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From: C S <>
Subject: Gloved (college, authoritarian)


By: Chris Scapes

Hi! My name is Chris. I'm 20 years old and a sophomore in college. Last
year I came out to my family and friends and starting dating a guy I met
(and quickly developed a crush on) while I was a freshman. His name is
Dave. Our relationship is good and I've come to trust him a lot.

So ever since I can remember I've been into gloves and bondage. One night a
couple weeks ago while we were out walking around the marina (our favorite
place to be alone) Dave asked me if I had any secrets I hadn't told him
yet. After beating around the bush for a while I finally told him I was
into kink, mostly just being tied up in light bondage. It was a scary
moment admitting that but I had really come to trust him. Fortunately he
was cool with it and even seemed interested in trying it sometime. That was
two weeks ago.

Flash forward a couple weeks and there we were hanging out in my apartment
one night.

"I'm bored", said Dave.

"Yeah me too. We could go rent another video game."

"I got a better idea."

"What's that?"

"Remember what we talked about at the marina a couple weeks ago?" He winked
at me and smiled with the most adorable smile. His teeth were perfect and
his thin lips were cherry red. I swallowed hard. Could it be?  Was he
actually gonna tie me up? I was excited and nervous at the same time.

"Are you serious?"

"Of course why wouldn't I be? You chicken? You scared I might like it too?"
I paused and thought for a moment.

"Okay, let's do it."

"Awesome! So what do you want to do?"

"Well there are these things called bondage mitts I've always wanted to

"Okay, you got some?"

"Well no but we can rig some up"


"You take some plastic wrap and go around my hands a couple times to cover
it so I can't move my fingers too good. Then, wrap that in duct tape and
you're good to go; homemade bondage mitts. I've always wanted to try that."
I could tell I was beaming with excitement.

"Okay, let's go. You got the stuff?"

"Yup!" And then I paused. There was something else I wanted to do but I
wasn't sure if I should say it or even how to say it. Then, like ripping
off a band aid real quick so it doesn't hurt, I said it quickly. "Oh yeah
and I'll put on a pair of gloves so you don't cut my hands with the
scissors when you cut it all off." My heat raced. Would he think that's
weird too? I secretly loved leather gloves so much.

"Scissors? Who said I was letting you out?" He said playfully. I was
relieved. We went into my bedroom and I pulled out the scissors, gloves,
cling-film and duct tape.

`Here we go!' I thought to myself. It was surreal.

I put on my black leather Damascus 302's. They are by far my favorite
gloves. I made a fist with my left hand and Dave wrapped it in plastic. In
only a few seconds my gloved hand turned into a ball of plastic which Dave
promptly wrapped in duct tape to seal for good. It felt great. It was
tight, confining, but not uncomfortable. I could just barely wiggle my
fingers here and there. And I could feel my hand sweating; feel the leather
conforming to my hand. I took a moment to struggle against the bondage my
hand was in. I wanted it free already. I liked that. I wiggled my fingers
around some more. I could faintly hear the plastic crinkling and see the
duct tape expanding and contracting as I clenched my fist and wiggled my

Then it was my right hand's turn. I was excited. Slowly the plastic took
away my mobility. And again the duct tape was there to seal the deal. It
felt incredible. Pangs of excitement shot through my body. Now I stood
before Dave, my hands useless, clad in layers of leather, plastic and
tape. And there was nothing I could do about it.

I went to put my arms around Dave. I was happy and I wanted to hug him for
letting me try this but just then he pushed me away! He pushed me kinda
hard and I fell back onto the bed behind me. He stood by the bedside
looking down on me and grinning. I was shocked by that. I didn't expect it
because he wouldn't normally do something like that. He went over to my
sock drawer and pulled it open.

"Since we had our conversation, I found your hiding spot." I sat up on the
bed, my back against the headboard. I was surprised. Dave turned around
with a few lengths of my rope stash.

"What? Fuck you! Our conversation at the marina wasn't an invitation to go
through my stuff. What the hell man? You know how I am. I don't want people
going through my stuff ... even my boyfriend! You knew that!"

"Fuck me? I think you should watch how you talk to me bucko!" He replied
playfully but I was seriously annoyed. Dave came back to the bedside and
bound my wrists together in front of me. He did a good job I must admit. My
wrists were tied together tight. In the back of my mind, was thinking again
about my gloves getting all soft and sweaty. I struggled against the
ropes. Although annoyed with Dave I had to admit it was seriously turning
me on. And not to mention the fact that Dave is so handsome. I looked him
over from head to toe. I liked his shaggy blond hair and thin muscular
physique. He ran track. We would often run together for exercise. He always
dressed casually. Today it was a snug blue tee shirt and white silk
shorts. He almost looked like he just left the gym or track. I was
beginning to pitch a tent. Dave spoke again and I realized I had been
gawking at his body for minutes already.

"I didn't only go through your sock drawer you know."

"Huh?" My heart skipped a beat. What was he talking about?

"After we talked I took it upon myself to browse through your computer. See
what else my kinky boyfriend is into. It's cool though. I wasn't weirded
out or anything. Actually I thought it was all kinda neat. I found of some
stuff I wanna try. You'll like it too." There was an awkward pause. "...
but ahh you don't really have a choice in the matter do you." He gave me a
glaring evil (but playful) smirk again. "You're all tied up!"

