The Sister Sitters  (F+g,extreme pedo,nepi,infant,oral,cons)

by Kids Loving Kids

   My older sister, Jenny is the most popular babysitter around, and she's
going to teach me how she makes all her money today.  She's been
babysitting ever since she was 13, which is four years now.  I'll be 13
next month, so she told me she'd take me with her and show me her tricks.

   Tonight is a good night for teaching, she says, because we're just
watching a little baby, Shelly.  Jenny only charges $1 an hour, so she gets
a lot of business, but she says the real money she earns is from the videos
she makes.  She made me promise not to tell if she showed me how she does
it, and she's even going to let me be in a video.  She said she should get
even more money than usual, 'cause people pay a lot to see real sisters in
babysitting videos, especially when one is as young as I am.  I can't wait.

   We spent a lot of the day getting ready.  Jenny said it's very important
to look and smell your best, to make a good impression on the parents.  And
you gotta be discreet with the videos -- she always brings a laptop
computer with her when she babysits so she can "do her homework," but
really, she hooks up her camera to it and that's how she makes movies.

   When we arrive, we ring the bell, and Shelly's mom meets us at the door.
She's a friend of Jenny's from high school.  Shelly's mom is only 16 years
old.  I told Jenny I wanted to have a baby when I'm 16, but she told me
it's more fun to play with other people's babies cause you are only
responsible for them a little bit and you get paid money instead of having
to pay to support them.  She's smart.

   Shelly's mom goes through all the boring stuff like phone numbers in
case of emergency and then she takes off.  Jenny tells me to go get Shelly
while she sets up her computer.

   Shelly's lying down in her crib, but she's not sleeping.  She's not even
a year old, and she's so tiny I fall in love with her instantly.  I wish
she was mine, and I could be her mommy.  Jenny said it's fun to pretend to
be the mommy in the videos.

   I bring the little baby in to the living room where Jenny's computer is
done booting up.  She's plugging in the digital camera, and when it's on
she points it at me and asks "Isn't Shelly a pretty baby?"

   "She sure is!" I say, "I love her so much."

   "If you love her, you should kiss her." my older sister tells me, and I
giggle 'cause I never kissed a baby before.

   I hold Shelly up in front of the camera and give her a great big kiss on
her cheek, and smile at the camera.

   "Now, kiss her on the lips." Jenny says

   I kiss Shelly on her lips, which are slimy from baby drool, but I don't
mind.  It feels different, and strange, but I like this new experience and
I'm having fun.

   "Now, if you really love her, you should kiss her like you kiss your
boyfriend." I've been French kissing an older boy at school that I really
like.  My sister taught me how to kiss that way.

   As I go to kiss the baby again, Jenny moves the camera in closer and
maneuvers to get a good shot, so you can see that I'm really giving her a
proper kiss.  I open my mouth and lick Shelly's baby lips with my tongue,
then push it into her mouth.  I didn't know babies could kiss like that,
but she learned real quick -- her tongue danced with mine like she had been
doing it for years.  The taste was different than my boyfriend, but I was
getting the same kinda funny feelings.

   "That's hot," Jenny says, "Let me try it." She motions to the camera so
I'll know she wants me to get it on tape too, and she kisses Shelly more
aggressively than I did, deeper, faster, and more forcefully.  Kissing this
little baby girl is turning her on, and I don't feel so bad about getting
those funny feelings myself.

   "There, now can I have a kiss?" Jenny says.  We kiss all the time, every
day.  We're not lezzies or anything, but it feels good, and there are no
boys in our house for us to kiss, so we kiss each other.  When I kiss
Jenny, I can still taste Shelly's spittle in her mouth, and she can
probably still taste it in mine.  It felt so mischievous to be doing these
things, and I was feeling really naughty, and loving it.

   "Here" Jenny tells me "Let me take this off for you, so you can be more
comfortable." I lift my arms up and let Jenny take my shirt off.  Around
the house, we don't have to wear clothes, unless we've got company or we're
at the dinner table.  We're all more comfortable without clothes on at
home, and it feels good to be topless away from home too.

   "Your boobs are coming along nicely, sis" Jenny says, as she starts to
cup and fondle my chest.  She's exaggerating, I don't really have much yet.
I don't wear a bra like she does.  It feels good to have her touching my
skin like we do at night sometimes when we play our tickle games.

