Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 11:15:26 +0100 (BST)
From: Francis Scott <>
Subject: Tales of the New Republic: Part 1 - Preamble

I have been reading a lot here in Nifty recently - and feeling guilty for
not contributing.  The influences and inspirations for this story are many
and various and, you will probably be disappointed to hear, mostly non-sex
based.  You would be amazed at how horned up you can get reading an
encyclopaedia if you have got a twisted mind! :)

Anyone guessing 5 or more of the books/authors that indirectly inspired
this story will get a gold star from teacher.

As this is my first attempt at a story for Nifty I would be grateful for
feedback.  I will do my best to post regularly till I get to some sort of
logical end point, but I do have a life and postings may be a week or two

This obviously a work of fiction so if you are unable to distinguish fact
from fiction stop reading and book yourself in for therapy.  If you are
underage for your local jurisdiction then I am sorry you will just have to
do what horny teens have been doing since the dawn of time and make up your
own wank material.  This story will include references to gay sex and if
this is likely to offend you then please go and read something else.
(Unless of course you get turned on by being offended in which case feel
free to wank to your hearts content.)  If you a member of a law enforcement
agency - well, frankly, you are just not invited to read...

Tales of the New Republic

Chapter 1 - The Setting.

[Please feel free to jump straight to the main sleaze (Chapter 2) - this
bit just explains the world in which the story is set.  It is basically an
ultra libertarian America of the near future with the governing principle:
"Freedom that does not include the right to make what other people might
consider bad choices is not freedom, but that along with that freedom comes
the responsibility to deal with the consequences of your own choices."]

Following the capture of Osama bin Laden by the French secret service at
the end of 2006 the CIA was shocked to find that the "world's most wanted"
had been bright enough to video tape the planning meetings with his CIA
handler arranging the WTC bombings and the Bastille Day nuking of Paris in
2006, including their indiscreet commentaries on why they wanted it done.
The six year reign of George Bush ended with his rather messy public
execution, along with his co-conspirators, on the White House lawn at the
climax of the Second American Revolution.

The UN, in protest at the revelations (and nearly twenty years of late
and/or unpaid membership dues) imposed sanctions and relocated to Geneva.
Without being able to consume 30% of the world's resources the American
economy collapsed.  The nation fragmented in a decade of turmoil following
the event.

An unlikely hero emerged from the rubble; an aging former rent boy and
sometime gay activist, Adam Allman.  After a long career in the sex
industry he had gone on to study law at night school.  Prior to the
collapse he had been working mainly on environmental issues and had stood
for various local elected positions.  He had never managed to get elected,
but tended to get coverage as the joke candidate especially after an expose
in one of the local tabloids made much of his former life as a prostitute.
Cornered at a press conference by a reporter waving one of his old DVDs his
response was to say, "My principles are not for sale, only my ass."  He
also offered to autograph the DVD.

Whatever the issue he was willing to give an opinion.  The opinions weren't
always popular and many were controversial.  However his witty delivery
took away some of the sting and often left people scratching their heads
and saying, "That's not as dumb as it first sounded."  So little by little
he made ground.

Then came the crash came and so did his moment, taking a congressional seat
by a very narrow margin in the last congress of the old republic.  Several
southern states seceded to form the American Christian Confederation (ACC).
Texas, under the leadership of televangelist Dwayne D. Ridgeforth, briefly
became God's Kingdom of Free Texas after Ridgeforth announced that the
election of a "godless sodomite" was the final sign that the end was at
hand and that he was the new Messiah.  This state-let collapsed after fifty
three days when Ridgeforth was caught giving more than divine guidance to
an eleven year old choirboy and was shot by the outraged father.  Shortly
after that incident Texas was annexed by the ACC.

Maine led several of the north-eastern states in a move to join Canada.
The remnant of the nation struggled on through an economic depression that
made the 1930s look like a party.  Nearly twenty trillion dollars in debt
and declared a rogue state by the UN the situation was desperate.  At the
height of the crisis the Mexican government authorised their immigration
service to shoot to kill illegal immigrants from the north as the numbers
of Americans trying to make it into Mexico to provide a better standard of
living for their families turned from a trickle to a flood.  (On the
positive side the American obesity crisis soon became a thing of the past.)

As part of the rescue package Allman proposed what he called the "Nevada
option".  A hundred years earlier Nevada had nearly lost its status as a
state due to dwindling population and the decline of the economic activity
from mineral extraction.  The state's solution was to legalise a wide range
of activities that were illegal elsewhere in the union from gambling and
prostitution to easy divorce.

The first to go was the war on drugs.  The remnants of middle class America
that hadn't managed to claim citizenship elsewhere watched with dread,
expecting the once great nation to finally dissolve into anarchy.  Then
they watched in puzzlement as it didn't happen.  The easy availability of
cheap, clean drugs did lead to an increase usage, though not as much as
expected.  However it also led to a massive drop in related crime as those
people who had previously had to steal or engage in a range of other
anti-social activities to feed their habits could now maintain themselves
without that sort of behaviour.  It also ended the internecine turf wars
between various gangs trying to control the massively profitable trade.
With the profits gone the need for the battles that had made some urban
areas into war zones disappeared too.

