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Subject: I Was a Teenage Bitch Boy

Warning: This story contains brutality, profanity, and homosexual
activities between adolescents.  This version has been fictionalized and is
the sole creation of the writer.  Please feel free to contact me at the
above email.

			 I Was a Teenage Bitch Boy

      When I was a teenager, I lived in a shit hole in the desert, between
LA and Vegas.  My school only had 250 kids in it.  It was one of those
fucked up schools that had a lot of fat cheerleaders and nerdy athletes.

      Back then, I was the stereotypical bookworm: pale, lanky, and quiet.
Naturally, I was picked on by assholes.

      The main asshole was Vince.  Vince was half Latino and was strapping.
He always kept his hair short, except for the front, which he spiked up or
slicked to the side.  He had full lips, a sharp nose, and a thin face that
made his body look more muscular.  He also had small, circular ears and
large, dark eyes, which looked intense.  He was preppy and trendy, and
always wore cologne.  He also wore undershirts, particularly wife-beaters,
and a gold necklace with a Catholic pendant on it.  His voice was deep, and
he was sullen, unless he was around friends or girls, and then he would
become a huge asshole or showoff.

     The friend that brought out the worse in Vince was Justin.  Vince and
Justin used to be best friends in grade school.  However, in high school,
they only occasionally hung out, since Vince mostly stuck with the jocks
and Justin with the skaters.

     Justin was short and tanned.  He always bleached his hair and kept it
long in the front.  He wore a lot of skater clothes, but sometimes wore
preppy ones.  With his thin lips, snubbed nose, angled eyebrows, and beady
eyes, he looked like a cat in the face.  After Titanic came out, a lot of
people would fuck with him by calling him, "Leo."  Justin also had a little
effeminacy in his voice, and I think that and his size made him defensive.
In junior high, he quickly became a class clown and bully.  A lot of people
would just take his shit, since he was friends with Vince.

     Vince, Justin, and I were fifteen, give or take a year, when "it"
happened.  We were in the last gym class of the day, and we had lap swim.
That year, our teacher was a hefty, middle aged bull-dyke, named Lori, who
sometimes took up for me.

     Before the laps began, Vince and Justin were hanging out with a boy,
named Ricky, and a cute, new girl.  I'm sure she was just another piece of
ass to Vince.

     Vince was wearing black square cut shorts, which hung so low they
exposed half the "V" his stomach muscles made, as well as the bulging veins
above his pubes.  Justin was wearing Hawaiian board shorts and a seashell
and leather choker.  His hair looked atrocious that day, due to the orange
bleach job he got the day before.

     Ricky was a boy that Vince hung out with.  He was the kind of kid who
was only nice to you when his clique wasn't around; he was also that
snickering in the background when someone like Vince humiliated you.
Nevertheless, I still had a little crush on him.  Sometimes, he would
subtly compliment my writing or artwork, and a few times, he said, "Hey,"
or smirked at me.

     Ricky had a hard life.  His mom was a single parent of three kids,
and, resultantly, Ricky worked grunt jobs to help them out.  Occasionally,
he would buy himself new clothes or accessories, which were just nice
enough for him to fit in with his clique.  Also, compared to others, he
studied harder in school and played harder in sports.  Girls were always
swooning over him, due to his drive, chivalry, and looks.

     Ricky was strapping, smooth, and tanned.  He had a rectangular head,
elongated ears, thin lips, and a prominent jaw and chin.  His eyes were
hazel and looked youthful and peaceful.  Most of the time, he wore a crew
cut or a high and tight.

     That day, Ricky had on gray board shorts, which had navy and white
stripes on the sides.  Also, his hair was a little messy from Justin
squirting water at him.

     Vince and the three others entered the pool area.  Lori immediately
barked out Vince's last name.  "Pull up your shorts.  This isn't a strip
show," she continued.

     Vince kept walking.  "Dyke," he grumbled.

     They walked over to some of Vince's friends.  "Pull up your shorts,"
one of his friends imitated Lori.

     "Eat my dick," Vince retorted.

     "The only thing she eats is a buffet," Justin mocked.

     "End of the pool," Lori called out to everyone.

     I began walking in the other direction to put up my shirt.  Vince's
group was coming towards me, so I put my head down to avoid them.

     Suddenly, Vince reached out to push me in the pool.  "Cool off, fag,"
he said at the same time.  Instinctively, I grabbed his arm.  "Oh, yeah,"
he said.  A flash of annoyance crossed his face, and he pushed on me
harder.  I started to slip, so I latched onto his necklace.  That enraged
him.  "Let go!"

     Without fully realizing what was going on, Justin lunged into me.  I
flew back into the pool and took them both with me.

     Vince flailed in the water, as he fumbled for his necklace.  He found
it intact, but was still irate.  "I'm going to fucking kill you, you
faggot," he barked at me.

