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From: Kenji De Sade <>
Subject: Addictive Sub Stances

The following story is a fictional account. The characters are entirely
unreal and so are their situations. Thus no direct attention was paid to
probability or safety for the characters. Such practices should not
transfer over to real life situations. Practice safe, sane and consensual
sex. For your own damn good. If you have problems or issues with queer
pornographic materials, please stop reading now. If you find, on the other
hand, that you are quite the purveyor of perversion and that this particular
story seems to get your rocks off, please feel free to contact the author,
Kenji De Sade at Further more the author would also
like to note that this story is loosely based off of the deeply perverted
and beautifully depraved tale "Pete's Story" written by the author
AgainstMyWill whom can also be reached at and who's
stories you should immediately go out and read five times over. Thank you.

 Addictive Sub Stances.
By: Kenji De Sade

     Nathan Keen was exhausted as he arrived home. He'd been working twelve
to sixteen hour days for the past fourteen days straight and his mind and
body were reminding him of every moment. It was, however, a nice trade off
from his old days working regular eight hour shifts at previous jobs, only
to be rewarded with a day or two off at the end of the week. At least this
way he could put in a lot of hours all at once, back to back, and then he
was rewarded with an entire two weeks off before he started it all over
again. He didn't even mind the long extended hours thanks to this wonderful
perk; he simply looked forward to his time off with a deeper passion then
before. During every working hour he reminded himself that it would soon be
followed by a period of rest so long he'd be bouncing off the walls not
knowing what to do with himself by the end and then he'd be more than happy
to go right back to work.

As it was though, with as much as he had worked, he didn't even have the
energy to think that far ahead. As he pulled his car into the drive way,
turned off his headlights and the cars ignition, all he had the mind to
think about was putting one foot in front of the other until he could get
to his comfy warm bed and sleep for as long as possible. He was so lost on
this thought, in fact, that he failed to notice the cardboard box on his
doorstep, which was not a small unnoticeable thing, and he found himself
suddenly toppling over headlong into his hard wooden door.

      Nathan cursed himself for not paying better attention, despite his
sleepy state, he still felt he should have been able to watch his step,
especially when he actually saw the cardboard box, which was tall enough to
have caught him in the middle of his shin and wide enough that even with
both his arms stretched wide it was difficult for him to grip it's full
breadth. He eyed it strangely as he did so, knowing he wasn't expecting a
package of any sort and feeling the weight to it, he found his sleepiness
being ebbed away by his new found curiosity. He saw his name printed on the
billable stamp just under the senders, however the only information about
the sender were the initials "S.I.N. Tech." and a P.O. Box based out of
some town he'd never heard of in Connecticut. Otherwise there were no other
markings on the package. He unlocked his door, juggling the large box as he
did, and felt several heavily weighted objects shift and tumble within. He
couldn't help but wonder what could possibly be inside.

     Once within the confines of his apartment, he set the box down next to
the door and made his way across his living room floor to the far end of
the room where his computer chair sat. This wasn't truly a long walk as
Nathan's apartment was a modest one. On one side of the entry way was a
nice living room, big enough to occupy a couple of book shelves, an
entertainment center, couch and computer desk without feeling cramped at
all. The kitchen was small and adjoined to the living-room on the opposite
side of the entry way. The bathroom was through a hallway at the back of
the apartment which also led to his well sized bedroom, where Nathan truly
wanted to head. However a need to remove his work shoes, check his email
and, currently more pressingly important, use the bathroom kept him from
going straight to the soft safe haven of his bed.

     So he sat quickly at the computer chair to remove his shoes, this also
gave him ample time to mull over his curiosity involving his random
package. He rubbed his shin and eyed the box from across the room as he
took off his shoes, and continued his mocking stare as he got up to go to
the bathroom. When he returned to the living room he turned the computer on
in a quick pass and went straight for the box. He'd decided that, with the
vagueness of the shipping slip and the otherwise unmarked package, he'd
have to look inside to find out how to contact the company and get this
miss-hap straightened out.

      As Nathan tore into the package he realized he was more then just a
little excited to see what was within its cardboard walls. Several ideas
had by now come to mind and he was, whilst still maintaining a good bit of
surprise over the actuality of it, only slightly surprised by what he
found. His eyes slowly, lustfully scanned the numerous black latex dildos
and butt plugs, each a different size, each individually shrink wrapped,
piled in amongst numerous, rather large, bottles of lubricant and one
single white envelope which it self was pressed between combinations of the
other contents. He had a daffy lust filled smile on his face as he visually
molested the objects while reaching in to grab the envelope. Slight erotic
chills ran up his spine when his hand got close to the phallus's but he
didn't dare touch them. Somehow he thought if he did he wouldn't be able to
stop himself from sampling the merchandise, though he gladly would have
from what he'd seen.

However he had not ordered this particular banquet of deviance for delivery
himself which meant the items in that box were for some other lucky pervert
with enough money to blow on such a variety of indulgence. Beyond that most
blunt fact, there were also only about two of the dildos within the box
that Nathan had any surety he could actually get into his ass. The dildos
all graduated in size, from large to larger. The largest one that Nathan
knew he could take was probably just a half inch smaller around then his
own wrist, while the largest was as long as his fore arm and about six
times as thick around as his very same wrist. While the butt plugs didn't
go quite as high up in size they weren't much smaller and Nathan was
surprised to see the largest, about a wrist smaller then the largest dildo
by his own method of measurement, also seemed to be inflatable. He
swallowed hard, barely even realizing he was doing so.

