´╗┐Story Intro: This is a sick and disturbing story about adults and very young girls.
If you don't like it don't read any further! If you do like this type
of thing get your cock in hand and read on.

The Cabin (Mg+,extreme pedo,abuse)  

I had always had a sick mind, since I had found the internet it had
gotten even sicker. Having found the japanese hentai pics showing very
young girls being abused hard and nasty I had grown a taste for
wanting the real thing. I had been collecting pics for over 2 years
and making websites and also printing little magazines so that I could
"teach" the little cunts I would get some time.

That's when it happened. I had put out an ad in the free personals on
the net saying how I was into drugs and loved getting nasty with sex
never really expecting any answers. And one day it came in...the lady
introduced herself as a single mom of 3 and that she loved doing
cocaine alot and really liked being used hard when it came to sex.

We chatted for a long time on the net emailing each other back and
forth. I had found out she had 3 girls that were 1mo, 11mo and 21mo.
And I also soon discovered she would have a habit of disapearing and
not answering back for like 3 and 4 days at a time. I never thought of
it much. About 4 months later she had been really begging hard to have
me come there and live with her and I finally agreed.

I was totally shocked when I met her that first time. She looked
nothing like the sexy picture she had sent. She looked very whored out
and nasty now, it was easy to see that she had gotten hooked on crack.
Stepping into the tiny apartment I almost gagged at first from the
stench. The whole place was trashed and there was even a corner where
old used diapers were piled up and looked like it had been there a

Her girls who were now 5mo, 16mo and just over 2yo were playing down
in the floor happily despite the filth around them. All 3 were in
diapers that looked like they hadn't been changed in days and it
looked like the girls hadn't ever seen a bathtub in their lives. My
new girlfriend started talking really fast saying how sorry she was
for it being dirty but that she had lost her job and had been out alot
looking for work.

It was easy for me to tell she was lying and that she lost her job
doing crack and was probably out whoring herself for it now. She
started telling me that she had just gotten a phone call and could get
a job possibly but that she needed 40 dollars and would be gone for a
while. I had already decided that there was no way I wanted to be with
her so I figured I'd give her the money and at least have a chance to
see what a real baby girl looked like naked at least.

I gave her 15 minutes of being gone before I shut and locked the door.
Quickly grabbing the 2yo I set her up on the filthy couch and started
peeling her diapers open. The smell hitting my nose was strong but got
my cock rock hard thinking how filthy this child was. Though her tiny
ass and cunt were both caked in little girl poo her skin underneath
could easily be seen to have a bad diaper rash showing how uncared for
these girls were.

Standing there admiring the beautiful sight under me I nearly jumped
out of my skin when the phone rang. I didn't move as it rung and the
answering machine picked it up finally. Their mom was calling and
balling hard over the phone beggin me to pick up, she said she was in
jail and needed me to take the girls to a hotel and hide them from
child welfare until she could get out in like a week. I never picked
up the phone smiling the whole time.

Soon as the phone went dead I grabbed the tape out of the machine and
turned to her computer and wiped everything off of it mentioning me. I
grabbed a small travel playpen and put it out in my van. Thinking the
baby cunts would like it similar to home I filled it halfway full of
the old filthy diapers from the corner and put all 3 of the infant
piglets into the playpen.

It was a hellish 14 hour drive across the country not being able to
play with them, hearing their crying from not eating and soiling
themselves even further. But more than worth the time when I finally
arrived at the cabin my parents had left me in their will. The nearest
neighbors were over 10 miles away and the road to the cabin was very
hard to find to begin with.

to be continued?