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Comments: Warning!  This story involves extreme pedophilia 
and child molestation in addition to scat and diaper related 
themes.  If this type of material offends you, please DO NOT 
proceed to read the story!

Story Codes: F,g & b,Mg,toddlers,diapers,training pants,oral,fondling,ws,scat

Story Intro: Layla is a special toddler girl who wants to tell you about her 
special playroom.  She also wants to tell you about her little brother Bobby 
and her mommy and daddy too!

The Playroom

Written by H. Grant

	Hi dare.  I'm Layla.  I jus turned 3 abow four days ago.  My mommy 
says I'm gettin' to be a biggirl.  I wuv my mommy.  She gives me wots a 
things ta pway with.  She keeps me quween an helps me stay nice an fresh 
an smell goodie.  She tells me I don need ta wear diapees anymore.  I hate 
wearin' diapees.  I'ma biggirl now and I wear puwups.  My yonger brother 
still in diapees.  My mommy calls em' "pampers" or somthin' like that.

	Sometimes I hate my lil' broffer Bobbie.  He's still only 1 and a 
half. He takes my toys an wen I twy an take um back he kicks and squeems 
and yells an stuff.  Then mommy comes in a yells at me for steelwn his toys 
which are MY toys (pout...snifflle).  Sometimes I weally hate Bobbie!  He
still wears them "pampers" and he get aw wet sometimes and mommy gotta change
him in fron a me.  I don really mind cuz I getta watch my mommy pway with 
his "pee pee" an stuff.  When i look weally cwose I can see his thingy 
standing straight up and bobble back & forth when she puts this special 
white fairy dust on him to make him smell aw queen an better.

	I dunno, but i get kinda itchy in my twaining panties when i 
watch my mommy pway with lil' Bobby like that.  i miss it when she used ta
lay me down wike that an wift my legs up and pway wiff me wike that when i 
felt kinda wet and sticky down there.  Sometimes i still feewl wet and icky 
in my twaining panties and all i godda do is cry and she comes and takes me 
to the potty and then she shows me howda potty works and how to sit on it an
stuff wike that.  She wikes to wipe me queen aw over and it feewls kinda 
tickly when she wipes the brownie stuff off my botto.  Then she puts the 
fairy dust stuff between my wegs an it fewls cool and powdery an stuff.  
Then i don feel icky anymore an my mommy pats my head and tells me watta 
biggirl i still am an puts me back in the "Pway Room" again.

	I'm in the "Pway Room" now and i like playin' with the new toys 
my daddy buy me for my birffday an stuff cause they look aw fresh an 
new an smell aw good and wook so nice an stuff.  He got me some dollies 
and some new bwocks ta pway wiff an he even put a TV in my "Pway Room" so 
I can wach cartoons an stuff.  I wuv the Muppies and quap my hands when 
they cum on.  Oh no!  Bobbie's in here again an he keeps pullin on my 
dwess an trying to quawl underneeth and boffer me again!  i hate it when 
he dos that.  I scweem weally lowd and he just scweems even lowder an then
 my mommy walks in again an scolds us and stuff.  Then she takes some a MY 
toys and gives um ta baby Bobbie and he smiles and coos again.  Stupid 
Bobby...I HATE HIM!  (sniffle...pout).  He always gets his way wit my 
mommy an all.  He's her favorite.

	That's ok cuz I'm my daddy's favorite.  He comes in the Pway Room
 when mommy goes away and picks me up an puts me on his wap and bounces 
me up & down...up & down...up & down...then all around.  He put my right
 knee on one side a his weg and my udder knee on da udder side a his weg
 so my wegs are split apart over his weg and i fewl his knee between my wegs
 an it fewls weally good when he bounces me wike that through my twaining
 panties. I'm wearin' my favorite Rainbow Bright twaining pants today!  I 
fewl thursty and I call for mommy and daddy again and mommy cums in an gives
 me a botel of apple juice and feel better now again.

	Now i'm pwayin wit my dollies again and i like tryin ta make her 
walk and stuff - like me (smiles).  Now i sit her on her botto and look at
 her for a while and i look awound for baby Bobbie an he's watchin' Seseme
 Stweet again!  I wanna watch Seseme Stweet too!  I cwawl up nex ta him and
 we sit an watch Oscar the Gwouch an stuff.  Now i smell somfin funny and I 
wook at Bobby an he's squirmin' like he's made a "pooowy" in his diapee.  I
 lean over an take a lil' smell ta make sure...yep!  He's made a poo poo 

	"Pew!" I squeem at him and scoot over far away from him but i can't
 get far enough away cuz he's made big poopies in his diapee and i can smell
 him all da way over here.  STUPID BRAT!  I HATE HIM!  i wish he would go
 away and make messy somewhere else.  Now i godda watch Seseme Stweet and
 smell poo poo all the way through.  YUK!!!

