Copyright (c) 2004, H. Grant.

COMMENTS: Warning! This story contains depictions of a toddler
girl getting mentally manipulated and physically molested at
the hands of a sick pervert. If themes involving urination and
anal rimming offend you, DO NOT proceed to read this story! 

STORY CODES: Mg,extreme pedo,toddler(3yo),ws,rim job,cumshot

STORY INTRO: A perverted employee of a baby furniture store gets
his one and only opportunity to fulfill his sick fantasies on a
gullible 3 year old girl named Emily. Read this story with caution.

Teddy Bear Cotton Panties 

Written by H. Grant

	Joseph Lyam knew he was a pervert from a very early age.  
Though moderately attactive throughout his high school and college
years, he seldom dated girls.  It wasn't because he wasn't interested
in them, just not very many in his age group.  Far from it, Joe had
a fascination with preteens - extremely young preteens in fact.  Joe
knew that many parents taught their children from an early age not to
talk to strangers, so he fantasized about little girls in pre-school.
The ones with little frilly dresses, knee socks, saddle shoes, and 
kiddie cotton underwear - the kind of underpants he adored and
fantasized about pressing his nose to and smelling the sweet, soft,
adorable "girlie aromas" that those little charmers possessed in their
tiny little pissers.  These children had very small vocabularys and
had not yet been taught about the dangers of being with strange men.

	Joe knew he was sick, and it lead to a host of social
dysfunctions between himself and the outside world.  He became
paranoid with age - fearing encounters with neighbors and other
people within his community.  Somehow, he believed that they knew all
about him.  He sensed that they spoke of him in whispers behind his 
back.  None of this was true of course, yet paranoia can be a very
crippling thing emotionally and Joe had a very bad case of it.  A
chronic masterbator, he seldom went any less than three times a day
jacking off in front of his computer, or even in the restroom of his
place of employment - the local baby furniture store.  Joe had
strategically placed himself in this line of work so that he could
have access to employment opportunities within that particular store.
The day they hired him it was like a dream come true.  For the store
not only possessed baby furniture, but it had a small nursery in the
back where parents placed their toddlers while they were shopping.
Being one of the few employees in the store, Joe was often asked to
take a turn watching over the little tikes in the nursery.  If was a
requirement that all store employees had to fulfill reluctantly when
it was their turn on the schedule.  Except for Joe.  Outwardly he
pretended to dislike watching the small children, but inside he
couldn't wait for his turn on the schedule.  

	Ironically, the nursery had no cameras installed as of yet.
The store was in desperate need of renovation and cameras where not
part of the store budget.  With the economy in the tank at the moment,
the store was struggling just to stay afloat in the market place and
remain compeditive.  Store prices were very low, so they tended to get
customers of the low income variety.  Women with minimal skills and
low education often shopped there - bringing their white trash kids
with them as well.  When Joe's turn came up to watch the children,
he spent the majority of his tour of duty helping the kids build 
blocks and watch their little butts and crotches from behind whenever
they had their backs to him.  Some were still in diapers, while 
others wore overhauls, shorts, and panties.  Joe's favorite kind of
tots were the three year old girls with frilly dresses.  Whenever
they bent over or climbed the miniature sliding board, Joe was
awarded an excellent view of their cute little panties underneath.
Joe was obssessed with upskirt voyarism, and this neat little job
offered him many sweet stolen glimpses which fueled his tank for
several masturbation sessions in the store bathroom later on.
Despite these excellent visual opportunities, physical contact was
a no no within the store rules for obvious reasons.  The store
couldn't afford any law suits or problems of that nature, so the
store employees were limited to visual babysitting only.  

	That all changed for one brief night however, when Joe was
assigned to close the store.  His other three co-workers (including
his boss), had left for the evening and all the customers had
finished their shopping.  It was nearing 9:00 PM closing time and
Joe had set about sweeping the floor and checking the shelves for
any loose or misplaced items.  He had already done his register
accounting and placed the cash in the nearby safe in the back room.
After the last of the isles had been swept and checked, Joe headed
for the circuit breaker to turn off the majority of the store lights
when he heard a faint knock at the window in the front of the store.
Changing direction, he headed toward the front to find a mother in
her early 20's and her little girl at the window.  Joe recognized
her from many store encounters in the past.  Her name was Diane and
her daughter's name was Emily.  Joe knew that she was a sweet 3 year
old toddler thanks to past conversations with her mother.  The
young mom looked very anxious as if she had forgotten something, but
Joe had not seen her in the store earlier that day - nor that
particular week for that matter.  His familiarity with her put him
at ease immediately and he quickly unlocked the store front and let
her in.

