Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 08:03:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: Harry Rod <>
Subject: BMOC

Tom was my roommate, an arrogant asshole, and a self proclaimed BMOC.  He
was captain of the football team, and a strikingly handsome guy.  Chicks
loved him, fell all over him, and lined up to be his next conquest.  He
looked like the all-American quarterback jock: blond hair, cut just long
enough that one lock always fell across his brow, but not across his eyes.
He had the classic apple cheeked, squared jaw face, and piercing blue eyes.

He would high five all of his friends in the halls, locker rooms, and
showers.  He worked out every day of the week, was very proud of his body,
and had no problems showing it off either.  He was always one to shoot
someone the moon, or grab his crotch in the "eat this" manner, flex his
biceps for the girls, and used any excuse to show off his body; not that he
was a muscle builder or anything like that. He just had that perfectly cut,
well-defined body of an athlete.

I am not shabby by any means, but I just don't seem to measure up to Tom's
assets.  When I am with him, chicks ignore me, and sometimes push me out of
the way.  In the showers, I can see that he is more endowed than I am, and
the couple of times I have glimpsed his morning wood, I know that he is
bigger than I am.

He doesn't spend a lot of time in the room naked.  He comes back from the
showers, drops his towel, and dresses casually in boxers, cargo shorts and
a t-shirt.  I took my cue from him, and don't spend time naked in the room
as well.  The only time I have to myself is when he is in class, in a game,
off to practice, or on a date.  This is the only time I get to jerk off and
relieve some of the tension from not getting as many girls as Tom does.  I
have had a couple since we started rooming together, but not as many as he

I don't know how many times I have slept in the study lounge at the end of
the hall because he had a tie hanging from the door knob.  The girl would
always be gone by the time I went back in the morning.  And the few times I
hung the tie, he didn't show up until the morning.  But then he would razz
me about banging the girl, how was it, did she put out, and did she give me
a blow job, etc.  I felt as if he was giving me a bad time because my times
were far less than his times.

He did well in classes as well, spending time in the library working on
projects or in the computer lab.  He took his laptop with him everywhere.
It was his constant companion.

I guess it was the fact that he was so self confident, so self assured,
which made me think of him as cocky.  I began to take every comment as a
slight.  I wanted to get back at him.  I would make lists of the things he
had done to rile me: playing the TV too loud, leaving his towel hanging on
the hook on the outside of his closet door, making his side of the room
look so neat and orderly compared to mine, having a workout routine that he
followed faithfully, the number of nights he hung the tie on the door, the
number of times he emptied his trash can, and the number of nights he kept
the light on, reading, etc.  I had a whole notebook full of grievances
against him.

I kept trying to figure out some way to bring him down a notch or two.  If
I complained to him about something he did, he would apologize and make an
attempt to placate me.  But I thought I always saw a smirk on his face, as
he either did what I asked, or didn't do what I had asked him not to do.
Like he was thinking, `this guy is such a wiener. I'll do this so he feels
better, but really I know he's just being petty.'  I could just hear him
saying something like that.

So yeah, I guess you could say I was gunning for the guy.

When he was out at practice, I set up a video camera in the room, focused
on his bed and motion activated.  I had a geek friend that loved to play
with gadgets.  I had told him I wanted to film a girl and me fucking, and
he started salivating.  He got everything all set up, and hid the camera in
a box on a shelf, pointing at the bed and set to film even in low light.
We checked out the angle on my computer where the feed was going to be

I thanked him, and he asked if he could have a copy of the vid when I got
it.  I knew he just wanted to yank off with it, so to placate him I told
him, if it turned out well, I would give him an edited copy.  Like he
didn't want to see me wandering around naked and such, right?  He scrunched
up his face, shook his head and said, "Yuck, no way!"  He was so quick to
say it, I wondered if he wouldn't rather see me naked.

I knew all about faggots; gays as they preferred to be called.  I had no
use for them, but felt as long as they didn't bother me it was fine.  I had
heard that they could give outrageous blow jobs, but hadn't had an
opportunity to see if it was true.  I knew a few of the guys from high
school had been known to give head, but the only ones I hung out with were
into circle jerks and the like.

