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COMMENTS: Warning!  This story contains toddler and scat related activity.

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STORY INTRO: This story explores a taboo that is normally not written 
about in pedophile literature - the secret world of a toddler's nursery 
room.  This is a story about the everyday temptations faced by a young 
woman when placed in a situation in which she must care for sexy young 

Toddler Time

by H. Grant

   The pre-school nursery was a picture of chaos and noise.  Little boys
and girls ranging in ages from one to three crawled and waddled around
dressed in T-shirts, training pants, and diapers.  They played aimlessly
with blocks and dolls - screaming, ranting, drooling, wetting, and pooping
themselves while creating quite a mess of things in the process.  Miss 
Garret had the consolation of having two assistants working with her that 
day - both of whom were relatively new to Pre-K management.  Still, the 
day had barely started and she was already showing signs of exhaustion.

   "Amy why don't you take care of Lydia over there.  I think she's had an
accident - look at how she's walking." she asserted to one of her young

   Amy - all of 21 years of age, walked over to the two year old toddler
and scooped her up placing a hand in the crotch of her diaper to check for
wetness.  The eventual look of disgust on her face suggested that the child
had made a BM instead.  Gingerly she stepped around little Tommy on the
carpet floor and carried little Lydia over to the changing table and
strapped her down kicking and struggling.  Lydia was at the age where she
was aware of the embarrassment she had made in her diaper, but still too
young to control it.  She hated being changed where most of the other kids
could see what was going on.

   Having secured the final strap in place, Amy undid the tapes on either
side of Lydia's pamper - unfolding it to expose the smelly brown mush she
had made in her private area.  The smell was strong and Amy had to hold her
nose with one hand while she performed the wiping process with the other.

   "See what you've done Lydia?  You've been a bad girl making a poo poo 
like that!" she pronounced as she tenderly wiped the dirty mud from her 
baby bottom.  "Pew!"

   Lydia wined and tried to fight free of the straps that held her down to
the changing mattress.  She could see several of the little boys standing
on their tip toes and peeking at her stinky diaper mess.  Some of them held
their noses and frowned while her legs were held in the air and her bottom
was being wiped and powdered.  To add to the humiliation, Amy kept taunting
her about what a smelly child she was and how bad she had been.  The entire
area around the changing area smelled like poop and Amy took her time
cleaning her off.

   "Miss Garret can you bring me some fresh diapers from the closet -
Lydia's made a big one here and we're fresh out."

   Miss Garret yawned and walked over to the nursery room closet.  She
opened the door exposing several shelves of infant and toddler supplies. 
Everything from baby bottles, bibs, trash liners, blankets, baby wipes, and
diapers lined the boards.  She withdrew a handful of pampers - blue for the
boys and pink for the little girls.  She made her way over to her young
assistant and handed her a few.

   "That should tide you over for awhile's the mess?"

   "Just awful Miss Garrett.  I keep telling her not to smear it but she
does it anyway.  Her diaper hardly contained it all."

   "Well you'll just have to make do.  When you're finished I need help
getting Bobby ready for his nap."

   Little Bobby was one of the onlookers watching Lydia's diaper change. 
As soon as he heard his name mentioned in the same sentence as the word
'nap' he quickly made his way to the other side of the room to avoid being
picked up and placed in a crib.  He was only three.  Amy finished wiping
Lydia's soft pink cunny and fastened a new disposable diaper around her
little hips.  Amy threw the dirty pamper into the diaper pail at the side
of the changing table making sure to hold her nose again.  She hated the
smell of poop.  Finally she unfastened the straps and picked up the
whimpering little girl.

   "Now now'll feel much better now.  You're all cleaned up."
said Amy carrying her over another crib.

   Gently she lay Lydia down for her nap and walked over to little Bobby.
He was sitting on the floor playing with a miniature fire engine. 
Apparently he had forgotten about his nap and was busy drooling on his
T-shirt.  Amy picked him up and carried him over to another crib adjacent
to Lydia's.  Bobby struggled.  He didn't want to be next to Lydia.  He had
seen the mess she had made in her diaper and he didn't want to be near a
little girl who smelled so bad.  Amy soothed him to sleep however, and
within a half hour she was on her break.

