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Gay - Adult Friends: Putting Out for the Frat Guy
Gay - Beginnings: Kasper's Den
Gay - Beginnings: Make Mine to Go
Gay - Beginnings: Noblesse Oblige
Gay - College: Cheddars
Gay - SF-Fantasy: Old Valley Road Hotel
Bisexual - Encounters: Davy's On the Road Again
Lesbian - Adult-Friends: Fifty Shades of Crimson


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June 2017: Please be alert to a phishing scam that is trying to entice authors to click on a link for prison pen pals.
June 2017: Author Anonymous.A has published Danny.
May 2017: Congratulations to prolific author a4f101 on publication of his 200th story on the Nifty Archive!
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Feb 2017: anonymous.a has published 18A.
Feb 2017: Ken James has published Touchdown, Three-Way Buddies, Cruising Cop and more.
Oct 2016: Michael Offutt has published The Orb of Winter.
Aug 2016: Castor has published Prison Boys, Painful Lessons, The Private World of Seacroft Manor and Discovering Me.
Jul 2016: Our friend and author Rob Loveboy has passed away. We extend our condolences to his friends and family.
Jul 2016: anonymous.a has published Servicing Serviceman.
Jun 2016: J.S. Miller has published Ultimate Hunt (Amazon) and Ultimate Hunt (Smashwords).
Feb 2016: Our friend and author Miguel Sanchez has passed away. We extend our condolences to his friends and family.
Nov 2015: Congratulations to prolific author Zachyboy on publication of his 50th story on the Nifty Archive!
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