    "Good evening Diane, what brings you here so late?  Hiya 
sweetie."  He managed a polite hello to baby Emily.

    "Joe thank god you're working tonight.  I've kinda run into a
jam.  I've been called into work late and didn't have time to find
our usual babysitter for Emily."

	Joe's cock twitched in his trousers.  He knew instictively
where this was leading to and he looked down at sweet little Emily.
She was wearing a cute pair of pink overhauls and sweet baby sneakers.
Her hair was the sexiest combination of strawberry light blonde and
done up in little baby pigtails.  She was truly a pedophile's dream
come true.

    "I know the store is closing..."  Diane continued.  "But I
have no where else to go.  You've watched her before in the past and
she kind of knows you a little bit anyways."  she smiled weakly 
hoping to concince him to make an exception.

	Joe already had his mind made up, but he wanted not to appear
too eager.  He didn't want the young mother suspicious of him - 
despite their already familiar acquaintence.

    "I don't know Diane.  I'd love to help you out, but it depends
on whether or not my boss would mind me keeping the store open this

    "Oh I know (sob)  I know it's asking a lot of you, and I 
certainly don't want to get you into trouble and all - lord knows
you've probably got your own things planned for tonight."

    "Actually you're in luck."  Joe responded tactfully.  "I have
no plans for tonight.  How long did you want to leave her with me?"

    "Only for a few hours - till my husband gets home from the 
casino.  I...I'll pay you whatever you want.  I just want some
place safe and reliable for my little girl to stay while I work.
Money's tight around the house and I really need this overtime

	Joe measured Diane's demeanor.  It was clear that the young
mother wasn't thinking rationally given her stressful situation.
Though she knew him from her visits to the store, he was by no
means a trusted figure within her world of friends and family.
He was after all, merely a friendly aquaintence.  However, Joe knew
that at this point he wasn't even a suspect to be weary of.  Diane
clearly saw him as the next best option - as well as a friend.

    "I'll tell you what I'll do."  He began - making sure to
observe her facial expressions carefully.  "I'll turn off most of
the store lights so that if my boss drives by it will appear that
the store is closed.  I'll even turn on the alarm in case of 
un-expected entry.  I will take Emily and watch her in the back
for as long as you'd like.  All I ask is a phone call from you or
your husband to let me know you are coming so that I can make the
necessary adjustments to the alarm and turn it off.  You don't have
to pay me this time."

    Diane's face turned into a huge smile and sigh of relief.  Joe
was a savior. She could carry on with her plans to work her 
overtime shift without worrying about Emily.  Little did the naive
parent realize that the real reason Joe wanted a "warning" call was
not only to disable the store alarm, but to give him time to 
prepare after his "fun time" with little Emily was over.

    "Thank you so much Joe.  You're a life savor."  Diane gushed.

    "No problem."  replied the twisted pervert.  "C'mon Emily, if
you're a good lil' girl I'll give you a horsey ride on my back.  Is
that OK with you Diane?"

    "Oh she LOVES piggy back rides don't you sweetie?"  The young
mother gushed again.  "Have as much fun as you like, just be 
careful she doesn't swallow anything."

    "No problem Diane.  Have a good shift at work."  Replied Joe.

    "Thanks again.  Bye now."  replied the relieved mother.

	With that, Diane left her cute little 3 year old with the
young sicko and left the store.  Joe watched until her car pulled
away from the lot.  Then he lead little Emily toward the nursery
room in the back of the store - making sure to shut down most of
the store lights and enable the alarm. 

	Once inside the nursery, Joe took a moment to re-aquaint
himself with the young tot to make sure she wasn't afraid of him.

    "Hi sweetie.  Remember me?"  Joe said in a friendly tone that
he knew children universally fell for.

	"Uh huh.  You Joey!"  she said sticking a finger in her
mouth and sucking on it.  She was still at that age where she had
just learned to walk and she was kind of unsteady on her feet.  
Joe's dick got hard just from watching her shuffle unsteadily
from one foot to the other - a little pile of drool running down
the finger in her mouth and onto the Winnie the Pooh carpet below.