     By that time, Lori was yelling Vince and Justin's last names.  Ricky
turned to walk, but she called his name, too.  Ricky spun around.  "The
three of you owe me extra laps after class," she continued.

     "What the...?  I didn't even do anything," Ricky whined loudly.

     "You don't fool me, mister," she said to him.

     He threw his arms down, like a toddler.  "Don't worry.  We'll get
him," Justin mumbled to him.

     For the rest of the hour, Vince and Justin kept glaring at me and
making snide remarks.  "Just wait, faggot," Vince warned me twice.

     After class, everyone but the three of them went to the locker rooms.
I was so shy back then that I had my locker in the farthest corner, and I
always dressed under my towel.

     I was clothed and was putting on my shoes when I heard Vince's voice
bellowing through the room.  At that time, only a few people were in there.
"You still here, faggot?" Vince yelled, banging on lockers.

     "Little, queer ass bitch," Justin added.

     "What the fuck are you looking at?" Vince asked someone.

     A gym bag flew across the room.  A nerdy boy, named Ryan, scrambled
over to retrieve it.  "I think his locker is over here," Ricky said to

     Vince and Ricky emerged.  "I knew I smelled pussy," Vince grumbled.
He came at me, gripped the back of my neck, and held up his necklace.  "You
ever touch this again; I'll break your fucking fingers. You got it,
faggot?" he said.

     "Yeah," I answered.

     "Now get the fuck up," Vince ordered, as he yanked me off the bench.
He took me to the main part of the locker room.  "Justin!"

     "Over here," Justin replied.

     Vince, Ricky, and I went to the hallway leading to the front door.
Justin was at the coach's office door and was picking the lock with a
pocketknife.  Ricky stirred uncomfortably.

     Justin finally opened the door.  Vince shoved me into the dark room.
I struck something on my way down and skidded on one knee.  Pain shot
through my body.  "Where's the fucking light?" Vince asked.

     Justin flicked it on.  It left a dim, orange hue.  The room was
cluttered with sports and heating equipment.  There was an old, crappy
massage table and a small, metallic desk in opposite corners.  There was
also what looked like an empty hot tub, which had random shit in it.  With
a stuffy, pot odor, it smelled worse in there than the locker room.

     Justin shut the door and locked it.  "Um, what exactly are we doing?"
Ricky asked.

     "We're going to teach this homo a lesson.  Isn't that right?" Vince
asked me.

     Ricky snickered.  "We can't just beat him up."

     "Watch me."

     Vince moved to me and flicked his fist at me.  It came inches from my
face.  "You should really do it," Justin encouraged him.

     "You scared yet, faggot?" Vince asked me.

      I felt uncomfortable, but I wasn't scared.  When I was a little kid,
I used to get hit by my older brother and step mom, so I knew how to take a
beating.  "No," I mumbled.

     "Really?" he said and punched the wall near me.

     I covered my face and cowered a bit.  "Leave him alone, Vince.  We
need to go to practice," Ricky said.

     I was shocked because that was the first time Ricky defended me.  Then
again, the circumstances were never this bad.

     Of course, Justin had Vince's back.  "Just fucking hit him," Justin

     "You really are a faggot, aren't you?" Vince asked me.

     "Yeah," I responded.

     They were speechless.  I was looking down, but I could only imagine
the looks on their faces.  "What the fuck?" Justin finally muttered.

     "Did you just say you're a faggot?" Vince continued.

     "Yeah," I repeated.

     "So you like dick?  You like to suck it?  Huh, fag?" he said, growing

     "I do."

     Suddenly, Vince grabbed my head and started banging it against his
crotch.  "Suck that, bitch."

     "Fuck, Vince," Ricky grumbled in shock.

     I could feel Vince getting hard.  "You want that big, fucking cock?"
Vince sneered.

     I shook my head yes.  He pulled out his dick.  It was huge in length
and girth, and it had a large vein that ran vertically on top of the shaft.
He was cut, and his head was bulbous.  His sack was smooth and dark, and
his balls were small, making his dick look bigger.  The only pubes he had
was a thin, square patch.  "Then choke on it," he said.

     He shoved his dick in my mouth.  It filled my whole mouth and tasted
like chlorine.  He immediately rammed it to the back of my throat.  I could
hear Justin saying something to Ricky in the background.

     Vince began fucking my mouth.  A couple of times, he stopped to try to
put it down my throat.  Back then, my gag reflux was so strong that I felt
like I was going to puke at any moment.

     Justin soon moved forward and stood by Vince.  He pulled down his
shorts, and I started sucking him, too.  His penis was small and venous.
His balls hung low, and he had Speedo tan lines.  His groin and butt were
shaved.  He pre-came like crazy, and it tasted salty and sweet.  Like
Vince, he was aggressive with his dick, if not more so, since he had a
smaller dick.

