Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 13:40:56 -0800 (PST)
From: D One <>
Subject: Being Property

"HEY" Anton knocked on the door. The sound of his hand hitting the metal
echoed. Perhaps the people inside were sleeping or just not home.

"Hello" he called again. The hitch had been an ok ride but the driver had
to leave him earlier on the highway then he expected.

He stood waiting on the highway for two hours and finally began to walk. No
cars, vans or trucks came by. The sun had turned his bare back red. It felt
good at first but heat began to burn.

"Fuck I could be out here naked and jacking off, nobody would know" he said
to the trees as he waved his dick causing the arched stream of urine to
dance about.

The ocean sounds were almost hypnotic. Deciding to enjoy the apparently
abandoned nature scene, Anton hiked down the hill to walk along the water's

The water felt good. He looked up towards the highway and seeing that he
was now out of sight should any vehicle drive by, he stripped the rest of
his clothes off. The air and sun felt good on his now totally naked body.

He rolled up the trousers and put them into his backpack with his folded
uniform. There were two weeks ahead until he had to report back.

Military service had been good for him. He liked being with all the guys in
the barracks, breathing in the hot air while dancing under the hot spray of
the group showers. Anton knew he was gay but never told anyone.

And as the legals said, nobody asked.

He enjoyed belonging. He was told what to do, how to do it, when to do
it. There weren't choices only the expectation that he would obey. And obey
he did.

Then there were the occasional midnight sharing in the darkness of hands on
cocks relieved his needs but never his desire. Even in the tent that
harbored the desert heat, he found others with the same needs, though the
desires were never explored.

Community College had given him an Associates Degree and in person
encounters that confirmed his knowledge about who and what he was.

The suspicions surfaced when he was much younger and explored by an Uncle
after graduation. He loved Uncle Jimmie and snuggled with the man. That too
was a long time ago, so long he wasn't sure if the man had seduced him or
he had climbed ino the man's bed with the hope it would happen.

That summer with the man had afforded the opportunity to travel, explore
countries Anton had only read about and sex he had only imagined

He learned that by doing what the man said, Anton found excitement, new
experiences, and his need to belong fulfilled.

There was his Uncle, other travelers, parties where group sex was expected
and even kinkier experimentation.  There were the hours spent in strange
rooms, basements even ancient dungeons where he learned to tolerate
whatever happened as long as he did what he was told.

Anton regretted returning home almost as much as leaving his Uncle, who he
now called his first lover.  Going to college seemed mundane but he pursued
the plan. Uncle Jimmie wasn't around the first summer having found another
to own, use and travel with.

Anton traveled on his own, hitching where he was warned not to. Finding
Marines, salesmen, students and other travelors who shared his desire for
fun, sun and sex.

He tripped over the shell. It was an abalone shell, with internal beauty
and fit into his backpack.

"Hey" the sound he heard came from far away. Looking up expecting to see
some figure on the cliff above, he saw nothing.

"Over here" the voice came again. Anton saw the figures on the side of the
hill among the tress. They could be escaped prisoners, homeless people or
even cops objecting to his status of being naked in public.

He waved back but kept walking not wanting the challenge of some strangers
nor endangering the peacefulness of walking in the surf.

School had been a party. He studied, partied, sucked and fucked his way
through the two years. The part time job at the Burger Joint wasn't
lucrative but it put money in his pocket.  His Dad had made a deal with
him. They paid for school, but he had to pay his own expenses.

Anton thought that fair, seeing as how rent and food were still free. Bobby
and he enjoyed secret moments at work. The kid was much younger then he and
in retrospect, Anton realized he could have gotten into legal trouble. But
Bobby graduated and went to University in Hawaii.  So there weren't any bad
results of their affair ending.

"Hey" the voice was louder and closer now. Anton looked around to see a
young guy about his age. He too was naked.

"Nice out huh?" the guy said offering his hand "Jacob and that's Miller" he
waved toward the figure still in the woods.

"We saw you thought you'd like to get a drink, smoke a little or eat

The words "eat something" aroused him. He absentmindedly scratched his
dangling cock.

"Nice" Jacob was looking at his cock.

"Not bad either" Anton laughed eyeing Jacob's cock which seemed to be
growing as he watched.

"Get horny as hell out here" Jacob led the way up the sand and into the

"This is Miller, this is Anton" Jacob introduced.

Miller was an older guy, with hair chest, trimmed pubes and a very long

Anton stuck out his hand. In the back of his mind was the fact that there
he was totally naked, meeting two other strangers also naked. This was the
way life should be.