Friday night I set it all up, figuring Tom would be back with his latest
score and I would find something out about him that I could use against
him, or something.  Something like...he preferred to be on the bottom, or
he cried when he came, or he liked his girl to call him Daddy or something.

Just before he went out, I made all kinds of comments about a late night
with friends.  He smiled and said he planned on having a long night as
well!  I figured he was referring to the length of his dick and that mine
was shorter.  I knew he used every opportunity to put me down.  I said,
"Whatever," and headed out.

I tried to go drinking with friends, but I kept thinking about what I was
going to find on the vid, and that I could use it to bring him down a notch
or two.  I was eager to see the results, so I left my friends and wandered
around campus for a while; tried to take in some art flick that was
showing, and couldn't concentrate on it.  When I got back to the dorm, sure
enough, the tie was on the door.

I headed down to the lounge to try and get some sleep.  I kept wondering
what he was doing and what I was going to find on the tape that I could
use.  I imagined all kinds of scenarios and how I would expose him.  I
thought of setting up a blog of Tom bloopers and blunders; or an email
broadcast to all the guys on his team.  I even figured out how I was going
to get their names and email addresses.

I thought of seeing the chick naked and being banged by Tom.  Would she
have big tits?  Would she take it doggie style?  Would she give head?  I
had seen some of the women that hung out around him and knew it would be
hot to see them naked and taking a dick.

That made me think that I had never seen any of the girls around his room,
either arriving, leaving, or just hanging around.  Probably he didn't want
them to see the loser that was his roommate; just another way to slight me.

I think I drifted off about 3:00 in the morning, and had vivid dreams of
cutting Tom down.  I woke at 8:00 and stumbled to the bathroom to piss and
splash water on my face.  Then I went to our room, and the tie was off.  I
opened the door and, sure enough, he was gone off to practice or something.

I jumped into my chair, logged into my computer, and waited for the movie
app to open and load.  When the vid started, all the lights were on in the
room, so I hadn't needed the night vision section, at least not yet.

But all I saw was Tom.  Where was the newest bitch?  He played around with
his laptop and looked like he was loading a DVD in it.  Next, he brought
out a black bag, like a shaving kit, unzipped it, and set it on his night
stand.  What was this? Elaborate preparations for when he brought the chick

I fast forwarded and picked a point to stop.  Then I stopped.  I couldn't
believe what I was seeing on the screen.  Tom was laying on top of his bed,
laptop at his side playing some sort of vid; had to be porn from what was
going on.  He was stroking his hard cock with one hand and, with the other,
he was doing something with his ass.  It took a moment to figure out that
he was using a club or something in his ass!  Fuck!  What was going on?

I went back to the beginning and started over.  I didn't skip a second.  I
saw Tom go through elaborate preparations of getting the laptop in the
rights spot, pulling out some lube and a big dildo.  He started the DVD
and, while watching, took the dildo and sucked it, rubbed it on his face,
across his nipples, and down his stomach.  He measured it against his own
big dick, and they were nearly the same size.

He wiped up some of the slime leaking from his cock with his fingers, and
licked them clean.  Man, what the fuck!  I continued to watch, mesmerized
that this all-star jock was a total faggot.  When he stuck the thing up his
ass, he moaned, and the look on his face said he was enjoying it intensely.

He fucked himself, using his hand, until he blasted a load across his
chest.  He scooped up the cum and ate it!  What a sick mother fucker!

He went through 3 more sessions, which included him squatting on the rubber
dick and fucking himself; sliding his dick into some sort of tube or
something; and squeezing nipples and balls while sucking on the giant dick.
Each time he came, he licked up every drop of cum.

When he was finished, he carefully put everything away into the black
shaving kit.  Next, he took the DVD out of the laptop and put the laptop
away.  When he had everything cleaned up, he must have left, probably for
the shower.

