands on her mother's rump and gently, softly spread those cheeks apart. The light from the outside didn't go deep into that cleavage and she really couldn't see the object of her desire. For the next few minutes, Lisa squirmed around, sliding down between her mother's legs until her mother's ass was right in her face. Gently, she spread the cheeks again before pressing her lips right up to her mother's shit-hole. Lisa reached an orgasm at this moment and shuddered heavily, fearing her mother would awaken ... but it didn't happen, so Lisa got bolder. Gently, she played her tongue around in her mother's smelly pit, the odor only drove Lisa further with her tongue. Before long, she was rolling her tongue around in her mother's asshole.

"Darling? You like your mommie's asshole?" Cheryl reached back and spread her ass cheeks even further.

Lisa jerked back in fear..."How ... how long ... have you known I was here?"

"I knew you were here when you first came into the room. Give your mommie a good rim job!" Cheryl pulled her ass cheeks further apart, if possible.

"I ... I .... I'm sorry, Mommie, for doing this." Lisa got off the bed and hurried out.

Cheryl waited a few minutes before she got up and went back down the hall to her daughter's room and peeked in. Lisa was masturbating furiously. Cheryl stepped in. "Don't tell me my ass made you do that?"

At once, Lisa pulled her sheet over her body.

"Don't be ashamed of your body, honey." Cheryl pulled the sheet away from her daughter's body. "You have a lovely body ... and evidently, you think I do too, right?"

Lisa rolled over and hid her face in her pillow.

"There, there," Cheryl took her daughter in her arms. "There's nothing to be ashamed of sweetheart. What you were doing happens much more than you'll ever know, although few people realize it."

"Really?" Lisa whispered back.

"Mother/daughter incest is a fairly common thing. I know a mother/daughter who practice it all the time ... and what's more, the daughter loves to do what you were doing to me!" Cheryl kissed her daughter's cheek.

Lisa jerked back ... "Really?"

"I swear to you it's true." Cheryl held Lisa at arms length... "Now, would you like me to lay out on my tummy for you?"

"I'm so ashamed of myself!" Lisa held her face to Cheryl's breast.

Cheryl reached down and took one breast and eased the nipple up towards Lisa's mouth, which Lisa accepted and, in a moment, was tonguing it like crazy. Cheryl let Lisa suckle at her nipple several minutes before she pulled away and laid down on her tummy. Reaching back, she spread her ass cheeks apart for her daughter. "Come honey, rim your mommie real good!"

Lisa stared down at her mother's lovely bottom a moment, then with a sigh, slid in between her mother's wide-spread legs and, in a moment, had her face wedged in between her mother's buttocks. Her mouth found that tightly puckered opening and her tongue began to dance all over it. Cheryl began moaning at all this attention and this only seemed to excite Lisa more.

"My baby loves my butthole, doesn't she?" Cheryl asked.

"Mmmmm..." Lisa could only answer, her mouth pressed up against the hole.

"Lisa is an asshole freak! Aren't you honey?" Cheryl wiggled her rump.

"Yesss!" Lisa rasped long enough to pull her mouth away.

"You do know what comes out of that hole you're licking, don't you?" Cheryl asked.

"OOOOH!" Lisa began sucking at her mother's asshole.

"It's a good thing it's not closer to morning, the way you're sucking! I'm afraid you might get something nasty in your mouth!" Cheryl reasoned.

Still Lisa kept sucking, envisioning that big, fat turd sliding out.

Cheryl rolled over... "That's what you really want, isn't it? I can't believe my daughter would want that!"

Lisa flopped over again and hid her face in her pillow.

"Honey, I didn't mean that the way it came out." Again, Cheryl took her daughter in her arms... "How long have you had this desire?"

"I don't know, mommie," Lisa began sobbing. "I'm so ashamed of myself for this!"

"Honey, dry your pretty eyes." Cheryl wiped her daughter's face. "It is shameful, very shameful... but, remember that mother/daughter combination I was telling you about?"

