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This is a fictional story. Any similarities to any real person or events
are coincidental.

It contains graphic descriptions of gay sexual and fetish activities and
uses profane language.

The story is intended for a mature audience where legally permitted.

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			      A Slave's Story

Chapter 1 Selection

I first saw Ryan about fourteen years ago. I was watching him in a gay
bar. About 25, 5'10'' slim but muscular frame, cropped light brown hair, a
stud in his ear, casually but very smartly dressed in designer tracksuit
and trainers, handsome features. A very good looking young man. Quite like
many other good looking guys that I had idly watched on previous occasions
as I had stood quietly alone in a corner of the bar. Never daring to
approach them. Always ignored by them,

But then not quite like any of them. There was something different about

He sat with a small group enjoying their night out. They were chatting and
laughing together, but when Ryan spoke, the group quietened and listened,
paying close attention, even respect to him. I watched him finish a drink,
He passed the glass to one of the group who took it, went to the bar and
returned with a full glass. He waited while Ryan finished talking, and then
offered it to Ryan, who took it, not even acknowledging the lad who had
bought it for him.

I could not help looking at him, my eyes were constantly drawn straight
back to him if my attention strayed at all. Just once he looked up and
glanced at me, our eyes met. His deep, dark grey eyes probed mine. I felt a
sudden violent jolt, like an electric shock, I shuddered, and my legs felt
weak.  I staggered backwards, reached out and held onto the bar for
support. It was over in an instant, he looked away and kept chatting with
his friends, not again looking in my direction. My mind was in
turmoil. What the hell had hit me? I had an impulse to get out of there
fast. No chance. I was rooted to the spot, mesmerised like a rabbit caught
in headlights,.watching Ryan. I tried, but failed to stop watching him..

After about an hour, he got up and slipped his jacket on, nodded at his
mates and left the group. Leaving, I thought. Then he was standing in front
of me, staring right into my eyes.

"I will go home with you. We will leave now "

 Simply and quietly. No small talk Just a matter of fact statement and an
instruction. I was confused, not really understanding this approach, but
those dark grey eyes were boring into my head, somehow allowing me no
choice. He was already walking away.

"OK" I said meekly, and followed him out.

The drive back to my house was strange. He hardly spoke, just let me babble
on with questions, commentary and stuff about me. I felt uneasy, and
wondered if he was bored or worried.  No.  He was quite relaxed and
patient, just not interested in my chat.

We arrived at my home, I opened the door and stood aside. He walked in, I
followed. He wandered around, silently checking the room out, briefly
pausing to examine my CD and book collection, then went upstairs. I heard
doors open and close. Needs the bathroom I thought, but no, he came down
without using it. He had simply inspected the house I realised. Cheek!! He
asked for a beer. I fetched one, and returned. He was lounging on the sofa,

"Come here" he commanded.

An order! Who did he think he was?.But those eyes, staring at me, were
compelling. I walked over and stood in front of him. He unzipped his fly
and pulled his cock out. I eyed it hungrily, I was feeling horny.

"Suck" he ordered.

I knelt and leaned forward towards his limp cock His hand came up, gripped
a bunch of my hair, and he pushed my head down. It hurt, and he was
strong. I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck. His grip relaxed
on my hair but his hand guided the depth and rhythm of my sucking. His cock
quickly grew, solid, My cock did the same and I reached down to rub it. He
yanked my hair tight I felt the pain.

"No" he hissed.

The hair grip relaxed. The sucking went on for some time. I tried to come
up for air a couple of times, but each time his grip on my hair immediately
tightened till it hurt and he pushed me back down. Apart from the
controlling hand, he barely seemed to notice I was there as he lay back
eyes closed, relaxed, occasionally sipping his beer, using my mouth to wank
himself. He said nothing. I kept sucking. He had a big straight, thick
cock, and I was enjoying it!

After about fifteen minutes he spoke again.

" Now I will fuck you"

What! I am gay, yes, but no queen! I was, I thought, reasonably good
looking, had a responsible job, and I was used to giving orders and being
in control. I usually do the fucking, or at least decide who I allow to
fuck me. Who was he to decide without even asking?

He seemed to sense my thoughts, immediately the hair grip tightened, and I
felt the pain.

"I will fuck you.  Strip" he ordered.

I had to obey. He was still gripping my hair.

I unzipped my fly and pushed my trousers down. He produced a condom and a
sachet of lube from his pocket and handed them to me. I knew what I had to
do. He stood up, still gripping my hair and pushed me down over the end of
the sofa. My boxers were ripped down, and he jerked my head back, I felt
his cock against my arse, probing for the entry, and then the sharp pain as
it pushed inside. He moved slowly at first, even gently, I began to relax,
this felt good, my cock went soft, it always did when I was fucked. He
released my hair, rested his hands on my back and gradually, rhythmically
increased the depth and speed of his thrusts. My body grew limp, I felt the
power of his pumping and surrendered to the pleasure pains, my body jerking
at each stroke, I was moaning I felt him climax inside me, his cock pulsed
as he spurted his cum. A very short pause, and he pulled it out. He stood

" Good" he said "I will sleep in your bed, you can sleep here".

 He went to my bedroom, closed the door, leaving me still slumped over the
sofa end.

Slowly I raised myself. I was angry and confused. He had just fucked me and
walked away, like I didn't matter. And who did he think he was to tell me
to sleep on the sofa! I don"t get treated like this. Especially in my own
house. I would have this out with him, tell him what I thought of his
behaviour. And kick him out! But for some reason I dare not do anything, or
go near the shut bedroom door. I really did not want a scene, and I knew he
was strong. After a while I decided just to wait and sort it all out in the
morning. I had enjoyed the fuck anyway, I lay down on the sofa and began to
relax , but my mind kept buzzing.  I thought about the way he treated
me,and my cock grew hard. I wanked it furiously, and came buckets. I still
could not sleep,

The guy had just used me! Again my cock went rock hard, another wank, more
cum.. Weird. I had never cum more than once in a day in my life! What the
fuck was going on! I lay awake. A third time, my cock grew hard. I wanked,
but no cum left. Then I fell asleep, deep and peaceful.

I woke up when I heard movement, Ryan had entered the room, fully dressed,
looked at me,grinning. A knowing, warm, friendly, happy grin.

"Good" he said "I will be in touch. I am Ryan" He turned and left, before I
could react.

My first thought was to worry if he had stolen anything. I went madly round
the house checking. He had used the shower and my toiletries, and left the
bathroom in a mess. Nothing was missing. I began to calm down, and again
think about what had happened. The arrogance of the guy!  Be in touch will
he! He"ll get a piece of my mind then for sure! And what of that grin,
which seemed simply to say "I know you" I showered, cleared up, made some
breakfast and went shopping, but Ryan stayed in my head. I got home, still
thinking about him, still angry and resentful, but I soon had a raging hard
on.Another wank!

I would of course have nothing more to do with Ryan..... but ....why over
the next two weeks did I keep checking my messages and racing to the phone
every time it rang? Why was I constantly thinking about him, reliving our
encounter., and getting a stiff cock each time!

Then, at last,, it was his voice on the phone

"Meet me tonight. Seven o"clock outside Al Bustan."

Another order. Cheek of the guy! I started to protest .

"No way! You can't just call and ..........". was as far as I got.

"Be there, and don"t keep me waiting" he snapped, and the phone line went

In your dreams! Mate!! No one talks to me like that!


At 18.45 I was waiting outside Al Bustan. Ryan arrived twenty five minutes
late. Again that big grin

"Good" he said, "I"m starving, we"ll eat!"

He walked into Al Bustan, an expensive Turkish restaurant, I followed.

Ryan was greeted effusively by the Head Waiter, obviously he was a regular
customer. The man conducted us to a table and handed out menus. Ryan
studied the menu a few seconds.

"You should have the ferin kebab, they are really good here" he stated and
ordered drinks and food for us.

Great, I thought, I don"t even get to choose what I eat or drink now! But I
said nothing until the waiter bought the drinks. I started to complain
about the way he had behaved at my house. Ryan just stared at me intently,
and rolled his eyes upwards in the universal expression 'Give me patience
with this thick idiot' then said quietly, cutting me off in mid sentence.

"How many times did you wank that night?"

 I went very quiet.

"And you are here now?"

I thought about it. He knew me, perhaps better than I knew myself. How??