        Nathan took his eyes away from the objects of his chastised desire,
shaking away the spill of conflicting emotions, and turned them to the
envelope which he'd been absentmindedly opening during his moral quandary.
From it he took a single sheet of folded paper, which he unfolded and began
to read. He raised an eyebrow as he read his full first, middle, and last
name in the greeting. That seemed rather specific for a package he himself
had not ordered. He quickly ran through a list of people who might have
ordered him such an intimate and personal gift. His best friend Andy would
have never spent this large a sum on sex toys for any man he wasn't
personally going to use them on. He had a few fuck buddies, but none of
them were regular or significant enough to warrant this sort of gift. In
fact, while he was sure his friends had some inclination of his deep love
for stuffing his own ass; most people barely knew just how much he loved
playing with dildos. He could not come up with anyone that he currently
knew who would know him well enough to spend this sort of money, or send
this sort of package. Maybe a boyfriend or two from year's gone bye, but
certainly no one he knew now.

       Nathan read the note, hoping in the back of his mind where he was
barely aware, to find some confirmation that this was in fact a gift
intended for him and not some sort of strangely accurate mistake. He wanted
desperately to believe this package had been sent from someone for him but
the idea just didn't make sense. The note, of course, told him nothing he
actually wanted to know. It was the usual fanfare about the companies
gratitude for the purchase, vague yet compelling explanations of some
revolutionary latex they used to make their products, unexplained but dire
warnings that you should only use their specific products with any of their
other products and of course the up sell of DVDs featuring the use of their
products, just like any other company Nathan had ever ordered a sex toy
from. The only thing at all about the note that truly caught Nathans
attention was the mention that their lubricant was "chemically perfected"
to make the use of their products an "experience to be reckoned with."

         Nathan grabbed one of the lubricant bottles out of the box, once
again fighting the urge to grab one of the dildos along with it and walked
back to his computer chair. As he read the ingredients of the "chemically
perfected" product he found the larger portion of chemicals had absolutely
no connection to any significant knowledge what so ever in his entire
brain. The few that were recognizable were as simple as "water" or
"glycerin" and there were even a few vitamins thrown in there, however, the
long list was essentially gibberish to his eyes. He scoffed at himself for
being so interested in the words of an obviously good spin doctor. He
turned to his computer and set the bottle of lube down next to the monitor.
While opening his email program, he read the company name off the
lubricants label and decided to try a web search.

         Around every corner Nathan kept anticipating some form of evidence
that would unlock the great mystery of this surprise package he'd found at
his door step but either his mind was too feeble and tired to pick up on
the clues, or there simply weren't any to follow as all of his attempts to
piece together any idea of the senders identity, or the actual recipients
for that matter, kept turning up cold. The website for the company was
again like any other sex toy company he'd ever seen. It was a generic web
page, easy to brows, minimalistic on design, high on product imagery. The
only extravagance offered was a light wordless music that automatically
started playing when the web site loaded. They had a large line of items,
some made by them, most made by outside manufacturers. The only interesting
information he got from the site at all was that the company had an actual
physical store room which apparently housed a private collection of toys
only available for viewing or purchase in store and by appointment. He
found this information along with the company's email and phone number.
Much to his dismay their help line was only open during standard business
hours and not twenty-four hours a day making an immediate resolution to the
problem unlikely. Instead he found himself writing a short e-mail briefly
outlining the issue and requesting that they call him in the morning.

        With his mind already on his sexual desires and the numerous items
of interest he'd happened to see while perusing the web site, Nathan found
his eyes wandering across the room back to the box, which sat there open,
inviting him to come and examine it's insides. It was almost like he could
hear it calling to him. While there were not actually words, Nathan could
almost hear the box taunting him with it's contents, begging him to come
and see what it had to offer, telling him that it was okay to play, after
all, his name was on the box. Despite the exhaustion of his work week and
the drive to find sleep which had only minutes before been his only desire,
Nathan found his mind had become alert, his body had woken in a way that
didn't fully fight off sleep but wouldn't allow it either, and his sexual
hunger had come alive along with the rest of him. The temptation to indulge
himself was eating away at him. He knew the numerous repercussions that
could result if he gave in, he was even afraid of any of them coming to
full fruition, but the voice in the back of his head, the one that wanted
so desperately to throw off the shackles of responsibility and just give in
to want and desire was a loud one, and it was saying all the things Nathan
wanted to hear.

       Before he could even fully process the thought, he was on his knees
in front of the cardboard box. Chills were running up and down his spine
like electric current on a Jacob's ladder. His hands were slightly shaky
and his breath was growing rapid. As he lifted the smallest dildo, in its
shrink wrapped perfection, thick enough that he could just barely touch his
fingers together around it up to his eye level, he felt his cock throb and
his sphincter twitch. It looked perfect to him. It was a nice and thick
cock with a slight curve to it about three quarters of the way from its
base to its head. It was smooth and even through the plastic packaging the
latex felt soft and natural. Unusually the surface temperature was
surprisingly close to that of the room. There wasn't a thing about the
dildo that wasn't appealing to Nathan. He brought the cock up to his nose
and took a big whiff of the thick latex scent, something he'd always loved
about brand new toys, only with this particular dildo he noticed there
seemed to be a strange musky scent masked just underneath that of the
latex, something he was unfamiliar with.

      Whatever the scent was it seemed to agree greatly with his mind and
body. He could feel the horny hunger eating away a void inside of his gut
with a new pace. He took another deep breath of that strange scent and the
void called to him to be filled with a fervor that left him light headed.
He wondered if all the dildos in the box would have this intoxicating of an
effect on him, in fact, as the effect thickened around his mind Nathan came
to think this strange aroma was certainly better then any poppers he'd ever
had. With his head swimming he absently set the beloved cock down on the
floor next to the box, bent himself forward and stuck his face low inside
of the container as close to the numerous phallic items as he could and
took a strong, deep, long breath of the collective scent. His mind
immediately swam as he hungrily took in the smell, that thick latex scent
and that strange pleasurable and delicious musk hidden just beneath it.
Euphoria of some sort washed over him mixed with a lustful frenzy that
practically made the next several actions Nathans body underwent happen
without thought.

