Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 03:47:34 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Family Slaveboy I (INCEST, AUTHORITARIAN)

All disclaimers apply. If you're under 18, or don't like incest/domination,
don't read. Simple.

December. My favorite month. I always liked December because I got to see
my entire family. We would all gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving on
the first weekend of December and then on the 25th for Christmas. My dad
always has to work on Thanksgiving so we figured that we could just
celebrate it later. It always seemed to work out fine for the rest of the

        My name is Ben, and I am 14 years old. I live with my father and
two brothers. My dad was 44 years old, and my brothers were 18 and 17
respectively.  I always liked being the baby in the house, and they always
reminded me that I was the baby. The 18 year old was Zach, who was a
football player at university.  The 17 year old,Brad, was a swimmer for his
high school team. They both excelled at what they did. My father was a
coach for the local swim team, and loved what he did. I was your average
geeky boy, who loved playing computer games. I was of average weight and
didn't have too many friends. I liked to spend my time at home and
worshipped my father and brothers.

        My mother died in a car accident about ten years back, so all I
knew was the situation I have now. My dad was very good about taking care
of us, but my uncles played a large role as well. I have three uncles, all
of whom are younger than my dad. Well, back to my story!

        I was in the shower getting ready for our Thanksgiving dinner at my
uncle Joey's. I was a very hormonal guy, I get hard constantly and it gets
annoying sometimes. My brothers and father have the habit of walking around
in nothing but their underwear. I don't know why but it always seemed to
turn me on. I know I was only 14, but I looked at the internet quite a lot
trying to find all kinds of porn to satisfy my urges. I worked really hard
to make sure no one would see my porn on the computer. I usually viewed
porn that had to do with watersports, domination, and college boys.

        I finished up in the shower and leaned out to get my towel.
Something unexpected happened- my brother Zach was standing there pissing
in the toilet! Why didn't I hear him come in? I panicked right away and
stepped right back into the shower. I was behind a glass door, so I
should've seen him, but now that I made all that commotion we were both
aware of each other's presence. My brother laughed. "Sorry dude, I needed
to piss right away. I'm sure you don't mind!" He finished up, put his cock
back in his shorts and left.  As he was leaving I heard more laughing.

        I stood there not knowing what to think. What did he mean, I
wouldn't mind? He couldn't have possibly gotten on my computer. It was
password protected. I was so confused; I didn't know what to do. I finished
drying up and put my clothes on. I went downstairs where I heard everyone
talking, and snapped out of the daydream I was having. I was replaying the
scene over and over again, those words "I'm sure you don't mind" kept
repeating themselves over and over again. My father was holding some food,
ready to go. He abruptly ended a conversation with my brother Zach, and
smirked at me. I raised my eyebrows but let it go quick. Zach was laughing
and I didn't know why, but I just dismissed it. Brad was getting some stuff
out of the oven, and put it into a canister. Zach motioned to Dad, right in
front of me. "Put that down, Dad, you don't have to do that", he smirked
and gestured to me. "Ben, carry that, and finish up what Brad was doing."
He looked at Brad, who looked confused.  "Brad, remember what we talked
about?" Brad looked at him with a confused look, but nodded after seemingly
remembering something. I raised my eyebrows again and shrugged.

        "Ok, I guess." I couldn't manage to say anything else. I walked
over and picked up the dishes, wondering why they couldn't do it
themselves. They all sat at the kitchen table and whispered to each
other. Dad looked disgruntled and I couldn't figure out why. I saw Zach
adjust his crotch a few times. I didn't have a clue what was going on.

        I took the dishes to the car, and my brothers followed. My father
came shortly after. I sat down in the front seat, and Zach looked at me and
shook his head. "Nuh uh, buddy.. back seat for you. It's just the way it
has to be."

        I laughed, thinking it was a joke. I didn't move. He looked at me
with a serious look. He raised his eyebrows, and pointed to the back
seat. "Bitch boys go to the back, boy." I widened my eyes and couldn't
believe my brother said that.

        "Bitch boy? What do you mean?" I replied with confusion in my
voice. I got up anyway, and went to the backseat. Zach just looked at me,
and gestured to Brad.

        Brad smiled, and said "Join me back here, boy." I sighed, having no
idea what anyone was talking about, and sat by him in the back seat.  Brad
rubbed my leg, and said "Good boy."