"Come on" he said brightly, "Don"t spoil my evening"

Ryan was really good company, he chatted, was witty, intelligent,
interesting, but told me very little about himself.  He brushed aside my
questions about him. When we had finished he called for the bill and passed
it to me.

 "Sort that, and we"ll go to Vivas" he said.

 I paid, quite a large bill, and we left. Vivas I knew, was a comedy club
for the 'in crowd'. I paid the entrance fee, and followed him to the bar.

"Get me a pint of Kronenberg" he said and turned away.

I went to the bar and got his drink and scanned the room for him. He was
seated at a table chatting with a group of people he obviously knew. I
approached and offered him the drink. He took it, and motioned me to an
empty seat. He did not introduce me.

They were a lively party, and Ryan the centre of attention and he was
enjoying himself, confident and relaxed, laughing and joking. He watched
the comedy routines and heckled a few times, He paid me no attention,
except when he handed me his empty glass a couple of times. I dutifully
refilled it at the bar. I enjoyed the comedy show, and the banter around
the table but said very little None of his friends took any interest in
me. I just kept watching him, fascinated by his casual
confidence. Eventually he stood up, nodded at his friends and walked
towards the door. I got up and followed him. Outside, he grinned at me.

"Good. I"ll be in touch" I heard, as he turned and left

I watched him walk away. He had treated me badly again I knew, but I felt
very disappointed to see him leave. My cock grew hard and stayed hard as I
drove home. I was wanking as I opened the door, and came in seconds. A
little later I was wanking again. Ryan!

A few days later he called quite late.

"I need a hundred pounds. Meet me in 20 minutes outside Churchills"

"One hundred pounds! What for..." I started to say.

"Just bring it" he snapped, and the phone went dead.

One hundred pounds! No chance!! I don"t just hand out cash!!!

Twenty minutes later I met Ryan. His usual big grin. He held his hand out
for the money.

"I did not bring you cash" I said "I want to know what ........." was as
far as I got.

His grin faded, and those grey eyes flashed fire as he starred at me.

"There"s a cash machine over there" he snapped, turned and walked off
towards it.

I followed. He waited, tapping his foot impatiently while I got the money
and handed it to him.

"Now go home" he said, and walked off.

I did as I was told, there was nothing else to do. I was mad with myself,
and him, but mostly at myself, steaming, fuming. I had been determined not
to give him the money, Why had I just handed him the cash?  Because, quite
simply Ryan knew that I would, I had submitted to Ryan, and deep down I
already knew that I had needed to,

My cock was rock hard again. More wanking! Ryan!! Ryan!!!

Chapter 2 Subjugation

About three weeks later, Ryan was on the phone

"Meet me"

I met him, and he took me to a gay bar. Again he chatted with his friends
enjoying himself, happy and relaxed, barely taking notice of me except to
refill his glass when needed. I was just content to be near him, pleased he
had called me, and I felt more comfortable in the bar. I knew a couple of
people there and chatted with them. Ryan was taking no interest in me,
occasionally passing me his empty glass. I was relaxed, I noticed the
barman was a really good looking young lad and watched him absent mindedly
for a short while.

Ryan suddenly went quiet, then stood up and glared at me.

"Take me back. Now!" His eyes flashed fire at me.

He walked, I followed. We drove in silence.

As soon as we got inside he spun round and faced me. He was quite calm.

"I hoped you were smart enough to understand" he said carefully.

I felt one of his hands clamp around my balls, squeezing hard, the other
round my throat, he pushed me back hard against the wall, hitting my head
on it. The pain from my balls seared through me, I gasped and froze. He
leaned forward so his face was directly in front of mine.

"But now I have to teach you how to behave" he hissed.

He released me. I began to slide down the wall, numb with fear, pain and
shock. Ryan grabbed my hair, yanking me upright.

I did not see the blow coming, but I felt it, stinging my cheek. The second
came, across, my other cheek, then one to the stomach, winding me, I
doubled over and gasped for breath. Then another searing pain as my head
was jerked up by the hair roots again. His face came close to mine and he
spat, a large gob ran down my nose and dripped off.

"When you are with me, you only pay attention to me"

He spoke each word slowly, distinctly, like teaching a child, then spat on
me again. The gob trickled from the corner of my eye, down my cheek.

He pushed me backwards, sending me sprawling on the floor. The first kick
was to my shin the next on my arm, followed by a couple more. I curled up
in a ball on the floor, waiting for the next blow. I did not dare to look
up. The kicking stopped, and after a couple of seconds I felt warm liquid
splashing on my face. He was pissing on me!  Still I did not move. The
stream of piss moved down along my body and stopped.

"You pathetic little shit" he hissed.

Again the pain as he grabbed my hair and jerked it upwards.

"Kneel" he ordered.

I had no choice.

" Suck" he said, jerking my face towards his cock.

He pushed his cock into my face, and yanked hard on my hair when I kept my
mouth closed.

"Suck" he demanded.

His cock entered my mouth, and I felt a jet of piss. I nearly gagged and
the piss spilled out down my jaw.

"Drink it" he ordered, twisting my hair more tightly.

I gulped. It tasted quite sweet. I gulped again and again. He relaxed his
hair grip I kept sucking and sucking long after the piss stopped. He let

"I own you" he said quietly "Don"t fight it"

I kept sucking. Trying to suck the anger from him. Sucking his cock somehow
made me feel safer . His cock grew rock solid, He pulled away. He pointed
at the sofa end

"Strip and bend over" he ordered.

I pulled myself up over the sofa end, and pushed my trousers and boxers
down, offering him my arse. I heard him open the condom and lube sachet,
and then felt the the sharp intense pains, first as he grabbed my hair and
jerked my head back, and then as he thrust his cock violently deep inside
me and started to fuck..

This time was very different from the first time when he had simply used my
arse for his own pleasure.

Now he was intent on dominating me. The head grip never relaxed, the
thrusting was erratic, deep hard jerks which made me yell out with
pain. Some times he stopped, and rested, then re-started with a series of
deep hard jerks. My body went limp, my mind blank, I was screaming,
begging, quivering, writhing, my piss flowed out into a pool on the floor,
I had no control over it. Then the arse pounding stopped. I felt his cock
slowly relax inside me, and then was aware of a warm wet bulging sensation
inside my arse. He was pissing. He finished, pulled his cock out, let go of
my head and stepped back. I slid down onto the floor. I felt my stomach
heave as the pressure in my arse released. His piss seeped out, running
down my legs onto the floor. I wretched and the bile dribbled out my mouth

He stood over me. I could not move. I opened .my eyes and looked up. He was
wanking, I watched, fascinated, transfixed by his stiff, beautiful cock as
he calmly rhythmically pumped it, his head angled upwards, not even
watching me. I twisted over onto my back. I waited, my mouth involuntarily
open, my hand moved to hold my rapidly enlarging cock. Shortly my face was
sprayed by his stream of thick cum, my tongue licked a drop from the corner
of my mouth.

" Eat it all" he ordered.

I picked up, one by one, the heavy drops in my fingers and licked them,
swallowing carefully, as he watched.

 "I own you"

I sensed he was about to piss, and then felt the wet warmth, one long
steady stream over me, starting over my genitals and moving over my body
onto my head. It stopped.

" Open your mouth"

I looked at Ryan's face, into his grey eyes. He was not angry, or excited,
or pleased or any emotion. Just quietly concentrating on doing a necessary
job, deliberately, methodically and thoroughly. I sputtered and gagged as
the piss fell into my open mouth.

He turned away, and lounged back on the sofa, quite relaxed, He flicked the
TV on with the remote, and ignored me. He had finished his work.

I just lay crumpled on the floor, motionless in the pools of my own and his
piss, drained of the will, the ability to move, for maybe half an hour,
slowly recovering. The numbness eased replaced by throbbing aches, The piss
and cum dried on me and I felt cold now.  I shifted position a little.

"Get a shower" Ryan casually said, without taking his attention from the

I dragged myself up, and crawled to the bathroom. I carefully stripped off
my piss soaked clothes and checked my body. Bright red weals across each
cheek, a couple of yellow bruises beginning to show, one on my arm the
other on my shin and my arse burning inside. I felt some dull aches but
there seemed to be nothing serious or broken. I considered this. Ryan had
measured the force of the slaps and kicks to create fear, not great harm,
which he was well strong enough to have done. He had forced my abject
submission using fear and pain and then had systematically humiliated me.