     For a moment, I thought Ricky had left, but then I saw movement near
the door.  "Let's see if this bitch can take them both," Vince said.

     He tried to put his dick in my mouth while I was sucking Justin's, but
could only fit his head.  I then held their dicks together and nibbled on
them.  I loved watching them touch.  I don't think Vince realized it, but
Justin's pre-cum was sliming up his head.

     Vince constantly talked shit the whole time.  I think he kept mumbling
something in Spanish that sounded like "Pluto."

     Minutes later, Vince started to get crazy again.  I think he was
trying to show up Justin.  He was fucking my mouth so hard he forced me
back to the wall, and was butting my head against it.  By that time, his
shorts were hanging off one foot.  My body started slipping downwards, and,
resultantly, Vince squatted to face fuck me.  I reached up and grazed his
hole with my finger.  It was moist and shaved.  Seconds later, I started
choking, and my vomit crept up.  I jerked away and puked on the wall and
floor.  "Nasty fucker," Vince mocked.  He hawked up phlegm and spat it on
me.  "There's something to go with it," he said, as Justin laughed.

     Abruptly, Vince looked back at Ricky.  Ricky was holding his dick, but
still had his shorts on.  He seemed to be hard, even though he was shocked
and somewhat repulsed.  Vince grabbed my hair and yanked me towards Ricky.
Ricky's eyes widened, and he stirred and mumbled something.  "Suck him,"
Vince told me.  Ricky backed up to the door.  "Get your cock out," Vince
told Ricky.  That was first time I heard him talk to Ricky like that.  "Get
it out."

     "Come on, dumb fuck," Justin said to Ricky.

     Ricky remained frozen.  "Fine," Vince said and went back to fucking my

     After about a minute, Ricky reluctantly pulled out his dick.  It was
average sized and semi-hard.  Its head and shaft were almost the same
color, so I thought he was uncut at first.  He had a big bush, but
everything else was smooth.

     Ricky stroked it, until he was harder, and then he lumbered forward.
I started sucking him, as his body grew more rigid.  I touched his abdomen
and then his thigh.  His skin was soft.  After a while, he loosened up some
and placed his hand on my back.  "Fuck his mouth," Vince said to him.

     Ricky wouldn't do it.  I went back to sucking Vince and Justin.  "I'm
going to cum," Vince exclaimed.

     He shoved his dick down my throat, groaned, and shot his load.  I
could feel his balls moving up and down, as he fully unloaded.  I didn't
even get to taste his cum.  I went to pull away, but he held me down.  "Ah,
shit," Justin uttered.

     I jerked away from Vince and took in Justin's dick.  Justin blew a
massive, bitter load in my mouth.  He seemed to squirt four or five times.
After he ejaculated, he swiveled his dick in my mouth for a few seconds.
He then pulled it out, as some of his cum spilled out.  I swallowed, wiped
my face, and licked my fingers.

     Afterwards, I realized I was drenched in sweat, my knee was bleeding,
and I had ejaculated in my pants; I was too caught up in the moment to
remember any of it.

     Vince and Justin stood there for a few seconds and then got dressed.
Ricky already had his shorts up and was looking dazed.  "That was weird,"
he mumbled to himself.

    Vince gripped my neck and got close to my face.  "You ever tell anyone
about this, I'll kill you," he warned.

     "Okay," I said.

     Vince and Justin moved to the door, as Ricky remained still.  Vince
paused and glanced at Ricky, but Ricky didn't respond.  Vince and Justin

     Moments later, Ricky became fidgety and started to look frantic.  He
quickly closed the door and locked it.  I thought he wanted to talk about
what had just happened.  Instead, he grabbed a towel from the desk and
wiped Vince's phlegm off me.  The phlegm was mostly crust by then.

     He knelt behind me.  Impatiently, he began to pull on the back of my
shorts.  I helped him.  "Bend over," he said.

     I bent over.  I felt his hard dick touch my back and slide down to my
ass.  He spread one cheek and let his dick graze my crack.  He then moved
closer, stuck his dick deeper in my crack, and began rubbing vigorously.  A
minute later, he groaned, jolted, and shot his load so hard that some of
his cum squirted inside me.  He pulled away.  I felt his cum run down my
crack, balls, and into my underwear.

     He grabbed the towel again and wiped my ass with it.  We both pulled
up our clothes.  I looked back at him, but he couldn't look at me.  "I'm so
sorry," he whispered.

     "It was hot," I said, touching his arm.

     He rose.  "Please don't tell anyone.  I worked so hard to--"

     "I won't."

     I stood up.  He glanced into my face and suddenly hugged me.  I gave
him a peck on the cheek.

     He let go and left.

     After that, Ricky never looked or said anything to me again.  Vince
and Justin never said much to me, either.  In the end, they just found
someone else to pick on.

The End