Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 03:33:26 -0700 (PDT)
From: jeffery - <>
Subject: Travel from Singapore to Malaysia : Chapter 1

Here I am, in Malaysia all the way from my home which is in Singapore. I?m
supposed to meet a guy whom I met in recon about 2 months ago. He sounded
like a very nice guy and another thing about him is he has almost the same
interest as I have which is BDSM. I took a coach down to KL and then we met
in Puduraya bus stop. He seemed very happy to meet me and my feelings we

Later on he hailed a cab and took me to his place which is about 10 minutes
away from town. When we reached his house, we moved all of my bags into the
guest room and at that moment he suddenly grabbed my arm with a forceful
grip. His eyes pierced through me and made me feel vulnerable and naked in
front of him. He then tugged me close and we kissed as a sign of
greeting. The cozy welcome made my dick hard, it also make me wonder what
he would do next to this friend of his who is also a slave at the same
time. He then left the room and let me unpack my bags. I looked at the
watch and its barely even 12 in the afternoon. I felt a bit tired and then
I dozed off on the bed.

Not knowing what was in stored for me; my new friend here has been setting
up some surprise for me while I was sleeping. When I woke up, all I saw is
a man standing half naked in front of me. He slowly crawled up to the bed
and now he positioned himself right on top of me. Not knowing what to do or
how to react, I stayed perfectly still and all I did was stared with a
smiling face towards the person who will own me for the day. On the bed we
kissed and hugged each other tightly. He was warm. Suddenly he said ?strip!
I?m going clean you up bitch!? I did what I was told and I presented myself
naked in front of him. He has this evil grin on his face which makes me
feel like I have fallen into a trap. Later on, my hands were bound behind
me and I was led to the bathroom which was located behind the house. Inside
the bathroom he put a dog collar around my neck and later on attached a
leash, he fasten it a pipe on the wall. Making sure I could not move away
from that spot and he turned the facet to full. Cold water ran though my
body and it felt like ice biting into my bare skin.

He later on put his hand on my chest and started to rub my nipples with a
smiling face. He later on proceeded by moving close to me in the cold
shower. He played with my dick with one hand and grabbed my ass tightly
with another. He never seemed to leave himself idol and he kissed me all
over from my lips and slowly make his way down to my neck. The situation
was so arousing my dick came to attention at once. The person who now holds
me captive looked so innocent at first glance but deep inside lurks a
beast! He then focused his attention to my nipples. Under the cold shower
he first licked my nipples, but as time ticks away he started to suck and
lastly give my nipples a sensational bite. Feeling the pain I moaned and it
seemed my friend here like it even more. He later on held both of his hands
up to my face and talk me this ?now I?m going remove all your hair down
there and make you really feel submissive tonight? seeing me shiver he
turned on the hot water to warm me up. He then walked over to the cabinet
and took out a blade. Under the running water he saved my pubic hair.

The sign which represents my manhood is slowly being shaved away from
me. After all that he put some shower gel in his hands and really start
scrubbing me hard. I felt like my entire body is being interrogated, his
hands left no place untouched and he made me felt useless as I could not
even bath myself with my hands bound. When he is done making sure I was
clean, he unleash me and made me stand with my legs spread wide. He took a
towel and started to dry me off, even then he still teases me. The rough
towel ran though my body and then he grabbed my dick and jerked it with the
towel. The awe feeling went straight to my head as I felt the rough towel
brushing my dick with delight. With a hard spank to my ass I was quickly
brought back to reality and this time I get to watch my friend here dry him
self off.

His eyes never seemed to peer away from me as if he is saying ?there is no
escape tonight?.

He took me back into my room and pushed me down to the bed. I was made lie
on the bed face down and later on he pulled my legs to my hands and tied
them together. He turned on the air conditioning and then asked me to take
a good rest for the session will begin soon after he takes his rest. Later
after an hour has passed he came in and asked me to wake up. I was taken to
the back room.

There I saw a metal bar bed which is placed in the middle of the room. I
was asked to lie down on the iron bed and ordered to spread my arms and
legs. He slowly fastened my limbs one by one to the corner of the bed and
at the same time stroking my body with his hands to calm me down. Even
before he has done anything to me my heart beat raced like a galloping
mare. He later used a black cloth to blindfold my eyes. Slowly caressing my
body he then used more rope to secure me tightly to the metal bars.