I looked at myself in the mirror, I had been assaulted, pissed on,
humiliated. I was still frightened but now also angry. Bitter thoughts
began to crowd my brain. Why did I let this happen without even trying to
fight back? It had been the same when, as a kid, I was bullied, I never
fought back just took whatever was dished out. As an adult I was always
quick to back down from any confrontation, avoid or escape from any danger
or threat. Why was I so weak?  What right had he to treat me, or anyone,
like that?

What the hell did he mean by "I own you"? You can"t own people. I knew
that, he was obviously quite mad.

The face in the mirror gazed back at me, puzzled 'suppose you are wrong' it
seemed to be suggesting. I shuddered at that thought. Four times he had met
me, each time he had behaved as if he did own me!

And I had allowed it! No! Not 'allowed', more like 'accepted', or perhaps
even 'welcomed' it.

I remembered the pleasure of sucking his cock, the bitter sweet taste of
his piss, the silky smoothness of his cum, and his cock pounding my arse.

Yes I had welcomed it all!! Ryan had known I would.

What should I do now? I should call the Police? I wouldn"t though, too much
fuss and embarrassment.  I could fight back, attack him and throw him out
my house, maybe with some weapon? Not that either! Ryan was strong, and I
did not want to risk causing damage in my house by fighting. The best
thing, as before, seemed to be to wait until morning. Deal with it then.

Then I realized. Ryan already KNEW I would do nothing!! That is why he
could sit and watch TV quietly now.

How he knew me so well I did not (and still don"t) understand. Knowledge is
power, Ryan had power over me then I thought logically. Perhaps then he did
'own me'. I looked at the face in the mirror, and my cock began to grow

A voice seemed to be saying in my head 'You WANT to be owned' My cock
twitched. I cupped it in my hand and massaged it gently, I was vaguely
beginning to understand..

I showered and put some clean clothes on and returned hesitantly to the

Ryan was relaxing on the sofa when I came in..

"Clean up that mess".  he said, without even looking at me.

I fetched the mop and bucket and cleaned up, then put the mop away. Ryan
raised himself and checked the floor. He looked at me and grinned.

"Now strip, and sit over there" he said, pointing at the phone seat in the

He returned to watching his TV program and paid me no more attention. I
stripped naked, sat down and waited.

Soon he snapped the TV off.

"Bed" he said.

I followed him to the bedroom. He threw a blanket and pillow on the floor.

"You sleep there"

He turned the light out, I heard him strip and get into bed. He was soon
snoring gently. I lay awake for a long while, my bruises ached, and my mind
was in turmoil. Definitely I would sort things out in the morning! I wanted
to kill him? ..No!. I wanted his cock?
definitely YES!  My cock grew hard. My hand stroked it gently, three times
and a jet of cum spurted out, as my whole body shook, I moaned quietly. And
gradually drifted into a dreamless sleep.

Chapter 3 Training

I woke up early and looked at the bed. Ryan was sleeping peacefully, the
covers were pushed back It was the first time I had seen his body properly,
A perfect torso, defined pecs, prominent six pack powerful shoulders slim
waist, smooth clear skin. A silver ring looped through the left nipple. He
had bulging calf muscles, his leg covered by short light fine hairs. His
pubic area was closely shaved, bald like a child"s, and the balls contained
in the loosely hanging scrotum were huge. But what rivited my attention was
his "morning glory" cock, proudly erect, thick, long, straight and

I watched him. All my resolution to "sort things in the morning"
evaporated, meant nothing. I was with Ryan. I wanted to be there. I needed
to be there. It was natural. That suddenly seemed so obvious to me.

Ryan's eyes flicked open. He glanced at me, and then briefly down at his
cock His eyes closed sleepily again.

" Suck" he murmured.

I took his cock in my mouth, his hand came down on my head, and gently
guided the depth and rhythm I sucked long and greedily. I loved his cock in
my mouth. It felt so right. I wanted to, needed to please him. I started to
touch my own solid cock, but he brushed my hand away. I glanced at him, His
eyes were still closed . I felt the tension in his body rising, he moaned
quietly, and began to fuck my mouth, his strokes getting harder and
faster. His back arched and his whole body stiffened. I felt his jet of cum
explode in my mouth, and I swallowed eagerly, Immediately I groaned
involuntarily, my body stiffened and shuddered, and cum spurted from my own
cock. His body went limp as he relaxed on the bed. His hand pulled my head
up removing his cock from my mouth and pushed me firmly away.

Soon he got up and moved toward the bathroom.


I followed

"Kneel and suck"

I knelt and took his cock in my mouth and sucked. He started to piss. I
gulped eagerly but the stream was too fast, it dribbled from my mouth down
my chest. He stopped pissing, pulled his cock out my mouth and then gave a
last long burst all over me. He pointed at a puddle on the floor.

"Lick it up"

He put his foot on my head and pushed it down.

I licked his piss from the floor.

His big grin appeared.

"Good Now get me some coffee"

"I"ll get a shower first" I suggested.

His expression instantly changed.

"No" he snapped sharply "I own you. You will wear my smell"

I made his coffee while he showered. He came down, took his coffee and told
me to bring him a pen, paper and my driving licence. I watched as he spent
some minutes practising copying my signature, until he was satisfied he had
got it reasonably right. He had. He finished his coffee.

"Give me your bank card, I am going out".

I hesitated, He glared, daring me to defy him. I handed him my card. He
took it and left.

I slumped down on the sofa. I bruises were still aching The certainty I had
enjoyed when I was with Ryan wavered, the anger and doubts flooded
back. How could this be 'so right' to let him treat me like this? I aught
to DO something. Call the Police? Not that! Cancel my card? Best not to
yet. Call my (only) friend Robert? No! I did not want the world to know
about Ryan!! So what then? Wait for Ryan to return?

Yes, of course I would!

This was quite madness, I knew it..Or did I? That strange echo from my
mirror last night 'are you sure?' I smelled my body, Ryan was still with
me. I relaxed slowly. I dressed but did not shower. I cleaned up the house
and rested my aches. I frequently sniffed my body for his smell. Each time
I smelled him my cock twitched.

Ryan! Ryan!!.

Ryan returned about six o"clock. He was carrying a large, full sports bag
and some shopping. He was wearing smart new trainers and track suit. He
looked really good, and seemed well pleased with himself. He casually
tossed my bank card down onto the table.

"Come here" he said.

I went to him and he sniffed me. He wrinkled up his nose in disgust, but he
was grinning broadly.

"Good Now you can get a shower"

I went to the bathroom and showered, feeling a bit sad to lose his smell,
but happy that he seemed pleased with me.

I came out the bathroom wearing a towel, and heard Ryan moving around in
the bedroom. He was wearing only boxers, and the stuff from his bag was
laid about on the bed. A drawer and a wardrobe door was open. A pile of my
belongings were heaped on the floor.

"This is my space" he said, and looked straight at me, then returned to his

He had no need to add "and you will not go near it" We both knew I would
not dare to.

I looked at Ryan"s back for the first time. He had a tattoo on his left

The design comprised an elaborate stylised capital letter R, the leg of the
letter enlarged into a phallus shape, pointing straight out rather than
down. Next to that letter was an upright clenched fist with the wrist
encased in a studded black cuff, the symbol of power.

I moved to get some clothes from the pile on the floor. Ryan stopped and

"No" he said firmly and rolled his eyes up in that 'Give me patience'
expression he used,

He reached over and yanked my towel off.

 "Get me a beer"

I left him to it.  Ryan came out of the bedroom after a while carrying a
small bag. He sat down and called me over.

"Kneel and suck" he ordered.

I took his cock in my mouth, my cock went hard, his did not. He was busy
getting something out of the bag. I felt something being strapped round my
neck and fastened. He had put a collar on me. I kept sucking.

"You will wear this from now on"

I heard the jangle of a chain and felt it snap onto the collar. He tugged
sharply on the chain pulling my head off his cock and down towards his

"Lick them" he commanded.

I licked his feet, one by one, carefully, thoroughly, all over, between
each toe, along the shaft, around the heel, along the base, tasting his
flesh, drinking in his smell. After a while, another tug on the chain.

"Roll over"

I lay on my back as he stood up over me. I opened my mouth to receive his
piss, a long burst all down my body, I gulped down what I could catch in my
mouth, and instinctively massaged the wetness on my body, with my hands,
then sniffed and licked them. I writhed gently and moaned with pleasure.

Ryan pointedly stared at my raging hard on and grinned.

"Good .You are making a little progress !"

He was laughing happily.

"Now I"m hungry."

He unclipped the chain.