    "That's right lil' girl... my name's Joey.  You can call me
"uncle Joey" if you'd like."

     Emily burst into a bright smile.

    "Unca JOEY!!!"  she said loudly.  "Be my "unca" 
Joey....(dribble dribble)."

	Joe watched as more drool seaped out of the toddler's mouth
and onto her hand.  She was clearly a child of the "below average"
intelligence variety, and this made her even more sexy to the 
twisted pervert.

    "And what is your name again sweetie?"  He asked tactfully.

    "Emily."  she replied relinguishing her finger from her tiny
mouth momentarily.

    "That's so sweet."  Replied Joe cunningly as he eyed up Emily's
pink overhauls and her sweet little pigtails again.  A small drob
of pre-cum exited his penis and dribbled into his underwear at the
site of this dumb little child cunt.

    "I'll bet a nice little girl like you loves tootsie pops.  Would
you like uncle Joey to get you a tootsie pop out of the jar over 
there?"  He asked pointing to the candy jar across the nursery.

    "ooohhhh candy."  Emily cooed sweetly.

    "Yes that's right Emily.  Uncle Joey's gonna give you some candy.
Then you and I can be friends.  You wanna be friends with your 
uncle Joey?"

    "Yeah (ahheee heee...haaa haa)."  the little girl giggled and
clasped her hands bending at the knees and wiggling anxiously.

    "That's a good lil' girl.  Emily's is a very sweet little thing." 
He said outloud so that she could hear him compliment her while he
went over to the candy jar and removed a chocolate tootsie pop.

	Joe peeled the wrapper off and handed the little tootsie to
baby Emily.

    "Be sure to suck on it Emily.  You want your candy to last don't
you."  Said Joey smiling down at his cute little prize.

    "Yah (hee hee) candy suck."  she said anxiously and popped the
little taffy into her sweet pink girlie mouth. 

	Of course, it wasn't long before Emily bit down into the
exterior and began crunching away at the chocolate within.  She was
so stupid, yet so sexy at the same time.  Joe didn't mind her
finishing the tootsie pop quickly.  He had seen her lips suck on it
briefly, and the site of the little cunt sucking on the taffy was
extremely arousing to say the least.  He wanted her to finish her
candy quickly anyhow.  Now they were re-aquainted.  Now they were
"friends."  He was now her new "uncle" and he could manipulate her
any way he pleased.

	Joe turned away from Emily for a moment and closed the 
wooden door to the nursery room and locked it.  There were no 
windows to worry about,  just lots of animal decorations (Giraffs
and elephants lined the walls) and little Pooh bear designs.  The
nursery was well stocked with story books, blocks, large crayons, a
sliding board, and a small table for drawing.  It wasn't anything
fancy, just the basic stuff needed to keep the children occupied
while their parents shopped for baby furniture and gifts.  The
Winnie the Pooh carpet was rather spacious, and it awarded Joe
plenty of room to crawl around with Emily - preferably behind her
at first so that he could do the initial stalking of her - getting
a full view of her clothed butt, and smell her from behind - at 
least for the first fifteen minutes.  Joe did not want to rush
things with Emily.  He enjoyed the build up sexually almost as
much as fulfilling his dream of actually molesting - without
leaving any marks of course.  This meant no actual penetration,
but plenty of fondling, smelling and tasting.   Emily was not a
crawler, yet every time she stood still, Joe would crawl up behind
her on his knees and press his nose against her pink overhauls - 
smelling the sweet innocent aroma of her cute little bottom.  Joe
was already formulating a plan to talk Emily out of her overhauls.
He waited until she had gotten bored (as most toddlers did 
eventually in this nursery room), then he sprung his sick little
plan into action.

    "Say Emily.  Do you love your 'uncle Joey'?" Asked the sick
pervert with his cock bulging in his pants.

    "yes i do unca Joey (giggle)."  responded the little girl
smiling at him.

    "You wanna know what little girls do when they love their
uncles?" Asked Joe cunningly.

    "uh ah."  little Emily shook her dumb little head.

    "They play secret little games that are really fun to play in
secret."  Joe emphasized the word "secret" so that Emily understood
it's value.

    "You wanna play a special secret game with Uncle Joey?" He
pressed on.