The time on the vid jumped about 10 minutes and he was back, with wet hair,
wrapped in a towel.  He dried himself off, looked himself over in the
mirror above his desk, then, after hanging up his towel, laid down on his
bed.  He picked up his book and began to read, all the while running his
fingers through his pubic hair, playing with his cock and balls.  Finally,
he put down the book, turned off the light, and went to sleep.  He slept on
top of the covers and each time he turned, the camera would come back on
and, with the night vision, I could see his naked form.  I rewound and saw
that he had gone to sleep about 11 pm.  Fucker made me sleep in the lounge
while he gets a good nights sleep in his bed!  Asshole!

I backed up the vid onto an external hard drive and then began going
through all of his stuff.  I went through every suitcase, jacket, bag, shoe
in his closet until I found his stuff.

There were 10 DVDs in the case.  All of them were with guys.  Guys getting
fucked, guys sucking, guys kissing, guys jerking off, guys walking around
naked, and more.  I could only look at each one for a couple of minutes to
get the gist of them.

I went through his little black bag.  I found the 3 dildos: one with balls,
one that vibrated with rings around it, and the one that he used last
night.  There was his bottle of lube.  It was called Gun Oil lube and said,
it "keeps a man's most important weapon well oiled."  I had to laugh.

I thought about how I wanted to do this.  I put my computer on his vid and
set it to loop.  Then I set his little black bag next to his bed.  I wanted
even more on him.  And I was going to make him pay!  This was delicious.  I
stripped and sat across his bed, my back against the wall.  I had the
camera all set up.

I kept playing it over and over in my mind how I was going to tear him down
and break him.  I laughed fiendishly as I outlined my plans.  So I had it
all mapped out by the time he opened the door.  I think he was startled to
see me in the room and then, when he saw me naked on his bed, he actually

"What the fuck?" he said, only seeing me at first.

"Hey, roomie, how was practice?"  I said, scratching my balls.  His eyes
went to my crotch, then he tore them away.

"It was, ah, fine.  What the hell's going on?  Why are you on my bed?" He
looked as if he was really going to get mad.

"I just thought I would give my favorite roommate a little present," and I
flipped my dick back and forth.

"What the fuck?" he said once more, tearing his eyes away from my dick.

"How many times have you looked at my dick and then had jerk off fantasies
about it?"  I asked, stroking my dick a bit.

"What?  Have you gone mental?  Or suddenly switched teams?  Decided to try
the gay thing or have you always been gay?" Tom made such a convincing
speech that I wondered how many times he had used it or practiced it.

"Tom, why don't you put down your bag, get out of those clothes, and come
over here and do what you know you want to do?"  I said, as my cock grew a

"I don't know what," then he turned and saw my computer.  The horror washed
over his face.  He glanced at his closet then and saw the mound of clothes,
suitcases, and bags at the bottom of it.  "What the..." he started to say,
and I pointed back to my computer.

The color drained from his face as he saw himself fucking his ass with the
dildo.  Then he saw the black bag.  "Oh, fuck!  Keith, you have to
understand.  Please, I never meant to... I never touched, I never ..." I
saw his shoulders sag and saw the defeat there; something he didn't wear
all that often.  It made my cock harden to know that I was breaking him.

"Yeah, so your little secret is out.  I know it and soon everyone's going
to know it."

"No, please, Keith, please.  I'll do anything.  Anything at all.  But if
this gets out, then I am ruined."  He meant it.  And I knew he was fucked!
His ass was mine!  And I laughed to myself as I thought - in more ways than

"Oh, you are going to do everything I say, no matter what, when or how.  I
have your ass now.  And I am going to have so much fun breaking you down.
Paying you back for all the shit you have pulled on me and all the other
guys at this college!" I said gleefully!

"I never did anything to you," he pleaded.

"Shut up!  And get out of those clothes!" I said as sternly as I could.  I
didn't want to yell.  I didn't want the whole hall knowing about Tom, yet!'