"Stay there" he ordered, picked up the shopping and walked to the kitchen.

I heard the sound of drawers and cupboard and fridge doors banging as he
checked it out and then the sounds of food being prepared. The radio came
on and Ryan started humming along with the music. He was happy, I was
content. Eventually the oven door slammed shut. Ryan came back with a
bottle of wine and one glass in his hand, lounged on the sofa and poured
himself a glass..He ignored me, still lying where he had left me. He turned
the TV on and watched the news briefly and then flicked through the
channels, finding nothing of interest. The TV went off. Ryan sat quietly
relaxing for a while then got up and returned to the kitchen. He came out
shortly carrying two plates. He handed one to me.


A delicious lasagne. Ryan certainly knew how to cook.

"Go and sort the Kitchen"

I went. Ryan could cook for sure but he made a mess doing it. I cleaned it
all up and went back to the lounge. Ryan got up and went to the
Kitchen. After a few seconds he came back in and walked to the bedroom, and
returned carrying a heavy leather strap. He no longer looked happy.  He
picked the chain up snapped it on my collar. He yanked the chain, dragging
me to a chair

"Bend Over" he said quietly, yanking me with the neck chain.

I felt the sharp sting of the strap as it bit into my buttocks. I yelped
and straightened up, only to be pulled down again by the chain.  Two more
stinging pains bought tears to my eyes. He put down the strap. He yanked
the chain downwards.

"All fours" he ordered

He dragged me doggy style to the kitchen, stopping in front of the over
filled waste bin.

"Now stand and pick that up".

I picked up the full black bin bag. He opened the door and led me out on
the chain to the dustbin round the side of my house. It was still light,
and my garden was open plan. I was naked and he wearing only boxers and
top. Anyone around could have seen. I dropped the rubbish into the
dustbin. He led me back inside.

"Now go and clear your crap in the bedroom and stay there" he ordered.

I went and tidied away the heap he had thrown on the floor. Then lay down
on the floor and thought. I had learned that Ryan liked everything clean
and tidy, and that he did not give a toss about what anyone thought. I
resolved that my/his house would now be kept spotless, Ryan would like
that. I wanted him to be happy.

Ryan came in a couple of hours later, switched the light off, stripped and
got into bed. He was soon asleep. Now he was near me again I was content
and I was soon in a dreamless sleep.

Chapter 4 Understanding

I awoke when I heard Ryan stirring and looked at him. Again the covers were
pushed back and he lay, eyes closed, gently stroking his rigid cock. I knew
what to do. Ryan did not even open his eyes as I slid my mouth over his
cock, but his hand came down onto my head and he took control. Eventually I
gulped down his stream of thick cum, and shot my load. I slid off him and

He got up and I plucked up my courage

"Ryan" I said "I have to go to work today"

"You won"t" he replied firmly " I have things to do. Now get my coffee"

He walked to the bathroom.

I gave no further thought to work. I made his coffee and waited. Soon he
came down, fully dressed and took the coffee I offered to him.

"Go get a shower and dress".

I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. The first time I had seen
my collar. A thick band of black leather with spiked silver studs around
it. I felt it. I liked it I showered and dressed.

When I retuned to the lounge, Ryan told me to kneel in front of him. He
reached down and unfastened my collar, then lifted my arm and fastened a
black metal bracelet around my wrist. He took the collar and placed it
carefully on the mantelpiece, which I noticed, he had cleared of all my
ornaments and photos.

He told me to drive him to town.

I drove and parked where he told me.


I followed him across the road and into a Tattoo shop. He told me to sit
and wait. He went to the counter and began to sketch and discuss designs
with the tattoo artist. I thought he was going to get a tattoo..Eventually
there seemed to be agreement, and he turned to me

"We"re ready now, Come on"

I realised that it was me having the tattoo. I hesitated. Ryan stared at me
and his eyes flashed. I followed him into the back room.

"Take your top off" said the artist.

The bruise on my arm and red weals across my cheek were still quite
obvious, but the guy said nothing, and set to work on my left
shoulder. Ryan sat patiently, watching. I could see nothing. I just got
used to the constant sharp pricks. The artist took about an hour, then he
stood back and looked at Ryan who came over and checked the work. He seemed

"Cool" he said..

"That"s 80 then" the artist said, looking at me.

I paid with my card

"Now to B&Q" said Ryan.

I drove there and parked..

"Do you have any tools?" he asked.

"Not really" I said. DIY was not my thing.

"Right give me your card and wait"

I handed the card over. He came back shortly, wheeling a loaded trolley and
got into the car..

"Load that lot in" he instructed.

I loaded the planks and sheets of wood, tools, and other items in the car..

"Now I"m hungry, we"ll go to the Grove"

I drove to the posh Country Club, parked and I followed him into the
restaurant. Ryan's mood changed. He flirted with the barman, joked with the
waitress, ordered good food, choosing for me as before, a bottle of good
wine, and water for me. He chatted happily with me as we ate, a lot about
food, and wine, and he knew a great deal about it. He was educating me, I
thought. When we had finished he called for the bill and passed it to me. I

"Right" he said "work to do. Home"

Back at the house I carried the stuff in, and Ryan moved the furniture
around to create a work space. He stripped to his boxers, then looked at
me. I understood. I stripped naked. Ryan waited a few seconds then glared
at me, his body stiffened and his face showed anger.

" And what else? " he hissed.

My mind raced. Oh Shit, my collar!  I got down on all fours, padded to the
mantelpiece, reached up, placed it in my mouth and padded to him. Ryan
relaxed, nodded slowly, took the collar from my mouth and fastened it
on. He removed the bracelet, looked at me and pointed at the phone seat in
the corner. He turned away and set to work. I watched as he worked quickly
and expertly, to create a bed sized platform covered in foam padding, with
a 2 meter high upright frame with cross braces, supported by struts,
attached about one third along the base. He screwed heavy eye - rings at
various points on the structure and clipped short lengths of chain to
them.. He tested its strength and rigidity by doing ten quick pull ups
using the frame's top bar.

It was obvious that he had created a crude but very effective restraint
frame. I understood what it was to be used for.

He looked at me.

"This will do until I get you a proper cage"

He looked round the room.

"It will go there" he said, pointing. " Get rid of that bookcase and

I moved the furniture into a corner, and pushed the frame into the now
vacant space.

"OK for now". He seemed satisfied.

He went to the Kitchen and came out carrying a jug of water and a glass. He
filled the glass..

"Drink this quickly" he said and handed it to me. I swallowed it. He took
the glass and refilled it from the jug.

"Now this" he said, handing me the glass.

I drunk it, more slowly. Ryan waited, took the empty glass and refilled it,
and gave it to back to me. I took much longer, and I could see Ryan getting
impatient. I emptied it at last. Once more he refilled the glass and handed
it to me, and this time left he me to it. He went into the bedroom and I
heard him dialling on the phone, and the murmur of his voice, but could not
hear what he was saying. He came back out and looked at the glass still
half full, I was having to force this one down. I was feeling bloated. He

"Finish it" he snapped and went into the kitchen.

I heard him opening drawers and cupboards. He came back carrying some
things, and went to the bedroom. A drawer was pulled open and then closed..

He came back in, carrying a small bag.  My glass was now almost empty.. He
checked it and said

"OK Now lets see if you fit. Stand there" he said pointing at the platform.

He checked the chain at the top, adjusted the length and clipped it to my
collar. He took a thick leather cuff from his bag, strapped it on my wrist
pulled my arm out to the side, adjusted the chain and clipped it on the
cuff. This process was repeated for the other arm and both legs. I stood
there arms and legs spread out and head held. I could not move.

"Good" he said, and unclipped the chains. "Now bend over the bar"

I bent down and he went through the adjusting and clipping routine with my
arms stretched out forward and legs backwards and sideways, leaving my arse
pulled open and pointing straight backwards. He stood behind and pressed
his groin against my arse checking the height.

" Good" he said and unclipped me."Now kneel"

Same routine with the clips and chains, this time he stood in front, his
cock exactly level with my mouth. I licked it through his boxers, but he
backed away and unclipped me.

" Now lie down" he ordered.

Again the adjusting and clipping routine until I lay helplessly spread
eagled on the padded base. But this time .the clips stayed on.

"Welcome to your new home!" he said grinning happily.

He walked off to the bedroom, and came out fully dressed,

"I need your card and car" he said, as he picked up my wallet and keys and
pocketed them, slipped on his jacket and left.

I heard the car drive off..

