Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2007 13:01:12 +0000
From: Shahanshah
Subject: Perspective

A tale in two halves.

From the diary of Mr A Hoxton.

"Your face, Fenton, does not interest me in the least. Kindly concentrate on
your work".

So you see, Diary, such is how it began. Fenton was sitting there, at the
front of the class through no fault of his own, idling away his time gazing
languidly into space - never mind the pearls of wisdom I had cast before the
class, to hell with the vital notes on Oedipus that I'd painstakingly
scrawled on that damned whiteboard, the boy actually sat there and stared
with eyes that are a trifle too watery. This is, I suppose, a typical Class
Civ student.

Ah! Class Civ! Classical Civilisation, the bastard son of classics and the
curse of anyone who knows Greek and Latin and is compelled to teach it out
of a love of sound learning, of inculcating wit, of fomenting a respect for
the ancients. Of course, its only a subject to fill the timetable - the only
people who take it are those damned "popular people" - more muscle than
mind. The Americans would call Fenton a jock; but the British have no such
idiom and so I must simply call him a thick-sporty-type; but a jock he is.
And as he sat there, blonde hair in the sunbeam in a most cliched parody of
ephebic beauty (for no ephebe had that sort of gelled up hair look he goes
for), he blushed a deep crimson at my reprimand and looked down, to his no
doubt incomprehensible essay title. The rest of the class, the barbarians
crowded round, laughed at this fun. Still Fenton is easily one of the
brainier ones in the upper sixth class civ.

Anyway, none of this is to the point - the fact remains, as you know, that I
had been giving him extra lessons. It is strictly speaking not really on,
but then he's such a, well, beautiful boy that I enjoy ploughing through
orders of columns, re-reading the Aeschylus, correcting the essays. (Why do
I call him a boy? And why do I call him Fenton? His name is Nick Fenton and
he's 18. I clearly am more of a schoolmaster at heart than I thought).

It was after my reprimand that the bell rung, and the class departed
noisily. It was also a Tuesday, and Tuesdays mean extra lessons with Fenton.
And so I moved to sit next to him. I couldn't help noticing that he looked
so out of place in a chair of that size, his broad shoulders towering over
his small waist, looming like a forbidden city in that lost land that is
under the table. I gazed across into his eyes (which really are, as I have
said dear Diary, a trifle too watery), and said, "Concentrate on your work
in class. You haven't the time to fritter it away staring into space. Have
you seen this essay?" I handed him back his last essay -  entitled "How much
like his father is Telemachus shown to be in Odyssey book 22?" A fairly
standard type of question he should be able to tackle. Now I think about his
effort, it wasn't bad - but he says such silly things! I know what he means
when he writes whatever pops into his lovely head, but will an examiner? I
must coerce him to write coherently. Anyway, he looked down at the C- (how
it screams average! How it bellows, par!) and mumbled,

"Sorry sir".

And then, oh sweet happenchance, he leaned over and looked like he was about
to kiss me! He even closed his eyes and tilted his head - and what ever came
over me, I reciprocated! I actually kissed him. First it was a peck on the
lips - we pulled away, both startled at out actions. Technically speaking,
well he's legal isn't he? He's 18 damn it. I suppose legally speaking I'm in
loco parentis. But the hell with this, what happened happened.

It was more instinct than anything. As those pouting lips began to form
together the hint of a muttered apology, and his cheeks flushed ever redder,
I moved in and began to kiss him properly - I `made out' with Fenton!
Anyway, it became clear he enjoyed being submissive - the response to my
telling off, the kiss prompted by the rebuking, the meek way his tongue
relented to mine exploring his mouth - a mouth I may add that tasted neither
sweet (as the stories would have us believe!) nor dry, but of freshness and

"Stand up, Fenton. Boy. Stand up boy." I fluffed my words, I intended to be
decisive and bold, I sounded so macho in my head but it came out garbled.
Whatever, he stood up.

"Yes sir. Thanks, sir. I, I like I, I kinda like these lessons, just us".

