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A Bartender's Story
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This story is fiction; any resemblance to anyone living or dead is pure
coincidence, nothing more; however, some of the fruits of my imagination do
get their start from things that happened in the past, either to me or to
someone I know. Since this is fiction, SAFE SEX isn't required; however, in
real life there are too many things out there to take that sort of chance.

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A Bartender's Story

	I'm a bartender in a fairly popular gay club, I guess I get hit on
almost every night only it is generally by someone far too drunk to do
anything even if I were interested. Fact is, while I don't have anyone
special in my life at the moment, I'm not looking too hard either, so the
night this happened I wasn't looking at all.
	It hadn't been all that busy a night, a few people at the bar and a
few more on the dance floor, but that was about it. I had kept looking at
the clock, urging it to speed up so that I could head home - slow nights
are awful and this one was no exception. The only distraction was a cute
Asian guy sitting right in the middle of the bar and he was with an Asian
girl so I wasn't paying them too much attention when he motioned to me that
they wanted something.
	"What will it be, friend?" I asked in a friendly but bored voice.
	"Two more beers please, and can we buy one for you as well?"
	"I can get you the beers, but I'm not supposed to drink while
working, but you can buy me a soft drink if you want, I can have that."
	"Okay, don't want to get you in trouble with your boss."
	I brought them their beers and a Coke for myself.
	She pushed a bill across the bar, "Keep the change," she said.
	I offered my thanks, rang up the sale and dropped the change into
my tip can.
	"What time do you get off work?" he asked.
	"In a couple more hours, that is if my relief arrives on time."
	About this time several people were making noises for attention so
I had to take care of business and it must have been a good twenty minutes
before I managed to get back to the two Asians only to find that they had
left. As I picked up their empties I found a note written on a napkin.

Dear Scott:
	We're staying at the Manor House in the Annex, suite 3421, why
don't you come over for a real drink when you get off work.  Yoshi and Suki