   "Don't you ever get tired?" she asked Janice - the other Pre-K

   Janice was about 27 years old and a full time nanny.  She had little
education but didn't really need any.  Her husband worked as a computer
operative in a large firm in New York and made enough money to support her
and her child.  She took up Pre-K out of boredom.  Ever the enthusiast,
Janice had plenty of energy - even more than Amy.  The younger assistant
had guessed that it was a genetic thing and that Janice was probably
working out as well.  She seemed to be in terrific shape and she almost
never lost her temper with the kids.

   "I don't feel tired." she replied.  "Just trying to stay active and help

   "Then you won't mind doing diaper detail this afternoon will you?" asked
Amy hopefully.

   Amy hated changing diapers - especially dirty ones.

   "Not as long as you do the feeding.  I have so much trouble trying to
get the baby food down their little mouths it's amazing." replied Janice.

   "Great.  No Problem." said Amy relieved that she didn't have to change
any more diapers for the day.

   The two girls exchanged small talk while Miss Garret watched over the
napping children.  There were ten in all - six boys and four girls.  Miss
Garret had founded the nursery with the help of her ex-husband.  Together
they had built it's reputation as being one of the finest and most well
equipped.  The baby furniture alone cost nearly $4,000 dollars.  Before
they had come along, the Emitt Elementary school did not have a pre-school
section.  Even though the school belonged to the public and was run by the
state, the nursery remained a private and separate entity.  It was the only
portion of the school where parents had to pay to place their children. 
Now it was run solely by Miss Garret who took great pride in her work with
children.  As nap time progressed, she had wondered what it would have been
like had she married another woman.  She had grown accustomed to the fact
that she was a lesbian at heart and couldn't possible marry another man. 
Miss Garret felt stifled.  In most states they didn't permit gay or lesbian
marriage - at least not yet anyway.  Now with the Republicans running
things, it seemed less likely that that the laws where going to change
anytime soon.  Miss Garret sighed out of discontent.  If only she could be
a child again and be free to explore other girls without the restraints of
the law.  She remembered fondly how she had once played 'doctor' with
another girl in her old neighborhood.  The two of them had picked a
secluded spot in the woods near the park and laid out a small blanket to
play on.  They were only six years old then, but it seemed like it was only
yesterday.  It was then that Miss Garret had begun to grasp her homosexual
feelings toward her own gender.

   Miss Garret stared openly at the little girls sleeping in their cribs.
She pictured their tiny chests and their sweet little hands and toes.  Most
of all however, she fantasized about what was underneath their training
pants and diapers.  Their sweet succulent pee pees where definitely ripe to
be kissed and caressed by a soothing nanny such as herself.  Still, she
also had a fondness for the little boys too - though it wasn't nearly as
strong.  She derived great pleasure and satisfaction due to the power she
held over them.  Whenever she changed their little white diapers with blue
trim, she was amazed at how anxious they were to let her peel off their
pampers.  Their tiny little wee wees stood up firm and erect in
anticipation of a soft ointment massage.  Miss Garret almost never
disappointed her little boys - making sure to wipe and caress them in all
the right places.

   Little Timmy was her favorite, he would squeal in delight when she
powdered his balls and spread ointment into his anus.  His face would beam
with infant pleasure whenever he felt her finger probe his dark brown hole.
Miss Garret was definitely aware of the power of anal sensations -
particularly in toddler boys.  Nobody in the nursery ever questioned her
tactics when it came to changing the toddler's diapers or training pants.
In fact, Amy and Janice marveled at how well behaved the infants where
whenever Miss Garret changed them.  She definitely had a firm grasp on how
to soothe the children on the changing table - not to mention eating and
napping as well.  She was indeed an expert in the art of baby sitting.

   "Hey we're back."

   Her thoughts were interrupted by the entrance of her assistants.

   "Did you ladies have a nice break?" she asked calmly making sure not to
wake the kids.

   "Same as always." replied Janice.  "We were just talking about stuff."

   "I'm so glad neither of you are smokers.  I don't like assistants who
smoke - it's one of my pet peeves when it comes to nannies." said Miss
Garret.  "Anyway, we should start straightening out the nursery.  The kids
will be awake in about 30 minutes."

   "I'll clean up the blocks and dolls." offered Janice.

   "I'll take care of the trash." chimed in Amy.

