Two Men and a Baby-slut  (M+g,toddler,nepi,extreme pedo)

by d.o.mann

A few months ago, my buddy Bill took over raising his little 3 year old grand-
daughter after his daughter went to jail for selling drugs.  The girl's dad
died before she was born.  Bill's wife died several years ago as well, so he's
raising the tot all alone.  We're both only in our mid-forties, so it seems
weird to hear little Ali call him "grandpa".

One night we were sitting around drinking beer after Ali went to bed.  We came
across that show where the three guys live with three little girls and I made
some comment about the 10 year old.  He said he'd do all three, including the 4
year old if he was them.  I was shocked since I'd known him for 20 years and
the subject had never come up.  But maybe he'd seen me giving Ali the eye
(she's got such a cute little ass!) and figured me out.

About that time Ali came out of the bedroom and climbed up on Bill's lap.  She
was so cute in her little nightie and panties.  She has dark shoulder length
hair and a face like an angel.  I was so jealous of Bill as he held the little
doll on his lap and rocked slowly.  Then I noticed his hand start to move down
toward where her legs straddled his thigh.  When he started rubbing the crotch
of her little girl panties, I got hard as a rock.  He looked over at me with a
wicked smile and I couldn't help but rub my cock through my pants.  After a
minute, Ali began to spread her little legs so Bill could get to her baby cunt
better.  She leaned back and sighed as her grandfather played with her little

Bill grabbed her little thighs and spread them even wider as he put his hands
inside her panties.  When he saw me rubbing my cock he said "Go ahead" so I
took it out and stroked as I watched him work on her baby cunt.  After a second
he motioned for me to come over.  I stood up and walked toward the chair.  My
hands were trembling as I let go of my cock.

Bill took Ali's head in his hands and said "Open up, baby".  I knew what was
going to happen and I felt like I was going to cum right then.  I started
stroking my cock again as he pushed the little girl's face toward my cock.  She
pulled back a little and said "No, gram'pa" and he shushed her and pushed her
head toward me again.  That got me even hotter.  I loved the thought that
whether she liked it or not, she was going to get fucked in the mouth.  She was
ours to do with as we saw fit, to fuck in any way we wanted!

Right now what I wanted was to fuck that sweet little mouth.  I pushed my cock
forward as Bill held her head in place.

"Fuck!" I moaned as my cock parted her lips.  I moaned even louder when I
pushed into her mouth.

"She's good, isn't she?" Bill said "She's got a nice fucking mouth!"

I pushed forward again and my cock went deeper into her mouth.  It felt so
good, but it looked even better seeing her cute little face wrapped around my
meat I started grunting as I fucked faster and faster into her.  Only the head
was going in and out, but that was even better as her lips teased the ridge
with each thrust.

"Her mouth is so fucking good!" I told Bill.

He laughed and said "I love watching the little whore take cock even more than
I like fucking her!"

Her tongue was working to keep my prick from coming any further into her mouth,
but that just made her baby blow job all the better.  Each time she tried to
push me out, her tongue rubbed hard over the head and caused more pre-cum to
drip out.

"Little bitch is gonna get my cum!" I grunted.

"Yeah!" Bill said "Fill the fucking little slut up with your cum!"

She started crying more loudly as I fucked even faster, but that just made us
both laugh more.  The idea of using her mouth against her will just added to
the excitement.

"Come on!" Bill said "Cum right in her fucking mouth!"

He pushed her face forward and her mouth took another inch of my shaft.  That
was it!  My cum began shooting wildly into the 3 year old's mouth.

"I'm cumming!" I moaned.

"Yeah!" Billy cheered.  "Shoot it in the baby slut's mouth!"

She pulled back hard now as she tried to keep from drowning in my cum.  Her
mouth pulled off my cock and the cum shot over her sweet little face.  I
grabbed it and smeared my cum around as it shot out.

"Fuck, yeah!" said Bill "Cover the little whore with cum!"

She was crying loudly now and that made us laugh out loud.  He held her head
tightly so she couldn't avoid the last few squirts of my cum.

"Here, bitch" he said "suck it dry!"

With that I pushed my cock into her mouth again and drained the last few drops.

"You'll learn to like it" I said to her.

"I don't care if she likes it" Bill said "as long as she sucks!"

As soon as the little suck whore had finished sucking the cum out of my cock
Bill pushed her down onto the couch so her hot little ass was sticking up in
the air.  He pulled her cute little girl panties off and started rubbing his
cock all over her little ass and pussy.

He was being pretty rough with her and I felt sorry for her at first, but then
it was so exciting seeing him use her fucking little pussy that I couldn't keep
from jerking off again.

"Look at that slutty little ass!" he grunted as he rubbed his prick over the
little girl.  "Fucking little baby slut!" he said as he put his cock head
against her little fuck hole and jerked off.