The early period of the reforms was accompanied by the largest internal
migration in north America since the nineteenth century.  God fearing folk
from all over what was to become known as the Federal American Republic
(often referred to as the just the New Republic) fled to the ACC.  At the
same time those who did not want to live under the fist of a christian
theocracy escaped to FAR.  This population shift accentuated the political
trends of both units as dissidents moved to what the saw as, for want of
better words, their "spiritual homelands".

Step by step ACC became a more closed and controlled society.  While to the
north the opposite was true.  The drug policy had a positive effect on the
FAR economy as tax revenues rocketed and crime budgets were slashed.  It
also helped start the rebuilding of the country's shattered tourism

It was then that FAR got a lucky break.  A dutch cannibis breeder hired by
the government to head their medical marijuanna research programme
developed a strain of cannibis that cured HIV/AIDS.  The FAR government's
decision to donate the plant to the world was an inspired piece of
international diplomacy.  With even the poorest nations on earth able to
buy a few seeds and start growing a cure the disease was totally eradicated
in less than two years and officially declared a dead disease in 2024 after
five years of no new cases.  It also brought the New Republic international
tributes and respect.  After over a decade the UN sanctions imposed in 2007
were lifted for FAR, though the Security Council voted to keep them in
place against the ACC.

Allman who had been the main proponent of the policy and Kees van Lehman
(the plant geneticist) won the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.  Allman declined the
honour, saying "This was not the act of a generous man.  It was the act of
an old gay man who has buried far too many friends over the last forty
years and would prefer not to bury any more."  The following year Allman,
now in his early sixties, became the second president of the New Republic.
His first year in office saw codification of protections of people's right
to live their lives as they saw fit.  After long debate the death penalty
was retained, but only for the crimes of tax evasion or political

It was also during his first term that the issue of slavery raised its head
for the first time.  In a case of assault in San Francisco (State of
California v Tyler, 6th circuit, 2021, p1022, case 9-112).  Tyler, a sex
worker with the Blue Meanies SM Escort Service, was charged with assault on
a client after breaking his arm.  In his defence he brought a notarised
slave contract signed by the complainant.  Under the terms of the contract
he had been fully within his rights to go that far.  The "victim" argued
that it had all been simple role play and he had not intended himself to
come to this degree of harm.  In line with the new protections a person's
right to self determination the case was thrown out.

The case opened a can of worms and the slavery debate raged for two years.
Eventually it was settled that slave contracts were enforceable, but some
protections were put in place before the Slavery Act 2023 came into force.
The original provisions were:

1) 1) Any adult person may voluntarily place themselves into slavery.

2) 2) No person may be forced into debt slavery.  This was amended in the
Slavery Act Revision 2026 to exclude debts incurred by gambling in response
to a case arising in Nevada (Lucky Jim's Casino & Brothel v Malcom Sutter
(aka Dog Boy), Nevada Supreme Court, 2025, p873, case 13-716).  Sutter, a
high school jock from Chicago, was visiting the casino in Winnemucca on
spring break with a bunch of group of his friends.  He lost most of his
spending money on his first night and offered to put himself up as
collateral for a credit line for further gambling.  The manager had taken
one look at the athletic young man and decided that the offer was a no lose
proposition.  Over the next three nights Sutter's gambling spree continued,
along with his losing streak.  As he went to check out casino security
detained him and took him to the brothel complex to serve out the agreed
six months.  Sutter contended that this was debt slavery.  The casino
contended it was a conditional contract related to a debt of honour.  The
court found in favour of the casino and Sutter was duly micro-chipped and
the contract enforced.  Points to note: a) a) Sutter remained on staff with
the Lucky Jim's Casino Corporation for eight years.  He finally left when
he met his future wife, Mandy Wittington (aka Mistress Mandy) and now helps
run the Pink Flamingo Gay Resort in Battle Mountain, Nevada where his two
eighteen year old sons are amongst the most popular attractions.  b) b) The
Pink Flamingo Corporation bought out Lucky Jim's Casino Corporation in a
hostile takeover in 2034 and the former CEO is now Mistress Mandy's butler.
c) c) The webcast of his cherry popping was the sixth most viewed webcast
in history and earned Long John's an estimated one hundred and seventy
thousand new dollars and probably several times that in DVD sales.  d) d)
The secret auction of his cherry was won by German fisting master, Deiter
Erhardt.  The amount paid was never disclosed, but was rumoured to be in
excess of the thirty thousand new dollars.  e) e) If you are in the market
for a slave the monthly Nevada State Slave auction following spring break
is still a great place to start your search as dozens of young guys and
girls hoping to be the next Malcom Sutter or Mistress Mandy head to the
state to party.