   "Do you think Shelly would like to take her shirt off too?" Jenny asks

   "Yeah.  Who wants to wear clothes when they don't have to?  Can I take
it off her?"

   "Of course." She gets the camera and films me stripping the little baby
girl of her top.  After I do, I can't help myself as I kiss her again, but
try to kiss her more like Jenny did.  She's been kissing longer, so I bet
she does it better than I do.

   "Take off her bottoms too, so she can get some air on her."

   I take off her bottoms as well, so she's in just a diaper.  She's got
pudgy fat little legs, but they like the rest of her, are adorable.  I kiss
her legs too.

   "Now, me.  Come help me get undressed like a good little sister."

   She puts the camera down in place and I help her unbutton her shirt, and
pull it off her arms and shoulders.  I'm jealous of her breasts for the
last time, as I see them standing so firm and proud in her black laced bra.
She wiggles her butt and sloughs off her pants, so she's in just bra and
panties now.  I can see a small wet spot between her legs, where her cunny
is.  I used to think that meant she peed herself, but she taught me all
about how girls get wet there when they get horny.  Then she showed me how
to masturbate by rubbing your clitoris, or by playing with your breasts, or
by pushing your fingers as far up inside your cunny as you can get them.  I
like doing that the best.  I was seven when she taught me all these things.

   "You're getting horny, sis!" I yell at her, teasingly.  It's a common
fact around the family and at school that the two of us are always horny,
and could never turn down an offer to do something about it from a
classmate, boy or girl.  We'd both even made out with teachers before. 
They were usually the ones who bought sissy's videos, because they could
pay more than the boys at school.

   She sorta purred her response, and pointed at me.  I understood what she
wanted, and took my pants off as well, putting them on top of my shirt in a
corner of the room.  My panties weren't as nice as hers, they were Sponge
Bob Underoos.

   "I think Shelly needs to be fed, don't you?" Sis asked me.

   "Yeah, but I don't know where her bottle is." I told her, coyly.  Sis
sometimes feeds me like she would an infant, letting me lick and suck at
her nipples.  I thought you had to have a baby before you could lactate
(that's what they call making milk) but Jenny told me that's a myth.  If
someone like me licks and sucks on a nipple enough, it will stimulate the
glands and most people can produce milk if you try enough.

   "Well, I've got a couple of jugs full of milk right here." Jenny said,
undoing her bra and letting it slide off her body.  "Bring me the baby."

   I of course did, and I passed Shelly over to Jenny's arms and grabbed
the camera so I could get it on tape.  It looked so beautiful, like a real
mother and child.  I didn't know who I was jealous of more.

   "Are you hungry, sis?" Jenny asked me, offering her other breast up to
me.  I couldn't resist.

   I latched on to her other boob, and started sucking just the nipple into
my mouth like she taught me, and sucked and licked alternately.  I liked
the rubber texture and the baby powder smell of my sister's bosom, it
really was like a pacifier to be there, looking up at her pretty face as
her nourishing milk filled my mouth.

   "Dribble some of my milk down your chest." she told me.  "Try to get it
on your nipple, like it was your milk" I did as she asked, and dribbled a
whole bunch of spit and milk down my front and over one of my nipples. 
Shelly was handed to me, and Jenny took the camera.  I placed Shelly on my
milk-covered nipple, and instinctively, she began to suck.  It felt so
good. Jenny had done this to me before, but it felt so much better with a
real baby at my budding breast, kissing, licking, and sucking warmly at me.

   As I continued feeding my baby, I saw Jenny pull her panties off, and
she started masturbating.  I thought she'd want to catch it on the video,
but she kept filming Shelly and I instead.  She'd rub her fingers through
her slit up and down the length slowly, then pull her lips aside with two
fingers, and rub her clit with her middle finger.  Then she stuck three
fingers deep inside her body, and jackhammered them in and out of her cunt
until I heard squishy noises coming from her.  She smiled, then took her
fingers out of her cunt, and wiped her slime on my free breast.  It felt
sticky and warm, and it smelled intoxicating.  I wanted to eat her out like
I did on those days her boyfriend had to work and couldn't do it himself,
but she had other plans.  She told me to switch Shelly to my other breast
so she could taste "mommy's cunt juice."