    "Yeah (hee hee) i wanna pway (giggle...drool...giggle).

	"That's a sweet lil girl.  Uncle Joey wants to play a game
called 'show and smell' - you wanna play 'show and smell' Emily?"

	"Yeah...i wanna pway with you unca Joey."  the little
girl responded eagerly toddling over to him and anxious to learn more.

    "Ok sweetheart.  Here's how the game works.  Are you paying

    "Uh huh." replied the little cunt as she continued smiling at him.

     Joe knew that her attention span wouldn't last.  So he made it 

	"Ok.  What we do is...I choose a part of your body that I 
want you to show me.  Then you show it to me.  Then I ask you to let
me smell it.  If you let me smell it, then uncle Joey will get you a
tootsie roll from the candy jar.  Now since you're too young to know
the parts of MY body.  I will choose them for you.  Then I will let
you smell me too.  Doesn't that sound like fun?  And you get lots of
candy if you behave and play the game."

	"oohhh goodie unca Joey.  I wanna pway....i wike lots a candy
(giggle giggle).  

	"That's my sweet lil' girl.  You're just a sweet baby girl
aren't you Emily."

	"yeah i am....(drool giggle)."  the little cunt responded.

	"And sweet baby girls do what they're told and get lots of
candy right?"

	"Yeah!  Lots a candy (hee hee)."

	  Joe couldn't believe it.  His dream was about to come true.
And no one was going to interfere or be suspicious of him.  They 
were both ALONE together!

	"OK baby girl.  I'm gonna pick a part of you I want you to
show me. Then, after you show me, you let me smell and I give you
tootsie candy OK?"

	"ok unca Joey.  I wuv you."

	"Awe you're such a cute lil tute.  Now show me your little

	 Emily pointed to her nose.

	"see?  my nose."  she pointed proudly as if she had just
learned the name of that part of her little body.

    "Can uncle Joey smell your nose?"

    "uh huh.  smell my nose unca Joey (giggle).

	 Joe went to the candy jar and withdrew a large handful of
tootsie rolls.  He knew that Emily liked candy, so she would do
whatever she needed to do to get it.  Such was the way of all grown
women when it came to money or fame.  Girls of all ages were whores,
it was just a matter of finding out what they desired most - then
offering it to them in exchange for sex. 

	 Joe knelt down and pulled little Emily close to his face,
then he pressed his nose against hers and smelled the sweet aroma of
child flesh for the first time in ages.  His cock bulged vigoruously
like a wild dog in a manger waiting to be released into the open air.

    "Now I will show you MY nose."  He said pointing to his nose.
"You be a good girl and smell it too - if you want more candy."

	Baby Emily leaned close to 'uncle Joey's' nose and smelled
it.  It smelled of grown up sweat and a hint of facial aftershave
lotion.  Joe handed her a tootsie roll and watched her eat it 

    "Now uncle Joey wants you to show him your belly button."

	Little Emily giggled nervously and asked him to help her
with her tiny pink overhaul straps.

	Joe oblidged and undid her overhaul straps - loosening,
then peeling down the upper portion of the garment to reveal 
Emily's sweet teddy bear t-shirt underneath.

    "Now be a good lil' cunny and lift your teddy shirt for uncle
Joey.  Uncle Joey likes little girls who lift their shirts and 
show their belly buttons to him."  

	Little Emily liked to please adults.  She loved the 
attention that was lavished on her when she made her parents proud.
Emily wanted 'uncel Joey' to like her and be proud of her.  Eagerly
she raised her cute lil' teddy bear t-shirt and exposed her soft
white belly for her new uncle.  Her soft baby flesh came into view
and her tiny belly button peeked out invitingly to uncle Joey.

	Joe held up a tootsie roll to Emily and teased her with it.

    "Can uncle Joey smell Emily's belly botton?"

    "Uh huh (giggle) gimmie gimmie...."  she reached for the 
tootsie roll but uncle Joey raised it too high in the air for the
little cunt to reach."

    "No No!...not until uncle Joey smells your belly." He replied
firmly - establishing a slight sense of authority over her.

	Emily stood closer to uncle Joey and let him place his 
face against her belly button.  Joe took a huge whiff of her soft
belly and gently pressed his tongue against it - teasing the little
round opening with his gooey saliva.  It tasted like soft baby fat
and flesh and it smelled of a soft, weak little girl oder (fresh,
pink and clean).