He put his backpack down, pulled off his t-shirt, then unbuckled and pushed
his cargo shorts down.  He stood there in his boxers.  "All of it!"  I

He pushed them down and I wasn't at all surprised to see his dick had begun
to swell.

"You want this don't you?" I said, wagging my dick at him.

"No, Keith, don't make me do that," he pleaded.

"What happened to `whatever you want, Keith'?" I asked.

His shoulders sagged even more and he looked down to the floor, dejected.
"What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to beg me to let you suck my dick.  Beg me to feed you my jizz.
Beg me to let you satisfy your cocksucking desires."

"Keith, can I suck your cock?" he whispered.

I moved so that I was now sitting on top of his pillow, legs open and
pointing towards the end of his bed.  "I didn't hear you," I said, playing
with my cock.

"Keith, can I suck your cock?" he said a bit louder.

"No, Tom, I want you to beg me, plead with me to let you do your nasty
cocksucking on your roommate.  Tell me how you have secretly lusted after
my body all these weeks at school.  How you beat off at night, thinking
about sucking my dick."

"Please, Keith," he began, and I knew he wasn't begging to suck my cock; he
was still begging for me to let him off the hook.

I swung off the bed to my computer.  "Let's see, I have a web site all set
up.  I'll just send the address and the password to all the guys on the
football team.  I started clicking and typing.  "Let's see, there is Bob
Johnson and ..."

"Okay," he said, "Please stop.  I'll do whatever you say.  Please, Keith,
may I suck your cock."

I moved back to the bed and spread my legs.  "Crawl up here between my
legs.  Tell me what you are and what you want to do.  Make me convinced of
what you want to do."

He moved up between my legs.  "Please, Keith, may I suck your cock, your
beautiful cock."  He paused, swallowed, and continued on, "I am a
cocksucker," his voice cracked, and I raised my eyebrows.  "I am a
cocksucker," he said a bit better, and then added, "And I have wanted to
have your cock since you moved in."  He closed his eyes, licked his lips,
and continued on, "I jerk off at night thinking about sucking your cock."

"Show me how much you want my cock.  Kiss the head of my cock."  I said,
wagging it in front of him again.

"Keith, I want your dick.  It is so perfect," he said, and then leaned in
and kissed the head.  I couldn't fucking believe it.  I had him right where
I wanted him.

"What do you want to do with my cock, Tom?" I pushed on.

"I want to suck it.  I want to make you cum, Keith," he said, trying to get
in to the role.

"And what do you want to do with my cum, Tom?"  I asked, stroking my dick
in front of his face.

"I want to eat it," he said, and went red.

"And how often are you going to suck my cock, Tom?"

He looked me in the face and read the look, "As often as you want, Keith,"
he said.

"Don't you think it would be better if you called me, Sir?" I said batting,
my cock against the side of his face.

"Yes, Sir," he said, closing his eyes.

"And where are you going to suck me, Tom?" continuing to beat his face with
my dick.

"In our room?" he asked hopefully.

"Anywhere I want, anytime I want, and anyway I want, right, Tom?"

He blanched again, "Yes, Sir, I want to suck you whenever you want,
wherever you want and how you.want."  He had opened his eyes and was
becoming mesmerized by my cock as I now rubbed it under his nose and along
his lips.

"In fact, Tom, don't you want to serve me anyway I want, as long as you get
to see me naked?"

"Keith, please," he snapped his head up. "You have made me grovel.  Please
let me just suck you and get it over with," he pleaded

I slapped his face and he reared back shocked.  "Look cocksucker, as long
as I have that vid, you'll do whatever I say, right?"

This time tears rolled down his face, "Yes, Sir," he said.

"Let's see how well you suck cock," I said, pulling his head forward and
rubbing the head across his lips.

He opened his mouth and licked the head of my dick.  "How many cocks have
you sucked, Tom?"  I liked using his name when I was asking him these
questions, tying him to the acts.

He shook his head as his tongue went back and forth over the head of my
cock, "I have never sucked a cock, Sir," he said, staring at my dick.