I started to panic, He had my car and wallet! What if was robbing me and
did not come back? I tested the cuffs and chains looking for a way to
escape. No chance. I was trapped. Should I shout and try to get help? No
one would hear probably, and if they did what the hell could I tell them. I
could not face that embarrassment! There was nothing else for it. I had to
wait ...and hope! Anyway I thought, Ryan could have robbed me several time
already, but that did not seem to be his purpose., and why all the
elaborate preparations, the tattoo, frame, his things in my ..HIS
drawers and wardrobe. No. I knew Ryan had not finished with me yet.

I settled down to wait. It was reasonably comfortable if a little
hard. Soon I began to need a piss, the result of the water he made me
drink. The pressure slowly grew. An hour passed, and I was seriously
uncomfortable and I could think of little else except needing a piss. Half
an hour later I was desperate, bursting to go, in pain, my stomach
distended. I was frequently shifting around slightly, trying to find a
position to ease the pressure, occasionally gasping with the effort to
control my bladder.

I heard the car return. He came in with two bags full of shopping. He
ignored me, walking straight towards the kitchen. I called out.

"Please Ryan Let me out of this, I"m dying for a piss"

"Well piss then" he called, as he entered the kitchen.

Having his piss on me was one thing, but pissing myself? Not if I could
help it. I was determined. I waited a couple of minutes, the pressure
becoming unbearable. I called him again.

"Ryan, Please let me out, I"m bursting"

This time he came in, definitely not pleased.

"I told you to piss" he said quietly and placed his foot on my stomach and
stamped down hard. The pressure pain increased sharply, and I felt a small
dribble escape from my cock and run down my thigh. He moved my cock with
his foot so it pointed up my stomach,

"Now piss" he hissed,. and again stamped on my stomach.

 Ryan had ordered, and I could hold out no longer.  I relaxed my tensed
bladder and a small pool of piss began to spread over my stomach. Strangely
I felt no disgust, the feeling of warm wet piss on my skin was pleasantly
sensual and the release of pressure was ecstasy.

"More, Push harder" he demanded.

I squirted, and a stream arched upwards, splashing down all over my
chest. I watched fascinated, it was like a pretty fountain, up, down
splash, spatter. And I had made it happen! Fun!

"Again, harder" he demanded."and open your mouth"

I squeezed harder and a jet shot up, arching higher, over and down
splashing over my face, some into my mouth. For the first time I tasted my
own piss.

"Drink" he said.

I swallowed, and squirted again, enjoying the warm wet splashes. I
remembered from when I was very young the competitions with other kids to
see who could piss highest or furthest,..that was fun! This was fun too, I
had forgotten how to play, had had no fun for so many years. I squeezed
again, another pretty fountain and sensuous splashes. Then another. I was
smiling now, and then it all came out in one long stream, soaking me from
head to groin running all over my body. It felt wonderful!, The relief of
release was exquisite! I looked at Ryan, now grinning broadly, and slowly
shaking his head ruefully.

"Why do you have to be so fucking difficult"

He took his cock out and sprayed me with his piss, I opened my mouth and
gulped it in, and my cock stood straight up.

Ryan said "Your problem is you"ve never lived, you"re totally screwed up"

He bent down and released my clips, one by one. I did not move. He stood up

"Do nothing to spoil my evening" he warned "Clean up here and get a
shower. Tonight I will fuck you"

I did as I was told. In the bathroom I sat and thought about what he said.
I never enjoyed myself, had very few friends, and they seemed to tolerate
rather than like me, never went to parties, (never invited to any) never
got drunk, worried about bills, and "what the neighbours would say", hardly
ever laughed, worked all hours to be a 'good employee' but was. left out of
any fun or chat in the office, rarely went out, and then only to sit in the
bar corner by myself watching others having a great time...and sex?? a
lonely wank, or very occasionally a quick grope with another sad stranger
on the heath. I loathed that.

But I was 'in control' I checked the mirror. 'In control of a shit life
Screwed up' the face mouthed back to me. Yes, Ryan knew me, exactly! He had
treated me like shit, taken total control,and I had had some fun for the
first time in many many years!

He had taken me through resentment, anger, pain, weird experiences and
sensations, fun, and intense sexual excitement, All very strange and new to
me. My cock began to lift, I was the luckiest person alive, I was owned by

Then I remembered. My Tattoo! I had not seen it yet! I checked in the
mirror over my shoulder The design was quite simple Ryan"s large capital R
and clenched fist symbol, with additions. Extending down from the wrist
cuff was a chain, fastened to a studded collar which encircled my own name
letter 'g' in small case, positioned directly below the end of the phallus
shaped leg of Ryan"s capital 'R' A line of drips coming from the phallus
tip landed and splashed on top of the letter 'g'. It was quite clear. Ryan
had permanently branded his property. Cool, I thought,happily. My cock was
rock hard. I looked in the mirror again.'It is what you've always wanted'
the face said.

Chapter 5 Acceptance

I showered and returned to the lounge. Ryan was fully dressed, very smart,
and had laid out a meal on the table.

He turned round and stared straight into my eyes.

"How do you like your Tattoo?" he asked.

Ryan knew I had checked it out. Ryan knew me. I knew that I chose my words

"It is exactly right for me. Thank you"

Ryan"s handsome face lit up as his grin spread across it "Progress" he said

Ryan beckoned me, I approached


I knelt. He leaned forward and unfastened my collar.

"For now" he said.

He got up walked over and placed it in the centre of the mantelpiece

He pointed at the bedroom.

"Get dressed"

In the bedroom, placed on the bed were a pair of black silk boxers and a
very classy new silk top. Better than anything I ever bought myself, and
then realised I would have paid for them! They fitted well, looked good,
and I loved the silky feeling on my skin. I went into the lounge.

"Now lets eat" he said

We ate and drank the wine. For the second time that day Ryan was relaxed
and chatted. Stories, jokes anecdotes, laughter, playful teasing,
information and explanations on so many topics, but of course he told
nothing about himself. I was some years older than he was, but he knew and
understood so much more. I listened and tried to learn from him.

He produced a small blue pill and passed it to me. I looked at it. I felt
the words of my usual response when an offer was made to me in a pub or
club 'drugs are not my thing' form in my alcohol relaxed brain. I was
forgetting too much, too quickly!

I felt his attitude change, he stiffened, and he glared at me, then at the
pill, then back at me. I picked it up and swallowed it. He got up went to
the mantelpiece picked up the collar and called me over.

"Kneel" he said, and I felt the collar being strapped on.

His body relaxed and the grin slowly reappeared,

"Still so much to learn" he almost sighed the words "Now clear this lot

I did so, quickly tidied the kitchen and returned to the lounge. Ryan was
lying on the sofa He motioned for me to sit on the floor beside him. He
started to stroke my head as you might a dog.

"I own you" he said "Everything you knew or thought you knew before has now
changed. You will do as I say.  I will do with you as I please"

He was echoing my own thoughts in the bathroom earlier. The stroking
continued for another few minutes.. He got up and went towards the bedroom.

"Come " he said. I followed him..

He went to his drawer and picked out some items. He opened a small brown
bottle. Poppers I thought, as I had seen lads sniffing from similar bottles
in the bars. The odour wafted around the room. He placed this, some
condoms, and a tube of lube on the bedside table and then carefully
flattened a square of tin foil. He opened a small plastic wrap and poured a
white powder onto the foil, and used a knife blade to spread it out and
separate into a number of lines. He picked up a small tube, and put it in
one nostril and blocked the other with his thumb. He sniffed down one line
of the powder, He paused and sniffed down a second line. He turned to me
and handed me the tube

" Half a line for you".

I took the tube and sniffed.

I turned back to him He had stripped naked.

"Now suck me"

I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. His cock quickly grew hard, and
I could feel my own cock straining to be free. He reached down and pulled
my top upwards. I raised my arms and he pulled it off .His hand gripped my
hair and he firmly pulled me up, away from his cock until I was standing in
front of him.

His hands reached down to my boxers, he hooked a thumb on each side of the
waistband and he sank to his knees, pulling my boxers straight down. My
cock stood out straight, very close to his face. I felt him start to slip
something on my cock, and looked down. I watched as he arranged two steel
rings attached to a black leather tag around my cock and balls.