"Fuck!" I said as I watched him use her tiny cunt to get off.

Cum started leaking from the head of his dick and he wiped it over the slut's
baby cunt.  Just then we saw her start rocking back and forth.  The fucking
little baby whore liked having a cock rubbed on her little pussy!  We both
broke out laughing as the bitch fucked back on his big cock.

"What a fucking little whore!" he said.  I had to jerk off harder the more he
abused the little slut.

"Fuck" I said "I'm gonna cum on her face again!"

"Yeah" he said "cover the little bitch's face!" He grabbed her head and pulled
her up so I could get a better shot.  Then he stopped and said "Wait, I wanna
see you shoot your cum all over her slutty little baby pussy"

He stood up and I jumped in behind the little fuck doll and started rubbing my
dick all over her.  Her little slit was wet with her grandpa's pre-cum and she
felt so fucking good!  My cock was dripping cum all over her too.

"I'm gonna fucking cum on her little ass!" I grunted as I jerked off over the
little slut.

Bill was jerking off over her face.  "That's what she's for" he said "Cum all
over her!"

It felt so good rubbing my cock over that little pussy!  It was something I'd
been dreaming for months!  Her little baby cunt was all slick from Bill's cum
already.  I rammed forward toward her little pussy hole as I jerked off.

"You're gonna get some more cum, whore" Bill said.  She gave him such a
helpless look and he just took his cock and slapped her little face with it.
She started crying, but he just laughed and said "Don't cry, bitch, suck on
this" Of course she did.  He pushed his cock into her screaming little mouth
and she started sucking.  That turned me on, not him being so mean really, but
the fact that she couldn't do anything about it.  She was our fuck toy.  We
could do anything we wanted to the fucking little whore.

What I wanted was to shoot my load on the little bitch!  I stroked harder as
her grand dad fucked the head of his cock into her mouth.  I could still see
some of my cum where I'd shot off before on the little slut.  Seeing him fuck
her cum covered little face was getting me off.

"I'm gonna cum on the little whore again!" I said.

"Put your cock right up to her fucking little cunt hole when you shoot" Bill
said "Fill the baby whore's pussy with cum!"

Hearing him talk about the little bitch that way got me even hotter.  I pushed
my prick right against her baby fuck hole and jerked it off.

"Fuck!" I said "I'm cumming in her baby pussy!"

"Yeah" said Bill "Let's cum in both ends at once!"

I could see his cock start to jerk around in her little mouth and she tried to
pull her head back.  Her grabbed her hair and fucked deeper as his cum started
to leak out from her lips.

"Take it, bitch!" he said "Take my cum!" I could see his cum dripping down the
baby whore's chin and I started shooting my cum up her little cunt hole.

"Yeah, fill the slut with cum!" he yelled.  I could feel my load shooting
inside her baby pussy!  When she was full I pulled back and shot on her little
ass too.  Bill pulled out of her mouth and shot onto her cute little face and
totally covered it.

We both rubbed our juice all over the slut, on her face, her ass and her little
pussy.  When he was done, Bill wiped his cock off with her hair.  I made her
lick my cock clean.

We let the little bitch go back to sleep then.  But a few hours later we woke
her back up and shot some more on her sweet baby cunt.  We just couldn't get

Well, that's the whole story of how we got started with our little fucklet. He
told me later that he'd been fucking her ever since her mom went to jail.  That
very night, he started using her little slut mouth to get off.  I asked him how
he knew I would enjoy fucking a baby slut and he told me he could tell by the
way I kept sneaking peeks at her and how I got antsy when she ran around the
house without her underpants sometimes.  I guess we can always spot each other.

It's been about four months now, and we've done just about everything with the
little whore except fuck her baby pussy and ass.  We'll wait a little while for

One thing I love to do is sneak up behind her when she's watching Barney or
something.  We always dress her in little short nighties or dresses or just
leave the little cunt naked.  Anyway, I jerk off watching her until I'm ready
to cum.  Just when I'm ready to shoot, I step out and grab the little whore's
head and blow my load all over her face without any warning.  The first time I
did that I thought Bill was going to have a coronary from laughing so hard.  Of
course, the little slut got scared and started crying, but I just shoved my
cock in her mouth and shut her up.  I do that a lot now.  I love the idea that
no matter what she's doing she has to be prepared to take my fucking cum!

I also want to tell you about another friend of mine, Tom.  He has two cute
neices, Leah who is 4 and Kari who is 2.  Their mom ran out right after Kari
was born.  He has been telling me for a while that he and his brother were
"teaching" the girls but I didn't really believe him.  He said his brother
leaves the girls with him a couple times a week so he can go get "some real
pussy" But every time I asked him to bring them around he said "maybe".  Once I
told him about Ali, he told me he'd bring the girls around and we could swap.
I found out he'd been telling the truth about the whole thing.


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