       Nathan stood from his kneeling position and quickly disrobed;
removing every stitch of clothing he had on his body, before he did the
same to the shrink wrap around the dildo. With both he and the hefty rubber
cock fully nude and the scent unhindered, his cock stretching out before
him with a growing glistening bulb of pre-cum at its tip, he held the dildo
to his nose and breathed once again. His brain was almost entirely filled
with a foggy haze of happiness that washed over him, mingling with the
sexual desire building in him to give its hold a stronger grasp. As he
looked at the cock so close to his face all he could think was that he
needed it in him.

       It was no longer a question to Nathan whether or not there were
moral, financial or legal ramifications to what he was doing. There was no
longer a question about anything at all really. Nathan needed that cock up
his ass. There was nothing that could stop that need; it was the strongest
need he had ever felt in his life. He truly felt that he could not survive
for very much longer unless he had the latex phallus somehow, anyhow,
inside of his body. He looked down to the box before him and the several
bottles of lube, grabbed one and popped its top open with one hand, while
holding the cock up to receive the dripping contents when he poured them
down. He kneeled back down, eyeing the coated probe as he did so and he
bent himself forward using the hand that still held the open lubricant
container to steady his body.  He positioned the dildo behind himself,
spreading his bent legs apart as best he could to ensure full anal exposure
and he began to work the cock into his hole.

       Despite his clouded and inebriated mind state, Nathan knew better
then to just ram the thick hunk up his sphincter, he knew he would enjoy
the experience more if he took his time, warmed his hole up and slowly
worked the dildo into himself. It seemed somewhat unusual to him that the
horny hunger inside him knew this too. Usually he would feel the eating
lust biting at him for not feeding it as quickly as possible, yet, for some
reason he didn't quite care to examine at the moment, he felt his body
reeling with pleasure as he led the long black dildo up and down his crack
and over his hole, spreading the lubricant around. He quivered in
anticipation every time the head would brush past his anus. He did this
several times, applying more lube a couple of times, slowly circling the
head of the dildo around his hole, pushing at it lightly. Every moment
spent tantalizing his hungry asshole seemed to be filling him with absolute
pleasure. His cock was by now drooling pre-cum in a steady stream onto the
floor beneath him and as he finally pushed the head of the rubber cock into
his body, he felt a large glob of pre-cum push out of his cock with the
motion, a grunt and moan of absolute pleasure pushing it's way up out of
his throat from the deepest depths of his bowels.

      Nathan noticed he seemed far more relaxed then he'd thought he had as
the well lubed probe made its way into his ass. He slowly worked its shaft
in and out, adding a little more of it's length each time, and paying
special attention to his prostate. He kept peeking down to his own cock in
surprise wonderment as the pre-cum dripping from it never seemed to
cease. He was used to his anal manipulations causing a bit more seminal
flow than usual, but this was far more than a bit more. It seemed every
time he rubbed the dildo head against his prostate a load of clear fluid
was pushed out, he was entirely enamored by this and kept repeating the
process, watching the results with excitement.

            The pleasures Nathan was getting from this wondrous massage
were burning their way through his skin. Every scrape of the cock in his
ass sent a wave of bliss over his body and he felt an urgent push behind
his man hood egging him on to cause more of this beautiful feeling. He went
from slow, methodical strokes, to fast paced wild thrusts, from kneeling in
front of the box with his head over it's lid breathing in the aroma of the
other dildos still within, to lying on his back with his legs in the air.
He tried a few different positions and several different thrusting
techniques all while watching the river of pre-cum flow from his cock until
finally he was on his back, contorted in a way that had his ass in the air
almost parallel to his head, his feet planted on the ground somewhat behind
and to the sides of his head. His face was looking right up at his cock,
which was drooling clear seminal fluids straight down into his mouth, while
he pummeled his prostate vigorously with the fake cock. The pleasures he
was feeling pushed him over the edge, causing his ejaculate to taint the
clear fluid with its milky white substance as it drooled out in copious
amounts directly into a puddle at the back of his throat.

            This wasn't anything new to Nathan. He had gotten himself off
through anal stimulation several times in the past, it wasn't always a sure
thing, but he knew he could do it and often enjoyed working himself to that
point. He was used to the half fulfilled way it left him, his body knowing
it had expelled the desired load of ejaculate but his brain clear and free
of the releasing bliss that came with it. The knowledge that he could very
well jerk his cock to another, more full filling and prolonged orgasm
shortly there after, however, this time none of those familiar feelings
were quite as familiar. He couldn't put his finger on what had changed
exactly, but this time the hunger wasn't even slightly sated, the minor
release was not releasing at all and he had absolutely no desire to jerk
his cock to try and attain something better. All he wanted, all he felt,
was the still unyielding need for more.

            Nathan relaxed his body, swallowing the full load of cum in his
mouth and releasing his hand from the base of the dildo while leaving the
dildo shoved nearly to its full length inside his bowels. He lay there on
his back in front of the box breathing hard and sweating in a puddle of
pre-cum and lubricant. His cock was bobbing up and down to the rhythm of
his accelerated heartbeat while his sphincter twitched around the member
inside him resting itself ever so closely to that need he still felt eating
away at him. His mind was still awash with fog though he'd completely
forgot about ever wanting to sleep, even in his well worked physical state.
He was imagining the other dildos in the box, the next larger one in
particular and wondering if it would fill him more completely than the one
currently in his ass. If it would sate this need inside of him, if it could
help him feed the hunger better then the first had. He was slightly
surprised when he noticed one of his hands had made its way back down to
the base of the dildo and was slowly, absentmindedly working the dildo
around in small circles within his anal ring.

            The automatic response of Nathans body set his resolve and it
wasn't long before he was back up on his knees and freeing the next dildo
from its shrink wrapped prison, the previous dildo still hanging from his
hole, defying gravity to do so. He once again breathed in the unhindered
scent of the dildo in when it was nude before him and practically growled
with the hunger it set within him. The girth of this one was such that his
fingers were at least an inch apart when wrapped all the way around, which
made Nathan think he would need more lube then he had with the first. He
was surprised to learn he'd almost used over half of the first bottle, so
he took two more out of the box just in case before he slathered this new
dildo with the thick substance.