   I didn't think Shelly would go for it, but she did, she actually seemed
to suck harder and more excitedly, as if she loved the taste of Jenny's
pussy...  I know I sure did.  Jenny went back to work with her fingers and
wiped her pussy ooze on her own breasts, and then asked for a turn with

   After giving her the baby once more, I took the chance to take off my
own panties, which by this time had gotten just as wet as my older
sister's. Filming Shelly licking her pussy juice from her breasts, I
started fingering myself.  I was so horny it was unbelievable.  Even being
felt up in a movie didn't make me this excited.  When I got my fingers all
coated in nectar, Jenny told me to let Shelly lick it off my fingers, which
I did.

   It kinda tickled, and I laughed, as did my sister.  It was a silly game
we were playing, and it was fun too.

   "She likes the taste so much, I bet you can get her to eat you out. 
Wouldn't that be cool?" It sure would, getting my pussy eaten by a tiny
little newborn baby.  Just the idea had me creaming.  "Here, I'll hold
Shelly on my belly, and you can straddle us.  Get your cunny right over her
little mouth, and I bet she starts sucking just like it was your boob."

   This, we had to get on film.  I positioned the camera, and Jenny
positioned Shelly.  As I lowered myself over the baby, sure enough, she
began to suck and lick at my little puffed-up clit.  Jenny held Shelly with
one hand, and fondled all over my back and ass with the other.  God it felt
so good being licked there, Shelly's tongue was so soft and smooth, and she
sucked so good on my little button, I was creaming so hard I must have
spread my juices all over Shelly, but she didn't seem to mind.

   Jenny stopped us because she needed a turn.  She wanted to feel what I
was feeling, so I took Shelly and turned her over face down, and lowered
her to Jenny's pussy.  The camera kept rolling as the baby girl licked and
sucked away happy as can be, and Jenny wasn't far from an orgasm.  I could
see her vulva contract slightly, see her muscles twitch.  Then I had a
great idea.  I lifted Shelly's lower half up of the floor, and scooted
under her as she ate out my high school sister.  While Shelly sucked at
Jenny's cunt, I could be sucking and licking at Shelly's.

   I'd never tasted a baby's cunny before, only my seven-year-old sister
Cindy's and of course Jenny's.  But Shelly's was the best thing I've ever
tasted!  If you've never had an opportunity to sample a little girl pussy
like Shelly's, you are missing out.  Even a young girl like Cindy doesn't
taste quite the same as a baby like Shelly, and let me tell you, the
younger the better!  I gobbled that infant's twat for all it was worth,
rubbing at my own cunny at the same time.  Jenny was working her hole as
Shelly was sucking her clit, and I heard her explode into several orgasms
before we decided to stop.

   It'd been a few hours already, and it would take some time to clean up
and get dressed.  The whole room smelled like sex.  Jenny opened a few
windows, and turned on the ceiling fan to blow the scent out.

   "That was awesome" my sister told me "This video will be worth some good
money to the right people." You had to be careful who you tried to sell to,
she told me, because a video like we just made could get you a lifetime in
jail.  It could also get you more money than you'd ever need if you handled
it right, and besides, the experience itself was priceless.

   There were a few guys at school who had interest in stuff like this, and
if they sold dope they'd have enough cash for a copy, but most of them
ended up in teachers' hands.  They couldn't really use the tapes against us
because the teacher who had the tapes would be just as guilty as we were.
To find out who was interested and safe to sell to was easy, we just had
Cindy do a little routine to see if she could get the teacher to hit on
her. If they wanted to fuck Cindy, well, she didn't mind, and we'd have a
new customer for our tapes.  Maybe Cindy could even be in the next one.

   "Any more work lined up, Jenny?  I can't wait to do this again."

   "Next Friday I gotta babysit for Timmy.  You can come again."

   I liked the idea of babysitting little Timmy Smith, he was a cute little
18 month old, whose family had a black lab Jenny used to practice giving
blowjobs.  She had trained him to eat her out, using peanut butter, but now
she said he does it on his own.

   "You going to let Spike fuck you?" I asked Jenny.  "I bet that would
sell some tapes."

   "If you behave, I might just let him fuck you, and maybe eat out our
little Cindy."

   "I can't wait." I said.


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