I slapped his face again, this time the other side.  "Don't you fucking lie
to me, Tom?" I said.  It felt so wonderful to have suck power over him.

"I don't know, Sir, two or three?" he said, as he looked up across my dick
at me.

"Don't you mean more like 20 or 30?  Or is it hundreds?  How many times
have you sucked the same cock over and over?"

"I don't know, Sir.  I really don't know.  But yes, I have sucked the same
cock several times."

"Who was the first guy you sucked?" I asked, rubbing my now leaking dick
all over his face.

He closed his eyes and his ears turned red.  "It was, ah, my uncle."  He
cleared his throat, "My uncle, Carl."

I laughed and he grew redder.  I knew I was going to have to explore this
more.  Maybe call the uncle and have him come over and let Tom suck him
again, while I filmed it.  But now I wanted my dick sucked.

"You want my dick, Tom?" I asked one last time.

"Yes, Sir," he said, and I could tell that at this point, he really did.

I held it out to him and he took the head in his mouth.  He worked his
tongue around the head and I sighed.  He went to work on it then with
careless abandon.  It was like another part of his brain kicked in.  He
couldn't get enough; he was using his tongue, his throat, his hands,
everything.  He played with my balls, so I said, "Lick my balls, Tom."

He moved off my cock with a moan and buried his nose in my ball sack,
sucking first one and then the other into his mouth.  It was driving me
wild.  To have my uppity roommate down between my legs sucking my nuts, was
so unfuckingbelievable.

That only wanted me to push more.  I scooted up and said, "Lick my asshole,
Tom," and he worked his tongue down behind my balls and spread my legs so
he could get to my hole.  His hot breath down there was really driving me
wild.  Never had I had a girl that would do these things!  This was going
to be wild, having him for my personal cocksucker.

"Back to my dick, Tom," I said, and he eagerly dropped my legs and moved
back to my cock.  I knew that it wasn't going to be long.  I was so turned
on with the power, the control over him, and the sensations that he was
giving my cock.

I grabbed his head and pushed it all the way down on my dick.  He gagged
and coughed.  I let him breathe and then pushed him down again.  This time,
he did something different, because he took it all until his nose was
buried in my bush.

"You like that, cocksucker?"  I asked, holding onto the back of his head,
although it certainly wasn't needed.  ?He hummed around my dick and that
felt so wild as he made a "um hum," sound around my dick.

"Fuck!" I said, and pumped into his mouth.

I began to moan; I knew it was rushing up on me then.  I planted my heels
on his back and egged him on.  He bobbed faster on my dick and I remembered
something.  I grabbed the digital camera.  And just as I was cumming, I
pulled his head up and saw the glazed look in his eyes.  I blasted two or
three ropes across his face while I took a picture, and then put his head
back on my dick as I fed him the remainder of my cum.  I took a couple of
pictures of him sucking the cum out of my cock.

Then I took my cock from his mouth and smeared the remaining slime all over
his face.  I snapped a couple more pictures; then I pushed him back.
That's when I discovered that he was rock hard.  He had gotten off on the
whole thing!

"You are a fucking fag!  You totally got off on sucking my cock!" I said,
watching his face, and he came back to reality.

I wanted to push him farther.  "Come on, jerk off for me; show me how much
you enjoyed sucking my cock!"

I could see the war of emotions on his face.  He didn't want to do it, but
he wanted to do it, too.  He laid back and began to stroke his cock.  He
closed his eyes and he stroked.  "No, open your eyes and look at me.  Know
that you are jerking off in front of your roommate; your straight

He sighed a bit of a moan, but I knew that his dick had taken over.  It
wanted satisfaction and wanted it now!  He began to stroke in earnest with
his left hand, while his right hand played with his balls.  He kept looking
at me, and I know I had a smirk on my face.  But after a bit, I don't think
he saw me. So as I saw his muscles tense, I spoke. "Feels good, jerking off
for your roommate?"