As moments pass my body is completely immobilize leaving only my head free
to move but it wasn?t for long. I heard him go though his drawers and
taking out things. He then gave my nipples a hard rub and tugged it till
squirmed. Before the pain even settled down he quickly put pegs on my
nipples. Watching me struggle against my restrains he took the opportunity
to put a sock in my mouth to muffle the noise I might make later and
secured it by tying another cloth around it. My balls and cock were later
bound tightly. He teased my balls by softly taping it. But what I felt was
completely different. I felt like a footballer being hit in the groin by a
speeding ball. I felt him kissing my body and liking it. I felt like a prey
bring played around by a predator. He later put more pegs on my body doing
it slowly one by one.

The pain was slowly building up and it felt like I could not take it
anymore. My screams and moans were muffled but alas he noticed that it is
as far as I can take. He did not remove the pegs then but instead, he
played around with the pegs which are pined to my body. I felt a cane
brushing through the pegs. It was torture in hell. As much as I scream and
struggle he seemed to enjoy my torment and started to masturbate beside
me. His moans made me felt so horny and when he releases his load, I felt
his warm cum slowly dripping off my body. He then slowly pulled the pegs
one by one making sure that I felt the pain and checking my dick if I?m
still aroused. When all the pegs are removed he applied some oil and
massaged me. I feel so relieved and the pain before just melted away.

But what I did not know is that he applied oil on me for a different
reason. He left the room and came back shortly. I hear the sound of a match
being lit and after a few minutes, hot wax was dripped onto my body. I felt
the burn within every drop of wax. It?s something that I love and waited
for so long. He slowly started dripping wax on my chest and slowly makes
his way down to my crotch. The pain was estatic when he targets my nipple
and dick. I can imagine when he is done waxing me, there will be a mold
formed like my dick and nipples made out of wax. The experience was so
exhausting that I completely lost sense of time. I started to wonder how
long was I bound? Slowly he removed the wax which covered my body bit by
bit. After removing most of the wax, again I felt these warm hands run
through my body. This time he paid attention to another part of my body. It
was my ass and the vacant hole which is untouched. Being immobilized I am
powerless to stop him from intruding my body further.

Because I was lying on metal bars, my ass is totally accessible and also
vulnerable. He spanked me hard and then rimmed my hole with his fingers. It
made me felt so odd as if a worm tried to enter my body though my
ass. Luckily he did not proceed further and I was released from my
bonds. Feeling weak and unstable he helped me up and gave me a warm hug.

After that, my hands were again bound behind my back and I was to take
another shower. This time the time spend in the shower was much shorter. I
was made to kneel down with my legs spread and he asked me to look at him
as he poured shower gel on my body and started to scrub it with a toilet
brush. It felt ticklish as he scrubs my dick and balls with the brush but I
was quickly held down when I tried to stand. He then threw the brush down
and grabbed my face by force and says ?don?t do anything funny or I?ll fuck
your pretty mouth with my dick here?.

The warning was clear and loud but then he gave me a devilish smile. After
cleaning up, I was take back to my room and was released from the ropes
which tied my hands, he ask me to dress up for we are going out for
dinner. Only then I noticed how much time has already passed since my
arrival here in Malaysia.

When dinner was over we came straight back to the house. He ordered me to
strip and wait for him in the bathroom and it made me wondered what else is
there to be done in that place. Later on he come in naked, wearing only a
pair of leather gloves and holding duct tape in his hands. He then made me
sit on the toilet, secured my hands behind me and also my legs to the base
of the seat. He then sat on my lap and caressed my body with the leather
gloves he wore. He leaned against my body and said ?shit boy! I want you to
shit everything out!? I was puzzled but I tried to do what he said even
though I don?t feel any coming out. He also made the feat of releasing my
waste a bit challenging, while trying to release he kept on playing with my
nipples and turning it like a dial on the radio.

His mouth was busy biting and kissing my neck. When I wanted to reply his
affection by kissing him back he pushed my head backwards and reached for
the duct tape and sealed my lips. He went back to what he was doing. He
grins so devilishly every time he sees me trying hard to push the shit out
of my ass when he kept on asking me to push even though there is nothing
left in my vacant ass. He then took a hose beside the toilet and ran cold
water on my body. As I shivered, he removed his leather gloves and shoved
his fingers into my ass as water drips down from my body to my ass.

