Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 17:34:36 -0600
Subject: How Did I Get Here?

This is my fourth time writing a gay erotic story.  I am looking of all the
feedback I can get.  Also, I have not come out yet but am still seeking a
male partner in Bozeman, Montana.  If you can help me with either of these
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Remember, I'm your bitch, feel free to treat as such.

How Did I Get Here?

"How did I get here?" I think to myself as I kneel naked in the dorm

The red light on the camera blinks on, "ready for your shower bitch?" Josh
smiles down at me.

"yes master" I answer.  I close my eyes and feel his warm piss bath my

"open your damn mouth" Josh says.  I do as I am told and he fills it with
pee.  Finally he is out, "take a shower and get back to my room, I have
lots for you to do" he says as he zips his pants.  I shower quickly and
return to his room to find him and two friends sitting on the couch.

It's Friday night and its party time.  We pregame hard and head out to a
house party on the other side of town.  After a couple games of beer pong I
head to the bathroom to relieve myself.  As I'm leaving a guy asks if I
want to smoke and points to an open bedroom door.  I nod and follow him.
He closes the door behind us.  He sits on the bed and pulls out a joint and
lights up.

He looks over at me and smiles, "so what kind of little faggot are you?"

"I'm not gay" I reply.

"Then why do you keep staring at my cock?"  as he says this he unzips his
pants and out flops his dick.  I turn away but steal a quick glance at it.
He notices this of course and walks to in front of me so that his cock is
right at eye level.  Looking down at me he says, "kiss it."  Sitting on the
bed with his cock in my face not knowing what to do I simply pucker my lips
and press them to the head of his penis.  As I do he puts his hands on the
back of my head and pulls me down on to his cock until it hits the back of
my throat and I begin to couch and sputter.  He holds me down until my
lungs are screaming for air.

He pulls out and begins to remove his clothing and I sit motionless,
stunned, on the bed.  "Take your clothes off your little cock smoker."  I
do as I'm told and the second I'm naked he bends me over the bed.  "You
ever been fucked in the ass before?" he asks me as he lubes his cock.

"No" I answer quietly.

He laughs, "I'm gonna pop your little ass cherry then, how does that

"Okay" I answer.

"Okay?  How about `yes sir, fuck me hard sir?'"

"Yes sir, fuck me hard sir," I repeat after him as he slides his cock into
my asshole.  He plows my hole deeply; I start to bleed.  He pulls out and
flips me over, shoving his cock back into my mouth.  I bob up and down,
tasting my own butthole on his cock.  Suddenly he stops, pulls out, and
walks to the shelves on the other side of the room and picks up a camera.
He returns and silently puts his dick back in my mouth.  I look up at him
from my knees, his penis in my mouth, and he snaps a picture.  "Oh, that
one is great" he says as I start to suck again.  "Go down on my balls" he
says and as I do he snaps another picture.  I return to his dick and begin
sucking faster and faster.  Just before he cums he pulls out of my mouth
and squirts on my face, "stay there" he says and takes another picture.  As
we redress he asks for my phone number so I can, "be a great cock smoker
again sometime."

Josh sits in the middle and I sink down between his knees.  "Oh yeah,
that's how this all started" I think to myself and I take his cock into my
mouth.  My hands find there way to the other boys cocks and I begin to jack
them off as I suck.  "Bitch is doing the eagle" laughs Josh as I bob up and
down, my out stretched arms making me look like a great bird.  As they near
orgasm the all stand around me in a circle, Josh cumming in my mouth and
the other two boys in my ears.  They snap a quick picture and push me naked
into the hallway still cover in cum.

I run past a small group of girls on my way back to my room and am peppered
with insults, "fag, cock smoker, bitch."  Finally I make it to my room.
The embarrassment is over...for now at least.