   "Good.  I'll finish keeping watch on the kids.  It's so nice to have
good help in this nursery for a change.  I've had some really poor
assistants before." said Miss Garret.

   "Don't worry Miss Garret.  You're in good hands with us." said Janice

   It was nearing noon time and Miss Garrett decided to start laying out
the lunch snacks and baby formula.  She kept a close eye on little Bobby.
He seemed to be fidgeting in his sleep - probably wetting his pamper.  She
opened the small cupboard and withdrew a box of Ritz crackers.  Then she
went to the small fridge and withdrew the Gerber's baby food and formula.
Miss Garret made sure to rinse the used baby bottles in the small sink. 
She didn't like unsanitary conditions - particularly when it came to the
toddler's utensils.

   Nearly 20 minutes later the infants were starting to stir themselves
awake.  Little Bobby had peed his diaper and was crying to be changed.  The
odor around the cribs suggested that Bobby wasn't the only one that needed
a change.  Little Rebecca was rubbing her crotch with her tiny hands -
probably smearing whatever was inside.  Miss Garret took note of these
things and offered to take care of Bobby.  Janice offered to change Rebecca
while Amy took the other infants out of their cribs.

   Miss Garret lay bobby on a changing table without fastening him down. 
She knew Bobby liked being changed by her and wouldn't struggle.  He smiled
up at her as she undid his diaper and peeled back the front - exposing the
yellow patch of piddle he had made just for her.  His pee pee was sticking
straight up in anticipation of his powder treatment.  Miss Garret swabbed
him down with lotion and then applied some soft white powder to his balls.
Bobby was in sheer bliss as he felt his baby testicles being gently brushed
and swabbed with Miss Garret's soft hand.

   "That's my baby boy." she cooed at him in a soft sweet voice.

   Gently she tickled his penis just enough to stimulate him so that he
would remain happy and wouldn't fuss.  She didn't bother touching his anus
because he hadn't made a poo.

   Meanwhile Janice was at the other changing table wiping down Rebecca's
stinky mess.  The stupid little girl had pooped her pamper and worst of all
she had smeared the BM so much that she had coated her little cunny with
the soft poo.  Janice swabbed her down with Huggie's baby wipes making sure
to get deep inside the little girl's pink fleshy folds.  Some of the awful
poo had crawled between her crack making it all stinky and smelly inside.
Some of the little boys around the nursery took notice and watched
Rebecca's diaper change on their tip toes.  Miss Garret had instructed her
assistants not to pay any mind this habit of watching - dismissing it has
part of the curiosity and growing up process.  The little boys stared at
Rebecca's poop stained cunny and held their noses at her.  Already they
were forming a negative image of little girls in their minds.  Apparently
they had forgotten their own habit of messing their diapers and training
pants.  Nevertheless, Rebecca blushed and her cheeks swelled with pink as
her exposed bottom was in plain view of the little boys.

   After the two toddlers were changed, it was feeding time.  Amy scooped
up little Tommy and placed him on her lap.  She gently placed a tiny spoon
full of Gerber's baby food to his lips.  Tommy wasn't quite two years old
yet and was not permitted to have crackers.  A dribble of drool crept out
of his baby mouth has he embraced the tiny spoon with his tender lips.

   "That's a good boy!  Eat up Tommy." said Amy as she stroked his little
gold locks of infant hair.

   Tommy looked so cute in his little bib and Disney diaper.  He continued
slurping away at his baby food and he placed a hand on Amy's left breast.
Amy didn't mind.  After all, little Tommy didn't know any better.  Lydia
was scooped up and fed some crackers by Janice.  Miss Garret picked up baby
Jenny and fed her some infant formula.  The nursery room took on a rare
feeling of calmness as the infants waited their turns to be fed.  They had
been well rested and felt little need to whine and pout.  Little Andrew
watched intently as Lydia munched on some crackers.  All the little boys
took great fascination in watching the day to day activities of the little
girls in the nursery.  Somehow they sensed that they weren't like them. 
They seemed soft, gullible, and weak minded.  They always wanted to play
with those stupid dolls instead of the miniature cars and trucks.

   "C'mon up Joey.  It's your turn to eat." said Amy motioning for the
little boy to come forward.