	"Uncle Joey is so proud of his little cunt.  You don't mind
if I lick you and call you a cunt do you Emily?  You'll make me
happy and I'll give you more candy if you let me call you names and
lick you too."

    "Uh huh...i wuv you unca Joey.  I wike this game (giggle blush

    "Uncle Joey loves this game too lil' cunt.  Now I want you to
smell and lick MY belly button."  He said holding up more candy.

	Emily eagerly leaned forward while Joe lifted his sweater
and took off his undershirt as well.  Now he was naked except for
his pants, socks, and shoes.  His belly was fat and bloated and
full of sweaty hair.  He had been perspiring ever since baby Emily
had entered the store.  The little cunt pressed her tiny toddler
nose against his naval and he heard her inhale and smell his
stinky sweaty flesh.

    "Now be a good lil' girl and stick your baby tongue 
out...that's a good girl...lick uncle Joey's belly button like a
good girl should.  You're making uncle Joey very happy and he wants
to give his sweet, obedient little cunt more candy."

	Little Emily finished smelling the disgusting odor of sweat
from her new uncle's naval.  Gently and timidly, her sweet, soft
infant tongue darted out from between her soft toddler lips and
pressed shyly against the center of his thick and hairy belly
button.  Joe placed a large hand behind her soft, submissive little
head and pressed her sweet little cunt face deeper into his naval - 
forcing her to get used to the strong taste and odors of his grown
up body.

    "That's my sweet lil cunny..."  he groaned pulling gently on
her baby pigtails as the little tot instictively obeyed his grown
up commands and darted and swirled her soft moist tongue inside
the dark hairy cave of his naval canal - tasting the salty taste of
his dirty sweat against her soft, innocent child tongue.

    Joe knew not to push too hard.  It was time to reward baby
Emily for her obedient behavior and for playing the game like a
"good girl should."  He unwrapped another tiny tootsie roll and
asked her to open her mouth for him.  Then he plopped the little
piece of chocolate into her eager child mouth - making sure to worm
his finger inside briefly so that she could get used to the taste
of his finger.  Emily was blushing slightly, but she was grateful
for the candy and was eager to keep playing as a result of her 

    "Now uncle Joey wants his stupid little cunt to show him her
pretty lil' panties.  You don't mind if I call you a stupid little
cunt while you show me your panties do you?"  asked the evil 
pervert holding another piece of candy in the air for the little
tart to see.

	Emily saw the new piece of candy and idolized it.  She
couldn't get enough of the sweet tasting chocolate.  She had to 
have more.

    "Uh huh...stupid lil cunt....i wuv you unca Joey...wanna see
my panties?"

    "Yes my little pee uncle Joey your pretty lil'

	Emily giggled nervously and began peeling down her 
overhauls.  After a somewhat difficult time doing so, she pushed
the pink garmet down further toward her little baby kneecaps - 
exposing her soft, kiddie, teddybear panties - matching her t-shirt.
They were soft and white with sweet little teddybears pasted all
over the front, crotch and rear.

    "Now uncle Joey gets to smell your be a good lil
tart and hold still while uncle Joey smells your panties and checks
for 'wee wee' stains."

    Emily blushed and giggled nervously again.  She didn't know
what the word "stain" meant, but she knew what the term "wee wee"
meant and it gave her a slight feeling of embarrasement.  Up until
this point, only her mommy and daddy and seen her with just her
panties on.  Now uncle Joey was just like her mommy and daddy.  He
was her new uncle and he was "allowed" to inspect her for 
"pee pee potty" too!

	The sick pervert pressed his thursty nose between the 
child's soft little legs and moved upward to the little 'V' at the
base of her teddy pants and smelled.  To his sick delight, uncle
Joey detected a hint of stale urine from hours earlier.  Little
Emily had gone "tinckle" in her teddybear panties just after
lunch and it certainly smelled like it.

    "Uncle Joey is so proud of you Emily.  Uncle Joey likes lil'
girls with "pee pee" in their pants.  Uncle Joey will give you TWO
tootsie rolls if you go "pee pee" in your panties for him.

    "But unca Joey...i not supposed tuh...mommy says it's dirty...she
says big girls don't go "pee pee" in their panties."

