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Date: Wed, 01 May 1996 17:22:58 GMT
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                            THE DARK WANDERER
                             ~ NASTY WIVES ~
           Archive Site: http://homepages.enterprise.net/arcadia

My Lord and Master, Mr John, is making my life a misery. My wife,
Betty, is now five months pregnant with his child and is very, very
happy now that she has his big penis instead of my little one and I
understand and agree.
She is much more of a woman now, too much of a woman for me to handle.
She requires men like Mr John or Karl and Christian. She loves negro
and West Indian men and needs them to get true satisfaction, like me.
My name is Jim and Betty is a little younger than me. Betty is a
beautiful woman with long black hair, lovely long legs and a shapely
figure. I wanted to give her a child but so far no luck. My seed is
either too weak or, more like, my penetration has not been sufficient.
Because she is so sexy, in bed I often come before penetration, on
entry to her sex hole.
I love to read the stories on the net and when I read the stories
about wives with other men, my thoughts, while I toss, turn to Betty
and I place her in those sexy situations of wayward, sexy wives,
having sex with a really big-cocked man in my presence. With such
thoughts I come very quickly, especially when I use the photo I have
of Betty in a short dress with stockings, suspenders and high-heeled
shoes. I got brave and began to suggest to her that she may like to
have another man while I watch.
She refused until last year, now its all changed and she is pregnant
with the baby of a black man we met in France while we were on holiday
last year.
It was a very good two week holiday for her. A romance with that big
negro, which I thought was enough for her, but I now know better, as
she is now back to normal and seeing another black man, bringing him
home to fuck him in front of me, to humiliate and degrade me as she
did with Karl in France. She says she wants to have another baby, this
time with her new lover.
Anyway, as I said, we went to France for two weeks. It was lovely and
after two days, we went to a naturist beach that Betty had heard about
at our hotel. When we got there it was quite a sight; white, black and
brown people all completely naked. I got an erection looking at all
the naked flesh and big boobs, much bigger than Betty's, although hers
are firm and proud. She stood out from the other women, looking sexy
and shapely. Many men took an interest in her as we chose a spot to
sit on the beach and I had to hide my small erection with a towel.
The older boys and men were far superior to me in every respect and I
felt very embarrassed at the sight of their big penises. A group of
young black men were the focus of most of the girls' attention,
including Betty. Their cocks were magnificent, hanging halfway down
their ebony thighs and my eyes were irresistibly drawn to them. They
looked incredible, swaying as the men played games. Betty saw me
looking enviously at the black men and laughed at me, saying that I
wasn't a match for them. I watched her eyeing up one particular black
youth who had a magnificent body. It gleamed like black velvet and his
penis was a magnificent piece of equipment. Betty's eyes never left
him and he was soon aware of her interest in him.
He left his pals and wandered over to us, introducing himself to us as
Karl. I hung my head as Betty introduced us and I watched as she
gently opened her legs and allowed our visitor to see her soft, pink
slit. It was clear to him that she was aroused. I looked up at him as
he stood above me and it was clear from his stance that he knew he was
my better.
Karl stood there like a young black god, his eyes lustfully devouring
my wife's body, her pert young breasts lifted proudly and her nipples
were erect. His gaze wandered down her smooth, silky body and her legs
opened wider to expose her inflamed labia and inner lips. She was so
wet that her juices trickled out. I saw her smile sweetly at him; by
then he too was becoming aroused. His knobhead, which had been hidden
under his foreskin, had fully pushed itself from its covering. I can
tell you that it opened my eyes and Betty's.
He looked disdainfully down at me and his gaze rested on my penis.
Betty told me to move aside so that Karl could sit on the towel next
to us. He barely looked at me as he joined her, knowing that I was no
problem in his conquest of my wife. They talked together and their
flirting became so blatant that I knew she wanted to have sex with
him. I also knew that I wanted to watch her have sex with him, no
matter what the consequences to our marriage. She moved the towel over
his crotch and I watched, amazed, as she squeezed his cock. There was
a real danger that they would try to fuck on the beach and I suggested
we went back to our hotel, to which they agreed.
We covered ourselves and went back to the car. They sat in the back
while I drove. Their conversation got more intimate and I was sure
that this sexy 18 year old would give Betty a good fuck. I found I was
rubbing my penis as I drove. I managed to gasp out that I would like
to watch him as he took Betty to bed; he smiled and said yes.
Once in our room they discarded what little clothing they had been
wearing and Karl pulled her to him and they kissed before moving to
the bed. He gently lay on top of her and held her legs, placing them
over his shoulders. He rubbed his huge pink knob crown up her cunny,
covering it with her juices. She tossed and turned as he rubbed it
against her bud, her breath was ragged and she was groaning.
Karl tossed his penis in his hand, getting it even firmer and harder.
It looked so long and magnificent, all of nine inches in length. Then
he eased his pink knob crown into her sexy cunny, slowly at first. My
wife sobbed and squealed as she took his thick cock inch by inch. Her
bottom lifted from the bed and suddenly she had taken every inch of
his awesome cock. I couldn't take my eyes from the sight of his huge
black shaft buried so deep in my wife's cunny hole. Betty shook and
writhed on his penis, begging him to fuck her. I felt myself come as
he began his thrusting. Betty was all over him, hanging onto him as he
fucked her. It was clear to me that she was having many orgasms and
that he was more than satisfactory for her. It was a wonderful sight,
like nothing I had seen before.
Karl soon came inside her, his body thrusting deeply as he groaned and
jerked. Betty said that she loved him and asked him to move in. He
agreed and after they had rested, he went off to get his things. He
moved in for the rest of our holidayand he and Betty had many sexy
fucks together. When he slept with her, I had to make do with the cold
floor and before and after every sex session, he made me perform
cunnilingus on Betty. She loved it and laughed at me for being less
than a man, but funnily, I found that I enjoyed being humiliated by
her and her superior young love. As the ultimate humiliation, I was
made to lie underneath her and tongue her clit as Karl fucked her from
behind. Betty really enjoyed it and so did I. By the time we flew
home, she was a well-fucked and satisfied woman and I had become her
obedient sex slave.
Back at home and without Karl, she grew restless with me, even though
I did all I could by licking her sex bud and cunny hole. Eventually,
she brought home a black man from work. His name was Christian and he
fucked her many times but wouldn't let me watch. Betty liked him but
he wasn't as well-endowed as Karl had been. It was all very
frustrating but I got to lick her out after he had gone.
My wife went with him for two months before becoming restless and
frustrated with him and his smaller penis. She needed a new man and
told me I had to find her one as well-equipped as Karl. I had no idea
of how to go about it, so went through the latest contact magazines. I
wrote off to as many black men as I could find; it cost me a small
fortune in stamps and photos of Betty. She had replies from many black
studs wanting to get into her pants and fuck her. She finally chose Mr
John, a 26 year old black superstud. He claimed to have a 10 inch
penis and promised more once he fucked Betty. He has since proved his
length by having Betty measure his cock.
My wife loves sex with Mr John and now has his baby inside her. Betty
has moved him into the house and he has proved a worthy master. I do
all the things I did for her when she was with Karl and Christian, but
Mr John humiliates me even more. My wife makes me cower before him and
he ridicules me for my small penis and tells me I have no chance of
ever satisfying my Betty or any other woman. He says all I am good for
is working and bringing in money and, of course, to obediently toss
myself off while he services my wife. All right, I may have a small
penis but it still feels good when I toss and come while grovelling to
him as he services my Betty. Its a very special relationship and one I
am proud to be part of for betty's sake.