        Zach sat down in the backseat and smiled. Dad was already sitting
in the driver's seat, being quiet. This was unusual for Dad, he usually
would have said something by now. I knew something was up when he didn't
say anything else. "Listen, Ben, I know it was wrong, but I went on your
computer and saw what you look at." Zach paused, and I sat in my seat,
feeling mortified. I didn't say anything or express any emotion. I just sat
there, freaking out on the inside. I didn't know what to say. I started
putting the pieces together- they were calling me bitch, and boy.. they
must've read one of my domination things. I didn't know what to expect
next. I just sat there waiting for someone to say something.

        It felt like hours went by with nothing being said, when in reality
it was about 5 minutes. Zach didn't move, but looked in the mirror back to
me. I could see him looking, and I made direct eye contact with him. You
could tell he was thinking mischievous thoughts. "So, I was thinking..." He
paused, laughed, and continued. Dad kept driving in silence, while Brad was
smirking. "So, I read some of the stories, and quite frankly, I really
wasn't that surprised. I knew you were a bitch boy all along, I just didn't
realize to what extent." I was shocked at the way he talked in front of his
father. He had no shame in his voice, but when I looked at Dad I could see
all the shame in the world. "I've decided that I'm going to be your Master,
Ben. I make all the rules, you do what I say, no matter what. You will obey
Brad too, do whatever he tells you to do." I looked over at Brad, and he
smiled. Brad didn't seem to have as much confidence as Zach did, but you
could tell it was there. "Dad knows about all this, obviously, but he'll
warm up soon." Dad kind of sighed when Zach said this. I wasn't sure if my
Dad would approve. What the heck am I saying? I'm not sure if I approve! I
don't know if I have much say in the matter though. "You will do everything
I say, boy. If you don't do what I say you will get punished. I don't want
to see clothes on you in the house anymore.  Obviously, we're in the car so
right now doesn't count." I looked down, and then looked at the others. My
body was in no means perfect, and I wondered what was going to happen
next. "Have you ever sucked cock before, boy?", Zach asked with a defiant

        I shook my head. Brad laughed, but Zach didn't say anything.  He
looked at me through the mirror as if I was supposed to say something. I
knew what he wanted. "No.. no... no Master." It took me a bit to say, but I
finally got it out of me. Zach smiled. "Ah, you've got two teen cocks here
to fufill, plus dear old Dad here."

        I looked at Dad again, who just kept driving. I looked over at
Brad, and he cupped his crotch. "Go ahead, boy." I looked down at Brad's
crotch, which was obviously bulging. Brad didn't unzip his pants, so I
waited for him to do it. Brad just looked at me impatiently. Zach was
looking through the mirror, watching to make sure his boy did his job.

        I reluctantly moved my hand. I couldn't believe this was happening.
All my dreams finally coming true. I got back to business and reached over
to Brad's zipper. I unzipped it and saw his tightie whities. God, I loved
tightie whities. The interesting thing is, Brad never wore tighties. He
always wore boxers. I wonder if he did this for me. I pulled down the
tighties and put my hand on his cock. It went to full mast right away. I
realized that I had never seen it before. It was veiny, pretty thick but
not too long. It was probably about 5 and a half inches long. It was also
uncut! I couldn't believe it, I had no idea my brother was uncut. I loved
uncut cocks. I put my mouth on it right away, savoring the taste of his
cock. I started to lick up and down the meaty pole. "Oh god.. oh yes.. fuck
yes boy.. good job.. keep going.." My brother was in pure ectascy and I
kept going. I bobbed up and down on his cock, rubbing my hands all over his
balls and even went up near his nipples. I kept rubbing on his hard body,
that swimmer body he developed so well. I kept sucking on his cock. It
wasn't too hard to take since it wasn't that big.

        "God.. I'm cumming.. aghh..." Brad shot three or four loads up my
mouth. It was hot and juicy. I had never tasted cum before, but I took it
all. It was an amazing taste. My brother put his hand on my head and rubbed
it.  "Good job boy. Keep your head there."

        I smiled, knowing that I had serviced Zach well. Zach was my
Master, and by sucking Brad off I had complied to his orders. Brad told me
to keep my head by his cock. It started going down, but didn't last that

        I was in heaven. I was now a slaveboy for my family.

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