"Uh-huh," Lisa answered.

"Well, this girl likes the very same thing!" Cheryl grinned.

Lisa drew back to look in her mother's face... "You're not just telling me this to make me feel better, are you?"

"No, sweetheart, would you like to meet this mother/daughter?" Cheryl grinned.

"That's SO degrading!" Lisa gasped.

"Honey, her mother and I make this girl eat our shit!" Cheryl announced.

"You?" The startled Lisa gasped. "You MAKE this girl eat your shit?"

"Yes, honey, although we really don't need to make her, she will do it on her own ... anytime we ask!" Cheryl continued. "Would you like to meet them?"

"Maybe this girl ... but NOT the mother! She'd probably make me eat hers!" Lisa drew back.

"Isn't that what you want to do?" Cheryl questioned.

"What would it taste like?" Lisa stammered.

"How should I know, but I imagine it tastes terrible!" Cheryl replied. "In fact, this lady has asked about you several times."

"She has?" Lisa asked... "For this?"

"Yes," Cheryl answered. "This lady would like you to eat her shit!"

"No way!" Lisa drew back. "That's disgusting!"

"All right honey, if you say so," Cheryl giggled. "But I know this girl would like to meet you."

"Maybe the girl ... ONLY!" Lisa blushed brightly.

"Tell you what I'll do, sweetheart," Cheryl picked up the phone. "I'll call this lady and see if she'll send her daughter over. Then you can see for yourself that what I'm telling you is the truth."

"You mean she'll do it right in front of me?" Lisa could not believe her ears.

"Happily." Cheryl began dialing the phone.

Intensely curious, Lisa watched her mother dial the phone and place it to her ear.... "Hello, Leigh ... Cheryl ... oh, I'm doing pretty good, but I wanted to ask you a real big favor. Could you send Rachel over in the morning, you know my regular time .... Hold on a second..." Cheryl turned the receiver speaker on... "There, now about that big favor?"

"Well, you know what I feel about her coming over to your place, what if your daughter hears or sees it?" Leigh questioned.

"I've got news, Lisa just got through licking my asshole! AND, she has had desires to do this to me for some time!" Cheryl exclaimed.

"NO! NO! DON'T tell her that!" Lisa drew back.

Cheryl smiled and waved her hand at Lisa..."Yes, it's true! I couldn't believe it myself, I have a toilet slave at heart!"

"Well, bring her over then, you know I've wanted to use her mouth for some time!" Leigh suggested.

"I know you have," Cheryl admitted. "But first, I just wanted them to get to know each other. I know Lisa will have a thousand questions for her."

"Why don't you bring Lisa over and spend the night, that way the two girls can have a real meeting first... then in the morning?????" Leigh pondered.

"Say, an hour? It's already late, so watch for us, OK?" Cheryl suggested.

"In an hour," Leigh repeated.

"Mommie, I don't want to go over there!" Lisa shuddered. "It's one thing to do this for your mother, but for a complete stranger?"

"Nonsense!" Cheryl patted her daughter's fanny. "You'll like both Leigh and Rachel, they're are just ordinary people."

"Ordinary?" Lisa questioned.

Cheryl laughed, "Maybe we're not THAT ordinary at that. Go get your clothes on."

"Yes Mommie!" Lisa scurried off to begin dressing. As she dressed, she realized that she was getting excited at this prospect, but scared at the same time.

Within an hour, they were sitting together with both Leigh and Rachel in their front room... "You girls go ahead now, run off to bed ... and don't be up too late. You have a big day tomorrow."

Lisa blushed at the thought but Rachel took her hand and they both hurried off to Rachel's bedroom. Once in the room, Rachel began pulling her clothes off, then noticed Lisa was not undressing.

"Hey, you're not shy, are you?" Rachel came up to Lisa and began unbuttoning Lisa's blouse. Lisa stood limply and let Rachel undress her completely. "You sure are pretty," Rachel said.

"Am I?" Lisa answered.