	Soon my mommy comes in an wifts him away to the changin' table and 
i get excited an wanna watch her change him again.  I dunno why, but i getta
 tickly feeling in my twaining panties when i watch mommy peel open his 
diapee.  EEEWWW!!!  it wooks awe brown an mushy an stuff and smells 
like...PEEEUUUU!!!!  i try to wook at his "wee wee" an it's standin' 
stwaight up again and he's squirmin while she's wipin' him and she talkin'
 to him in that baby voice a hers and he startin' to coo and stuff while
 she wipes his hiney an stuff...

	My baby Bobby is spoiled and stuff.  He gets anything he wants an
 gets awe da attention when mommies awound.  My mommy wuvs me too!  But not
 wike my daddy.  My daddy pways with me an' stuff.  Sometimes he pways a
 tickle game with me.  He weaches under my armpits and tickles me an i
 squeem an squirm an it just makes him wanna tickle me more.  Sometimes
 he takes me to his private place and tickles my botto though my twaining
 panties and asks me if i wanna make "pee pee" for him and if i make a
 "wetsy" accident he'll pull down my twaining panties and tickle me in
 my special pwace an make feewl good awe over an stuff.  i get kinda
 confused cuz my mommy says i shouldn't go wee wee in my Rainbow Bright
 twaining panties but my daddy says its ok if were in our special pwace.
  I wuv my daddy and i wanna do anything he likes cuz i wuv it when he
 pays attention to me an tells me i'm his special lil' girl and stuff
 while he pways with my girlie tinkle an makes it get awe puffy an 
stuff (blushes).

	Sometimes he unzips his pants and pulls out his giant thingy an
 tells me ta pway "tickle" with it.  He tells me ta be jentle an tickle
 it lightly an it gets awe big an hard an then he let's me kiss it with
 my lips and tongue. He tells me my baby girl lips were meant for 
"sucking' or sumthin' like that an i feewl awe good and special inside
 an' he tells me what a special lil' girl i am' and how i'm never suppose
 ta tell anyone about our sequet lil' game in his private "pway room." 
cuz then they would take him away an' i would never see him again 
(pout).  i don' wanna see my daddy taken away so i pwomise i never tell
 anyone bout' our special "tickle the tinkle" game.

	My daddy wuvs it when i wet my twaining panties.  He wubbs his
 nose between my wegs and takes little wiffs of my Rainbow Bright 
twaining panties between my wegs and tickles me down dare an' says
 "coochi coochi coo." while he's ticklin' me an stuff.  i know he made
 me pwomise never to tell this so you gotta pwomise never to tell anyone
 what i'm gonna tell you...sometimes my daddy wants me ta...well...ya
 know...make chocolate candy in my twaining pants.  When we pway this
 special lil' game he takes to a very special room in another part of
 da house and closes an wocks da door so no-one can see or hear inside
 and then he tells me ta turn around and bend over so he can put his
 nose against my botto while i'm doin it and he presses his nose weel
 deep in my twaining pants so he can smell my special chocolate that
 comes outta my little "poo poo hole" just for him! He wuvs it when
 i make big messes and it feewls awe mushy and icky an feewls warm at
 first but then it feewls cool and messy after awhile and i hate doin'
 it in my Rainbow Brights cuz the lil' rainbow disappears an' then
 there's no more rainbow an' i feel sad an stuff cuz it's awe gone - but
 my daddy wuvs this special "chocolate candy" game and tells me what a
 biggirl i am an i don know why i'm a biggirl if he makes me go potty
 like a baby girl again but i wuv him and he says i'm a special lil'
 girl an' he luvs me an stuff so i guess it's ok.  I wuv awe da 
attention my daddy gives me - especially when he peels off the tapes on
 either side of my twaining pants and rips them open so he can see what
 a big girl i am and smear my "rainbow mush" around an stuff.  He calls
 it "rainbow candy" or "Layla's special chocolate candy pants." I feel
 soooo special when i'm awound my daddy!

	Then he gives me special kisses all over my stinky botto an 
tells me he's gonna buy me ice cream an stuff cuz I've been such a good
 girl an' he wuvs me wots!  Then I wanna kiss him back cuz he makes
 feel feewl awe good inside when he says that an' he lets me kiss him
 on the mouth weel nice an' long an' he tells me big girls put their
 tongues inside to please their boyfriends an stuff and tells me i'm
 gonna make a gwate girlfriend an all.

	I wuv my mommy & daddy.  Even Bobbie sometimes.  I can't wait
 to see my daddy next time an make more special candy for him in my
 special undies.  I tink i wanna wear "My lil' Pony" twaining panties
 tomowow.  Daddy weally wuvs those.


The End

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