He stood up and pointed to the bed. I lay down on it.  He picked up a
condom and the tube of lube and prepared his cock. He handed the lube to
me. I prepared my arse. He rolled me onto my side and lay behind me, his
cock searchung for my entrance, It slipped slowly into me and stayed quite
still. I felt my body relax, and my mind began to drift, into some detached
hazy dream state, but my cock stayed rock solid. Odd, I thought, I always
go soft when I am fucked.  I felt Ryan reach his arms around me and pulled
me close to him, We lay like that for a long time, then slowly he started
to move his cock, gently probing. I felt his fingers and thumb close around
my nipples He pinched, slowly ever harder and the pain become intense. My
body tensed a little but I lay quite still. I felt the intense pain but
could not react to it. Slowly he released the pressure. Twice he repeated
this, as his cock occasionally twitched in my arse. I felt him slide his
cock out. He turned away from me and I heard a loud sniffing noise. He
pulled me up, lay on his back, his cock pointing straight up.

"Sit on it" .

I lowered myself carefully onto his ccock. He raised his knees and pushed
me backwards so his legs formed a sort of back rest, Quietly he lay there
not moving. And then he began stirring, almost imperceptible movement at
first, Gradually, so slowly, the tempo increased, like a ball placed on an
infinitely long marginally sloping surface will inexorably gather momentum,
rolling ever faster, his movements gathered speed and power, until his body
was writhing, bucking, thrusting up at each stroke, his legs lowered, his
back arched up and down, his eyes tightly closed, face screwed up, brows
furrowed with lines of effort and concentration, mouth slightly open, beads
of sweat on his forehead and chest. My whole body quivered like a jelly, my
mind narrowed to one point of concentration, vaguely aware of distant
screams, alive only to the intense sensations welling from deep inside,
strange wild images, light flashes, noises in my brain. Deep thrusts now,
each one lifting me bodily. tossing me wildly around like some leaf in the
storm winds Then one final violent heave upwards, his body arched and
locked rigid, I felt the pulses of his cock spurting deep inside me I
gasped for air and groaned.  His body slowly sank back down, and remained
motionless for a time. Consciousness slowly returned to me. I opened my
eyes and looked at his now serenely relaxed face as he lay there. My cock
was wet and sticky, splash stains on the sheet, and drops of cum on Ryan"s
chest. I had obviously ejaculated, but I had no memory of it happening.

His eyes flicked open and focused. I saw him check my cock. A smile spread
over his handsome face.

"You are a noisy bastard" .

What? .Oh, yes the screaming. It had been me! Ryan looked at his chest,
twisted his body sharply tipping,me off sideways and pulling his cock from
me. We lay like that for an age my mind slowly clearing. My cock throbbed
dully, held tight by the rings and straps., my arse was burning. Then his
hand was holding my head by the hair firmly pulling me round and down
towards his chest.

"Eat" he said.

I licked my cum up drop by drop. Ryan released my hair. I sank back down on
the bed. He got up and went to the bathroom returning a short time
later. He picked the tube up and sniffed another line, and handed the tube
to me.

"Half" he said.

I sniffed and lay back down. Slowly my mind started to drift again.

He was lying quietly, and then began to play idly with his cock

"Suck" he murmured.

I took it into my mouth and carefully set to work, on his relaxed cock,
sucking, licking up and down the shaft, playing my lips and tongue over the
tip, sucking his balls, probing with my tongue all around them, and towards
his arse crack and then back to licking and sucking his cock which slowly
swelled and went rigid. I felt my own cock rising, straining against the
steel rings.  I was sucking deeply greedily. He pulled me off using my hair
and raised himself, and flipped me over onto my back.

He stretched his leg over my chest, his tight firm buttocks towards my
face. I watched as his arse lowered towards me, transfixed, my whole being
focused on the perfect round dark red ring as it descended to meet my eager
tongue. I shuddered as my face was buried into his buttocks I licked and
sucked, up and down his crack, probing the ring, My hands were prising his
cheeks apart, to give better access for my curled up tongue as it
desperately sought entry through his hole. I sensed Ryan"s pleasure. So it

Then Ryan lifted his arse. He reached over and picked up a condom and the
lube tube. He took my hand and squeezed some onto it and guided it to his
arse. I smeared the lube around his dark red entrance, and inserted my
finger, through it, massaging gently and spreading the lube around
inside. I inserted a second finger, probing, prising and relaxing the
opening. When I withdrew my fingers Ryan turned around, and sat astride me
and gave me the sheath. Islid it on. He took my hand and squeezed more lube
onto it. I reached down and spread it on my cock. Ryan lowered his arse
down towards it, moving around, searching the correct location and dropped
down onto my rigid cock. He winced slightly as it entered him, and he began
to move gently up and down.. I began to follow his rhythm, pushing up then
lowering. I felt the pressure on my cock at each stroke as his tight arse
muscles contracted around my cock. His eyes were closed, face blank with
concentration, pinching his nipple with one hand and stroking his stiffness
slowly with the other.

I reached up, tentatively moving his hand aside and held his nipples
between my fingers and thumbs. It was the first time I had touched any part
of his body without his command or permission. Ryan"s eyes flicked open,
Then closed again. He lowered his hand. It was OK! I squeezed them hard and
thrust upward strongly with my cock. Ryan groaned quietly, his head tilted
up and back, back arched, fingers spread across my chest to steady himself
I thrust again and again, twisting his nipples tightly, each thrust deeper
and faster, lifting him at each stroke.  Ryan"s wanking increased in
intensity, and I felt my climax building, My eyes closed. I concentrated
only on the thrusting, my ball sac contracted, my breathing came in short
deep gasps. I felt the climax welling up, then I spurted, my cock was
pumping, my whole body quivering and my head twisting violently side to
side. Again I could hear the distant screaming noise. Ryan"s body then went
rigid and he jerked about on my cock. His arse muscle clamped tight around
my cock, I felt his cum spray landing all over my chest and face.

All was still. The only sound was heavy breathing. My eyes opened. Ryan"s
body shifted, leaning forwards. His expression was calm. He reached down
and picked up a big drop of his thick cum and smeared it on my lips, I
licked it greedily. He grinned, but said nothing.

He lifted himself off me and went to the bathroom, I heard the toilet flush
and the shower running. I lay exhausted. He came back in, slipped on his
boxers, looked at me and pointed at the bathroom.

"Clean up and change the sheets " he said as he left the room..

I showered, changed the stained sheets, tidied the room. I noticed the
time, nearly two hours had passed!! How? Sex for me normally took about 5
minutes, rarely 10, and my record was about 15 minutes. I put on my boxers
and went to the lounge. Ryan was on the couch sipping a glass of wine. He
glanced at me, and tensed up, his eyes glared at me. I knew that look. I
hesitated, what "s wrong now? I thought, my mind racing! Ryan stood up, and
was tapping his foot. Then it dawned on me. I was wearing boxers! IDIOT!

I pushed them down and let them fall to the floor. Ryan picked up my lead
walked over and clipped it on.

"Down" he snapped. I went on all fours, he tugged the lead and dragged me
to the frame.

"Bend over"

I lowered myself onto the cross bar and Ryan fastened the chain clips, arms
pulled forward, legs backward, arse vulnerable. I heard the swish of the
strap, and then felt the stinging pain, my body jerked. I clenched my
teeth, trying to prevent the sound escaping. Again the swishing sound. I
twisted and writhed around but there was no escape, and I gasped loudly. A
third stroke, I howled and tears welled in my eyes and tricked down. I
slumped limply over the bar. Ryan waited a short time, then unclipped me

"Lie down"

I did so and he clipped the chains on in the new positions, He turned and
went back to his wine. I lay there while the hot stinging pain subsided
into a dull ache.

I was sorry. Not for myself but because I had interrupted his quiet drink
by my stupidity. I really must do better!

After about half an hour Ryan came back to me. He unclipped the chains.


I did, and the chains were clipped back in the new position. He stood in
front of me.

 "Well?" he questioned.

I looked up into his deep grey eyes.

"I am very very sorry Ryan" I meant it.

He flipped his cock out.


I sucked and swallowed as his piss flowed, hardly spilling a drop My cock
did not go hard.. I carefully licked the last drops from his bell end. Ryan
smiled thinly

"Learn!" he encouraged, and unclipped me

He beckoned, and I followed him into the bedroom. Ryan lay on the bed, I
lay on the floor, happy that Ryan was no longer angry. I drifted into

I felt something prodding me. I opened my eyes. Ryan was standing there,
poking me with his foot, naked with his cock rigid.

"Get on the bed" he demanded

I was sleepy and my head was buzzing oddly. I dragged myself on to the
bed. He handed me the lube. I prepared my arse, and then his cock when he
nodded towards it.