            When Nathan finally paused to remove the dildo in his ass he
noticed a deep sense of despair overcoming him that he'd never felt before.
The need within him seemed to be crying out to him not to remove the
intruder. He reminded himself that it would soon be replaced by a new
larger intruder which only seemed to ease the despair a small fraction.
Even the way his hole twitched and gripped at the cock as it slid out
seemed to be a way for his body to beg that it stay exactly where it
was. His prostate even seemed to be tingling as the pressure on it was
released, like the very faintest beginnings of an itch. All of these
factors helped urge him to work the larger phallus into him as fully as
possible. He was happily surprised to find the first dildo had opened him
up more then he'd expected as his hole seemed to relax around the heavily
lubed and very thick cock almost immediately.

            It took a bit of work to get past the head but it was work
Nathan was more than happy to be doing. Once again he stretched his hole
with the fat black latex cock in as many ways as he could think of while
trying to take both its increased girth and length. Moans and grunts were
working their way past his throat while his eyes rolled in the back of his
head and his body burned with hot pleasure. He pushed and pulled and pushed
again, rotating the shaft in a corkscrew like manner as he did so,
assaulting his prostate with the blunt object, and once again his cock
drooled a steady and consistent stream of clear viscous fluid. It wasn't
long before Nathan realized he could be swallowing the copious pre-cum
instead of letting it build into a puddle beneath him and he found himself
on his back, legs in the air, pumping his ass with the thick fat black
latex cock and subsequently pumping out the sweet nectar from his own cock
and into his mouth once again. He was working the full length in and out of
himself by the time he came again and this time he was washed with wave
after wave of orgasmic bliss.

            His cock pumped shot after shot straight down toward it's
target, however the wild pulses threw off the accuracy and, while most of
it made its way into his waiting orifice, large spurts landed across his
face and in his hair. He would have never imagined his body could hold so
much cum but the evidence was there, written all over his face, so to
speak, and he was more than happy to have made the discovery. When he was
spent, his body went limp of its own accord, exhausted in the most pleasant
way he'd ever been. His arms were sore, his thighs were sore, his asshole
was especially sore as was his abdomen and back from the odd positioning,
none of which mattered as he lay there, breathing deeply and steadily, in
absolute reverie of the moment as he drifted off in submission to the sleep
he'd initially been searching for.

            Nathan felt himself shaking in his sleep, his mind was foggy
and hazy as it woke, and confused by the rocking motions it was going
through. As his bleary eyes opened to the sharp lights still on in his
living room the disorientation began to fade. He could hear himself
grunting in time with the rocking motion and he could feel the dildo still
in his ass sliding in and out of his hole as his body subconsciously pushed
itself against it. He continued to come out of his sleep and the motion
slowed and he regained some semblance of control over his body. He stopped
himself from rocking, as well as grunting, and took stock of his situation.
He hadn't seemed to have moved from the spot he had fallen asleep in, nor
did it seem he'd actually been asleep for long. He could tell through the
blinds of his apartment that it was still night outside and the clock told
him it was still a few hours before day break. His hole, as well as his
body, seemed somewhat sore but neither was as sore as he felt they should
be given the extensive workout they'd been put through. In fact his hole
felt rather good and he found it felt even better when he moved himself
against it. It seemed as though the dildo had slid from his ass just enough
to touch the floor beneath him as he'd slept and was not in the most ideal
position, however his body didn't seem to mind the slight discomfort this
caused as it did allow for the minute fucking motions Nathan had been

            Nathan reached his hands up to rub his tired face and felt his
cool and somewhat dry cum still there, over one of his eyes, on his
mustache and in his beard. He even felt some in his hair and on the ground
beneath his head. The memories of how it had gotten there seemed to urge
Nathan and his surprisingly still hungry hole on and he soon found himself
actually using his hand to better position the dildo. He could feel an itch
tingling it's way over his prostate, it was annoying and biting and he
assumed this must have been what had caused his subconscious to feel the
need to fuck his hole once again. As it was the itch was already causing
his conscious mind to feel the same. It started as a mummer in the dawn of
his reawakening and grew more and more as he woke to the world around
him. His manipulations of the dildo proved to be a great way to sedate the
itch. Every rub of the long shaft over his prostate caused the incessant
nagging to diminish ever so slightly and a small ripple of pleasure to
replace its sting.

        Nothing Nathan could remember had ever affected him in this way.
The itch, the unyielding hunger, the ease at which he gave into both was
completely new to him yet somehow, strangely, they seemed familiar. As
though they were merely amplifications of the hornieness he'd always
felt. He was amazed that only a short period after having had two orgasms
here he was, awakened by his own sexual need and a terrible itch that
wanted scratching. In the past Nathan had observed that even at his
horniest there was only so much fucking his ass could take, yet now for no
reason it seemed to be demanding that he give it more then it'd ever
had. Nathans grunting resumed as both of his hands found themselves down
beneath his ass holding the base of the dildo while he lifted himself up
and lowered himself back down with his legs. He groaned as the cock slid
out of him and moaned as it pushed back in. He found the pleasure of
relieving the itch almost seemed comparable to the pleasure of stimulating
his prostate and once again, it seemed that doing either was causing his
cock to produce another river of seminal fluids. Quickly he found himself
lost in the act of fucking his hole with the large black latex cock, his
mind concentrating on all of the wonderful feelings emanating from his
bowels. His prostate was sensitive now and fully alive; his cock felt as
though it were being massaged from behind its base and his hole tingled as
he pounded the full length of the cock in and out of it.