His eyes focused again on me, but he was too far gone to stop now.  He shot
a gob that landed on his face and then another on his neck.  The remainder
left a trail down his chest and stomach.  He was breathing hard when he
squeezed the last of it out of his dick.  I had taken a sequence of
pictures of him jerking and cumming.

I wanted another one. "Okay, lick the cum off of your hand," and as he
raised his hand to his mouth and licked, I clicked another picture.  It
would clearly show the cum on his face as well as his hand.

"Tom, it is going to be so nice to have a roommate that will take care of
me sexually whenever I want!"  I chuckled evilly; I was enjoying this!

"Please, Keith, I'll do anything you ask, but don't let those pictures or
vids get out," he pleaded.

I laughed and moved off the bed back to my desk.  I brought out the most
current vid and fast forwarded to a point.  I hit play and we both heard,
""Keith, I want your dick.  It is so perfect."

"What do you want to do with my cock, Tom?"

"I want to suck it.  I want to make you cum, Keith," he said, trying to get
in to the role.

"And what do you want to do with my cum, Tom?"

"I want to eat it," he said, and went red.

"And how often are you going to suck my cock, Tom?"

"As often as you want, Keith," he said.

I laughed at the look on his face, "And what happens when that gets out,
Tommy?" I used the boyish version of his name, to further show his

"Oh, fuck, Keith, my life would be over!"  He started crying.  I was
laughing as I grabbed my phone and texted a couple of guys.

"Ah, what's the matter?  Don't think you would be such a big guy on campus
if everyone knew you loved to suck cock and eat cum?"  I stressed cock and
cum, and each word seemed to be a physical blow to him.

There was a knock on the door and his face went white, and a shocked look
of horror came over it.  "Go answer the door, Tommy," I instructed.

"But, Sir, I, ah," and he looked down at himself.

"I don't give a fuck what you look like, go open the door!" I said with

It dawned on me that at any moment he could have beaten the shit out of me,
but he was acting like such a defeated wimp that I knew I could control

He got off the bed in the most dejected manner, and there was another knock
on the door.  I yelled, "Just a sec."

Tom looked at me pleadingly one more time.  But there was no compassion in
my look.  He turned the knob and opened the door.  He stood behind it to
hide his nudity.  I think he had forgotten that his face had cum all over

It was Randy and Fred; two of my best friends.  They pushed into the room
and Tom quickly closed the door.  They turned and looked at Tom; he was
trying to cover his crotch, looking down at the floor and wanting to crawl
under the rug, all at the same time.

"You were so right, he is pathetic," Randy said, standing with his hands on
his hips, looking at Tom.

"Is that cum on his face?" Fred asked.

"Tommy, tell them what you have just done," I pushed.

His first response was barely audible.  "Louder, Tommy," I encouraged.

He went completely red. "I sucked Keith's dick, ate his cum, and then
jerked off for him," he said, and then lowered his head again.

"You got him to suck you off?  That's fucking unbelievable," Randy said.

Tom's shoulders slumped again.  "Tommy, wouldn't you like to give these
guy's a blow job as well?"

His head flew up.  I looked at his computer and he nodded.  "Tell me,
Tommy, what you want to do."

"I want to suck Fred and Randy's dick, Sir," he said, with a complete look
of resignation.

"And?" I prompted.

With a sigh that seemed to take in his whole body, "And anything else they
want to do, Sir," and he looked at me with such pleading in his eyes.

"No, Shit!" Randy said, already shucking his clothes.  "This jock is going
to suck my cock!"

Fred was getting out of his clothes as well.  "Can I fuck him?" he asked,
looking at the dejected look of Tom.

"You can do whatever you want," I said.  "Tommy loves it all."

Fred was out of his clothes fast, as was Randy.  Both of them were fit
guys, but by no means had the well defined body of Tom.  Both of them sat
on the edge of Tom's bed and let him get them hard.  It didn't take
long. The site of this hunk kneeling between their legs, completely naked
and sucking, turned them on.