"You hot little thing, you know good and well you're pretty, don't you?" Rachel removed the last of her clothing and flopped over on the bed and patted the bed beside her.

Lisa climbed up on the bed and slid up close to Rachel. "Rachel, how long have you been doing this?"

"Doing what?" Rachel coyly asked.

Lisa blushed.

Rachel giggled, "You blush so prettily," and, taking Lisa in her arms, began to kiss her. She kissed Lisa fully, driving her tongue into the girl's mouth as she began to toy with Lisa's already erect nipples.

"You're already excited!" Rachel drew back to gaze down into Lisa's eyes.

"This is all so new to me," Lisa explained.

"Exciting, isn't it?" Rachel continued to roll Lisa's nipple between thumb and forefinger, then dropped her mouth down over the other nipple and started sucking at it, rolling her tongue back and forth and around it.

Lisa moaned softly.

Rachel drew back and gazed down into Lisa's eyes, "I suppose you have a million questions for me, don't you?"

"Yes, if you don't mind." Lisa leaned up on one elbow.

"I don't mind, but you must NEVER tell a single soul about this, understand?" Rachel flipped her finger at Lisa's nipple again.

"How long have you been doing this?" Lisa asked.

"Doing what? Making love to girls?" Rachel asked.

"You know," Lisa avoided her question. "You know, eating that stuff." Lisa couldn't help but blush.

"You mean shit?" Rachel kissed gently at Lisa's mouth.

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean," Lisa moaned.

"Oh," Rachel studied a moment, "I guess about two years now."

"Two years? What does it taste like?" Lisa leaned up further on her elbow.

"At first, it tasted terrible to me," Rachel recalled. "Now it tastes almost DELICIOUS!"

"You're kidding!" Lisa gasped. "You think shit is delicious?"

"It always tastes different, naturally, depending on what my mom or your mom ate before ... but I have learned to love that nasty taste!"

"You have eaten my mom's?" Lisa could not believe her ears.

"Sure, she comes over about once a week for this. Didn't you know?" Rachel asked.

"No!" Lisa shivered.

"It's exciting!" Rachel remarked.

"You really like doing that?" Lisa questioned.

"I understand you've thought about it too, is that right?" Rachel smiled.

Lisa blushed a bright shade of red..."Yes."

"See, you find it exciting too!" Rachel hugged Lisa. "In the morning, your mother will feed it to me, while my mom will feed it to you!"

"I'm not sure!" Lisa argued. "You say it tastes terrible."

"At first it will, but your lust will just take over," Rachel promised.

"Is that the way it happened with you?" Lisa asked her new friend.

"Yes." Rachel flipped over on her tummy. "You were licking your mother's butthole tonight ... so would you like to lick mine?" Rachel reached back and spread her cheeks.

"Yesss!" Lisa breathlessly answered, sliding into position. "Your asshole looks so much smaller than my mother's!"

"My asshole has not been used like your mommie's, or my mom's. Get your mouth down there and start licking!" Rachel urged.

At once, Lisa settled her mouth down on the girl's asshole and began licking around as she moaned out loud. Rachel didn't hear Lisa moaning as she was moaning too from this indecent oral caress. The two girls remained in this position for the better part of ten minutes before Rachel turned around and slid under Lisa. Together, the two girls began performing mutual analingus on each other. Lisa orgasmed several times before she became exhausted and had to stop. The two girls had licked each other's asshole for almost an hour before they both fell asleep, in that same position.

The morning came early for the girls, they were both awakened by the knock at the door... "Come on girls, it's time for your breakfast!"

"Hurry," Rachel jumped up... "It's feeding time ... it's almost nine."

"I'm too lazy." Lisa tried to back out now that the time was upon her.

Rachel laughed, "Come on lazy bones, let's get cleaned up!"

Lisa dragged herself off the bed and admired the young girl's butt as she bounced about the room, then darted into the bathroom.

"Get your lazy butt in here," Rachel giggled as she turned the shower on. "My mom can't wait!"