        Every movement felt the itch subside just a slight bit and Nathans
pleasure increased with it. His thrusts had started slow and stayed that
way the entire time. The full length of the cock pulling all the way out
till the head rested just inside Nathans well worked hole then sliding back
in at a slow and steady pace. Every time the cock worked its way out Nathan
felt himself filling with a slight and almost unnoticeable dread, regret
that so much of him was empty and as he was again filled with the black
latex he felt it subside, replaced by joy and relaxing contentment. There
the itch lessened and the pleasure grew, his cock drooled and his mouth
moaned. The act was primal, passionate and though Nathan barely realized
it, growing in violence. He slammed his ass down on the thick cock and
slowly rose himself off, and then slammed himself back down again and again
until finally it seemed he had fully scratched the itch and all he felt was

        He collapsed in a puddle of old and stale seminal fluids converging
with newly spilt clear liquids. He was panting and breathing hard, drool
was collecting at the edges of his crooked smile and Nathan could feel
himself shaking from the activity. He was happy and content, the itch was
gone and he was stuffed full. Though he had not reached another orgasm he
somehow felt that familiar sleep that came with one edging its way across
his mind. In his head was a clear image of his bed and nothing else. He got
up with a grunt of pain as his body came into reality. He realized his
thighs, arms, stomach and back were all somewhat sore. He was sticky in
places he didn't think he should have been and he could feel the dildo in
his ass threatening to slide its way out. The last feeling caused a small
wave of fear to momentarily take control of his body and he felt more then
commanded one of his hands to quickly catch the base of the dildo and hold
it in place.

            The feelings of fear didn't subside with that however, and
Nathan found himself paused upright before the box wondering in despair
what he should do to save himself the agony of heading to bed empty. This
was a very odd state for him to be in, despite the fact that his libido
seemed to be higher then it had ever been, even in his teen years, he had
never felt such strong emotions over not having his ass filled. Granted
he'd often fantasized about different scenarios where he was filled for
extended periods of time, however once he came those thoughts were usually
pushed to the back and all he wanted to do was curl up and go to bed,
without any fear or regret over doing so empty. Yet here he was examining
the items still within the box and feeling an undoubtable knowledge that
there was no way he could do so tonight. He needed to keep something in his
ass. There was no apparent reason, yet he seemed to need it as much as he
needed to breathe.

        So it was, with one hand still holding the base of the dildo in his
ass to keep it from slipping out, he leaned into the box with the other
hand and began digging through the butt plugs therein. He pulled out what
he felt was the smallest of them, though he didn't feel entirely sure about
that summation of measurement as the thing was still slightly larger then
his own hand, and examined it for a moment. It was more then just a simple
butt plug, as his initial hands off examination had led him to believe,
rather this butt plug seemed to have a button on its base. Nathan assumed
this would activate some sort of vibrator within the butt plug which, if
the itch were to return, he imagined could come in handy. He also noticed
that same latex covered musky scent emanating from the anal probe and he
happily snorted it through his nostrils before he went to work replacing
the dildo in his ass with it.

        It was a slight ordeal at first, figuring out how to keep the dildo
in place while he removed the butt plugs shrink wrap, lubed it up, and then
got it securely in place, but Nathan figured it out quickly, none the less,
and had himself satisfiably filled it seemed.  He was surprised at how much
panic he'd felt when he'd gotten the dildo all the way out and how his mind
had mulled over whether or not the plug would be enough or if, rather, he
should find someway to secure the dildo within himself. Thankfully the
panic had driven him to make his decision quickly and he found as the plug
touched his hole he immediately began to calm down and as he pushed it
deeper inside himself he knew it would definitely suit his empty hunger for
a while at least. That's when he noticed his computer was still on, with
the website of the dildos manufacturer still up and the music still playing
from the speakers. He felt it sort of strange that he hadn't noticed the
entire time that he'd been fucking himself with wild passion; however he
pushed off this curiosity easily as sleep was still calling out to him,
much as the box had and he turned off the computer followed by the lights
and headed toward bed. He didn't even bother to clean his fluids from the
floor or stop in his bathroom to wash them from his face. He just wandered
down the hall, concentrating on the feeling of the plug moving within his
ass with each step until he landed on his bed and almost immediately fell
right to sleep once again.

        Nathans eyes shot open as he was suddenly jarred from a deep sleep
by the blaring ring of his telephone. He wasn't scared or frightened, he
was simply, immediately awake. The first thing he noticed, beyond the loud
phone chime screaming at him from his living-room, was a stuffed full
sensation within his ass and the undeniable existence of an itch just
outside of it's reach. The second thing he noticed was that the plug
causing that full sensation within his gut seemed to be so large it was
also pressing slightly against his bladder, which itself seemed to feel a
different kind of full. The ringing of the phone left him with a feeling of
urgency that didn't allow him to dwell too much on either fullness as he
leaped from his sheets and covers to go answer the shrieking device.

        Nathan noticed almost immediately upon walking that the simple act
seemed to scratch at that itch deep within his gut. The movement of the
plug somehow caused the feeling to subside ever so slightly and the moment
Nathan stopped moving to answer the phone it seemed to start growing
quickly again. He lifted the receiver to his head and greeted the person on
the other end.

        "Hello?" he croaked past his dry throat.

        "Good morning, this is Mr. Nathan Edward Keen correct?" a deep and
gruff mans voice came through the phone.

        "Yes, that's correct, this is he, may I ask whom is calling?" he
replied with his voice coming back to him.

        "Hello Mr. Keen, this is Steve Decland with S.I.N. Tech, I'm
calling in regards to your recent inquiry about a miss-delivered package?"
The man said in a rather professional and courteous manner.

        Despite the comfortable tone of Steve Declands voice or the
professional phrasing he put on the situation, with a butt plug from the
'miss delivered' package shoved in his ass and an undeniable itch growing
within his bowls Nathan found himself feeling somewhat anxious all of a
sudden "Yes, um, yeah, I uh, received a rather large box with a, well, a
good deal of your product that I know I didn't order in it." he stammered
in response.

        Though, if Steve had noticed his nervousness he never gave it away
to Nathan as he went over Nathans name, address, phone number and even his
date of birth. All of which were completely accurate in S.I.N. Techs
computers according to Steve. Nathan asked about the sender's information
and Steve immediately explained that even he didn't have access to that
information however they were able to check the last four digits of the
card used for the purchase, none of which matched any of Nathans.

