Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The PedoFiles: BabyLove (Mg,extreme pedo) by Howard M. Mellons When I was asked to babysit my 8-month old niece overnight, I couldn't have been happier to help out. She was a bit of a handful, of course, but nothing I couldn't handle. Besides, there were other reasons for wanting to be alone with the little girl. Alyssa was dropped off on Friday wearing a cute little yellow sundress and her diaper, which, I was informed, had just been put on her. I waited for as long as I could after my sister-in-law left -- about fifteen minutes -- and then locked the door and took the cute baby girl down to my bedroom. I watched her crawl around my bed, her cute little ass teasing me as it wiggled at me from behind her diaper. My cock was hard; there's just something about baby girls like Alyssa that turn me on with an intensity no grown woman could possibly match. I got Alyssa out of the dress and watched her crawl around wearing just the diaper while I got my own clothes off and set up the video camera to tape our naughty fun. Once I was naked, I got on the bed with her and began stroking my hard cock. It only took a couple of minutes for Alyssa to notice the new plaything I had between my legs and to reach out for it. Instead of letting her get her hands on me, though, I laid her down on her back, then straddled the sexy little thing with my rigid cock hovering above her face. She giggled and smiled at me as I touched her lips with the tip of my cock, which was already dripping precum. She immediately did what babies do; she stuck her tongue out to lick at the sticky new fluid coating her pretty little lips. I began moving the swollen head of my prick back and forth against her probing tongue, rewarding her curiosity with another gooey glob of the clear fluid leaking from me. I continuted molesting the sexy little baby girl like this for a few minutes before coming up with a better plan. I got up and moved Alyssa so that she was propped between a couple of pillows, then knelt in front of her, again so that my cock was pointing at the little baby-nymph's mouth. Before allowing her to continue licking it, though, I took her tiny hands and wrapped them as far around my thick shaft as they would go and covered them with my own and began stroking myself. It took a minute or two for the baby to get comfortable with this new way of pleasuring a man, but once she did, I again pressed my dick to her lips. Alyssa opened her mouth to stick her tongue out again, but this time I pushed the purple head of my cock into her little mouth. God, did that feel good! And what a sight! My 9" cock in the tiny mouth of a baby not yet a year old! I got off on knowing what a pervert I was being. "Ohhh... baby!" I moaned. "You're SUCH a good little baby! Such a good little baby-slut! You like having that big hard penis in your little mouth, don't you?" Alyssa just stared up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes for a moment, then fixed her gaze back on the big thing sticking into her little mouth and began sucking on it like she would suck on a bottle. It wasn't the best blowjob in the world, but then again, it sure was! I began rocking my hips slightly back and forth, sliding my dick in just past the tip and then back out again. The urge to ram my cock all the way in was almost overpowering, but I wanted to molest the sexy little baby, not kill her. It didn't take long before the perverse sight before me brought me to the brink of an orgasm. I smiled down at my baby-lover and said "Such a good little baby-girl! Are you ready for your special treat now, baby?" She didn't say a word, of course, but if she could have spoken, I was sure that she'd have said "Oh yes! Fill my mouth up with that nice, hot cum! Fuck my little baby-mouth and fill it up with your sticky spunk!" She was going to be a lot of fun, this one! Ten seconds later, I pulled my cock back and watched as a jet of cum shot from the head and into the baby's mouth. Alyssa's reaction was to close her mouth to swallow whatever had just been put into it and when she did, the next spurt of my baby-loving man-juice splattered across her lips. She released her grip on my cock and was just putting her fingers into the spunk dripping down her face when a third shot hit her in the nose. She looked so fucking HOT sitting there like that! A tiny little baby girl, staring at the hard cock of a child molesting 33-year old man while her face dripped with sticky semen. I was afraid that she might start crying at this point, but the little trooper smiled up at me and used her tiny fingers to smear my cum around her face and then sucked them into her mouth and cleaned off the tasty goo. I leaned forward and began rubbing my cock all over the little baby-slut's face, coating it in my own semen before sticking it back into the little girl's mouth where it belonged. It took awhile, but I managed to clean just about all of my spunk from Alyssa's face by using my cock and her hungry little mouth. By the time I was done, I was fully hard again, but this time it was my turn to get a little pussy, if you'll pardon the pun. I pulled the baby girl down so that she lay flat on her back, then took her tiny diaper off and spread her chubby legs wide. I then got down on my stomach, smiled for the camera and proceeded to lap at that sweet baby-cunt like a thirsty dog lapping up water. I couldn't get over how delicious and absolutely FRESH Alyssa's little pussy tasted. The babygirl giggled and cooed as I ate her out and I swear she was actually getting wet! It was