 I was seriously pissed and was giving him a dirty look. I meant it. My
privacy is something very important to me and he violated it. He violated
me. At the same time I wondered what the hell he was referring to. There is
a lot of shit on my computer.

Just then he busted out a pair of Damascus 302's. They were still in the
package; brand new; never worn. Not once. He must have bought them
himself. Dave started to put them on. My mouth was dry. I swallowed hard.
I knew I was gawking again. It was a dream-come true. My hot boyfriend was
putting on a pair of hot leather gloves. I was in heaven. I was in
bondage. He was so sexy. What could be next I wondered? I was lost in the
moment, hanging on his every move. He opened the snaps on the package and
pulled out the gloves. He dropped the wrapper on the floor, put the gloves
up to his nose, inhaled deeply and started fondling himself through his
shorts. His nipples poked out through his shirt. He did this for probably
five minutes. A certain spot in my boxers right next to my cock was getting
as moist as the gloves on my hands.

And then he started.

One at a time he struggled to get them on. He started with his left hand,
sliding his fingers into the glove. Once he got it over his knuckles he had
to tug all the way around the cuff of the glove, gently stretching out the
leather out so he could fit his hand in the opening. Finally the cuff made
it to his wrist and the glove was on. It fit perfectly ... like a glove of
course! He opened his hand up and looked into his palm stretching his
fingers out. Although the room was pretty dark I could see the some light
reflect off his soft leathery palms. My heart was fluttering. My balls were
tingling. I wiggled my fingers around in their plastic cocoons. I wanted my
hands free. I wanted to touch him with my gloves. I wanted his gloved hand
to touch me. I started rubbing my cock through my shorts the best I could
with my useless hands.

I could feel my body tingling all over. It was the first time I got someone
to embrace my glove fetish ... in person. Dave seemed as mesmerized by the
glove as I did. He took his right hand (still gloveless) and massaged his
gloved hand, working the leather so it fit perfectly all over. He wringed
his hands together until he was comfortable with how it fit. Then with his
gloved hand he made a fist.  Again the light reflected off the glove. Only
this time it was off the backs of his fingers. I noticed his knuckles
jutting out in four little bumps on the back of the glove. I was hot. I was
horny. For me it was as erotic as our first kiss; our first lust. Just then
he stopped and spoke again.

"So this is what gets you going huh?"

"Yes! I mean no. Well yes but it's you too Dave.  You do. But the gloves
... I just ... I just really like them too. They're so hot on you."

"Is that right?" He stood back and put on the other glove. Again he put on
a little show for me. He would make fists and wring his hands. Then he took
off his shirt and started touching himself all over.  Playing with his
nipples and groping his cock. He too was getting hard now. His cock stuck
out like a pole through his baggy white silk shorts. I wanted to kiss him
so bad. Just then Dave came over to the end of the bed and grabbed my
ankles with his glove clad hands. It sent shivers through my legs. In one
quick tug he pulled me down the bed so my back was flat against the
mattress again. He came to the bedside and with one hand started stroking
the side of my face. The leather felt so good. It was soft and warm. I
could smell it too. The smell of the leather mixed with Dave's own scent
was almost too much to handle.

He leaned over and kissed me. It was a deep passionate kiss. His tongue was
in my mouth. I could feel my heart pounding and so was his. He ran his
gloved hands all over my arms. It made the hair stand up on them. And then
he stopped. It was almost as quickly as he started. Dave jumped up on the
bed, leaned up against the headboard and drug me over so I laid between his
legs. My back was against his chest. He grabbed the scissors and cut off my
shirt. I was confused. What was he doing?

Dave wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. He held me tight. I
could feel his body heat warming me up. My face felt flushed.  I bed my
ears were beat red. Dave rubbed his gloved hands all over my torso. He
started kissing my neck, nibbling at my ear, and thrusting his crotch into
my back. I couldn't decide what to focus on. There were so many things, my
gloves, his gloves, my bondage, his humping. It was a lot to take in. Just
then, he stopped.

I laid there against him. For some reason I was panting and felt out of
breath. And then Dave took one of his arms and put it around my neck like a
choke hold. He started applying pressure so I couldn't move.

"What are you doing I asked?"

"You'll see."

"I mean I like it but you gotta tell me what you're gonna ..."

And then it happened.

Dave clamped his free hand over my mouth! It was incredible; so warm; so
soft. All I could do was ...

"Mufffghhhmmmgggrrrrpphhh!" I tried to speak but Dave hand gagged me with
an ever increasing grip over my mouth.

I tried to thrash. I wanted to fight his control but his choke hold and
handgag were too much for me. I loved his gloved hand over my mouth. I
grunted and groaned and fought but I wasn't getting anywhere. Finally, he
let go.

"I knew you'd like it", he said.

"How do you know I ... Mufffghhhmmmgggrrrrpphhh." He glove gagged me
again. Incredible.

"I know you like it because of this!" Dave grabbed my cock and started
fondling it through my shorts. Then he started whispering in my ear. "Do
you trust me?"

I thrashed around in his arms.

"I said do you STILL trust me?" He whispered again. I stopped struggling
and shook my head yes. Dave took his hand from my mouth.  There was a
moment of silence. I caught my breath and we both relaxed. After a couple
minutes I started to speak again and Dave silenced me with a tightly
gripped hand over my mouth. His glove felt great. And then it happened ...


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