        "In fact," Steve declared "Everything on our systems indicates
that, with the information you provided, the package was delivered
correctly Mr. Keen. I'd say you should count your self lucky for having a
generous secret admirer."

        Nathan wasn't sure how to respond at first. He was completely awe
struck at the idea that some mysterious person had purchased an obviously
pricey amount of sex toys for him. He was even more astonished that he
indeed got to keep the toys and had no reason to continue feeling any guilt
over having already opened and used a few of the items. As he realized this
freedom he also realized the insatiable itch that had been growing in his
ass had seemed to reach a level that kept it from being as easily ignored
as it had been until now. Its urgency was starting to bite away at the
foreground of Nathans thoughts; it took Steve a couple of tries to get
Nathans attention once again.

        "Mr. Keen? Nathan? Is there anything else I can do for you
Mr. Keen?" Nathan heard Steve's voice as it broke through his concentration
on the itch within his bowels.

        It seemed like a really good question to Nathan, there were in fact
several things he could think of at the moment that a man with a voice like
Steve's could help him with, the itch being the most prevalent. Nathan
cleared his throat in an attempt to also clear his mind before he finally
spoke, "Uh well, actually, I did sort of have a question about a reaction I
might be having, to uh, to the products I received." He was surprised he'd
actually managed to admit the thought in one try. He found himself feeling
nervous over asking and admitting that he'd already opened and used some of
the products, which Steve seemed to pick up on right away.

        "Mr. Keen, many of our customers find our products irresistible to
use, there's no need to feel ashamed at having already enjoyed them. Tell
me more about this reaction you seem to be having?" he said with a slight
lilt of humor in his voice, though to Nathan, the growing itch was starting
to seem less then funny.

        "Well, you see, I've been feeling this itch ever since I uh,
started using your products last night." Nathan nervously said, it seemed
as though talking about it made the itch grow even more, he could feel
himself wriggling about, standing naked in his living room holding the
phone. The butt plug in his ass matched his movements and he felt a small
nearly inaudible moan pass his lips as it barely touched the place inside
him where the itch seemed to be growing.

        "Oh I see Mr. Keen. An itch you say? And where exactly is this itch
Mr. Keen?" Steve asked, his tone seeming to hide some deeper meaning.

        "It's, um, it's in my anus, up by my prostate." Nathan replied
while he let his hand guide itself to the base of the plug so it could move
it around inside of him and hopefully scratch that itch just a little
better. His cock had grown to its full hardness as the itch had grown and
was now starting to drip small drops of pre cum as Nathan manipulated the
plug. He tried to keep his breathing from being audible over the phone and
his want to moan from escaping his lips.

        "That's a perfectly normal reaction to the combination of toys you
were shipped Mr. Keen. Rest assured that everything is working properly and
just remember to only use the lubricant provided with the rest of the
products you received, if you'd like I can put you on hold to speak with
someone who can explain this more thoroughly Mr. Keen?" Steve responded,
seeming to chuckle here and there as Nathan let a small gasp or a light
groan escape from his throat.

        Nathan could barely concentrate on the conversation as his hand
moved the plug about in his ass, the itch kept growing and growing and the
plug was only just touching the spot where the itch seemed to be growing
from. His cock was throbbing more and more as he worked the plug around and
his body was starting to show the slightest sheen of sweat. He blindly
agreed to whatever Steve had asked him and quickly heard the familiar music
from the company's website which he'd visited the night before. As he
listened to the music his hand, still fidgeting with the plug, found the
button at the base which he'd noticed when he'd inserted it. He smiled to
himself as he pushed it hoping that it would bring him some peace from the
nagging itch deep within his gut.

        Nathan nearly dropped the phone as the plug within his ass came to
life. He'd been expecting vibrations, the familiar buzz most toys with
switches came to offer, but what he experienced was entirely new to him
from the world of sex toys. The plug seemed to be pulsing and writhing
inside of his ass. Somehow it was throbbing and extending in a rhythmic
motion. Nathan could feel its girth swell, and as it decreased again, it
seemed to grow longer. It was definitely getting much deeper into the itch
within his ass, which brought him immense joy, but the plug also seemed to
be fucking him in a strange way. It wasn't a quick fuck either, it was very
slow, the girth would expand like a breath of air in and then it would
decrease in thickness at the same rate. Filling Nathan up one way before it
began filling him up in another.  Nathan fought to regain his composure but
instead found him self bucking the air in time with the throbbing plug in
his ass. He was lost in the pleasure he was feeling, the itch being only
partially sated it now seemed a lot more tolerable. It still nagged at him
but the pleasure he was feeling over rode it as the most important feeling
in his brain. He held the phone tightly to his ear as he thrust his hips
forward and back, pre cum dangling in the air from the tip of his dick as
he did so.

        The music clicked off and another deep male voice came on "Hello
Nathan, are you still there?"

        Nathan couldn't help but moan as he opened his mouth to respond in
the affirmative, the voice at the other end didn't seem to need to hear the
actual word though as it continued with a laugh "Good boy Nathan, I see
you've found our products to be most satisfying. May I ask Nathan, which
product are you using at the moment?"

        Nathan groaned once more as his mouth opened, his breathing was
quick and made speaking difficult as did the pulsing of the plug inside of
him. He found the words he spoke came out one by one, each preceding a moan
or a gasp "Butt, ooh, plug, aah, throbbing, ugh." The man on the phone
laughed rather bluntly as Nathan pushed out the words, which stopped him
from wanting to continue.

        "Good boy Nathan, I'm sure that's helping you with your little
itching problem, but I bet it isn't really scratching that itch properly is
it Nathan?" The man asked, to which the only response he received was a
somewhat tortured moan from Nathan. It seemed every time the man said the
word itch or scratch, the itch grew a bit fiercer. He continued "No, it
wouldn't. See the butt plugs are each designed to help with the itch but
they can not ever fully replace a good deep dicking, and that's what the
dildos are for, you know if an actual dick isn't readily available." The
man laughed at his own joke and gave Nathan no time to question his words
"Don't worry though, we'll be sending someone by soon to help you out with
your little problem, you should just lay back and enjoy your gifts until
then." The phone clicked and Nathan heard no more.