"On your front" he ordered.

Still half asleep I rolled over. He lay on top and his cock pushed firmly
into my arse. I winced slightly but it slipped in quite easily. He stayed
still as I relaxed, quite comfortable with Ryan"s big cock inside me. I was
not aroused, drained I realised, by our earlier wild exertions. My cock
remained limp. He began moving, thrusting in and out. I lay there as he
calmly gradually, almost lazily increased the pace and depth of his
movements He did not take long this time, I felt him tense up and his cum
pumped into my body. He paused a short while, pulled his cock out and
rolled off me

"Off" he said, and went to the bathroom.

I lay back down on the floor. Whatever Ryan needed, I thought, was OK by
me, I was content to serve. I wondered at, and admired his power and
stamina. Perhaps, I thought, he was trying to impress me?.No chance of
that! I understood that he did not care at all what I thought or felt. Ryan
had simply felt horny, and used my arse.. Ryan returned and lay down,
ignoring me.

I wondered why he had let me fuck him earlier. But then of course he had
not "let me". He had used my cock to provide the sensations he sought - the
intense pleasures of pain. Ryan understood pain, and how to use it. That
understanding must have come from his own experiences. The experiences that
gave Ryan power, and his absolute faith in that power. I got up and went to
the bathroom. When I returned, he was already asleep I lay down and soon I
fell sound asleep.

Chapter 6 Enjoyment

I woke very late, nearly midday. My head was banging and I I felt a bit
sick. I lay there, and my cock and balls felt uncomfortable. The cock rings
were still in place. Should I take them off? Better not, I thought just in
case!. Ryan came in, dressed as usual, only in his boxers. He looked down
at me and grinned broadly.

"Oh Dear" he mocked "You do look a state!"

He handed me a glass of fizzing liquid.

"Drink this, and get a shower" he turned and added as he walked out

"Yes, you can take the rings off"

Ryan is psychic I thought, I felt no surprise! I drank, and bean feeling a
bit better. Ryan had obviously already used the bathroom, his usual mess
everywhere. I showered, carefully cleaned and tidied up the bathroom, and
then the bedroom. I went to the lounge.

Ryan was relaxing on the sofa, reading. He got up and went to the bedroom
and then the bathroom and returned, smiling.

"Frame, and lie down" he said.

He returned to the sofa and his book.  I went to the frame and lay down. I
rested quietly, waiting for Ryan. After an hour or so, he called me. I went
to him,

" Drink" he said, without interrupting his reading.

I knelt down, took his cock out through the slit of his boxers, and put my
mouth around it. My cock began to harden. Soon the piss started to flow. I
drank, and licked up the couple of spilled drops, and replaced it inside
his boxers. I went back to the frame.  Ryan had taken no notice of me, just
kept reading.

 "Get me a coffee and clean the house"

I got his drink and set about the dusting and mopping. In the kitchen I
loaded the dishwasher, scrubbed the tops and sink, sorted out the washing,
and looked at the bin. I hesitated for only a moment, then picked up the
bag and went out, naked, to the dustbin. I finished my tasks, went back
to,and lay down on my frame. Ryan got up and did his tour of inspection and
went back to his book, saying nothing.

The door bell rang Ryan stretched lazily, got up and went to the door. I
could hear the voice of Janet, my neighbour. I heard Ryan cut in rudely,

"No, he"s busy!" and the door shut firmly.

'Oh shit! That"s fucked it' I thought. I stood up and started to walk
across the room. Ryan came back in. He looked at me, tensed up, his eyes

"Frame" he ordered, "Bend over"

He clipped me in, the strap swished six times, I yelped and shuddered at
each stroke. He left me writhing in pain, uncomfortably slumped over the
bar, and went back to his book.

I knew my crime. I had been concerned about something apart from Ryan, and
even, if only in thought, challenged his actions. He had known
immediately. He always did. He owned me. I was wrong. I deserved the

After a while, he put his book down, came over and released the clips. He
turned and walked to the bedroom. I followed him. I waited while he went
through my wardrobe and drawers, sorting through my clothes. He looked
disdainfully at most of them and threw a load on the floor, eventually
selecting a set for me.

"Dress" he said "and get rid of that crap"

He pointed at my things on the floor. I put on the clothes he selected for
me, and he dressed quickly but carefully, checking in the mirror. He looked
stunning! He smiled.

"Come" he said, and I followed him to the lounge.

"Kneel." he said.

He removed my collar, and fastened my bracelet around my wrist. We were
going out.

Ryan picked up my wallet, tossed me the car keys, and I followed him to the

"Abbottsford" he said naming the huge new shopping mall.

I drove there and parked. I followed him into one of the smart
restaurants. He ordered our food and drink, and he ate happily and
hungrily, enjoying himself. He paid with my card.  He looked at me and
grinned broadly

"Shopping!" he said, obviously excited.

Ryan LOVED shopping.

We went from store to store, He looked at the window displays He ignored
the cheap shops, only quality interested him. He checked through the racks
of clothes, picking out items, went to the changing rooms, tried things on,
came out walked up and down, checked in the mirrors, selecting or
discarding them, Often he picked out things, looked at me, considered and
either kept or replaced them .And so it went on. Clothes stores, shoe
stores, record shops, sifting through the racks of CDs, cosmetic counters,
spraying the back of his hand, sniffing, testing the various samples of
aftershave and deodorants, chatting and discussing casually with the
assistants about body lotions and face creams.

It was not in anyway random, all quality goods, carefully chosen. He paid
at each store with my card. I followed round carrying the growing number of
bags and parcels,.He greeted several people and stopped for a quick chat a
couple of times. Two hours passed..

A quick break for refreshments, a pint in the pub. Then

"Take these back to the car" he said pointing at his purchases.

He went back to the bar. I picked up the parcels, walked to the car park
and dumped the stuff in the car and returned. Ryan had finished his second
drink. He pointed at mine

"Drink it" he ordered.

I gulped it down, a large bottle of fruit water this time, and off we went
again. Another couple of hours, another load of bags, and he was through,
there were no more stores that interested him! Ryan was clearly very

We returned to the car, loaded the parcels and I started the engine.

"Sainsburys" he instructed.

I drove to the supermarket while Ryan happily sifted through his parcels,
getting things out, admiring them and replacing them, delighted.

I parked and Ryan reached over and took the car key, got out and went to
the store, I followed him round the aisles, wheeling the trolley he had
pushed at me near the entrance.  He picked out some groceries. The store
was busy, Then he stopped, in the middle of the bakery aisle, turned to me
smiled evilly.

 "Piss yourself" he said.

I looked at him blankly not understanding. I did need to piss, the drinks
earlier, I remembered.

"Piss yourself" he repeated.

"Here?"  I asked, still not really understanding.

He nodded, still smiling. I stood still and did nothing. I could not do
it. It was too public.

Ryan waited and watched a short while.


He walked off towards the toilets. I followed, and relaxed as I thought he
was going to let me piss there.

Fool I was!

There was a guy, at the urinal and the cubicle door was closed. Ryan walked
to the sinks, motioning for me to follow. He washed his hands, went to the
dryers and back to the mirror by the sinks. Wasting time! I tried to look
busy at the sink. The guy finished his piss and left.

Ryan immediately turned and pushed me firmly against the wall, he unzipped
my fly, put his hands on my shoulders and pressed down.

"Bend your knees" he hissed quietly.

I lowered myself, and he held me with one hand so I was a little lower than
he was. He quickly pulled his cock out and put it through my open
fly. Realisation dawned.

"Please! " I begged ,whispering too "Not here"

But I did try not even try to move.  Ryan ignored me, he was concentrating,
and I soon felt the stream of his warm piss running over my cock and down
inside my trousers, and dripping into my shoes I heard the toilet flush in
the cubicle. Ryan finished his piss and turned away to the urinal just as
the cubicle door opened and a guy came out. I quickly turned to the sink my
heart was thumping wildly. The guy washed his hands and left, not
interested in the other occupants.

I looked down at the large wet patch showing across my groin area and down
my trouser legs.

Ryan looked at it too, he was chuckling happily, having a fun day!! He
turned round, opened the door

"Come on" he said.

I did up my wet zip, looked at the puddle of his piss on the floor and then
followed him back to the trolley.

Ryan continued shopping, talking deliberately loudly, wanting, it seemed,
to attract attention. I followed him round, trying to hide behind the
trolley, desparately hoping no-one would notice the wet patch. What he had
done in the toilet had been risky, anyone could have come in. And then who
knows what shit would follow?