   Joey was the oldest toddler in the nursery.  He was almost four years
old and very receptive to what was going on around him.  His favorite toy
were the Lincoln Logs which he played with incessantly for hours.  He
rarely lost focus on what he was building and the nursery room staff was
amazed at his abilities to built little houses and huts with the logs.  He
was indeed a very intelligent little boy in addition to being the most well
behaved.  Joey was a favorite of Amy's - particularly because he had
graduated out of diapers and rarely had accidents in his training pants. 
He was also very adorable with his red hair and striped T-shirt.  He was
already learning to talk at a very fast rate and he could easily understand
basic commands such as the one she had just given him to eat.  Eagerly he
climbed onto her lap and began chewing on a Ritz cracker.  Miss Garret did
not believe in using highchairs accept for the smaller infants.  She was
adamant that children needed touching to encourage their sensitivity and
loving nature.  Miss Garret had received her degree in child psychology
from Berkley University in California.  Her two assistants almost never
second guessed her.  To them, she was right on all counts and what she said
was law - not just because she was their boss but because what she knew
what she was talking about when it came to children.  The parents of the
children had given their trust to her implicitly and she commanded respect
from almost everyone she knew.  She was indeed very intelligent for a woman
nearing the age of 40.

   When all the children had been fed they were taken out to a small
playground complete with a sandbox and jungle gym.  The little girls looked
so cute jumping up and down - especially little Chrissy.  Her tiny little
skirt rose up every time she jumped exposing her precious baby pamper. 
Miss Garret loved the site of the little girl's crotch and stared at it
intently - her pussy getting a bit moist at the site of her.  Chrissy
hadn't been changed all day and she was due for an accident.  All that
jumping around was sure to cause a stir in her bowels so it was only a
matter of time.

   Miss Garret had an incredible aura of patience about her.  Sometimes
everything would seem out of control in the nursery and yet she always
managed to keep things together with her soft tone of voice and uncanny
ability to negotiate through various problems and obstacles that occurred
from time to time.  Neither of her assistants had the faintest idea about
her homosexual nature - let alone her attraction to toddler girls.  Miss
Garret was very adept had hiding her true intentions from her co-workers -
keeping them on their toes with soft but firm instructions and commands
designed to keep them busy and pre-occupied.

   When the day was finished.  Amy and Janice departed leaving Miss Garret
alone with the last remaining toddler.  It was little Chrissy.  The little
girl looked so adorable in her sweet pink dress with white knee high socks
and anklets.  Her black saddle shoes made for an enticing image of
innocence.  Miss Garret knew otherwise however as she led the little tart
into the small bathroom within the nursery.

   "Raise your dress sweetie.....let mommy Garret have a nice look at your
potty pants." She said soothingly as she lovingly unfastened the tapes on
either side of her precious diaper.

   The front end of Chrissy's shameful attire fell open to expose a hint of
the awful mess she had made at the base of the pamper.  Miss Garret pulled
it open further and began to kiss and caress little Chrissy's trickle.  The
soft fleshy folds of the toddler's vagina began to puff outward as she felt
the soft wet strokes of Miss Garret's slippery tongue.  The nanny didn't
seem to mind the shameful odor creeping out of the child's diaper as she
licked and kissed her way up and down her soft vaginal lips.  Gently she
stuck a finger inside and began stroking her baby clit - eventually making
her way down to the slushy mess below.  A precious little pile of baby poop
awaited her finger as she scooped some of it up and held it to her nose -
inhaling the sweet yet shameful aroma of Chrissy's poo poo accident.  The
little child began to break out in tears of embarrassment as she realized
what she had done in her cute little diaper.  Miss Garrett soothed her with
her gentle voice and proceeded to wipe her up - making sure to get in all
the cracks and crevices.

   When the cleanup was complete, Miss Garret guided the sweet little girl
out to the main lobby of the building and waited patiently for her parents
to arrive.  It had indeed been a long and eventful day at the nursery.  But
Miss Garret didn't seem so tired anymore.  Just horny as hell.

   "Hey Chrissy...wanna marry me someday?" she asked the toddler

   The child didn't answer.  She was busy trying to figure out what that
pleasant feeling in her diaper was moments earlier during the changing
process.  It wasn't the first time the little girl would encounter that
sweet tingly feeling - nor would it be the last.

                                   THE END

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