When they were hard, I handed Fred the lube.  He smeared some on his dick
and a bit on Tom's hole.  He had pulled Tom to a standing position, but
bent him at the waist, as he lined up on his ass.  Randy was filling Tom's
mouth with his cock.

Fred took one look at where his dick was lined up, and then impaled Tom in
one big push.  Tom cried out around Randy's cock.  I knew that there
probably wasn't enough lube in Tom's ass, but didn't really care.

"Fuck!  He is so tight!" Fred said, keeping his dick buried in Tom.  Randy
had pulled Tom's head back on to his cock and had it buried to his pubes.

Fred slowly pulled out and then plunged back in, eliciting another moan
from Tom.  The two of them laughed and began to fuck both ends in wild
abandon.  Tom's dick had shrunk from the initial pain, but was now up, hard
and dripping.

Seeing him worked over got to me and I was hard.  I wanted to add to the
humiliation.  So after a couple of shots of Tom taking it up the ass and
sucking another dick at the same time, I moved over and began to jerk off.
I wanted to shoot a load all over his face.

Even though I had cum not too long ago, I knew it was going to be soon
again.  When I began to shoot, I painted his face with cum; then Randy
pulled out a bit and I coated his dick with the last of it, which he
laughingly fed to Tom.

"Come on, Tom, show us how much you enjoy sucking and being fucked.  Please
these guys and bring them off so you can eat their cum!"  I said, wiping my
dick on his hair.

Fred and Randy joined in the verbal abuse then, and it began to push them
over the edge, along with the totally new sensations on their dicks.  Tom
was greedily sucking Randy and pushing himself back onto Fred.

I heard Fred breathing through clenched teeth, and then really pound Tom's
ass with deep powerful strokes.  He yelled, "Oh, fuck!" and pushed in to
plant his seed in Tom's ass.  That must have triggered Randy, because he
went totally rigid as he began to pump into Tom's mouth.  Near the end, he
pulled out and let the last few stands fall on Tom's panting face.

Fred eased out of Tom's ass and said, "Man, that dude is tight!  And he
kept squeezing my dick with his ass!  What a slut!"  He wiped his dick off
on Tom's ass and then sat on my bed.

"Cum slut," Randy said.  "He gave me the best blow job I have ever had, and
sucked the spunk right out of my dick!"

"Now, Tom, why don't you show these guys how much that whole thing turned
you on.  Lay back there on the bed and jerk yourself off.  You know you
want to, and your dick is dripping and begging for it."

He moaned, but laid back and grabbed his dick in his left hand.  He groaned
as he fisted it and began to pump.  I had the camera up again, taking pics.
"Now reach down between your legs and scoop up some of Fred's cum out of
your ass and eat it!"

He followed instructions well, but I knew it was that old fog of lust that
had taken over.  His dick was doing the directing right now.  I caught the
whole sequence in digital brilliance.  "Come on, Tommy, show us how turned
on you were by being fucked and having a man's cock to suck!"  I pushed on.

It wasn't long before he was bucking his hips up into the air and shooting
cum all over his body.  He left streaks of it on his chin, right nipple,
belly button, and a bunch around his pubes.  I got more shots of this.
Each time the flash went off, Tom came back a little closer to reality.

Randy and Fred were laughing away.  They kept up the humiliation by saying
things like, "I can't believe a dude would eat another guy's cum" and "I
can't believe a dude would let a guy fuck him!"

Reality came crashing down on Tom and he began to cry.  We all laughed.
Randy and Fred got dressed as I explained to them to keep this between us
right now, and later we would begin to bring more and more people into the

Tom had his head in his hands.  I kept heaping it on.  "And I don't think
he should be allowed to keep any hair.  Only a real man has hair.  I think
we will have to put together a shaving party.  We can take turns shaving
him while he sucks one of us off."

