Author: H. Grant
Title: The Captioned Picture Series
Summary: A graphic illustration of what perverted nepiophiles enjoy
looking at on the internet.
Keywords: M+g,extreme pedo,nepi,toddler,nc,oral,anal,diapers,ws,cumshot

AUTHOR'S DISCLAIMER: This is a TEXTUAL illustrative story.  No real
pictures were used or referred to.

The Captioned Picture Series

by H. Grant

   All around the world, the sickest perverts have logged in and gathered
in a special child porn chat room that caters to men who specifically enjoy
infants and toddlers.  It is a very secretive place with strict rules and
guidelines.  The men have their penises out near their keyboards and are
very excited.  A new picture series has been posted and appears to be brand
new material.  This is a description of what they see. And, better yet, what
they enjoy!

   In the first picture we see a toddler girl around the age of two years
old wearing a pink My Little Pony t-shirt and a disposable diaper with Elmo
on the front.  She has pretty blonde hair that has been done up in pretty
little pigtails and the cutest round saucer blue eyes.  She still has
plenty of baby fat on her little arms and legs and she is clutching a baby
bottle and smiling.  She is in some sort of hotel room.

CAPTION: "This is little Megan.  Isn't she adorable?"

   In the second pic we see a close up of Megan's pretty little face.  She
is smiling and a little hint of baby drool is showing on her lips.

CAPTION: "Megan is looking to meet her first friend.  Would you like to
          be her new friend?"

   In the third picture, Megan is still standing up.  But this time she is
standing in front of a small "child matress" laying on the floor.  In this
shot we see her entire little body from head to toe.  She is still wearing 
her t-shirt and diaper, but she is barefoot and we can see all of her cute
little arms, legs, and face.  Her feet and toes are so soft and adorable

CAPTION: "Megan is only two years old and still has some naughty little
          habbits.  But she wants a boyfriend really bad.  Would you like to 
          be her first boyfriend?"

   The 4th pic of Megan is a closeup shot.  She is still standing and facing 
front.  We see a nice closeup of her cute disposable diaper.  The picture 
focuses entirely on her frontal crotch and we can see the sweetest and most 
adorable designs on the front of her pamper.  It is white with purple trim and 
is fastened tightly to her waist and crotch.  The diaper is encased around her 
soft baby thighs with chubby baby fat on each of her pretty little legs.  We 
can also see Elmo on the front of her diaper in clear view and he is smiling 
up at us.

CAPTION: "Megan still wears diapers.  But she thinks she is still sexy
          enough for her first boyfriend.  Wouldn't you agree?"

5th picture: This is another full body shot.  Megan has turned around
with her back facing the camera.  We can see the back of her pretty little
head showing the cutest most adorable blonde pigtails.  We can see the back
of her pink My Little Pony t-shirt.  We see her cute little arms and legs
from behind.  And we see the back of her pretty disposable diaper complete
with white and purple trim.  It is puffy and elastic and accentuates her
cute little bottom.

CAPTION: "Megan wants you to be her boyfriend.  And she is going to show
          you what makes her so special so that you will like her even more.  
          Are you ready?"

Picture 6: This time we see little Megan lying down on the baby matress
on her back.  Her little pink t-shirt has risen up a bit and we can see a
little bit of her baby tummy and adorable belly button.  She has soft baby
fat there and she is smiling up at us.  Her diaper looks so cute and
inviting and we can see the little tapes on either side of her waist just
begging to be undone.  Her knees are bent slightly - giving us a clear view
of her frontal diapered crotch.  She appears to be quite comfortable.

CAPTION: "Very nice Megan.  It seems you have more admirers than you

Pic 7: Now we see a close up shot between little Megan's baby legs.  We
see the frontal bulge of her cute little Elmo diaper and the pudgy little
hints of baby fat on her soft pale white thighs.  Her diaper makes her look
so sexy and attractive as more sick men log on to watch the show.

CAPTION: "Now spread your legs a little wider sweetie so the perverts
          can have a good look at your pamper.  Aren't you just the sweetest 
          little thing?"

Pic 8: Now we have a full body shot of little Megan lying down with her back 
on the baby matress again.  But this time her t-shirt has been removed and we 
can see her puffy little nipples complete with pale white skin and the most 
adorable baby fat on them.  The little tart is smiling again and seems to be 
enjoying herself and basking in the attention.  A teddy bear and baby bottle 
have been placed next to the matress for visual affect to accentuate just how 
young and vulnerable Megan really is.  Her pretty little diaper is also 
visible and is begging to be undone.

CAPTION: "Megan has lots of things she wants to show us.  She understands that 
          talking is a complete turn off if she wants to attract a boyfriend.  
          So she likes to giggle and drool a lot.  She knows this is what men 
          really want out of her. Giggling and drooling are some of her more 
          attractive qualities.  Wouldn't you agree?"

Pic 9: We see an adult hand reaching forward and undoing the tapes on
Megan's disposable pamper.  She is smiling at whoever is doing this and her
soft little arms are resting at her sides.  She is completely helpless and
vulnerable - just the way her audience likes her.

CAPTION: "Now it is time for Megan to show you what is special about
          her. We bet you can't wait to see what's inside this cute 
          little pamper package."

Pic 10: Megan's Elmo diaper is partially pulled forward - revealing a hint 
of soft baby fat and a tiny glimpse of the upper portion of her puffy little 
vagina.  Her skin is so pink, fleshy, and smooth.