"I see Jacob likes you already" Miller said.

Anton glanced over to see Jacob's cock was sticking out hard.

"Thanks, you're not bad either" Anton said

The food wasn't bad. Hot beans and hotdogs, onion rings probably frozen
heated on the butane burner fire they had.

There was a tent with a camouflage pattern, probably why Anton didn't see
it earlier.

"You two in the Army or something?" Anton asked seeing the field jackets,
olive drab totes and other equipment.

"We met there" Jacob said "out now. I mean out of the Army now" they both
laughed. "You?"

"Marines. Back from desert" Anton said between bites. He realized he was
ravenous and had eaten two platefuls of food they offered.

"Sorry, thought I'd be in San Francisco or on the way, just no fucking
cars" Anton said.

"Well hang out with us, you can sleep here with us, enjoy the ocean" Miller
waved towards the boogey board leaning on a tree.

"We're going that way tomorrow, you can go with us."

The three splashed like kids in the surf. They swam and road the boards as
the tide came in.

Anton shivered as they walked from the surf back to the tent.

"We three are going to have fun tonight" Anton said "After all I owe you,
both of you" he remembered the first threesome he had experienced with his
Uncle and some stranger they met.

"You top or bottom?" Miller asked "Jake hopes you're a top"

"What bout you? Anton asked.


"Well you're both in luck."  Anton said

"Lucky us" Miller said

"hell that means I'm the lucky one"

The tent shook as they moved.  The air was warm from the three horny men's
breath and body heat. Anton felt Miller inside at the same time Jacob felt
him inside.

Jacob displayed his experience swallowing by oral worshipping Anton while
Miller fucked him.

It was obvious to Anton the two had experience, probably more experience,
with threesomes then even he had.

The odor of sweat and sperm filled the air....sexier then a locker room or
barracks, it always aroused Anton to do more then he had thought possible.

His cock using Jacob again and again. Miller turned on by seeing his lover
used and the available additional mouth and ass matched Anton orgasm or

They ran in the darkness to the ocean where their yells at the cold
temperature filled the air. Their naked wrestling on the sand warmed them
as did their mouths treating each other to kisses, tongue fucking, nipple
sucking and cock slurping encouraged their lust drained bodies to return to
the tent.

"God that was some night" Miller said "Come on Jake gotta piss"

Anton followed the two expecting to stand side by side watering some tree
trunk or weeds. He stood watching as Jacob knelt and opened his mouth.

Miller aimed and showered the younger with his urine, face, chest, mouth,
head and after he turned around and bent forward his butthole.

"You can have him too" Miller said as he began to masturbate.

 Jacob's cock was rock hard. "He'll suck you off if you do"

Miller came all over Jacobs' face almost immediately. "Besides he needs a
washing off now"

Anton held his penis and closed his eyes. He couldn't piss while someone
watched. Jacob was watching.  But he wanted to see the boy being showered
with his cock and something told his body to let it happen.

He sprayed Jacob's open mouth, his crotch, his armpits and after Jacob
turned around again, his round fuckable butt.

Jacob sucked with a vengeance, a hunger a need to swallow and Anton's body

By the time Jacob returned from the cleansing Ocean, Anton had paid for his
pleasure swallowing Miller's cum again too.

"Wanted to fuck but he seemed to want it the say you do boy" Miller said.

"Yes Sir" Jacob said as he joined in the packing up.

"Sir?" Anton asked.

"Yea he's my boy. We take off now and then, you know just like friends,
enjoy each other, nature and whoever comes along. Then when it's time to
go, he returns to his role. He's a slave"

Anton watched as Miller fastened a collar around Jacob's neck and the metal
device to his balls and cock.

"He has to wait until next time to be abe to cum. Till then he's mine to
use" Miller said as he pulled on jeans and a leather vest.

"What about you? You into any of this?"

"Only the Marines. But I've wondered about it. You want another slave for
two weeks?"

Miller looked at him "Can you obey"

"YES SIR" Anton yelled in his best Marine voice while standing at immediate

"This is going to be fun training you after the Marines have prepared you
so well" Miller said "boy pack the truck"

You too boy" he said to Anton

"Sir yes Sir" Anton was rock hard. But he knew the cock which demanded his
attention and relief was no longer his property, at least not for the next
two weeks.

And then it returned to be the property of the Marine Corps, the way he had
learned he liked to be: Property.