	I didn't remember telling them my name and that confused me for a
moment, then I remembered that the boss had put a new sign near the front
door with our photos and names. I hadn't been too crazy about the idea and
had voiced my opinion, but it still happened, maybe it was a good thing
after all.
	Wonder of wonders, Wilbur was only about fifteen minutes late, for
him that is almost early, many nights he had been over two hours late, and
he never even bothers to call and warn me - I figure that he will be fired
fairly soon, but this has been going on for almost six months so I don't
	In any case I closed out my register, counted my tips and headed
for the door. I heard Wilbur calling after me to stick around for a few
minutes but his company wasn't something I really wanted.
	I hadn't decided just what to do about the invitation, the fact
that they were staying in the Manor House Annex said that they had money -
rooms there started at about $350 per night and from their names I now knew
that they were Japanese.
	I sat in my car for a couple of minutes, looking at the note on the
napkin, then I decided to go for it - I didn't know what might happen but I
didn't think it would be dangerous considering where I was going.
	A few minutes later I allowed the valet to park my car and headed
for the hotel lobby. Using a house phone I called room 3421, it answered on
the first ring.
	"This is Scott from the Tap Room, you invited me over."
	"Oh, hi, glad you came, I'll come right down to meet you, you can't
get to this floor without a room key."
	"Okay, I meet you in the elevator lobby."
	She hung up and I headed for the elevators. I had forgotten just
how fancy this place was, it had been quite some time since I was last
	I'd barely reached the elevator lobby when one opened and she came
out looking for me. She had changed clothes and now was wearing a silk
kimono - it was lovely, but certainly out of place around here.
	"Scott," she said waving her hand at me, "glad you came. Let's go
upstairs, Yoshi is waiting."
	She escorted me past the security guard and into the elevator,
slipped her card key into the slot and entered a code. The elevator door
closed and we quickly rose up to the 34th floor. When the doors opened
there was another security guard at a desk where he could see the elevator
lobby and the hallways in both directions. Suki gave him a little wave and
we headed down the hallway.
	The hallway wasn't very long and then there was a double door all
the way across the hall, her card key worked again and we stepped into a
truly magnificent sitting room with a huge two story high glass window
looking out over the whole city. On a raised platform right beside the
window there was a huge Jacuzzi that would seat at least six people and
give them all that magnificent view.
	"Where's Yoshi?" I asked.
	"My brother is in his bedroom," she replied.
	Brother, I had thought they were a married couple. I guess the
confusion showed on my face.
	"Yes, we're brother and sister, did you think we were married?"
	"W-well, I kind of thought you might be, you didn't do or say
anything to tell me otherwise."
	"But the Tap Room is a gay bar, right?"
	"Yes, but we do get some straight couples in there from time to
	"How many of them have invited you to their hotel?" she said with a
	"Actually, several."
	"And how many have you taken up on the offer?"
	"A few, but you are the first Japanese." I smiled back at her.
	"We are both gay, we share a suite when we travel but always have
at least two bedrooms."
	I nodded.
	"Yoshi is a bit tied up at the moment, but I'm sure he wouldn't
mind if you went in to let him know you're here. Meanwhile, I'm going to
take advantage of this lovely Jacuzzi."
	She dropped her kimono onto a sofa; she was completely nude under
it. Her body was lightly tanned, no signs of wearing anything while tanning
- her breasts were small but stood up nicely and her pubic region was
completely hairless.
	She stood there for a moment allowing me to see everything there
was to see, and then she stepped up and into the Jacuzzi.
	A female doesn't generally arouse me, but I knew that in her case I
might be able to make an exception. I turned and headed toward the bedroom
she had indicated belonged to Yoshi. The door was slightly ajar so I just
tapped lightly and stepped into the room.
	The room was rather dimly lit and it took a minute for my eyes to
adjust but when they did what I saw was something I certainly hadn't
expected. Yoshi was lying on his bed, completely nude and tied down
spread-eagled with cuffs and chains.
	"I hope you like this," he said as he rattled the chains holding
him to the bed.
	I didn't know just what to say - even in the dim light I could see
that he was lovely, he obviously worked out a little bit and there wasn't a
blemish or hair anywhere on his body that I could see.
	"Are you going to just stand there fully dressed or am I going to
get a chance to have you fuck my face?" he asked.
	That was an invitation I wasn't about to turn down. Quickly I
undressed and then climbed onto the bed, straddling his chest and rubbing
my throbbing erection across his face.
	He opened his mouth and tried to capture my cock as is waved back
and forth in front of him, leaving a trail of pre-cum as is passed. Then he
managed to capture his prize and sucked the entire mushroom-shaped head of
my eight-incher in his mouth. He worked his tongue into the piss slit as if
to fuck the invader that was face fucking him.
	I leaned forward, pressing more and more of my cockshaft into his
hot moist mouth, enjoying all of the sensations that come from an expert
cocksucker doing his best to please and for sure Yoshi was an expert. I
felt the head of my cock begin to press against the back of his mouth while
I still had a couple of inches to go. He only paused for a moment and then
swallowed it down, taking everything until his lips and nose were buried in
my pubic bush. He used his throat muscles to continue swallowing against my
invading cock, massaging it in ways I don't think I have ever had it
massaged before.
	I pulled back so that he could gulp down some air - the last thing
I wanted to do was choke him to death, he was too talented a cocksucker to
let than happen I thought with a smile. Then I pushed forward again,
filling him with my cock and almost floating in the ecstasy he was bringing
to me. I knew it wasn't going to be very long before I shot my load deep
into him if I didn't do something to slow things down.
	I pulled back until only the head was inside his mouth and then
began sawing it back in - not pushing all the way down his throat, but
rather just fucking his face as my entire body built up toward the intense
orgasm I knew I was going to have.
	Finally I knew that this was it and I pushed all the way in again,
this time I did begin to shoot my load directly into his throat and he
swallowed it down, giving my cock yet another fantastic massage as I came
harder than I remembered cuming in years.
