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I had just gotten of the hot city bus, my shirt was sticking to my chest,
and I couldn't wait until I had my car back from the repair shop. It was
going to cost fifteen hundred dollars to get it out of hock. The mechanic
said that he would work out payment terms, and I was on my way to meet him
and work those out. When I got to the garage, the big work bay doors were
closed, and at first I thought they were closed for the day, but then I
noticed the mechanic, I think is name is Andy sitting at the counter
leaning back in the chair with his feet up drinking a coke.

He had spiky black hair, was wearing a dirty white t-shirt, very tight
black jeans and black work boots. When I came in he said for me to come
back to his office to talk about his payment plan. He locked the front door
and then led me to his "private" office. It was small, cramped, dirty, and
furnished with a ratty desk and ancient wooden desk chair. He sat back,
kind of leaned back with his hands behind his head and his legs spread wide
and said, "take your clothes off." Just like that.

I thought at first I didn't understand what he said, and replied, "What?" I
must have misunderstood him. "I said, get naked." He said. "You have to be
kidding." I said. He jumped out of the chair, lunged at me, one hand
grabbing my shirt, the other grabbing my balls, shoved his face into mine
and said. "You heard what I said. You owe me fifteen hundred dollars, and I
am going to take it out in trade. Now get naked, NOW, or I will rip your
clothes off, you fagot." I could smell his breath, stale coffee, and his
body. He had a musky smell of a man that had put in a hard days work. There
was also an aroma of oil and gasoline on him.  "You have this all wrong, I
am not gay. All I want to do is set up some payment terms for my car
repairs." I said, even I could hear the fear in my voice.

He tightened the grip on my balls, and ripped the buttons off my shirt as
he pulled it down off my shoulders. He pushed me up against the wall and
forced his mouth on mine.  As I tried to pull away, he managed to get his
tongue inside, and was licking the roof of my mouth. His hand moved from my
aching balls to my shaft. Damn it had gotten hard.  He pulled away, and
laughed. "You can say what your want, but your body is telling me you want
this, now take those clothes off." "No please don't do this" I said as I
took my ruined shirt off and put it on top of the filing cabinet.

He sat back down and leaned back to watch my striptease. I stood shirtless
in front of him that damn boaner showing in my khaki pants, and shit, there
was a wet spot of pre-cum.  "Please don't make me do this. I'm married and
have a teenage son. I'm not gay."  I pleaded. "Get those pants off now!" he
yelled. I started unfastening my belt. Why was I doing this, why was I
hard? I had never done anything with a man before, not even when I was
young when most boys started experimenting with sex. Was that it, was I

I pulled down my zipper, and let my pants fall to the floor. I stepped out
of them and kicked off my shoes. I was now standing in my briefs, and socks
in front of this man. I noticed he had developed a large bulge in the front
of his tight jeans. My cock jumped in my briefs, and loosed another shot of
pre-cum. "I want everything off, even those socks."  He said. I did that
one leg balancing act to get my socks off, and then dropped my boxers and
stepped out of them.

I was now naked with my rock hard cock pointed to the ceiling dripping
pre-cum on the greasy floor. "Get on your knees cock sucker." He
said. "Please don't make me do that."  I said. I thought I knew where this
was going. "Get on your knees you mother fucker!" he yelled. "Now!"  I
dropped to my knees on the filthy floor right in front of him. "Now crawl
over here." He demanded.

Here I was a grown man, naked, hard, and crawling on the floor in front of
this man I didn't know. "Take off my boots you cock sucker." I untied the
black boots, and pulled them off his feet. "Socks too!" he said. I pulled
the heavy grey socks off his sweaty feet.  "Now lick my feet ass hole." I
put his hot sweaty foot to my mouth; I couldn't believe I was going to do
it. I put out my tongue and started licking the top of his foot, and then
worked my way around to the bottom. I ran my tongue between his toes,
tasting his stink, and then started sucking his toes.

He pulled off his shirt as I was on the floor tending to his feet. He then
unfastened his jeans and worked them down his hips. He didn't have any
underwear on and his huge uncut cock popped free. He must have been almost
nine inches. He had the biggest tool I had ever seen. He got the tight
jeans down past his knees, and I helped get them off and tossed them aside.

"I know you want to suck it fag boy, so go ahead." "No, please don't make
me." I begged. He grabbed me by the back of my head and forced my face into
his crotch. I could smell his body odor, and a hint of stale pee. "Please,
no, I'm married, I can't do this." I pleaded. "Shut up and suck it, you
damn cunt." He forced his cock head into my mouth; I could taste his
pre-cum as it leaked. He humped his hips driving his huge man meat into my
throat. I couldn't breath. I was on the edge of blacking out when he pulled

I was gasping for air when he commanded, "turn around and bend over." I was
afraid of what he was going to do next, but was so sexually aroused I
couldn't refuse. I had never felt this way with my wife, nothing we did
excited me the way this man was. I was shaking as I turned my back on him,
reached down and grabbed my ankles.