	Joe had to think for a moment before he spoke.  He had to be
tactful in convinving little Emily that her mommy was right, but that
she was NOT a big girl yet.  She was still only a little girl.

    "That's true Emily dear.  Your mommy is right.  Big girls don't
go "pee pee" in their panties.  But uncle Joey doesn't like "big
girls."  Uncle Joey only gives candy to little girls.  Little girls
go "pee pee' in their panties.  That's how little girls get more
candy from uncle Joey."  

    "uh huh...."pee pee" in my panties (giggle blush giggle).

    "You want to be uncle Joey's little girl and get more candy

    "uh huh...more candy unca Joey....I want more candy."  the
little cunt replied.

    "Then are you a 'big girl' or a 'little girl'?" He asked

	Baby Emily thought hard for a moment.  Her little mind was
confused.  Her mommy told her not to make "pee pee" in her panties.
Her daddy spanked her once when she did.  But now uncle Joey was 
telling her it was OK for little girls to make "pee pee" in their
pants.  He was telling her that "little" girls got candy and big
girls did not.  Emily thought a little more and realized how 
badly she wanted more candy.  The only way to get more candy for
uncle Joey was to be a "little girl."   Uncle Joey told her that
she was a "little girl,"  and her mommy had taught her the 
little girls made "pee pee" in their panties.  Then suddenly she
made the connection.  She was still a little girl!

    "I'm a little girl unca Joey I pwomise."  she said aloud 

    "Then if you want more candy, you have to show your uncle
Joey what little girls do inside their panties." He responded.

	 Emily giggled and blushed - turning away from him 
shyly.  She was very embarrassed.

    "It's OK Emily.  I promise I won't tell your mommy or your
daddy.  If you do what uncle Joey says, uncle Joey will show
you HIS "pee pee" and give you more candy.  You want more 
candy don't you darlin?"

	The little toddler nodded her head and turned toward
him and fidgeted nervously with her hands clasped in front of
her teddybear crotch.  She didn't mean to, but she was 
following her recently engrained instincts and covering her
"pee place" from his view.

    "Take your hands away Emily cunt.  Be a good girl and do
what uncle Joey wants.  Uncle Joey will give you a big hug 
and a kiss afterwards and give you special treats."

    "(hee hee) treats!."  blurted baby Emily anxiously - her
embarassment taking a back seat to her excitement for the 

    "Does Emily want to obey and make uncle Joey happy 
again?"  He pressed on.

    "Yeah...i wanna more candy unca Joey (blushing and

    "Ok Emily.  Now uncle Joey is gonna take your shoes and
socks off and remove your t-shirt and overhauls.  Uncle Joey
wants to see little girls with just their panties on.  It
makes uncle Joey happy and proud.   Little cunts like you
get more candy when they lie down in just their panties."

	 Emily nodded eagerly.  She wanted more candy.  So
she stood still while uncle Joey untied her pink sneaker 
laces and removed her shoes one by one.  Then uncle Joey
removed her little baby socks - first the left - then the right.
The uncle Joey helped her step out of her pink overhauls and 
folded them up neatly and placed them on the playing table.  
Then uncle Joey told her to raise her hands high in the air
so he could take her teddybear shirt off.  Then he told her
to lie down on the Winnie the Pooh rug and hold her little
baby legs in the air against her chest so that he could have a
"close look" at her panty covered bottom and smell her "suger
coated pisser" underneath.

	Joe helped Emily push her little legs upward and bend
her little knees to her soft naked chest.  Her pert little
"nip nips" looked so tender and pinky pink.  Emily felt glad
because she needed to piddle a lot and uncle Joey said he
liked little girls who made 'pee pees" in their panties.

    "That's my sweet little girl.  All naked and soft and
obedient.  Does lil' Emily have something special she wants to
do in her panties for uncle Joey to see and smell?"

	 Emily smiled and giggled nervously.  She felt 
slightly cold and chilly with her naked chest, arms, and legs
exposed to the open air of the baby nursery.  Her little
blonde pig tails lay against the floor behind her head while
she remained in a bottoms up position for uncle Joey.  Little
Emily felt warm feelings of love toward her new uncle.  He was
so kind to her and he promised that he wouldn't tell her mommy
or daddy what she was about to do in her panties.