"Stop simpering boy! You're a dirty little fool aren't you! Lets look at
some of this essay shall we? `Homer uses language expressively', well what
on earth does that mean? `Telemachus is well built like his father'! I fail
to see the relevance of that!" All the while I eyed his muscular physique.

"Sorry sir. Its not good enough sir, I'll try harder sir"

"Bend over Fenton. I'm going... Damn it all Fenton I'm going to spank you like
you deserve, is that ok with you?" Why on earth did I ask him if it was ok?
They say that all the time in these situations don't they, Aaron. Oh you're
a fool.

"Yes sir. Yes.. Yes sir" He coyly hinted he was enjoying this by the smile
on his mouth, still wet from my kiss. He less coyly hinted it by his evident

"Trousers down! Pants down!" His bottom was smooth, his body a symphony of
delight. There was a hint of his testicles between thighs, nestling below
his youthful buttocks, that spurred me on further. I picked up an exercise
book (Dear god I have to hand that back tomorrow!) and thwacked that bum
with it. He emitted a satisfied grunt and seemed, dear diary he seemed to
actually offer up his behind. I gave him such a whacking! It was glorious to
see his cheeks match his other cheeks - both scarlet.



"Of course"

"Yes Sir."

"Good boy."

I shall not list the way he took his clothes off. It wasn't like some
stripper. It was swift and hurried - almost ripping things off really. But
there he stood, naked, before me. Blonde hair on his head, a small thatch of
darker pubic hair. Oh how he had a gorgeous body! Imagine if you will the
statues of Antinous! There Antinous stood, in modern style, hairless aside
from his pubes and a small trail of hair from navel to genitals. His penis,
now I come to mention it, was rather smaller than I might have hoped.
Average to small. However it was firmly asserting its delight at the
situation. I too stripped off, as hurriedly as I could, until I stood there

"Bend down."

Why do I keep Vaseline in my drawer? For my lips on cold days? Dear Lord do
I subliminally hope for this sort of situation? It was handy nevertheless.

"Lube yourself Boy"

"Yes Sir". He Actually did it! He proceeded to apply Vaseline to his waiting
sphincter. Then he turned his head, arse facing me, back at me and smiled.

"Your face doesn't interest me in the least." I Slapped his face. He loved

"Yes Sir, yes sir, thank you sir, sorry sir"

I undid my trousers and took out my dick, by now more than ready, and held
it to his hole. I pushed gingerly. He groaned, like a Roman wife. The head
of my penis was nearly in - oh how he groaned! I thought he'd summon someone
to the classroom with his moaning!

"Shut up you idiot". Savagely I pushed harder, he clearly struggled with it.
His cock pointed greedily to his abdomen with the exertion.

"Alright boy, have it your way. Face me". I pulled out, he turned and knelt.
He looked up at me, with his surprisingly large eyes, and opened his mouth
halfway. A gesture, now I look back, like a slutty little girl - I bet he
learnt that from some other whore in his year.

"You, boy, must. Learn. To. Express. Yourself. Better." I punctuated each
period with a slap on his cheeks with my hard cock. He nodded. More
confidently (as if apologizing, oh sweet boy, for his anal inexperience) he
began to suck on it, and then it was clear he was no beginner. He knew what
he was doing. Almost expertly he circled the head with his tongue before
taking half of it into his waiting mouth, eagerly licking it and bobbing up
and down. Soon he had worked his was down to taking it all. I'm not
particularly big, the average six inches, but he took it expertly. All the
time he was furiously masturbating.  The sight of my penis thrust into his
youthful face filled me with delight. My brown pubes against his smooth
face, his head against my stomach was a glorious feeling. And soon, he was
so hot you see, soon I exploded in his mouth. I pulled out and he let it
dribble onto his pecs, and as they glistened with my cum, he stood and
kissed me, and promptly came, his own load shooting into his waiting palm.

"Good boy," I said, curtly. "See you next time. Don`t forget to do the essay
for homework".