	As my eruption subsided I pulled back, allowing him to lick up any
traces of my cum that remained on my cock, until I was completely outside
of his mouth. It was only then that I realized that he had shot his load
without anyone touching him; my back and his stomach were covered with his
sticky white juices.
	I felt a hand touch my shoulder and it took me a moment to remember
that Suki was in the suite.
	"Why don't you go in and take a shower," she said, "I'll take care
of him for the moment."
	I reluctantly climbed off of Yoshi's spread-eagled body and headed
for the bathroom. The shower was huge, big enough for five or six people,
and had showerheads at several levels. I adjusted the temperature and
relaxed as water came at me from all directions.
	I barely noticed the click of the shower door as Yoshi and Suki
joined me, she rubbed up against me and took one of my nipples into her
mouth, sucking on it and nipping the tip lightly with her teeth. At the
same time Yoshi began washing my back and then running his hands up and
down the crack of my ass. I was in sexual heaven.
	Suki rubbed her entire body against me and started trying to work
my once again erect cock into her pussy. I'm not all that tall, but I was
tall enough that even on tiptoes she was having a difficult time. I bent my
knees slightly and then she was able to impale herself on my rigid cock,
then she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist so
that she could draw all of my manhood into her.
	Yoshi turned off the water and opened the shower door, "Follow me,"
he said.
	Dripping wet I followed him back into the living room and then down
into the Jacuzzi, my cock still buried in Suki. I sat down on the seat and
she began working herself up and down my rock-hard pole, bringing me toward
another orgasm while she whimpered and whined with pleasure. I knew it
wasn't going to be much longer and I was going to shoot another load.
	"Don't worry, I'm on the pill," she whispered in my ear while Yoshi
was pinching both my and her nipples.
	And then I couldn't hold back, I shot the second time that evening
and this time it was almost as large and hard as the first time. Suki
shuddered as her orgasm followed mine and then she just seemed to relax
completely and slowly fall away from me.
	Yoshi caught her so that she wouldn't go under the water and drown,
sitting her beside me on the bench. Then he sat on my other side and both
of them continued to rub their hands up and down my body, lingering on my
cock and balls and my nipples.
	"Would you like to spend the night with us?" Yoshi asked as his
hand started to seriously try to bring me to yet another erection.
	"Both of you?" I asked in reply.
	"If you want," Suki said, "or just whichever of you want
	Now that was an invitation it would be very difficult to turn down.
	"Both of you sounds exhausting, but I'm willing to take a chance,"
I said. "But I do have a question, why were you tied to the bed at first?"
	"Its how we do things, we both like to be tied up, but don't want
to both be helpless at the same time so if we have a male visitor I get
tied down and if it is a female she is the one tied up," Yoshi explained.
	"So who gets tied up if all three of us sleep together?"
	"That's up to you," Suki said with a bit of a leer in her eye. "Our
only rule has been that Yoshi doesn't fuck my pussy."
	"And that's okay as I don't really like to fuck, I like to get
fucked, and Suki has a delightful strap-on double-headed dildoe that she
uses to fuck us both at the same time when we don't have anyone else
	We continued to soak in the Jacuzzi for a while longer, both of
them continued to work a bit on my cock as well as my nipples while I used
one hand on his cock while using the other to finger her cunt.
	Suki got out first after rubbing her pussy in my face for a minute
to make sure I knew that she was more than willing to allow me to use my
tongue in the same hole I had previously used my cock. Then she brought out
these huge towels and all three of us dried off.
	Next she led both of us by holding onto our cocks into the other
bedroom where the bed was huge. All three of us collapsed onto the bed and
at once the two of them were both all over me. Suki worked her way down
until she could take my cock into her mouth and then she started to give me
a blow-job every bit as professional as the one I had received previously
from Yoshi. Meanwhile he straddled my chest much as I had done earlier and
rested his erection on my lips. I took hold of his five-inch tool and
guided it into my mouth, working the foreskin up and down and washing
everything with my tongue.
	Yoshi pressed forward until my lips and nose were pressed against
his smooth groin. His tool wasn't long enough to press into my throat, but
it was still a good mouthful and I was going to try to give him a blow-job
he wouldn't forget for a long time to come.
	The combination of Yoshi fucking my face while his sister worked on
my erection was hot enough that I managed to bring forth yet another
orgasm, filling her mouth with my jism while he reach his climax and shot a
tasty load of hot jism into me. It was the first time I had tasted him, I'm
not sure what I expected, I'd never sucked a Japanese off before, but it
was a lovely sweet and salty taste and I sucked as hard as I could to make
sure that I didn't miss a single drop.
	Now we moved around until I once again had my cock buried in Suki's
pussy while Yoshi wrapped himself around my backside, his already stiff
member lightly pressing against my anal rosebud. I was in sexual heaven
again and fell asleep.

* * * * *

	We awoke with sunshine peeking through a crack in the drapes; my
flaccid cock was still inside Suki while Yoshi's cock was resting in my ass
crack. What a wonderful way to wake up. We all showered again, only this
time it was just a shower and then got dressed. The three of us went down
to the coffee shop for some breakfast and then I said that I needed to go
home for a bit, as I had to work again that night.
	They told me that they were flying back to Japan that evening, they
had been in town for a week on business and now it was time to go home. We
exchanged e-mail addresses and they promised to get in touch with me when
they were going to be in town again. I didn't hold out too much hope for
	Surprise, I got an e-mail from Yoshi today, they are going to be
back in town next month and wanted to know if I could take a few days off
while they were here. Already my cock is starting to get hard. I've been
looking around for a couple of new toys to use, it should be an interesting
time, but that is another story and it hasn't even happened yet.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: There is far more truth in this story than in most of my
efforts, but I have changed enough that I'm sure no one but the people who
were involved would be able to recognize it. I hope you enjoyed my telling
of what happened as much as I enjoyed it when it happened.