	Joe knelt down extremely close to Emily's stale pee
stained crotch.  The little teddybears smiled at him as he
placed his nose a half inch away from Emily's soft cotton
underpants.  Presently, he heard a soft hissing noise and
looked at the little smiling teddybears against the toddler's
damp little crotch.  The little bears needed "yellow sunshine"
to make them more happy.  The little hissing noise grew louder
and presently, the yellow sun shine began to rise and the little
teddybears turned yellow with happiness.  Sweet little "tinklets"
of wee wee splashed and sloshed against Emily's teddybear 
friends - quenching their thurst and making them smile even more.
Uncle Joey smiled as he watched little Emily's "pee stain 
sunshine" begin to grown and expand - covering the entire front
and base of her crotch.


 (blush giggle). 

    "Good girl Emily.  Now Uncle Joey wants you to be a good lil'
cunt and let him pull your panties down so he can see your little
yellow 'candy hole."

    "But unca'll see my private place...(big pink

    "It's OK little one.  I'm your new uncle.  Uncles are just
like your mommy and daddy. Their allowed to look at your potty

    "Really unca Joey?"

    "That's right little cunt.  Uncle Joey needs to pull down
your tiny teddy pants and clean your lil' 'suger hole' for you.
You're still a little girl and little girls don't know how to wipe
themselves yet."

    "ok unca.  can i have some candy now?"

    "You sure can sweetie.  But I have a special place I want you
to eat it from.  I have a little game called 'find the chocolate.'
I'm going to put some tootsie roll candy in a special place and
you need to dig it out with your mouth and tongue.  Doesn't that
sound like fun?"

    "Oh goodie!  I wanna pway..." the stupid little tot blurted

    "Sure you can play.  But first you have to let uncle Joey 
change your panties.  You're a stupid little girl and you made
"pee pee" all over yourself down there.  Besides, uncle Joey
wants to lick you clean all over."

	Baby Emily giggled uncontrollably as her legs were
lifted in the air once more and she felt uncle Joey tugging at
her teddybear panties - slowly and gently pulling them up her
baby crotch to expose her smooth, soft "candy bottom."  It 
looked so adorably soft, girlish, pink, pudgy and cute all at
the same time.  Uncle Joey unzipped his trousers and took off
his pants and underwear.  Baby Emily gasped when she saw uncle
Joey standing completely naked before her.  He had a BIG "thingy"
between his legs that looked like a huge hot dog.  Something
white and gooey was dripping out of the tip.  Little Emily had
no idea what it was (precum).  She watched as uncle Joey stroked
it with the palm of his hand - then knelt down again and lifted
her stupid little legs into the air like the white trash kiddie
cunt that she was.  Pee all over the place - what a dumb little 

	Baby Emily felt uncle Joey's face close in on her most
intimate and private place.  A place that only her mommy and 
daddy had seen before.  She felt the warmth of his sloppy tongue
slip and slosh against her puffy little candy hole and in 
between her thick, chubby little toddy lips.  His tongue dipped
in and out of her soft lil' puffy crack causing her to feel 
"tingly" sensations.  Preasantly, her soft little baby pisser
began to grown and expand like a little rosebud in bloom.  The
tongue continued worming it's way in and out of her baby hole.
Then uncle Joey's tongue slithered downward toward an even more
intimate place - toward her little brown "tootsie hole."  It was
soft, puckered, brown, and slightly stinky from a previous stint
on the potty with her mommy.  Uncle Joey's tongue did not
discriminate.  It slithered and sloshed like a hungry snake worm
all over her tight brown little "stinker."  Then back up toward
her pink candy place again - lapping up all the "child pee" it

	When uncle Joey finished his loving duty of cleaning up
dirty little Emily, he picked up her tiny lil' teddybear panties
and pressed them against his nose - smelling the sweet delicious
odor of "pee stained candy" that little Emily had proudly made
for him.  He stroked his thick penis almost to a climax, but he
wasn't finished quite yet.  There was still one more sick thing
he just had to do.  And little Emily had proven herself to be a
willing participant in all of his sick games.

    "Uncle Joey is so proud of you Emily.  Uncle Joey was you to
have some more candy.  But first you have to find it before you
eat it.  Uncle Joey is going to hide some toostie rolls somewhere
in his hiney."  He explained as he pointed a finger toward his 
hairy, sweat stained buttocks.  "If you're a good lil' whore and
find the candy with your mouth and tongue, you can eat it.  
Doesn't that sound like fun?"