Over the next several years additional provisions were added over time in
response to cases generated by the new law in courts around the New

3) 3) Contracts could only sold on to other owners if the original contract
document specifically included a clause for property transfer or resale.
This provision developed out of a case involving a group of female medical
students at UCLA who were seducing straight young men into signing
contracts, castrating them and selling them on to a gay brothel in Reno in
what became known in the popular press as the Hollywood Hellcats Case.
(Vincent Markovitz et al. v Mary Anne Price et al., 9th circuit, 2029,
p412, case 17-023).  Markovitz (and sixteen others) contended that Mary
Anne Price and her four companions had exceeded the terms of the contract
in both the major body modification and in their resale and asked the court
for emancipation and redress in the form of enslavement of Price and her
companions.  Price responded that as the boys were property she could sell
them on in the same way as she could sell her old car.  On the matter of
the castrations the judge ruled that a clause stating that the slaves could
be modified to suit them for their purpose did extend to castration.
However on the matter of resale he decided in favour of Markovitz as Price
had consistently made misleading statements about the nature of the
servitude she had intended.  He qualified this by saying that if Price had
merely rented the Markovitz and the others to the brothel she would have
been entirely within the rights of the contract as it was drawn up.  Price
and her companions were judged to be in breach and ordered enslaved as a
consequence.  Markovitz and his companions were refused emancipation as
they had volunteered to sign, even if they had been mislead.  Both groups
went up for sale in the SoCal Slave Auction the following month.  Points to
note: a) a) All the women in the case and thirteen of the men were
purchased by their families and emancipated.  b) b) Vincent Markovitz Sr,
who had two other sons, refused to put up the money to buy out his eunuch
son's contract and it was eventually sold to the Reno brothel who had
purchased him from Price in the first place (as were the contracts of the
three others).  c) c) The brothel owner annoyed at having to pay for the
merchandise twice had the process of nullification finished with a
penectomy.  They are now known as Nullo-613 through Nullo-616 and are still
available to rent.  (For profiles and rates see the corporate website: d) d) The case also began moves to
introduce standardised categories of slave contract being established and
standard contracts are now available in most stationery stores.  Category A
- short term, often for a specific event - fairly common with the SM party
circuit where couples will only be invited if one of them is a slave.
Category A contracts are always non-transferable.  Category B - longer
term, the slave generally has much fewer options available to him or her -
just the agreed limits set out in the contract.  Will sometimes include
breeding rights - although obviously the children arising will be free born
and the financial responsibility of the slave owner.  This category was
pioneered by a Wisconsin fertility clinic.  (Case law established that the
child of a slave and a free adult will always go to the free adult if the
matter of custody should arise.)  Category B contracts may or not be
transferable.  Category L - life term contract with slave rights restricted
solely to the provisions agreed at the time the contract was signed.
Category L contracts may or may not be transferable.  Category Z - life
term contract with absolutely no rights for the slave whatsoever, not even
control over how much life the slave has left.  Category Z property
terminated by the owner is deemed to have committed suicide.  This category
was established in response to a case of a psychopath in Oregon who drugged
young women into submission and got them to sign contracts which were then
notarised by a corrupt court official.  The official was given the death
penalty by the judge in the case.  However he was given the right to choose
a no-rights slavery contract as an alternative on appeal.  It should be
noted that this did not actually end up benefiting the official in question
as his contract was purchased by a collective of his victims and he became
the star in the first legal snuff movie.  (It also still holds the record
for the most complicated suicide on record. (cf Encyclopaedia Republica, Vol
15, p112, 2045 edition)).  This level of slavery is fairly rare and beyond
the original ruling in the Oregon Supreme Court there is very little case
law on this subject.

1) 4) Criminals could choose enslavement in preference to prison.  The most
common categories being B or L depending on the crime.  Criminals are not
initially auctioned in the traditional sense and do have some limited
bargaining rights.  However if the prisoner refuses three offers he or she
is deemed to have chosen imprisonment over slavery and his or her options

Adam Allman died on April 9th 2038 of a heart attack on his eightieth
birthday, half way through his fifth term as president.  He was being
gang-fucked by three muscular young men from his security detail over his
desk in the Oval Office.  The nation mourned the chief architect of the New
Republic, but almost everyone conceded that it was how he would have wanted
to go.

By the time of his death FAR has emerged from pariah status and is
economically booming.  Being forced to do without so many things during the
period of the Second Great Depression meant the country is largely self
sufficient and leads the world in alternative energy technologies and
regularly (and justifiably) takes the moral high ground on environmental
issues.  The world has spent nearly three decades watching the social
experiment of the New Republic expecting it to collapse into chaos, but the
new nation has proved a lot more resilient than anyone except, perhaps,
Allman could have guessed.  Slavery is commonplace and unremarkable,
although at any one time less than three per cent of the population is

Case summaries have been reprinted with kind permission of Interstate
University Press and originally appeared in The Slave Law Review (Copyright