        Nathan dropped the phone and felt himself fall to his knees. He
couldn't really think very clearly on what had been said to him on the
phone. He knew somewhere in his mind that something about all of this was
wrong, something about the itch and the way he was responding to it,
something about what the man had said, but as he thought about it all he
could really remember the man saying was that he should lay back and enjoy
his gifts. It was the most tempting offer he could remember getting all
morning and he did exactly that. He shifted his weight off of his legs and
for a moment sat himself down on the plug in his ass, the feeling of it
being pushed so deeply inside of him was overwhelming and he immediately
rolled onto his back with a loud moan and a fit of numerous thrusts.

        It seemed as though, at some point, the throbbing plug inside of
Nathans ass had picked up pace, it's slow rhythmic movements increased in
speed and Nathan found himself rolling about in many directions on his
floor. His cock was once again drooling pre cum like a faucet and he felt
like he was on the very brink of an orgasm. However he could tell, and the
itch inside of him made it even more clear, that the plug itself probably
wouldn't bring him over the edge. The animated probe continued picking up
speed and continued keeping Nathan on the verge but it would not push him
to the brink of orgasm. He wanted to get up and take the plug out, if not
to stop the near maddening pleasure then to stop the equally maddening itch
with one of the dildos. He wanted to do this very badly yet it seemed he
couldn't stop himself from reeling in the pleasures he was receiving long
enough to move.

        As he lay there writhing about on the floor, sweating and leaking
seminal fluids, he heard his front door click open. His heart skipped a
beat for a moment as he contorted his head to see whom was coming through
the door way. Much to his humiliation he found that even with the degrading
circumstance of some unannounced stranger walking in on him in the throes
of such passion he still could not stop himself from riding on the waves of
ecstasy. A large barrel chested man Nathan could not remember ever seeing
came into view as the door shut behind him. His piercing blue eyes shone
behind a smile which itself was hidden slightly by a full black beard. The
man wore a dingy cap a sweat stained and unbuttoned work shirt which
revealed an equally stained tank top and denim work jeans which showed off
a rather well mounded and somewhat moist looking crotch. Nathans eyes
locked onto that crotch and though somewhere in the back of his head the
prospect of such a dirty package grossed him out, all he wanted was to see
what the jeans were hiding.

        The man didn't say a word as he came toward Nathans writhing and
blissfully bound body though his grin never wavered and a small chuckle or
two did escape his throat. He produced a length of rope from somewhere
behind him and came to Nathans side. Nathans arms were pinning themselves
to the floor at his sides, gripping the ground as his legs lifted and
bucked his waist. The man kneeled down and forcefully lifted the limbs
which it seemed were no longer under Nathans control and used the leverage
they gave him to turn Nathan over onto his stomach. Nathan couldn't stop
the bucking as this happened and had no control over his cock as it
painfully stabbed against the hard floor beneath him a couple of times
before finally sliding around in a puddle of it's own drool. This brought
new fervor to Nathans humping which seemed to amuse the stranger further as
he took Nathans arms and tied them behind his back. The man adjusted
himself and put a hand on Nathans ass, his hand raised momentarily and
Nathan had but a second to wonder what had happened to it before it came
slamming back down on his cheeks. He cried out on pain and pleasure as the
sting rose in his flesh and the plug bounced deep within his gut. The man
repeated this spanking ten more times in quick succession, each causing
Nathan to moan and buck back and forth with the hard smacks. When the man
finally stopped he reached his hand between Nathans legs and gruffly took
hold of his cock, pressed between the floor and Nathans own belly in a pool
of pre cum and he pulled it down so Nathan could no longer hump it as he
had been.

        His deep voice resonated in Nathans ears as he said "We'll have
none of that naughty boy, that won't help your scratch that itch anyway."
With that the man stood up and left Nathan tied there still unable to
control his writhing body with his wrists tied behind his back and his cock
painfully contorted away from any pleasurable position. It wasn't long
before the man returned however with several pillows from Nathans bedroom
which he then used to prop Nathans body in a more vulnerable position. Soon
Nathans ass was pointing high into the air propped up by several pillows
and his face was pressed hard against another. The mans hand found it's way
to the butt plug buried in Nathans ass and it began pushing it ever so
slightly in and out of Nathans hole while it's speedy throbbing and pulsing
continued. Nathan grunted and moaned loudly into the pillow and the man
spoke to him with his deep soothing voice.

        "That's right boy, enjoy your self while I play with your fuck
hole. Relax and just let your self feel how good it is to have your boy
cunt played with by a big man like myself. You really seem to love it when
a man fucks your hole like this." To emphasize his words he began pulling
the plug out just a bit more then he had been before he let it slide back
in. It was almost too much for Nathan to take and he wanted desperately to
feel his body give in to the manipulations and let him ejaculate, yet,
somehow he knew with nothing more then the plug in his ass that would be
entirely impossible.  The more the man played with the plug in his ass, the
hungrier his ass seemed to feel and the worse the itch seemed to get. The
plug was no longer biding the nagging bite and it was sending Nathan into a
frenzy. His ass bucked back on the plug every time the man withdrew the
small portion of it and he continued to buck into the plug again when the
man drove it home trying to get as much of the plug inside of him as
possible. It wasn't long before Nathan found himself begging the stranger
to fuck his hole with his cock.

        "Please Mr., please, you've got to help me out, I need it so badly,
please help me!" He cried out in a quick stream of words between moans.

        The man laughed and responded with "Aww gee boy, help you out with
what exactly?" He was determined to enjoy this as much as possible as he
watched Nathans body fight to fill itself up. Just for good measure the man
pushed the button on the base of the plug, suddenly bringing a halt to its
pulsing and throbbing.