CAPTION: "Let's open this diaper up Megan.  The men want to see where you go 

Pic 11: The adult hand has pulled the diaper completely open and we have a 
beautiful closeup of Megan's puffy little cunny.  Hints of baby powder are 
evident and there is a little yellow stain in her Elmo diaper.

CAPTION: "As you can see, Megan still hasn't been potty trained.  She
          made a wee wee in her diaper.  She hopes you don't mind.  She 
          wants you to like her very much."

Pic 12: Two adult hands are spreading Megan's tiny little legs wide open
so we can have a clear view of her precious little pee pee hole.  It looks
so soft, pink, and inviting.  A hint of her anus is showing as well - encased
between her soft ass cheeks.

CAPTION: "It seems little Megan will have no trouble finding boyfriends
          now.  After all, who wouldn't like the looks of her tiny little 
          holes.  They are so cute and adorable aren't they?"

Pic 13: A hand is holding baby Megan's legs together by the ankles and
hoisting them up in the open air.  Now we have a clear view of her puffy
little vagina and a perfect shot of her tiny brown anus as well.

CAPTION: "Now this is what we call 'Eye Candy' - you're being so
          cooperative Megan."

Pic 14: A man's blurred face has entered the picture and he is leaning very 
close to little Megan's cunt.  His tongue has darted out and has made contact 
with her cute and puffy little piss crack.

CAPTION: "We think Megan tastes as good as she looks.  Would you like to
          try a sample?"

Pic 15: We are given a close up of Megan's sweet little face.  She is
giggling and drooling and seems very relaxed.  She continues to smile while
her molester plays with her special private place.

CAPTION: "Megan likes boyfriends who play with her.  Wouldn't you like to 
          play with this cute little fuck toy?"

Pic 16: We are given another full body shot of baby Megan.  She is still
lying with her back on the baby mattress.  But this time - in addition to
the blurred man's face eating out her baby pussy - another man has entered
the picture and is dangling his thick penis in front of little Megan's
face. It looks thick, hard, and stiff as it takes aim at its special little
target - Megan's cute little mouth!

CAPTION: "Open wide Megan.  It's time to show the men what an obedient
          little cunt you are..."

Pic 17: We see a close up of Megan's face as she opens her cute baby mouth 
and accepts the large piece of meat just like a pacifier.

CAPTION: "That's a good girl...nice and wide."

Pic 18: We see a closeup of Megan's cute little mouth as it wraps itself
around the large slimy penis and begins to suckle as if she is breastfeeding.

CAPTION: "Megan makes a good little cock slave for such a sweet young
          girlfriend.  We can only imagine how much better she will become 
          over time."

Pic 19: We are given a full body shot of little Megan being taken advantage 
of by the two men.  One is licking her sweet little cunny - the other is 
enjoying her adorable little mouth and face.  Her diaper is wide open and 
still underneath her.  The pee pee stain is still very visible to us as well.

CAPTION: "Now it seems Megan has TWO boyfriends!  It must be difficult for 
          her to choose which one she likes.  But then again, it's not about 
          what Megan wants.  It's all about the pleasure she brings to us."

Pic 20: In this picture we see little Megan's eyes begin to tear up as
the man fucking her sweet little face has burried his cock in deeper -
pushing her puffy little cheeks out.  There are signs of crying and
discomfort evident in little Megan's disposition.

CAPTION: "Just open your mouth a little wider Megan.  Soon you will
          learn to enjoy this.  We know your new boyfriends do."

Pic 21: We have a shot of the other man who has finished licking Megan's
cunt and is now spreading her ass cheeks with his fingers - exposing her
poo poo hole for all to see.

CAPTION: "We know little Megan doesn't like to admit it, but she secretly 
          enjoys having things stuck up her cute little hiney hole."

Pic 22: We see the man pushing a thick dirty finger deep inside little
Megan's baby asshole.  It stretches open in a very friendly and welcoming

CAPTION: "Just hold still and enjoy it Megan.  This is how you get 
          boyfriends to like you."

Pic 23: We see a closeup of the man's finger pushing deep inside Megan's
tiny bowels.  It is now burried knuckle deep and feeling quite warm and
content inside her precious little poo poo hole.

CAPTION: "Megan is crying. But this is her way of showing us how much she
          enjoys the attention she is getting.  She'll make the perfect 
          girlfriend.  Wouldn't you agree?"

Pic 24: We cut to a shot of Megan's cute little face.  It is stained with 
tears as a thick load of cum is shooting out of the large penis in front 
of her - splashing big chunks of goo all over her tiny nose, cheeks, and 
pretty blonde hair.

CAPTION: "We know little Megan wants to be a big girl and wear lots of
          makeup for her new boyfriends.  Why not start her out with a 
          dose of creamy 'mascara.'  It is thick, soft, and sticky.  And 
          it makes her smell so nice and sexy - just like a good little 
          kiddie whore."

Pic 25: The men have left the picture and we conclude with a full body 
shot of baby Megan.  She has the most adorable wads of cum all over her
pretty little face and hair.  Her cute little legs are spread wide, and her
pee stained diaper is spread open revealing the adorable little pissy
puddle she made before her boyfriends arrived.

CAPTION: "We think Megan's first date has been quite a success.  It seems 
          this cute little tart will have no trouble making new boyfriends 
          now.  Here's to you little Megan."


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