Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 15:47:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: Full Boy <>
Subject: Caught by contractor

Growing up in a small southeast farming town is never easy on a teenager
and when you have strict Bible belt southern Baptist parents it is even
harder on a gay kid. My parents did not believe in household nudity or even
talking about sex with me or my older brother. The old farmhouse doors did
not even have locks so it was hard for a teenage kid to find places to jack
off when puberty hit. Back then I did not even know what it meant to be gay
but I knew I was attracted to boys rather than girls. Our farm house was
pretty secluded and I had to ride my bike to the end of a long dirt road in
order to catch the school bus each day. The farm had a pond surrounded by
woods and when my parents would go off to town, I would go down to the pond
strip off naked and lay out in the sun, swim, or find a soft grassy place
to jack my dick. I was always a scrawny thin kid without much body hair; in
fact the only hair on my body was my head, bush, and a tiny trail of hair
from my belly button to my fiery red bush. I usually did not lie out in the
sun for long periods, because I had a fair complexion with red hair. My
cock was about 7 inches and always ready to be played with and by the age
of 17 I could shoot my load a pretty good distance.

Some developers bought the land adjacent to my parent's farm land and began
building houses.  Each morning and evening I would get on or off the school
bus, I could see the construction guys working as I got my bike to head
home or while waiting on the school bus. There were some pretty hot guys
working, it was summer and a lot of the guys worked shirtless with tool
belts and jeans. I would throw my hand up as I prepared to ride my bike
home; the development was in plain view from the end of our dirt road on
the adjacent property. The guys seemed friendly enough; most would yell out
or wave back. The workers never worked on the weekends so the place was
pretty deserted. My parents usually did their weekly shopping in town on
Saturdays and my older brother was able to drive and was always off with
his friends. Finding myself alone, I usually would ride my bike over to the
development, strip off naked, and jack off in some of the unfinished
houses. I was turned on by the construction site, the tools, and equipment.
Often some of the construction guys would leave their tool belts or sweaty
tees lying around in the unfinished houses and I would try them on while I
jacked off. I loved to shoot my load thinking about the hot guys that had
been working there all week.

One Saturday morning in particular, I was horny as hell and could hardly
wait for my parents to hit the road into town. After they left, I jumped on
my bike and headed to the construction development. Deserted as usual, I
parked my bike on the backside of one of the unfinished houses. I went
inside, the workers had finished the outer walls, closed everything in with
plywood. There were piles of sawdust everywhere, tools laying all round the
floor. On one of the window ledge laid a white wife beater tee that was
dirty and stained and on the floor under the window was a tool belt with a
hammer, screwdriver, and a few other tools on it. My cock was already rock
hard and ready for release. I stripped off my shorts and shirt and threw
them on the floor; my cock sprang free and standing at full attention. It
was a warm summer morning with high humidity and I was already beginning to
sweat, even without any clothes on. I grabbed the tool belt and strapped it
around my waist, the rough tool belt felt good on my hips and the swinging
tools brushed up against my hard cock almost made me shoot my load but I
knew I wanted to make it last. I picked up the old tee from the window sill
and took a sniff; the scent was musky, manly, and made my 17 year old cock
jump with excitement. I found a spot in the living area near the intended
fireplace, I sat down on the floor leaning up against the wall, and the
sawdust on the floor felt surprising good on my ass cheeks. I spread my
legs wide, and took one of the screwdrivers from the tool belt and slide
the handle between my ass cheeks. I had never been fucked before, but the
screwdriver handle felt so good and I slide it between my cheeks and the
tip rubbed up against my ass hole. I left the screw driver handle in
between my ass cheeks as I turned my attention to my hard throbbing teenage
cock. I began stroking my cock slowly, it was already covered is slick
precum. I took the bundled up tee and lay on my chest so that I could keep
taking a sniff of that hot manly smell. Getting into the moment, I was
getting close to shooting my load, I was beginning to moan softly as I
stroked my cock, I closed my eyes thinking about the hot half naked
construction workers as I worked my cock. My impending ecstasy was
interrupted by a deep voice "What the fuck!!!!!". I opened my eyes to the
horror of two construction workers standing at my feet, their arms folded
across their chest with stern looks on their faces.

One of the guys looked to be in his early 30s, dirty blonde hair, tan
shirtless chest and wearing long jeans. The other guy was in this early
50s, bald, burly with a goatee, wearing a white tee, and long jeans. The
older guy appeared to be the construction foreman and was doing most of the
talking. Both had on construction type boots.