All of his actions against me came back.  "Yeah, and he is no longer
allowed to wear underwear, and we can check it out any time."  I thought of
all the things I wanted.  "And we'll all get pictures of him naked and
jerking at various spots around campus; in the library, in the locker
rooms, in the men's room, in the room of the dorm." I just wanted to keep

"I know, we'll have a Tommy night once a week.  We'll set him up in the
lounge at the end of the hall and anyone that wants to have a go at him."
My mind was in overdrive.  "We'll take down his shades and curtains and
make him go naked at all times in his room.  The people on the other side
of the quad should get some good shots of him.  And we can schedule daily
shows where he gets fucked or has to jerk off."

I thought, "And at the next party, we can get him to strip and jerk off for
the dorm.  The girls will love that, to see him parading around, shaved,
and maybe with a dildo up his ass!"  Randy and Fred were laughing along
with me.

"Maybe I'll make him my personal toilet as well.  I hear that guy's like
him love piss as much as they do cum.  I can see it now; I am in the
library studying and, instead of having to go to the john, I just tell
Tommy to get under the table and take my piss!"

I quit talking as my mind soared with more and more ways to bring him down.
I told Randy and Fred that we would meet up for dinner and maybe take Tommy
to the drive through, while he sat in the passenger seat naked!  They
laughed as they left the room.

"What do you think, you pitiful cum slut?  You like all those ideas?  Got
any more that you want me to know about?"  I kicked at his feet and laughed
as he curled into a ball and began to cry.  "Not such a hot shit now, are

I sat down at my desk and began to put together the pics and the vids that
I had.  I was laughing away to myself as I did this.  I created a web site
and posted all the pics and vids and a place for comments.  I set up a
password for the site.  I was hard again by the time I finished, thinking
of additional sections we would have on the web site.

I was getting ready to go use Tom again, maybe fuck him this time, when I
looked at him.

He was still curled up in a fetal position.  I wondered if I had really
broken him that much.

"Hey, Tommy, ready to have your ass ridden again?"

He moved his arms from his head and said, "Keith, what did I ever do to

I grabbed my notebook filled with grievances.  I began to read from the
list. After about 15 or 20, he raised his head.  He began to speak.  "I
never did any of those things to spite you.  I went out of my way to
correct anything you brought to my attention.  I always thought you were a
great guy.  A little moody, but a good all around guy."

"Yeah, you just wanted my dick!" I said defensively.

"Look, I might have wondered what you looked like or might taste like, but
I would never have tried anything with you.  You were always hooking up
with women.  Me, I was too afraid to ever hook up with a guy.  I was afraid
that people wouldn't understand how a guy like me could like guys."  His
voice was growing stronger.

"Instead, you are a little piss ant nobody that lives like some kind of
compulsive sociopath.  Writing down every perceived slight, planning
vengeance and retribution, instead of focusing on living your life."

He unwound from his ball and stretched out.  "And you, fuck head and your
friends, can tell anyone you want, or show any picture that you want.  I am
not going to be your little complacent sex toy.  You are one sick mother
fucker to dream up all those things!"

He got off the bed and advanced towards me.  "And I think that I will just
post a challenge on the board downstairs that says I can whip your ass in
under 10 minutes.  And if I can't, then I'll leave this university and you
can be this `big man on campus' you are always accusing me of."

He was building up a head of steam now.  "And I might be gay, but I don't
treat people like shit!  And I certainly don't blackmail people into doing
what I want them to do."

He smiled then and said, "If you were so hot for a blow job, you could have
asked, and I would have enjoyed giving you one.  But no, you insisted upon
degrading me and trying to show off in front of your friends.  And for a
while, you had me believing that I was some worthless pieces of shit."

He was standing over me now, and I could swear he was growing in size.
"Then while I was laying there feeling sorry for myself and wallowing in
self pity, I remembered something I read.  `Don't try to make someone else
proud of you; be proud of yourself.'  I wasn't being very proud, but then I
thought, fuck it!  I can live through this as long as I am true to myself
and believe that what I am doing is the right thing.  I could rise above
your little petty attempts to blackmail and subvert me.  I did have a
choice and I was going to make a different one.

"So asshole!" he said, now smiling broadly.  "How's about you suck on this
for a while?" he said, as he waved his dick in front of my face.  I was

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