        Nathan almost screamed in despair as he felt the sensations
suddenly die out in his ass and instead found himself pleading even harder
for exactly what he wanted, he even found himself using the strangers own
words in hopes that it would coerce him to give Nathan what he so
desperately needed as quickly as possible. "Please Sir! Please fuck my boy
cunt! Please! I need it so bad, it itches, Please use my fuck hole now!"

        The man chuckled and said "Really? You want me to fuck your boy
cunt with my big cock boy?"

        Nathan nearly screamed "Yes Sir! Please Sir! Fuck my boy cunt!"

        "You want me to pound your bitch hole and make you cum like the
little ass slut that you are boy?" The man sneered past his grin and he let
his hand pat lightly at the plug in Nathans hole.

        The teasing only egged Nathan on as he tried to push against the
patting hand and he repeated the mans taunts "Yes, please pound my bitch
hole, use me like the little ass slut I am, fuck me with your big cock,
please fuck me, please!" Nathan couldn't really remember a time he'd ever
truly begged and pleaded with a man for his cock and meant it as much as he
did now. The more he asked for it and the more the man goaded him to
continue the more the itch grew and the emptier he felt even with the plug
still in place.

        The man finally maneuvered himself between Nathans legs and began
to slowly pull out the butt plug. Nathan almost started to beg the man to
stop as he felt the now familiar sense of dread start to come over him as
the plug was removed. He stopped himself just short of doing so and had to
continue out of fear that he would have to beg the man all over again. Soon
enough however the plug was out and Nathan felt ever emptier for it. Much
to his horror the man stood up and, being outside of Nathans vision, Nathan
fell into a momentary state of panic wondering where the men could be
going. He felt silly for having done so the moment he heard the sound of a
belt clanging to the floor behind him and the man resumed his position, now
presumably nude from the waist down.

        Nathan gasped and groaned as he felt lube drip into his crack and
pool around his hole, he did so again as he felt the mans seemingly huge
cock begin to rub itself up and down the crack. The motions were much like
the slow tantalizing feeling Nathan had given himself the night before, and
also similarly, Nathan found himself wracked with pleasure and excitement
by the act. He was now in a state of growing bliss as he knew he would soon
finally be fucked. The head of the mans cock made several passes in the
pooled lubricant before it finally made the first thrust at Nathans well
stretched hole. The man moaned as he felt his entrance begin and soothed
Nathan with words of how great his bitch cunt felt on the mans cock. The
man slowly pushed himself into Nathans ass little by little and Nathan let
out a low, primal growl as he felt the itch finally being touched.

        The man proceeded to fuck Nathan for what felt like a good hour, he
was very slow about it, going in as deeply as he could and nuzzling there
for a moment as if he were trying to get in just a slight bit more, then
pulling himself out all the way, applying more lubricant, and going in
again. Nathan lay there, his drooling face in a pillow and his ass up in
the air, his cock also drooling on the pillows beneath it though any want
to stimulate it gone completely from Nathans mind. The entire time Nathan
could feel his orgasm building as slowly as the mans thrusts would allow,
until finally Nathans body began to shudder beneath the man and Nathans cum
pushed its way out of his cock head. The man cooed into Nathans ear that
Nathan was a good boy for having cum from being fucked by a man like he
had. The man kept his steady thrusting up as he cupped one of his hands
below Nathans spewing cock and caught each glob of cum he pushed out with
his own cock in Nathans ass. The mans hand stayed there as his pace picked
up ever so slightly, several thrusts later and he too was cumming deep
inside of Nathans ass, pumping his own seed into the well worked hole.

        The man let his weight relax against Nathans ass as he enjoyed the
ecstasy of his own orgasm. Nathan found that while his head was swimming
with pure delight he knew he still hadn't had a fully satisfying orgasm,
yet knowing that miraculously, sometime during his fucking, the itch had
subsided and he was once again free of its mind numbing bite he didn't seem
to mind. In fact he felt entirely content just lying there, spent, beneath
the stranger whom had so helpfully obliged him in his time of need. As the
stranger got up and began removing himself Nathan found he barely even had
the energy to beg him not too. The despair of being empty was still as
strong as it had seemed to be since he'd gotten the first dildo inside of
him and the man seemed to understand exactly what Nathan was trying to
mumble past his groggy mind, yet he still removed his cock from Nathans
ass. He came around to Nathans front and wiped the juices from his cock off
onto Nathans hair.

        As he finished cleaning his cock, he took the load of Nathans own
spunk that he'd caught in his hand and rubbed it over Nathans face and
mouth and then he began lifting his pants back up as he explained "Don't
worry bitch boy, I won't leave you empty like that, in fact I plan to leave
you well stuffed and ready for the next cock you'll be getting." He walked
around toward the front door through which he'd come in and Nathan could
hear him unzip a bag he must have brought in with him. A few clanks could
be heard as the man wrestled something from the bag and came to stand back
behind Nathan, for a moment Nathans waist was lifted off of its pillow
pedestal and laid back down on what felt like cold soft straps. The man led
a couple of those straps around Nathans waist and secured them tightly.
Next he picked up the larger of the two dildos Nathan had left on the floor
the night before and began sliding it into Nathans still waiting hole.
Nathan could feel the copious amounts of lubricant that had been applied to
it before its reentry which made the entire process very easy. Within
minutes Nathans ass was once again stuffed to its fullest and Nathan was
groaning and smiling about the entire experience. Nathan felt a couple more
straps being pulled around either side of his crotch and up between his ass
cheeks. There was some fiddling around the base of the dildo and soon
Nathan could feel, as the straps were put securely in place, so was the
dildo. Nathan heard the familiar click of a lock and his heart rate sped up
just a bit. Then the man took a hold of Nathans cock and balls and roughly
guided what felt like a tight cock ring over them both, this was followed
by some sort of solid hallow shaft over his cock alone.  Seconds later,
another lock was heard clicking shut. Nathan knew without a doubt he had
been successfully locked into chastity device as well as a belt designed to
keep the large dildo inside of him. The man untied the rope from Nathans
arms, leaving him laying on his back locked up and walked out the door
without another word.