I instantly lost my hard on, and was trying to speak, "I am
sorry...err...". I begin trying to move around to get up but the older guy
kept using his boot to keep my legs open so I could not stand up.  The
foreman said "Boy, I said what the fuck are you doing in here...this is
private property"?  I finally was able to say "sorry sir...I was just
messing won't happen again". As I tried to get up off the
floor, again the foreman pushed my legs open with his boot! He spoke in his
deep rough voice "Boy you ain't going nowhere...Jake here and I think you
need to finish what you started" I was shocked by their words and managed
to say "What"?

The foreman said again "You are going to finished what you started and Jake
and I are going to watch". As I thought about what he had said, I felt my
limp cock twitch a little and as I looked at the foreman I could see a
tenting in my jeans, plus he had a smirk look on his face. I could tell he
was getting off on this and with two against one; I had little choice but
to do as I was told. I reached for my cock and began stroking it lightly.
The foreman looked over at his buddy "Jake" and nudged him with his
elbow. After a few strokes, my cock was back to full mast and I was getting
into it thinking about the two construction men watching me work my cock. I
had precum flowing from my cock as I worked it in long smooth strokes; the
screw driver handle was still between my ass checks. I was really getting
into the moment, eyes closed, when I heard the foreman say something to
Jake, but I did not understand what he said. I opened my eyes to see the
foreman had pulled his cock out of his jeans and was stroking it as he
watched me, his buddy Jake was getting a hard on as you could see the
outline in his jeans.

The foreman's cock was about 6 inches long, wide and thick with a huge
mushroom head on it.  Next thing I knew, Jake pulled out his cock; his cock
was about the length of mine 7 inches but was thicker in diameter than
mine. They both stood there stroking their cocks as they watched me working
my boner. The foreman looking toward Jake said "I think this kid needs
something to suck on while he jacks his cock". The foreman stepped in
between my open legs and shoved his now hard cock in my face and said "Boy,
suck my cock". I tried to turn my head, but he grabbed me by the hair and
pulled me toward his cock. The large mushroom cock head was brushing
against my lips, he said "Open that mouth Boy". I was helpless but to obey
his command. I opened my mouth; he shoved his big headed cock into my mouth
as he ordered me again to "suck it". The taste was not bad at all; in fact
I found that I enjoyed it. I put both hands on his hips as he worked my
mouth; my cock was banging against my stomach each time he thrust into my
mouth. The foreman began to moan as he said things like "Yeah boy suck that
cock"..."You like cock don't you boy"..."Yeah that's it, take it". When the
foreman would slam his cock all the way down my throat, I could feel this
bushy pubic hair tickle my nose, and the smell of his manliness. My cock
felt like it was on fire from all the excitement. The foreman turned to
Jake and said "Jake, you need to get over here and feed the kid some of
your cock".  The foreman pulled his cock out of my mouth, moved back so
Jake could step in his place.  Jake's cock was longer than the foreman's
and made me gag when he pounded my mouth. The foreman began stripping off
his clothes to reveal a nice hairy body, chest, and legs. He had what we
called a farmers tan because where his normal clothes fit, his skin was
white, but tan on the arms, face, and neck. After getting off his clothes,
the foreman said "Jake, let me have some more of that hot mouth". Jake
backed up, the foreman moved back between my open legs and began feeding me
some more of this thick cock. Meanwhile Jake removed his jeans and
continued to stroke his cock while he watched the foreman feed me his
cock. By this time, I had precum all over my stomach and it was running
down onto my fiery red bush and nuts.

They both took turns face fucking me and I found I was enjoying every
minute of it. The foreman said "Boy I bet you got a tight ass" as he looked
down at the screwdriver still lying between my ass cheeks. He reached down
and pulled the screwdriver from between my cheeks and tosses it across the
room. He then slides his massive hand and fingers down between my cheeks
while Jake continues to feed me his cock. The foreman's hand spreads open
my ass cheeks as his fingers toy my teenage hole. The foreman says to Jake
"Get him up on his knees" and Jake grabs my head, my mouth still wrapped
around his cock, and pulls me forward until I am resting on my hands and
knees on the floor with my ass directed toward the foreman. The foreman
inspects my ass like a building inspectors inspects a new house. His hands
spread my ass cheeks as his finger inspects my teenage asshole. He spits on
his hand and rubs the spit on my asshole, and sticks one finger in my
ass. I try to pull away but Jake has a firm grasp on my head and the
foreman's other hand is locked on my hip. I heard the foreman said "Dayum
this kid has a nice hot hole". Jake did not say anything; he was too busy
face fucking me with his 7 inches.