 Risk!. Excitement!!  The pounding heartbeat!!!  I don"t do that! I could
feel the comfortable, wet warmth around my cock. Ryan"s piss I felt my cock
getting hard, the bulge definitely starting to show.

Ryan handed me my card, looked me straight in the eye

"Do not leave without my shopping" he ordered and led the way to the
checkout queue.

He moved away from me a short distance. I heard him say in an easily
overheard voice.

"What"s that odd smell " Heads turned to see who was speaking.

Ryan stared at my trousers

"Here, have you pissed yourself?" he said.

The heads turned and followed his gaze to my wet, bulging trousers. I saw
the expressions change.  .  I went bright red, my bulge instantly
collapsed. Please ground, open and swallow me, I was rooted to the spot,
mortified. I looked down. I was going to run,.but Ryan"s order held me
there. I looked back up. Ryan was gone.

A couple of people moved queues, and the others gave me lots of space. I
got to the front of the queue. The checkout lady was professional and
polite, but her face told a different tale. This was something she would be
telling the staff at break time! I paid and fled the store. The security
guy watched closely as I left.

Ryan was sitting on a bench outside, grinning from ear to ear. He got up,
and preceded me to the car and got in the drivers seat. I felt eyes follow
me across the car park. I loaded the bags and got into the passenger
seat. Ryan was still grinning. He looked down at my crotch

"Dear, dear" he mocked.

I could have brained him. Ryan was laughing.

"Did you see the look on that old bags face?"

I knew immediately who he meant. The woman"s face had rapidly registered a
series of emotions, recognition, disbelief, realisation, shock/horror,
disgust, and then curious interest, she had kept staring at my crotch!

It was not funny, poor woman, I thought. Ryan was still giggling.

Or was it funny? I might have given the old girl her first thrill for

I smiled slowly, relaxing, beginning to get Ryan"s joke! It was after all
really quite harmless, like kids knocking on doors, running away, then
watching from behind a wall the puzzled, annoyed owners when they answered
the door. Fun and exciting. Childish Ryan was just playing with me and
others. He started the car and drove off towards the house.

I looked down at my wet patch. I remembered my fear of discovery, the panic
at the checkout, and my excitement and arousal. Ryan"s piss! On my
body. Wet and sticky around my cock. My cock twitched and began to swell
again. It was still wet and sticky but it was now getting cold. I wanted
some warmth back. Well, there was a way to do that. A sudden delicious
secret idea forming in my brain. I still needed a piss!

Ryan glanced at me and grinned.

"Do it" he encouraged, reading my thought.

I lowered the seat back and lay back, relaxed. Soon my piss was flowing
gently from my cock, my crotch warming up, sensuous and exciting. I stopped
pissing so it did not soak the seat.

Ryan"s hand grabbed my hair firmly and he pulled my head over and down into
his crotch. He had already flipped his cock out of his trackie bottoms. It
lay there waiting. My lips parted and my hungry tongue licked along it,
tickling the tip, and then my mouth closed around it. I sucked, gently
writhing with pleasure, my cock rock solid.

My heaven!!

Ryan continued driving. Who cared if anyone saw? I eagerly swallowed the
warm nectar as it flowed. Ryan"s hand, pulled my head up, pushing me back
into my seat. He concentrated on driving us home, but he left his cock
lying limply on view. For me to watch, Thank you, Ryan!

We got home. Ryan picked up a few parcels

"Bring the rest" he ordered, and he went inside.

I followed him into the bedroom, carrying a load of parcels, dumped them
and went to collect more. Four trips to empty the car of shopping and
parcels. Ryan was already busy opening, checking and packing the stuff
away. I stood watching. Ryan stopped and looked round at me. He stared hard
at me. I stripped off and left the room, collected my collar, and went to
my frame and lay down.

Ryan emerged from the bedroom some while later. He looked at me. I offered
him the collar. He looked pleased. He fastened the collar, clipped it to
the frame and removed my bracelet.

He crossed the room and put one of his new CDs in the machine. A Puccini
Opera, I recognised it. He went to the kitchen and I heard cooking noises
and Ryan humming happily.

I lay there quietly, and felt the need to finish my piss. I knew what to
do. Have some fun! I waited as the pressure built, happily anticipating the
pleasure to come. I gently played with my cock, and tested the pressure on
my stomach, forcing a little drop out of my cock and then rubbed it over my
cock tip, savouring the magic tingling sensation, my cock twitched. I
licked my fingers, smelling and tasting.

Ready now I can"t hold it longer!! You can! Wait!! A little more
pressure. Now! Aim! Fire!!

The jet arched beautifully up and splashed down on my chest. Warm wet,
glistening, slippery, on my skin. Rub it in, spread it around. More!!
Another spurt, wave it around splashing everywhere, body writhing, gentle
groan of sheer delight, cock hard solid. More! Shit! all gone.

I opened my eyes.

Ryan was standing there holding a can of beer, watching me play.

"More?" he asked, his hand moved towards his cock.

I nodded eagerly.

"Yes please" I said and opened my mouth,

He stood over me, cock in hand. I strained up to reach it but the chain
held my head down.

"Say 'Please Ryan'"" he coaxed..

"Please, please Ryan" I begged.

Ryan held his cock there several seconds, teasing me. Then he grinned

"No,! Later" he said, and put his cock away, turned and walked to the sofa.

"More Progress " he said with satisfaction as he sat down.

He lounged on the sofa, drank his beer and picked up his book.

 The beautiful music played softly. Ryan was happy. I was disappointed not
to have his piss, but very content to know Ryan was pleased with me.

After about half an hour he went to the kitchen and came back with plates
of food. He released my neck chain and handed me a plate and took his to
the sofa. When he had finished he got up and went to the bathroom, I heard
sounds of the shower splashing in the bathroom, and then of the bedroom
door closing.

After a while Ryan returned to the Lounge, wearing some of his new
clothes. He looked stunning! He was carrying his sports bag.

He sat on the sofa, and called me. I approached and knelt in front of him.

"Suck" he said.

I opened his fly and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked and sucked, and
this time his warm nectar flowed, I took it out my mouth and directed it
into my face, and then over my body, rubbing it in with my hand. I was
moaning quietly. I closed my mouth on it again and licked and sucked.

I knew he was leaving. I did not want to let him go.

Ryan stroked my hair, and waited patiently for several minutes. Then he
abruptly pulled away, turned and walked towards the door.

"I"ll be in touch" I heard his words as the door closed..

I watched him leave. I remained kneeling there, in front of the seat he had
left, not moving for some time, his piss drying in my skin, getting cold. I
felt totally lost and empty.

I wondered to the bathroom. Ryan"s mess, toothpaste left open, oozing,
towel crumpled on the floor, soap lying in the bath, shampoo, shaving gel,
razor, toothbrush all dumped where he had used them.

Then to the bedroom. Except for Ryan"s, bed still neat from when I had made
it this morning, it was in the same untidy state. Worn trainers and clothes
strewn on the floor, and his aftershave, hair gel, and cosmetics -.tubs and
tubes  lids off, lying haphazardly on the dressing table.

I scanned the room. The pillow, which I had placed on top of my folded
blanket beside the bed that morning, was decorated with a pair of Ryan"s
dark grey silk boxers carefully laid out on it.

I picked them up. Soaking wet and with some obvious white sticky stains on
the front. I buried my face in them, groaning, sniffing his odours, and
sucking the material for a taste of his precious fluids.

Ryan had left me a souvenir to comfort me. I slipped them on, feeling the
cold dampness. My cock stood to attention.

Authors Note:

Thank you for reading my story. The first one I have ever written.

Only writing I have done before was business letters and e-mails.

Never felt any 'creative urge' before, or even considered I may have one.

About a year ago, I idly typed a sentence, and the rest just tumbled out
onto the page! No idea why.

Never even read other erotic stories either, until a couple of weeks ago,
when I stumbled across the Nifty archive.

Among the more mundane offerings, I found a number of  really gripping
tales, polished and well written. I admire the work and style. I thank
those authors for the pleasure I have had, and the understanding that I am
beginning to get about what makes a good read, and technically how it is

I have no illusions. My story does not even start to compare with those.

Nevertheless, I felt I would like to share my story, which has sat unseen
on my hard drive for a year.

I don't think it is finished yet. I don't know if it is worth completing!

Any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated