Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 09:03:00 -0700
From: Thomas Richards <>
Subject: What a Way to Wake Up

      What a way to wake up! I was awaking to the touch of someone touching
my arms and legs gently pulling and stretching me out. It all seemed very
gentle but then, then I started to try and move around the bed and
realized, I wasn't moving anywhere. I had been pulled spread eagle on the
bed face down and the sun wasn't even up yet. I was trying to remember if I
had pissed off Sir in the last couple of days and this was punishment or if
I had pleased Sir and this was my reward. I was starting try to look around
and see where Sir was, but with just woke up eyes and the dark still from a
late fall sunrise it wasn't much good. And then seeing what I was trying to
do, Sir supplied a hood and all was back to black. Not that I was
complaining mind you.
	After a few quiet, solitary moments of me moaning and squirming in
bondage Sir said, "And really I don't want your opinion this morning!" and
the cock shaped gag that fit the hood was shoved in.  Starting to feel more
vulnerable and hornier, I felt Sir reach under me and pull my cock and
balls from under me, to lie between my legs where He could see
them. Unfortunately for me, I was ROCK HARD and my cock was more like a
kickstand, keeping my ass propped up in the air. But apparently my boy butt
jacked up like that was not something Sir was interested in this morning,
"LAY FLAT!" and my ass was shoved back down and I was pretty sure my
"kickstand" was going to break. Thankfully I was wrong, "boy you don't need
to be hard right now anyway" and the crop came cracking down on my exposed
balls and inflated cock. WoW I didn't know that the riding crop had been
invented for the just this reason! As the leather fold of the crop managed
to connect evenly on both testicles the hard length of the crop crashed
cleanly down the length of my cock.
	GOOD MORNING PAIN! Now, I love me some good heavy pain, but this
early in the scene meant I was in trouble for something.  "One, Two, Three"
Crack! My nuts and my cock got it again.  "One, Two, Three" Crack! So now
my body is trying everything to get out of these bonds and protect the
important parts, but it wasn't going anywhere, and my mind which was now
completely disconnected was lost in an echoing canyon of screams that were
impossible to articulate through the cock gag stuffing that hole.
 "Now I thought I had a smart boy, but now I am wondering. If that cock
would go down and stop oozing cock snot all over the sheets I could stop
torturing it." Crack!
 "One, Two, Three" Crack!
 On that one my body, every muscle in it and my mind seized up, and then
collapsed back on the mattress. "Good boy, punishing a little masochist
like you sure takes patience, serious thought and extreme force."
	As I lay there with all the pain in the world focused on my nuts
and balls and tears filling up the hood, I had to agree with Him, and a
smile stretched around my gag. Sir reached up and took hold of my cock and
balls, I was pretty sure they were going to need to be rebuilt, but, my
sick ass could only think about how wonderful Sir's hand felt holding them
knowing He could destroy them whenever He wished. He then started pulling
them, and I was wondering what was next, when suddenly He dropped them. I
wasn't sure this was a good thing, since now I didn't know where Sir was or
the crop for that matter. But as the mattress was starting to move I
figured out that He was climbing on next to me, or so I thought. Suddenly
He was on top of me and started putting pressure on my lower back, and that
is when it hit me, morning piss. Sir was bouncing on me just a bit and I
was realizing I needed to piss, with His knees still on my back He leaned
over and said quietly in my ear, "You better not piss without asking
permission boy, you know better". And I did know better, but my bladder was
arguing on the side of not caring.
	Sir slid off my back, and I could feel He was headed back between
my legs, but I guess my cock and balls got in the way, because suddenly
they were being crushed by His knee. OK, I will admit, I loved it, in a
sick masochistic sort of way. With His knee on my nuts I felt Him start
tickling my asshole. As tight and as wide as I had been tied, my cock
loving fuck hole was totally exposed and Sir was enjoying it. I felt Him
rub around the edge, very gently to start and then more and more forcefully
and harder until my hole opened and invited Him in. Sir continued to tease
it and tell me how it was pulsing out and in begging for Him. I felt Him
trickle some lube but I was sure it wasn't really enough but when Sir
stopped rubbing, my ass gave me away and started pushing up to get Him
back, even though His knee was crushing my balls. One last grind and then
He let up. As I sucked in a breath of relief, Sir aimed and took shot at my
ass. Having not been well lubed, and even more importantly not stretched,
my ass felt as if it was ripping apart in all directions.
	Just seconds after He has starting shoving that steel rod in my
ass, I felt His balls slide across what was left of mine, and His pubes
grinding on my ass, although those things barely registered in my brain
through all of the pain. But as the pain became pleasure, His balls
bouncing on mine as He slammed every steel inch in my ass was making me one
happy boy! Sir had His hands on the back of the hood, steadying Himself as
He pounded my hole with long hard thrusts, and I was doing all I could to
continue breathing as He shoved my face deep in the mattress.
	But all good things must come to an end. Sir slammed deep in my
hole and held there as His short spasmodic thrusts told me what a good boy
I was as He left part of Himself deep in me, and collapsed on my sweaty sex
racked body. His weight was reminding me that I still had a full bladder,
and a gag, which was making it really hard to get permission to relieve
it. Then Sir let out a sigh and I felt my bowels filling, "I decided to
take My morning piss boy."  So with His cock deep in my well used ass He
filled me as full as He could and continued to lay there. I was whimpering
and Sir was nice enough to ask me if something was wrong, cruel joke I
know, still unable to answer I just whimpered again. Sir finally asked if I
wanted to pee, I was trying to nod but Sir had rested both hands on my head
and laid His on top of that. "OK boy, you can piss." We had learned long
again to keep water proof mattress covers on at all times. I could still
feel Sir full cock in my hole as I relaxed enough to let my morning piss
flow. As my body relaxed into a nice long morning piss I felt Sir's cock
plop out of my swollen, fucked, and exhausted ass, and His piss slowly
dribble out of it and down my balls and cock.
	A few minutes later Sir got up, patted my ass and I heard Him walk
out. Laying there with His strong morning piss dripping down balls, my
morning piss pooled around my tender cock and our sweat drying on my body,
I was pretty happy boy. As I started drifting off to sleep with the smells
of our kinky sex filling my lungs and my brain, I realized, it is the
weekend and He hasn't untied me, could He be planning on making me a
happier boy before lunch?