    "Where ya gonna hide the candy unca Joey?"  the little girl
questioned - not grasping the meaning of what he had just explained.

	Joe turned his back to the little cunt and point to his
butt cheeks again.

	"I'm going to hide the candy somewhere inside there.
You'll just have to find it if you want to eat it."

	"But what If i can't find the candy unda Joey?"  she pleaded.

	"Don't worry little one, uncle Joey will help you find it.  
The only rule of the game is you cannot use your hands.  You must
place your hands by your side and use only your stupid little mouth
and tongue - understand?"

	"uh huh...I think so unca Joey...I wuv you unca Joey."

    "I know you do sweetheard.  That's why I know you're going to
make uncle Joey proud and you're gonna find the candy with your 
mouth and tongue."

    "Yeah (giggle) i gonna eat more candy!"  the little girl
squeeled with delight.

	Joe unpeeled two small tootsie rolls from their tiny
wrappers and slowly, gently pushed them into his sweaty brown anus.
They felt like two tiny turds going in the wrong way.  But Joe knew
that this was the only way he could motivate little Emily to give
him a little baby rim job with her soft tongue.  It was going to be
the best (and only) rim job he would ever recieve from the
opposite sex.

	"Where's the candy unca Joey?"  the little girl inquired

	"Here, let me help you find it.  Hold still now honey.  
Just lie there on the floor and let Uncle Joey's show you his butt."

	 Emily lay still as a dark shadow eclipsed her sweet little
face.  There was no more sunshine.  Just two dark hairy globes 
descending toward her cute little face.  Slowly, two giant hands
clasped the sweaty globes on either side, and the two moons began
to part.  Gently, slowly, the dark hairy globes began to push
slightly against baby Emily's nose and face - leaving just enough
room for her to breath in the toxic stench of thick pubic hair
and foul smelling sweat.  It was then that she saw a small, 
puckered brown opening with a small portion of a tootsie roll
sticking out of it.

    "Yay...I tink i found da candy unca Joey!"  she squeeled with

    "That's a good girl sweetheart.  Now dig the candy out so you
can eat it." Joe responded gripping his thick cock with his right
hand and jerking it ferociously.

	 Soon Emily's embarrasment and nervousness subsided.  She
had finally found the candy!  Now uncle Joey's entire bottom had
surrounded her face.  The little tot eagerly began to lap and suck
at the little hole she had spotted.  Uncle Joey wanted to helped
her out.  Gently he squeezed his anal muscles.  Soon the dark 
brown opening began to expand and one of the tootsie rolls wormed
it's way out of uncle Joey's dark anal cavity.  The sweet little
girl continued licking and sucking his dark smelly "poo" hole 
until the small piece of chocolate candy came loose and plopped
into her eager little mouth.  Emily chewed and swallowed eagerly.  
It tasted sweet just like before - except it seemed a little more
evil and bitter this time.  Emily raised her mouth toward the
friendly brown hole again - sucking and slurping like the sweet
little cunt she was.  Soon, the second piece plopped into her
waiting mouth.  Uncle Joey was so proud.  He told her that he was
going to prove how proud he was of her.

	Uncle Joey aimed his big "hot dog" at Emily's tiny little
mouth.  She had swallowed the second tootsie roll and was eager to
find out what her reward was going to be. 

    "Now close your eyes Emily.  Open your sweet little cunt of a
mouth and let uncle Joey show you how he 'rewards' stupid little
girls like you."

	Emily eagerly obeyed.  Uncle Joey really loved her and
cared about her.  He was so nice to her.  Nicer than her mommy and
daddy.  Obediantly she closed her dumb little eyes and opened her
soft little toddy mouth.  Soon she felt  a warm wet feeling of love
enter her sweet little hole.  There was no need to talk.  Emily
couldn't even if she had wanted to.  A warm thick gush of white
slime was clogging her mouth and tonsils.

The thick gooey liquid splashed against her teeth and gums.  It
tasted weird and salty, but little Emily knew that it was her 
"reward."  She had been a good girl.  She had made uncle Joey 
happy.  He had told her about all the other little girls and what
they did to make him happy.  She secretly hoped that she was his
favorite "little girl."

	Judging from the size of her "reward,"  the little tot
began to sense that she might just be the one!

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