Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 08:16:50 -0500
From: Chuck Wilson <>
Subject: For Sale


This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit
sexual acts between consenting adults. The work is meant for adults
only. If this type of content offends you, is forbidden material in your
location or you are under 18 leave this site immediately.

Money came through the slot and into the chute so I could see the
denomination. 50 EU was not the most I have seen but Master will be OK with
that amount. My performance was supposed to be adjusted by the amount of
each "donation". I will admit I occasionally allowed personal preference to
effect performance.

The donor could only see the opening around my mouth. His crotch pressed
against my "pen" as a dripping uncut cock entered. Cleaner than most, I was
pleased to nibble and lick the sensitive foreskin. He gasped as his cock
responded to the sensation of my tongue. I had to grasp the long member to
keep it steady as I began to run my "clit" under the skin and caress ultra
sensitive glans. I felt my pen shake as he pulled on the hand holds to push
further into the orifice. Fortunately, I have room to back away. This hunk
has a hunk.

Let me tell you about Master's business. Movie arcades have been losing
money for years, mostly due to the crappy videos and filthy environments.
The clientele was self-limiting as well. The older crowd didn't have the
best success in scoring and the younger crowd didn't have the funds to keep
the "bottom" line in the black or brown as the case may be.

Master decided to take the best of a declining business and revive it using
technology. The first step was to trash the movies. Guys wanted to get off,
not watch others getting off on a 15-inch screen. The second step was to
remove the prejudice customers have to a particular type of cocksucker.
Some disdain older folks and others have racial preferences. These
limitations were mostly due to thoughts about what others would think
seeing a grizzled baldy, Black, Latino or Asian giving them head.

Master is a design genius, hence the pens. Pens are rather like an upside
down laboratory test tube, and large enough to house an adult, i.e., the
succor. The pens are recessed into the floor but can be adjusted up and
down by a lever available to the customer, i.e., the suckee. The customer
simply uses a lever to raise or lower the pen to his cock level.

The "slave" in the tube is standing on a platform at the bottom of the
tube. The platform is adjustable to allow the slave's mouth to be just at
the entry hole. The design is perfect for both parties. The slave even has
a small saddle to sit on if he chooses.

The outside of the tube is covered with a waterproof but flexible coating
that mimics human flesh. Handles about ear height allow the customer to
hold on while being pleasured by a professional.

Since there is a preponderance of cocksuckers, filling the tubes is not a
problem. Since the customer can only see a hungry mouth inside a dark hole,
they are then free to enjoy blowjobs without any mental reservations.

Sucking cocks being my priority since a teen, at 60 I am an expert. The
present customer is certainly aware of my expertise as he bucks against my
pen and shoots load after load into my starving mouth. The handles keep him
from collapsing as his balls empty. He lingers for a while I continue to
service his softening member. I hear a rasping, "Thanks buddy" as he backs
away. "I'll use you again."

I press the lever on the money chute allowing the 50 EU to drop into
Master's coffers in the basement. I know my customer will select the
highest pleasure number on the light board outside the door. A good rating
will ensure me many rigid cocks to pleasure this night.

Master has the best of all worlds, as his workers don't get any pay. He
does provide wonderful perks, aside from endless cocks to suck. The
basement has a lounge, bathing facilities and the best porno flicks to
rejuvenate one between sucking bouts.

My previous customer must have been pleased as the door immediately opens
and a muscle god came in. Walking to the pen while removing his dick, I
could see the other advantage of Master's plan. This gorgeous hunk had
muscles but a very small dick. Masters pens are perfect for him. His
cocksucker or anyone else could not see him, so his secret was safe.

I reached through the hole and caressed his balls as I worked his dick into
a hard pencil. He was ecstatic as he humped my mouth. I guess my nimble
fingers on his balls were the trick. He shouted as he squirts his man juice
deep into my gut. It was all I could do to keep from firing my load as
well.  Cum see me some time.

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