He toyed with my hole and wiggled his fingers to see my reaction as he
tried to push his fingers deeper. That action grabbed the attention of my
once tired dick and in that instant he pulled his finger out and wiped his
hands on my body. He then repositioned himself closer to me as he dropped
the running hose on the floor. He pulled up my dick and made sure it rested
on his tummy and he did the same on his.

Leaning on me, he grabbed my arms and started to kiss me tenderly. He
unsealed my lips and told me that this will be my reward for obeying
him. He gave me a long kiss which I could finally reply. His hands however
did was not kept idol as he massaged 2 dicks with one hand. While still
bound to the toilet he left me for a few minutes and came back with a small
glass of water. He asked me to drink it for I?ll need it if I were to
proceed to the next session.

I was released from my bindings and was lead to my room, the sight of cling
wrap and duct tape excited me for I know that I?m going to be mummified. He
asked me to stand still and he slowly started with a layer of cling over my
shoulders and slowly wrapped it around my torso. Before moving down to the
lower parts of my body, he made sure to leave some space between my knees
by putting a rough piece of cloth. Then he started to wrap up the rest of
my lower body with cling wrap.

Then after that he proceeded with wrapping my arm and finally the process
of complete mummification can take place. Even then he purposely left an
opening at my dick and nipple areas so he can easily toy with it later. I
knew at that time he also felt intensely aroused for the feeling of his
hard dick pushing against me while he tape me up was mind blowing. He later
on stopped when he reached my feet, later on I saw him carrying a bag of
marbles in his hands. Again with that devilish grin he put a marble between
each of my toes and asks me to hold it there. After all the marbles is in
place he taped it up and it made me feel damn irritated.

At last I was completely mummified except for my head and I can imagine
what kind of punishment that awaits for me. He used a large piece of cling
wrap and covered my head. He did not immediately give me any breathing
holes. I was gasping; he looked at me struggling for air.

Fighting with the breath that I had left, he finally punched a hole through
the cling wrap at my mouth. Before I can catch my breath a tube is inserted
to my mouth and was taped tightly to my head. He then started to use duct
tape to mummify my head. The last part to be fully covered was my eyes. Now
completely helpless I was left at the mercy of my so called new friend. He
occasionally squeezed my foot and on purpose made me squirm and moan
through the rubber tube. The marbles between my toes were a killer. He
later on moved to tie up my valuable assets which were my cock and
balls. As a routine he taps on it every 5 minutes to see if is give a

My tits however endured a different type of torture. It was wax! He slowly
positioned himself over and sat lightly on me. While dripping wax on me I
think he waxed himself too because I can hear his moans even through my
taped ears. After waxing he did more breathing control by playing around
with my breathing tube. Cautious he observed as I tried to inhale, that the
time he blocked the tube with his harden dick. My poor dick is left
standing alone without being given the attention from my so called
friend. In my mummified state I tried to jerk myself but I could not even
move an inch.

He left me alone for a few minutes and came back with something to surprise
my raging cock. He put an ice cube on my balls and sat down next to
me. Slowly strong my dick as he watches the ice melt bit by bit, before the
ice has melted completely he picked it up and started to torture my nipples
with it. The pleasure was mine to enjoy and he was happily stroking my
mummified body. Even in an air conditioned room I was baking inside my tape
like prison. I started to wonder how much longer do I am going to stay like

The though goes on and on as I loose track of time. As I was in another
world fantasizing. He gave my foot a squeeze and it shocked me right back
to reality. He asks me to nod my head if I?m alright and stay still if I
wanted to be un-mummified. So I nodded and he asked if I wanted to say abit
longer I nodded again. Later on he says that he will give me a drink and
ask me to be ready when he pours water into my tube. After that he left me
in my mummified state for another hour before releasing me.

I was soaking wet and a towel is passed to me with a smiling face. We
cleaned up the mess we made and then head to the showers to clean up. It
was already 2 hours pass midnight and we are ready to retire for the day, I
went into my bedroom and jumped into the bed. My friend came in later on
and said to me ?this isn?t he right way for you to sleep? so he tied my
hand behind my back and we both went under the blanket and slept.

THE END for this part 1...