wonderful. I spread her tiny cunt-lips open and shoved my tongue as deep into her tiny hole as I could manage, then sucked her baby-clit into my mouth and tongued it before licking down from there to her pink little asshole. When her little slit was good and wet, I slipped a couple of those "finger condoms" onto two of my fingers (to keep my nails from hurting the little whore) and slowly started working them into her. I figured it would be best to start with her asshole, so as I gently worked a finger into her, I continued drinking up the sweet baby-girl juice her little pussy offered. Alyssa started to pull away at first, but as she got used to the sensation, she relaxed and allowed me to slide even more of my finger into her. When I reached the second knuckle of my middle finger, I decided not to go further and began finger-fucking her tight little asshole with it. Alyssa responded with more giggles and smiles, all of it captured on video for the viewing pleasure of millions of pedophiles once I uploaded it to the internet. Once I got bored with the baby's asshole, I pulled my finger out and began slowly pushing my index finger into Alyssa's slippery little baby-cunt. God, she was so tight! Again, she pulled back at first, but lust took over for her fear and discomfort and again she allowed me to continue violating her little-girl fuckhole. I couldn't wait until I could start shoving my cock into her! That wasn't going to happen for at least a couple of months though, so for the time being, I knew this would have to do. I tickled her little asshole with my tongue as I worked my finger into her cunt. This time, though, I wasn't content with half-way. I watched, fascinated, as I worked my whole finger into the horny little baby and then began fucking her with it. I went slow at first, but soon my own perverted lust kicked in and I was finger-fucking her with the careless abandon I'd use with a 3-year old. Alyssa loved it! Each inward thrust jolted her little body and she continued smiling at me through glazed-over eyes. If I didn't know better, I'd say the little tramp was having her first orgasm! My cock was rock-hard and I was going to have to cum again soon, but before I did, I wanted to see how far I could get with the little baby, so I added my middle finger to the mix, slowly working it into her along with my index finger. It wasn't in far before I could tell that it just wasn't going to happen. I pulled both of my fingers out, then sat back on my legs and lifted the baby's ass up to meet my cock while spreading her legs good and wide. It looked promising, but just wasn't going to happen. The angle just wasn't right, so instead, I pulled the sexy baby girl to the edge of the bed where I stood on the floor and again lifted her up while spreading her legs nice and wide, the way a good little girl's legs are meant to be. I stood back to allow the camera a good shot, knowing that other pedophiles and child molesters would appreciate my thoughtfulness. When I decided the perverts had seen enough of the little fuck-toy before me, I moved back in between her legs and made once again to rub my hard cock all over that hot little baby-cunt. I was thwarted once again however when my cock wouldn't respond to my mind's command to lay against the forbidden flesh between Alyssa's legs. Instead, it just pointed skyward, giving me no pleasure whatsoever. I thought about it for a moment. The problem was that since Alyssa was just 8 months old, she really had no control over her legs. She could crawl on them, but beyond that, there wasn't much she could do. She sure as hell couldn't keep her legs spread nice and wide up in the air so a horny pedophile could have his fun with her! The only thing I could do was use one hand to clamp her legs together and then slide my cock between them, over her hot little slit. I would have preferred being able to watch my cock slip-sliding away across her tender baby-cunt, but her chubby little legs were tight enough together that it almost felt like I was actually fucking my baby-raping cock deep into her tiny hole. I fucked my new little baby-lover like this for only a couple of minutes before the cum bubbled up inside my balls and the familiar kiddie-fucking-induced orgasm took over and I began spurting hot semen all over Alyssa's bald little baby-pussy. I pressed the tip of my cock against her tiny fuckhole and sent a couple of good shots of my cum deep into her. WHen I was finished, I spread Alyssa's little legs open again for the camera. The scene on the tiny LCD screen was intoxicating: Cute baby girl lying there, goofy grin on a face marked with dried semen, with her legs spread wide and more cum smeared over her puffy baby-girl pussy and yet more of the hot cream oozing from her tiny cunthole while the man responsible for creating the perverted scene towered over his little victim, his cock still half-hard and still dripping the same hot cum that covered the baby in front of him. I reached over my beautiful, cum-covered little baby-lover and recovered her diaper, then put it back on her without cleaning the sticky mess I'd made between her legs. There was just something about leaving evidence of my child molesting so obvious to anyone who would have looked... I was getting hard again just thinking about knowing that the little slut was going to bed with my semen safely between her little legs. I knew that I'd be getting her up again for a little late-night fuck-fun in a few hours and that this was just the beginning of a wonderfully deviant relationship with little Alyssa, my hot little fuck-toy. THE END