Next thing I knew, the foreman was rubbing that massive mushroom head cock
in between my ass cheeks, he had my hips locked in his massive hands and he
slide his cock up and down my ass crack. I felt his cock head pressuring my
hot hole trying to get inside. I was already sweating from the heat;
however, the thought of that massive cock going in my ass was making the
sweat drip off me onto the floor. My cock was raging hard and swinging to
and fro with precum dripping but I was too busy to stroke my own cock.
Finally the foreman's cock head found its mark and the pain was sharp and
stabbing, I was trying to buck to get away but they held me tight. Jake's
cock keeps me from screaming out in pain. The foreman said "Calm down boy,
take it like a man". With that, he plunged all 6 thick inches deep inside
my ass. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. Luckily, once
inside my ass he slowed down and turned his attention to my sucking the
cock of his work buddy. He said, "yeah suck that cock boy...lick his
balls...yeah that's it, good boy".

His rough construction hands griped my hips like a vice as he began to work
his thick cock in my tight young ass. The only time he loosened his grip on
my hips was to use his massive hands to slap my ass cheeks as he rode me. I
was amazed when the pain finally began to subside of how good it began to
feel. Once the foreman had my ass opened up, I began to thrust my ass
backward on his cock. The foreman said "Yeah boy, you like my cock up your
ass don't you". I could not speak because Jake's cock was still filling my
mouth. Jake pulls out and pulls my face into his nice balls, I begin to
suck and lick his balls while the foreman is ravaging my hot ass hole. I
could feel the foreman's thick cock head working my prostate and I was in
heaven. The foreman pulled me up so that my back was against his hairy
chest. Both arms wrapped around me while he continued to bang my ass. The
heat from his hairy body was amazing, his head was close behind my ears, he
was moaning with each thrust. I could hear his deep voice tell me to take
his cock, and how good my ass felt on his cock. Next thing I knew my cock
exploded, cum flying all over Jakes legs that was standing in front of us,
jacking his cock. I could feel the contractions of my ass muscles working
the foreman's cock as I came. The foreman was moaning louder saying "yeah
boy, shoot that load". He said "Dam, I going to cum boy, you are going to
take this load".  I felt the foreman drive his cock deep into my ass one
last time before his hot jizz began pumping into my ass. He was saying
"fuck yeah, hell, take it, fuck yeah".

After he came, the foreman pulled out and collapsed on the floor. Jake
still stroking his cock while watching the foreman fuck my ass. The foreman
looked up at Jake and said "Ok buddy, your turn". Jake moved behind me and
his cock was in my ass up to his nuts before I even knew what was
happening. Even though Jake's cock was longer than the foreman's cock, the
head and shaft was not as thick. As Jake fucked my already cum filled hole,
I could feel the foreman's cum begin to run down the inner sides of my
thighs. Unlike the foreman, Jake fucked fast and quick, he would pull
almost out of my ass, then plunge back deep. Jake put his chin on my
shoulder as he worked my ass, my cock begin to get hard again as he worked
my hole. Jake's voice was much softer than the foreman's and he mostly let
out soft moans while fucking my ass.  He did say "Boy does my cock feel
better than a screwdriver up your ass" I whimpered YES.

The foreman regaining his momentum, moved in front of me, putting his
semi-hard cock in my face. "Clean off my cock boy". I eagerly sucked his
cock clean.  His cock was soon back to full mast as he began fucking my
face like Jake and he had done earlier. He kept pulling his cock out of my
mouth letting me lick and suck on his overly huge nut sack. "Yeah boy, pull
on them balls"..."work those fucking nuts". I reached down and begin
stroking my own cock while Jake fucked my ass and I sucked on the foreman's
nut sack. Finally Jake said "Fuck, I gonna cum".  He slammed his cock deep
inside my already cum filled ass and shot his load. The foreman redirected
his cock in my mouth and begin hard face fucking me, his balls tightened up
and he shot his second load deep in my throat strangling me with his hot
cum, cum was running out of my mouth and nose but I eagerly swallowed as
much as I could. I started furiously stroking my own cock and shot my
second load on the foreman's legs and feet. Jake pulled his cock from my
ass as cum was dripping from my sore ravaged hole. The thought of having
both men's cum draining from my ass was one of the most exciting sexual
moments of my young teenage life.  We all collapsed on the floor trying to
catch our breaths.

The foreman and Jake got up and used the old tee to clean themselves up a
little, then the foreman threw the tee to me and said "Boy here is a little
souvenir for ya" I quickly gathered up my clothes, dressed and headed
outside taking the tee with me. My ass was so sore I could not even ride my
bike home, so I walked and pushed it along. I got home and took a long hot
bath trying to ease the pain in my sore hole from all the hot fucking. I
kept the tee as a reminder of the first fantastic fuck of my life at the
hands of two hot construction workers and used it for masturbation many
times afterwards thinking of the hot Saturday morning in the housing

Love to hear thoughts on my story,