Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 00:45:01 -0500
Subject: I Own Ryan 1

	This is all true and this all happened between me and my 15 year
old cousin.

     It was a cold January night in Minnesota and my cousin Ryan was baby
sitting me while my parents were at a movie.  I've always like power even
when I was 10.  Power turned me on and I loved it.  Here's where the story
	"Hey Ryan do you want to make a bet?" I asked.
	"Depends what's the bet?" He asked not so sure about this.
	"One hand in poker with my dad's cards and chips.  If I win you got
to do what ever I want for as long as I want.  If you win you get the same
deal."  But what he didn't know is that I played Texas Hold em all the time
with my dad and his friends not for real money but just for fun.
     "Ok your on I'll go get the cards." He got up and walked away while I
sat down and watched Spongebob. (Remember I was 12 when this happened.)
	He came back about 5 minutes later and divided the chips evenly
while I dealed the cards.  He had to make sure I didn't cheat though just
because of his paranoia.
	We sat down and looked at our cards.  I had a Jack and an 8 of
hearts.  That's good for my standards.  We both checked the preflop.  Then
I laid down the flop which was a 9 of hearts, a Queen of hearts, and an ace
of spades.  One more heart and I would've had a Jack high Flush.  He bet a
chip that said fifty, I called.  The turn was a 5 of clubs, nothing good
for me.  We both checked again.  Last card coming out, the river.  This was
my last chance to win his life or lose mine.  I grabbed the card off the
deck and laid it down.  It was a 10 of hearts.  I won he had to do whatever
I wanted.  What he didn't know at the time was I was gay and I knew it at
	My parents were going to be gone the rest of the night so it was
time to have some fun.  The second I saw that I won I got hard.  I had just
started hitting puberty and just had a few hairs around my 4.5 inch dick.
	"Crap, how did I lose that with a 3 pair of queens..." He moaned
scared for his life like he should be.
	"Take off your shirt!" I told him "and I mean now!"
	"Your kidding right?" he asked hopefully.
	"No take it off you're my bitch now and after you take off your
shirt take off mine with your mouth!" I commanded getting harder and
	"Your lucky I don't chicken out of deals."
	He took off my shirt with his mouth.  He was so hot and I've always
known that.  He had dirty blonde hockey hair.  He was in hockey,
basketball, baseball, soccer, and football.  He had the hottest six pack
you'll ever see.
	I was wearing swim trunks that day and he could see the tent in
them when he took off my shirt.  That made him even more scared knowing
he'd have to listen to me because he's to honest.
	"Now kiss my feet and beg to call me master!"
	He bent down and started kissing my feet and looking up at me and
saying "Please make me call you master please I'll do anything please just
make me call you master."
	"Good.  Now you see this?" I asked pointing at my hard nipple.
	"Yes, what about it?"
	"Suck on it for 10 minutes non stop while rubbing my feet."
	He did and it was the best 10 minutes of my life.  Having my feet
rubbed and nipple sucked by this hot 9th grader.  He rubbed my feet in a
slow relaxing way and him sucking my nipple with his warm face against my
chest made my legs collapse from the table they were on while he was
rubbing them and I had to wait awhile to be able to move them back.

	More coming later because its 3 am right now and I need to sleep.