"I don't know." Lisa made a face. "Remember, I've never done this."

Rachel grabbed Lisa and dragged her into the shower, starting to lather her belly before her fingers dropped between Lisa's thighs. "Remember too, there was also a first time for me." Rachel began fingering Lisa's clit. "Just think, a nice, big juicy turd dropping down towards your open mouth ... OOOHHHH!"

Lisa began to get excited all over again, from Rachel's fingers and the vision she had created for Lisa.... "Can I watch you do it first?"

"Sure, I like to show a novice like you how excited it makes me." Rachel pressed her pussy up against Lisa's thigh.

The lathering lasted only a few minutes before Rachel shut the water off and began to towel off Lisa. Taking Lisa's hand in hers, the two girls opened the bedroom door and together went out, totally nude.

"Look at our toilets!" Leigh said as she patted each girl on the ass. "And do I ever need to SHIT!"

As usual, Lisa blushed brightly at this lewd remark.

Together, the four of them went into the master bathroom, where Cheryl dropped her sheer nightgown and laid a towel down on the floor. This had happened many times before and Rachel laid back on the towel. Holding her hand up to Lisa, Lisa took it as she dropped to her knees and Rachel placed Lisa's hand down on her pussy. "Finger me!"

Lisa started fingering Rachel's little pussy as she watched her mother squat down astride Rachel's face. Intently watching, Lisa saw her mother's asshole flex out a few times.

"Quit teasing me!" Rachel groaned. "Give it to me!"

"Yeah, Mommie ... give it to her! I want to watch her eating your dirty waste!" Lisa groaned... "PLEASE Mommie, she's begging for it!"

"Don't you worry, honey, I'm going to make you into a toilet soon!" Leigh grinned. "A dirty, filthy SHIT-EATER!"

Rachel leaned up and planted a big, wet kiss right on Lisa's mother's asshole, smacking her lips loudly.... "Brown my mouth good, PLEASE!"

Intently watching, Lisa saw her mother's butthole open up to reveal it's hidden fruit.

"HERE IT COMES!" Lisa almost shouted. "Look down between your legs and see how open her mouth is!"

"Does that make you hot? To watch your mother shitting in my girl's mouth?" Leigh got down to watch the log crawling out of Cheryl's shit-hole. It crawled out about three inches, hanging just above Rachel's mouth ... and then it dropped. It dropped right in Rachel's open mouth and quickly she closed her lips around the disgusting feces. But she didn't start chewing yet, she watched Cheryl's asshole open again and another log began to crawl out. Since Rachel's mouth was closed, this piece, softer, dropped down across Rachel's nose before Cheryl's asshole opened again and yet another slender turd started curling out, sliding out slowly, and began to loop around across that first piece sticking up out of Rachel's mouth. Cheryl grunted several times and a smaller piece dropped out before she raised to her feet and stepped away from Rachel. "You may begin eating my hot shit!"

At once, Rachel began chewing, biting off a sizable section and, raising her hand, took hold of the piece still sticking up. Still holding it between her lips, she started chewing as slimy, gooey streams of shit poured down over her chin. Her moans were very audible as well as she let more of the turd slide between her lips.

"She's actually eating my mom's shit!" Lisa took her hand from between Rachel's legs and jammed it between her own legs to start rubbing on her own clit. "That is soooooooo nasty looking!"

"It makes you hot, doesn't it?" Cheryl smiled down at her daughter.

"Ohhhh YESSSSSSSS!" Lisa worked her finger back and forth in her now sloppy pussy.

"Well, in a minute, Leigh is going to do that very same thing to you!" Cheryl promised. "Do we have to tie you up?"

"Nooooo!" Lisa rasped... "I want to do it!"

"That's my girl." Cheryl patted Lisa's bottom. "Just be patient, honey, and soon you will find out what shit tastes like!"

Rachel was now down to the last of the crap on her face, taking her finger and scraping it off her face and into her mouth ... and all the time she was moaning and groaning with pure lust.