>From the Diary of Nicholas Fenton

"Your face, Fenton, does not interest me in the least. Kindly concentrate on
your work".

I was practically hard at this point. He looked at me with big brown eyes
and firmly said that. God I'm glad I did class civ. After he said that, all
my mates laughed. I hope I didn't blush, do you think I blushed? It looks so
stupid and pathetic.

So it our extra lessons day. I know Mr Hoxton fancies me - I'm  a tease
really. But its so clear when you're sitting there and he's looking at you,
in a not looking-at-you sort of way. And I've seen him checking out my ass.
But he's not a teachery sort really. For a start he's only about 26. And all
the other classics teachers are about 60. And he's built like a sports
teacher, more than a classics teacher. His brown hair is in a cut that I'd
consider wearing (no, don't do that, people will think you fancy Mr Hoxton.
Actually, may as well drop the bloody formalities, after what happened -
Aaron). And judging from the cut of his suit (brown, by the way - goes with
his hair nicely) he has a good body. I wouldn't say a great body. But I bet
Aaron hasn't got much time to go to the gym. Well, half of why I go is to
check out other boys. Chris in particular has a cute body on him.

So we're sat there and oh, he brushes my knee. He knows he's sexy and I know
he fancies me, so I sorta lean closer to him. He starts telling me off,
really masterfully, and I'm getting turned on by this. I'm not really
listening, and at the end of his little speech I just look down and go,
"sorry sir". But I thought that was a bit weak, so I looked up at him. And
he kissed me! I was shocked! But then he seemed to see I kinda liked it and
leant in and got off with me. And wow is he good. Normally it's a bit half
hearted but he was really into it. As we were kissing he started stroking my
thigh, and I could see he was hardening.

Then he ordered me to get my ass out! I've never actually done anal with a
man, hell I've only ever touched another guys dick briefly and half play
fighting, but this seemed right. I thought he was gonna fuck me right there
and then, but no, not yet. He picks up this kids book and slaps my ass with
it. I wasn't expecting it and wow by the end my ass was really stinging. He
was slapping it harder and harder. I spread my cheeks to show off my asshole
- I guessed if he saw some of that he might stop the bloody spanking but he
went on! My ass must've been red by the time he stopped. But I sort of liked
being the focus of his arousal. And he liked it so I went along with it.
Just as I went to start wanking he ordered me to strip.

Well I know I've got a hot body, its clear. But he started getting naked too
and wow, he doesn't disappoint. His chest is kinda hairy but not much - its
young though, and his dick is bigger than mine. Brown chest hair dots his
pecs, and his stomach is hairy all over, but sparsely - not like my little
treasure trail, but manly. His hair (which I suspect he straightens) was
becoming tousled from the exertion of spanking my ass. But his dick loomed
in my vision. God, I thought, is he gonnna fuck me with that? Cos all I have
taken is basically my own finger. And that was quite a bit bigger. So he
tells me to bend down and I look at him in a coy sorta way, like a slut
look, ready.

And god he's good, he knows what I want. He slapped me like a bitch and told
me I was ugly. God that was hot. So I just pushed out my butt ready for it.

Christ it hurts! I mean really hurt. He was back there for ages trying to
get it in. fuck knows how far he got but it was agony. He must've seen I
wasn't loose enough and got pissed off, cos he spun me round and slapped me
round the face with it. Smeared Vaseline across my cheeks with his cock - I
was practically dying to have it rammed down my throat by now and then Oh!
In he popped it, into my mouth. God I sucked like I'd never sucked before -
all this porn really does pay off. And it was like, a minute? Two? Before he
spunked up in my mouth, and I was so surprised it dribbled out, all on my
chest. God I bet I looked like such a twat. But he pulled me up and tongued
me hard and I came hard and long. Did I bite his tongue when I came? Please
tell me I didn't. oh god I hope I didn't. Anyway it was fucking fantastic.
He's 8 years older, but like what's that matter? I cant wait till next
Tuesday - must work on loosening up.


Well, what did you think? I tried to write about what would arouse me; if
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