What happened next almost made my shoot my load; I did let out a loud moan
of pleasure. He placed his mouth on my ass hole. I couldn't believe the
sensation; I had never felt anything like it. His warm moist lips were
kissing my hole. As he moaned his own sounds of pleasure he started licking
my crack, dragging his hot tongue back and forth over my opening, and then
. . . he forced it in the hole. I thought I was going to shoot my load then
and there. The feeling of his hot rough tongue inside me licking and
slurping my ass juices was the most overwhelming feeling I had ever had.

What was I doing? I was a married man with a son, this should disgust
me. This should not be the best, most arousing sexual experience of my
life. I tried pulling away. "Stop!  Dear god, don't do this to me" I
yelled. As I tried to pull away, he grabbed at me; I lost my balance, and
fell face first onto the dirty concrete floor. He pounced on me in a
second, his hot naked body on top of mine. I tried crawling away, my body
pressed against the dirty floor, but he grabbed my hair, pulled my head
back, and shoved his cock in my ass. A shot of excruciating pain blasted
through me.

"Go ahead, scream like a girl. No one is going to hear you. You are going
to take my rod, all of it, up your man pussy you damn faggot." He whispered
in my ear. He started slamming his huge hot tool in and out of my hole. He
would pull it all the way out, and then slam it in again, over and
over. Tears were streaming out of my eyes, "Stop! Oh, please, please stop,
it hurts so bad." I begged. But it was feeling good, my hole hurt with the
punishment he was giving it, but that pleasure center deep inside was being
stimulated to the point that I thought I would explode.

His cock seemed to expand inside me, his rhythm started to get irregular,
his breath came in short gasps, and he was making an obscene grunting sound
as his balls exploded and shot load after load of his cum up my ass. My
body couldn't take it any more, and my insides burst and forced a huge load
of cum up my shaft. The first shot was massive, it lasted for ever, I never
felt anything like it, I screamed for my mommy, as it poured out of my slit
with enough force that I thought it was going to rip me open. The second
shot felt like it was going to turn my balls inside out. I know I screamed
again. The third and forth were more normal in size and pressure, and then
I slowed to a dribble.

Dear god, I have never felt anything like it before. He was still emptying
his load in my bowels, but had slowed his humping down, and when he had
been completely drained, he left his semi-hard cock in my ass and lay down
on top of me. He was still trying to catch his breath, as I lay in a huge
puddle of my cum trying to start breathing again. I think I had screamed
all the air out of my lungs. My throat was raw, and my ass ached and burned
from the horrific beating he had given me. What a way to loose my

He pulled his man meat out of my hole, and sat back in the chair, his legs
spread, and his semi-rigid pole, covered in my ass juices and blood
sticking out in front of him. "Come here whore, clean this thing off." I
could barley move, but I did as he said, I crawled on all fours, his cum
and my blood dripping down my thighs. I shoved my face in-between his hairy
legs, and licked my mess of his rod. It got hard again as I cleaned it,
savoring the taste of my ass and his cum.

I then took it into my mouth sucking it down my throat, breathing through
my nose as I bobbed up and down fucking my mouth with his tool. "Take it
you ass hole, suck that thing, make me cum again you stinking whore." And I
did, he shot another load down my throat, his man meat expanding as his hot
white cum shot over and over.

When he was done, he took his foot and pushed me away. I fell backwards on
my ass. He stood up and emptied his bladder in my face. His hot yellow pee
burned my eyes and made me cough as it went down my throat. I could smell
the strong odor as it went up my nose. "You liked it didn't you? You liked
servicing my needs didn't you? You want more don't you?" he said still
standing over me, his now soft dick hanging between his hairy muscular
thighs. "Well next time I am going to make you beg for it. And you will
won't you?" I knew that I would, I would need to be with him again, I was

He threw a dirty oil rag at me and said. "You can hose off in the garage,
get cleaned up and get out of here. Your keys are in the car." He pulled
his jeans up his legs, shoved his bare feet in his boots while pulling his
t-shirt over his head. He shoved his socks in his back pocket, and went
back into the outer office. I went naked into the garage and washed in the
cold water from the hose, rinsing the sex and blood off. My throbbing hole
welcomed the cold water. I dried on the rag he had given me, dressed, and
raised the garage door to get my car out. He came to my car window, and
handed a receipt to me. It was stamped FIRST PAYMENT, PAID IN FULL. "I'll
see you next Wednesday for your next payment." He said "Yes sir." I

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