"Get up now!" Leigh pushed Rachel with her foot. "It's time your little friend got a real big mouthful of my shit, so come on."

Rachel got to her feet, her face smeared with the brown streaks. "It's your turn, Lisa honey, lie down like I was!"

Slowly, Lisa laid back, scared to death.

Rachel slid down between Lisa's legs and began sliding her tongue back and forth over the slippery slit between Lisa's legs. Cheryl took one of Lisa's muffin-like breasts in her hand and, leaning down, began to lick and suck at the nipple.

Leigh straddled Lisa's face and lowered her body down until her ass was right in Lisa's face. Lisa looked up at this big stretched-out asshole right in her face, and again wondered how an asshole could get so big.

Leigh's asshole started opening up until Lisa could see the end of the turd and she WANTED IT! With Rachel licking her pussy and her mother sucking on her titties, she couldn't help but want it. She noticed the odor first, not unlike any other turd she had smelled before, but that didn't seem to dampen her desire for this filthy game. Lisa opened her mouth, rasping deeply to suck enough air into her lungs. The turd crawled out slowly, tantalizingly, but Lisa continued to just lay there with her mouth open wide, waiting for the turd to drop. She didn't even fear that nasty taste, she welcomed it! She had seen how Rachel had devoured her mother's turd.

The turd slid lower and lower, still without breaking off. The tip touched her lips and she closed her lips around it, just like Rachel had done. She quickly noticed that foul taste of shit, but it was that foulness that she wanted more and more. All her masturbating and dreaming of this very thing was about to happen. The turd slid to the back of her mouth and she began to worry about not being able to breathe. All at once the turd broke loose and fell down across her cheek. That turd had to be at least nine inches long! But there was more coming! She watched as Leigh's asshole ballooned out again, stretching the anal wrinkles out, as another thinner turd crawled out, softer and lighter in color. It fell across her nose from side to side and then another smaller piece slid out, sticking to the second piece.

Leigh raised up then, and looked down. "EAT MY SHIT! Eating shit is a filthy thing to do and disgusting as hell ... but YOU WANTED IT! So, little bitch, EAT MY SHIT! Chew it real good before you swallow it ... you dirty little cunt!"

Lisa sank her teeth together, right through the end of this filth and began chewing. It tasted terrible, how could Rachel love it so much? She chewed this mouthful at least ten times before she swallowed it.

The piece she had taken a bite out of had slid to the floor, but Leigh reached down and picked it up and pushed it into Lisa's mouth.

Without thinking, Lisa took another bite of the turd, noticing at once how the taste was not near as bad, or maybe she was just getting used to this nasty taste. She chewed it several seconds before swallowing.

Leigh laid the turd back down and stepped right in it, screwing her foot around several times before wiping her feet together. "CLEAN MY FEET! You dirty little cunt!"

Lisa rolled over on her tummy and began bathing the woman's feet with her tongue, lapping up the bigger chunks. This took quite awhile and she missed the tongue licking at her swollen pussy. Fifteen minutes later, Lisa had completed her chore, brown smears all over her face.

"Girls, you still have more cleaning up to do!" Cheryl grinned and she and Leigh left the bathroom and laid down side by side on Leigh's big bed.

At once Rachel attacked Cheryl's asshole, so Lisa knew it was her job to clean up Leigh's shit-hole. That was just what she did, licking and sucking at Leigh's asshole like it was candy until finally she had done a great job, but Rachel was still licking her mother's asshole, so Lisa kept licking away at Leigh.

This prolonged analingus lasted the better part of a half hour, and then the two ladies sat up.

"Now you have tasted shit, how do you like it, Lisa?" Cheryl asked.

"I can't believe I just ate shit!" Lisa grinned.

"Honey, you will get so you won't be able to live without that nasty taste in your mouth! I KNOW ALL ABOUT THAT!" Rachel grinned.

"I'll have to use your girl's mouth almost every day now," Leigh promised.

"You're welcome to my little toilet!" Cheryl replied.